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Full text of "The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts"

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THE Sl^ff^ 

















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y/u. "^h/tr 


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THB SDITO& of this Edition has 
taken coosidefmble pains^ both to 
prepye a correct copy, and tejiat 
the iSrooft. 

By incorporating the Indexes and 
Tubles bf Contents, he conceiTes the 
task of finding a suitable Psalm or 
HyiaOf will be greatly facilitated, 
witboiit distnrbing the order of the 
Work by any new arrangement: and 
the recollection will be farther assist* 
ed, by the Table of the first line of 
every verse thraagbont the whole to- 






A BSENT fhND dMk,0 UMU thonght .... £4S 

•^^ Adam onr fiOher aod oar bead S58 

Adore and twmbie for our God £57 

Alas ! and did my Saviour bleed 936 

All glory to tbywondlroas name..... 438 

All morbd vanities be gone 244 

All ye that love the Lord rejoice S16 

AlmichW Ruler of the skies 12 

Ami<ut thy wrath remember love S$ 

Among the assemblies <tf the great 113 

Among tiie princes earthly gods 118 

And are we wretches yet alive 383 

And is this life prokmg'd to me 800 

And most this body die ^.... 386 

And now the scales have left mbie eyes.. . 369 

And wiU the God of grace US 

AreallthefbesofSioniSDob 78 

Areshmers now so senseless grown....... 19 

Arise my graclons God SS 

Arise my soul my joyftal powers 369 

Atthycommana, our dearest Lord........ 431 

Attend, whUe God's exalted Son 996 

Awake my heart, arise, my tMigae 841 

Awake my leal, awake my love 868 

Awake our souto, away oar fears 863 

Awake, ye saints, to praise yoorKtaig. 194 

Away irom every mortal care <• 393 

BadEward with hamMe shame we look... . 968 
BMin, my tongue, some heavenly theme.. 361 

BemM how dnners disagree 306 

Behold the bHnd their sight receive 399 

Behohl the glories of the honb..... 8S9 

Behold ttie sraoe appears 230 

Behdd the lofty sky 87 

Behold the love, tiie goierons love........ fiO 

BehoM tfacmorning sun 88 

Behold the potter and ttie clay soo 

Behold the ro|p of Sharon here 874 


Behold the sore foandationttoiia.., lift 

Behold the woman's promisM seed- ....... V}9 

BehoM the wretch whose liist and wi«e. . . ^O'i 

Behold thy waitiiv servant. Lord... 1:4 

Rehoid what wond'rons grace 27L 

Bless. O my soul, the livfiis God J43 

Bless'd are the humble souls that see 'jgz 

Blestare the sons of peace 19-2 

Bkas'd are the souls that hear and know. . 121 

Blest are the undefll'd iq hesurt ifoi 

Bless'd be the evtrlastiog God 945 

BleM'd he the tkther aod his hove. 4.^ 

Bless'd is the man, for ever blest 44 

Bless d is the man who shuns the place .... x 
Bless'd is ibe man whose l>owels move .... 99 

Bless'd is the nation where the Lard 45 

Bless'd morning ! w hose youQ; dawQivs rays 369 
Bless'd with the joys of uinocenqe. ...,.«.. 3SI^ 

Blessed Redeemer, bow divine ^ 

Blood has a Voice to pierce the sk^es .«..«. 3Q0 

Bright king of glory, dreadful God 349 

Broad is the road that leads to death. 411 

Bnry'd in shadows of the night. SOQ 

But few among the carnal wise.. ,.. sciq 

Can creatures to {terfiBetipn ind .%... 4I8 

CMMreo in vears an4 knowiedve young; . . 48 

Christ and bis croM is aH our tiieiDe 301 

Come ail harramloas tonnies JW 

Come, children, learn to rear the Lord. ... 49 
Come, dearest Lord, Jlescend and dwell. . . 308 
Come, happy souls, approach your God... 382 

Come Mtber, all ye weary souls. ,.... SS* 

Come, holy spirit, heavenly dove.. .)40 

C<Hne-let our voices joto 10 raise ^. 133 

Come let us itfiti a Joyful tune 424 

Come let Hsjoin our cbeerfhlsongK 870 

CoraektuslMlourjoffiileyes ^ 

Come lei us lift our voices nigfa 439 

Comeseoud bis praise abroad 1S3 

Come we that love the Lord... « 33S 

Consider aO my sorrows, Lord 117 

Da«;htQ^8 of Zion. come, behold TS 

David rejoiced in GW his strepgth ........ .1 l 

Dear Lord, behold our sore distress. 413 

Dearejst q( al( the naopes above 405 

DeiAh cannot make our souls afraid 348 

l^^h qiay dlssftlve my body now iAC^ 

Dc^tbj iJiamelaDcM'day ^..... 3J0 




Deceived by rabtle snares of hell s^ 

Deep fai our hearts let us record '05 

Deep in the dust before thy throne 303 

Descend from heaven, immortal dove 333 

Do I believe what Jesus saith 253 

Do we not know that solenm word 302 

Down headlong from their native skies .... 378 
Dread sovereign, let my evening song 335 

Early my God without delay 84 

Ere the blae heavens were stretch'd abroad 2X0 

Eternal sovereign of the sky 40ff 

Eternal spirit, we confess. « 308 

Suit the Lord our God 138 

Faith is the brightest evidence doi 

Far as thy Name is known 67 

Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone 329 

Father, how wide thy glories shine 861 

Fattier, I bless thy gentle hand 179 

Father, Ilong, Ifainttosee 360 

Father, I smg thy wondtous grace 95 

Father, we wait to feel thy grace 434 

Firm and unmov'd are they J&'i 

Firm as the earth thy gospel stands ....... 309 

Firm was my health, my day was bright. . . 41 

Fools hi their heart believe and say i8 

Forever blessed be the Lord.. SOS 

For ever shall my S(Hig record ^ 119 

F)rom aee to age exalt bis name 152 

From all that dwell below the skies 165 

F^om deep distress and troubled thoughts., im 

From heaven the sinning angels fell 379 

Ftom thee, my God, my joys shall rise. ... 365 

Gentiles by nature we belong £98 

Give me the wings of laith to rise 40L 

Give thanks to God, he reigns above 151 

Give thanits to God, invoke his name 148 

Give thanks to God most high 196 

Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord. ... 195 

Give to our God immortal praise 198 

Give to the Father praise 439 

Give tvthe Lord, ye sons of ftme 40 

Glory to God that walks the sky 355 

Glory to God the Father's name 436 

Glory to God the Trinity 43T 

Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord 305 

Go worship at immanuei's feet 314 

God in his eiulhly temple lays 118 




God is a Spirit jnst and wise .«U9 

God is the refuge <^ his aainto 64 

God my supports and my lH>pe lOL 

God oreteraal love IM 

God of inv chiidbttod and my yotttii 9S 

God of my life look geiUly down 57 

God ofmy mercy and my praise «... 155 

G«d of tbe morning, at whose voice 281 

God of the seas, thy thnndViug voice .V>2 

God the eternal awfitl name 336 

God who io various methods told, i 265 

Good is the Lord the heavenly King 80 

Great God attend while Zkm sings 114 

Grrat God how infinite art thou SCO 

Great God bow oft did Israel prove-. 110 

Great (iod indulge my hambiedaim 85 

Great God 1 own thy sentence just 23S 

Great God the heaven's well order'd frame SO 

Great God thy slories shall employ 4lft 

Great God to wnat a glorious height 38T 

Great God whose universal sway 90 

Great is the Lord exalted high 1<J4 

Great is the Lord, his works of might 1^ 

Great is the Lord oiur God , 66 

Great Khigofglory and of grace 411 

Great Shepherd of tbhie Israel lU 

Great was the day, the joy was great 403 

Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews aom 

Had not the Lord, may Israel say, 184 

Happy is be that fears the Und lOO 

Happy tlie chnrcfa, thon sacred place :>6R 

Happy the dty where their sons 206 

Happy the heart where graces reign 3it 

Happy the man to whom his Go<1 4.) 

Happy the man whose cautiousfeet 2 

Hark from the tombs a doleful sound .S58 

Hark the Redeemer from on hieh £*;■> 

He dies, the frietul of sinners dies C'^o 

He reigns ; the Lord, tlie Saviour reigns. . . LiS 

He that bath made his refuge G^mI i ■.'<> 

Hear me, O God, nor hide thy tiacc 'i.4.'» 

Hear what the Lord in vision tiakl i\i 

Hear what the voice frooi heav'n proclttinis 2441 

Help, Lord, for men of virtue tail 16 

Hence from my soul, sadibo<i<(his, be gone 3^4 

Here at thy cross, my dyiug <i«Hl ^ :■< 

H^h as tlie lieav'iis-above ilie E^rouiid :>"> 

High in the heavens, eteruai God -^^ 

Higbooaliiilofilazzlins light. .i -i*^ 



Honour to thee, almighty three 4:ttt 

Hosanna to king Davhl s son 44'> 

Hosaiuia to uur coiiqu ring kmg. 31 i 

Hoeanna to the king 441 

Hoflanna to ibe prince of grace 441 

Hosanna to the prince of light 3tV5 

Hosanoa to the royal son 239 

Hosanna to the son 441 

Hoeauua with a cbeerfal sound 3'25 

How are thy glories here disptay'd 4J5 

How awful is thy Ghast'ning nd iu7 

How beauteous are their feet 23i> 

How can I sink wlthilsach a 4>rop 3ijo 

How condescending, and how kind 4f2? 

How (lid my heart rejoice to bear M2 

HowfasttbeifKuilt and sorrows rise m 

How full of anguish is tbe tbonght .SttO 

How heavy is the night 20l 

How honpurable is the place 2i4 

How is our nature stKMl'd by sin £54 

How laife the promise, how divine S98 

How long, O Lord, shall! complain IT 

How long wUt thou conceal thy Ace i R 

How oft have sin and Satan strove 3i0 

How pleasant, how divinely fohr lu 

How frieaaaiit'tistosee igz 

How pleas'd and bteas'd was I « 183 

How rich are thy provisions, Lord 4^7 

Mow sad onr state by nature is S14 

How shail 1 praise tbe eternal God 415 

How diall the young secure their hearts. . 170 

How short and hasty is onr life 3;i9 

How should the sons of Adam's race 285 

How strong thine arm is, mighty God ...., S6.1 

How sweet and awful is the place 428 

How vain are all things here below.,, 34tt 

How vast tbe treasnre we possess 258 

How woudlrotts great, how glorious hriglft 372 

I caimot bear thine absence, Lord .390 

] give immortal praise 439 

I hate the tempter and his charms 409 

1 lift my banner, saitb the Lord 2 17 

I JiftmysonI to God 37 

I love tbe Lurd, he beard my cries 164 

I love tbe window^ of thy grace 40t 

I send the joys of earth away 327 

I set the L.<»rd before my luce. . .■! £2 

I sing my Saviour's wonderous death 3^9 

I waited patient tor tbe Lord 57 


I will extol thee. Lord, on high 4t 

If God succeed not «U the cost I8t 

ffGod to build tbe bouse <1eay. i»1 

in bl<»8 the Lord from day to day 48 

ni praise my Maker with my breath £09 

ril speak the honours of uiy king « H9 

Iln not aabam'd to own my Lord 2<i$ 

In all my vast concerns with tbee £01 

In aitf^er. Lord, rebuke me not 8 

In 6abriel> hand a mighty stone 2&i 

In God's own bouse pronounce his praise. . SIT 

In Judab God of oM was known lOd 

In thine own ways, O God of love v.47 

In vain the wealthy mortals toil.... £44 

In vaia we lavish out oar lives 235 

Infinite grief, annazing woe 378 

Intotbinehand.OGodoftrnlh 49 

Js there ambition in my heart : 190 

b this the kind return , 964 

it h the Lord our Saviour^ hand I4d 

Jefaoyah spieaks, let Israel hear. «84 

Jehovah reigns, be dwells in l^ht 129 

Jehovah reigns^ his throne is hi^^b 411 

Jesns hi thee om* e^es behold 314 

Jesus invites his saints 421 

Jesus is g(Mie above the skies 4SS 

Jesus our Lord asceud thy throne 157 

Jesus our Saviour and our Gild 24S 

Jesus shall reign wherever the sun ........ KM 

Jesus tfaeman of constant grief. Cil 

Jesus, thy biesbings are not few C5i 

Jesus, we bless tbv father's name ^'66 

Jesus, we bow before thy feet 4:u 

Jesus, with all thy saints abov^ 33T 

J(MU all the glorious names 'Ai9 

Join all tbe names of love and iiower 3 la 

J^ to the world the Lord is come 137 

Judge me, O Lord, and prove my wayg . ... 89 

Judges wlio rule the work! bv b we ql 

Jnst are thy ways, and true tny word sS 

Kind is tbe speech ofChrist our Lord..... 27f 

Ladea with guilt and foil of fears 3>ji 

Let all our tongues be one 425 

Let all tbe earth their voices raise 134 

Let all tbe heathen writers join . . • 113 

Let chUdreu hear the mighty deeds.. ion 

Let ererimiiig glories crown «" 



Let every creature join 2l5 

Let evei^ mortal ear a ttend 8.1S 

Let every umsue thy |;oodn«8s speak SOB 

Let God arise in ail iiisniigbt 93 

Let God tlie father and the son 218 

Let God the father live 4.TT 

Let God the maker's name 438 

Let him embrace my soitl and prove S72 

Letme but hear my Saviour say 238 

Let mortal toiu^oes attempt to sin? £68 

Let others boast how strong they be 331 

Let Pharisees of high esteem 30T 

Let sinners tak e their course 79 

Let the okl heathens tune their sonss 333 

Let the seventh ani;ei sound on hign STS 

Let tbe whole race of creatures lie 3S0 

Let the wild leopards of the wood 413 

Let them neslect thy ^tory. Lord 341 

Let those who hear the christian name. . . . 252 

Let us adore th' et«mal word 423 

Let Zion and her sons rejoice 141 

LetZionin her king rejoice 65 

life and immortal joys are given 394 

Life is the time to serve the Lord 28A 

Lift up your eyes to th' beav'nly seats 343 

like sheep we went astray S12 

Lo, the destroying angel flies 409 

Lo. the young trib^ of Adam rise 287 

Lo, what a gtorious comer stone 168 

Lo, what a glorious sight appears 241 

Lo, what an entertaining sight 192 

Long as I live I'll blc^a thy name SOT 

Loite have I sat beiieath tbe sound 414 

Lord, at thy temple we appear 240 

Lord, hast thou oast the nation off. 83 

Lord, how divhie thy comf<jrl6 are 426 

Lord, bow secure and bless'd are they. . , . . 359 

Lord, how secure my o^mscience was 299 

Lord. I am thme, but thou wilt prove 23 

Lord, I am vile, concei v'd ui sin 75 

Lore, I can suffer tfay rebukes « . . . 9 

Lord. I esteem thy judgments right 172 

Lord, I have made thy word my choice .» . 173 

Lord, I will bless thee all my days 47 

Lord. 1 would spread my sore distress. .... 77 
Lord, if thine eyes survey our faults ....... 125 

Lord, if thou dost not soon anpear 15 

Lord, in the momtng thou shalt hear 7 

Lord of the worlds above 116 

Lord, tbou bast caU'd thy grace to mind... in 



Lord, tbon bast beard Unr servant ay Im 

Lord, tbou hast learch'd and seen me tbro* 199 

Lord, tbou hast seen my soul siucere 25 

Lord, tbon wilt bear me when 1 pray 7 

Lord, 'tis a pkasant thing to stand 129 

Lord, we adore thy bounteous hand 492 

Uffd, we adore thy vast designs , . S86 

Lord, wf* are blind, we mortals blind 335 

Lord, we confess our numerous faults. .... 297 

Lord, we have heard thy works of old 61 

Lord,whata feeble piece ^26 

Lord, what a heaven of saving grace 3eo 

Lord, what a thoughtless wretdi was I . . . . ^02 

Lord, what a wretched land is this ..^ 3so 

Lord, what is man, poor feeble man 2q5 

Lord, what was man when made ;a,t first. . 12 

Lord, when I count thy mercies o'er SOS 

Lord, when my thoughts with wonder roU. 329 

Lord, when tbou didst ascend onbigh 92 

Lond hallelujahs to the Lord 214 

Ifoker and sovereign Lord 3 

Man has a soul of vast desires 404 

Mercy and judgment are my song 139 

Mine eyes and my desire 38 

Mistaken souls, that dream of heaVn 310 

Must all tbe cbanns of nature then 243 

Must friends and kindred d rop and die. . . . 262 

My dear Redeemer and my Lord 400 

My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so- 335 

My God, accept my early vows 203 

My God, consider my distress 175 

My God, how endless is thy love 282 

BIy God, how many are my fears 5 

My God, in whom are all the sprinp tU 

My God, my everlasting hope' 97 

My God, my king, thy various praise 206 

My God. my Hfe, my love .... 376 

My God, my portion, and my love 377 

My God, permit me not to be 392 

My God, permit my tongue. 86 

My God. the spring of all my joys 352 

My God, the steps of pious men 54 

My God. what endless pleasures dwell. . . . 344 

My God , what inward pief I feel £01 

My heart, how dreadful hard it is 379 

My heart rejoices in thy name 42 

My never ceasing song «ban show 120 

My refiige is the God of love. . . ...,j. ij 

My ligWcous judge, my gnMaoua God. .... 204 


y soft 
!My sou 



My Saytonr and my king 68 

My Savionr God, my sovereign priuce. . . . 401 

JH y Savionr, my ahnighty friend 98 

)tfy ^itpbelrd is tbe Uvins; Lord »i 

My shepherd will snppiy my need 35 

IHy 8DU come meditate tbe day 396 

My soQl forsakes ber vain delieht. SS6 

>ly soul, how lovely is the phiee 115 

lies cleaving to tbe dast ITO 

repeat his praise .^. ...... 145 

-. thy great creator praise 146 

3My spirit fool s to God alone 83 

My sphit sinks within me. Lord -. . . . €0 

My thonghts on awful subjects roR fKH 

My tiiOQfdits surmount the»e lower skies. . 4iS 
My trust is in my heavenly friend 9 

Kaked, as from tbe earth we came i fiae 

Nature with aU her powers shall sing 921 

Nature with open volume stands 4$6 

No, I shall envy them no more ,353 

No, 11} repine at death no more 982 

N6 mrnre, my God. I boast no more $96 

No sleep nor slumber to his eyes 191 

Tfor eye has seen, nor ear has heard. ...... $94 

Not all tbe blood of beasts 40S 

'Not all the ontward forms on earth. . ...... 290 

Not t>y the laws of innocence 251 

Not different food,' nor difff rent dress .... 304 

Not from tbe dust aflBiction grows «B3 

Not the malicious or protane 294 

NQt to condemn the sons of men 093 

Not to our names thou only jnst and trwc.. 165 

Not to oinrselves who are but dust 162 

Not to the terrors of the Lord 4fft 

Not with onr mottal eyes .896 

"Now be my heart inspird to ring 61 

Now be the God of Israel bless'd. 264 

Now by the bowels of my God sofi 

Now for a tone of lofty praise S45 

Now from the roaring lion's ntge S3 

Now have our hearts embraced onr God. . . 4% 

Now I'm convinc'd tbe Lord is kind ICO 

Nowinthegall'riesofbisgnice «80 

Now In the beat of youthful blood £88 

Now let a spacious world arise 404 

Now let our lips with holy fear 94 

N6W let our mournful songs record ^ .- 33 

Now let onr mhis be all forgot • 499 

Now let the father and the MO. 43t 

rxsuM, OP mar umbs. 


NowlettheLardmySsviiMirndto -^ 

Now any the <Sodofpower and grace.... 30 

Now viead my caa«e. Alniisiity God 50 

Now Satan comes jrHb dreadful mar 410 

Now staaU my inward joys arise '•2-'» 

Now shall niy solemn vows be paid OO 

N<iw.tQ the «reat aad sacred Tbree 2^ 

Now to Ibe Lord a noble song ^*l 

Now to tbe Lord that msdies us Uww 210 

Now to the power (rf God supreme 309 

all ye nations, praise tbe Lord 165 

Mess the Lord, mvsovl 144 

Messed sofds are tney. ... 4) 

Britain, praise tbymi^ty God Sio 

Ofor a shout of sacred loy- "5 

O for an overcoming faith 259 

OGodalyre<i]ge. hear my cries IB 

God of grace and righteousness 6 

O God ofmercy. hear my call... 77 

O God to ivhom revenge t>elongs I'U 

O happy man whose s(»ul is ftU d 387 

O happy nation where ttie Lord 47 

O happy soul that lives on high 248 

O how Hove thy holy law 171 

O if my soul were formed for woe <')tt4 

D Lora, bow many are my foes * 

O Lord our heav'nly king 10 

O Lord our Lurd. how wondtoua great .... 11 
that tbe Lord would guide my ways .... 175 

O that thy statutes every hour 177 

O the ahnighty Lord 3t'>8 

O the delights, the heavenly joys 374 

thou that hear'st when sinners cry 76 

thou whose grace and justice rei<?i it)4 

thoa whose justice reigns on high 80 

O what a stiff rebellious house 109 

'tis a lovely thiI^; to see 253 

Ofjnsticeandofgracelsing 140 

Often I seek my God by night 276 

Oilbe more my soul the rismg day 324 

Our days, alas! our mortal days 343 

Onr God, bow firm his promise stands. ... 348 

OvGodour help in ages past.. >24 

Our sins, alas ! how strong they be 372 

Our sonis shall magnify the Lord. 269 

Onr spuits jom t' adore the Lamb 4 ij 

Out ofthe deeps of long distress.. iw 

Plnq^d in a folpboCdariiL despair 36' 




Fraise, everihttlng pnlse be paid 346 

Praiae waits in iQon, Lord, for tbee 88 

Praise ye the Lord, exalt his name 19S 

Praise ye the Lord, my beart shall join .... S08 

Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raiae 210 

Preserve me. Lord, in time of need. ...... SO 

Questions and doubts be heard no mope.. . 2S2 

Raise.thee, my soul, fly up and run....... 339 

Raise your triumphant songs 383 

Rsjoice ye righteous m the Lord . . .' 45 

Remember, Lord, oiur mortal state* 122 

Return. O God or Love, return J«0 

Rise, rise, my soul, aud leave the ground. . 330 

Samts, at year heav'nly lather's word 306 

Salvation is for ever nigh IIS 

Salvation, O the jovftil sound 373 

Save me, O God. tne swelling floods 93 

Save me, O Lord, from every foe 22 

See what a living stone * 16T 

See where the great incarnate God 260 

Shall atheists dare insult the cross 249 

Shall the vile race of flesh and blood 283 

Shall we go on to'sin 295 

Shall wisdom cry aloud 288 

Shepherds ! r^oice, lift up your eyes 231 

Shew pity, Lord, O Lord foi^ve 75 

Shine, mighty God^ on Brltam shine 91 

Shoirt to the Lord, and let our joys 375 

Sin has a thousand treacherous arts 405 

Sin like a venomous disease 408 

Sing ail ye nations to the Lord go 

Sing to the Lord aloud J 12 

Sin;; to the Lord Jehovah's name 132 

Sing to the Lord that built the skies 328 

Sing to the Lord with joyful voice 139 

Sing to the Lord ye distant lands 134 

Sing to the Lord ye heavenly hosts 357 

Sitting aronnd onr father'^ board 4)4 

So did the Hebrew prophet raise 297 

So let onr lips and lives express. . ; 307 

So new-bom babes desire the breast 312 

Songs of immortal praise belong 157 

Soon as I heard my fttber say 40 

Stand np, my soul, shake off thy fears .... 366 
Stoep down, my thoughts, that use to rise. 337 

Strait is the way, the door is strait 412 

Sure there's a righteous God 102 

Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace 207 

Sweet is the work, my God, iny klog 128 


Tetcfamethemeasiireofiiiydays S6 

Terrible 6otl . tbat reisn'st on hisfa 3SS 

Tb' Almighty reigns exalted bigb lag 

Tbat awful day will sorely come 384 

That man is Meat who stands tnawe.... .. 15B 

The eartli for ever is the Lwd's 36 

The Kloriea of my maker God 361 

The God Jehovah reicns 137 

The God of glory sencb his summons forth 73 

The God uf mercy be ador'd 218,437 

The God of onr salvation hears 81 

The heavens declare diy glory. Lord 28 

The king. O Lord, with songs of praise. ... 3i 

The king of glory sends his son 399 

Hie king of saints, bow fidr Iris f^oe. ..... 64 

The lands that long in daikneas lay S37 

The law by Moses caone 300 

The law commands, and makes as know. . 392 

The Lord appears my helper now 165 

The Lord decbures his win 391 

The Lord descending from above 394 

The Lord, bow wond'rovs are his ways. ... 14.1 
The Lord is come, tbeheav'nsprodajm... 135 

The Lord Jehovah reigns 130 

The Lord Jehovah reigns 4i7 

The Lord my shephod is .35 

The Lord of glory is my light 39 

The Lord of glory reigns, be reigns on high 130 

The Lord on bign procfaiims 284 

The Lord the Judge before his throne 69 

The I^rd the judge his churches warns. ... 7 L 

The Lord the sovereign king. 145 

The Lord the soverei^ sends his lununons 

forth 71 

The majesty of Solomon.... 388 

The man is ever blest i 

The mcmYy of our dyln« Ix)rd 499 

The noighty frame of glorions grace S53 

The praise of Sion waits for thee 86 

llie promise of mv fiither's love 421 

The promise was divinely free 396 

The tme Messiah now appears 327 

The voice of my beloved soands 274 

The wond'riug world enquires to know .... 2T8 
The wonders. Lord, thy love has wrought . 59 

Thee we adore eternal name i... 353 

Thee will I love, O Lord my strength 24 

There Is a house not made with iiauds .. . . 29^* 

There is a land of pure defight 359 

There hoar when Christ r^<Hc'd.. . 23% 


These gIorioiuiiiiiid8,howtHl|^ttb^8biite 25G 

Think , mighty God, on feeble man ^ -i^.^ 

This is the day the Lord hath made 167 

This is the word of truth and love 400 

This spacions earth is all the Lord% 36 

Tbon art my portion, O my God. 170 

Tbou God of love, tbou everbiest 180 

Thou whom my soul admires above eT3 

Thrice happy man who fears the Lmrd .... 159 

Thro' every age, eternal God 12) 

Thnsdid the sons of Abraham pass 395 

Thus far the Lord has led m^ on s&2 

Thus I resolv'd before the Lord 56 

Thus saith the first, the great command.. . 2<)9 

Thussaith the high and lofty one 285 

Thus <8aith the Lord, the spacious fields .... 70 
Thus saith the Lord, your work is vaiii .... S8 

Thus saith the mercy of the Lord 303 

Thus saith the mier of the skies 370 

Thus saith tiie wisdom of the Lord S89 

Thns the eternal father spake IX 

Thus the great Lord of earth and sea 1S6 

Thy fit vours. Lord, surprise our souls Mu 

Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord 113 

Thy name, almighty Lord 165 

Thy works of glory . mighty Lord 154 

Time what an empty vapour 'tis 364 

*ri8 by the feith of jovs to come s*}6 

Tis by thy strength the motrntains stand. . . 89 

Tis from the treasures of his word .3 iii 

Tis not the hiw of ten commands aos 

To God I cry'd with mournful voice 106 

To God I made my sorrows known £ui 

To God the father, God the sou 2 18, 4:^8 

To God the (atber's throne 218. 440 

To God the great, the ever blest ijo 

ToGod theonlvwise St'>4 

To heaven I lift DO}' waiting eyes 18I 

To him that chose US first...., 4^9 

To our almightv maker God H7 

To our eternal God 440 

To thee, before the dawning light «. . iri9 

To thee, most holy and most high 103 

To thine ahnighty arm Weowe.... £6 

Twas by an order from the Lord 407 

H'was fi>r thy sake, eternal God 96 

*1Vas from thy hand, my God, I came ... soo 

Twas in the watches of the night 84 

*Twas on that dailc that dolefiifnight 4C0 

Twas the commission of onrLbnl........ S65 


Vain are tbe bopes that ret>el« place 291 

Vain are the hopes the sons of men S89 

Vara man on fofriish pleasures bent 152 

UndiakeQ as tiie sacred hiO 185 

Up from my yotttb may Israel say j«8 

Up to tbe tields where angels lie 344 

UptothehilislHfrmineeyes 180 

Up to tbe Lord, that rdgns on high 346 

Upward Iliftmine eyes 182 

Weare acarden wall'darimnd... STS 

We bless the Lord, tiieJuM, tbe gogd 93 

We bless the prophet of the Lonl 3ff( 

We love thee Lord, and we adore 26 

We sing the amazing deeds 430 

We sing thegloriesofthylove 267 

Welcome, sweet day of rest 328 

WelJ, the Redeemer's gone 341 

What different powers of grace and sin ... . 403 

What equal hoDoor shall we bring 271 

What happy men or angels these 256 

What mighty man, or nughnr God 246 

What shall I render to my God 164 

What shall the dying smner do 250 

What vain desires and passions vain 24£ 

WTien Christ to judgment shall descend ... 70 

When God is nigh my taith is strong 21 

When God provok'd with daring crunes.. . 154 

Wh«a God restor d our captive state 186 

When God reveai'd his nacious name 1H6 

When I can read my title clear 35i> 

When I survey the wood roiis cross 424 

When 1 with pleasing wonder stand 202 

When in the light of faith divine 381 

When Israel freed from Pharaoh's hand... 161 

When Israel sins, the Lord reproves 109 

When man grows bold in sin 52 

When overwhelni'd with grief. .•-.... 83 

When pain and angaish seize me. Lord.. . 179 
When strangers stand, and hear me tell ... . 279 

When tbe Eternal bows the skies 248 

When the Arst parents of our race 307 

Vhen the great builder arch'd the skies ... 334 
When the great Judge, supreme and lost . . 13 
When we are rais'd from deep distress. ... 266 
Whence do our mournful thoi^ts arise.. . 249 
Where are tbe mourners, saith \he Lord. . . 406 

Where shall tbe man befoond 38 

Where shall we go to seek and find 190 

While I keep silence and conceal. ........ 44 




While men grow bold in wicked ways 51 

Who can describe the joys that rise 293 

Who ten believ'd thy word 311 

Who is tliis fiur one in distress S8l 

Who shall ascend tby heav'uly place SO 

Who shall inhatMt in thy bin 19 

Who shall the Lord's elect condemn 238 

Who will arise and plead my right 131 

Why did the Jews proclaim their rage 4 

Why did the nations johi to slay 4 

Why do the proud msnit the poor Gi 

Why do the wealthy wicked boast ....... 54 

Why d<^fa the Lord standoff so far 14 

Why doth the man of riches grow nl 

Why do we mourn departing friemis SQi 

Why does your Atce. ye humble souls 371 

Why has my God my soul forsook H^ 

Why is my heart so far from thee 33? 

Why should I vex my soul and fret 53 

Why sfaoidd the children of a king 313 

Why sboith) this earth delizht us so 41 4 

Why should we start and fear to die 319 

Will God for ever cast nsoif. 103 

With all my powers of heart and tongue.. . 198 

With cheerful voice I sing 3 1 7 

With earnest longings of the mind 60 

With holy fear and humble song 346 

With joy we meditate the grace 304 

With my whole heart I'll raise my song .... 13 
With my whole heart Fve sought thy race. . i7Q 

With reverence let the saints appear leo 

With songs and lioiionrs sounding loud. . . . SU 
Would you behold the works of 6od 153 

Ye aneels round the throne 218, 4% 

Ye hory souls in God rejoice 46 

Ye islands of the northern sea 136 

Ye nations round the earth rejoice. l %{ 

Ye servants of the almighty King 161 

Ye sons of Adam, vain ana youiig 28T 

Ye sons of men, a feeble race 127 

Ye sons of pride, that hate thejnst m 

Ye that delight to serve the Lord 160 

Ye that obev th' immortal king. 193 

Ye tribes or Adam loin 212 

Yet (saith the Lord:; if David's race 122 

Ziou rejoice and Ju dah sing 387 


■ UT 

Rt aatioot that retl 
t now no more sh 
But now our souli ar 
But not the waters o 
But O ! it swells my 
But, .O my soul for e 
But, O my soul, it tr 
But O ! how base ou 

fut O how oft thy wr 
at O their end t th 
But O, the soul that 
But ()! (he wisdom a 

8ut O unatterable gr 
ut O what beams of 
^ut O ! what brighte 

Su t O what condesce 
at O what gentle te 
But knotty whips an 
But Pharac^'s army 

8 lit pricliing tliorns 
lit, rijghteous Lord, 
But saints are lorely 
But Satan found a wo 
But see the wonders 

Sut sinners iind their 
at sorer vengeance 
ut souls enlighten'd 
But speak, my Lord, 
But spotless, innoce 
But still I tound my 
But still the lustre of 
But stilt thy law and 
But the destroyers o 
Sut the Divintty wit 

«ut the good Spirit o 
ut there are pardon 
9ut there's a brighte 
But there's a dread fu 
But there's an hour 
But there's a voice of 
But the vain idols th 
Butt I* vile V retch t 
But tiu'v in m.'rmuri 
But tlie'y shall *fly9tt 

Sut thine illustrious 
ut thou art he who 
But thou fur ever art 
But thou for ever art 
But thou hast built t 

£t thou, my glory a 
t (by compassions. 
But tim'rous mortals 
But to draw r.earlo 
But to thy bouse will 

Sut vengeance andd 
ut we are cutne to 
But we are uHsn'd i 
But we have no i'H.i. 
But when i . 

But when hi« voice i 








10 1 







. 4 


Bat when thj fac« it I4 
But when we vi«w th 'X 
But where tlie gospel ■/ 
But while I hlrd, a 43 
But whiht our spirita JO 
But who, among the 3 
But who can epeak 20 
But why, my soul, su 6t 
By all his works abo 2i.' 
By all the carth-bor 2l( 
By faith the same de 42i 
By faith we know th .dO< 
Byilimm'ry hopes a 35i 
By his own power w 23(\ 
By long experience i^ 
By milder ways doth 395 
By me Melchi^edek 136 
By inofniug light 1' 7 > 
By nature all are go I9 
By thee my growing 200 
By the rebellion ot o 304 

t^ALL me away fro ^'93 
y Call upon me w •to 
Can A kind woman e 2/>3 
Can I be flatter'd wit 74 
Canst thoM tor ever s 104 
Carnal provisions ca 431 
Cast me not off w be 97 
Cheerful I feast on h 3SS 
Cheerful in death I 2(j 
Cheerfol they walk 1 14 
Cheerful we tread th 39S 
Children amidst thv le 
Chosen of Cod. to s'i 1S7 
Christ be mv Rrstel 265 
Christ is ray light, m 381 
Clasp'd in my heave 3tS 
Clamour and wrath 3US 
Cleanse me, O Lord, 77 
Cold mountains and 40i 
Come, all ye droopi 431 
Come, all ye vilest si 251 
Come, ana he'H ciea 2J3 
Come, and the Lord -235 
Come, and with hum lUi 
Come, children, to y 248 
Come, fill our hearts 308 
Come, Uoly Spirit, h ^\ 
Come, let our souls 133 
Come, let us break k 4 
Come, let us hear his 133 
Come, let us join, th 113 
Come, magoify tlie 47 
Come, my beloved, 2W 
Come naked, and ad 3:m 
Come satnU and dto 2X1 
Come, see the wood aO 
Come, the dear day, 489 
Come the gi^tdav, liS 
w me, worship at hi iJ> 



He keeps the Father 294 
tie knows, and be ap 2 
He knoits no shadow 41.-> 
He knows how soon 141 
JHe knows the heart, 10 
He knows their impi 131 
He knows the pains 23s 
Me knows we are bu 143 
lie knows what wan 42' 
lie leads me tu Uie p 35 
He like a plant of ge 1 
He like a plant by g 2 
He like a iree Khali t 2 
lie lives (and bleised 25 
He lives, he lives, a 238 
He livrs; iheevctia IM) 
Bell and its lions roa 345 
Hell and the grave u 3H3 
Hell and thy sins res 366 
H^luuks to heavens 249 
He loves his enemies iO 
He loves his saints, SfXt 
He loves f employ h 2 
He made the ebbing 9.) 
He makes the grass t 210 
Be makes the grassy 147 
He makes the great 261 
He trakes the saint lyQ 
Be mov'd their inig 212 
Hence and for ever 400 
Hence we awake our 392 
He never deals in br 20 
He overrules all mor 317 
He pass'd tne tents o 409 
Me plots upon hi.s be 52 
He rais'd me from a 58 
He rais'd me from th 36w 
He ran. and fell upo 3()3 
Her dust and ruins t H2 
Here all the ancient 255 
Me reigns upon th* e 3h7 
Mere's :ove and grie 25y 
He rides and tliunde U2 
Me rides upon the w 'i6 
He rules by his resis 90 
Me rules the world w ij7 
Me said, and dreadfu 26^ 
Me said, and ba'trn* L'ttf 
Me said, and with a 3^8 
He raid. Let the wid 361 
He sav'd me from th 94 
He saw the Gentiles !<« 
Be saw their flesh w ill 
Me saw the nations d 195 
Me saw the nations I i 197 
Be scorns the angrv 45 
Me sees the brutish 68 
He sees th> oppresao 143 
Be seads bis showers 211 
Be sends hig word « 912 


He sends the sun his 99 
He sent bis only son lyi 
(ie sent his Son with iya 
He sent to save us fr 196 
He sets the sun his c 147 
He shall fulfil thy gr 2S9 
He shakes the heave m 
He shed soft slurobe 6 
He sinks in floods of 35 
He sits a sov'reign o 149 
He sits upon th' eter 2ft5 
tic smiles and cheer 42'; 
Hesroote the first-bo ib'i 
He sought a city fair 302 
He spake ; and bid f S*i5 
He spake, and lights 306 
He spake the word t 137 
He spake to Abraha 9m 
He speaks, and at hi 26 
He speaks, and temp 40 
He speaks the meani 19 
He spoil'd the power 3ffj 
He spoke, and stratg 331 
He struck the sons o 195 
He sunk beneath t>u 422 
He sware to Abraha 149 
He takes tb« men of S90 
Me takes my soul cr 2H0 
He tells the aged, T 410 
He tells their tears. 48 
He that abhors and f :Vi 
He that can dash wh 361 
He that can shake t 341 
He that distributes c 253 
He the great Lord, t 91 
He he true oavid, Is 51 
He thunders, and nil 163 
He took our mortal f 328 
He waits in secret o 249 
He walks awhile con 5S 
He walks upon the st 2U6 
He wants no pomp n 24i^ 
He'll bring their spi 152 
He'll give his angels 128 
He'll never quench t 304 
He will present our s 2ti5 
He will sustain our 181 
He wounds the heart 418 
Here a bright squadr 33l 
Here consecrated w 3h1 
Here every bowej of 428 
Here his whole Nam 49S 
Here I behold his in 426 
Here 1 behold thy di 3i» 
Here in thy gospel's 394 
Her« in thy courts I 16$ 
Here let hino hold i 192 
Here let our hearts b 421 
Here let the Son of 1!^L 
l«er«,mi«htjCod«% t9i 







If peace «nd plenty 059 

I from the slock of 77 

If Satan rage and tin 393 

Ifsio be pardon'd, i 210 

If sin lay cover'd ia 91 

If tmiliiig mercy cr 233 

If there be malice h 10 

If thou despise a mu 413 

If op to heaven I tak li^J 

If vapours with maH 137 

If we reprove »ome 16 

If wiog'd with beams 20^ 

If yoQ desire a lengt 48 

1 glory in infirmity 23£.' 

I go where God and 243 

I grievd to see the w lol 

I batr Co walk, I iiate 39 

I've seen an end of w 173 

I've seen thy glory a 84 

I heard the wretch p 101 

I hear thy word with 2^ 

I know thy judgmen 177 

I lay my body down 282 

111 tidings never can Mrj 

I look'd for pity but 95 

t love her Kates, I lo 192 

I love my Shepherd 318 

I love my shepherd' J, 9 

I love the I/)rd: he W\ 

I love the Lord that 403 

1 love the volumes o iO 

I love thy habitation 39 

Immense corapassio 317 

Immortal light, and 136 

Impossible— For thi 381 

In ansvreringwhatih 88 

In darkest sha'les if 352 

I need the influence 17H 

In every different la 27 

In every new distres 67 

Infinite grace on- so 425 

Infinite leagues beyo 3V} 

Infinite Lover! grac 333 

Infinite joy or endle 353 

Infinite pity touch'd 367 

Infinite was our guilt 425 

Instead of wine and 111 

In God roost holy, ju 8() 

In God's own Name h I68 

In God they boasted M 

In g<f nller language t 41 

In his salvation is ou 30 

In bumble notes our 373 

In Israel stood his an 66 

Id Jesus we behold 317 

In lively figures here 430 

In long comolaints 96 

In me alone snail m 284 

In me, the Lord, sha 284 

Ik my distress I call' 24 

Tn paradise within t S80 
In pastures wl)cre sa 34 
In robes of judgment 135 
In' sickness or the bl 47 
In 9ion God is know 66 
In spite of all my fo 3$ 
In such society as th 409 
In thee, most holy, j 80 
In thee ray hopes an 148 
In tlice I trust, to tli 2i)5 
In tiiec sliall Israel 285 
In the cold prison of 363 
(n their distress to G 153 
In tlie Red-sea bj M 263 
In times I f general d 160 
In vain had Adam so 430 
In vain ( lift my ban 101 
In vain might lofty p 347 
In vain on earth we 404 
In vain our mortal v 434 
In vain shall Satan ra 31*3 
In vain .Hhall sinners 140 
In vain the baffled pr 3tj8 
In vain the bright, t 377 
tn vain the busy son 376 
In vain ti.e charms o 244 
In vain itie noisy cr l.'JO 
In vain the proud dc 174 
In vain the rebel see 3 
In rain the sons of e 283 
In vain the sons of 8 73 
In vain the tempter 36t 
In vain the tremblin 39^ 
In vain tlie world ac 333 
In vain those momen 260 
In vain to heaven sh 350 
In vain to idol-saints 21 
In vain to pious for 74 
In vain we ask Gild's 289 
In vain we boast per 173 
In vain we search In 250 
In vain we seek for p 254 
In vain we tuna our 310 
In vineyards planted 280 
In wakerul huttn at i^ 
In worship so divine 231 
In Zion is his throne 13S 
I pay this evening sa 7 
t saw the opening ga 24 
1 saw the wicked rise 103 
I set him still before 21 
I shall arise to prais 93 
I shall beiioid the fa i3 
IS he a duor? I'll en 315 
Is he a fire? He'll pu 315 
Is he a fountain ? T 315 
Is he a rock ? How fi 313 
Is he a rose? Notsh 315 
Is he a sun i bis bea 3ifi 
Is he a star ? Ue bre 31C 

«« Mfri •si 

l^duinliab n 

gh^'TJJ i 



J IMISI crisis 

I I- • 1 5 « ' ■ ""Hi "A 


T H 1^ T It C 

Hwir thoughts and w 52 1 lite l-ord of old for 65 
Their tot.gues are as IV I The Lord our ilorv 121 
llieir isles sliall k DO 33 (The Lord proclaims 40 
The Jewish wint'ry s iip I'riiC Lord reveals his 3ill 

The Jews beheld hi 3t 

The |ew« esteemed 3tl 

The Jews he freed fr 198 

The Jews, his brctbr ir« 

Thf lews, llie father 4-^3 

The Jews, the peopl 216 

'Ilie joy, the siiout, 245 

The. Judge prepares ^1 

The ju<it aaa pure sh 25 

The King himself c i^B 

The King of Glory 1 36 

Tlie Kingof kings, t 316 

The kings of Canaan liTi 

The Lamb shall lead 'IVi 

riie Lamb that Alb t 2bC 

The Lamb that freed 33^ 

Tlte land of silence a 9n 

Thd land of triumph v:62 

The larger monsters 3ri2 

Th|: last great day sh 68 

Th,: law and gospel M 

The law condemns t 3M 

The law discovers g 3M 

The law its brst o1>e 395 

'llie law proclaimi n 434 

The law that issues f 17H 

The light, and streng 421 

TbeliiigTin^ the un 214 

The lion wuti hisdr 413 

The liq'iid element b 4(b 

The lUlle ants for on 335 

Tlie lilUe hills on »^ 8'« 

The living know that 287 

Ttic Lonl Wo'-ld mti 

The Lord builds up 

Tlie Lord can clear t 

Tiie Lord consuni'd 

Tlie Lord deli.<{iits to 

Tlie Ii«)rd dbridei th 








Ti»e lA>rd from his c 

llie Lord grevt i.>t\s.' 

Ti.e Lard l«atl« eyOH 

lite Lord hini;>cli ch 

Tiie Lord himself sh 

The Lord his people 

Tilt* Lord, bow absol 214 

The lAird ! how glor 433 

Tne L-.ird in heaven 15 

TJie rA>rd in vengcan 133 

Tiie Lord in Ziun pi 1^1 

The Lord is Odd, 'ti 133 

'i'hti Lord is good, th 13^ 

Tue Lord is ■■.'.st and 3^7 

The Ijivd makes bar 236 

The Lord ot ijlory b 335 

The Urd of ufe this 42i 

riie Lord sits sovere 41 
The Lord shall make 3S 
rhe lAird shall 4in m 151 
rhe Lord shall thy b 188 
The Lord suppor(3 208 
Tlie Lord lakes pleas 217 
rue Lord that bruis' 9i 
The Lord tiiat sits ab 4 
The Lord, the highe 230 
The Lord their diiP 307 
rhe Ix>i-d, whu sees t 16 
The Lord will raise f 142 
The l^rd with tndig lOM 
The love of gold be 419 
The lying tempter w 6 
The manna came fro 423 
The man6a Uke a m HO 
The man possesyd a 4011 
The nurt that doth h 140 
I'he man that durst d 301 
The man that in his 186 
The man that offers 70 
I'he mail that walks 1 19 
The man wlio sought 213 
T he meek and hunib 33 
ilie meek at Isst the Si 
rtie roenot'grace ha 334 
The men that keept 171 
The men that know t IS 
riie men that love 8 
The mighty Conq'ror 233 
I he niighlv God, tiie 144 
The migtity God. wti i&i 
The more thy glorivs 3)1 
The nuMintiins shoo 161 
The mysteries of red 237 
Tuen all that lore an 
Then all the chosen, 
The Name of Jacob's 
The nations tliat rcb 
The nations, thou ha 
t^icn at thy feet with 361 
rhcn by an angel's lia 
lliesce he arose, asc 323 
rhence 1 derlTe a gl 2i>l 
rhence they an* bud 214 
rben come receive 2B9 
Tiien, drareiit f/)rd. 3t^ 
Then i'A 1 raise a lo 204 
Tlieii (elt my suul th Z>i 
Then he aiord the u 405 
Then \A^ hi-h praise 217 
Tlien how ihe fright I )3 
Then I arise and sea 27ii 
Then I confess'd inv 44 
nvb night is wiir.ess t 2U5 







•ften in the luiiory o 98 
Tlien in the Lonl let IbH 
llien I repent and ve 200. 
Then let nis pride a 23 
Tlien let me make th 53 
Then let my soul m 366 
Then lei our faith sr 250 
Then Jet our bumble 304 
Then let our gongs a 33« 
Then lei our souls ad 23" 
Then let our souls in 358 
Then let the childre 298 
Then let tbf king on 31 
Then let the last lou 3'iii 
Then let the Name o 350 
Then let the sovcrei 390 
Then let the world f Hh 
Then let the world f IW 
Then man to daily la 14V 
The noble and the b 113 
The northern po'e, a 120 
Then shall he m«'ce 2i» 
Then shall I lovf tJiv IT^ 
Tlien shall 1 see, an 129 
Tl>en shdll 1 see thy 2J3 
Then shall my cl.cer 7 
Then shall ray heart Ift) 
Then shafl my soul n 2ib 
Then shall our active 333 
Then shall our love a 2tH 
Then shall the flocki 87 
Then shall the Lord 13 
Then shall fhenmio 114 
Then shall they rule 21" 
Then shall thv nrigh 2y..' 
Then shall we shine 126 
Then should the eart 3-/i 
Then iflior.ld we see 3''7 
Then spake the Savi ba 
Then swilt and drt-ad 32i 
Then they might fig 34 1 
Then to hism w c m 301 
Then to the Lor 152. 154 
Tlicn to thy throne, 335 
Then was th« preat s 5.' 
Then, wliile ye hear 241 
Then why, my soul, 344 
Then what my thoug 28(j 
Then will he own my 2^3 
Then will i make thy 77 
Then will I raise my 5cj 
Then will I say, " M 127 
Then will I teach th TT 
The oath and promis 310 
Tlio ope n i n g ) ' ea vtr ns 362 
The orders of th> ho 67 
The pains, the groan 339 
The p«ll^s ot our ex 96 
The passions of my h 42 
Tuc pa«ture» imllc i 68 


The patient soal, th 1f^ 
Tl»e peaceful gates o 3 .; 
The pity of the Lo»d 14' 
The plantsof grace s 1?< 
The pleasures that al a»l 
The powers of hell a 2^1 
The present momen 35 1 
'llie proud have tra l"i 
There all the heaven 2f>\ 
'lliere are no acts of t2S< 
There as in some pro 101 
rheitf hound in chai 3~u 
There David's great K 
Tliere endless crowd 30^ 
There everlasting sp 35i 
There from the boso 3:^' 
Tnei-e grow thy sain I2S 
•ihere auilty jjhosts o 34« 
Tliere his full glories 37i 
Ihere i bclwld with 4!i 
There's a new hea?*n 2; 
There's an inheritan 24.' 
There is a stream w 61 
There's full redempt 1ft 
There's none c«n kn 23' 
There I would vie wi 
mere, miglity God, 
There's not a sparro 
riiere's nothing roun 3-i 
There on a green an 30 
Tiiv re on a l.iith mai 
There on (he cursed 
riiere our exalted S 
There Persia gloriuu 
rl.ere Satan the first 
There sliall hissacie 
There shall I bathe 
There 11 1 1 all I offer m 
rh^T.' sIihII I wear a 
There sha'l we drin 
There slittll we sit, a 
There shed thy Choi 3ii 
There ships divide th lAi. 
There streams of en 2? 
Ihere the dark cart Ht 
There the great nio li£ 
There the Redeemer 371 
There the rich boun 42t 
There they could fin 151 
Tliere the voung see 'XK 
There to fulfil his sw 375 
There shall we see h 33f 
There were my bless 36; 
There would I find a 3: 
I he rich have statue IK. 
The righteous Lord 1 u 
The righteous, with a I'it 
The rising God ion 266 












Tljc ri ing morning 3-25 
Tl>e Kock of Israel <; -rj 
TUe rail jng sun, the c *2^ 
Tiic rod I o( iJavid h 23 j 
The royal sinner? bo Zll 
The i>acrcj tin; lis h 1.0 
The satrtt" Irum his 38D 
ThcsaiDtsonearth»a 40b 
Tiie saints ibnl] Aour 1(0 
Tlie saints sbilc mou 2!9 
The saioti unable to )9i 
The saint that trium 2* 
The scaly flocks ami ^2 
The scoffer ownt (li ik; 
The scribe and angr 168 
The sea and sky mu ajo 
Tliesc are tlie jovs h 2S0 
These are the men, t 37 
The second Adum sh 2F8 
Tiic 8eed4 of joy and 137 
Tliese are a portion 4iy 
Theiie are the wound 4 J3 
These lesser glories u 
These lively hopes v 386 
These on my heart a ioi 
These^n rny lieart au3 
'1 i«ese s&cred words i aw 
TJ»ese templet* of his fig 
These weapons of th 403 
The shadow of thv w 8^ 
Tiiesliining worlds a 3t«> 
Tlie smllingt of thy f 376 
The softest couch th 409 
Tlie soft'ned ridges o 89 
The son&of eartti aa 34 
TliCbOnsofgoodold i(W 
The sons of violence 8; 
Tlie sorrows of them 3j8 
The sou] that seeks 23y 
Tiic sovereign King o 317 
The sovereign will o 2^0 
The spacious earllj, 347 
llie ^tpHrmw builds 115 
The sparrow chuses 114 
Tlie sparrow, for lier 116 
The Spirit takes deli 2^2 
The Spirit like a pea 306 
The Spirit like some S90 
The Spirit shall desc di) 
Tlie spirit wrought 241 
Tfae starry curtai MO iti 
l^e starry heavea th 171 
Tlie strinp that twin 381 
The sun auall see his 122 
The sua supplies iiie Oto 
The 9i|re provision o 35 
The swallow near Ox 344 

Tiie swelling bitlows l«t> 
The swelling tide ha 184 
'4))e tmw4, Oxe pe«ti 187 

T H F 

I ,T[»e terror oi one fr flf 
j Jhe Igiumonies of t MB 
I • he things so long fo 5 
The thirsty ridges dr » 
liic Ihreateningsoft 354 
lue thunder of thai 3-i5 
rne thun.Icr of hiss 105 
Tue thunders of his 4W 
'I he longae- that TOO 41S 
lie tree of life ador 492 
The tiee of 1 fe, tuat 43# 
The trees of :ifeimm 329 
Tiic troubled cunsci 3b.'8 
I'hct'imultof my th 38 
The tumults of myth lOi 
ioc types bore witne 3a» 
The unbelieving wor 270 
The unvail»d glories 2fliT 
I'be rail nf night is n SW 
The various months a» 
The vengeance to vo 287 
The vicss of the min I43 
liie Virgin's promis' 237 
The virtue of his sov 9 
The vital savour of h 30l 
The volume of my F 391 
The want of sight sh 395 
Ihcwatcumen join t 235 
The waters S1W thee, 108 
1 he waves lay spread u 
Tne waves ot swellin 371 
The waves of Uouble 372 
Tlu-weaUhv sinner h qo 
riie whole creation c 3U 
The whole creation i 27i 
The whole discourse IS 
I he w icked boirows 5« 
The wicked shall his 15» 
I'he wicked shall sin U 
The widow and the f 92 
Tne wild young Uoai 48 
ilhe w ingi of every n qos 
The woman's seed sh 295 
Tne words of his ext29g 
The woi k, O Lord, I 16? 
Tlie works and wand 407 
rhe world bebeid (h las 
The world is maaag' Qfft 
The world's foundati liS 
The worlds -of natur 229 
The world to come, 13 
The wretch that dea 140 
They broke the cove 109 
They can't redeem o 69 
They d»e in Jeans, an 240 
They dread U.y gliti' 89 
The >^r amIIs round 353 
Tliey fad access at 313 
Tliey hrstllieir own 3l« 
I'hej'^ariifcecbaffb ^ 


:i I*" ' 

■ u'- 



y -i 

' :> 

*■! .' 

^ i 



PSALM I. (ComnuNi Metre.) 

Way and End of the Sighteoui and 

1 D LEST is fhe man who shmu the place 
^ Where sinners love to meet ; 
Who fears to tread their wicked ways, 
' And hates the scoflTer's seat. 

!• S Bnt in the statutes of the Lord 
1: Has plac'd his chief dehght ; 
\ By day he reads or hears the word, 
■ \ Ana meditates by night. 

vi [He lUce a plant of gen'rons kind 

1 By liying waters set, 

1 Safe from the sttmns and blasting wind, 

} Eiyoys a peacein] state.] 

i 4 Green as the leaf, and ever tair 

I Shall bis profession diine : 

\ While fruits of holiness appear 

I Like clusters on the vine. 

5 Not so Hie tanpioDs and mOasC; 

What vain oesiBis they form ! 
Their hopes are Mown away like dust. 
Or chaff before the stonn. 

6 Sinners in jnd^nent shall not stand 

Amongst the sons of grace, 
. When Christ the judge at his right-band 
ApptHnts his sahits a pbce. 

7 His eye briiolds the path they tread. 

His heart alpptoves it well : 
Bat dnodtfedways of sinners lead 
Down to the iales offaeli. 

,I»SALM|. (S.M.) 
ThtS^nthepp^,^ Sinner miser ahlt, 

1 HTHE man is ever blest 
I A- WIk) dions the sinner's ways, 
f Among tiieir counsels never stands, 
vNor takes the scorner's ylace ^ 

' ■ B 



12 Bnt makes the law of God 
His study and deUgbt, 
Amidst the latKNirs m the day. 
And watches of the night. 

3 He like a tree shall thrive. 
With waters near the root ; 

Fresh as the leaf his name shall live. 
His works are heav'nly fruit. 

4 Not so th' ungodly race. 
They no such blessings find : 

Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff 
Before the driving wind. 

5 How will they bear to stand 
Before that judgmoit seat, 

Where all the saints at Christ's right-hand 
In full assembly meet? 

6 He knows, and he approves 
The way the righteous go ; 

But sbiners and their wons shall meet 
A dreadful overthrow. 

PSALM I. (L. M.) 

TAe Difference betweenthe BighteowanA 

the Wicked. 

1 rJAPPY the man, whose cantiona feet 
*■ *■ Shun the broad way that sinners go. 
Who hates the place where atheists meet. 
And fears to talk as sooffen do. 

2 He loves femploy his momfaig lidit 
Amongst the statntes of the Lord]; 
And spends the wakefiil hours of night 
With pleasure pondting o'er the word. 

3 He, like a plant by gentle streams. 
Shall flourish in inmiortal green : 

And Heav'n will shine with kindest beams 
On ev'ry work his hands bcgm. . 

4 Bnt sinners find their counsels crost, 
As chaff before the tempest flies. 

So shall their hopes be blown and lost 
When the last trumpet shakes th« skiea. 

5 In vain the rebel seeka to stand 
In judgment with the]bU»us race; 

The dreadfbljodgewnfa stem command ' 
Divides him to a diltecent place. 

6 " Straight is the way my saints have trod. 
" 1 blest the path, and drew it plain ; ^ 

*' But you would choose the crooked road ' 
Aiid down if leads to endless pain." '' 


PSALM n. <S.1I.> 

C*r*.* i>5^, ^^^ Interceding^ 

r M^5P "i? *>^«'««gn ton! 
■nitl«^"**^>' '^ earth, and «e 

When Jews and Genfilesjpla'd to Atv 
J€«M, thine hoJy chiU.J *" ™v 

« Wbv did the GouiJcs rage, 
ii-i5*li**!l!L'""> *»"« accord 

Th Anomted of the Lord ? ^ 
4 Rnlere and kings agree 
To form a vain d^wu • 
Mfa&t the Lord their pJnen mute, 
ilgauist bis Christ th^Joto ^^ 

* T^ ^Ji^ ^^^^ ^w rage' 
Aiid wiU support his throne • 
He that hath SE'd hhn from the dead 
Hath ownd hhn for Ym Swl 

« Now he's ascended high. 
And asks to rule the wth: 
"E.y^iiSf W? Wood he pl^. 

And pleads his Ijeaveniy birth. 

7 He asks^ttd God bestows 

ftr as ttie world's remotest ends 
His kingdom shall advance. 

8 i%e natioas tbatrebei 
Must leel his iron rod; . 

wdlcn he receiv'd from God 

9 n»e wise, verolew, now, 
«And worahip at his throne : 

K) If once lu3 wrath arise, 
Tfe pensb on the ptaice : 
Tbcif bleagedis tJtu: mmU that flies 
tor rel^ to bis gfiice.j 


PSALM II. Jftetame, (C. M.) 

1 'U/HYdidthenationsJoiBtosbiy 
VY The Lord's anoiiited Son » 
Wby did they cast his laws away 
And tread his gospel dowa? 

ft The Lord that sita above the skiea 
Derides their rage below. 
He speaks- with vengeance in his eyes^ 
And strikes their spirits tlnoiigh. 

3 " I call Urn my eternal son, 

" And raise him from the dead : 
** I make my holy hiU his throne. 
'■* And wide his kingikMn spread. 

4 ** Ask me, my Son, and then eiyoy 

'* The utmost heathen lands : 
** Thy rod of ir(>ii shall destroy 
" The rebel that withstands.** 

5 Be wise, ye nilers of the earth, . 

Obey th* anointed Lord ; 
Adore the King of heav'niy birth, ^ 
And tremble at his word. 

6 Withhnmble love address his thr<Hie, 

For if he frown ye di? ; 
Those are secure, and tiiose alone, 
yibor on his grace rely. 

PSALM 1L (L.M.) 
ChrissPg Death, Maurrection , 4:c. 

1 '\I7HY did the Jews proclaim their rage > 

^ ^ The Romans why their swords empJov j 
Against the Lord tlieir powers engage 
His dear anointed to destroy f 

2 " Come, let us break his bonds," thpy aay. 
" This man shall never give us laws r 

And thus they cast his yoke away. 
And nailM the monarcn to the cross. 

3 But God who high in glory reigns. 

Laughs at their pride, their mge contron^ . 
He'U vex their haunts urith inward paioa. * 
And speak in thunder to their souls. * 

4 *' I wUi mamtani the king Imade 
" On Zi<m's everlasting hill, 

" My hand shall bringbim from the de«i«i 
" And he shall stand your sovereign stilly * 


5 tills wonderooB listaic from the earfli 
Makds his eternal ffoahead kaowB ^ 

. The Lord dedaresliia heavenly birth: 
v< This dajr have I begot my Son. 

6 " AsocBd, my Son, tomy right hand, 
" There thoa shah ask, and I bestow 
/' The oimoit bounds of heathen land ; 

** To thee the Northern Isles shall bow.*^ 

7 But nations that resist his grace 
ShaU ialt beneath his hon stroke ; 
Bis rod shall crash his foes with ease. 
As potter's eaitben work is broke. 


8 Now, ye that At on earthty thrones. 
Be wise, and serre flie Lord, the Lamb ; 
Now, at his feet submit your crowus, 
IUg<Hce and tremble at his name. 

9 With humble love address the Son, 
I^est he irow angry, and ye cAe; 

Bis wrath will bom to worlds unkoowa. 
If ye i>rovoke UsjeahNiBy. 

JO His storms shall drive yon qakfc to hel. 
He is a god, and re but dnst : 
Hanpy me souls that know htan Wjdt 
Ana make his grace their oajytrnsL 

PSALM m. (CM.) 
Doubt* and Ftan wpproKd. 

1 \yfY God. how many are my fears I 
J-VX lioir RSt my foes taicrease ! 
. CanspMng my etermil death, 
Twj break my present peace. 
t The lying tempter wouM perwiade 
There's no rehef in Heaven ; 
And all iqy sweUingjins appear 
Too big to be fo^ven. 

3 But thou, mv fgimy and n^ strength, 
Shalt on-tbe tempter tread, 
Shalt sUcnce all my thrcaf niin guilty 
And raise my drooptaig head. 

- 4 [I cryd, smd from his holy hm 
I call'd my Father ana my 0«d, 
ABd he snbda'd ny fear. 


5 Ke sbed M^dumben on mine €f». 

In spi^e of all my foes ; 
r woke and wonder'd at the grace 
Tfaat guarded my repose.] 

6 What tbo* the hosts of death and )M& 

All arm'd agaiaM me stood, 
Teaors nomore shall shake my soul; 
My refuge is my God. 

1 1rise, O Lord, fliMU thy grace^ 
While I thy gl<Hy sing : 
My G«l has broke the serpent's teetii^ 
And Death has lost his sttaig. 
9 Salvation to the Lord belonp, 
His arm alone can save: 
Blessingji attend thy peofAe here, 
And reaeh beyond the grave. 

PSALM ra. 1-5,8. (L.M.) 
A Morning Psalm, 

i {\ LORD, how many are my foes, 
^^ in this weak state of flesh and blood 
My peace they daily discompose : 
But my deiSence and hope is Ood. 

9 Tir'd with the bnrdens of the day. 
To thee I rais'd my eventaig cry ; 
Thou beard'st when I began to pny, 
And thhie Almighty help was nigfa. 

3 Sopported by thtee heav'nly aid, 
1 laid me down and slept secure ; 

Not death sboukl make my heart aft-aid 
Tho' 1 shouM wake and rise no more. 

4 Bnt God sustained me aDthe night; 
Salvation doth to God belong : 

He rais'd my head to see the li^t. 
And makes his praise my mommg song. 

PSALM IV. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. (L. M.^ 

JOearing qf Prayer : or, God our Portion, 
and Chriat our Hope. 

1 f\ OOD of (mice and righteousness, 
^^ Hear and attend when I comphun; 
Thou hast enlarg'd me in distr^s. 
Bow down a gracious ear again. 

9 Ye sons of men, in vain ye try 

To turn my |k>ry into shame ; 
. How long wul scoffers love to ne. 

And dare reproach my Saviours name } 


3 Knowtiat tiie Lonl divixles his saints • 
Firam afl the tribes ofmoi beside: 

He hears the cry ofpeoitents 

For the dear sake or Christ that dy'd. 

4 When onr obedient hands have done 
A thousand works of righteousness. 
We ymt onr trast in God alone, 
And 0ory hi his pard'ning grace. 

5 Let the nnthinking many say, 

" Who will bestow some earthly good'" 
But, Lord, thyll^t and love we pray. " 
Our souls desire this heav'idy fbod. 

6 Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice. 
At grace and tkvonr so divine : 

Nor will I change my happy choice 
For aU their corn, and all their wme. 

PSALM IV. 3,4,48. (CM.) 

An JEvening Psal/n. 

1 T OftD^thoawilthearmewhenlpny; 
-■-'I am for ever thine; r- /» 

I fear before thee all the day, 
Nor would I dare to sin. 
8 And while Irestmv weary head 
Ftom cares and business free, 
Tis sweet conversing on my bed 
With my own heart and thee. 
S I pay this evening saolfioe; 
And when my wrak is done. 
Great God, my fldth and hope relies 
Upon thy grace alone. 

1 Thns with my thoughts composed to pea«c. 
ril give mine eyes to sleep ; 
Thy hand m safety kee|« my days. 
And will my slumbers keep. 

PSALM V. (C. M.) 

For the Lord's Day Morning. 
L T ORD, in the mombig thon shalt hear. 
*-« My voice ascendMg high : 
To thee will I direct my prayer. 
To thee lift up mine c^e : 
S Up to the bills where Christ is gime 
To plead for all his tamts. 
Presenttaig at his fiitfaer's throne 
Onr songs and onr ooaqriaints. 


3 TboaartaQod,bef(Hrewliofleiigbf 

Tbe wicked aball not stand ; 

Sinners shsUl ne'er be thy delight. 

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 

4 Bnt to thy honse wiU I resort. 

To taste thy mercies there ; 
I will freqaent thine holy eoirrt. 
And worship in thy fear. 

5 may thy spirit guide my feet 

In ways of righteousness 1 
Make every path of duty straight. 
And plam oefore any fiice. 

6 My watchftal enemies combhie 

To tempt ray feet astray;. 
They flatter with a base design^ 
To qiake my soul their prey. 

7 Lord, crush the serpent in the dust. 

And all his plots destroy; 
While those that in thy mercy tnat 
For ever shout with Joy. 

8 The mm that love and fear thy name' 

Shall see their hopes ftdfiUd: 
The mifldity God wiU compass them 
With mvonr as a shield. 

. Comjdaint in Sieknesi. 

1 T N anger, Lord, rebuke me not, 
i- Withdraw the dreadful storm; 
Nor let thy fury arow so hot 

Agafaifita feeble worm. 

2 My Booi's bow*d down with heavy cares. 

My flesh with pain opprest ; 
My couch is wimess to my tears. 
My tears forbid my rest. 

3 Sorrow and pain wear out ray days; 

I waste the night with cries. 
Counting the minutes as they pass^. 
Till the slow mcvning rise. 

4 Shall I be still tormented more f 

Mine eye consumed with grief? 
How lone, my God, how k>^ befiirt 
Thine bam affioii Khef f 


5 He bean «taidMt«iMl adiet wpetk. 
He pities aH oar gnMBBt 
Be saves n« ftr Ms mercjr'iMdte, 
And heals oor broken bonet. 
€ The vlrtae of his sovereigD word 
Restores our lahiting breath : 
For silent graves praise not Oe Lord, 
Nor is he known in death. 

F8ALHVI. (L.U,) 
Tanptatiora in Sicknem overcome, 

1 T ORD, T can saflfer thy f ebokes, 
-'^ when thou wtth kindness dost chastise : 
Bat thv fierce wrath 1 cannot bear, 
O let it not agataiBt me rise ! 

8 Pity my langnishhig estate, 
And ease the sonows that I feel ; 
The wounds thine heavy hand hath made. 
O let Ibygentler touches heal ! 

3 See how I pass my weanr days 

In sighs and groans ; and when 'tis nigbt. 
My bed iswater'd with my tears; 
My grief C(Hismne8, and duxujny si^t. 

4 Look how the powers of nature mourn ! 
How long, Atanlgbty God, how long ? 
When shall thine hour of grace return ? 
When shall I make thy grace my song? 

5 I ftel my flesh so near the grave. 
My thoughts are tempted to despata-: 
fint graves can never praise the Lora, 
For all is dust and sOence there. 

$ Depait, ye tempteri, from my sou! ; 
And all desnainng thoughts depart ; 
My God, who heara my homme moan. 
Will ease my flesh, and cheer nqr heart. 

PSALM Vn. (CM.) 

GoeFsCare qf his People, and Puraahment 
i{f Penecutort. 

1 Xyf Y tnist is in my heavenly friend, 
■*^^ My hope in thee, my. God ; 
ttae, and my helpless life deftnd ' 
Fhun those tksitacck my btood* 


S With tawotesce and toy they 
My aottl in pieces tear. 
As hungry Hobs rend the prey. 
When no deliverer's near. 
8 If I hadie'er pvovokd them first. 
Or once abiis'd my foe, 
Thfii let him tread my life to dust. 
And lay mine honour low. 

4 If there be malice hid in me, 

I know thy piercing eves ; 
I shoold not dare appeu to thee. 
Nor ask my Qod to rise. 

5 Arise, my God, lift up thy hand. 

Their pride and power controul ; 
Awake to iadgment, and cwOTan d 
Deliverance far my soul. 
• [Lef sinners and their wicked rage 
Be hnmbled to the dust; 
Shall not the God of truth engage 
To vindicate the jnst ? 

7 He knows the heart, be tries the reins, 

He will defend tb* upright ; 
His sharpest arrows he ordains . 
Wgainst the sons of spite. 

8 For me their malice digged a pit, 

But there themselves are cast: 
My God makes all their mischief l^ht 
On their own heads at last.] 

9 That cruel persecnting race 

Must feel his dreadful sword ; 
Awake, my soul, and praise the grace 
And Justice of the Lord. 


CocTs Sovereignty and Goodness: and 

Man's Dominion over the Creatures. 

1 f\ LORD, our heavenly king, 
^-^ Thy name is all divine ; 

Thy dories round the earth are spread. 
And o'er the heavens they shine. 

2 When to thy works on high 
I raise my wondering eyes, 

And see the moon, complex in light. 

Adorn the darksome skies : 
S M^en I anrvey the stafs. 

And all their shinhig famu. 
Lord. 'What is man, that worttless Ihtagi 

A-kin lo dust and wonas? 


i LorA, wfarit is wmMeu mn, 
That tboti 8h(Hdd*8t kwc Mm m? 
Next to tluiie aneeb is he filac'd. 
And Lord of aH Mom. 

5 Thine Immmnvb crowa fan head. 
While beasto like afaiTes ob^^ 

And birda that cm the air with wtacs, 
And fish that cleave the §ea. 

6 How rich thy boontics are! 
And wtmd'rona are thy ways: 

Of dost aad wonm thy power can fiame 
A nMMiinneut of praue. 

7 [Oat of the mouths trf' babes 
And soddings tfaoa canst draw 

Surpriaim; iMMoon to thy nfeme. 
And strike the world with awe. 

8 O Lord, oar heavenly king. 
Thy name is all divuie; 

Thy glories roond the earth are spread^ 
And o'er the heavens they shine.] • 

PSALM Vm. (CM.) 

Chriafi Condescension and GlarisficatUm ; 
or^ God made Man. 

1 f\ L^HID, oar Lord, how wondroos great 
>^ Is thine exalted name ! 
The ivories of thy heavenly state 
Let men and babes procfarim. 
5t When I behoM thy works on higli, 
The moon that rules the night. 
And Stan that well adorn the sky» 
lliose movmg worlds of light ; 

3 Lord, what is man, or ail his race. 

Who dweOs so tar below, 
Itnt thou shoald'st visit hkn with grace. 
And love his nature so ! 

4 That tbiue Eternal Son shoold bear 

To take a mortal form. 
Made lower than his angeto are. 
To save a dying worm ! 

5 [Yet while be liv'd <m earth onknown* 

And men woukl not adore, 
Tb' <rik!diettt seas and fishes own 

ifis godhead and his power. 
4 The waves lay spread beneaUi his feet; 

And flsh, at his command,. 
BriH thdr large shoals to Peter's net, 

Mig tribute to his hand. 



1 Theie feaser glories of the Sob 
Shone thro' the fleshly cloud ; 
Now we behold him on his thron«, 
And men confess hun God.] 
6 Let cTown'd with majesty. 
Who bow'd his head to death ; 
And be his honours sounded high. 
By all things that have breath. 
9 Jesns. our Lord, how wondrous great 
Is tmne exalted name ! 
The glories of thy heavenly state 
Let the whole earth proclaim. 

PSALM vni. ver.l,S. Paraphrased. 

First Part. (L.M.) 

2%e Hosanna qfthe Children. 

1 A LMI6HT¥ Ruler of the skies, 

-tV Through the wide earth thy name is 

And thhie eternal glories rise [spread, 

0>r all the heavens thy 4iands have iMde. 

2 To thee the voices of the young 

A monument of honour raise ; 
And babes^ with mdnstmcted tongue. 
Declare Uie wonders of thy praise. 

3 Thy power assists theur tender age 

To bring proud rebels to the ground. 
To still the bold blasphemer's rage. 
And idl thar policies confound. 

4 Children amidst thy temple tfaroi^ 

To see their gpreat Redeemer's fece ; 
The Son of David is their song, 
And yomg hosannahs fill the place. ^» 

5 The frowning scribes and angrv priests 

In vain tbSr impious cavils bring ; 
Revenge sits sikfut in their breasts, _ 
Whibt Jewish babes proclaim their kinf. 

PSALM Vin. vcf. 3, &c. Paraphrased. 
Second Part. (L.M.) 

Adcan and Christ, Lords qfthe Old and the 
New Creation. 

1 T ORD, what was man, when made at first, 
L^ Adam the offspring of the dust. 
That thou should'st set hhn and his race 
^utjust below aa angel's placci^ 

Psalms. w 

f Tint tboa sboold'st raise his mtnra to. 
Aad makehim Lord of aO below ; 
Make every beast and bird aabmil. 
And lay the fiitaes at hie feetl 

3 But, O ( what brighter 0ories wait 
To crown the secmd Adam's state I 
What honours shall thy Son adorn. 
Who condescended to be bora I 

4 See hfan below his angehmade; 
See him in dost amonnt the dead. 
To save a ndn'd worn 4mn sin ; 
But be shaO reign with power divine. 

5 The world to conae, redeemed !h>m aO 
The miseries that attend the Ml, 
New made, and glorioiis, shall sabndt 
At oar exalted Saviour's ftet. 

PSALM a. FIrstPart (CM.) 
Wrath and Mercy from the Judgment Seqi, 

1 \X7ITH my whole heart ni raise my wne, 
^^ Thy wonders ril proclaim; 
Thou sovereign judge of r^t and wronc. 
Wilt put my foes to shame. 

£ ril sing thvnu^esty and grace; 
My God prepares his throne 
To judge the worid in righteousness. 
And make his vengeance known. 
3 Then shall the Lord a refijge prove 
For all the poor opprest. 
To save the peofJe of his love, 
Andgive tne weary rest. 

he men that know thy name, will (nst 

In thy abundant grace ; 
For thou hast ne'er forsook the just. 

Who humbly seek thy £m%. 
5 Sing praises to the righteous Lord. 

Who dwells on Zion's Hfll, 
Who executes his threatening word. 

And doth his grace fultil. 

PSALM IX. vcr.l2. Second Part. (CM.) 
The Witdom and Equity qf Providence. 

1 YIT'HEN the great judge, supreme and just, 
^^ Shall once inmdre for blood. 
The humble souls that mourn in dost 
SfaaU And a tuXhSai liod. 


8 He from the dveadftd gates of death 
Does bb own chUdren raise : 
IB ZioQ's gates, witb cheerfHl teeath. 
They sing tiieir Fattier 's iiraiae. 

3 His foes shall fall with heedless ieet 

Into the pit thev made ; / 
And suiuers perish ui the net • 
That their own hands bad spread. 

4 Thus by thyjadgments, mighty God! 

Are thy deep counsels known ; 
When meb of mischief are deB&-oy*d» 
The snare must be their own. 

5 The wicked shall lunk down to bell; 

Thy wrath devour the lauds 
That dare foiwt thee, or rebel 

Against thy known commands. 
§ Tho* sahtts to sore distress are brought. 

And wait and longcomphdn. 
Their cries shall not be still tbrgot. 

Nor shall their hopes be vain. 

7 [Rise, great Redeemer, from thy seat 

To judge and save the poor ; 
Let nations tremble at thy feet. 
And man prevail no more. 

8 Thy thunder shall affright the proud. 

And put their hearts to pain. 
Hake them confess that thou art God, 
And they but feeble men.] 

P&ILM X. (C. M.) 

Prayers heard, and Saints saved, 

I TI7HY doth the Lord stand off so fw, 
* ^ And why conceal his fiice. 
When great calaitaities appear, 
And times of deep distress ? 

S Lord, shall the wicked stillderide 
Thy justice and thy power ? 
Shall they advance their heads in pride. 
And still thy saints devour? 

8 They put thy judgments from tiieir sight. 
And then insult the poor ; 
They boa&t in their exalted height. 
That they shall AH no more. 

4 Arise, O God, Uft ui> thine band, 
Attend our bumble cry ; 
Ho enemy sball dare to stand 
When God asCcnds on higtt. 


•PAUSE.. , 

5 Why do the men of noafiee rage. 

And Mtjr With Iboifsh pride, 
" The God of Heaven wiM ne'er enctge 
" To fight on Zioo's side r 

6 Batthoufor ever art oor Lord ; 

And poweifal is thine hand. 
As when the heathens felt thy sword. 
And peridi'd from thy land. 

T Tbon wilt prepare our hearts to pray. 
And cause thine ear to hear ; 
He hearkens what his children say. 
And puts the world in fear. 

8 Prood tynmts shall no ooiore oppress^ 
No more despise the just i 
And mighty sinners shall c<mf^ 
They are bat earth and dust. 

God lotet the Righteaus, andhatu th€ 


1 IkifYreAMneifltheGodofLoTe, 
^^ Why do my foes hisi#and ciy, 
** Fly like a ttmorous treihMingdove, 
*' To distant woods or montatxitts fly ^ 

2 Ifa^ovemmentbealldestioy'd, 
(That firm foundation of our peace) 
And violence make justice voiA, 

Where shall the righteous s^k redftss * ' 

3 The Lord iu heaven has fix'd his throne. 
His eyes survey tlie world txibw ; 

To him all mortal things are |uioira. 
His eyelids search our spirits through. 

4 If he sUBicts Us saintsMftr, . ^ 
To prove their love, and try their nafse. 
What may the hold transgreifur» tear i 
His very soul abhors theii^ ways. • 

5 On impiottBiWWtchas-lieAhaUraitt 
Tempests of bruMtoue, fire, and death. 
Such ay he Jrlnwal on the plant 

Of Sodom, witaStt angry hfe^. 

6 The righteous Lovdlomfighteoiw souls. 
Whose thoughts and actions are sincert ; 
And with a gracious eye beholds 

The men that his own. iniat« kwi* 

15 PSALM9. 

7%e Saini's Safety and Hope in eoil Timet, 

1 T ORD, if thon dost not aooa appear, 
'-^ Virtue and truth will flee away ; 

A faitliftil man amongst us here 
Wil] scarce be found, if thou detaqr. 

2 The whole discourse when neii^bonn meet 
Is flO'd with trifles looee and vain ; 

Their ttps are flattery and deceit. 
And their proud langoace is proftae. 

3 But lips that with deceit abound 
ShaJi not mamtain their triumph long; 
The god <^TeDfeance will confound 
The flatterin|; and blaspbonhig tongue. 

4 "Yet shall our words be ftee," they cry ; 
" Our tongues shaO be controlVI by nolle: 
" Where Lb the lord will ask us why i 

** Or say, our fips are not our own ?* 

6 The Lord, who sees the poor opprest, 
And hears th' oppressor's haughty strain. 
Win rise to gtve his children rest, 
Nor shall they trust his word in vain. 

6 Thy word, O l^ord, tho' often tiy'd, - • / 
Void of deceit abaill still amiear ; 

Not silver, seven times punfied 

I^^ dnws ajtd mixture, shmes so dear. 

7 Thy grace shall in the darkest hour 
Defend the holy soul from harm ; 
Tho* when the vilest men have power. 
On every side will eiootts swarm. 


€iomplaintqfagen£ral Corruption of 
• ■■■ Manfurs. 

1 UELP, Lord, for men of virtue &iV 
■ ' Region loses i^ound ; 
The sons of vicrfence prevail, . ■ 

And treacherii»'aiximid. 

5 Their oaths and promlaes they breaks ■ 

Yet act the flatlerar'i; part; ^^ ' 
With fair deceitiiil fips they speak. 
And with a double heart. 

8 If we reprove aoine taateAit lie 
How is tbeir-fluy stirr'd! 
Are not our Ups our own," they cry. 
" And «lio shaU be our Lord I" ' 


psalms: 11 

4 Scoffinrs aopcar on eray lide^ 

Where i yrO* race of bmh 
b nu«'4 to seat* of power and piidc. 
And bears tbe sword in vain. 


5 IxMfd, when iDiquities abound. 

And blasphemy grows bold, 
When fkith is hardly to be fofmd. 
And ]ove is waxing coM, 

6 Is not thy chariot hastenteg oii.> 

Hast thou not 0vu this sign> 
May we not trost and live npoli 
A promise so divine? 

7 " Yes;' saith the Lord, " now wiU I rise, 

" And make oppressors flee; 

" I shall appear to their surprise, 

" And set my servants fre^.'* 

8 T^word, tike silver seven times tryM, 

Thro' ages shall endure ; 
Hk men that in thy truth confide 
S)iaU find the promise sure. 

PSALM Xni. (L.M.) 
Pleading with God under DewrHon. 

1 TTOWloug.OLord.siialllcomiilain 

XH Uke one that seeks bis God m vabi ? 

Canst tiiou thy face for ever hide i 

And i stiU pray, and be denyM ? 
£ Shall I for ever be fbifot 

As one whom thon regardest not ? 

Still Shan my sool thhie absence moom 

And still despair otf thy return ? 

3 How long shall my poor troubled br^st 
Be with raese anxioos thoughts opprest ? 
And Satan, my malicious foe. 
Rcgoice to see me souk so low ? 

4 Hear, Lord, and grant me quick relief. 
Before my death conchide my grief ; 
If thOB wUfa.hold thy heavenly light, 

I aleep in evertasthig nlsht. 

5 How will the powers ot darkness boast, 
If tmt (me prayhis sotd be lost ! 

Bat I have trusted in thy trace, 
And shaH again heboid thy Ace. 

6 Whatever my fears or foes suggest, 
Tbon art my hope, rayloy, my rest; 
If y heart shaUfcel thy Vwe. and raise 
My Qhacrthl vole* to son«i of praae. 


PSALM Xni. (CM.) 

Comptaint under Tbmpeatums qfthe Depii. 

1 TjfOW long wilt thoQ conceal thy &ce? 
X4 My God, how long dday? 
When shall I feel those heavenly rays 
That chase my fears away i 
i How lom; shall my poor lab'ring soul 
Wresfle and toil In vain ? 
Thy word can all my foes contronl. 
And ease my raging pain. 

3 See bow the prince of darimeflB trie* 

All his mandoiis art9, 
He siM-eads a mist around my eyes, 
Aiul throws his fiery darts. 

4 Be thoa my son, aqd thoa my shield. 

My soul m safety keep ; 
Make haste before mine eyes are seaTd 
U death's eternal sleep. 

5 How woidd the tempter boast akwd 

If I become his prey ! 
Behold, the sons of hell grow proud 
At thyso long delay. 

6 Bat they shall fly at thy rebuke* 

And Satan bide his head ; 
He knows the terrors of thy look. 
And hears thy voice with dread. 

7 Thon wih display that sova^ign grac^ 

Where all my hopes have hung ; 
I shall employ my lip9 in praise. 
And victory shall be song. 

P$ALMXIV. FilstPart. (CM.) 

By Nature all Men are Sinners, 

1 trOOLS in their heart believe and say, 
' -T "That all religion's vain, 
" There is no God ibat ren;ns on high, 
" Or minds th' affairs ormen.** 

S Ftom thoudits so dreadful and profiuiQ 
Conrapt discourse proceeds ; 
And in their impious hands are found 
Abominable deeds. 
S The Lord from his c^stial throne, 
LxMrii'd down on thinp below 
To find the man that soufj^t Ids gnoeu 
Or did his justice know. ^ 


4 Br natnreaO im tone aatrty, 

Tbcur pradiGe aB die saoK ; 
TberO Bone duit fean his Makeff tend* 
There's none tint loves Us name. 

5 Their tomies are iw'd to speak deceit 

Their sundefs Bever cease ; 
Bow swift to mischief are their feet. 
Nor know (be paths of peace! 

6 Soch seeds of sin (that bitter root) 

In every heart are fomid : 
Nor can they bear diviner fltiity 
Tin grace refine the ground. 

PSALM XIV. Second Part. CCM.) 
The, Ftfilsf qfPenecuton. 

1 AREsiBnersnowsosenselessgrown. 
•^»' That they the saints devour? 
And never w<»dup at thy throne. 
Nor fear thine awful power > 
it GreatGod ! appear to their soipiise, 
Reveal thy dreadfol name ; 
Let them no more thy wrath de^iise. 
Nor mm our hope to shame. 

9 Dost ttiou not dwell among the jast? 
AAd yet our foes dende 
Ttiu we should make thv name our trust; 
Great God! confound their pride. 

4 O that the yoytol day w^o come 

To finish our distress! 
When God shaU bring his chiklrca bonek 
Our son0i shall never cease. 


Characttn of a Saint, 

I \[niO shall inhabit in thy hiU, 
'* O God of holiness^ 
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell 
So near his throne ttf' grace i 

i The man that walks in pious ways. 
And works, with righteous bands^ 
That trusts his Maker's promises, 
Ami follows his commands. 

5 He speaks the meaning of his heart, 

Nor slanders with his tongue : 
Will scarce believe an Ul^eport, 
Nor do his neighbour wrong. 


4 Tbe wealthy eiimar be contMOW, 

Loves all fliat fear the Lord ; 
iUid tho' to his own hart he swears, 
StiU he portbrms his word. 

5 His hands disdaiB a golden bribe. 

And never gripe the poor : 
This man shall dwell with God on earth. 
And find his heaven secure. 

Beligion and Justice, Goodness and Trv^, 

1 "\]17H0 shall ascend thy heavenly place, 
Y* Great God, and dwell before thy fiice ? 
The man that minds- religion now. 
And hambly walks with God below : 

t Whose handB are pure, whose heart is clean t 
Whose Hps still speak the thhigs they mean : 
No slanders dwell upon his tongue ; 
He hates to do his neighbour wrong. 

5 [Scarce will he tnist an Ul report. 
Nor vent it to his neighbour's hart ; 
Sinners of state he can despise. 
Bat saints are honour'd in his eyes.] 

4 [Firm to bis word he ever stood. 
And always makes bis promise good : 
Nor dares to chance the thing he swears. 
Whatever pain or loss he bears.] 

6 [He never deals in bribing gold, 

And monnis that justice should be sold ; 

While others gripe and fjrind the poor. 

Sweet charity attends has door.} 
6 He loves his enemies, and prays 

For those ttiat corse him to bis nee ; 

And doth to all men still the sam^. 

That he would hope or wish from them. 
1 Yet, when his holiest works are done, , 

Hiii soul depends on grace alone. 

This is the man thy face shall see. 

And dwell for ever, Lord, with thee. 

PSALM XVI. First Part. (L. M.) 

CoT^ssum qfour Poverty, and Saints the 
best Company. 

1 T>RESERVE me, Lofd, hi time of need; 
* For succour to tliy throne I flee. 
But have no merits there to plead ; 
My goodneas cannot reach to tbee. 

PSAtMS. ft 

t Oft hsw my hcwt Mil tonfM ooniBtt 
How empty and how poor I am ; 
My praise cam nercr make thee hlest. 
Nor add new ivories to thy name. 

S Yet, LorA, thy lafaita on earth may tmf 
S<Hne proflt 1^ the good we do ; 
These are the company I keep. 
These are the eboioest fifiends f luMW. 

4 Let others choose the sons of mirth 
To jdve a reltoh to tiieir wine, 

i love the men of heavenly Mrth, 
Whose tbooghts and language are divine. 

PSALM XVI. Second Part. (L.M.) 

ChruCs AUst^Mency, 
I UOWfeBttbeta-gQilt and soRom rise, 
A-* Who haste to seek some idol^odj 
I will not taste their sacrifice. 
Their offerings of forbiddico blood. 

5 My god provides a richer cop, 

jlnd noMer food to live opon ; , 

He, for my Kfe, has ofiier'd up 
Jesus, his best4)eloved Son. 

3 His love is my peipetnai feast : 

By day his oonnseb guide me nght : 
JiuaA be his name for ever blest. 
Who gives me sweet advice by night. 

4 1 set him stiO before mine eyes ; 

At my rigtit-hand be stands prepar'd 
To keep my sool ii'om all gurpnee, 
And be my everlasting guard. 

PSALM XVI. Third Part. (L.M.) 

Courage in Death, and Hope^Hu Aewr* 

1 WHEN God is nigh, my fiiith Is strong; 

^^ His arm is my almiglity prop : 
Be glad, my heart : rejoice, my tongue ; 
My dybig flesh ahalt rest in hope. 

2 Tho' in the dust I lay my head,. 

Yet, gracious God, mou wilt not leave 
My soul for evor with the dead. 
Nor lose thy children in the grave. 

3 MyfleabahanthyflrstcaUobey. 
Sliake off the dost, and rise on high ; 
Then Shalt thoa lead the wondrous wir 

Up tolby throne above the sky. 

t9 psalms: 

4 TheKttreitfnf of efiidleM ptetsaM ilMr ) 
And fliU discoveries of tby mce 
(Winch we but tasted here below> 
Spread heavenly joys tfaio* tU the ptawe. 

PSALM XVI. 1—8. Pint Put. (CM.) 

i^ppqrt and Counulfrom Qod wUhout 

1 CAVE me, O Lord, fi-oin every fi>e; 
*^ In thee my trust I place, 
Tho* all the sood that I can do 
Can ne'er deserve thy grace. 

5 Yet if my God prokMig my breatb 

The saints may profit by't ; 
The saints the gbry of the earth. 
The men of my delist 

3 Let heathens to their idols haste,) 

And worship wood or stone; 
But my deUghtflil lot is cast 
Where the troe God Is known. 

4 His hand provides my constant food. 

He fills my daily cup ; 
Much am I pleas'd with present good. 
But more rejoice in hope. 

5 Qod is my portion and my joy. 

His counsels ace my light ; 
He gives me sweet advice by day. 
And gentle hints by night. 

My soul would all her thoughts apprcnra 

To his all-seeing eye : 
Not death, nor hdl, my hope Shan move* 
While such a fiieod is nigh. 

PSALM XVI. Second Part. (CM.) 
The Death and RemrrectUm qfChrut, 

1 '* T SET the Lord before my ftce, 

*■ " He bears my courage up ; 
" My heart and tongue their joys expreik 
•* My flesh shaU rest hi hope. 

% ** My spirit. Lord, thou wilt not leave 
" Where souls departed are ; 
** Nor quit my body to the grave 
" To see c(vmption there. 
S " Thou wilt reveal the path of life, 
** And raise me to tiiy thnme; 
** Thy courts hnmortal treasure give. 
*' Thy presence joys nnkBown." 


4 Tbiifife's &di«ua. an emptsr ibow; 
But the bright world, to which I co 
Hathjovs sobstantial and smcere : 
When shall I wake, and find me there ? 

B EkirioiM hour ! O Meat abode ! 
I than be near and like my God ! 
And flesh and sin no more coutroal 
The sacred pleasures of the 8oal« 

$- My flesh shall alnmber in the zroond. 
Till the last trmnpers joyAil soand ; ' 
Then burst the chahxs wift sweet surprise, 
iadm my Saviour's hmise rise. - 

FSALMXVni. I-«, 15—18. 
FIntPart (L.M.) 
Deliverancefrom JDe^xUr. • 

1 "TTJEE will I love, O Lord, my strenath. 
A My wjck, my tower, my high defeucc : 
Thy mighty arm shaU be my trust, ' 

For I have found sah^tion thence. 

8 Death, and the terrors of the grave 
Stood round me with their dismal shade • 
WWie floods of high temptations rose. ' 
And make my shiking soul afraid. 

3 I saw the opening gates of hell, 
With endless pains and sorrows Oere 
Which none but they that feel can teU 
While I was hurried to despau*. * 

4 In my ^Hstress T calFd " my God" 1 
When I could scarce betteve him mine • 
He bow'd his ear to my c(»nplaint, ' 
Then did his grace appear divina. 

6 [With speed he flew to my relief. 
As on a Cherub's wing he rode ; 
Awftil and bright as lightnuig shone 
The foce of my deliverer, God. 

Temptations fled at his rebuke, 
Tiie blast of iiis afaiiighty breath : 
He sent salvation from <m high 
And drew me team the deeps oi' death.] 

7 Great were mv fears, my ibes were gr^. 

Much was thefrstremrth, andmoretSeirraae- 
But Cbnst, my Lord, is conqueror stiU ' 

In all the ware that devils wage. 

8 My song for ever shall record* 
That terribk. that joyflil hour : 
And give the glory to the Lord. 
Ihie to his mercy and faia power. 

PSALM XVItt. ver.20-». 
S«coiulPaEt. (L,M.) 
SincerUy proved, and reaeurdtd, . 

i T ORD.tboulnstieenmyMalaiBmf, 
'-^ Hast nfiide thy tnith and love appear : 
Before mine eyes I set thy lawa, 
And thou hast own'd my rigJbteout caitae. 

2 Since I have learnt thy holy ways, 
rve walked upririit before thy f^ce: 
Or if my feet dide'er depart, 
Twas never with a wicked heart. 

3 What sore temptations br(Ae my rest! 
What wars ana stnisgjings in my breast! 
But thro' th^ grace that reigns within^ 

I guard gainst my daribig sin : 

4 That sin that close besets me stin, . 
That works and strives against my wffl ; ' 
When shall thy spirit* s sovereign power 
Destroy it, that it rise no more ? 

5 [With an impartial hand the Lord 
I>eals oat to mortals their rewaid : 
The Und and flilthful sools shall flBd 
A God as £iitfafal and as kind. 

6 The jQst and pure shall ever say 

Thoa art more pare, more jost than tb«y ; 
And dien that love revenge sliali know 
God hath an ann of vengeance too.! 

PSALM XVm. ver. 30. 36, 46, flfcc. 

Third Part. (L. M.) 

It^ Dicing in God; &r. Salvation and Tri^ 

1 lUST are tiiy ways, and true thy wor^ 
«/ Great rock ofmysecnre abode: 
Who is a God beside tlie Lord i 
Or Where's a refUge like our God ? 

S nis he thatghtis me with hfe nubshtr 
Gives me his holy sword to wfeld; 
And while with shi and beU I aght. 
Spreads his salvation for my shield. 

3 He lives, (and blessed be my rock !} 
The God of my salvation lives. 
The daifc designs of hell are broke ; 
Sweet is the peace my Father i^vea. 

4 Before the scoffers of the age 
I will exalt my Father's naou;, 
Nor tremble at their m]^;bty cage* 

But meet reproftchr vaapeu the s&mdc. 

5 To Dtvid asdbB royalaeed 
Tfay grace for ever snail extend ; 
Thy fove to saints In Christ their head 
Knows not a limit, nor an end . 

PSALM XVin. First Part^ (CM.) 
VU^ory and Triumph over Umporal 
1 \]rrE love thee, Lord, and we adore, 
^ V Now is thine arm reveal'd ; 
Thou art our streiKth, our heavenly tower, 
Onr bulwark and our shield. 
S We fly to oiir eternal rock, 
And find a sure ddience; 
His holy naihe onr lips invoke, 
And draw salvation thence. 

3 When God, our leader, shines in arms. 

What mortal heart can bear 
The thunder of his loud alarms? 
The lightnUig of his spear ? 

4 He rides upon the winged wind. 

And angels in array 
In millions wait to uiow his mind. 
And fwift as flames obey. 

5 He spdiks, and at his fierce rebnke 

Whole armies are dismay'd; 
His voice, his frown, his angn^ look 
Strikes all their courage dead. 

6 He forms onr generals ror flie field. 

With all thdr dreadAil «kill ; 
Gives them his awfloil sword to wield. 
And makes thefa- hearts of steel. 

7 [He arms our captains to the fights' 

(Thai' there his name's forgot; 
He girded Cyrus with his mi^t. 

But Cyrus knew him not.) 
6 Oft has the Lord whole nations blest 

For his own church's rake ; 
The powers that gave his people rest. 

Shall of his care partake.] 

PSALM XVnL Second Part. (CM.) 
The Conqutror't Song* 

1 'pO thine ahnighty aim we owe 

^ The triumphs of the day ; 
Thy terrors, Lord, confouna the foe. 
And melt their strength away. 

2 Tis bv thine aid our troops {wevaU, 

And break united powers, 
Or bum their boasted fleets, or scale 
The proudest of their toirers. 

PSALM9. fit 

i How have we clM*d ilieiii fkro* tte fldtb 
Ajid trod IJiem to the potuMl, 
Wliile tbf sahmtHm wu our sUeld,, 
But they go tbelter ISMaid ! 

4 In Tain to idol nints they err, 

Aad peridi in their blood; 
. Where is a rock. §o great, so Ugh, 

So pcmerM as oar God ? ^^ 
6 The rock ot Israel ever liTct, 

His name be ever blest; 
Tls his own arm the victoiy gives^ 

And gives his people rest. 
6 On kings that rcnn as Dand did. 

He poors his Uessliigs down; 
Secnres their honoius to their seed, 

iind well sii|»ports the crown. 

PSALM XXX. Flnt Part. (S. M.) 

ne Book of Nature and Scripturt. 

For a Locd'frday Morning. 

1 r> EHOLD the loAy sky 
'-' Declares its maker God, 
And all his starry works on hii^ 
Proclaim his power abroad. 

5 The darkness and the light 

StiO keep their course ^e same; 
While n^t to day, and day to nlj^t 
Dittaiely teach his •name. 

3 In every different land 
Tfaeb- general voice is known; 

They shew the wonders of hto hand. 
And orddrs of his thnnie. 

4 Te British lands, rejoice. 
Here he reveals hb woid, 

We are not left to nature's voice 
To bid OS know the Lotd. 

5 His statutes and commands 
Are set before oar eyes, 

He puts his gospel in our hands. 
Where oar salvation lies. 

6 His hiws are Just and pore. 
His troth withoat decdt. 

His promises for ever sore, 

And bis rewards are great 
7 . [Not honey to the taste 

Affords so much deiisht. 
Nor goM that has the floinace pail, 

8o much aHivcs the sii^t. 


8 Whik of tby wortts'l sUif, 
Thy gUvies to produm, 
Accept the praise, my God. my Uoff, 
In my Redeemer's name.] 

PSALM XIX. Second Part. (S.M.) 

OocTs Word most exceUent. 

For a Lord's4lay Morning. 

1 DEHOLD the morning son 
*J Begins his glorioiis way; 

His beams thro^ all the nations not. 
And life and light convey. 

2 But wliere the gospel comes, . 
It ooreads diviner li^it. 

It calls 4lead simi^rs from their tonfea^ 
And gives the blind their sight 
S How perfect is thy word! 
And afl thy judgments just ! 

For ever sure thy promise, Locd, 
And men securely trust. 

4 My gracious God, how plahi 
Are tby directions even! 

O! may I never read in vain. 
But nud the path to heaven! 

5 I hear thy word with love. 
And I would fam obey; 

Send thy good Soirit from above 
To guide me, lest I stray. 

6 O who can ever find 
The errors of his ways ? 

Yet with a bold presiunptuons miiid, 
I would not dare transgress. 

7 Warn me of every sin, 
Forgive my secret ffiuits, 

And cleanse this guilty soul of mfaie. 
Wlwse crimes exceed my thoughts. 

8 While with my heart and tongue, 
1 spread thy praise abroad. 

Accept the worsmp and tiie song, ^ 

My Saviour and my God. 

FSAtM XIX. (L. M.) 

The Books qf NaUire and of Scripture eomm. 

1 'T'HE heavens declare thy glory. Lord, 
*■ In every star thy wisdom slunes ; 
Bat when oiir eyes behold tby word. 
We read thy name in fiurerhnes. 

P5ALMS. 29 

S The roifincKvi.the cliaitfingU^t. 
And nightB ttid <hiy8 ttiy power cooless; 
But th« Mest JnAame tboa bast writ 
Reveals tby Jiutiee and thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon, and stars convey tby praise 
Round the whole earth, and never stand; 
So wh«i tby truth becun its race, 

It toach'd and glanc'd on every mmI. 

4 Vcr shall thy spreadhig gospel rest. 
Till thro' the world thy trath has ran : 
Till Christ has all the nations Mest 
That see the light, or feel the sun. 

5 (^eat Sun of Righteousness, arise, 
Bfess the dark worid with heaventy Ugbt ; 
Thy gospel makes the sfanple wise. 
Thy laws are pure, thy judigniento right. 

• Thy noblest wonders here we view 
In souls renewed, and nns ibigiv'n : 
Lord, cleanse my shis, my sool renew. 
And make thy word ray guide to heav^. 

PSALM XIX. 6. 8*s. 
Th€ Book qf Nature and Scripture. 

1 r;<REATGod.the heavens wdl-order'dflnrot 
v^ Dedares the glories of thy name: 

There tbv rich works of wonder shme : 
A thousana starry beauties there, 
A thousand radijuit marks appear 

Of boundless power, and skill divine. 
S Troro night to day, iTMn day to nifl^t. 
The downing and the dying light 

Lectures of heavenly wisdom read ; 
With sUent eloquence they raise 
Onr thou^ts to onr Creator's praise, 

And nnther sound nor language need. 

3 Yet their divme instructions run 
Far as the Journeys of the sun, 

And every nation knows their voice : 
The sun, like some young bridegroom dr<*8t. 
Breaks firom the chambers of the cast. 

Rolls round, and makes the earth r((|oice. 

4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad. 
He smilcjt, and speaks his maker (iod ; 

All nature Joins to shew thy praise : 
Thns God in every oreatnre shmes ; 
Fair are the book'of nature's liifci}, 

But fairer Is thy kPOok of grace. 


5 I love fhe voliimes of thy word ; 
What light and joy those leaves afibid 

To sonto benighted and distrest r 
Thy precepts gaidetny doubtttal way, 
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray. 
Thy promise leads my heart to rest, 
e From the discoveries of thy law. 
The perfect ruies of life I draw, 

These are my study and delight : 

Not honey so invites the taste. 

Nor gold, that batli the furnace past. 

Appears so pleasing to the sight. 

T Thy threatnings wake my slumbering eyes. 

And warn me where my danger Ues ; 

But 'tis thy blessed gospS^id, 
That makes my guilty conscience deal). 
Converts my soiu, subdues my sin. 
And gives a free bat large reward. 

8 Who knows the errors of his thoughts^ 
My God, forgive my secret faults. 

And firom presumptuous sins ratrain : 
Accept my poor attempts of praise. 
That I have read thy book ofgrace, 

Ai^d bp<A of nature, not in vain. 

Prayer and Hope of Victory. 
For a Day of Prayer in Time of \^ar. 
1 Vrow may the God of power and grace 
■>-^ Attend his people's humble cry! 
Jehovah hears wh^ Israel prays. 
And brings deliverance from on high. 
S The name of Jacob's God defends 
Better than shields or brazen walls; 
He, from his sanctuary, sends 
Sucooor and strength whenZion calls. 

9 Wei) he remembers all our s»hs. 
His love exceeds our best deserts ; 
His love accepts the sacrifice 

Of humble groaqs and broken hearts. 

4 In his salvation is our hope. 
And, m the name of IsraeTs God. 
Our troops shall M thehr banners up, 
Oor navies spread their flags abroad. 

5 Some trust in horses trained for war. 
And some of chariots make tbeir boasts • 
Our surest expectations are '' 
f^oii( thee, the Lord of h^avesfy host9. 


6 ro! nay the memory of tfay Name 
Inspire our armies for tbe flKbtl 
Oar foes dali fiifl aad itie wltti sbame. 
Or quit the fleU with shameAil flight.) 

T Now aaveus^Lonl^from slavish liar: 
Nowlet our hopes be Ann and strooc; 
TiU tiie «a]vatioa ahail appear, ^^ 
And j<^ and triomph raise the Mog. 

PSALM »^. rCM.) 
Oitr King is the Care of Heaven. 

^ SJjaDmtbv strength rejoiee; ^^ 
And, triest with thy salvation, raise 
To heaven bis cheerful voice. 
« Thy sore defence, Ihro' nations round. 
• Has spread his clorions name ; 
And his sncceasrai actions 6own'd 
_With majesty and fiune. 
3 Then let the king oq God aloqe 
His iDercy sfaail support the tfaiooe. 
And alTonr wants sapiay. 
i Bat, rkhteoos Lord, his stubborn fbes 
Shall feel thy dreadful band : 
Thv vengeful anh shall And dot those 
That hate Ins mild c«Hiimaiid. 
1^ When thou against them dost encaee. 
Thy just, but dreadfW doom 
Shall, Bke a fiery oven's rage, 

^ Their hopes and them consume. 

6 Thus, Lord, thy wonderous power declam. 

And thus exalt thy fiime; ^ 

W^ist weglad songs of praise prepare 

Fortune ahnighty name. 

PSALM XXI. 1-^. (L.M.) 

Chritt exeUted to the Kingdom. 

\ n^VIDrejoic'dhiGodhisstrength, 

irfi?S?S*^* *'**"* **y ?pecia7grace; 
Bntthrist, the Son, appeals at length. 

ndifls the triumph and the praiseT 
t How great is the Messiahs joy 

In the sahation <A thy hana ! 
. lord, thou hast raia'd Ids kingdom hiA, 

And given the world to his command. 
^ Thyawfaiessgranta whatever he will. 

Nor doth tbelcastreqnestwitfa-hold ; 

VeoBfaigB of love prevent hhn stilly 

A||id ctowBSof gik>f9r, not of |;ol(^ 

Witb-bold tUs bitter cap; 
Bat I resign n^ wUl to th«e. 
And dnw Ibe torrows up. 

11 My lieaft ctoolves with paufs polaiowii. 
In croaDB I waste my knatb ; 
Hiv Ufiwy b9tiA has brouKlit me dowa 
Low M the dust of daimT 
IS FiiUtaer, I fhw jny spirit w, 
Ani trust it in tky hand; 
Ify djinff fieah shall rest in hope. 
And nse at thy eonunand. 

PSALM XXn. ver.20,27,-Jl. 

Second Pait. (CM.) 
Christ* StegHringt and Kingdom, 

1 " Vrow from flie roaring lion*8 rage. 
. -i^ «• O Lord, protect^ Son ; 
** Nor leave thy darlinr to engage 
** The powers of heff alone.^ 
S Thus did oor suflTerii^ Savionr piay. 
With raiglily cries uid tearsr 
God heard mm in that dreadful day. 
And dias'd away his fears. 

3 Great was the victory oC his death. 

His ttvone exalted ludi : 
And aU the kindreds <^ ffie earth 
Stah worship, or shall die. 

4 A nam'rous oflhpring must arise 

- From his exptfing groans : 
They shall be reckonxl, in nis ^es. 
For daughters and for sons. 

5 The meek and humble sools shall seff 

His fable lichly spread ; 
And all that sees ine Lord shall be 
With Joys immonai fed. 

# The isle ^hall know the ririiteousneH 
Of our incarnate God; ^^ "^ "^ 
And nations yet nnborn profe« 
SAtvatioA in his hlood. 

CJ^iM'i Aiffiurwgs and Exaltatioit, 
t XfOW let our noMmmfiil songs record 
•L^ The dying sorrow of onr Lord : 
When.te <»iiQPlain'd in tears ai|d biootf* 
Aa ^« fanthoa of hi| God. 


S Tbe Jews bebeU liiin thus feAom, 
And shake their heads, and laugli tai aeom ; 
" He resca'd others ftom the grave; 
** Now let him try himself <(» save. 

3 " This is the mm did once ^etcud 

" God was his Father, and his fttead ; 

" If God the blessed lov'd faira so, 

*' Why doth he foil to help him now f* 

4 Barbaroos people! cruel priests! 

How they stood ronnd like savage beasts ! 

like lions gapina to devour, 

When God had left him in their power. 

5 They wound his bead, his hands, his feet. 
Till streams of blood each other meet; 
^ lot his garments they divide. 

And mock the pangs in which he drd. 

6 But God, his Father, heard his cry; 
Raised from the dead he reigns on high ; 
The nations leara his righteousness. 

And humble anners taste his grace. 

PSALM XXin. (L.M.> 
God our Shepherd, 

1 \4Y shepherd is the living lord; 

iVX Now shall my wants be wellsnpply'd^ 

His providence and holy word 

Become my safety and my guide. 
S In pastures where salvation grows 

He makes me feed, he makes me rest; 

There Hving water gently flows. 

And all the food divhiefy blest. 

3 My wandering feet his ways mistake. 
But he restores my soul to peace. 
And leads me, for his mercy's sake. 
In the foir paths of righteousness. 

4 Tho' 1 walk thro' the gloomy vale. 
Where death and all its terrors are. 
My heart and hope shall never foil. 
For God my shepherd's with me there. 

5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps 
Thou art my comfort, thou my stay; 
l%y staff supports my feeble Meps, 
Thy rod directs my oonbtfiil w&y. 

6 Th^ sons of earth and sons <^ beB 
Gaae at thy goodness, and repine 
To see my table spread m^jwsI 
With livinc bread and cheeiliil wine. 


T tHow I njoice whea on my hmi 

Thy spirit ooodescends to rest! 

*na a dhrine aatMnting shed 

Lil^e oil of fladiieiB at a feast 
8 Surdy the mercies oi the Lord 

Attend bis bousehtM all their days; 

There wlD I dwell to bear Ms word, 

To seek bis fiioe and sing Ids praise.] 

F8ALM XXni. (C. M.) 

1 Vf Y Shepherd will supply my need, 
ItX jebovah is his name ; 
to pastures firesh he makes me feed» 
Beside the liYmg stream. 
S He brings my wandering spirit back, 
Wben I forsake his ways ; 
And leads me, for bis mercy's sake, 
In paths of truth and grace. 

3 When I walk thro' the shades of death. 

Thy iireseace is my stay ; 
A- vm of thy supportbig breath 
Drives all my fears away. 

4 Thy hand in spite of all my foes, 

Doth still my table spread; 

' My cup witfi bleesinp overflows, 

TUne oil anoints my head. 

5 The sure provisions of my God 

Attend me all my days; 
O may thy bouse be mine abode* 
And all my work be praise! 

6 There would I find a settled rest, 

(While others go and come) 
No more a stranser or a guest. 
But like a cbild at home. 


1 nrVS, JLofd my Shepherd Is, 
*- I Shan be well supply'd; 
Since he is mine, and I am his, 
-What can 1 want beside? 
t He leads me to the place 
Where heavenly pastnre grows, 
Wbere living waters gently pass, , 

And full ssdvatioa £k>ws. 1 

3 If e'er I go astray, ; 

He doth my soul recbum, j 

And guides me in bis own right way , j 

For bis most holy name. ^ 


4 Whik be sflbrdt U» aid, 
I cannot yield to fear ; 
Tho' I diouM walk thro' dathVdark dkue. 
My shepherd's with me there. 
$ 111 spite of all inv foes, 
Tho« dost my table spread; 
My onp with blessings ovetfowa* 
And joy exalts my bead. 
6 Tlie boonties of thv love 

Shall crown my IbttQwinK days; 

Kor bom thy house wiH I remove, 

Mor oease to speak tby praiae. 

FBALM XXiy. (C. M.) 
DaxUmgroith God. 

1 XHE earth fior ever is Qie Lord'a, 
-a- With Adam's nomeroas race: 
He rais'd its arches o'er the floods. 
And built it on the seas. 
t But who among the sons (rf* men. 
May visit thme abode? 
He that bas bands «nm mischief deyiii 
Whose heart is right wilb God. 

3 This is Ibe man ma^ rise and take 

The blessings of hut gpMce; 
This is the lot <tf those that aeefc 
The God of Jacob's fitce. 

4 Now let our souls' immortal powMr 

To meet tlie Lord prepare. 
Lift up their everlasting doocs. 
The Ring of Glory's near. 

5 The King of Glorv! Who can tell 

The wonders of his might ? 
He rules the nations ; bnt to dwell 
With sauits, is bis delight. 

Saints dwellinHeaven: or, Chris's Ascension 4 

1 'pHIS spacious earth is all the Lorid's; 
^ And men, and worms, and beasts, ^nd 
He rais'd the boildii^; on the seas, [btria: 
And gave It for their dwelling-place. 

S But tberf 8 a brighter world on high. 
Thy palace, Lord, above the sky : 
Who shall ascend that blest abode. 
And dwell so near his Maker, God? 

3 He that abhors and -fears to sin. 
Whose heart is pure, whose bands are deait. 
Him abaB the Lord the Saviour Ueas, 
And clothe his aoal adth riBhttniiinwi 


4 Them are tte men, the phni nee 
That seek tlie God of Jacob's flice; 
TlKse sban eqjojr tbe blissliil sighi. 
And dwell in everhutiHg light 


>lce,' ye sbiaing worlds od UriL 

old the King of Gloiy nigh; 
Who can tUs King of Glory be ? 
The mighty Lord, the SaYlour's he. 

6 Ye bniTeiily gales, your leaves dtsplqr 
To make the Lord the SaTioar way : 
ladra wiOi spoils from earth and hell. 
The oonqneffor comes with Qod to dwe9^ 

H Rais'd fr<»n the dead he c oes hehn, ^ 

He opens heaTen's eternal doer. 
To i^ve his sataits a Meat' abode 
Near thck Redeoner and then- God. 

FSALMXXY. 1—11. IMPart. (S.U.JI 

Waiting for Pardon tend Direction, 

1 T LIFT my sonl to God, 
•a My trust is in his name ; 
Let not mr foes that seeli my Mood 
Still triranpb in n^ shame. 

f Sin and the powers of hell 
Persuade me to despair; 
lord, make me know thy coreiUMt wdl^ 
That I may *scape the snafe. 

3 From the first dawning light. 
Till the dark eventM lise, 

FMT fty satiation, vm, I ««lt 
With ever-longini; eyes. 

4 Remember all thy grace. 
And lead me in thy tram; 

Fwgive the sins of riper iaiyi. 
And follies of my ynithV 

The Lord is jost and kind. 
The meek shaU lean his ways. 
And every hmnble sinner find 
The methods of his grace. 

t For his own goodness* sake 
He saves my seal from shame: 
Be pHPdons Oho' my gidit be g^ea|) i 

Ttara' my Bedeanera Min«. f 

A. I 

38 psalms; 

PgALU XXV. 12,14,10,13. Sd'part (S. M.) 
Dhfine Instruction. 

1 AIT HERE Bfaall the man be foond 
vV Thit fears roffend his G«d, 
That loves the gospefs joyful sound. 
And trembles at the rod? 
S The Lord shall make hfan kiMW 
The secrets of his heart. 
The wonders of his covenant show. 
And all his love impart. 
S The dealings ni his hmd 
Are troth and mercy still 
With such as to his covenant stand. 
And love to do his wiM. 
4 Their soob shall dwell at ease 
Before their Makei^s face; 
Thefr seed shall taste the promisea 
In their extensive grace. 

PSALM XXV. 15-^. 3d Part. (8. MO 
Distress qf Soul, 

1 \>f INE eyes and my desire 
-LvA Are ever to the Lord; 
I love to plead his promises. 
And rest upon his Word, 
e Turn, torn thee to my soul, 
Brhig thy salvation near; 
Whan will thy hand release my feet 
Out of the deadly snare ? 

3 When shall the sovereign grace 
Of my fonaving God 

Restore me from tboae dangeroas ways. 
My wandering feet have trod? 

4 The tumult of n^ thoughts 
Doth but «itefge my woe; 

My spirit fcmguishes, my heart 
Is desolate and low. 

5 With every morning UgM 
My sorrow new bc^s; 

Looli on my anauish and my pafai. 
Ami paroon all my sfais. 

• Behold the hosts of hei. 
How cruel is their hate! 
Against my Me they rise, and John 
Xheif fivy with deceit. 


7 O keq» my loal from detth, 
Nor put wf hope to shame, . 

For 1 have nhe'd my onijr trwt 
In my Redeemer's mane. 

8 With tamUe fidth I wait 
To see thy fiu^ acain; 

Of Israel it sfaal ne er tie said, 
He sought Am Lord in vain. 



1 JUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my wtya, 
«J And try my rdns, and try my heart; 
My fiuth npon thy promise stays. 
Nor from toy law my feet depart. 

£ I hate to waik, I hate to sit 
With men of vanity and ttes; 
The scoifer and the hypocrite 
Are the abhorrence of mine eyea. 

S Amount thy saints will f appear. 
With ionds weU-wash*d in itanocence; 
Bat when I stand before thy bar. 
The blood of Christ is my defence. 

4 I love thy habitation, Lord, 

The temple where thine honoors dwell; 
There stedl I hear thine holy word. 
And there thy works of wonder tell. 

5 Let not my soul be joined at last 
With men of treachery and Mood, 
Since I my days on earth have past 
Among file saints and near my God. 

PSALM XXVn. vet. 1-4. IstPart. (CM.) 

The Church our Delight and Scf/1^» 

1 'TWE Lord of Oiwy ia my ligfat, 
A- And my salvation too: 
God is nnr strength, nor wiU I fear 
What an my fees can dp. 

t One: privilege my heart dofares; 
O grant me an abode 
Among the churches of thy saints 
T1i»mnple« of my God! 

a TiMre shall I otEer myrefBests, 
And jee thy beanty stU, 
ShaB bear tfay measages of love^ 
Aad tba« anqntro thy win. 


40 l»i»ALMSl 

4 When tronbletdiae. aod itcmis tppeil^ ~ 

There may his children liide : 
God has R sCrong imvilion where 
He malces my soul atnde. 

5 Now sbflii my head be.fifted higb 

AI>ove my foes around, 
AnA soDgB of joy and ^'Story 
Witlihi thy temple souMt. 

PSALM XXVU. 8,9, 13, 14. 2d Part. (C. If .> 

Prayer and Hope. 

1 COON as I heafd my Father say, 
•^ " Ye children, sew my arace;* 
My heart reply*d witbool dmy, 
** ru seek my Father's fece." 

f Let not thy fiice be hid filom me. 
Nor frown my son) away ; 
God of my life, I fly to thee 
In a 'dibtressing day. 

3 Should Mends and Undl'ed near and dear 

Leave me to want, or die ; 
My God woiiM make my life his care. 
And aH my need supply. 

4 My feinting flesh had dy*d with grief; 

Had not my sen) befiev'd 
To se^ thy grace provide rehef. 
Nor was my jbope deceived. 

ft Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints*. 
And keep yonr courage up; 
He'll raise your spirit when it ftints,. 
And ftr exce^ your hope. 


St&nA tana Thuenatr, 

1 nS.IVE to Ifae Lord, ye sons oTIIuiM, 
^^ Give to the Lord renown and liowto; 
Aseribe due kmnoBrs to Ms oame. 
And his eternal mii^t adore. 

5 The Lord prodaims his power alboil 
Over the ocean and the land ; 

His v<^ divides the watery doud. 
And lightnings hiaae at his comnM. 
3 He speakji, and tempest, hail, and i 
Lay the wide forests bare around : 
The feaiM bart, and frighted hteSu 
Leap at the tsRor of tbe 


4 T» LdHOHNi he trniH bb ▼ofcr. 
And, lo! the ftatriy cedan tweak: 
The movntafns tremble at the noiie. 
The values roar, the desarts quake. 

5 The LoDd dtB lOTereisii on the II004, 
The tfannderer reigns for efcr ktav; 
Bat makes bis church his bleit abode. 
Where we bis awfiil gkalet sing. 

^ la geutier langnac e there, the Lord 
The coanaels of fis grace imparto; 
Anudst the raging storm his word 
Speaks peace and coniage to our hearts. 

F8ALMXXX. First Part. (L.M.) 
Sickness heeUedf and Sorma ranased, 

1 T WILL extol thee, Lord, on high, 
-■• At thy conimaod diseases fly; 
MTho bat a God can speaii and tave 
F^om the dark borders of the grave? 

S SiDg to the Lord, ye safaits of his, 
And tell how large his goodness is; 
Lrt aU your powers rejoice and hWm, 
While yon record his boliniiss. 

3 Hb anger but a moment stays j ■ 
His k>ve is life and length of <uyl; 

Tho' grief and tears the ni^ employ. 
The morning-star re^ores the joy. 

PSALM XXX. ver. 6. Second Part. (L. M.) 
Sealthy Sickness, and Recovery. 

I pTRM was my health, my day was bright 
A- And I presum'^ 'twou'd ne'er be nlSt: 
Foodfy I said within my heart, 

'* Phsasore and peace shall ne'er depart." 
S But, I foifet tlune aim was strong. 
Which made my mountain stand so lon^; 
Soon a» thy fece b^can to hide. 
My health was gone, my comforts dy'd. 

I I 017'd aloud to thee, my God, 

" What can'st thou profit by my blood? 

" Deep in the dmt cm I declare 

« ThBhrath, or sing thy goodness there f 

4 " Hear ne. O God of grace!" 1 said, 

" And bring me. from among the dead:* 
aiV'waid rebuk'd the pains I felt, 
Tt9 paidonag kne iobov^ my xiiilt 

4ft PSALMS; 

d My gronii, and teu«, and fonu of wot 
Are tnmU to jot and imiies now ; 
I thtoir my sackcloth <m the ground. 
And eaie and gta^en gird me ronnd. 

My tongue, the glory of my frame, 
ShalJ ne^ be BileBt of thy name; 
nqr pnise shall sound thro' earth and heaven. 
For sickness heal^, and shis forgiven. 

PSALM XXXI. ver.S,lS-l9,88,S3. • 
First Part. (CM.) 
Deliveranctfrom Death. 
1 TNTO thine hand, O God of troth, 
*- My spirit I conunit; 
Thou hairt redeemed my soid frwn deaths 
And savM me from die pit. 
8 The paarioos of my hope and fear 
MdntataiHl a donbtfid strife. 
While sorrow, pain, and sin ouispirM 
To take away my life. 

3 " My times are in thine hand,** I cry'd, 

^' Tho* I draw near the dust ;*' 
Thou art the refrige where I hide. 
The God in whom I trust, 

4 O make thy reconciled fkce 
<^ Up<m thy servant sbihe; 

And save me for thy mercy sake. 
For I'm intirely thine. 


5 [Twas in my haste, my oirlt said, 

" I must dMpair and die; 
" I am cut on before tUne eyes;" 
But thou hast heard my cry.] 

6 Thy goodness how divindy free! 

How wonderous is tl^ grace, 
To those that fear thy m^esty. 
And trust thy prombes! 

7 O love the Lord, all ye hts saints. 

And sbiff his praises loud; 
Hell bendf his ear to your complainis. 
And recompense the proud. 

PSALM XXXI. ver. 7— 13, 18M21. 
Second Part. (CM.) 
IkUwi*ancefrom SUmdtr and Refroaeh. 
1 Vf Y heart r^oices in thy name, 
j^*- My God, my help, my Hust; 
Thou hast preserved my fhoe flrom sham^ 
Mloe hooMc ftwB the dut r 



S Hamiy, betond expreirfon, hi 
Whose debts are thin diicliai|M; 

. And, from the guilty bondage free. 
He feeb hb aoal enbvg'd. 

3 His spirit hates deceit and ttesy 

His words are aU sincere; 
He gnards his heart, he guards his eycg^ 
To lieep his eonsdeiice clear. 

4 While I mjr hiward guUt sapprest, 

No quiet eould I find ; 
Thy wratti lay buming m xm breast. 
And racli'd my torraiM mmd. 

Then I oonfess'd my trooUed tfaooghtik 

My secret sum reveal^; 
Thy pardoning grace forgate my fiiultiy 
Thy grace my pardon seai'd. 

-C This lAudl Invite thy saints to pray, ^ 
When. liiKe a n0tg flood ' 

Temptatitms rise, ogr strength and staf 
Is a forgivhig Ood. 

PSALM XXXII. HrstPart. (L.M.> 

Bepentanee and Free Pttrdon; or, Jta6^ 
nation ani, ScmCCi^iealHon, 

1 "DLEST is the nmn, for ever UessM, 
•L' Whose giult is panionVl by bis God^ 
Wliose sins with sorrow are confaBB*d, 
And cover'd with bis Saviours blood. 

8 Blest is the man tn whom the Levd 

gnputes not Us Iniquities, 
e pleads no merit of reward, 
And not on wori(s> but grace relies. 

3 From guile bis heart and lips are free. 
His bumble joy, bis holy fear. 

With deep repentttice weH agree. 
And Join to prove his faifli smcerg. 

4 How glorious fs that righteousness 
lliat bides and cancels all his sinst 
While a bright evidence of grace 
Thro' his whole life aiqiean and sUneik 

PSALM XXXII. SteoBdPst. <L.M.> 

A guiUy Consdence eated by O09ffk$nan 

tutd jPttrdon» 
I "WHILfi I keep sBeaoe, md cwecid 
J!nL^y heavy gnat within anr hewl, 
Whftt tonne&ts cbth tar censcieace fMt 
What afesntei tf iMwd anrti 


S I spread my aiin before tike hK± 
And an iiiv lecretlaiilti confeki; 
Thy gospel speaki a paurdonios wort, 
Tlilne holy Sjpirit teab the gnce. 

3 For tbis shall ereiy taoiiible aoal 
Make swift addreflses to thy seat; 
Wbcn floods of hufe temptatioiia roll. 
There ahaU tfa^ find a Meat retmt. 

4 HcMT safe beneath tlnr wiui I lie, 
Wiren days groRT daft, aadstonns a|ipear! 
And whea I ivalk, thy watchfol eye^ 
shall goide me safe tt<m eveiy aoare. 

PSALM XX^On. fkitPart. (CM.) 

Work»qf Creation and Promdmcfi. 

1 R ^ICB> Y« riCbteoos, fai the LonL 
A^ Tins work b^ngs to yoo: 
Siae of bis aame, his ways, hif won^ 
How holy, just and true I 

5 His nercy and hisjigfateousneas 

Let hcarcn and earth KOCUm: 
His woriu of nataye and of grace 
Keveal his wooderaus name. 

3 ICs wisdom and afanigbty word 

The heavenly arches spread: 
And \n the Spirit of the Loid 
Tbm shiaing hosts were made. 

4 He bid the liqaid waters flow 

To their appointed deep ; 
The flowing seas tfaehr Ihnits know, 
Aad their own station keep. 

5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth. 

With fear before him stand; 
He spake, and nature took its birth, 
And rests on liis command. 

6 He scorns the an^ry nations^ rage. 

And breaks their vain denens: 
His counsel stands thro' every aae. 
And hi full gk)cy shmes. 

PSALM XXXm. Second Part. (C. M.) 

Creatures voAn^ and Ood'alUuffident, 

1 DI^T is the nation where the Lord 
A^ Jiith fix'd his pradous tfaraoe; 
Where lie reveals his heavenly woid, 
Aadfal^thdr liSbM.hisjomu 


S His eye, with infinite snrvqr. 
Does the whole warM behold; 
He form d ns aD of eanal day. 
And knows our feeble rnonld. 

3 Kinm are not rescu'd by the force 

Of armies, tmm the grave ; 
Nor speed nor courage of an hcMrse 
Can the bold rider save. 

4 Vain is the strength of beasts or men. 

To hope for safety thence ; 

Bnt holy souls firom God obtain 

A strong and sure defence. 

5 God is th«r fear, and God their trusty 

When iriagues of fiunlne spread^ 
His watchral eye secures the just 
Amongst ten tiiousand dead. 

C Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice, • 
And bless ns from thy throne ; 
For we have made thy word our choice. 
And trust thy grace alone. 

P8ALH XXXUI. As the I13th Psalm, 
first Part. 

Works of Creation and Providence, 

1 \^E holy soqIs, in'God rejoice, 

^ Your Maker's praise becomes your voice; 
Great is your theme, your songs be new : 
Sing to his name, his word, his ways, 
His works of nature and of grace. 
How wise and holy, just ^d true! 
S Justice and truth he evor loves, 
And the whole earth lus jgoodness proves. 

His word the heavenly-arches spread ; 
How wide 10iey shine from ncvth to south. 
And by the spirit of his month 
Wf>re all the starry armies made. 

3 He gathers the wide-tlowing seas. 
Those watry treasures know their place. 

In the vast storehouse of the deep : 
He spake, and gave all nature birth ; 
And fires, and seas, and heaven, and earth 

His everlasting orders keep. 

4 Let mortals tremble, and adore 
A God of sndi resistless power. 

Nor dare indulge their feeble rage : 
Vain are your thoughts, and weak your bands; 
But his eternal counsd stands, 

And ruies the wodd.froin age |o Bge-^ 


PSALM XXXm. AsthellStbPalai. 

Cremture9vain,emd God aU-m^dent* 

1 r\ HAPPT nation, where tbe Lofd 
^^ Reveab tbe treanre of his word, 

And builds his chnrch, his earthly throne! 
His eye tlie heathen woiM snTTers, 
He fiMrm*ci theh' liearts, he Imows tiicar wayi; 

Bat God thdr Maker is unknown^ 

f Let IdngB refy upon their host, 
And of his strength the champion boast; 

In vam th^ boast, hi vain rely; 
In vahi we trust tbe bmtal force, 
Or speed, or coinage of a trarse. 

To guard Us rider, or to fly. 

S The eye of thy cfmnassion. Lord, 
Dotb more secore drfence afford. 

When deaths or dangers threatennig stand; 
Tbqr watcfaliil ^e preserves the jns^ 
Who make thy name their fear and tmsl^ 

Whto wars or i^onine waste the land. 
4 In sickness or the bloody field, 
Tiioa our phvsician, thoa our shield. 

Send us salvation from thy tiirone ; 
We wait to see thy goodness sIMne ; 
Let ns r^ice in help divine, 

For att oar hope is Gqd alone. 

PSALM XXXfV. FtntPart. (1. H.) 

GoeFa Care qftbs Saints ; or. Deliverance by 

1 T ORD, I win bless' thee all my days, 
■*^ Thy praise sh^dwell npottmytoiigBe j 
My soul shall glory in thy grace, 
VHiile saints r^<^<ie to hear the song. 

8 Come, nnghuy tiie Lord with me. 
Come, let ns all exalt his name ; 
I sought til' eternal Ood« and he 
Has not expos'd my tk^ to shame. 

3 I told bhn all niy seecM gilef. 
My secret groaiung reach'd bis ears; 
He gave my. inward paii» rettef. 
And calm'd the tumult of my fears. 

.'4 To him tlie ^poor lift up their eyes. 
Their laces feel tbe heavenly shine: 
A beam of mercy from the skies 
FjQa tbem with Mht and ley dhdne. 


5 His holr aaieis piteb tWr tmto 
Aroand the men that serve the Lord; 
O few and love him, all his eaints, 
'nule of his grace and trust his weird. 

6 The wUd yonnc Uons, pincb'd with pais 
And hunger, roar thro' all the wood ; 
Bat none shall seek the Lord hi vain. 
Nor want supplies of real good. 

PSALM XXXIV. 11-22. 2dP?rt. (L. M.> 

Sdigious Education J or, In^rtutUmt of 

1 /-^ILDREN^in years and knowledge yom, 
>^ Your parents* hope, yonr parents' j^^ 
Attend the counsels of my, tongue. 
Let pious thoughts your mrnds emplojr, 

S If yon desire a length of days, 
And peace to crown your mortal state. 
Restrain your feet from iminons ways. 
Your lips from slander and deceit. 

3 The eyes of God regard his saints. 
His ears are open to tbdr cries ; 
He sets his frowning fece against 
The sens of vi<4ence and lies. 

4 To humble souls and broken hearts 
God with his grace'is ever nigh; 
Pardon and hope los love inputs, 
H^cn men in deep contriti<m lie. 

5 He tells their tears, he coonto theif grqaw, 
His Son redeems their souls from death ; 
His Spirit heals their broken bones. 
They m his praise employ their breath.- 

,F8ALH XXXIV. 1—10. First Part. (C. M.) 
Prayer andJPraisefor emiitentDeUgeraftce. 

1 TIL l>lesB the Lord from day to day; 
M How n>od are all his ways I 
Ye hnmme aouls that use to pray. 
Come, help my lips to pi^iae. 

f Staw to the honoor of his name, . 
nmr a poor safierer cry^, 
Nor was his hope ezpos'd to shame. 
Nor was his stdt denyU. 

3 When thrsatening soitows roond me atooiy 
And endless fieais arooe. 
Like the loud biUows of a flood, 
BtiihniWi"" ^ "** wnfs ' 

« it 

50 KALMS. 

PSALM XXXV. ver. 1--9. 1st Part, (a ll-> 

Prayer and Faith qfpenecuted Sazntt. 
1 XTOW plead my cause. Almighty God, 
In With all the sons of stnfe ; 
And fight against the men of Uood, 
Who ^ht i«ain0t my life. «, 

S Draw out thy spear and stop their way. 
Lift thfaie avdighig rod ; 
But to my soul hi mercy my, 
'* I am thy Saviour God," 
1 They plant their snares to catch my feat. 
And nets of mischief spread ; 
Plunge the destroyers hi the pit 
That theb- own hands have made. 
4 Let fogs and darkness hide th«r way, 

Andslippeiy be their groond; 

Thy wraA shall, make their lives a ptef^ 
And all their rage confound. 
i They fly like chat^ before the wind. 
Before thine angry bieatb ; 
The angel of the Lord behind 
Porsaes them down to deafii. 
f'Tbey love the road that leads to hdl; 
Tnen let the rebels dl& 
Whose malice is tanplacable 
Agahist the Lord on high. 
7 Bat if tfaon hast a chosen few 
Amongst that impious race ; 
Divide them from the Woody crew 
By thy surprishig grace. 
• Then Will I raise my toneAil voice 
To make thy wonders known ; 
In theuf salvation Til r^oice. 
And bless thee for my own. 

pSAUf XXXV. 13, 13, 14 «d Part. (C. M.> 

Jjoce to Enanies, 

1 OEHOLD the love, the generous Mt 
-D That holy David diows ; . 
Hark, how his sounding bowels move 
To his afflicted foes. 

ft When they are sick, his soid comphllttii 
And seems to feel the smart ; 
The spirit of the gospel reigns, 
Aad melts his ptoii* luevU 

FSALMfl. 51 

3 Skm did Iks ftywinc tean condole 

As for a hrottier dead! 
And tulaag mortify'd Us soul. 
While for tlieir life Jie pray'd. 

4 Tfaejr sroan'd ; and aire'd bim on thSt be4» 

Tet still be pleads and mourns; 
And double blessings on bis head 
Hie r^teoos God returns. 

5 Ojdorious type of heavenly grace! 

Tliiis Christ the Lord appears; 
While dnners cane, the SavkNir pray% 
And pities tliem with tean. 

6 He the true David, brad's Ung, 

Blest and bdovVi of God, 
To save us rdMb dead in Bin 
Paid his own dearest blood. 

PSALM XXXVI. yer.5-9. (L.M.) 
Tfte ^ei:fa:tiom and Providence qf God, 

1 IllIGH in the heaveos, eternal God, 
L a Thy goodness fai Ml glory shines; 
Thy trath shall break thro' every clond 
That vails and darkens thy dttifos. 

t Vix ever firm thy Justice stands. 
As mountains their fouhdaHons keep; 
Wise are the wonders of thy hands; 
Ttagr judgmoits are a mightv deep. 

S Thy providence is kind and huge, 
Both man and beast thy bounty share; 
The wliole creaticNi is thy cluifge. 
But saints are Ihy peculiar care. 

4 My God! how excellent thy grace; 
Whence all our hope and ccmfort spilivi! 
The sons of Adam in distress 

F|y to the diadow of thy wings. 

5 From the provisions of thy boose 
We sbdl be fed with sweet repast; 
There mercy like a river flows. 
And brings ssdvation lo our taste. 

4 Life, like a fountain rich and free, 
Spriap ftnm the presence of the Lord ; 
And in thy light our souls shall see 
The glories prcnnJs'd in tl|y word. 

PSAUtf XXXVI. V. 1, 2, 5, 6, T, 9. (C. M.) 
Practical Atheism cjn^toa'd. 

I 117HILE men grow bold in wicked waya^ 
▼ >^ AAd yet a God they own, 
is heart withfai me often says, 
«« Tbeir thoughts hcUevt there's non^. 

My Iwut withfai me ottai »ys, ^ i 



8 Their tbongbts and ways at once dedare 
(Whate'er their Ups profess) 
God hath no wrath for them to tear. 
Nor will they seek his grace. 

3 What strange self-flattery blinds their cyesf 

But there's a hastening hour 
When they shall see with sore surprise 
The terrors of thy power. 

4 Tfay justice shall maintain its throne, 

Tho* mountains melt away; 
Thy indgments are a world unknown, 

A deep nnlatiiom*d sea. 
t Above these heavens created rounds 

Thy mercies. Lord, extend; 
Thy truth outUves the narrow bounds 

Where time and nature end. 

Safety to man tfay goodness Iniugs, 

Nor overlooks the beast ; . 
Beneath the shadow of thy wings 

Thy children choose to rest. 
f [Rom thee, when creature-streams mn low. 

And mortal comlbrts die, 
Perpetual springs of life shall flow, 

And ndae our pleasures high, 
t Tho' an created Hgbt decay, 

And death dose np oar ^eB, 
Thy presence makes eternal day 

Whtfe douds can never rise.] 

PSALM XXXVI. ver.l— 1. (S. M.) 

The Wickedness qfMan, and the Majesty of 
God ; or, Practical Atheism exposed. 

1 \17HEN man gnows bold in sin, 

vY My heart withtai me crtes, 
•* He bath no fdith of God within, 

" J/or fear befiwre his eyes." 
t [He walks a while concealed 

In a self-flattering dream, 
Till his dark crimes at once reveard. 

Expose bis hateAil name.] 
S His heart is ftilse and foul. , 
r His words are smooth and fanr ; 
Wisdom is banished from his soul. 

And leaves no goodness there. 
4 He plots upon his bed 

New mischiefii to fblfll ; • 

He sets his heart, and hand, and head 

To pnifittse aU that's ill 


9 Birt tlMfe's a dreadAU God, 
Tbo' men renaqnce his fear : 
His jastice hid l>ehiiid the cloud 
Sliall one great day appear. 

6 Hta tmdi transcends the skr; 
In heaven his mercies dwMt; 
DMA as the sea bis judgments fie, 
His anger boms to hell. 

f Boar excellent his love> 

Whence all our safety si^ngs! 
O never let my soul remove 
Fram nndemcatb his wings! 

PSALM XXXVn. 1^15. Pint Part. (CM.) 

The Cure qfEnvyc^nd Unbdixf. 

1 Xl/H^ should I vex my sonl, and fret 
" To see the wicked rise? 
Or envy anners waxing great 
By violence and lies? 

£ As floweiy grass cut down at noon. 
Before the evoiing fodes, 
So shall their glories vanish Mon 
In everlasting shades. 

S Then let me make the LMd my traiC» 
And Mcactise all that's good ; 
So shan I dwdl amongst the just. 
And he'll provide me food. 

4 I to my God my ways commit. 

And cheerftil wait his will ; 
Thy band, wfakh guides my doablfU feet, 
ShaB my desires fulfil. 

5 Mine innodence shalt thon dispby. 

And make thy judtanents knowv,. 
Fair as the light of cnwning day. 
And glorious as flie noon. 

6 The meek at last the earth possess. 

And are the heirs of heaven ; 
Tme ridies, with abundant peace. 
To humble souls are givti. 

7 Rest in the Lord and keep his wa^, 

Nor let your anger rise, 
Tho* pfovideDce should long delay 
To ponidi haughty vice. 

8 Let sfamers johi to break ydur peace. 

And plot, and rage, and foam ; 
Th« Lord derides mem, for he sees 
The day qt vengeance come. 


54 l^SALMS. 

g Tbey liave ftinwn out the mrntenlBl Mron( 
Have b«iit the murderous bow. 
To slay iie men that fear the Lord» 
And bring the righteous low. 
10 My God flhall breHii their, bows, and bom 
Tbdr persecuting darto, 
Shall their own swords against tbsm tnn. 
And pain sorprise their hearts. 

P8ALM XXXVn. 16. Si, 26—31 . Sd Part<C.M.) 

Charity to the Poor. 

1 XX7HY dd the wealthy wicked boast, 
Y' And grow profanely boldP 
The memest poition of the Just 
Excels the shiners gold, 
t The wicked bonows of his Mends» 
Bat ne'er designs to pay; 
The saint is merciful and lends> 
Nor turns the poor away. 

3 Hb ahns with liberal heart he {!▼€• 

AmtNogst the sons of need ; 
His memory to long ages lives, 
And blessed is his seed. 

4 His lips abhor to talk nrofime. 

To atander or defraud ; 
Hli ready tongue declares to inen 
What ne has learnt of God. 

5 The law and gospel of the Lord 

Deep hi his heart abide; 
Led by the Spirit and. the wor<lc 
His feet shall never stide. 

6 When sUmers fall, the righteous stgrn^ 

Preserved from every snare ; 
They diall possess the promised land. 
And dweU for ever there. 

PSALM XXXVIL 2S-S7. SdPart. (C.M^ 
The Way 4: ^ind q/the Righteous 4: Wicktd, 

I IV/f Y God, the steps of pious men 
-LVA Are order'd by thy wiH ; 
Tho' they shaU (all, they rise agahi. 
Thy hand supports them still. 
S The Lord delights to see their ways. 
Their virtue be approves : 
He'll ne'er deprive them of Us grac^ 
Nor leave the men he loves. 
S The heavenly heritage is thev^, . 
Their portion and thdr home ; 
H^ feeds them now, and makes flMVlhdn 
Of blesifaiciB long to come. 

4 Wait on flie Lord, ye sons of umo. 

Nor fear vrhm tyrants frown ; 
Te shall CMifess tbeir pride was ymia, 
Wben Justice casts them dowa. 


5 The haoKhty sinner have I seen, ' * 

Nor fearing man nor God, , 

like a tall bay.tren} fair and veea. 
Spreading his arms abroad. 
# Aad lo, he vairish'd from die groimd, 
Destroy'd by hands unseen ; 
Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf wu foimd. 
Where all that pride had been. 
7 Bat mark the maq of i^hteousness, 
Ifis several steps attend: 
True pleasure runs thro* aU his w«ys. 
And peacefol is his end. 


Ouilt qf Conscience and Stiieff 

1 A MII>ST thy wrath remember lov«, ' 
-**- Restore thy servant. Lord; 
Nor let a father's chastenh% prove 
Lake an avenger's sword. 
t Ttafaie airowB stick within my heart, 
My tledi is sorely prest ; 
Between the sorrow and the smart 
My spirit finds no rest. 

3 My sins « heavy load appear. 

And o*er my head are gone ; 
Too heavy they for me to bear. 
Too hard for me f atone. 

4 My tbooghtB are like a troubled sea. 

My head still bending down ; 
And I go mourning all the day 

BeneaSh my Fatlnr's trown. 
I Lord, I am weak and broken sore^ 

None ftf my pow'rs ^re whole ; 
The inward angnisl) makes me roM; 

The anguish of aty 9011L 
6 All my desire to thee is known» 

Tlune ieye counts every tear. 
And every sigh, and every groan 

Is noticed by thine ear. 
f Thou art my God, my only hope ; 

My God win bear my 017, 
My, God win bear my spint up 

Mieii Sfttan b^s me die. 

56 psalms: 

8 [My foot is ever apt to sfide, 
'Uj fees rejoice to see*! ; 

Th^ raise their pleasure and their prtrle^ 
When they supplant my feet. - 

9 But 111 confess my guilt to thee. 

And giieve for all my sin ; 
ril nMHun, how weak my graces be, 
And beg support divine. 

10 My God, forgive my follies past. 
And be for ever nigh ; 
O Uurd of my salvation, haste. 
Before thy servant die.] 

PSALM XXXIX. 1, 2, 3. 1st Part. (C. M.) 

Watc?ti/idn€8S otxrthe Tbngtie. 

1 'TUVa iVesolv'd before the Lord, 
•s- " Now win I watch my toogue, 
" Lest I let slip one siuAd word, 
" Or do my nei^bour wrong.** 

t And if rm e*er constrained to stay 
With men of ihres profiuie, 
ni set a double guard that day, 
Nor let my talk be vain. 

3 ril scarce aUow my lips to speak 

The. pious thoughts I feel. 
Lest scoffers should th* occadon take 
To mock my holy zeal. 

4 Yet if some proper hour appear, 

m not be over-aw'd, 
But let the scoffing nuners hear 
That we can speak for God. 

PSALM XXXIX. 4—7. 2d Part. (C. M.) 
The Vamby of Man as Mortal. 

1 'T^EACH me the measure of my 'days, 
•L Thou Maker of my ftame; 
I would survey life's narrow space, 
And learn how Arail I am. 

f A span is aU that we^can boast. 
An inch or two of time ; 
Man is but vanity and dust 
In all his flower and prinie. 

5 See the vain race of mortals move 

like shadows o'er (he pbin. 
They rasLt and strive, desire and lov«. - 
But au the BOiee is vain. 


4 Some watt in hommr's gandj Otom, 

Some dte for fe<ddeti ore, 
TiMy toil mr hdn tbesf kaoir not who, 

And Btradgbt are seen bo more. 
What aboald I wish or wah for then 

From creatnres, earth and doat^ 
They moke oar expectatioog Tahi» 

And dtsai^point our tnnt. 
6 Nov I feiMd my carnal hope. 

My fond desire recalJ; 

I give my mortal interest up, 
And malie my God my au. 

PSALM XXXIX. 9-13. 3d Part (C. M*) 

Sicfbbed Deootion. 

^ d^^ <^ i°y li^e> ^o<A gently down. 
^^ Behold the paina I fed; 
Bat I am domb oefore thy throne. 
Nor daf* dispate thy wiH. 
SlNscaBea are thy servants. Lord, 
TbQr come at thy eommand ; 
m not attonpt a marmaring word 
Agiinst thy chasifning haiM. 
S Yet I may plead with Knmble cries, 
Renoove Oiy sharp rebokea ; 
MjTstreMth coosianes, my spirit dies, 
Tfaroo^ thy repeated sfrokes. 

4 Crostfd as a moth beneath thy hand. 

We mookler to the dost; 
Our fedile powos can ne'er witbstand. 
And aH oar beauty's lost. 

5 [This mortal life decays apace. 

How soon the babble's liroke! 
Adam and all Ma nnmerooa nee 
Are vanity and smolce.] 

6 rm bat a scjoomer below, 

Ab aO my faXbtn were, • * 

May I be well prepar'd to go, 

when I the summons hear! > . 

Y But if my lire be spar'd awhile, 

Beaftre be^ last remove, 
Tlnr praise shall be my business still. 

Ana ril declare thy love. 

PSALM XL. 1, 2, 3, 5. 17. 
FIntPart. (CM.) 
A Song qf DeHvenmoejywn great Diitren . 
1 T Writed patient for ttie Lord, 
-L He bowM to hear my cry ; 
He snw me restiiK on his word, 
And brought salvation nigh. 

59 FS^ALMS. 

4 He nb'd me from a iMirid pit. 

Where mouriuDg long I lanr, 
And from my bonds releu'd my feeV 
Deep bonds of miry clay. 

5 Firm <m a rode he made me stand. 

And taogbt my cbeerfiil tonnie 
To praise the wonders of his hand. 
In a new thankful song. 
4 rn spread bis worits of grace abroad ; 
The saints with joy shall bear. 
And sinners learn to make my God' 
Their <Hily hope and fear. 

fl Bdw many are thy thoughts of lowi 
Tby mercies, Lord, bow great! 
We nave not words nor hours enongli . 
Their 'numbers to repeat. 

6 When Vm aflbcted, poor, and Jow, . 

And light and peace depart. 

My God beboUs my heavy woe. 

And bean me on his heart. 

PSALM XL. 6-9. Second Part. (CM.)^ 
Tkt incarnation and Sacr^ce qf O'hru^. 

1 'T^HUS saith the Lord, "Yourworiciavafai* 
•L ** Give your burnt-offerings o'er, 
" m dyuig goats and bullocks- slain 
" My flonl delights no more." 
t Then spake the Saviwr, " Lo, Fm here, 
** My God, to do thy will; 
** Whatever thy sacred books dedans 
*\ Thy servant shall iulfiJ. . . 

3 " Thy law is ever ia my sight, 

<* I keep it near my heart ; 
** Mine ears are open with deligbt 
** To what tby bps impart.'^ 

4 And see, the blest Redeemer cdmea; 

Th' eternal Son appears, 
And at th' appointed time assnmes 

The body God prepares. 
$ Much he reveal'd his Fathei's grace. 

And much his tmtb. be shew'd» 
And preacb'd the w»r of righteoosnets, 

mwre great- assemblies stoodi 

6 His Father's honour touched his. heai^ 
He pity'd siimers' cries, 
And, to ftilfll a Saviour's pail^ 
Was oiadft a fUfSiifice. 



7 No blood of bcutB on allan shed • 

Coidd wadi the ctMucience dcAn : 
Bat the rich aacrtfice he paid 
AtoiMB tK aU oor liii. 

8 Then wa« the nr^t nhPMkn apread. 

And Satan's kmgdom iho(rt[ ; 
Thus fay the woman^s proinis'd leed 
The serpent's bead was broke. 

PSALM XL. ytx. 5—10. (L. M.) 
Christ, our Sacrifice. 
1 'TVE wonders. Lord, thy h>ve has wroEgfal, 

-■- Exceed oor praise, sannoant our tbooehl; 
Shonld I attempt the long detail. 
Iffy speech would faint, my nambers tail. 
£ No "blood of beasts, on altars spilt. 
Can cleanse the souls of men irom gnilt,; 
But tfaoa ha£t set before our eyes 
An all-safflcfent sacrifice. 

3 Lo r thine eternal Son appears, 
To thy desiau he bows his ean. 
Assumes a body well prepar'd. 
And w^ performs a won so hard. 

4 "Bdiold, I come," the Saviour crie*. 
With leve and duty in his eyes, 

'' I come to bear the heavy load 
^' Of sins, and do thy will, my God. 

5 *' Tis written m thy great decree. 
"TIs in thy book, foretold of me. 
" I iiiast ftimi the Saviour's part, 
" And, lo! thy law Is hi my heart. 

6** TU magnify thy holy law, 
** And rebels to obedience draw, 
" When on my cross Fm lifted high, 
" Or to my crown above the sky. 

7 " The Spirit shall descend and show 
" What thou bast done, and what I do: 

. " The wonderhig workl shall team thy grate. 
" Thy wisdom and thy righteousness? 

PSALM XU. V. 1,8,3. (L.M.) 

Charity to the Poor; or^PUy to the AjgHicted, 

1 QLBST is the man whose bowds move. ' 
•L' And mdt with pity to tlie poor. 
Whose sool, by symprailsing love, 
Fedi what bis feBewsainto CBdwe. 

60 PS^ALMS. 

t His beart contrivei, for;tbeir relief* 
MoR g6od tlttii his own haiids caa do; 
He, in the time of general griefs 
Shadl find the Lord nas bowels J»o. 

3 His soal shall live secure on etfrfli, 
With secret Messmn on his bead. 

When drought, and pestilence, and d«atb, 
Around him mtdtiply their dead. 

4 Or, if be langaisb on Us concb, 
God will pronounce his sins forgiven. 
Will Mve him with a beajkig touch. 
Or take his willing sool to heaven. 

k>SALM XC.H. V. 1-5. First Part. (CM.) 

Desertion and Hope ; or. Complaint qfAb' 
sencejYom public Worship. 

1 '\I7rrH earnest longings of the muid, 
^^ My God, to thee I look : 
So pants the hunted hart to md 
And taste the cooling brook. 

5 When shall I see thy courts of grace^ 

And meet my God again ? 
So long ah absence from thy f^e 

My heart endures with pain. 
S Temptations vex my weary soul. 

And tears are my repast ; 
The foe insults without controul, 

" And Where's your God at last?'* 

4 'Tis with a mournful pleasure now 
I thhfk on ancient days; 
nien to thy house did numbers go, 
And all our work was praise. 

But why, my soul,, sunk down so far 

Beneath this heavy load ? 
Why do oiy thoughts indulge despair. 
And sin against my God 7 
t Hope in the Lord, whose mighty hand 
. Can aU thy woes remove : 
For I shall yet before him stand. 
And sing restoring love. 

PSALM XLIL 6—11. 2d Part. (L. M.) 

Melancholy Thoughts reproved ; or Hope in 


1 A4^Y spirit sinks within me. Lord. 
^^^ But I wiU call thy name to mind. 
And tmies of past dishress recoid. 
When I have Ibund my God was khid. 

PSALMS. , 61> 

2 Huge troables, witb tmnaltoons noise, 
Sw3l like a sea, said eowm) me spread ; 
Thy water-spoots drown all my joys, 
And fiitec waives rofl o'er my head. 

3 Yet will the Lord command his love, 
When I addroe his thronie by day, 
Nw in the ni*fat his grace remove ; 
TIm niglit slua bear me sing and praj. 

4 ni cast myself before his feet. 

And say, " My God, my heavenly rock, 

" Why doth thy k>ve so long fofget 

" The sool ttat pnMUis beneath thy stroke?* 

5 ru chide my heart that sfaiks so low, 
Why shoidd my sool indulge her grief? 
Hope in the Lord, smd praise him tooj^ 
He is my rest, my sure reBef. 

6 Thy l«fat and truth shall goide me sttfl, 
Thy wmrd shall my best tnouhts employ; 
And lead me to thine faeavenJv bill. 

My God, sqr most exceeifing joy. 

PSALM ICLIV. V. 1, 2, 3, 8, 15—86. (C. M.> 

ThA ChurcKs Complaint in Persecution. 

1 T ORD, we have heai^ thy works of old, 
-^ Thy works of power and grace, 
When to oar ears oar fothers told ■ 
The wonders of thehr days : 

5 How thoQ didst build thy churches her^ 

And nrake thy goeiiel known; 
ADKMigst them did thine arm wp^eu. 
Thy light and (^ory shone. 

% In God they boosted all the day, 
And in a cheerful thnMig 
Did thousands meet to praise and pr^. 
And grace was all thdr song. 

4 But now our souls are seiz*d with shami; - 
Ccmfiision Alls our fece. 
To bear the enemy blaspheme. 
And fools reproach thy grace. 
i Yet have we ilot forgot our God, 
Nor falsely dealt mtkk heaven, 
Nor have our steps dectin'd the road 
Of duty thou hast i^ven. 

6 Ilio' dragons all around us row 

With their destructive breath. 
And thine own hmd has bruised ui iof*' 
Uvd \^ the gales of d^atb. 



7 We are exposed all day to die 

As martyifs for thy cause, 
As sheep for slau^ter bound we Vtt 
By sharp and bloody laws. 

8 Awake, arise, AJbnighty Lord, 

Why sleeps thy wonted grace > 
Wlqr should we look like men abborr*4l. 
Or banished from thy face ? 

9 Wilt thou for ever cast as off, 

And still neglect our cries? 
For ever hide thine heavenly love 
From our afflicted eyes? 

10 Down to the dust our sool is bow*d, 
. And dies upon the ground ; 

Bise for our help, rebuke the proud. 
And all their powers confound. 

U Redeem us from perpetual shame. 
Our Saviour and our God ; 
We plead the h<mours of thy name» 
The merits of thy blood. 


2^ Glory qf Christ and Che Recess qfth^ 

X \/fY Saviour and my KUig, 
•L^X Thy beauties are divine; 
Tbv lips with Messings overflow. 
And every grace is tiifaie. 

S -Noiv make thy g^ory known. 
Gird on thy drerafol sword. 
And. ride in na^aty to spread 
The conquests ot thy word. 

3 Strike thro' thy stubborn foes. 
Or melt tbeirhearts f ob^. 

While justiGe, meekness, grace, and Irutb 
Attend thy glorious way. 

4 Tbf laws, O God, are right ; 
Thy throne shall ever stand ; 

And thy victorious gospel proved 
A sceptre in thy haM. 

9 niiy Rather and^thy God 
Hath without measure shed. 
His BpUt, like a joyful oU 
-ranoint thy sacccd head.] 
[Behold;, at thy right hand 
The GentUeehareh is seen, 
Mke a £Ur bride hi rich atlire. 
And priiK«sw|nard the guaen.] 

7 FsSr bride, recdve bis love, 
Foraef tby Fatfaear's boose ; 

Forsake thy ffods, thy idol-gods. 
And pay thy Lord thy vows. 

8 O let thy God and king 

Thy sweetest thoughts employ : 
Thy children shall I& faoaom sni; 
In pakeet of Joy. 

. PSALM XLV. (C. M.) 
TftepersonalGlories ^Government ofChriA. 
1 TIX speak tbe bonoors of my King, 
■*■ His form divmely fidr; 
None of the sons or morhJ race 
May with the Lord compare. 
i Sweet is thy speech, and beavenJ^ gnci 
Upon thy lips is shed; 
Tliy God, With blessings inflnite. 
Hath crown'd thy sacred* bead. 

3 Ghd on thy sword, TictoriooB prince. 

Ride with majestic sway; 
Thy terrors Shan strike thro' thy ibci. 
And make the world obey. 

4 Thy throne, O God, for ever stands; 

Thy word of grace shall prove 
A p«u:etful sceptre in thy hands. 
To role the sabits by love. 

5 Justice and truth attend thee stiil. 

Bat mercy is thy choice ; 
And God, thy God, tlnr sool shaU 00 
With most peodiar joys. 

PSALM XLV. First Part. (L.M.) 

The Glory of Christ Sf, Power qfhU Gospel. 

1 l^OW be my h^art inspired to 8ii« 
J-^ The glories of my Savioor-IUng, 
Jesos the Lord ; how heavenly fiiur 
His form! how bright his beanties are! 

S O'er all the sons of homan nee 
He shines with a snperior grace. 
Love from his lips divhiely flows, 
And blessings all his sttfe cmnpose. 

Z Dress thee in arms, most mighty Lord, 
6lrd on the terror of thy sword. 
In majestv and glory Hoe 
With tratn and meekness at thy ride. 

4 lUne anger, like a pofaited dart, 
8haH pierce tiie foes of stnbbom heart | 
Or words of mercy, khid and sweet, 
SbaU mdt the rebals at ttiy HtU 


5 lliy throne, O God, for ever standi^ 
Grace is the sceptre in thy bands ; 
Thy laws and works are just and ri^bty 
Justice and grace are thy ddight. 

6 God, thine own God, has richly shed 
His <mI of gladness on thy heaa. 
And with his sacred Spint blest 

His first4xMrn Son above the vest. 

PSALM XLV. Second Part. (L. M.) 

Cht-istandMs Church; or, theMystUuU 


1 nPHE Kinc of saints, how &ir his fiice, 
•■- Ad<Nrn'd with majesty and grace ! 
He comes with blessings firom above. 
And wins the nations to his love. 

t At his right hand our ^es bdiold 
The qneen, array'd in purest gold : 
The world admires her heavenly dress. 
Her robe of joy and righteousness. 

3 He forms her beauties Jike his own ; 
He calls and seats her near his throne : 
Fair stranger, let thine heart forget 
The iddls of thy native state. 

4 So shall the king the m<Mre rqbice 
In thee, the fiivourite of his choice; 
Let him be lov'd and. yet ador'd. 
For he's thy Maker and thy Lord. 

5 O hAjjipy hour, when thou shalt rise 
To his fair pabce in the skies. 
And all thy sons (a numerous train) 
Each like a prince in glory rdgn ! 

• Let endless honoiu? crown his head; 
Let every age his praises spread; 
While we i^ith cheerfiil songs approve 
The condescensions of his love. 

PSALM XLVI. FintPwt. (L.M.) 

The Church's &tfety arid Triumph amons 
national Desolations. 

1 ClOD is the refuge of his saints, 
^^ Wh«i storms of sharp distress invade } 
Ere we can offer our complaints 
BehoM him present with his aid. 

• Let mountains from their seats be hurrd 
Down to the deep, and buried therer- 
ConvnlaioBs shake the solid world, 

Ow fitith ihfdl never yi^ia to fear. 


3 Loud mm the frooUed ocean roar - 
In sacred peace our sools abide, ' 
While every natioo, every shore, 
Treaabjes. and dreads the swellinR tide 

4 There » a str^m whose gentle &# 
Supplies the city of oar God : 

.. ^ watennff or,r divine abode. 

That an oar ragtaig fear eontronb: 
Swett peace thy ptonisee aibrd. 
And give new stongth to Minting aouk. 
6 Sion eivoye her moaarch's love. ^^ 
Secare asntattt a tiveatcQing bow • 
Nor can her ftrm foandatioas move. 
Bnilt on his troth, and arm'd with pow'r 
PSALM XLVI. Second P*rt. (L. M.) 
God fight* fijr hu Church. 

^ Tho' tyrants rage and Kin^oms rise • 
He utters his alm^ voiceT 
The nafions mcjt, the tnmnH dies. 
« The JUNd of oM for Jacob fought 
And Jacob's God is stiil oor aW • 

What desolalions he has made. ^^ 

3 From sea to sea, thro* aJ] the shores. 
He makes the noise of battie ceascT 
When from on hieh his thunder roars, 

4 He hreaks the bow, he cuts the spear. 
Cbanote be burns with heavenly flame. 
Keep sUence aU the earth, and bear ' 

r V^ *?,?** and gJo47 of hrs name. 
^ /. 5S ^' *"^ i*^» *«t I am God, 
in be exaMed o'er the lands, 

« L?*?H»* ^'T* ^"4 fe«»r"d abroad, 
« *> ?"li^ Sy *"«*"* "» Sion stands." 
6 OLord of Hosts. Ahnighty KingT^ 

SSfesTif *L^. *y prcseace dwell. 
Oar faith shall sK secure, and sine 
Defiance to the gates of hell. 

Chry^s ascending and reigning, 
1 (\ FOR a shout of sacred joy 
^^ To God the sovereign kins ! 
Let every land Uieir tongues employ. 
And hymns of triumph sing. 


2 Jesas our God aeceuds oii lii|b; 

HiB heavenly guards around 

Attend him risl^ thro' the sky. 

With trumpet's joyful sound. 

3 While angeb shout and praise their l&iug. 

Let mortals lean; tlieir strains; 
Let all the earth hi« honours sing j 
O'er all the e<irth he reigns. 

4 Kehearae his praise with awe profound. 

Let knowledge lead the song. 
Nor mock him with a solemn soimd - 
U|KHi a thonghtl<^8s tongue. 

5 In Israel stood his ancient throne, 

He lov'd that chosen race, 
But now he calls the world his own. 
And heathens taste his grace. 

6 The British islands are the Lord's ; 

There Abraham's God is known ; 
While powers, and princes, shieWa.&Bwowte, 
Submit t>efore bis thrwe. 

PSALM XLVIU. 1—8. First Part. (S. M.) 

The Church is the Honour and Safety of a 


1 r/^REAT is the Lord our God, 
L^-^ Aiul let his praise be great; 
He makes his churches his abode. 
His most delightfijl seat. 
• These temples of his grace. 
How beautiful they stand ! 
Th« honours of our native phtce, ■ 
And bulwarks of our land.] 

3 la SJon God is known 
A refuge in distress: 

How briglit has his salvation shone 
Through all her palaces! 

4 When kings ag^nst her join'd. 
And saw the Lqrd was there, 

In wild confuHou of the mind 
They fled with hasty tear. 

5 When navies tall and proud 
Attempt to spoil our peace. 

He seuds his tempest roaring loud. 
And sinks them in the seas. 

6 Oft have our fathers told. 
Our eyes have often seen. 

How well our God secures the fold 
Where Ids own 8li««p bare beeu 


T In every new diiiica 
We'll to bis bouse repair. 
We'll ttaink upon his wonderoos cnce, 
And seek aeUv'nmce there. 

PSALM XLVm. 10-14. Second Part. (S.W.) 

The Beauty qfthe Church. 
1 P«AR as ihj name is known 

■*- The world declares thy praise ; 
Thy saints, O Lord, betiore thy throne 
Their songs of honour raise. 
p With Joy let Judah stand 
On Sion's chosen hill? 
Proclaim ihe wonders of thy hand. 
And connads of thy will. 

3 Let stransera walk aronnd 
The city where we dwell, 

Compass and view thine holy groond. 
And mark the bidMnig weft; 

4 The orders of thy home. 
The wor^p of thy court, 

Tbe cheerfal songs, the sqlenm vows ■ 
And inake « fair report. 
i How decent and how wise ! 
How glorious to behold ! 
Beyond tbe pomp that charms tbe eyes, 
And rites>«dora'd with gokl. 
ft Tbe God we worship now 
Will guide ns till we die. 
Will be our God while here below. 
And onn above the sky. 

PSALM XLim v: 6—14. FInIt Part. (C. M. ; 
The Vanity qfUJt and Riches. 

1 \I7HY doth tbe man of riches grow 
*^ To tattolence and pride, 
To see bis wealth and honours flow 
With evenr rising tide ? 
t [Why doth he treat the poor with scorn. 
Made of tbe self-same clay, 
And boast as tbo' his flesh were bom 
Of better dost than they P] 

3 Not all bis treasures can procure 

His sonl a short reprieve, 
Redeem from death one guilty hour. 
Or make bis brother live. 

4 [life is a Ueannig can't be sold, 

Tbe ransom is too high ; 
Jiistipe witi ne'er be brib'd wi*b gold. 
Tut man may never die.] 


5 He sees the brutirii and tbe wke. 
The timorous and the brave. 
Quit their possessions, close theh* eyes. 
And hasten to the grave. 

§ Yet 'tis his inward thought and pride,— 
" My bouse shall ever stand ; 
" And that my name nny long abide, 
" 1 11 give it to my kmd;' 

3 Vain jure his thoughts, his hopes are lost. 
How soon his memory dies ! 
His name is written in tbe dust * 

Where his own carcass lies. « 


8 This is the folly of their way ; 

And yet their sons, as vain, 
Approve the words theUr Withers say. 
And act thehr works agaui. 

9 Men void of wisdom and of grace. 

If honour raise them high, 
live like the beast, a thoughtless race, 
And like the beast they die. 

20 Laid in the grave like silly sheep. 
Death feeds upon them there. 
Till the last trumpet break t^r sleep 
In terror aiM) despair. 

PSALM XUX. ▼.14,15, 2d Part. (C. M.> 
Death and the Beturr^ion. 

1 V^ BOM of Pi^<^' ^^^^ ^"^ ^ •)^' 
J^ And trample on the poor, , 
When death has brought you doj*n to dost. 
Your pomp shall rise no more. 

£ The last great day shall change the scene : 
When wiU that hour appear? ^ 

When shall the just revive, and reign 
O'er all that scom'd them here i 

3 God will my naked soul receive. 

When separate from tbe flesh; 
And break the prison of the grave. 
To raise my bones afresh. 

4 Heaven is my everlasting home, 

Th' inholtance is sure ; 
Let men of pride their rage resume^ 
But rii repine no more. 



The rich Sinner's Death, and the Sednft 

1 WHY do the prond insiilt the poor, 

^ * And boast the bige estates tfaejrluvc ? 
How -vain are riches to secure 
Their hanghty owoere from the grave ! 

2 They can't redeem one hoiir from death, 
iWth all the wealth in which they trust ; 

t Nor give a dying brother breath. 

When God CMmnanSs him down to dost. 

3 There the dark earth and dumal shade 
Shall clasp their naked bodies round ; 
That flesh, so delicately fed. 

Lies cold, and moulders in the ground. 

4 like thooghtless sheep the simier dies. 
Lad in the grave for woans to eat : 
The saints snaU in the moniing rise. 
And flad th' oppressor at Ibeir feet. 

5 His boHonrs perish in the dust, 

And pomp and beantv, bhth and Mood : 
That glorious day exalts the just 
To fiiU dominicMi «'er the proud. 

6 My Saviour^ball my life restore, 
Ahd raise me from my dark abode; 
My flesh and soul sbafi part no more. 
But dwell for ever near my God. 

PSALM % l-€. IstPart. (CM.) 
TheLastJudgmenti or, theSaints rewarded. 

1 nras Uxd, the judge, before his throne 

'^ Bids the whde earth draw nigh. 
The nations near flie riang sun, 
And near the western sky. 

2 No more shall bold btaspfaemevs say, 

" Judgment will ne'er begin;" 
No more abuse his loi^ delay 
To impudenee and sm. 

3 Thron'd <« a clond our God shall come, 

Bri^t flames prepare his wav, 
TfauDder and darkness. Are and storm. 
Lead on the dreadhd day. 

4 Heaven from above his call shall hear. 

Attending angels come. 
And earth and hell shall know, and fear« 
Hb justice aii4 their doom. 


6 " But gather all my saints (he aiej) 
" TTut nwde tbcir peace with God, 
** By the Redeemer's sacrifice, 
" And seaPd it with his blood. 
6 " Their faith and works brought forth to lifht, 
" Shall make the work! confess 
*' My sentence of reward is right, 
" And heaven adore my grace.** 

PSALM L. V. 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 23. 
' First Part. (C. M.) ,^ ^ 
Obedience is beUtr than Sacrifice, • 

1 THUS saitb the Lord, " The spacious field*, 

-L " And flocks and herds are muie; 
" O'er all the cattle of the hills 
" I claim a right divine. 

2 '< I ask no sheep for sacrifice, 

" Nor bollocks burnt with fire ; 
" To hope and love, to pray and pr«l8e> 
" Is aU that I require. 

3 ** Call upon me when trouble's near, 

" My hand shall set thee firee ; 
** Then shall thy thankful lips declare 
*' The honour due to me. 

4 *' The man that otfers humUe praise, 

" He glorifies me best; 
" And those that tread ray holy ways 
" Shall my salvation taste." 

PSALM L. V. 1, 6, 8, 16, 21, 23. 
Third Part. (C.Bft) 
Tfec Judgment of Hypocrites. 

1 TXTHEN Christ to judgment shaU descena, 
' » And saints surround their Lord, 
He calls the nations to attend. 
And hear bis awful word. 
t " Not for the want of bullocks slain 
" Will I the worW reprove; 
" Altars and rites, and forms arc vain, 
•' Without the fire of love. 

3 " And what have hypocrites to do, 

" To Imng their sacrifice f 
*' They call my statutes just and true, 
" But deal in theft and lies. 

4 '* Coidd you expect to 'scape my sight, 

" And sin without controul ? 
- ** But I shall biring your crimes to light» 
" With anguish in your soul." 


5 Consider, ye that digfat the Lord, 
Before his wrath appear; 
If once you fiiill beneath his sword, ' 
There's no detivercr there. 

PSALM L. ThiidPart. (L. M.) 

Hypocrisy expand. 

1 nr*H£ Lord, the jndge, lUs churches warns ; 

*^ Let hypocrites attend and fear. 
Who place their hope in rites and forms. 
But make not faith nor love their care. 

2 Vile wretches dare rehearse his name 
With lips of falsehood and deceit, 

A friend or brother they defame. 
And sooth and flatter those they hate. 

3 They watch to do their neighbours wrong. 
Yet dare to seek their Maker's face ; 
They take his covenant on their tongue. 
But t)reak his laws, abuse his grace. 

4 To heaven they Hft their hands undean, 
Oefil'd with lust, defll'd with faJood ; 

By night they practise every sin, 

1^ day their mouths draw near to God. 

5 And while his juc^ents long delay. 
They grow secure and sin the more; 
They think he deeps as well as they. 
And put far off the dreadfiul hour. 

■& O dreadful hour! when God draws near. 
And sets their crimes before their eyes! 
His wrath tiieir guilty souls shall tear. 
And no deliverer dare to rise. 


The Last Judgment. 

1 npHE Lord, the sovereign, sends his sum- 

•L mons forth. 

Calls the south nations, and awakes the north ; 

From east to west the sounding orders spread. 

Thro* distant worlds and reeions of tne dead : 

No more shall atheists mock his loDg delay ; 

His vengeance sleeps no more: behold theday ! 
t Behold thejudge descends; hisguards are nigh; 

Tempest and fire attend hun down the sky r 

Heaven, earth, and hell draw near; let aU 
things come ' 

To hear nis justice and the sinner's doom : 

"llut gather first my saints, (the Judge com- 
mands.) nand*; 
■ "Mng thfiin, ye nng^, from their distaat 

n2 PSAms. 

3 *' BdHM my coveiuuit stands for ever good, 
" SeaTd by tli' eteraai sacrifice in Mood, ' 

*' And sign'd with all their names ; the Qreek> 

the Jew 
** That pay'd the ancient worship or the new. 
*' There's BO distinction h^re: coiiie,wread ^ 

their thrones, [sons. 

''And near me seat my fiiTonrites and. my 

4 " I their Ahnighty Saviour and their God, 

** lamtheirjudge: ye heavens proclaim abroad 
" My jost eteniaf sentence, and dechre - 
"Those awflil tnitlis that sinners dread to 
" Sumers in Zion tremble and retire ; [hear : 
" I doom the painted hypocrite to fire. 

5 " Not for the want of goats or buUocJts slain, 
" Do I condemn thee; bnUs and goats are vain, 
" Withoat the flames of love: In vain the store 
" Of brutal offerings that were mine before : 
"-Mine are the tamer beasts and savage breed, 
" Flocks, herds, and fields, and forests wh^e 

they feed. 

C " If I were himgry, would I ask thee food ? 
" When didIthirst,or drink tliy bullocks blood ? 
''Can r be flatter'd with thy cringing bows, 
" Thy soien^ chatterings and fantastic vows? 
" Aremyeyes charm'dtfayvestments to beh<rfd, 
" Gfairing in gems and gay in woven gold ? 

7 " Unthinking wretch ! bow could'st ttwa hop« 

to please 
" A God, a s^t, with snch toys as these ? 
"Whil^ with my grace and statutes on fiiy 

tongue, hnro&g 

" Thou lov'st deceit, and dost thy orothtf 
" In vain to pious forms thy seal pretends, 
" Thieves and adultererssoretfay chosenfliendi. 

8 '' Silent I waited with k>ng-snfierlng love, 

" But did'st thou hope that I should ne'er re- 
prove ? 
" And cherish snch an hnpioos thoin^twitfain , 
" ThatGod the righteouswou'd indu&e thy sin? 
" Behold my terrors now, my thunders roll, 
" And thy own crimes affiraght Qiy guilty soul.* 

9 Sinners, awake betimes ; ye fools, be wises 
Awake before this dreaonil morning rise; 
Change your vain thoughts, your crooked 

words amend, 
Fly to tiie Saviour, make the judge yonr filcML 
Lest like a lion his last vengeance tear 
Your uemblanK fioult, and no deliverer Awr. 

PSALM L. To tbe old pnpv T«e. 
The Last Judgment. 

J- CafistbooiithHsitioiis^aiidawakestlMoorS 
From east to west tbe lovereini orders spread 
;niro' distaot worlds and re^^is of tbedeadi 
Xlie trumpet somids; bell tranUes: bearea 
rgoioes; fToioes 

Uft Bp your heads, ye saiuts, with cbeeifid 

2 No more shall atheists mock Us hM% delay* 
g»]JSW»c««*«g»nomore; behotfthedikT; 
Behold the jodae desceiids; his goards are nigtal 
Tempest and fire attend him down the sky7 

,3!?.*°P*** appears, ail nature shaU adore him . 
While sumers hremble^sauus r^oice beforeUm. 

3 "Heayeo, earth, and hell draw near; let all 

tfaiiigs come 

" To bear my justice and the sinners doom : 

" But gatfacar first my saints, (the judge com. 

mands) rhuMb" 

"Bring them, ye angels, from their distant 

when Christ retmits, wake every cheefjiil naa- 

sion, *^ 

^J?*?#* 8aint8,be ctwoes for your salmtioa. 

4 Beholdmy covenant stands for ever good. 
''SeaI'd by th' eternal sacrifice ui Mood. 

" And sisn'd with all their names : the Greek 

the Jew, ' 

** That pay'dtfae ancient worsbipor tbe new:** 

There's no distmction here : join all your voices. 

And raise your heads, ye samts, for heaven t«. 


5 " Here (saith the Lord) ye angels spread their 


" And near me seat my fiivoorites and mysMU 

" Conie,myredeem*d.pos8e8s the joysprepar'd 

"E'er time began; Tis your divine rewaid." 

whenChnst returns, wake eveiycheerfidpassioii: 

And shout, ye 8auits,be comes for your sajvatjon 


6 M am the Saviour, I th' Ahnighty God, 

»' i.^ tbe judge: ye heavens, proctaum abnwd 

My just eternal sentence, and decbre 
"Tliose awful truths that sinners dread tobear." 
WImu God appears, all nature shall adore hist : 
while sinners tremfaie,saint8r<^oice before faun. 

7 '* Stand forth, thou bold Uaspbemer and pro. 

fine, [bus vain : 

"Now feel my wrath, nor call my threaten* 
" Thou hyuocrite, cmce drest in saint's attire, 
"J doom toe jainted hypocrite to Ore." 


Jndgnwnt proceeds; belltronblesjbeiwii re- 
joices ; [voices, 
lift up vow hends, ye saints, with cbeerftd 

8 " Not for the want of goats or bnllocks slain, 
*' Do I condemn tliee; bollsandgoatsarevain. 
" Without the flames of love : in vain the store 
" Of bmtal oflTerings that were mine before :"* 
Earth is the Lord's ; all nature shall adore biin : 

While sinners toemble,8aintsn*joicebeforehun. 

9 " If I were hnnery, would I ask thee food f 

" When did I thliBt, ordrinkthybottocksblood? 
" Mine are the tamer beasts and savage breed, 
*' Flocks, herds, and (iekls, and forests where 

All is the Lord's'; he rules the wide creatioii ; 
Gives 8innersvengeance,and the saints salvation. 

10 ** Can I be flattered with thy cringing bows, 

** Thy solemn chatterin^sand fimtastic vows ? 

''Are my eyescharm'd thyvestmentstobehold, 

** oiariiK in gems, and gay in woven gold r 
tiodisthejttdgeofheart: no fiair disgnises 
Can screen the guilty when his vengeance rises. 

11 " Untiiinking wretch ! how coirid'st tiiou hope 
to please 

'* A God, a spirit, with such toys as these ? 

*' While witn my grace and statutes ou thy 
tongue, [wrong.^ 

"Thou lov'st deceit, and dost thy Inroflier 
lift up your head8,ye sahits,with cheerftdvoiocs: 
12 " In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends, 

" Thieves & adniterersare toy chosen friends; 

** While the felse flatterer at my altar waits, 

" His hardened soiri divine instruction hates. 
God is the Judge of hearts: No fidr diagolses 
Can screen the guilty when his veni eance rises. 
IS " Silent I waited with long-suirertnK love ; 

" But didst thou hope that I shonlfT ne'er le* 

^ove ? [in, 

cherish snch an impious thought with* 
" That the AlWoly woohi taidalge thy shi ? 
See, God appears ! aU nature jmns fadore htln ; 
Jotenent proceeds, and nnnersfUl befbre him. 
14 'nBehoid my terrors now : my ttinnders n4T, 
** And thy own crimes aimghtthy^Hy sonl; 
" Now l«e ahon shall my venMSnce tear • 
"^Fhy bleeding heart, and no deliverer near * 
Judgment concludes ; hdl trembles; heaven re- 
joices; [voices, 
lift up your hcads^ ye sainti, with cbeerfnl 



Slaters, awake betimes ; yefoob, be wi&e; 

Awake before this dreadful monung rise : 

Chjw«(e your vaiii thoughts, your crooked 
woriu amend, [(Head : 

Fly to the Savioar, make the Jocup yonr 
Tlien join the sahit8,wake eroy cheerftorasfiion , 
\¥heuCbristretiini8,he comes foryoar saiTatioii. 

PSALM LI. Pint Part. (L. M.) 

A Penitent pleading forPareUm. 

1 CHEW pity, Lord, O Lord foisive, 
•^ Let a repenting rebel live : 

Are not thy mercfes iaiKe and free * 
>f»y not a sinner trust in thee? 

2 My crimes are great, but net snrpaas 
The power and glory of thy grace; 
Great Cod, thy nature hath no bounds 
So let fliy paraotting love be foraid. 

3 O wash my sool from everv sin. 

And make my guilty c<Hucience clean ; 
Here on my neart the burden lies. 
And past offences pain my eyes. 

4 » y lips wifli shame my sins confess 
A^Minst thy law, against thy grace: 
Lord, sboirid thy judgment grow severe, 
1 auD conderan'd, but thoo art dear. 

5 Should sudden vengeance seize my breaHi, 
I must fffoneunce thee Just in deadi ; 
And if my soul were sent to hell. 

Thy righteous bw approves it well. 

6 Yet save a trembling suuier, Lord, 
Whose hope, still hovering round thy word, 
WouM light on some sweet promise there, 
Some sure support against despanr. 

PSALM U. Second Part. (L. M.) 
Original and actual Sin corifsu'd, ^ 

1 T ORD, I am vile, conceiv'd in stai; 
^ And bom oriMrfy and unclean; 
Spnrng from the imui whose guilty Ml 
Corrupts the race, and taints us all. 

2 Soon as we draw our infimt-lireath. 
The seeds of rin grow up for death; 
Thy law demands a pertect heart, 
Hnt we're deffd hi every port. 

76 PSALMS. ' 

3 [Great God, create my heart a-new, 
And form my si>irit pure aiid true: 

- O make me wise betimes to spy 
Hy dai^er and my remedy.] 

4 Behold I fall before thy &ce; 
My (kdy retuee is thy grace : 

No outward forms can make me clean; 
The leprosy lies deep within. 

5 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast. 
Nor hyssop-branch, nor springing priest. 
Nor running broole, nor flood, nor sea. 
Can wash the diAnal stayi away. 

% Jesus, my God, tby blood alone 
Hath power sufficient to atone; 
Thy blood can make me white as snow ; 
No Jewish types coirid cleanse me so. 

1 While guUt disturbs and breaks my peace» 
Nor flem nor soul hath rest or ease ; 
Lord, let me hear thy nankming voice. 
And make my broken bojaes rejoice. 

PSALM LL Third Part. (L. M.) 

The Backslider restored; or. Repentance 
and Faith in the Blood of ChriU. 

1 f\ THOU, that hear'st when sinners cry, 
^^ Tho' all my crimes before thee Ue, 
Behold them not with angry look. 
But Uot their memory from thy. book. 

S Create my nature pure within. 
And form my soul averse to sin: 
Let thy good S{Hrit ne'er defMiit, 
Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 

3 I eannot live withwit thy light. 

Cast out aid banish'd from thy s^ht: 
Thine holv joys, my God, restore. 
And guard me that I fall no more. 

4 Tho' I have gnev'd thy Spirit, Lord, 
His help ana comfort still afford -. 

And let a wretch come near thy throne. 
To -plead the merits of thy Son. 

5 A broken heart, my God, my King, 
Is all the sacriflGe I briB; 

The God of grace wiU neer despise 
A broken heart for sacrifice. 
€ Hy soul lies bomUed hi the dust. 
And owns thy dreadful sentence jnst; 
Look dpwn, O Lord, with pitying eye. 
And save the sod condema'd to di«. 


7 Then will I tesch Uie vrorid ttiy ways; 
Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace ; 
ni lead tbem to my Saviour's blood, 
And tbey shall praise a pardoning God. 

8 O may tiiy love bispire my tongne I 
Salvation shall be ail my song; 

And all my powers shall join to Mess 
The hard, my strengtii and righteousBeBa. 

PSALM LI. ^—13. First Part. (C. M.) 
Original 4: actualSin confessed ^pardoned, 

1 T* ORD. I will spread my sore distress 
■-' And gnilt beiore thine eyes; 
Against fhy laws, wainst thy grace 

How high my cnmes arise! , 

2 Sbonld'st thou c(»idemn my sool to bell. 

And crash my flesh to diist. 
Heaven would approve thy vengeance well. 
And earth must own it jnst. 

3 I fl-<Mii tbe stock of Adam came» 

Unboly and unclean; 
All my (Miginal is riiame. 
Ana an my nature tin. 

4 Bora in a woild of gnilt, I drew 

Contagion with my breath ; 
And as my days advanc'd, I grew 
A Jnster prey for death. 

5 Cleanse me, O Lord, wA cheer my sool 

With thy fiMipving love ; 
O make my t»t>ken sphit whole. 
And bid my pains remove. 

6 Let not thy Spirit qnite deoart. 

Nor drive me from thy face ; 
Create anew my vicious heart. 

And AH it with thy grace. 
*! Then will I make toy mercy known 

Before the sons oTmen ; 
Backsliders shall address thy throne. 

And turn to God again. 

PSALM U. 14-lT. Second Pvt. (CM.) 

RspentoTice uTidFcdthin theBlood ofChrist. 

1 r\ GOD of mercy! hear my caH, 
^^ My loads of guilt remove ; 
Break down this separating wal^ 
That tors me from thy love. 
S Give me the presence of thy grace 
Then my rejoidM tongue 
Shall speak aloud thy rifbteoasness* 
And nudse thy prase my song. jd 


3 No blood of goats, nor heifer alabl. 
For sin could e'er atone ; 
The death of Christ shall still rcmaui 
Sufficient and alone. 
4' A soul opprest with aln^s desert 
My God will ne'er despise ; 
A hamble groan, a brok«i heart 
Is <mr best sacrifice. 

PSALM UII. 4-6. (CM.) 
Victory and Deliverancefrom Peraecution-. 

1 A RE all the foes of Siou fools, 
•^ Who thus devour her saints i* 
Do they not know her Saviour rules^ 
And pities her complaints ? 

S They shall be seiz'd with sad surprise; 
For God's revenging arm 
Scatters the bones of them that rise 
To do his children harm. 

3 In vam the sons of Satan boast 

Of armies in array ; 
When God has first despised their host 
They fell an easy prey. 

4 O for a word from Sion's King 

Her captives to restore! 
iacob with all his tribes shall sing. 
And Judah weep no more. 

PSALM LV. 1-8,16,22. (CM.) 

Support for the afflicted and tempted Soul. 

1 f\ GOD, my refuge, hear my cries, 
^^ Behold my flowing tears, 
For earth and hell my hurt devise. 
And triimiph in my fears. 

5 Their rage is levell'd at my life. 

My soul with guiit they load. 
And fill my thoughts with inward rtrife. 
To shake my hope in God. 

3 With inward pain my heart-sto'ings sonnd, 

I groan with every breath; 
Horror and fear beset me round 
Amongst the shades of death. 

4 O were I like a feather'd dove. 

And innocence had wings; 
rd fly, and make a long remove 
ftom sdl these restless tbiugs. 

psalms: 79 

5 Let me to sone wild desert |o. 

And find a peaceful home. 
Where atonns of malice never blow. 
Temptations never o>me. 

6 Vain hopes, aud vain inventions all 

To 'scape the rage of hell! 
The mighty God on wh<»n I call 
Can save me here as weD. 

T B3' mommg light I'll seek his face. 
At noon repeat my cry. 
The night shall hear me ask his grace. 
Nor will be long doiy. 

8 God ^lali ureserve my son] from fear. 

Or shield mc when aftaid; 
Ten thousand angels must appear. 
If he command their aid. 

9 I cast my burdens on the Lord, 

The Lord sustains them all; 
My courage rests upon his word. 
That samts shall never &1I. 

10 My bidiest hopes shall not be vain. 

My ops shall spread bis praise; 
WiUte cruel and deceitfid men 
Scarce live out half their daiys. 

PSALM LV. v. 15, 10, S2. (S. M.) 

Dangerotu Prosperity. 

1 T ET sitmers take their course, 
-^^ And choose the road to death ; 
But in the worship of my God 
ril spend my daily breafii. 
£ My moughts address his thr<»e 
When morning brings the light; 
I seek his blessing every noon. 
And pa^ my vows at night. 

3 Thon inlt regard my cries, 
O my eternal God, 

While sinners perish hi surprise 
Beneath thine angnr rod. 

4 Because they dwell at ease. 
And no sad changes fed. 

They neither fear nor trust thy saas». 

Nor learn to do thy will. 
But I with all my cares. 

Will lean up<Mi the Lord, 
m cast my burdens on Ira arn^ . 

And rest npoa hto ironl. ^ 

80 1»SALMS. 

6 His arm Bfaall weH metiask 
The chiWren of Wb love ; 
The ground on which their safety stand* 
No earthly power can move. 

Deliverance from Oppression 4 Falsehood.. 
1 r\ THOU, yshese justice reigns on hisb, 
vy And makes th' oife|Hressor cease. 
Behold how envkms auners try 
To vex and breads my peace! 
i The e«8 of violence and lies 
Join to devour me, Lord; 
Bat as my hourly dangers rise, 
My refuge is thy word. 

3 In God most holy, just and tree, 

I have repos'd my trust; 
Nor wiU I iear what flesh can do. 
The oflspriBg of the duat.^ 

4 They wrest my words to mischief still, 

Cnaige me with unknown faaits ; 
Mischief doth all thdr councils fill. 
And malice all their thoughts. 

5 Shall thev escs^ without thy flrown? 

Must tueir devices stand? 
O cast the haughty sinner iown. 
And let him know thy hand ! 

6 God counts the sorrows of his samts. 

Theh- gRMUS aflSoct bis can ; 
Thou hast a book for my complauits, 
A botUe for my tears. 

7 When to thy throne I raise my cry; 

The wicked fear and flee ; 
So swift is prayer to reach the sky, 
So near is God to me. 

8 In thee, most holy, just and true, 

I have repos'd my trust ; 
Nor will I tear what man can do. 
The offtpring of the dust 

9 Thy solemn, vows aie on me, Leid, 

Thon Shalt receive my praise; 
ru sing. " Hew «i|thN ia thy w«r4, . 
" How righteous aH tky wapr* 

10 Thon hast secur'd mv soul flmn death ; 

O set thy pris'uer free. 
That heart and hand, and Ufe and hresHi 
May be ennfloy'd tot thae. 

PSALMJj. 81 

PSALM LVII. (h. M.) 
Praise for Protection, Grace and Truth. 

1 \ /f Y God, IB whom are all the HpriiiKi 
^^-*- Of bouwUett love and grace uiikiiowu, 
HMe me beneath thy spreaiii^ wing* 
Till the dark cloud U overblown. 

2 Up to the heavens I send my cry. 
The Lord will my desires perform ; 
He sends Us angel ft-om tne sky. 

And saves me firom the threatenins stonn. 

3 Be thou exalted, O ray God, 

Above the heavens where angels dwell; 
Thy powers oa earth be known abroad, 
And land to land thy wonders ten. 

4 My heart is flx'd ; my song shall raise 
, ixmnortal bonoors to thy name ; 

Awake, my tongne, to soimd bis praise, 
Bfy tongne, the glory of my fimie. 

5 High o'er tiie earth his mercy reigns. 
And reaches to the utmost sky ; 

His truth to endless yean remain, 
When lower worlds dissolve and die. 
C Be thou exalted, O my God, 
- Above the heavens where angels dwell ; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad. 
And land to hud thy wonders tell. 

PSALM LVIII. As the 113th Psahn. 
Witrrdng to MagistraUa. 

1 TUDQE8, who role the world by laws, 
J WHO ye des|Mse the righteous cause. 

jKVhen tb* u\jur'd poof before yoo stands? 
Dve ye condemn the i^teous poor, 
And let rich sinners 'scape secure, 

Whilefoid and greatness bribe your bands ? 

2 Have ye foreot, or never knew 
That God wUljudge the Judges toO'» 

High hi the heavens lus justice reigns; 
Yet yott^hivade the rigiits of God, 
And send yoor bold decrees abnoad. 

To bh^-the Gonsfieace in your chainai 

3 A poison'd arrow is your tongne. 
The arrow aharpi the poison strrnig. 

And death attends wtiere-e'er It wotfnds : 
Y(m hear bo jDottiueis, cries uor tears; 
So the deaf adder stops her ears 

AffiiuH the power of channing sounda. 

82 PSALM& 

4 Break oat their teeth, etenial God, 
Those te^th of U«ib dy'd in Mood; 

And crash the serpents in the dtist 2 
As empty chsUf. when whiilwinds rise. 
Before the sweeping tempest Hies, 

So let their hopes and names be lost. 

6 Th' Almighty thunders from the sky. 
Their sdmenr melts, their titles die. 

As JpilW snow dissolve and run. 
Or Jflttih uat perish in their shme. 
Or Mrths that come before their tnne. 
Vain births, that never see the suii. 

6 Thus stoll the vengeance of the Lord 
Safety and joy to saints afford ; 

And all that hear shall join and say, 
" Sure there's a God that rules on high. 
" A God that h^^rs his children cry, 

" And will their sufferings well repay. 

PSALM LX. 1, 5, 10, 12. (C. M.) 

On a Day of Humiliation for Disappoint. 
• mentsin War. 

1 T ORD, hast thou cast the nation off,' 
*^ Must we for ever mourn ? 
Wilt thou iudul;;e unmortal wrath ? 
Stedl mercy ne'er return ? 
t The terrors €if one frown of thinp 
Melts all our strength away ; . 
like m^n that totter, drunk with Wine, 
We tremble in dismay. ' ^ 

3 Great Britain shakes beneath thy'strokey 

And dreads thy threatening band ; 
O heal the island thou hast brji^e,. 
Confirm the wavering land. 

4 Lift np a banner in the field. 

For those that fear thy name ; 
Save thy .betoved with thy shield. 
And put oar foes to shame. 

5 Go with onr armies to the fights - 

Like a confederate God ; 
In vain confederate pow&n unite 
- Agamst thy lifted rod. . , 

6 Oio- troops ftirall gain a wide reftown 

By thine assisting hand; * 

'Tis God that treads the mighty dowa.. 
^nd makes the feeble stand. 


PSALM LXI. 1-^. (9.M.) 
Safety in God. 

1 ^\I7HEN oycrwlKlm'cl wUh grief 

vv My heul withui me dies, 
- Helpleag and fu from all relief 
To heaven I lift mine eyes. 

2 O letd me to tbe rock 
Tbaf 8 high above my head. 

And nE^fce the covert of thy wings 
My shelter and my shade. 

3 Within thy prasenoe, Ix>rd, 
For evo- ril abide ; 

Tboo art the towtf of my defence, 
Tbe refuge where I hide. 

4 Thoa givest me the lot 

Of those that ter thy name; 
tf endless life be their reward, 
1 shall possess the same. 

PSALM LXII. 5-12. (L. M.) 

No Trust in the Creattiret; or, Faith in 
Divine Grace caid Power. 

1 Vf Y spirit looks to God akme ; 

j^^ My rock and refuge is his throne; 
In ail my fears, in all my straits. 
My soul on his salvation waits. 

2 Trust him, ye saints, iu all your ways. 
Pour out your hearts before his fece ; 
When helpers fail, and foes invade, 
God is oof all-snfficient aid. 

3 False are the men of Mgh degree, 
Tbe baser sort are vanity; 

Laid in the bahuice both appear 
^ Light as a paff of empty mr. 

4 Make not increashig goM yoar tmgt, 
NQr set your heart on gUttoiBg dost; 
Wbv wil yoQ gram the fleeting smoke. 
And not believe viliat God has sp«ke ? 

5 Once has his awfiil voice declar'd^ 
Once and again my ears have he:urd, 
'' All power b his eternal due; 

" He most be fear'd and trusted too.** 

6 For. sovereign power reigns not alone, 
Grace is a partner of tw throne r 
Thy grace and Justice, mi^ty Locd, 
fihafl well divkK «ur taat reward. 



VSALMLXm. 1-5. RratPart. (CM.) 
The Marning of a LardPi Day. 

1 T7ARLY, my God, wHbont delay 
f^ \ haste to si^k tliy face ; 

My thirsty spirit feints away 
Without thy cheering grace. 

2 So pilgrims on tlie scorchuig sand, 

Beneath a burning sky, ^ ^ . 
Long for a cooling stream at hand, 
And they ronst drink or die. 

3 I've seen thy glory and thy power 

Thro' all ihy temple shme; 
My God repeat that heavenly hour. 
That visiwi so divine. 

4 Not aU the Wessmgs of a feast 

Can please my soul so well. 
As when thy richer grace I taste. 
And in thy presence dwell. 

5 Not life itself, with all her joy?. 

Can my best passions move, , 
Or raise so high my cheerful voice 
As thy forgiving love. 

6 Thus till my last cxpirijig day 

111 bless my God and King ; 
Thus will I lift my hands to pray, 
And tune my lips to sing. 

PSALM LXIII. 6—10. Second Part. (C. Bl,) 
Midnight Thoughts rtcoUected. 

1 'nrWAS in the watches of the night 
A I thought niton thy jww'r, 
I kept thy lovely fiice m sight 
Amidst the darkest hour. ^ 

S My flesh lay resting on my bed, 
My aoul arose on high: 
" My God, my life, my hope," I said, 
" Bring thy salvation n%h." 

3 My spirit labours up thine hill. 

And climbs the heavenly road ; 
But thy right hand upholds me still. 
While I pursue my God. 

4 Thy mercy stretches o'er my head 

iTie shadow of thy wings; 
My heart rejoices in thiue aid, 
M tongue awakes and sii%s. 

PSALMS. • 8i 

5 Bat the dettroyera of my peace 
Shall fret and raee in vain; 
The tempter shall for ever ceaM, 
And all my sins be aiain. 

G Thy nrord shall give my foes to deaths 
' And send them down to dwell 
In the dark caverns of the earth. 
Or to the deeps of hell. 

Longing ttfUr Gad, 

1 r^RCAT God, indulge my hnmble dalm. 
2^ Thon art my hope, my joy, my rest; 
The glones that compose thy name 
Stand all engag'd to make me blest. 

2 Thou great and good, thoo just and wise. 
Thou art my Father and my God; 

And I am thine by sacred ties: 

Thy son, thy servant booght widi blood. 

3 With heart and eyes, and lifted haad^ 
For thee I long, to thee I look. 

As travellere in thirsty lands 
Pant for the cooling water-brook. 

4 With early feet I love V appear 
Among thy samts, and seek thy tace; 
Oft have I seen thy gloiy there, 

And felt the power of sovereign ^ace. 

5 Not firiiits nor wines that tempt onr taste. 
Nor all the joys onr senses know, 

Coukl make me so divine^ blest. 
Or raise my cheerlnl passions so. 

6 My life itself without thy love 

No taste of pleasure couM atfoid; 
^wonM but a tiresome burden prove. 
If I were banish'd from the Lord. 

7 Amidst the wakeftd hours of night. 
When busy cares afflict my head, 
One thought of thee gives new delight, 
And adds refreiihment to my bed. 

8 rU lift my hands, I'll raise my voice. 
While I have breath to pray or praise; 
This work shall make my heart ri^oice^ 
And spend the remnant of my days. 

86 ' PSALMS. 

PSALM LXm. (S.M.) 
Seeking God." 

* TVf XnP^.' permit my tongue 
* T^r*^" J*^' *» «»** thee mine. 
And let my eariy crieg prevail 
To taste thy love divine. 

5 My thirsty feinting son! 
rby mercy doth implore : 

Not travellers In desert lands 
Can pant fw water more. 

3 Within thy cbarcbes, Lord, 
I long lu find my place, 

Thy power and glory to behold. 
And feel thy quickenlug grace. 

4 For life without thy love 
No relish can afford; 

No joy can be compar'd with this. 
To serve and please the Uitl. 
" 5 To thee I'U m my hands. 
And praise thee while I live ; 
Aot the neb dainties of a feast 
Sacb food or pleasure give. 

6 III waketiil hours at night 
. A P." ^y ^^ to mind ; . 

I think bow wise thy counsels are. 
And all thy dealings khid. 

7 Since thon hast been my help. 
To thee my spuit flies : 

And on thy watchful providence 
My cheerful hope relies. 

8 The shadow of thy wings ' 
My spal in safety keeps : 

I follow whiere my father leadg. 
And he supports my steps. 

PSALM LXV. 1-^. First Part. (L. M.> 
PuUic Prayer and Praise. 

ThJiK^ l^^ ^^ l^omes thy bouse - 
TSS'^tK**'*" '^i BMlnts thy glory sel ' 

And there perform their pSbli? ^'g. 

I o save When bumble auiners ncav 
J" tends to thee shaU UftSei?SL 
And islands of the nortSSn £i.^^ 

I?SAt.MS. 87 

) Agaiimt my witt nqr ates iM-evvl, 
But grace shall vwge away rtieir .«taio ; 
The Mood of Clirist will never fail 
Te wasb ray gpjrmeiits white again. 

4 Meet is the naa whom thou ihait cboose, 
And give him Uad accesa to thee ; 

Oive bim a place within thy bouse. 
To taste ttar love divinely free. 


5 Let Babel fear when Sion prays ; 
Bi^l prepare for long diotreM 
When Sion'B Ood hhnself arrays 
bi terror, and in righteoosnefls. 

6 With dreadAil glory Ood fltlAIs 
What bis afflicted sabits request; 
And witti ahnlgfaty wrath reveals 
His love* to give his chorches rest. 

*l Then shall the :flocking natfon« nm - 
To Sion's hUl, and own their Lord ; 
The rising and the setting son 
Mttli see the Savidur'k name adored. 

PSALM LXV. 5—13. fid Part. (L. M.) 

The God qf Nttture ttnd Grace. 

1 'T'HE God of oor salvation beofa 

■- The poans of Sion mixM with tears ; 
Yet when he copies with kind dealgas, 
Thro* all the way bis terror sliines. 

S On fabn the race of man depinds^ 
Far as the Earth's remotest ends, 
Where the Creat<Nr s name is knawn 
By nature's feeble light ak»ie. 

3 Bailors, that travel o'er the flood, 
Address tbeff flighted souls to God ; 
When tempests rage and billows roa^ 
At dreadful distance flx>m the shore. 

4 He bids the noiiy tempests cease ; 
He dbm the ragmg crowd to peac«. 
When a tamnltoous nation mves 
Wild as the winds, and hrad w waves. 

5 WiMie ldngd<Nm, shaken by the 8lDrm» 
He settles in a peacefU form; 
Monnlsriiis estamish'd by his band, 
Firm mi their oM foundations stand. 

$ BebM Ms oteigns sweep the sky. 
New comets Maze, and ilghtnhip fly; 
The heathen hmds, with swift surprise; , 
From the bright horrors turn tbeir eyes. 

88 PSALM$. 

7 At bis command the moamg niy 
Smll^ in tbc east, and leads the day ; 
He gnides the sun's decHninf wbeeb 
Over the tops of western hills. 

8 Seasons and times obey his voice; 
The evening; and tbe mom r^ice 

To see tbe earth made soft with showersy 
Laden with fruit and dressed in. (towers. 

9 Tis from bis watery stores on high 
He gives the thirsty ground supply ; 
He walks upon the clouds, aud thence 
Doth his enriching drops dispense. 

10 The desert grows a fniitful fteld. 
Abundant food the valttes yieM ; 
The vallies shout with cheerfiil voice, 
And neighbVing hills repeat their joys. 

11 The pastures smile in green array. 
There lambs and laraer cattle play ; 
The larger cattle and the hmab 

Each in his language speaks thy name. 

12 Thy .works prooottnce thy power divine; 
O'er every held thy glories shine. 
Thro-' every m<mth thy gifts appear; 
Great God! thy goodness crown? the year. 

PSALM LXV. First Part. (C. M.) : 

A P-rayer-kearing God, and the Gentile* 

1 pRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee; 
'^ There shall our vows be paid : 
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray. 
All flesh shall seek thine aid. 
8 Lord, our iiUquities prevail. 
But pardoning grace is thine. 
And thou wilt grant us power and skill 
To conquer every sin. 

3 Biess'd are tbe men whom thoa wilt cimose 

To bring them near thy foce. 
Give them a dweUing in thine house 
To>^ feast upon thy grace. 

4 In answering what thy church requests, • 

Tliy tnith and terror shine. 
And works of dreadful rigbteoasness 
Fulfil thy kind design. 

5 Thus shall the wonderfais ^nations see 

The Lord is good and Just: 
And distant idands fly to thee, 
And make thy name their trual;. 


6 Tbfegr dread tkjr fUOeriiw tokcM, Loid, 
Wben sinis m hcavm appear; 
Bhi they sfaail learn tbjr hofy wonl» 
And love as well as fear. 

PSALM LXV. Second Part. (C. MO 
T%e Providence qf God ; or, the BUiring of 
Rain. • 

1 'nriS bv thy strength the mountains stand, 

-*- God of eternal power; 
Tlie sea grows caJm at thy command. 
And tempests cease to roar. 

2 Tby morning ligbt and evening shade 

Saccessive ccniforts bring ; 
Tby identeoos fruits make inrvest ^d. 
Thy flowers adorn the spring. 

3 Seascms and times, and moons and hoars» 

Heaven, earth, and air are tlihie; 
Wben clouds distil toi fruitful showers. 
The aothor Is divine. 

4 Those wandering cisterns hi the sky. 

Borne \pf the whids aronnd. 
With watery treasures well supply 
The ftirrows <rf the gnrand. 

5 The thirsty ridges drink their fill. 

And ranks of com appear ; 
Thy ways abound with blessings still, 
Thy goodness crowns the year. 

PSALM LXV. Third Part. (C M.; 
The. Bla«ing^ qftfi^ Spring ; or, God giva 
A Psalm for the Husbandman. 
1 /^OOD is the Lord, the heavenly kug, 
^^ Who makes the earth his care, 
Msits the pastures every spring. 
And bids the grass appear. 
i The clouds. like rivers raised on high. 
Poor out, at thy command, 
Their watry blessings ftiom the sky. 
To cheer the tbfaity land. 

3 The softened ridges of the field 

Permit the com to spring ; 
The valleys rich provision yieM, 
And the poor labouren sing. 

4 The little hills on every side 

R^ice at fidling showers ; 
The meadows, dress'd in all their pride, 
PeifUme the ah: with flowers. 


5 The barren ciodt, refredi'd wlfli faiii, 

PromUe a joyful crop ; 
The parchiuf grounds look green agaui. 
Ana raise the reaper's hope. 

6 The various nMHitii& thy goodness crowns : 

How bounteous are thy ways ! 
The bleating flocks spread o'er the downs, 
ilnd shepherds shont thy praise. 

PSALM LXVI. FirrtPart. (CM.) 
Governing Power and Goodness, 

1 CIN6, all ye nations, to the Lord, 
■^ Sing with a Joyful noise; 

With melody of sound record 
His honours, and your joys. 

2 Say to the power that shaKes the Afi ^ 

" How terrible art thou! 
" Sinners before thy presence fly, 
" Or at thy feet they bow." 

3 [Come, see the wonders of onr God, 

How glorious are his ways! 
In Moees' hand he pats his rod, 
And cleaves the frigbted seas. 

4 He made the ebbing channel dry. 

While Israd passed the flood; 
There did the church begin their joy. 
And triumph in their God.] 

5 He rules by his resistless might: 

Win reliel-mortals dare 
Prov(d(e th' eternal to the flght, 
And tempt that dreadAil war ? 

6 O bless our God, and never cease; 
< Ye sainte, fiilfll his praise ; 

He keeps our life, ooaintains onr petoe. 

And niides oar doubtful ways. 
1 Lord, tfioa hast proved our suffering soals> 

To make our graces shine ; 
So silver bears me burning coals 

The metal to refine. 
8 Thro' watery deeps and flory wayft 

We march at thy command. 
Led to possess the promised place 

By thine unerring iiand. 

PSALM LXVI. 13— W. £d Part (C. H.) 
Praise to God for hearing Prayer. 

1 'M^^ '^^ ">y solemn vows be paid • 
■»-^ To that Almighty power. 
That heard the long requests I made 
In my distressfiil hour. 


i My lips alid cheerliil heart prepare 
To make his mercies known; 
Come, ye that fear my God, and heaf 
The wooden he has done. 

3 When (HI ra^ head huge sorrows fell, 

I sought his heaven^ aid; 
He sav' smkmg soiri from lieH 
And death's eternal shade. 

4 If sin lay cover'd m my heart. 

While prayer empioyU my tongae. 
Hie Lord had shewn me no refaipd. 
Nor I his praises simg. 

5 But 'God (his name be ever Uest) 

Has set my spirit free, 
Nor tum'd from him my poor reqaest. 
Nor tum'd Ins hean from me. 


The Naticm's Prosperity and the Ckureh'i 

1 CHINE, mighty God, on Britatai shine 
»^ With tieams of heavenly grace ; 
Reveal thy power through aUoiir coaslf. 
And shew thy smiling fiice. 
9 [Amidst our isle, exalted high. 
Do thou our glory stand, 
And like a wall of guardian-flre 
SniTound the favourite land.] 

8 When shall thy name, from shore to shofe^ 
Sound aH the earth alMToad, 
And distant natiims know and love 
Then- Saviour and then God? 

4 Sinf to the Lord, ye distant lands, 

Sing loud with solemn voice; 
While British tongues eaalt his praise, 
And British hearts rejoice. 

5 He the great Lord, the soverdgn Judge; 

That sUs enthroned above, 
Wise^ commands the worlds he made 
hi justice and in love. 

6 Earth shaU obm^ her Makers wiU, 

And yield a rail increase ; 
OdT God wyi crown Ms chosen iile 
With fniitfnhiess and peace. 

1 God the Redeemer scatters romid 
His cbfteest ftvours here, 
While the creation's utmost bouttdl 
Shall iee» adore, and fear. 


PSALM LXVIII. ver. 1-6, 3S-35. 

First Part (L. M.) 

The Vengeance and Compassion of God* 

1 T ET God arise In all bis miffht, 
*^ And put the troo|)8 of hell to flight. 
As smoke that sought to cloud the &kiea 
Before the rising tempest flies. 

S [He comes array'd in bnniin;; flames ; 
Justice and ven^ance are his names : 
Behold his fainting foes expire 
Like melting wax before the fire.] 

3 He rides and thunders through the sky; 
His name Jehovah sounds on high : 
Shig to his name, ye sons of grace ; 
Ye saints, rejoice before his race. 

4 The widow and the fatherless 
Fly to his aid in sharp distress : 
In him the poor and helpless find 
A Ju<^e that's just, a Father kind. 

5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain. 
And prisoners see the light again; 
But rebels that dispute his will 

Shall dwell in chains and darkness stiU. 

6 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong; 
Crown him, ye nations, in your song : 
His wonderous names and powers rehearse; 
His honours shall enrich your verse. 

7 He shakes the heavens with loud alarms; 
How terrible is God in arms ! 

In Israel are his mercies known, 
Israel is liis peculiar tlirone. 

8 Proclaim him king, {vononnce him bl«t; 
He's your deience, your joy, your rest: 
When terrors rise, and nations faint, 
God is the strength of every saint. 

PSALM LXVIII. 8d Part. v. 17, 18. (L, M.) 
Christ's Ascensiony 4; tlie Gift of the Spirit. 
1 T ORD, when thou didst ascend on Ugh, 

-^ Ten thousand angels flll'd the sky; 

Those heavenly guarcb around thee wait» 

Like chariots that attend thy state. 
S Not Stotai's mountain oonM appear 

More glorious when the Lord was there; 

While he proiionnc*d his dreadful Jaw. 

And struck the cboaeQ tribes with aw«. 


3 How tiright the triumph none csn tellj- 
Wheo tfa« rebellious powers of hell 
That ihoosand aouU had captive made. 
Were all in chains like captives led. 

4 Raifl'd by his Father to the throne. 
He sent the promised Spirit d^iwn 
With gifts and grace for rebel men. 
That God might dwell on earth agaui. 

PSALM LXVIII. 3d. Part. v. 19^22. (L. M.) 

Praise for Temporal Blessings ; or, Com- 
mon and SpecUU Mercies. 

1 W^ ttlcss the Lord, the just, the good, 

* * Who fills our hearts with joy and food ; 
Who pours his blessings from the skies. 
And loads onr days with rich supplies. 

2 lie sends the son bis circuit round. 

To cheer the fruits, to warm the ground; 
He bids the clouds, with plenteous rain, 
Kefresb the thirsty earth again. 

3 Tfs to bis care we owe our breath. 
And all our near escapes from death : 
Safety and health to God belong ; 

He lieab the weak, and guards the strong. 

4 He makes tlie sauit and suiner prove 
The common blessings of his love ; 
But the wide difference that remains 
Is endless joy, Qr endless pains. 

5 The Lurd, that bruis'd the serpent's head. 
On all the serpent's seed shall tread: 
I'he stubborn siimer's hope confound, 
And smite him with a lasting woiuid. 

6 But his right hand his saints sball raise 
From the deep earthy or deeper seas; 
And' bring tliera to his courts above. 
There shall they taste his special love. 

PSALM LXIX. 1—14. First Part (CM.). 

The Sufferings of Christ for our Salvation, 

1 ** CAVE me, O God, the swelling floods 
^ " Break in npon my sonl: 
"'I sink, and 8«rrows o'er my head 
*' Like mighty waters roll. 
St** I cxy till ail uv voice be gone, 
** In tears I waste the day: 
" My God, behold my longmg eye8> 
" And shorten thy delay. 


3 " They hate my soul withont a cause, 

" Aod still their number grows 
" More than flie hairs around my head, 
*' And mighty are my foes. 

4 " 'Twas then I paid that dreadful debt 

" That mm could never pay, 
" And gave those honours to thy taw 
" Which sinners took away." 

5 Thus, in the greiit Messiah's name. 

The royal prophet mourns ; 
Thus be awakes our hearts to grief. 
And gives as joy by turns. 

6 " Now shall the saints rejoice, and find 

" Salvation in my name, 
" For I have borne their heavy load 
" Of sorrow, pain, and bbame. 

1 '* Grief, like a garment, cloth'd me round, 
" And sackcloth was my dress, 
** While I procur'd for naketi sools 
" A robe oi rigbteonsness. 

8 " Amongst my brethren and the Jews 

** I like a stranger stood. 
" And bore their vile reproach, to bring 
*• The Gentiles near to God. "n 

9 " I came, in sinful mortals' stead, 

" To do my Father's will ; 
" Yet when I cleans'd my Father's bouse^ 
" They scandaliz'd my zeal. 

10 " My ihstiiig and my holy groajis 

" Were made the drunkard's song; 
" But God, from his celebtiai throne, 
" Heard my complaining t(Migue. 

11 " He sav'd me from the dreadftd deep, 

*' Nor let my soul be drown'd ; 
" He rais'd and fix'd my sinking feet 
" On well estabhsh'd ground. 

12 " Twas in a most accepted hour 

" My prayer arose on btdi, 
*' And for my sake my God shall bear 
" The dying sinner's cry." 

PSALM LXIX. ver. 14—21, 20, 29, 32. 
Second Part. (C. M.) 

7%c Pcusion and ExiMation cfV.hriat. 
I Vrow let our lips with holy fear, ' 
•*-^ And mournful pleasure, sing 
Tli« anflTerings of our great High Priest, 
The sorrows of oar luof . ' 




2 He sinks in floods of deep distreat; 

How high tiie waters nse! 
While to Bis heavenly Father's ear 
He sends perpetoiai crieSi. 

3 " Hear me, O Lord, and save thy Soo. 

" Nor hide thy sfainiDg &ce ; 
" Why shonU thy &Toittiie look like one 
" Forsaken of thy grace ? 

4 " With race they persemte the man 

" That croans beneath thy wound : 
" While, for a sacriace. I pour 
" My lifie apoB the grouud. 
They tread ray honour to the dast, 
" And laugh when I eranplatti ; 
Their sharp insnltiag sbnders add 
" nresh anguish to my pain. 
AU my reproach is known to thee. 
" The scandal and the shame ; 

" R«Proach ba» fepke my Weeding heart, 
" And hes defird my name. 

7 " I iook'd for' pity, but in vain; 

" My kindred are my grief: 
" I ask my friends for comfort round. 
" Bat meet with no relief. 

8 " With vinegar they mock my thirst ; 

" They give me aall for food: 
" And sporting yrith my dying groans, 
" They triumph in my bloJd. 

9 " Shine into my distressed soul, 

" Let fliy compasMons save ; 
" And though my flesh sink down to deatb, 
" Redeeip it from the grave. , 

10 ** I shai) arise to praise thy name, 

" Shall reioi in worlds unknown; 
** And thy suvatioii, O my God, 
*' Shall seat me on thy throne." 

PSALM LXIX. Third Part. (CM.) 

Christ's Obedience and Death; or, God glo- 
rified aitd Sinners saaed. 
1 p'ATHER, I sing thy wonderous grace, 
-■- I bless mv Saviour's name. 
He bought salvation for the poor. 
And bwe the sinners shsune. 

5 His deep distress has rais'd us high, 

His dnty and his zeal 
Fulfill'd the law which mortals broke. 
And floidi'd al) thy «UL 


3 His dyinK Kioans, hu living sonss 

Shall better please my God, 
Than haip or trumDefs solemn sonnd^ 
Than goats or builoGks blood. 

4 This shall bis bnraUe foHowefs see. 

And set their hearts at rest ; 
They by bis death draw near to thee. 
And live for ever blest. 

5 Let heaven, and- all that dwell on high 

To God their voices raise, 
While lauds and seas assist the sky. 
And join t' advance the praise. 

6 ZIon is thine, most holy God ; 

Thy Son shall bless her gates : 
And glory puiwhas'd by his blood 
For thy own Israel waits. 


l^ALM LXIX. Rrst Part. (L. M.) 
Chris's Pasium, and Sinners Salvation. 

lEEP in our hearts let ns record 
The deeper sorrows of oar Lord ; 
Behold the rising billows rutl 
To overwhelm his boiy soul. 
S In long complaints he spends his breath. 
While nosts of hell, and powers of death. 
And all the sons of malice join 
To execute their curst design. 

3 Yet, gracious God, thy power and love 
Has made the curse a blessing prove ; 
Those dreadful softerings of thy Son 
Aton'd for sins which we had 4oue. 

4 The pangs of onr expiring Lord 
The honours of thy law restor'd ; 
His sorrows made thy justice knomi. 
And paid for follies not his own. 

5 O for his sake oor guilt forgive, 
And let the mourning sinner live; 
The Lord wiU hear us in his name, 
Nor shall our hope be tnm'd to shame. 

PSALM LXIX. ver.7,&c. 2d Part. (L. M.) 
Christ's Suffering and Zeal. 

1 nnWAS for thy sake, eternal God. 
*- Thy bon snstaiu'd that heavy load 
Of base reproach aiui sore diwrace, 
And shame delU d his sacred ntie. . 

PSALMS. 9*r 

2 The Jews, Ms brefhren and big kin, 
Abus'd tbt man ttat check'd their sin : 
While he Mmi'd ihy boly laws, 
They hate hnn, hot wirtiont a canse. 

3 " [My Father's bouse/' said be. " was n«de 
" A pbee fn worship, not for hade ;" 
Then scattering all th«ir gold and brass, 
He scourged the mercbautti from the place.] 

4 [Zeal fi>r the temple of bis God 
Coosnm'd his fife, expos'd his blood : 
Reproaches at thy glory thrown 

He felt, and monra'd them as his own.] 

5 [His friends forsook, his followers fled, 
while foes and arms surround his head ; 
They corse hfan with a slanderoos tongne. 
And the false jndge maintains the wrong.] 

6 His life they load with hateful lies, 
And cbaige his lips with blasphemiet: 
They nail bun to the sfaameftd tree; 
There hung the man that dy'd for me. 

1 [Wretches with hearts as hard as strniet 
lasolt bis piety and groans : 
GaU was the food they gave him ttwre. 
And mock'd his thirst with vine^.] 

8 But God beheld ; and firom his throne 
Marks ou^ the men that hate Ms Son; 
The hsnd that rais'd him from the dead. 
Shall pour the vengeance ea their head. 

PSALM LXXI. y.5-9. First Part. (CM.) 
The aged Scant'8 Me/tection and Sdpe. 

1 fUfY God, my everlasting hope, 
^'- I live upon thy truth; 
Tlune hands nave held hiy chiMbood np, 
And strbngthen'd an my yonth. 

8 My flesh was foshion'd by thy power. 
With aU those Itanbs of mine; 
And Awn my mother's painftd hour 
rve been entirely thine. 

3 Stil> has my life new wonders seen. 

Repeated eveiy year; 
Behold my days that yet remani, 
I tmtt mem to thy care. 

4 Cast me not off" when strength declines. 

When boaiy hairs arise ; 
A»A round me let thy glories sfatnt 
Whene'er thy aervant dies. 


5 Then in the history of my age, 
When men review my days, 
Tlieyll read thy love to every page, 
in every line thy praise. 

PSALM LXXI. 14—16, 23-24. «d Part. (G. M,) 
Ch rist owr Strength and BighteouMi^a. ^ 

1 \yf Y Saviour, my almighty friend, 
iVl When I begin thy praise, 
Where will the growing namt>er8 end. 
The numbers of thy grace? 
f TBon art my everlasting trusty 
Thy goodness I adore ; ^ ^ 
And since I knew thy graces first,, 
I speak thy glories more. 
3 My feet shaJt travel aU the length 

Of the celestial road. . * 

And march with courage m thy strength^ 

To see my Father God. * » 

When I am flU'd with sore distress 

Fot some surprising sin, 

1*11 plead thy perfect righteousness. 

And mention none but thine. 

5 How wiM my lips rejoice to telt 

The victories ^f my King! 

My soul redeon'd from sm and ueH J 

Shall thy salvation sing. I 

e [My tongue shall aU the day proclaim 

My Saviour and my God: 

His death has brought my foes to shame. 

And drown'd them in his lilood. 

7 Awake, awake, my tunefid powers; 

With this delightiiil song 

ni entertatii the darkest hours. 

Nor think the season long] 

PSALM LXXL ver.n-21. 3d Part. (C.M.> 

The, aged Christian's Prayer and Song. 

1 p<dD of my chikQiood and my youth, 
^^ The ^ide of all my days, 
I have declared thy heavenly truth, . 
And told thy wonderous ways, 
f Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs. 
And leave my fainting heart i 
Who shall sustain my sinking yeara^ 
if God my strtnct^ depart? 


* ^4. °lt ^^ ^^^ ""^ *™"> proclaim 

To the samving age, 

And leave a javour of thy name 
When I fihaJl qiiit the stage. 
4 The land of sUence and of death 
Attends my next remove • 
O may these iraor remains of breath 
Teach the wide world thy love ! 
^ __ . ^ PAUSE. 

* Thy nghteonsness is deep and liieh 

Unsearchable thy deeds: ^ 
Tliy glonr spreads beyond the sky 
And all my praise exceeds. 
C Oft tove I beard thy threatenincs roar 
And oft eudurd the grief- ' 

^Thu*!Sl."'^ ^^"^ has prest me sore. 
Thy grace was my relief. 

'* ®^** experience have I known 
' • aTtJ ^^ci'eisn power to save ; 
At tby command 1 venUire dow'n 
Securely to the grave. 
« When I lay buried deep in dost 
My flesh shall be thy care 
These withering limbs with thee I lrn«t 
To raise them strong and fair. * 

PSALM LXXII. First Part. (L. M.> 

T/ie Kingdom of Christ. 

* GK'^T ^^' ^^®*« universal sway 
^ ihe known and unknown worlds obey 
SfT Tl ***® kingdom to thy Son, 
Extend. his power, exalt his throne 

2 Thy sceptre weH becomes his hands 
All heaven submits to his commands- 
His justice shall avenge the "poor ' 
And pride and rage prevail no more. 

3 With power be vindicates the just. 
And treads the oppressor in the dust; 
His worship and his fear shall last 
Till hours and >ear8 and time he past. 

4. As laui on meadows newly mown, 
g) shall he send his influent; down : 
Hto grace on fainting souls disUis 
Like heavenly dew on tbireiy bills. 

^ 3S* *|«'il«n tend* that lie heneath 
Thcshades of overspreading death, 
Kevive at his first dawning light. 
And deserts blossom at the sight. 

100 PSALMS. 

6 Tb« sainb shall floarish in his day», 
Drest in tlie robes of joy and pniise; 
Peace lUce a river from iiis throne 
Shall flow to natioM yet nnknown. 

PSALM LXXII. Second Part. (L. M.) 
ChTist*8 Kingdom among the Gentiles. 

1 1 ESUS shall reign where'er the suii 
J Does his Kuc<:es8ive joumies nm ; 
Hb kingdom stretch from shore to shore. 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 

S [Behold the islands with their kinna. 
And Europe her best tribute brings ; 
From north to south the princes meet 
To pay their homage at his feet. 

3 There Persia glorious to behold, 
There India shines in eastern gold; 
And barbarous nations at his word 
Submit and bow and own their Lord.] 

4 For him shall endless prayer be made, 
And praises throng to crown his bead ; 
His pame like sweet perfome shall rise 
With every morning sacrifice. 

5 People and reahns of every tongue 
Pwell on his love with sweetest song ; 
And infint-voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

6 Blesshigs abound where'er be reigns. 
The prfeoner leaps to lose Us chains. 
The weary find eternal rest. 

And all the sons of wuit are blest 

7 [Where he displays bis healing power. 
Death and the corse are ftftowa no more; 
In him the bribes of Adam boast 

More blessings than their fiither lost. 

8 Let every creature rise, and bring 
Peculiar honours to our king ; 
Angels descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the long Jmm.\ 

PSALHLXXnr IfttPart. (CM.) 

J^Ucted Saints happy ^ and prosperous Sin- 
TttTS etiTScd, 

i vrow rm convioc'd the Lord U kind . 
-l-^ Tp men of heart rincere ; 
Yet once my fooXish ttioai^ts repiv'd 
And border'd eu despair. 

PSALMS. 101 

S lKriev'4 to see tbe wicked tiiriTe, 
And spoke with ai^ry breath, 
" How pleasant and profane tbey live! 
** How peaceful is tbetr deatli ! 

5 ** With well-fed flesli and haogfaty eyei 

'* They lay tbeir fears to sleep; 
*' Against tbe heavens their slanders rise^ 
** While saints in ^mce weep. 
4 '* In vain I Hft my hands to pray, 
** And cleanse my heart in vam, 
" For I am cha8ten*d all tbe dav, 
'* Tbe night renews my pain/' 

6 Yet while my tongue indulg'd complaintik 

I felt my heart reprove ; 
** Sure I shall thus offend thy saints, 
" And grieve the m«ti 1 love." 

6 But stiQ I iband my dosbts too hard. 

The conflict too severe. 
Till I retirU to search thy wwd, 
And learn thy secrets there. 

7 There, as in some profriietic gtaas, 

I saw the sinner's feet 
High moonted on a sfippery place 
Besides a fiery pit. 

8 I faewd die wretch profimely boast. 

Tin at thy frown be fell ; 
His honours in a dreanf were lost. 
And he awakes in hell. 

9 Ixard, what an envious fool I was! 

How Hke a tfaonshtleM beast * 
Thus to. suspect thv promised grace. 
And think the wicked blest. 

10 Yet I was kept from tuH despair* 

Upheld by piower unknown ; 
That hieased band that broke tbe saare, 
dball guide me to thy thr<«e. 

PSALM LXXni. V. 23-28. Second Part. (C. M > 

God our Portion here and hereqfUr. 

1 C^OD my supporter and my hope, 

^J My help for ever near, 
- Thine aim oi mercy held me up 

When sinking in despair. 
£ T^ counsels, Lord, abaU guide my feet 
Through this dark wydeniees; 
Ttatoe Ipid conduct me near thy sc^t, 
1^ dweM be^Mre thy iSice. -v. 

102 PSALMS. 

5 Were I in heaven witlxoot |ny God^ 

'TwohW be no joy to me ; 
And whilst this earth is my abode, 
1 lune for none but tbee. 

4 \K|)at if the springs of life were broke, 
' .4«d tiesh and heart should faint, 
Ood Is my soul's eternal rock, 

Tlie strength of every saint. 

6 Behold, the sitmers that remove 

Far from thy presence die; 
Not all the idol-gods they love 

Can save them when they cry. 
6 Bot to draw near to thee, my God, 

Shall be my sweet employ ; 
My tongue shall sonnd thy works abroad, . 

And tell the world my joy. 

PSALM LXXUI. V. 22,3, 6,17—30. (L. M.) 

The Prosperity of Sinners cursed. 

1 T ORD, what a thoughtless wretch was I, 
^-* To mourn, and muirnur, anit'repUie 
To see the wicked ptaic'd on high. 
In pride and robes of honour same! 

5 Bat their end I their dreadftd end! 
Thv sanctuary taught me so : 

On slippery rocks I see tb«si stand. 
And fiery billows roll below. 

3 Now let them boast how tall they rise, 
I'll never envy them agaui ; 

There they may stand with haughty eyH^ . 
Till they plunge deep in endless pain. 

4 Their rancy'd joys, how fest they flee ! 
Just like a dream when man awakes^ 
Their songs of softest harmony 

Are but a preface to their plagues. 

5 Now I esteem their mirth and wine 
Too dear to purchase with my blood; 
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mme. 
My life, my portion, and my God. 

37i€ Mystery of Providence unfolded.^ 
1 CURB there's a righteous God, 
'^ Nor is reUgion vain, 
Tho' men of vice may boast aload, 
Ajid men of grace complain. 
S 1 saw the wicked rise, ' 

And felt my heart remne. 
While hangh^ fools wiui scomAd eyes • 
lA^bes of honour diine. 

PSALMS. 103 

8 {Pamper'd with wantoa ease 
Their flesh looks fiill aud fkir, 
Their wealth roih in Uke flowing seas, 
And grows wittaoat their care. 
' 4 Free from the plagues and inina 
That pious soan endiire. 
Thro* all their life oppression reigns, 
And racks the humble poor. 
.. 5 . Their impious tongues blaspheme 
The evenasting God; 
Their malice blasts the good man's name, 
And spreads their Mes abroad. 

« But I with flowing tears 
Indulg'd my doubts to rise ; 
- *' Is there a God that sees or hears 
" The things below the skies r] 

7 The tumults of my thought 
Held me in bard suspense. 

Till to thy house n^ -feet were brought 
To learn thy justice theuce. 

8 Thy word with light aud power 
Did my mistajLes amend ; 

I view'd the .«nners' life before, 
But here I learnt their end. 

-g On what a dH>pery steep 
The ttioaghtless wretches i;o! 
Aud O that .dreadful fiery deep 
That watfttlteiF fail b^low! 
10 Lord, at thy feet I bow, 

My tixNigbts no more repine : 

I call my God my portion now, 

And- ail my powers are thine. 


The Church j)leading with God under sore 

1 TTf ILL God for ever cast us off? 

*> Ifis wrath for ever smoke 
Against the people of his love. 
His little chosen flock i 

2 TMnk of the tribes so dearly bought 

With their Redeemer's Mood ; 
Nor let thy Sion be forgot. 
Where <Hice thy glory stood. 

3 lift up thy feet, and maxch in baste, . 

Aloud our ruin calls ; 
^ See what a wide and fearful waste 

Is made within thy waUs. ^ 

104 PSALMS. 

4 Where once tby churches pnty'd and sansi 

Thy foes prounely roar ; 
Orcar thy gates tbdr euagiis baag. 
Sad tokens of their power. 

5 How are the seats of worship broke ! 

They tear the buiMings down. 
And he that deals the heaviest stroke 
Procures the chief renown. 

6 With flames they threaten to destroy 

Thy children jn their nest; 
" Come let us bum at once," thy cry, 
" The temple and the priest." 

7 And still to heighten our distress 

Thy presence is withdrawn ; 
Tby wonted signs of power and grace, 
Thy power and grace are gone. 

8 No prophet speaks to cahn our woes. 

But all the seers mourn ; 
There's not a soul amongst us knowa 
The time of tby return. 


9 How long, eternal God, how long 
. Shall men of pride blaspheme > 
Shall saints be made thehr endless song. 

And bear immortal shamed 

10 Canst thou for ev«r sit and hear 

Thttie koly Name proHui'd? 
And still thy jeakmsy foftear. 
And still wttHhokl thuie hand? 

11 What strange defiverance hast thou shown 

In ages long before ! 
And now no otjier God we own. 
No other God adore. 

12 Thou didst divide the ragmg sea 

By tby resistliiss m^t, 
To make tby tribes a wwderons way. 
And then secure their flight. 
1.3 Is not the wcm-M of nature thine. 
Thy darkness and the day > 
Didst not thou bid the momhig ahiae. 
And mark the sun his way? 

14 Hath not thy power formed evtry coast. 

And set the earth its boomlB, 
With summer's l^t and whiter'a frost. 
In their perpetual rounds ? 

15 Ao4 shall the sons of earth and dust 

That sacred power bbspheaie? 
Will not tbv hand that foim'd tttem flnt 
Avenge toiae u^iiT'd oasie ^ 

PSALMS. 105 

16 niink on the covenant thon hut made. 

And til thv words of Ufve ; 
Nor let the binb of |irey invade 
And vex thj mounios dove. 

17 Our foes wonld triumph hi our blood. 

And make oar h<^[M! their Jest; 
Plead thy own cause. Almighty Cod, 
And give thy children rest. 

Power and Cfovemmentfrom God eUone. 

Applied to the Glorious Revolntion liy Khig 
WiHiam, or tiie happy Accession of King 
tieoiige to the Throne. 

1 nro thee, most Holy, and most High, 
'• To thee we bri^ our thank/a) praise; 
Thy works declare tny Name is nign. 
Thy wofks of wonder and of grace. 

S Britain was doom'd to be a sfaive. 
Her frame disMriv'd, her fears were great; 
When God a new sapporter gave 
To bear the piflan of the state. 

S He from thy hand reodv'd his crown, 
And sware to niie by wholesome laws ; 
His foot shall tread th' oppressor down. 
His arm defend the righteous canse. 

4 Let teu^hty sinners sink their pride. 
Nor lift so high their scomfiil bead; 
But lay their fotdtsh thoughts aside. 
And own the khig that God hath made. 

5 Such honours never come by chance. 
Nor do the winds promotion blow : 
'TIS God the Judge doth one advance, 
"ns God that lays another low. 

6 No vahi pretence to royal birth 
Shall fix a tyrant on the throne : 
God the great Sovereign of the earth 
Will rise, and make his justice known. 

1 [His hand holds oojt the dieadfid cap 
Of vengeance mix'd with vsurions fiJagues, 
To make the wicked drink theln np, 
Wring ont and taste the bitter dregs. 

8 Now Shan the Lord exalt the Just, 
And while h« tran^tles <m ttie proud. 
And lays tfa^ gtory hi the dust, . 
My lips shall sing his praise aloudj 


106 PSALMS. 

Israel sav^d, and the Assyrians desbroy'd. 

1 TN Judafa God of old was known; 
-■- His name In Israel great ; 

In Salem stood his holy throne. 
And Zion was bis seat. 

2 Among the praises of bis saints 

His dwelling there he chose ; 
There he recetv'd their just complaints 
Against their haughty foes. 

3 Ftom Siou went his dreadful word« 

And broke the threatening spear : 
The bow, the arrows, and the sword. 
And crush'd th* Assyrian war. 

4 What are the earth's wide kingdoms else. 

But mighty hills of prey ? 
The hill on which Jehovah dwells . 
Is glorious more than they. 
-6 Twas Sion's king that stopp'd the breath 
Of captains and tbeh* bands : 
The men of might slept fest in death, 
And never found their hands. 
6 At ttay rebuke, O Jacob's God, 
Both horse and chariot fell : 
Who knows (the terrors of thy rod ? 
Thy vengeance who can tell i 
1 What power can stand b^re thy sight 
When once thy wrath appears ? 
When heaven shines round with dreadfol light. 
The earth lies still and fears. 

8 When God in bis own sovereign ways 

Conies down to save th* opprest, 
The wrath of man shall work his praise. 
And he'll restrain the rest. 

9 [Vow to the Lord, and tribute bring. 

Ye princes fear his fk-own : 
His terror shakes the proudest king, 
And cuts an army down. 

10 The thunder of his sharp rebuke 

Our haughty foes shall feel : 
For Jacob's God hat^ not forsook. 
But dwells in Zion still. 

PSALM LXXVII. First Part. (CM) 
Melancholy atsauUing^ ^ Hope prevailing. 

1 X^, G«* ' wy'd with monniful voice. 
* I sought his gracious ear, 
fa the rap day when troubles rose. 
And flll'd the night with fear. 

PSALMS. 107 

i Sad were my davs and dark my BigMs, 
My soal refus'd relief: 
1 tboi^t on God the just and wise, 
But tlNMights increasxl my grief. 

3 StiU I complaiii*d and still opprest. 

My heart began to break ; 
My God, thy wrath fort)ade my rest. 
And kept my eyes awake. 

4 My overwhelming sorrows grew 

Tiil I could speak no more ; 
Then I within mvself withdrew. 
And call'd thy jodgmoits o'er. 

5 I caird back yean and ancient timet 

When I beheld thy face ; 
My spirit searcVd ror secret crimes 
That might withbtM thy grace. 

6 I calTd thy mercies to my mind 

Which I enjoy'd before ; 
And wiU the Lord no more be kind? 
His face appear no more.' 

7 Win be for ever cast me off? 

His promise ever fid] ? 
Has be foigot his tender love ? 
Shalt anger still prevail ? 

8 But I forbid this hopeless thought, 

ThiA dark despairing frame. 
Rememb'rtnf( what thy hand hath wrooght. 
Thy band is still the same. 

ril think again of all thy ways. 

And talk thy wonders o'er ; 
Thy wonders of recovering grace. 
When teah coaM hope no more. 

10 Grace dwelt with justice on the throne; 
And men that love thy word 
Have in thy sanctuary known 
The counsels oi the Lord. 

PSALM LXXVn. Second Part. (CM.) 
Comfort derivedfrom ancient Proviilences. 

1 " LJOW awful is thy chastening rod f 

** (May thine own children say) 
" The great, the wise, the dreadful God! 
" How holy is his way! 

2 rU medttare his works of oM ; 

The king that reigns above ; 
m bear his ancient wanders toM, 
AnA learn to trust his k)ve. 


109 PSALMS. 

3 Long did tbe house of Joaeph Ue 

With Egypt* s yoke opprest ; 
LoiiK he dela^'d to bear their ciy. 
Nor gave bis people rest. 

4 The sons of good old Jacob seem'd 

Abandoned to then- foes ; 
But his Alnijgh^ arm redeemed 
The nations tnat he chose. 

5 Israel his people, and his sheep, 

Mast follow where he calls ; 
He bid them venture thro' the deep» 
And made the waves theur walls. 

6 The waters saw thee, mighty God ! 

Tbe waters saw th^ come ; 
Backward they fled, and fr^hted stood 
To make thine armies room. 

7 Strange was tliy journey through the ses^ 

Thy footsteps, Lord, unknown : 

Terrors attend the wonderous way 

That bfii^ thy mercies down. 

8 [1^ v(Hce with terror in the sound 

Through clouds and darkness broke : 
All heaven in Ikhtning shone around. 
And earth with thunder shook. 

9 Thine arrows through the skies mme hurrd ; 

How {^oriom is the Lord ! 
Surprise and trembling seizVl the world ; 
And his own sabots ador'd. 

10 He gave them water from the rock ; 

And safe by Moses' hand 
Tbrougfa a dry desert led ins flock 
Home to the iHtncnis'd land.] 

PSALM LXXVIU. First Part. (CM.) 
Procidences qf God recorded i or, Piotu 

Education and Instruction qfCIiildren. 
1 T BT children hear the mighty deeds 
*-^ Which God perform'd of old, 
Which in our younger years we saw, 
And which our &tliers toid. 

S He bids us make his glories known. 
His works of power and grace ; 
And we'll convey his wonders down 
Thro* every rishtg race. 
9 Our lips shaU tell them to our sons, 
And they again to theirs. 
That generatioiis yet unborn 
May teach them to their heirs. 

PSALMS. 109 

4 Tbn sfatH fhey learn, hi G<hI aSone 
Tbeir hope aecarefy standi. 
Thtt they my ne'er ferret bis works. 
Bat practise Mb conmumds. 

PSALM LXXVUI. SecoBd Part. (C. M.) 

JxratV* RebdMon and PunUhment ; or, th^ 

Sing and CfuutiKmenis of God's People. 

1 O WHAT a stiff rebeUions house 
^-^ Was Jacob's ancient race! 

False to (beir own most soieuui vows. 
And to their Maker's grace. 

2 They broke tbe eovaiant of bis love. 

And did his bws despise. 
Forgot tbe wxirks be wrought to prove 
His power before their ejres^ 

3 Tb4>y saw the plafnes on Eg]rpt Ogbt 

From Ms revengng band : 
What dreadfid tokens of his might 
Spread o'er the stubborn kuid! 

4 They saw him cleave tbe mighftr sea. 

And march'd in safety throngh, 
ynth watery walls to gnard Uieir way. 
Till tbey bad 'scap'd the foe. 

5 A wonderons pilhir mark'd the road, 

Compos'd or shade and iq^t ; 
By day it prov'd a ftbehering cloud, 
A leading Are \ty night. 

6 He from tbe rock their diirst sapply'd; 

Tbe gasiiiag waters fril. 
And ran in rnrers by their aide, 
A constant miracle. 

7 Yet tbev provok'd the Lord most high, 

ADd dard distrust his hand \ 
" Can be with bread our host sopriy 
" Amidst this desert tandr 

8 The Lonl with indignation heard. 

And caus'd bis wrath to flame; 
His terrors ever stand prepar;d 
To vindicate his name. 

PSALM LXXVIU. Third Part. (C. M,) 
Punishment qf Luxury and Intemperance. 

1 AI/HBN Israd sins, the Lord fcnraives, 
^ A«d flilB ttaetr hearts with dread; 
Yet he fonlves the men be loves. 
And aeoai them heavenly bread. 


2 He fed tbem with a liberal band. 

And made bis treasures known; 
He gave the midnight clouds coiumaod 
To pour provisioa down. 

3 The manna, like a momifig shower 

Lay thick around their feet ; 
The com of heaven, so U^bt, so pure, 
As tboii^ 'twere angels^ meat. 

4 But they in mormuring huignage said, 

" Manna is all our ^st; 
" We loathe this light, this airy bread; 
" We must have flesh to taate." x 

5 " Ye shall have flesh to please your lust :" 

The Lord in wrath reply'd ; 
And sent them quails like sand or dust, 
Heap'd up from side to side. 

6 He gave tbem all tlieir own desire; 

And greedy as they fed, 
His vengeance bomt with secret fire, 
And smote the rebels dead. 

7 When some were slain, the rest retoru'd, 

And sought the Lord with tears ; 
Under the rod they fear'd and mourn'd. 
But soon fon{ot their fears. 

8 on he cbastis'd, and still fon;ave, 

Htl b]{r his gracious band 
The nation he resolv'd to save. 
Possessed the promis'd land. 

PSALM LXXVIII. V. 3«, &c. 4th Part. (L. M.) 
Backsliding and Borgiveness. 

1 OREAT God, how oft did Israel prove 
^^ By turns thine anger and thy love ! 
There in a glass our hearts may see 
How flckle and how false they t>e. 

i How soon the faithless Jews forgot 
The dreadful wonders God had wrought f 
Then they prov(Ae him to his face. 
Nor fear his power, nor trust his grace. 

3 The Lord consumed tlieir years in pain, 
And made their travels long and V4ln ; 

A tedious march through luknown ways 
Wore out their strength, and spent their days. 

4 Oft when tfa«r saw their brethren stain. 

P.% "S*"™.!" *^ «»««*»* *e Lord again; 
(^alld hiin the rock of their abode. . 
Ibeu- blgb Redeemer and their God. 


5 Tbdr pn^en aad tows before him rise 
As flattering words or sokann Ues, 
WtaUe their rebeUioos tempen prove 
False to bis covenant and his love. 
Yet did his sovereign grace foreive 
The men who not deserv'd to live ; 
His anger oft away he turo'd. 
Or .else with gentle flame it buni*d. 

7 He saw their flesh was weak and frait 
He saw temptation stiil prevail : 
The God of Abraham lov'd them stiO. 
Ana led them to his holy hill. 

The Church's Prayer under Affliction. 

1 f:;* REAT shepherd of thine Israel, 
^-^ Who didst between the chembs dwell. 
And led tlie tribes, thy chosen sheep. 
Safe thro^ the desert and the deep: 

S Th;r church is in the desert now, 
Khine from on high and guide os throngfa; 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore. 
We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more. 

3 Great God. wh<Hn heavenly hosts obey. 
How long shall we himent and pray. 
And wait in vain thy kind return ? 
How long shall thy fierce anger bum > 

4 Instead of wine and cheerful bread, 
Thy saints with their own tears are fed ; 
Tom us to thee, thy love restore, 

We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more. 

5 Hast tbon not planted with thy hands 
A lovely vine in heathen lands? 

Did not thy power defend it round. 
And heavenly dews enrich the gronnd } 

6 How did the spreading branches shoof. 
And bless the nations with the trnit ! 
Bat now, dear Lord, look down and 8e« 
Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree. 

7 Why is its beauty thus defaced? 

Why hast thon hiid her fences waste > 
Strangers and foes against her join, 
And every beast devours the vine. 
S Return, AlmiKhty God, return; 
Nor let thy bleedioft vineyard mourn : 
Tnra us to thee, tliy love restore. 
We shall be sav'd, and ligb no wore* 

112 PSALMS. 


9 Lord, when this vine in Canaan grew. 
ThoQ wert its strengtii and glory loo : 
Attacked in vain bv all its foes. 

Till the fair branch of promise rose. 

10 Fair branch, ordain'd of old to shout 
From David's stock, from Jacob's root ; 
Himself a noble vine, and we 

The lesser branches « the tree. 

11 Tis thy own Son j/aiid he shall stand 
Girt with thy strength at thy right hand; 
Thy first-boni Son, adom'd and blest 
With power and grace above the rest. 

12 O! for his sake attend oar cry. 
Shine on thy churches lest tiiey die; 

- Turn us to thee, thy love restore. 
We shall be sav'd and sigh no more. 

PSALM LXXXI. ver. 1, 8—16. fS. M.) 
Tkt Warning qfGmd to his People, 

SING to the Loid aload. 
And make a ioyflil n<M8e : 
God is onr strength, our Savioar God; 
Let Israel hear his voice. 

From vile idc^try 
Preserve my worship dean ; 
" I am the Lord who set thee free 
" From slavery and sin. 

" Stretch thy desires abroad, 
" And ril supply them wdl; 
" But if ye will refuse your God, 
" If Israel win rebel; 

'* lU leave them," saith the Loid, 
" To their own lusts a prey, 
*' And let them run the dangtfoiu road ; 
" Tto their own chosen way. 

/' Yet, O! that all my sauits 
** Would heaAen to my vmce * 

" Soon I would ease their sore comuiaiiitB. 
" And bid their hearts rejoice. 

6 " While I destroy thehr foes, 
'* Vd richlv feed my flock, 

" And they sboold taste the stream that Hows 
" Ftom their eternal roefc." 


PSALMS. 123 


<jod the Svjyreme Governor; or, Magis- 

trateg warned. 

X A If ON6 th' anemMies of the ireat 
;f* A greater ruler takes his seat; ' 
The God of heaven, as Judge, surveys 
Tboee gods on earth and ail their ways. 

2 Why will ye then ftame wicked laws ' 
Or -why support th' unrighteous cause? 
When will ye once defend the poor 
That sinners vex the saints no more? 

^ S2f '^o^^n®^' ^. nor wiU they know, 
Bwt are the ways hi which they go • 
Their name of earthly gods is vain 
For they sfaaO fall and die like men. 

4 Arise, O Lord, and let thy Sou 
Poflsess his univemi throne, 
And rule the nations with his rod* 
He is oar Judge, and he our God.' 

A Complaint againtt Peraecutors, 

t AND wiR the God of grace 
-*-*• Peipetaal sUence keep ? 
The God of justice hold his peace. 
And let bis vengeance sleep? 

2 Behold what cursed snares 
The men of mischief spread ; 

The men that hate Uiy saints and thee 
Lift up then- threatening head. 

3 Against thy hidden ones 
Their counsels they employ. 

And malice, with her watchful eye. 
Pursues them to destroy. 

4 The noble and the base 
Into tiiy paslm^ leap: 

The lion and the stupid ass 
Conspire to vex thy sheep. 

5 " Come let us join,'* they cry, 

« 11** root them iS-om the ground, 
TiM not the name of sahits remain, 
" Nor memory shall be found." 

6 Awake, Almighty God, 

And call thy wrath to mind ; 
Give tbem like forests to the fire. 
or fliubble to the wind. 

114 PSALMS. 

7 Convince their madness, Lord« 
And make tbem seek thy name ; 

or else their stubborn rage confound. 
That they may die in shame. 

8 The* sliall the nations know 
That ^ions dreadful word, 

Jehovah is thy name alone, 
And thoa the lovereipi Lord. 

PSALM LXXXIV. First Purt. (L.M.) 
The Pleofiure of Public Worship, 

I TTOW pkeasant, how divinely fiur, 
il o Lord of hosts, thy dwelUngs are! 
With kng desire my spirit famts. 
To meet Ih* assembbes of thy samts. 

S My Hesh would rest m thine abode. 
My pantmg heart cries oot for God ; 
My God! iiHfKhig! why shoaW I be 
So far ikom all my joys and thee? 

3 The sfnnrow chooses where to rest. 
And for her young provides her nest: 
But will my God to sparrows grant ' 
That pleasure which his chikken want? 

4 Blest are the saints who sit on high. 
Around thy throne of ms\)esty ; 

Thy brightest glories shine above, 
And all then: work is praise and love. 

5 Blest are the souls that find a place 
W1t6in the temple of thy grace ; 
There they behold thy gentler rays, 
And seek thy liace, and leam thy praise. 

e Blest are the men whose hearts are set 
To find the way to Slon's gate ; 
God is their strength, and. throngh the road, 
They lean upon their helper God. 

7 Cheerful they walk with growing strength, 
' Till all shiaU meet m heaven at length: 
TiU aU before thy ftce appear, 
And joUi in nobler worship tfa«re. 

FSALM LXXXIV. Second Part. (L. M.) 
God and his Church ; or, Grace and GUrryij. 

1 /^REAT God, attend, while Smo sings 
' ^J The joy that from thy presence s|Hruigs; 
To spend one day with tbjee on eutli 
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 


116 PSALMS. 

8 LonI, at thy threshold I woald waif. 
While Jesus is within, 
Bather than till a throne of state» 
Or live iii tents of sin. 

• CeiiM I command the spacious land. 

And the more boundless sea, i 

For one blest hour at thy right band ' 

I'd give them both away. ' , 

PSALM LXXXIV. As the 148th Psalm. 

Lcmgingfor the House of God. 

1 T ORD of the worlds above, 
•^ How pleasant and how fair 
The dwellings of thy love, 
Thy earthly temples are ! 

To tliine abode 

My heail aspires. 

With warm desires 

To see my God. 

« The sparrow, for her young, 
With pleasure seeks a nest ; 
And wandering swallows long 
To And their wonted rest : 

My spirit faiuts» 

With equal aeal, 

To rise and dwell 

Among thy saints. 

5 O happy souls that pray 
Where God appoints to hear! 
O happy men that pay 
Their constant service there ! 

They praise thee sUUi 

And happy they 

That love the way 

To Sion's hill. 

4 They go from strength to strength. 
Through this dark vale of tears ; 
Till each arrives at leugth, 
Till each in heaven appears: 

o glorious scat. 

When God our King 

SIvaM thither bring 

Our willing feet! 

KALMS. lit 

* To spend one sacred day. 
Where Ood and saints abide. 
Affords diviner joy 
Than tboasand days beside: 
Where God resorts, 
I love it more 
. To keep the door 
Tban sliine in coarts. 

C God is oar SOB and shield, 
Onr light and oor defence : 
With gifts his hands at« fltl'd. 
We draw our blessiiip thence: 

He shall bestow 

On Jacobus race 

Peculiar grace 

And glory too. 

7 The Lord his people loves: 
His hand no good withholds 
From those his heart approves, 
From pure and ploos souls: 

Thrice happy he, 

O God of hosts. 

Whose spirit trosts 

Alone in thee. 

PSALM LXXXV. v.1-8. Ist.Part. (L. M.) 

Waiting for an Avszcer to Prayer ; or, Dfr 
Uvcrance begun and completed. 

1 T ORD, thou bast caU'd thy grace to mind, 
'*-' Thon hast reversed our heavy doom: 
So God forgave when Israel sinn'd. 
And brought his wandering captives home. 

^ Thou hast begira to set ns free, 
And made thv fiercest wrath abate; 
Now let onr hearts be tum'd to thee. 
And thy salvation be complete. 

3 Revive onr dying graces. Lord, 
And let thy saints in thee rejoice ; 
Make known thy truth, fulfll thy woni. 
We wait for praise to tune our voice. 

4 We wait to bear what God will say ; 
He'll speak, and give his people peace*. 
Bnt let tbem mn no more astray, 

lest his rctnming wrath increase. 

llg PSALMiS. 

PSALM LXXXV. V. 9, &c. 2d Part. (L;MJ 
Salvation by Christ. 

1 CALVATION ia for CTcr nifh 

^ Tbe soals that fear and tnnt the Lord; 
And grace, descending from <m high, 
Freeh hopes of glory shall afford. 

2 Mercy and truth on earth are met, 
SinceChrist theLord came down IhMn heavoi; 
By bis obedience, so complete. 

Justice is pleas'd, and peace ia given. 

S Xow troth and honour shaH abound, 
Religion dwell on earth asain, 
And heavenly influence bless the grotfiu 
In our Redeemer's gentle reign, 

4 His righteousness is gone bef(M:e 
To give us free access to God; 

Our wandering feet shall stray no more. 
But mark his steps, and Jieep tbe road. 

PSALM LXXXVI. V. 8—13. (C. M.) 

A general Song qf Praise to God. 

1 A MON6 the princes, earthly gods, 
-^ There's none bath power divine; 
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord, 
Nor are their woita uke thme. 

5 The nations thou hast made shall bring 

Thdr offerings round thy tinrone ; 
For thou alone dost wenderous things. 
For thoa art God alone^ 

3 Lord, I would walk with holy feet; 

Teach me thine heavenly ways, 
And my poor scatfer'd thoughts unite 
In God my Father's praise. 

4 Great is thy mercy, and my tongue 

Shall those sweet wonders teM, 
How by tl^ grace ray sinUna soul 
Rose from the deeps ef beU. * 

77^e Church the Birth^Oace qfthe SainU. 

1 flOO'm his earthly temple lava 
^^ Foundations for his heavenly jpndse: 
He Hkes tbe tents of Jacob wefl» 
Bat stiU in ZioB loves to dwdk 

PSALMS. 119 

S lUf mercy visits every home 
TtaH p*v tkcir Higfat and mornfaig vowt; 
Bat noakes a more (Mightful slay 
Where cbivches meet to praine and pny. 

3 What i^oriet were described of old i 
What wouders are of Zion told! 
Tboo dty of our God bdow. 

Thy fimie shall Tyre and E|^pt know. 

4 Egypt and Tyre, and Greek aad Jew, 
Shau tliere begin their lives anew ; 
Angels and men shaB jimi to stag 
The hill where Hvii« waters spring. 

5 When God makes up his hut account 
Of natives hi his holy mount. 
Twill be an hoiionr to apfMur 

As ooe new-boni or nomiui'd there I 

PSALM LXXXIX. FIretPtrt. (L.M.) 

3%e Covenant made mtk Ckritt ; or, th€ 
true David. 

1 I7OR ever shall my song record 
A/ The truth and mercy of the Lord ; 
Mercy and truth fw ever stand 
Like heaven establish'd by hi» hand. 

S Thns to his Son he sware, and said, 
** WUh thee my covenant flrM is made; 
" In thee shtll dying sinnera live. 
" (Sory and grace are thine t« give. 

s " Be thou my prophet, thou mv priest; 
" Thy children shall be ever blest: 
** Thou art ray chosen king; thy throne 
*' Shalll stand eternal hke my own. 

4 " There's none of ail my sons above 
" So much my image oT my love; 

" Celestial powers thy snbjecis ure, 

" Then what can earth lo thee comcnre i 

5 " UMA, my servant, irtiom I choee 

" To guavd my ilock, to cnish mv foes, 
" And nM'd him to the Jewish tnrone> 
" Was but a shadow of my Son." 

6 Now let the chttrch r^ce, and sins 
Jesofl her Saviour and her King; 
Angeb Us heavenly wonders show. 
And saints dectere fats wocto betoW. 

120 PSALMS. 

PSALM LXXXIX. First Part. (C. M.) 
The Faithfulness of God. 

1 \yTY never-ceasing songs shall show 
iVl xbe mercies of the Lord, 
And make succeeding ages know,- 
How faitlifal is his word. 
S The sacred truths his tips pronounce 
Shall nnn as heaven endure; 
And if he speak a proiiHse once, 
Th' eternal grace is sure. 

3 How long the race of David held 

The promised Jewish tlirone ! 
But there's a nobler covenant sealU 
To David's greater Son. 

4 His seed for ever shall (wssesB* 

A throne above the skies: 
The meanest subject of his grace 
Shall to that gloty rise. 

5 Lord God of hosts, thy wonderons ways- 

Are sling by saints above; > 

And saints on earth then* honours raise 
To tiiy unchanging love. 

PSALM LXXXIX. 7, &c. 2d Part. (C. M.) 

The Pomer and Mcjesty of God, or, Meve- 
rentiaC Worship. 

1 'lI/rrH reverence let the saints appear, 

V^ And bow before the. Lord, 
His high commands with reverence hear. 
And tremble at his word. 

2 How terrible thy glories be! 

How bright thine armies shine 1 
Where is the power that vies witB thee.' 
Or truth compar'd to thine ? 

3 The ttorthem pole and sontbem, rest 

On tby sappdrtittg band; 
Darkness and day from east to west 
Move round at thy command. 

4 Thy wonlft the raging wind controal. 

And rule the boisterous deep; 
Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roO, 
Tbe rolling billows sleep. 

5 Heaven, earth, and air. and sea are thioe. 

And the dark world of hell : 
Huw did thuie arm in vengeance shine 
When Egypt durst rebel! » 


6 Jlstice and jn^gmeDt are fhy fhnme, 
Yet wonderons is thy grace : 
While troth and mercv join'd u one 
Invite 08 near thy nee. 

PSALM LXXXK. IS, See, 3d Part. (C.M.> 
A BleMsed Gotpa. 

1 DtEST are the souls that hear and know 
■■-' The gospeFs joyful sound ; 

Peace shall attend the path they go. 
And light their steps suFround. 

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up 

Thro* their Redeemer's name; 
His righteousness exalts their nope. 
Nor Satan dares condemn. 

3 The Lord/ our glory and defence. 

Strength and salvation gives: 
Israel, thy king for ever reigns^ 
Thy God for ever lives. 

PSALM LXXXIX. 19, &c. 4th Part. (C. M,) 
Christ' $ Mediatorial kingdom. 

1 TTEAR what the Lord in vision said, 
*^ And made his mercy knesm: 

" IKmters, behold yonr heli^ is laid 
" On my Afanighiy Son. 

2 '* Behold the man my wi8d<xn chose 

" Among your mortal race; 
** His head my holy oil overflows, 
" The spirit of my grace. 

3 " Hvh shall he reign ou David's throne 

" My people's better king ; 
" My arm snail beat his rivals down, 
" And still new subjects bring. 

4 " My truth shall guard him in his way 

" with mercy by his side, 
*' While in my name tbro' earth and sea 
*' He shall m triumph ride. 

5 " Me for his Father and his God 

" He shall for ever own, 
'* Call me his rock, bis high abode: 
'* And 111 support my Son. 

6 ** My first-born Soa array'd in grace 

" At my right-hand shall sit; 
** Beneath hhn angels know thdr puice, 
" And monarchs at bis SetSL 

123 PSALMS. 

7 " Hf eq^enant staiids for ever ftat, 
"My proraiaes are stronc; 
" Finn as tbe^eftvens kis urone shall laft, 
" His seed endure as hmg." 

PSALM LXXXK. 30, &c. 5Ui Part. (C. H. 

The CovencOU c^' Grttce wnehangectbU. 

1 " V^T, saith the Lord, if David's rtcc, 

A ♦* The children or my Son, 
*' Should break mv laws, abuse my grace, 
'* And tempt mme anger down ; 

2 " Then: sins I'H visit with the rod, 

" And make their foUy smart; 
<' Bat 111 not cease to be their God, 
" Nor from my tratb depart. 

3 " My covliaBt 1 win ne'er revoke, 

" But keep my fface in mind; 
" And what etemaj love hath spoke, 
" Eternal trutti shall bind. 

4 " Once have I sworn, (I need no more) 

" And i^ig'd my holuiess 
" To seat the sacred promise sure 
" To David and his race. 

5 " The siHi shall see his off-spring rise 

" And spread from sea to sea, 
*' Lotag as he travels ntand the skies 
" To give the nations day. 

6 " S^re as tiie moon that rules the night 

" His kingdom shall endmre, 
" Till the fix'd laws of shade and light 
" Shall be observ'd no more." 

PSALM LXXXIX. 47, &c. 6th Part. (L. M.) 

Martalvty and Hope. 

A Funeral Psahn. 

1 1> EMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state, 
-K^ How frail our fife ! how short the date ! 
Where is the man that draws his breath 
Safe from disease, secure ftx>m death? 

Lord, while we see whole nations die, 
Our flesh and sense reptaie and ctr, 
" Bffttst death for ever rage and reipi ? 
" Or hast (hou made mankind in vahi?" 
3 Where is thy promise to the jwtt? 
Are not thy servants tnm'd to dust? 
But ftith forhtds these moomfrd ligha, 
And wes the sleeping dnst wile. 

PSALMS. 123 

4 That gloiioiis bonr. flAt ^Nadfal day 
Wipes the reproach of saints away. 
And clears the faonoar of thy word r 
Awake oor sonb, and bless nM Lord. 


As the 119th PMlm. 
Ztfe, Death, and the Remrrection. 

1 'THINK, miehty God, on feeble man, 

-L How fewliis hours, how short his span! 

Short from the cradle to the grave: 
Who can secnre his vital iMieath 
Against the bold demands of death, 

With skill to fly, or power to sav« ? 

2 Lord, shall it be flbr ever saM, 

" The race of man was <»ly made 

*' For uckness, wmm, aiid the dost?" 
Are not tiiy servants day by day 
Sent to their graves, and twii'd to clay? 
Lord, Where's thy kindness to the just i 

3 Hast thon not promis'd to thy Son 
And all his seed a heavenly crown? 

Biit flesh and sense iitdu%e despair ;- 
For ever blessed be the Lora, 
That faith can read Us holv word. 

And And a resurrection there. 

4 For ever blessed be the Lord, 
Who gives his saints a kmg reward, 

For all their toil, reproach and pain^ 
Let all below and all above 
Join to proclaim thy woiideroos love. 

And each repeat their loud Amen. 

PSALM XC. (L. M.) 

3f4cm Mortal, and God Eternal. 

A moanifid Song ata FUneral. 

1 nrHRO' every age, eternal Gdd, 

-■- Thon art oar rest, oor sal% abode; 
High was ttiy throne ere heaven FM made. 
Or earth thy humble footstool laid. 

2 Lons hadst thon reini'd ere time lMgan» 
Or dost was flisbion y1 to a man ; 

And kmg thy khigd<8n sliall endme 
When e»th and time shall be no more. 

3 But BMA, weak man, is bom to die. 
Made up of gidlt and vanity ; . . 
T^ dreadfnl sentence, LoM, was jast» 
" Return, ye sinneiiy to yoor dual* 

1 24 PSALMS. 

4 [A tboannd <if our years amonn^ 
Scarce to a day in thine account j 
like ye»teFday> departing, light. 

Or the last watch of endiog night. 

5 Mafh fik« an* overflowing stream 
Sweeps us away; our life's a dream; 
An eiopty taJe; a morning flower 
Cut down and wither'd in an hour.] 

6 [Our age to seventy years is set ; 

How short the term! how (rail the state! 

And if to eighty we arrive, 

We rather sigh and groan than live. 

1 Bttt oft thy wrath appears. 
And cuts oflfour expected years! 
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread; 
We fear the power that strikes us dead.] 

8 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man; 
And kindly lengthen out our span, 
. Till a wise care of piety 
Fit us to die, and dweU with thee. 

PSALM XC. V. l-iS. First Part. (CM J 
Man Frcnlf and God Eternal. 

i (^UR God, our help in ages past, 
^^ Our hppc for years to come. 
Our shelter fl^om the stormy blast. 
And our eternal home. 
£ Under the shadow of thy throne ■ 
Thy samts have dwelt secure; 
Sulflcient is thine arm alone, 
And our defence is sure. 

3 Before the hills in order stood, 

Or earth r^eiVd her frame. 
From everlasting thou art God, 
To endless years the same. 

4 Thy word eommands our fleeh to dost, 

*' Return, ye sons of men:" • 
All nations rose from earth at first, 
And turn to earth again. 

5 A thousand ages in. thy si^t 

Are like an eveifing gone; 
Short as the watch that ends the night, 
Befitre the rising sun. 

6 [The busy tribes of flesh and btood 

With all their lives and cares. 
Are carry'd tlownwards by the flood,. 
And lest in following years^ 

PSALMS. i^i 

^ Time like aa«««tromiiK strcim 
Bean all HkmBi away; 
They fly fon^tteo, as a dream 
Dies at the opening day. 

« like flowery fi^s the nations stand 
Pleas'd with the morning lj|;ht; 
The flowers beneath the mower's hand 
Lie withering ere 'tis nif^t.] 

9 Our God, onr help in ages past. 
Our ho|Mj for years to come. 
Be tboo oiHT guard while troubles last. 
And our eternal home. 

PSALM XC. V.&-12. Second Part. (CM.) 

Infirmities and Mortality the Fffect of Sin. 

i T ORD, if thine eyes survey our ftnlts, 
-■-' And justice grow severe. 
Thy dreadful wrath exceeds oiir thoughts. 
And biuns beyond our fear. 

a. Thine anger turns onr frame to dust: 
By one offence to thee 
Adam with all his sons have lost 
Their immortality. 

3 Life like a vau amusement flies, 

A fable or a song; 
By swift degrees our nature dies. 
Nor can our joys be long. 

4 Tis but a few whose days amount 

To threescore years and ten ; 
And all beyond that short account 
Is sorrow, toil and pain. 

5 lOnr vitals with laborious strife 

Bear up the crazy load, 
And drag those poor remains of life 
Along the tiresome road.] 

6 Almighty God, reveal thy love. 

And not thy wrath alone; 
O let our sweet experience prove 
The mercies of thy' throne! 

7 Our souls would learn the heavenly art 

T improve the hours we have. 
That we may act the wiser part, 
» And live beyond the grave. 

196 ^ALMS. 

PSALM XC. v.i3,&c. TJiai^Part. (CM.) 
Breathing qfter Heaven. 

1 Xy ETURN, O God of love, return ; 
•'^ Earth is a tiresome place: 

How long sbail we tby children moam 
Our absence from thy fece ? 

2 Let heaven succeed oor painftil years. 

Let sin and sorrow cease. 

And in proportion to our tears 

So BMke our joys increase. 

3 Tby wonders to thy servants show. 

Make thy own work complete. 
Then shall our sonls thy gioiy know, 
And own tby love was great. 

4 Then shall we shine before thy throne 

In all thy beauty. Lord : 
And the poor service we have done 
Meet a divtaie reward. 

PSALM XC. ver.6, 10, 12. (S. M.) 

The Frailty and Shortness of Life. 

1 T ORD, what a feeble piece 
•*-^ Is this our mortal frame! 
Our life how poor a trifle 'tis. 
That scarce deserves the nanM! 

8 Alas the brittle clay 

That built our body first! . 

And evei7 month and every day 

'TIS mouldering back tu dust. 

3 Our moments fly apace, 
Nor win our mini;tes stay : 

Just like a flood our habty &ys 
Are sweeping us away. 

4 Well, if our days must fly, 

i We'll keep their end in sight, 
Well spend them all in wisdom's way, 
And let them speed their flight. 

5 They'll waft us sooner o'er 
This 1ife'!B tempestuous sea; 

Soon we shall reach the peaceful shore 
Of blest eternity. 

PSALM XCI. v.i— 7. RrstPart. (L. M.) 
Safety in public Diseases and Dangers. 
1 UE that hath made bis refuge God. 
^ •* Shall find a most secure abode ; 
Shall walk ail day beneath bis shade, 
An0 there at night shall rest his head. 


PSALMS. 127 

2 Thru wiH I taj, <• Ify «od, thy power 
" Shall be ray fortarew and my tower : 
" I that am fomi'd of feeble diut 

" Make thine abnigfaty aim my trast.'* 

3 Thfioe happy man 1 thy Maker's care 
Shall ketp thee from the fowler's snare, 
Satan, the fowtor, who betrays 
Ungaarded souls a Iboasaiid ways. 

4 JaA as •■ ben inrotects her brood 

From birds of prey that seek thdr blood 
Under her feathers, so the Lord 
Makes his own arm his people's piard. 

5 If banting beams of noon conspire 
To dart a pestilential tat, 

God is their life; his wii^ are qiread 
To shield them with an healthful shade. 

6 If vi^KNHf Witt malignant breath 
Rise tltick, and scatter midnigbtpdeath, 
Israel is saie: the poison'd air 
Grows pure, if Israel's God be there. 


f wi^t Oloqgfa a thousand at thy side, 
At tby right-hand ten thoasana dy'd. 
Thy God bis chosen people saves 
Amongst the dead, amidijt the graves. 

8 So when he sent bis awel down 

To make his wrath- in Egypt known. 
And slew their sons, bis careftil eye 
Pass'd all the doors of Jacob by. 

9 But if the Are, or plague, or swoni 
Receive commission from the Lord 
To strike his saiuts among the rest 
Then- very pafais and deaSis are blest. 

10 The sword, the pestilence or Are 
SbaU bat filial their best desire ; 
Ftom suis and sorrows set tbem free. 
Ami bring thy children, Lord, to thee. 

PSALM XCI. ▼. ^-16. Second Part. (C. M.) 

IH-oteceian from Death, Guaid of Angels, 
Fictory and Delivcranct. 

% VE •«», of men, a feehte race, 
* Expos d to every »Snare, 
(k>nBe, make the Lord your dwelling place. 
And try, stBd tnut hi» care. 

128 PSALMS. 

£ No in shall eater where yoo dwell ; 
Or if . tiie plagne come nigb. 
And sweep the wicked down to hell 
Twill ijuse hi& aaints on high. 

3 HeU give his angeb charge to keep 

Your feet in all their ways; 
To watch your pillow while yon sleep. 
And guard youp happy days. 

4 Their hands diall bear yoo, lest yoa hXk 

And dash against the stones: 
Are they not servants at his caO, 
And sent t' attend his sons i 

5 Adders and ttons ye shall tread; 

The tempter's wiles defeat; 
He that hath broke the serpents head 
Pats him beneath your feet. 

6 " Because on me they set thor love, 

"111 save them saiUi the Lord; 
" rii bear their joyful souh above 
" Destruction and the sword. 

7 " My grace shall amwer when they call; 

*' In trouble 111 i»e nigh: 
** My pow'r shall help them when diey hU, 
" And raise them when they die. 

S " Those that on earth my name have knoiwn, 
" I'll honour them in heaven; 
" There my salvation shall be shown, 
" And endless life be given." 

PSALM XCII. First Part. (L.M.) 
A Psalm for the LorcTs-Dai/. 

1 CWEET is the work, my God, my Kipg« 
■^ To praise tiiy name, give thauks aiid sing. 
To shew thy love by morouig-light, 
And talk of all thy truth at night. 

2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest, 

No mortal cares shall seize my breast; 
O may my heart in tune be found 
Like David's harp of solenm sound! 

3 My heart shall triimiph hi my Lord. 
And bless his works, and bless his word: 
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine ! 
How deep thy counsels! how dlvme! 

4 Tools never raise theur thoughts so high;- 
Like brutes they live, like brutes they di«; 
Like grass they flourish, till thy breath 
Blast them in everlastiog death. 

PSALMS. 129 

$ Bnt I AbM Blare a slorioiu mrt 
When grace bath wett refined my bear^ 
And fresh supplies of joy are shed 
Like ho^ oil to cheer my head. 

6 Sin (my worst aiemy before) 
Shall Tex inr eyes and ears no more; 
My inward roes shall all be slam. 
Nor Satan brealc my peace again. 

Y ThCD shall I i6e, and bear, and |mow 
All I desir'd m- wished bdow; 
And every power find sweet employ 
In that eternal world of joy. 

PSALM XCII. V. IS, &r. Second Part (L.H.) 
lite Churok is the Garden of Qod. 

1 T ORD, 'tis a pleasant thin; to stand 
-^ In i^rdens planted by thine hand; 
Let me within thy courts t>e seen 
Like a yomig cedar fresh and green. 

2 There srow thy saints in fidth and love, 
Blest with thine influence from above; 

. Not Lebanon with all its hrees 
Yields such a comely sight as these. 

S The plants of grace shall ever live ; 
(Nature decays, but fgmw most thrive) 
Time, that doth all thines else impair, 
StUI makes them flourish strong and fiiir. 

4 Laden with fruits of age they shew 
The Lord is holy, just and true; 
Nmie that attend his gates shall find 
A God unfaithful or luikind. 

PSALM XCHI. First Mehre. 

AS the lOOth Psalm. 

The Eternal and Sovereign God. 

1 T BHOVAH reigns : He dwells in ligb^ 
«| Girded witli nijyesty and might; 
The world, created bv bis hands 
StiU on its first foundation stands. 

5 But ere this spacious world was made^ 
Or had its first foundations laid, 

niy throQe eternal ages stood, 
lliyself the ever-living God. 

3 Mkc floods the angry nations rise. 
And aim their rage against the skies; 
Vain floods, that aim their rage so li«b! 
At thy rebnke the billows die. 



130 ySAtMS. 

4 For ever ahtll thy throne cndnre; 

sTIiy promise stands ftw evef sure ; 

And everlasting bdiueM 

Becomee the rtweWinga of thy grace. 

F84I.M XCHI. SecoBjl Metre. 


1 TTIE hotA of glory reigns : he reigns on Wgh; 

ThU wide crestion rose at bis conunand, 
Sut bybis JSS and staWish'dby his hand : 
LoM stood his throne e'er he began creation, 
5£?hiswn Codhead is the nrm Ibundation. 

9 nnA in W eternal King : thy foes in vain 
S2e their i^Hons to confbond thy reign: 
SfSSnttel^s. ip vain the floods arise 
Sidroarrand toss theirwaves against thestaes; 
f^^nt heavm they rsge with wildcom- 

But SSSen's high arches scorn the swelling 

3 Ye tempests rage no more; y«fl«»!j»^.J^"' 
And themad world snbmissive to his wiU : 
Built on bis truth, bis chnrcb must ever stand ; 
F rm are his promises, and strong bis hand : 
w hiBown80tts.when theyappear beforehim, 
B?w irwXtetool, and with fear adore him. 

PSALM XCm. Third Metre. 
As the Old 19SA Psalm. 

1 TTHE Xord Jehovah reigns, 

1 And royal stale mamtahis. 
His bead with awfiil^glories crown dj 

Arrayd in robes of ligbt, 

Beeirt with sovereign might. 
And rays of majesty around. 
S Upheld by thy commands 

The world securely stands; 
And skies and stars obey thy word: 

Thy throne was fix'd on hign 

Before the starry sky; 
Eternal is thy kingdom, u>ra. 
3 In vain the noisy crowd, 

like billows fierce and loud. 
Against thine emigre rage and roar; 

Jn vain with ai^sry spite. 

The surW nations fight. 
And dash like waves r ;j:ain8t the shore. 

PSALMS. 131 

4 Let floods and mtioos rage, 
And all tteur powen eagage, 

Let swefiiiig tides anault the Ay; 
The tenon of tby iirowtt 
Stall beat their madaeae down^ 

Tby ttarooe for ever stands od higb. 

5 Tlqr promises are true, 
Tby grace is ever new; 

niere fix'd tby charcb shall ne'er remove: 

Tby saints with holy fear 

Shall in thy courts appear. 
And sing tbine evertanting love. 
[Repetxt the 43th stanza to complete the Tunc.'\ 

PSALM XCIV. 1,2,7—14. IstPart. (CM.) 
Saints chastised, and Sinners desttvjfed. 

1 c\ GOD to whom revenge bdoogs, 
^^ Proclaim thy wrath aloud; 

Let sovereign power redress our wrongs. 
Let justice smite the proud. 

2 They say, " The Lord nor sees nor hears;** 

When will the fiwis be wise! 
Can he be deaf who form'd their ears? 
Or blind, who made tbeir eyes^ 

3 He knows their hnpious thotights are vain, 
, And they shall feel his power; 

His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain 
In some surprising hour. 

4 But if thy saints deserve rebuke, 

Tboo Imst a gentler rod; 
Thv providences and thy'book 
Shall make tbem know their God. 

5 Blest is the man tby hands chastise, 

And to his duty draw; 
Tby scourges make tby children wise 
When they forget thy kiw. 

6 Biit God Witt ne'er cast oflf his saints, 

Nor bis own promise break; 

He pardons bis inheritance 

For their. Redeemer's sake. 


PSALM X«:iV, ver. 16-23. fld Part. (C. M.) 

God our Support and Comfort. 
1 TI7HO will arise and plead my right 
^^ Against my numerous foes. 
While earth and hell tlieir force unite. 
And all my hopes oppose? 


f Had not the Lord, my rock, my IkeV, 
Suataiird my faintiiw head. 
My life had now in sflence dwelt. 
My sold amongst the dead. 

3 ** Alas ! iny Bliding feet r I cry'd. 

Thy promise was my prop j 
Thy grace stood constant by my ade. 
Thy spirit Iwre me up. 

4 While multitndes of moumfal. thoughts 

Within my bosom roll. 
Thy boundless love forgives my aulto. 
Thy comforts cheer my soul. 

5 Powers of uiiquity may rise. 

And firame pernicious lawft; 
Bnt God,my reftige, rules the skies. 
He will defend my cause. 

6 Let malice vent her rage aJoad, 

Let bold bbsphemers scoff; 
The Lord our God shalljudge the proml. 
And cat the simiers off. 


A Psalm befbre Prayer. 

1 CING to the Lord Jehovah's name, 
of And in his strength rejoice; 
When his salvation is our theme. 
Exalted be our voicff. 
f With thanks approach his awful agbt. 
And psalms of honour sing; 
The Lord's a God of boundless ought, 
The whole creation's king. 

3 Let princes hear, let angels know. 

How mean their namres seem. 
Those gods on high and gods below. 
When once compar'd with him. 

4 Earth with its caverns dark and deep 

Lies in his spacions hand; 
He ftxd the seas what bounds to Keep, 
And where the hills mast stand. 

5 Come, and with >humble souls adore. 

Come, kneel before his face ; 
O may the treatures of his power 

Be children of his grace ! 
Now is the time : he bends his ear. 

And waits for your request; 
Come, lest he rouse his wrath, and swear, 

" Ye shall not see my rest." 

PSALMS. 133 


A Psalm bef^e Sermon. 

1 r^OME, sound hie praise abroad* 
^^ And hymns of glory sine; 
Jelrovab is the sovereign God, 
The universal King. 

^ He fomrd (be deeps nnknown; 
He gave the seas theh* bound; 
The watery worlds are all his owii* 
And sdl the solid ground. 

3 Come, worship at his throne. 
Come,. bow hetore the Lord: 

We are bis works, and not our owfl; 
He iR>rm'd us by his word. 

4 T&dav attend his voice. 
Nor dare provoke his rod; 

Come, like the people of his choice^ 
And own your gracious God. 

5 Bat if yonr ears refuse 
The language of his grace. 

And hearts pow bard uke stabboni Jews, 
That unbeBeving race. 

^ Tbt Lord iu veimeance dreat 
Will lift his band and swear* 
*' You that despise my promis'd resC 
" Shall have no portion there.*' 

PS.ALM XCV. 1, 2, 3, 6—11. (L. M.) 

Canaan lost through Unbelief; or a Warn- 
ing to dUaying Sinners, 

1 /^OM£, iet-ow voices Join to raise 
^^ A sacred song of solemn praise; 
God is a sovereign King: rehearse 
His honours in exalted verse. 

it Come, let our souls address tbe Lord, 
Who framed our natures with his word; 
He is our shepherd: we the sheep 
His mercy chose, his pastures keep. 

3 Come, let us h4>ftr his voice to^ay. 
The counsels of his love obey ; 
Nor let our harden'd hearts renew 
The sins and plagues that Israel Jmew. 

4 Israel, that saw his works of grace, 
Yet tempt their Maker to his face ; 
A Aithless nubelieving brood. 
That tir'd tbe patience of their God. 

134 PSALMS. 

5 Tbns saifh the Lord, " How labe they prove 
" Forget my power, abnse my love; 

*' Since they despise my rest, i swesff, 
•* Their feet shall never enter there." 

6 [Look back, my sool, with holy dread, ' 
And view those ancient rebels dead: 
Attend the offered grace to-day. 

Nor lose the blessings by delay. 
1 Seize the kind promise while it waits. 
And march to Sion's heavenly gates; 
Believe, and take the promised rest : 
Obey, and be for ever blest. 

PSALM XCVI. l,10,&c. (CM.) 
Christ's firtt tend second Coming. 

1 CIN6 to the Lord, ye distant lands, 
^ Ye tribes of every tongue ; 
His new diacover'd grace demands 
A new and noblef song. 
9 Say to the nations, Jesas reigns, 
God's own Ahnigbty Son ; 
His power the sinking world 8nstahi8« 
And grace tRirroands Us throne. 

3 Let heaven proclaim the joyful day, 

Joy thro' the earth be «een; 

I^t cities shine in bri^t array. 

And fields in cheerAil green. 

4 Let an nnusoal joy surprise 

The islands or the sea: 
Ye mountains sink, ye vailies rise^ 
Prepare the Lord his way. 

5 Behold he comes, he comes to bless 

The nations as their God; 
To shew the world his rigbte^Mneisy 
And send his truth abroad. 

• But when his voice shall raise the dead. 
And bid the world draw near, 
How wiU the guilty nations dread 
To see their judge appear ? 

PSALM XCVL As the 113tfa Psalm. 
The God of the Gentiles. 
' L^*" the^ earth their voices raise 
t7^i„^ the choicest psalm of praise. 

PSALMS. 133 

S Tbe beatlmis know thy gloiy. Lord ; 
Tbe woBdefbis natioiiB read thy word. 

In Britain is Jehovah known : 
Our worship shall no more be paid 
To Kods which mortal hands have tntkte 

Onr Maker is our God akwe. 

3 He fram'd the globe, he bnilt (be sky, 
He made the shining worlds on high} 

And reigns complete in glory (here: 
His beams are majesty and light ; 
His beaeties how divinely bridit! 

His temfle how fivinely mti 

4 Come the great dn, the gknions iMMr, 
When earth shall feel his saving power, 

And barbarous nations fear bis name! 
Thai shaH the race of men cMifess 
The beautv of his holiness. 

And in bis courts his grace procleun. 

PSALM XCVn. 1-5. First Part. (L. M.) 

Christ reigning in Heaveny and coming to 


1 U£ reigns; the Lord, the Saviour relgnt 
^^ Praise him in evangelic strains: 

Let the whole earth in sou^ rejoice^ 
And distant isIaQj^ join thor voice. 

2 Deep are bis counsels and unknown ; 
Ibat grace and thrai support his Ihronet 
Tho' glowny clouds his Ways Murround, ' 
Justice is thetar eternal gromd. 

3 In robes of judgment, lo! he comes, 
Shakes the wide earth, and cleaves the tonba 
Before hum bums devouring fire. 

The mountains melt, the seas retire. 

4 His enemies with sore dismay 

Fly from the sight, and shnn the day; 
Tbea lift your heada, ye saints, on mgh. 
And shig, for your redemption's nigh. 

PSALM XCVII. 6-9. fid Part. (L. M.) 
Christ's Incamatian. 
1 HTHE l4>rd is come, the heavens jproclaim 
•L His birth; the nations learn his namei 
All unknown star directs the road 
Of eastern sages to their God. 

£ All ye iHlght aimies of the dues. 
Go, worship where tiie Saviour lies: 
Angela and ktags b^fere Urn bow, 
Tiiose gods on high, and gods beiovr. 

136 PSALMS. 

3 Let idols totter to the grdund. 
And their own worshippers confonodr 
But Jiidah shont, bat Sion sing. 
And earth confess her sovereign Kin^r- 

PSALM XCVII. Third Part. (L. M.) 
Grace and Glory. 

1 'TH' Almif bty reigns exalted high 

-L O'er all the earth, o'er all the sky;- 
Tho* cloads and darlmess veil his feet. 
His dweUiug is the mercy-seat. 

2 O, ye ti»t love his holy name, 
Hate every work of aii^ and shame r 
He guards the souls of ^U his friends, 
And -from the snares of hell defends. 

3 Immortal light and joys nnknown 
Are for the saints in darkness sown ; 
Tbose glorious seeds shall siuring. and mt^ 
And the tnright harvest bless our eyes. 

4 Rejoice, ye righteous, and record 
The sacred honours of the Lord ; 
None but the soul that feels bis grace 
Can triumph in his holiness. 

PSALM XCVIL 1,3,5^7,11. (CM.) 

Christ's Incarnation ^tki^Last Jtidgment. 

1 \rE islands of the nor&em sea 
^ Rejoice, the Saviour reigns; 
His WQfdr hke fire, prepares his way. 
And mountains melt to plains. 

5 His presence sinks the proudest hiHa, 

And makes the vallies rise; 
The humble soul enjoys his smtiesv 
The haughty sinner dies. 

3 The heavens his rightful power proclaim; 

The idol gods around 
fill their own worshippers with shame. 
And totter to the ground. 

4 Adoring aiHsels at his birth 

Make the Redeemer known ; 
Thus sfaaU he come to judge the earth» 
And angels guard his throne. 

5 His foes shall tremble at his Mght^ 

And hills and seas retire: 
His children take their unknown fl^ht. 
And Jeave the world on fire. 

PSALMS. 1»7 

6 Hie seeds of joy ad ^ory so#ii 
For saints in darkness here. 
Shall fise and spring in worlds niiimowii, 
And a ricli inrvest l»ear. 

PSALM XCVUI. First Part. (C. M.) 

Praise for the Gospel. 

1 nro oar Almighty Maker, God, 
'- New honours be address'd; 
HiS' great salvation shines abroad. 
And makes, the nati(Mis blest 

£ He spake the word to Abraham first. 
His trath fiilflls the grace: 
The Gentiles make his name their tftast. 
And learn his righteousness. 

S Let the whole earth his love procUua 
With all her different tongues; 
And spread the honoors of nis name 
In melody and songs. 

PSALM XCVIU. Second Part. (CM.) 
' Tke Messiahs Coming and Kingdom. 

1 TOY to the world; the Lord is come; 
mj Let earth receive her king; 

Let every heart prepare him room, 
AoA heaven aiid nature sing. . 

2 Joy to the earth, the Saviour reigns; 

Let men their songs employ; 
While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains, 
. Repeat the sounding joy. 

3 No more let sins and sorrow grow, 

Nor thorns infest the ground : . ' 
He comes to make bis blessings flow 
Far as the curse is foimd. 

4 He mles the world with truth and gracey 

And makes the nations prove 
The dories of his rij^hteousness, 
And wonders (rf his love. 

PSALM XCIX. first Part. (S.M.) 
Christs Kingdom and Majesty, 

X npHE God Jehovah reims, 
-■■ Let all the nations tear. 
Let sinners tremble at his throne,. 
And saints be bumble there. 


138 PSALMS. 

S Jeans the SsTkmr reigiu. 
Let earth adore its Lord ; 
Bri^t cherobs his attendants stand, 
Swift to fulfil his word. 

3 In Zion is his throne. 
His honoufs are divine; 

His church shall make his wonders known. 
For ther'^ his glories shine. 

4 How holy is his name * 

How terrible his praise! 
Jnstice, and truth, and judgment join 
In aU hu works of grace. 

PSALM XCIX. Second Part. (S. M.) 
A holy God worshipped toUh Bcvercnce, 

1 r^XALT the Lord oar God. 
^ And worsliip at bis feet; 
His nature is ail noliness. 
And mercy is tais seat. 

8 When Israel was his church. 
When Aaron was his priest, 
When Moses cry'd, when Samuel prayed. 
He gave his people rest. 

3 Oft he forgave their sins, 
Nor would destroy their race; 

And oft he made his vengeance known. 
When they abos'd his grace. 

4 Exalt the Lord our God, 
Whose grace is still the same; 

Still he's a God of holiness, 
And jealous for bis name. 

PSALM C. First Metre. A plain Translation. 

Praise to our Creator. 

1 'VE nations round the earth, r^mce 
JL Before the Lord, your sovereign king: 
Serve him with cheerful heart and voice, 
With all your tongues his gk>ry sing. 

£ llie LM'd is God : Tis he alone 
DoUi life, and breath, and being give: 
We are his work, and not our own; 
The sheep that on his pastures Uve. 

3 Enter his ^tes with songs of joy. 
With praises to his courts repahr; 
And make it your divme employ 
To pay your Uianks and hononn then. 

FSALMS. 139 

4 The Lm4 is good, the Lord to kiad ; 
Great is bis srace, lib mercy rare ; 
And the whole race of man shaU ftid 
His truth from a^e to age endure. 

PSALM C. Second Metre. 
A Parapiiraae. 

1 CING to the Lord with Joyftil voice; 
'^ Let every laiid his name adore; 
The British isles shall send the noise 
Across the ocean to the shore. 

£ Nations, attend before his throne 
With solemn fear, with sacred joy; 
Kfiow that the Lord is God alone ; 
He can create, and he destroy. 

3 His sovereipi power without our aid 
Made ns of clay, and form'd us men': 
And when lilie wandering sheep we stray'd. 
He brought us to his fold agau. 

4 We are his people, we his care, 
Our souls, and ail oar mortal frame: 
What lasting honours shall we rear. 
Almighty Maker, to thy nameP 

5 We'll crowd thy gates with thankfiil songs, 
High as ttie heavens oar voices raise ; 
And earth with her ten thousand tongues 
Shall till thy courts with sounding praise. 

6 Wide as the world is thy conrnumd. 
Vast as eteniity thy love; 

Firm as a rock thy truth must stand, 
When rolling years shall cea^ to move. 

Uie Magistrate's Psalm. 

1 lyifERCY and judgment are my song; 
•L-^-L And since they both to thee bdong* 
My gracious God, my righteous King, 

To thee my songs and vows I bring. 

2 If I am raisd to bear the sword, 

ril take my counsels from tby word; 
Thy Justice and thy heavenly grace 
Shall be the pattern of my ways. 

3 Let wisdom all my actions guide. 
And let my God with me reside; 

No wicked thing shall dwell with me, 

Which may provoke thy Jealousy. . ^ 

140 PSALMS. 

4 No sons of slander, rase and strife 
Shall be companions of my life ; 
The bangbty look, the heart of pride 
Within my doors shall ne'er abide. 

6 [1*11 search the land, and raise the just 
To poets of honour, wealth and trust: 
The meh that work thv holy will. 
Shall be my friends and favourites still.] 

6 In vain shall sinners hope to rise 
By flattering or maUcioiis lies; 
And while the inAocent I guard. 
The bold otTender shan't be spar'd. 

7 The impious crew (that factions band) 
Shall hide their heads, or quit the land} 
And all that break the public rest. 
Where I have power shall be suppresk 

PSALM CI. (C. M.) 

A PseUmf&r a Master qfa Family. 

1 f\F justice and of grace I sing, 
^-^ And pay my God my vows; 
Thy grace and justice, heavenly kiog^ 
Teach me to rule my house. 

5 Now to my tent, O God, repair. 

And make thy servant wise; 

I'll suffer nothing near me th<»-e 

That shall offend thine eyes. 

3 The man that doth his neighbour wron^ 

By falshood or by force; 
irhe scornful eye, the slanderous tongue, 
rn thrust them from my doors. 

4 ril seek the fiiithful and the just. 

And will their help enjoy; 
These are the friends that I shall trust, 
The servants Til employ. 

5 The wretch, that deals hi dy deceit, 

rU not endure a night; v 

The liar's tongue I ever hate. 
And banish from my sight. 

6 ril purge my family around. 

And make the wicked flee ; 
So shall my house be ever found 
A dwelling fit for thee. 

PSALM CII. 1—13,20,21. 1st Part (C. M.) 

A Prayer of the Afflicted.. 

1 UEAR me, O God, nor hide thy face. 
A * But answer, lest I die; 
Hgst tlHMi not built a throne of grace 
To hear wheu sinners cry? 

PSALMS. 141 

t My days are wasted like the smoke 
DissolviDg in the air; 
My fttreDgth is dry'd, my heart is broke, 
And sinking in des|)air. 

3 My spirits fla^ Uke withering grass. 

Burnt with excessive heat; 
In secret groans my minutes pass. 
And I forget to eat. 

4 As ou some lonely bailding's top 

The sparrow tefis her moan, 
FSir from the tents of Joy and hope 
I «U and grieve alone. 

5 My soul is like a wilderness, 

Where beasts of midnight howl ; 
There the sad raven finds her place. 
And there the screaming owl. 

6 Dark dismal thoughts and boding fears 

Dwell in my troubled breast; 
While sharp reproaches wound my ears. 
Nor give my spirit rest. 

I My cnp is mingled with my woes, 

And tears are my repast ; 
My daily bread like ashes grows 
Unpleasant to my taste. 

8 Sense can afford no real joy 

To souls that feel thy frown : 
Jiord. 'twas thy hand advanc'd me high. 
Thy hand hath cast me down. 

9 My looks like wither'd leaves appear. 

And life's declining li^ht 
Grows faint as evening shadows are 
That Vanish into night. 
IP But thon for ever art the same, 
O ray eternal God ; 
Ages to come shall know thy name. 
And spread thy works abroad. 

II Thou win arise, and shew thy i^ce, 

Nat will my Lord delay 
Beyond tb' appointed hour of grace. 

That k>ng expected day. 
IS He heajRB his saints, be knows their cry. 

And by mysterious wavg 
Redeems tbe prisoners doom*d to die. 

And fills their tongues with praise. 

PSALM Cn. 13—21. Second Part (C. M.) 
Prayer heard, and Zion restored. 

1 T ET Zion and her -sons rejoice, 
1-^ Behold the promised hour : 
Her God hath heard her mourning voice , 
And comes t' exalt his power. ^ 

142 PSALMS. 

S Her dttBt and nuns that remain 

Are precious in our eyes ; 
Those ruins shall be binlt again. 
And all tliat dust shall rise. 

3 The Lord will raise Jerusalem, 

And stand in glory there: 
Nations shall bow before his name, 
And kJngs attend witli fear. 

4 He sits a sovereign on his throne, 

With pity in his eyes; 
He hears the dyin^ prisoners groan. 
And sees their' sighs arise. 

5 He frees the souls condemned to death. 

And when his saints complain. 
It shan't be said, *' That praying breath 
** Was ever spent in vain." 

6 This shall be known when we are dead. 

Ami left on long record, 
That ages yet unborn may read. 
And tnist, and praise the Lord. 

PS4i.H CII. V.23— £8. Third Part. (L.M.) 
Atari's MortcUity and Christ's Eternity. 

1 IT is the Lord onr Saviour's hand 

■*- Weakens our strength amidst tlie race; 
Disease and death at bis command 
Arrest us, and cut short our days. 

2 Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray, 
Nor let our sun go down at noon: 
Thy years are one eternal day. 
And must thy cfaiklren die so soon ? 

3 Yet in the midst of death and grief 
This thought our sorrow shall assitage, 
*' Onr Father and onr Saviour Uve ; 

" Christ is the same thn/ every age. 

4 Twas he this earth's foundations laid; 
Heaven is the building of his hand : 

■ This earth grows otd.tbese heavens shall fade^ 
And all be chang'd at his command. 

5 The starry curtains of the sky 
Like garments shall be laid aside; 

But still thy throne stands firm and higfai 
Thy church for ever must abide. 

6 Before thy face thy cliurch shaH live, 
And on thy thrwe thy chiklren reign: 
TbU dyuig world sliaU they survive. 
And the dead saints be rab'd agaui. 

PSALMS. 143 

FSALM cm. v.l— 7. FirttPart. (t.M.) 
BlemngGodfarhUGoodness to Soul i^ody. 

1 ULESS, O my mhiI, the fiving God, 
CJ Call boiae thy thoughts that rove abroad; 
Let all the powers within me join 
la work and worship so divine. 

S Bless, O my soul, tne God of ^ce; 
His fovours claim thy highest praise; 
Why shoold the wonders he hath wrought 
B« lost in silence and forgot ? 

3 lis be, my soul, that sent his Son 

To die for crimes which thoo hast done 
He owns the ransom; and forgives 
The hourly follies of oor lives. 

4 The vices of the mind be heals, 
And cures the pains that nature feels; 
Redeems the soul from bell, and saves 
Our wasting life from threatening ^aves. 

5 Our youth decay'd his power repauis; 
His mercy crowns our growing yean; 
He satisfies our mouth with good. 

And fUIs our hopes with heavenly food. 

6 He sees tb' oppressor and tb' opprest, 
And oftt»i gives the sufferers rest: 
But win bis justice more display 

In the last great rewarding <iay. 

7 [His power be sbow'd by Moses' bands. 
And gave to Israel his commands; 

But sent his truth and mercy down 
To all the nations by his Son. 

8 Let the whole earth his power confess. 
Let the whole earth adore his grace; 
The Gentile witb Oe Jew shall join 

In work and worrtiip so divine.] 

PSALM cm. y.8— 18. Second Part. (L.M.) 
God's Gentle Chastisement. 

1 npHE Lord, how wonderous are his ways! 
A How firm his trAtb ! howJargehisgcace! 
He takes bis mercy for his throne, 
Ajid thence he makes his glories known. 

S Not half so high bis power bath spread 
The starry heavens above our head, 
Afr his rich love exceeds onr praise, 
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise. 

3 Not half so hx bath nature placed 
The rising morning from the west. 
As his forgiving grace removes 
The dally, gnilt w those he loves. 


144 PSALMS, 

4 How slowly dotii his wrath arise! 
On swifter wings salvation flies: 
And if he lets his anger bom. 
How soon his frowns to pity torn! 

5 Amidst his wrath compassion shines; 
His strokes are lighter than our stau: 
And while his rod corrects his saints. 
His ear indulges their complaints. 

6 So fathers their young sons chastise 
With gentle hand and melting eyes: 
Hie children weep beneath me smart, 
dliMl move the pity of their heart. 


7 The mighty God, the wise and jost, 
Knows that our frame is feeble dosl; 
And will no heavy loads impose 
Beyond the streusth that he l>estows. 

D Re knows how soon our nature dies. 
Blasted by every wind that fUea; 
Like grass we spring, and die as soon, 
<jfr morning flowers that &de at noon. 

9 9ut his eternal love is sore 
"lo all the sauits, and shall endure: 
I'rom a»e to age his troth shall reign. 
Nor chilidren's children hope in vain. 

PSALM cm. v.l— 7. First Part. (8.M.> 

Praisefor Spiritdal and Temporcd Mercies. t 

1 r\ BLESS the Lord, my soul; 
^^ liet all within me ioin, 
And aid my tongue to bless his name. 
Whose favours art divine. 
S O bless the Lord, my soul; 
Nor let his mercies lie 
Forgotten in onthanktulness. 
And without prabes die. 

3 Tis he forgives thy sias, y 
Tis be relieves thy pain, 

Tis be that heAls thy sicknesses. 
And makes thee yoimg again. 

4 He crowns thy life with love, 
When ransom d £rom the grave; 

He that redeem'd my soul from Ml, 
Hath sovereign power to save. 

5 He flUs the poor with goo^ ; 
He gives the snflerers rest ; 

The Lord hath judgments for the proud. 
And justice for th* opprest. 

PSALMS. 145 

6 His wonderew wah» and wayi 
He made by Moses known; 
Bat sent the world hb truth and trace. 
By his beloved Son. 

PSALM cm. T.8-18. Second Part. (S.M.) 
Abounding Compaction qf God. 

1 X/f Y soul, repeat his praise 
•|-'-«^ Whose mercies are m great; 

whose anger is so slow to rise. 
So ready to abate. 

2 God will not always chide; 
And when his strokes are fett. 

His strokes are fewer than oar crimes. 
And lighter than oar gnilt, 

3 High as the heayens are rais'd 
Above the ground we tread, 

So* far the lidbes of his grace 
Oar highest thoughts exceed. 

4 His power sobdues our sins: 
And liis IbiigiviDg love, 

Far as the east is from the west. 
Doth an our guilt remove. 

5 The pity of the Lord 

To those that fear his name, 
b such as tender parents teel: 
He knows our feeble-vame. 

6 He knows we are but dust. 
Scattered with every breath; 

His anger, like a rising wind. 

Can send ns swift to death. 
1 Our days are as the grass, 

Or like the morning flower ; 
If o%g sharp blast sweep o'er the fidd. 

It withers In an hour. 

8 But thv compassions. Lord, 
To radless years ehdnre ; 
And children's dukh-en ever And 
Thy words of promise sure. 

FSALHCm. V. 19-22. TfaiidPart. (S.M.) 

God^a UniverseU Dominion, 
I 'YHE Lord, the sovereign Kiw, 
*■ Hath flx'd his throne on Ugh ; 
^f S^ ,t**? hwvcnlv world ht iSis* 
And all beneath the skyr- 

146 PSALMS. 

8 • Ye angels, great in might, 
And swift to do bis will. 
Bless ye tlie Lord, wli««se voice jt near. 
Whose pleasure ye fulfil. 

3 Let the bright hosts who wait 
The orders of their King. 

And gnaid his churches when they pray, 
Join in the praise they sing. 

4 While all his wonderons works 
Thro' his vast kingdoms shew 

!> Their Maimer's j^iory. thou, my soul, 

Shalt sing his graces too. 

Th&Giory of God in Creation 4; Providence. 
1 \^Y soul, thy great Creator praise; 
IVl. When ckrth'd in bis celestial rays 
He in full msyesty appears. 
And, like a robe, his glory wears. 

* Note, Tfiis Psalm may be sung to the Tune qf 
the old IKth or iTith Psalm, by addiitg 
thcs^ ttoo Lines to every Stoma, viz. 
iireat Is the Lord ; what tongue can frame 
An equal h<H)onr to his name ? 
Othervdse it must be smtg as the IQOth Psalm. 

5 The beaviins are for his curtains spread, 
Th' uiifethoin'd deep he makes his bed: 
Clouds are bis chariot, wbei» be flies 
On winged storms across the skies. 

3 Angels, whom his own breath inspires. 
His mmlsters, are flaming fires; 

And swift as thought their armies move. 
To bear bis vengeance or his love, 

4 The world's fomidations by his hand 
Are pote'd, and shall for ever stand; 
He binds tbe ocean to his cbam. 
Lest it should drown the earth agahi. 

6 When earth was cover'd with the flood. 
Which high above the mountains stood. 
He thuiMUf'd, and the ocean lied, 
CoiiflnV. to its appointed bed. 

Tbe sweilii^ biUuws know their bound. 
And in their channels walk theb: round; 
Yet thence convey'd by secret veins. 
They spring on hiUs, and dreniCb the plaini. 

7 He bids the crystal fountains flow. 
And cheer the vallies as they go; 
Tame beuer« there their thirst allay. 
And for the stream wild aaaes bray. 


1»SALMS. 147 

S From pletsant trees which shade the briol(« 
The lark and liuiiet light to drink ; 
Their songs the lark and linnet raise. 
And chide our silence in his praise. 


9 God, from his cloudv cistern, pours 

On the parch'd earth enriching shuw^: 
The grove, the garden, and the field, 
A thousand joyful blessings yield. 

10 He makes the grassy foo<1 arise. 
And gives the cattle large supplies: 
With "herbs for man, of various power. 
To nourish nature, or to cure. 

11 What noble Anit the vines j^odnce! 
The ohve yields a shining juice ; 

Otnr hearts are cheer'd with generous wine. 
With inward joy our fkces ^ine. 

12 O bless his name, ye Britons, fed 
With nature's chief supporter, bread: 
While bread your vital strength imparlq. 
Serve him with vigour in your hearts. 

33 Behold the stately cedar stands 
Rais'd hi the forest by his hands; 
Birds to the boughs for slitter flv. 
And build their neste secure ou high. 

14 To craggy hills ascends the goat; 
And at the airy mouutnin's foot 

The feel>ler creatures make their ceN ; . 
He gives them wisdom where to dweU. 

15 He sets the sun bis circlhig race, 
Appoints the moon to change her (ace; 
And when thick darkness veils the day. 
Cans out wiM beasts to hunt their prey. 

16 Fierce lions lead their young abroad. 
And roaring ask their meat nrom God ; 
But when the morning beams arise. 
The savage beast to covert flies. 

17 Tlien man to daily labour goes; 
The nijht was made for his rei>ose: 
Sleep is thy gift; that sweet relief 
From tiresome toil and wasting grief. 

)8 How strange thy workj> ! how great thy sLifl ? 
And ev^ry land thy riches tiH : 
Thy iwisdom round the world we see, 
Tim spacious earth is AiU of thte. 

148 PSALxMS. 

19 Nor less thy glories in the *«P. 

Where fish in millions swim ana €f«ep. 
With wonderons motions, swift or mow. 
Still wandering in the paths below. 

£0 There ships divide their watery way. 
And flocks of scaly monsters pay; 
There dwells the huge leviathan. 
And foams and sports in spite of man. 
PAUSE III. , _, 

«1 Vast are thy works, Almighty Lord, 
All nature rests upon thy wort, 
And the whole race of creatures standi 
Waiting their portion from thy banas. 

23 While each receives his different food. 
Their cheerful looks pronounce It good; 
Eades and bears, and whales and worms, 
RJ^ice and praise in different forms. 

93 But when thy face is hid they mourn. 
And dying to their dust return ; 
Both man and beast their souhresiffi; 
life, breath, and spirit, aH is thme. 

S4 Yet thou canst breathe on dust again. 
And All the world with beasts and men ; 
A word of thy creating breath 
Repairs the wastes of time and death. 

«5 His works, the wonders of bis might. 
Are hononr'd with his own delight : 
How awful are his alorious wajrs! 
The Lord is dreadful in his praise. 

S6 The earth stands trembling at thy stroke. 
And at thy touch the mountains smoke; 
Yet humble souls may see thjf fece, 
And ten their wants to sovereign grace. 

27 In thee my hopes and wishes meet. 
And make my meditations sweet: 
Thy praises shall my breath employ. 
Till it expire in endleas joy. 

S8 While haughty unners die accurst. 
Their glory bury'd with their dnat, 
1, to my God, my heavenly King, 
Immortal hallelujahs sing. 

PSALM OV. Abridged. (C. M.) 
Gocr» Coriduct qf Jbrael. and the Plagues qf 

1 /^IVE thanks to God, invoke his name, 
^>^ And tell the world bis grsice : 
Sound thro' the earth his deeds ox t^me. 
That all may seek his foce. 

PSALMS. 149 

S His ooTenant, wiiich be kept in mind 
F«r niuneroas ages p«st. 
To nuoieroas ages yet behind. 
In equal force sliall last. 

3 He sware to Abrafaam and his seed. 

And made the blessing sure: 
Gentiles the ancient promise read, 
And find bis tnitb endure. 

4 " Thy seed shall make all nations blest,* 

(Said the Ahnighty voice,) ' 
" And Canaan's mud shall be their rest, 
" Tlic type of heavenly joys." 

5 [How large the grant! how rich the grace! 

To give them Canaan's land, 
When they were "Strangers in the place, 
A little feeble band! 

6 like pUeriins thro* the coontries round 

Securely they remov'd; 
And hangh^ longs that on tbem firown'd. 
Severely he reprov'd. 
T " Touch mine anointed, and my arm 
" Shalt soon revenge the wroitg ; 
'' The man that does mv prophets harn), 
" Shall know their God is strong.'' 

8 Then let the world forbear its rage. 

Nor put the church in fear: 

Israd must live thro' every age. 

And be th' Ahnlghty's care.3 


9 When Pharaoh dar*d to vex the saints. 

And thus provoked their God, 
Moses was sent at their complaints, 
Arm^d with his dreadful rod. 

10 He call\l for darkness ; darkness came 

Like an o'erwhekniog flood; 
He tuni\i each lake and every stream 
To lakes and streams of blood. 

11 He gave the sign, and noisome files 

Thro' the whole country spread; » 

And firogs, in croaking armies, rise . *" 

About tbe monarch's bed. %( 

12 Thro' fiekb, and towns, and palaca^ 

Tbe tenfold vengeance flew; 
Locnsts in swarms devour'd their trees. 
And bail their cattle slew. 

13 Then by an angel's midnight stroke 

The flower of Egypt dy'd ; . 

llie strength of every house was broke* 
Their glory and their {irlde. J 

150 PSALMS. 

14 Now let the world forbear its 

Nor put tbe cburch in fear; 

Israel must live thro' every age, 

Aud be til' Almighty's care. 


15 Thu» were the trihes from bondage broiq^t. 

And left the hated ground; 
Each some Egyptian spoils had got. 
And not one feeble found. 

16 The Ijord himself chose out tbeur way. 

And mark'd their joumies right, 
Gave them a leading cloud by day, 
A fiery guide by nigbt.' 

n Tliey thirst ; and waters from tbe rock 
In rich abundance flow, 
And following still the course they took^ 
Ran all the desart thro.* 

18 O wondrous stream ! O bleseed type 

Of ever flowing grace ! 
So Christ our rock maintains our life 
Thro' all this wilderness. 

19 Thus guarded by th' Almighty band 

The chosen tribes possest 
Canaan, the rich, the promise lan^ 
Aud there enjoy'd their rest.. 

S& Then let tbe werkl forbear its rage,> 
The cbiircli renounce her fear; 
Israel must live thro* every age. 
And be th' Ahnighty's care. 

PSALM CVI. 1—5. First Part. (L. M.) 
Praise to God ; or, Communion with Saints, 

1 'T'O God, the great, the ever-blest, 
-L Let sontfs of honour be addre&t: 

Bis mercy firm for ever stands; 

Give him tbe thanks his love demands. 
* Who knows the wonders of thy wayl^ 

Who shall fulfil thy boundless praise? 

Blest are the souls that fear thee still. 

And pay tbeur duty to thy will. 
5 Remember what thy mercy did 

For Jacob's race, thy chosen seed; 

And with tbe same salvation blesa 

The meanest suppliant of thy grace. 
4 O may I see thy tribes rejoice, 

And aid their triumphs with my voice! 

This is my glory. Lord, to be 

jQiu-d to thy saints, and near to thee. 

PSALMS. 151 

PSALM CVI. ver. 7, 8, 12—14, 43-.-48. 
Second Part. (S. M.) 

Jjtrael punished and pardoned. 

1 (^OD of eternal love, 

^-' How fickle are our ways! 
And yet how oft did Israel lurove 
Tby constancy of grace ! 
S They saw thy wonders wrought. 
And then thy praise they sung; 
But soon thy works of power forgot. 
And murmor'd with tbeir tongue. 

3 Now they believe his word. 
While rocks with rivers flow; 

Now with tbeir losts provoke the Loid, 
And be reduced them low. 

4 Yet when they moum'd tlieir faults, 
ile hearken'd to their groans^ 

brought lus own covenant to his tfaoagUd^ 
And cali'd them still his sons. 

5 Their names Were in hia book. 
He sav'd them from their foes; 

Oft he cbastis'd, but ne'er forsook 
The people that he chose. 

6 Let Israel bless the Lord, 
Who lov d their ancient race ; 

And Christians join the .soletun word 
Amen, to all the praise. 

PSALM CVn. First Part. (L. M.) 

Israei led to Canaan Sg. Ch ristians toHecgcen, 

1 riWZ thanks to God ; he reigus above, 
^^ Kind are bis thoughts, bis name is love; 
His mercy ages past have known. 

And ages long to come shall own. 

2 Let the redeemed of the Lord 
The wonders of his grace record ; 
Israel, tbe nation whom he chose, 
And rescttM from their migh^ foes. 

3 PWben God's almighty arm had broke 
Their fetters and th' Egyptian yoke, . 
They trac'd tbe desert, wau4eruig round 
A wild and solitary ground. 

4 There they could find no leading road, ■ 
Nor city for a flx'd abode; 

Nor food, nor fountain to assuage 
Their burning thirst, or hunger's rage.j 

152 PSALMS. 

5 In their distress to God they ciyHi, 
God WM their Savioar and their guide; 
He led their march tar wandering round, 
Twas the right path to Canaan^ ground. 

6 Thus whHi our nret release we gam 
From sins* old yoke, and Satan's chain. 
We liave this desert world to pass, 

A dangerous and a tiresome place. 

7 He feeds and clothes us all the way. 
He guides our footsteps lest we stray. 
He guards us with a poweifal hand. 
And brings us to the neavenly land. 

8 O let the saints with joy record 
The truth and goodness of the Lord! 
How great his works ! how kind his ways ! 
Let evoy tongue pronounce his praise. 

PSALM CVII. Second Part. (L.M.) 

Correctionfor Sin, and Release by Prayer. 

1 17R0M age to age exalt his name, 
' -T God and his grace are still the same ; 
He fills the hungry soul with food. 
And feeds the poor with every good. 
£ But if their hearts rebel and rise 
Aeaindt the God that rules the skies, 
M they reject his heavenly word. 
And Slight the counsels or the Lord ; 

3 He'll bring their spirits to the ground. 
And no deHverer shall be found; 
Laden with grief they waste their breath 
In darkness and the shades of death. 

4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries. 
He makes the dawnU« light arise. 
And scatters all that dismal shade. 
That hung so heavy round their head. 

5 He outsttie bars <^ bcsss in two. 
And lets the smifing prisoners thro': 
Takes off the load or guilt and grle^ 
And gives the labouring soul relief. 

6 O may the boos of men tecoid 

The wonderoua goodness of the Lord ! 
How great his works! how kmd his ways! 
Let lev^ry tongue pronounce his praise. 

PSALM CVU. TUrd Part. (L. M.) 
Intemperance punished & pardoned ; or. a 

Psalm for the CUution 4; the Drunkard, 
1 VAIN man, on foolish pleasures bent» 
^ Prepares for his own punishment; 
What pains, what loathsome i«iiia^i«»f 
nom luxury and hist arise? 

PSALMS. 153 

2 The dnmkard feels his vilais waste, 

Yet drowns his health to please bis tute ; 
TUl all his active powers are lost. 
And fidntkif; life draws near the dust. 

3 The datton i^oans and loatbs to eat. 
His soDl abhors detidoos meat : 
Nature, with heavy loads opprest. 
Would jield to death to be releas'd. 

4 Then how the frighted sinners fly 
To God for help with earnest ay] 

He hears their groans, prolongs their breath. 
And saves them from approachiug death. 

5 No med'cines could effect the cure 
So quick, so easy, or so sure : 
The deadlv sentence God repeals. 

He sends nis sovereign word, aud bealf. 

6 O may the sons of men record 

The wonderons goodness of the Lord! 
And let their tlnnkfol offerings prove 
How they adore their Makers love. 

PSALM CVII. Fourth Part. (L.M.) 
DelivertmceJ^^om Storms and Shipwreck. 

T would' yoQ beboU the works of God, 
^T His wonders in the wwM abroad. 
Go with the mariners, and trace 
The unknown regi<ms of the seas. 

S They leave their native shores behind. 
And seize the favour of the wind, 
Till God command, and tempests rise 
That heave the ocean to the skies. 

9 Now to the heavens they mount amiin. 
New sink to dreadlid deeps again ; 
What strange afllrkhts vonng sailors 1^ . 
And like a staggeniig drunkard red! 

4 When land is fiir, and death is nigh. 
Lost to all hope, to God tbey cry; 
His merry hears their loud address. 
And sends salvation in distress. 

5 He bids the winds their wrath assuage. 
The furious waves forget tiieir rase; 
Tis calm; and sailors smile to see 
The haven where they wish'd to be. 

t O may the sons of moi record 
The wondermis goodness of the Lord ? 
Let them thc^ private offerings bring* 
And In tbe chiircb his gioiy sing. 


PSAX^MCVII. Foartli Part. (CM.) 
I9ie Mariner^s Psalm. 


1 npHY works of g:lory, mighty Lord, 

•L Thy wonders iii the deeps, 
The sons of courage shall record. 
Who trade in floating ships. 

2 At tbv command the winds arise. 

And swell the towering waves ,- 
The men astonished mount the skies. 
And siuic in gaping graves. 

3 [Again they clhnb the watery hills. 

And plunge in deeps again; 
Each like a tottering druiiicard reels, 
And finds his courage vain. 

4 ftiefated to hear the tempest roar. 

They pant with fluttering breath, 
And, hopeless of the distant shore. 
Expect immediate death.] 

5 Then to the Lord they raise their cries. 

He hears the loud request, 
And orders silence thro* the skies. 
And lays the floods to rest. 

6 Sailors rejoice to lose their fears. 

And see the storm allay 'd : 
Now to their eyes the port appean; 
There let their vows be paid. 

1 Tis God that brings them safe to land; 
Let stupid mortals know 
That waves are under his command, 
And all the winds that blow. 

8 O that the sons of men wonM praise 
The goodness of the Lord! 
And those that see thy wonderoos ways. 
Thy wonderous love record! 

PSALM CVII. Last Part. (L. M.) 

Colonics planted ; or. Nations blfas^d and 
punished. " 

A Psalm for New England. 
1 \I7 HEN God, provok'd with daring crimes, 
* ▼ Scourges the madness of the times. 
He turns their fields to barren saod, 
And dries the rivers fh»ii the land. 

PSALMS. 155 

2 His woffvl can raise the springiB again, 
iind make the witberM monntains green. 
Send showery blesslnim from tbe skies. 
And harvests in tbe desert rise. 

S [Where nottains dwelt but beasts of prey. 
Or men as fierce and wild as they; 
He bids th' opprest and poor repair. 
And builds them towns and cities there. 

4 They sow tbe fleMs, and trees they plant, 
Whose yearly fmit supplies their want: 
llieir race grows up from frvitfoi stocks. 
Their wealth increases with their flocks. 

5 Thus they are blest; bnt if they sin. 
He lets the heathen nations in, 

A savage crew invades their lands, 
Their princes die by barbarous hands. 

6 Their captive sons, expos'd to scorn. 
Wander unpitr'd and forlorn ; 

The country lies unfenc'd, untill^. 
And desolation spreads tbe fiekl. 
1 Yet if the bumbled nation monms. 
Again his dreadful hand he turns; 
Again he makes their cities thrive. 
And bids the dying charches live.] 

8 The righteous, with a joyful sense, 
Admire the works of Providence; 
And t<Higues of atheists shall no more 
Bhispheme the God that saintii adore. 

9 How few with pious care record 
These wonderoos dealings of the Lord? 
Bat wise observers still shall find 

The Lord is holy, just, and khid. 

PSALM CIX. ver. 1—5, 31. (C. M.) 

Love toEnemieafriMn theExampU qfChrist, 

1 /^ CD of my mercy and my praise, 
^^ TTby glory is D»y song ; 
Tho' sinners speak against thy grace 
With a blaspheming tongue. 
8 Wben in tbe form of mortal man 
Thy Son on earth was found. 
With cruel slanders, false and vain. 
They compass'd him around. 

3 Their miseries his compassion move, 
Tlieir peace he still pursued; 
They resnder hatred for bis love, 
And evil for his good, 

i56 PSALMS. 

4 Tbeir malioe rag'd without a caiue. 

Yet, with his dyuig breath. 
He pray'd for murderers i>u his cross, 
And bless'd his foes in death. 

5 liord, shall thy bright example shine 

In vain before my eyes? 
Give me a soul a-kin to thine. 
To love my enemies. 

6 The Lord shall on my side engage. 

And, in my Saviour^ name, 
I shall defeat their pride and rage 
Who slander and condemn. 

PSALM ex. First Part. (L.M.) 
Ckrivt exalted and Multitudes converted. 

1 'YBV& the Eternal Father spai^e 

^ To Christ the Son " Ascend and siC 
*' At mv right hand, tlU I shall make 
'* Thy foes submissive at thy feet. 

2 " From Zion shall thy word proceed, 
" Thy word, |he sceph-e hi thy hand, 

" Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed, 
" And bow their wills to thy command. 

3 '* That day shall show thy power is great. 
'' When saints shall flock with willing mioda, 
" And sinners crowd thy temple-gate, 

'' Where holiness in beauty slunes.'* 

4 O blessed power! O g^rious day! 
What a large victory shall ensue! 
And converts, who thy grace obey. 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 

PSALM ex. Second Part. (L. M.> 
The KzTigdom and Priesthood of Christ. 
1 nr«US the nreat Lord of earth and sea. 
^ Spake to his Son, aud thus he swure; 
" Eternal shall thy priesthood be, 
" And change from hand to hand no more. 

5 " Aaron and all his sons must die: 
** But everlasting life is thine, 

*' To save for ever those that fly 

;; For refiige from the wrath divine. 
5 ;; By me Melchisedeck was made 
on <^rth a king and priest at once ; 

« IHh 55^? "'y heavenly priest shalt plead, 
A f»«i^tiS®"'"*F ^^^' «^a« ™'« my ions* 
* wX^^. P"f ' ?<^*^n**» his thron/. 

While counsels of eternal nnrj> 

Pivceed with honour and succesf. 

PSALMS. 157 

5 Thro' the whole earth his rdgnshaHspKaid, 
And crash the powera that dare retel; 
Then shall he judfe the rising dead, 

And send the gniHy world to bell. 

6 Tho' while be treads his glorioas way. 
He drinks the cap of tean and blood. 
The siilferiitts of that dreadful day 
Shall but advance him near to God. 

PSALM ex. (C. M.) 

ChrisPs Kingdom and Priesthood. 

1 TESUS, onr liord, ascend tby throne, 
J And near tby Father sit: 
In ZIon shall tby power be known. 
And make tby foes submit, 
fi Wbat wonders shall thy gospel do! 
Thy converts shall surpass 
The hnnierous drops of morning dew. 
And own tby sovereign grace. 

3 G<id hath pronounc'd a firm decree, 

Nor cfaaiises what be swore; 
" Eternal snaO tbv priesthood be, 
" When Aaron Is no more. 

4 " Melchisedeck, that wonderoas priest^ 

'* That king of bish dcsree, 
'* That holy man who Abra^m bles^ 
" Wa9 but a type of thee." 

5 Jesns car priest ror ever lives, 

To plead for us above; 
Jesus our king for ever gives 
The blessings of bis love. 

6 God shall exalt bis glorious head, 

And his high throne maintain, 
Shall strike the powers and princes dead. 
Who dare oppose bis reign. 

PSALM CXI. First Part. (C. M.) 

The Wisdom of God in his Worka. 

1 ^ONGS of immoilal praise belong 
<^ To my Almighty God : 

He has ray heart, and be my tongue 
To spread his name abroad. 

2 How great the works bis baud has wrought! 

How giorMus in our sight! 
And men in every age have sought 
His wonders with delight. 

3 How most exact is nature^ frame! 

How wise tb' eternal mind! 
His Gouusels never change fbe schem* 
Hat his tiist thoughts designV). 

158 PSALMS. 

4 When .be redeem'd bis ctiosen sons. 

He fixM his covenant sore: 
The urders that his lips pronounce. 
To endless yean endure. 

5 Nature and time, and earth and skies^ 

Thy heavenly skill proclaim : 
What sh»U we do to make us wise. 
But learn to read thy name? 

To fear thy power, to trust tby grace. 

Is our divinest skill; 
And He's the wisest of our race 
That best obeys thy will. 

PSALM CXI. Second Part. CCM.) 
The Perfections of God. 

1 p<REAT is the Lord; his works of might 
^J Demand onr noblest songs; 

Let his assembled saints unite 

Theur harmony of tongues. 
S Great is the mercv of the Lord, 

He gives his children food ; 
And ever miudfhl of his word, ■ 

He makes hia promise good. 

3 His Son. the great Redeemer, cams 

To seal his covenant sure: 

Holy and reverend is his name. 

His ways are Just and pure. 

4 They that would grow divinely wise. 

Must with hb fear begin : 
Onr fairest proof of knowledge lies 
in hating every sin. 

PSALM CXII. As the llStb Psalm. 
Tfie Blemngs qftke Liberal Man. 

1 HTHAT man is blest who stands in awt 

^ Of God, and loves his sacred law: 

His seed on earth shall be ' reitowii'd ; 

His house, the seat of wealth, shall be 

All inexhausted treasury, 

And with successive honours crown^. 

5 His liberal favours he extends, 

To some he gives, to others lends; 

A -generous pity fills his mhid: 
§ Yet what his charity impairs. 
He saves by prudence in aflairs, 

And thus he's Just to aU inantiud. 

PSALMS. 139 

3 His hand0, while ibvy his alms bestow'd. 
His g>ofy*s Aiture harvest 8ow*d ; 

Tlie sweet remembiaiice of the Jast, 
lilie a green root, revives, and bears 
A train of l>le8siiigs for bis beira. 

When djiog nalwre sleeps in dust. 

4 Beset with thrvatoung dangers round. 
UnmovHI shall he maintain his ground ; 

His conscience hoMs bis courage np .- 
The soul that*s MW with virtoe's light., 
Shmes brightest in afflictioirs night : 

And sees in darfcoess beams of hope. 

9 [IB tidings never can surprise 
His heart, that flx'd on God relies. 

Tbo* waves and tempests roar around : 
Safe on the rock he sits, aiid sees 
Tbcr shipwreck of his enemies. 
And all their hope and glory drown'd. 

% The wicked shall his triomph see, 
And gnash their teeth in agony, 

To find their expectations crost : 
They and their envy, pride and spite, 
Sink down to everlasting night. 

And all their names in darkness lost] 


The Blaginga of' the Piotu and Charitable. 

1 HTHRICE happy man who fears the Lard, 
^ Loves his commands, and trusts his word ; 
Honour and peace his days attend, 
And blessings to his seed descend. 

5 Compasstou dwells r|>oii uis mind. 
To wor!(s of mercy still incline : 
He lends the poor some iNrcsent aid. 
Or 0ves them, not to be repaid. 

3 When tnnes grow dark, and tidlnss spread 
That fill his neighbours round with dread|, 
His heart is armd against the fear, 

For God with atl his power is there. 

4 His soul well flx'd upon the Lord, 
Draws heavenly courage from his word; 
Amidst the darkness Iikht shall rise. 

To cheer his heart and bless his eyes, 
i He hath dispers'd his ahns abroad. 
His works are still before his God :, 
His name on earth shall long renam. 
While envious sianers fret in vjUn. ^ 

160 PSALMS. 

Liberality rewarded. 

1 TTAPPY 18 he that feaurs the Lord, 
J-l Ami ftrflows his commands. 
Who lends the poor without reward. 
Or gives with liberal hands. 
S As pi^ dwells within his breast 
To all the sons of need; 
So God shall answer his request 
With blesshigs on his seed. 

3 No evil tidings shall surprise 

His well-establish'd mind : 
His soul to God his refuge flies. 
And. leaves his fears behind. 

4 In times of general distress. 

Some beams of light shall shine 
To shew the world Ms rii^hteousness. 
And give him peace divme. 

5 His works of piety and love 

Remain before the Lord; 
Honour on earth and joys above 
Shall be his sure reward. , 

PSALM CXin. Proper Tone. 
7%e Majksty and Condescension qfGod. 

1 \rE that delight to serve the Lord, 

■1- The honours of his name record. 
His sacred name for ever blcES ': 
Where'er the circling snn displays 
His rising beams, or setting rays. 
Let lands and seas his power confess. 

2 Not time, nor nature's narrow roraids 
Can give bis vast dominion l)onnd8, 

The heavens are for below his height: 
Let no created greatness dare 
With our eternal God compare, 

Arm'd with bis uncreated mi$|ht 

9 He bows his glorious head to view 

What the iiright hosts of angels do, 

And bends his care to mortal thmgs; 
His sovereign hand exalts the poor, 
He takes the needy from the door. 

And makes them company for kioci. 
4 When childless lamlUes despair. 
He sends the blessing of an heir 

To rescue tlieir expirins name ; 
The mother with a thankml voice 
Proclaims his praises and her joys: 

Let every age advance bis fioac. 

PSAJLMa ut \ 

nmLktXia. a. Ik.) 

Ood Stvereign and Gracious. 
1 \'Z a^hiMCa ttfUi* AMshtr Kin^ 
-^ In evoy age Us praises aiug: 
Whane'er ibe sun fthall rise or set. 
The nationt sbatt his praise repeat. 
£ Above the eartb. beyond the sky» 
Stands Mi M^b tftrone of majesfy: 
Nor time nor place bis power restraiB. 
Nor bound bis universal reign. 

3 Wbich of tte tons tof AMm iSke, 
Or angeb with their God compare? 
Hia gRoties ho# divinely VdAi, 
Who dweHs in nncrented Nght! 

4 BekoM Ms low: to stoops to yieW 
What sataits above and angels do ; 
And condescend^ yet more to kiiow 
The maak aftirs of men below. 

5 Ft(»n dost and cottaces obscure, 
Hjs grace exalts the onmble poor; 
Gives them the honour of bis sons, 
And fits them for their heavenly thronea. 

6 [A wofd of hi« creating voice 

Can nttke the barren iMHise ivj««ce: 
Tho* Sarah"! ninety y«an were past. 
The pronoilB'd seed is bora at last. 
1 Witk Jmr the ikiother views her son, 
And teds the wonders God haa done : 
gdtti may ffow strong wb^ sense despahv. 
If nsthre Alls, the promise bears.] 

Miracks attending Israti^u Journey, 
t '\I7HEN Israel, freed from Pharaoh's hand, 
' *^ Left the prond tyrant and his hind. 
The tribes wltt cbeernil homage own 
Their kine, and Judah was his throne. 
-S Across the deep their journey lay; 
The deep dfvides to make them way: 
Jordan beheld their march, and fled 
With backward cnnent to his head. 

3 The mMBfaioa shook like fMgbteA afaaen. 
Like hmibe the UiHe hillocks leap ; 

Not Smai oq her base couhl stand, 
GMiscMms of sovereign power at hand. 

4 What power could maiie the deep divide? 
Inke Jordan backward roll his tide? 
Why qd ye leap, ye little hiUs? 

Aon wmn^e Hk In^i that Slnal feels ? 

164 PSALMS. 

PSAtM CXVI. First Put. (C. M.) 

Recotteryfrom Sickness. 

I r LoTe the Lord: be heard 1113' criet, 
*^ And pity'd every gr«aii : 

LoBit as I five, when troables rite, 
rii hmten to his throne. 

I I fove the Lord : He how'd his ear. 
And cbas^ my griefs away ; 

O let my lie«rt no moit desinUr, 
While f have t>reath to pray! 

% BIy fiegh decnn'd. my spirits fell. 
And 1 drew near the dead, 
WlMle iywaid pangs, aud fears of belt 
Perfriex'd my walteftd head. 

4 " My God/ I cry'd, " thy servant save, 
*■' Tboii ever good and just ; 
*^ Thy power can rescue from the grav«, 
*• Ti»y power is ail my trust.*' 

J The Lord beheld Die sore distreat. 
He Md my pains remove: 
Return, my soul, to God thv rest. 
For thou bast knov/n bis love. 

6 My God bath sav-d my soul from death, 
Aud dry*d my fiiliimi tears ; 
New to his praise I'll sprad my breath. 
And my remainius years. 

PSALM CXVI. 12, &c. 2d Part. (C. M.> 
Vim9 made in Trouble paid in the Church. 

1 TC7HAT shall I render to my God 
** For all his liindaess shown i: 
My ^t shall visit thine abode. 
My songs address thy throne. 
£ Anions the saints that flU tbme house, 
My offerings shall be paid ; ' 
There shall my zeal perform the vows . 
My soul in anguish made. 

3 Bow much is mercy (by delight, 

Tbou ever-blessed Goa! 
How dear thy servants bi thy sight! 
How precious is their blood! 

4 How happy all thy servants are I 
«'*?y «r«it thy grace to me! 

My lire, which tboa host made thy caw. 
Lord, I devote to thee* 

psalms; \cs 

5 Now I sm fhine, for ever fhlii*, 

Nor sbftll my parpoee move ; 
Thy hand lath loos d mv boudb «f |hA^ 
And boond ine with thy }ove. 

6 Here la tiiy c«irli I Jeavc nqr voir, 

Atid thy rich gnce record ; 
Witness, y« aunts, who Immt im mm^ 
If I forsake the LonL ■ 

PSALM CXVn. (C. M.) 
Praise to God from all Nidiom^. 

X r\ ALL ye nations, prane the Lon^ 
^^ Eaeb with a diiTereiit torapie; 
In erery langnase Itwn his woid. 
And let his name be song. 

S His mercy reipts thro' every fand ; 
Proclaim his grace mbrond; 
For ever inn his troth shall slaiidL 
Praise ye the fiutiifal God. 


1 pROM aU that dwell l«elow the Alea^ 
•t^ Let the Creator's iiraise ariw : 
Let the Redeemer's name be sung 
Thro* every land, by every tot^iiie. 

S Eternal are thy mercies. Lord ; 
Eternal tmth attends tbV word : 
TUy praise sbaU sound vom shore to shorc^ 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 


1 T'HY name, Atanighly Lmd, 

^ Sliall ^Mund thro' distant hmds : 
Oreat is thy grace, and sure thy word; 
Thy tmtn for ever stands. 

t Far be thme honour spread, 
And long thy praise endure, 
TiH momiog light and evening shade 
Shan be exchaig*d ife> more. 

WALM CXVni. V. 6-15. Ist. Part. (C. M.) 

Deliverance friym a Tumult. 

1 "yHE Lowl appears my helper now, 

*^ Nor is ray raith afraid j 

Wliat all the sons of earth can ^> j^ 

Since heaven alfonls its aid. #^ 

165 PSALMS. 

S Tis' safer « Lord, to hope in thee. 
And have my God my friend, 
Thau trust in men cf high degree,. 
And on their truth depend. 

3 like bees my foes .beset me round, 

A laise and angry swarm ; 
BiU I «uaU an their rage coafoond 
By thine almighty arm. 

4 Tis thro* the Lord m^ heart is «tron$. 

In him my lips rejoice ; 
While his salvation is my song. 
How cbeeriui is my voice ! 

5 Like angry bees they girt me roimd ; 

When God appears tiiey fly: 
So btirning thorns, with cracfciing sound. 
Make a fierce blaze, and die. 

6 Joy to the saints and peace bdoBgs ; 

The Lord protects their days : 
Let Israel tune immortal songs 
To iiis almighty grace. 

FSALM CXVin. V. n— 21. 2d Part. (C. M.) 
Public Praise for Deliverancefrom Death. 

T T ORD, thon hast heard thy servant cry, 
*^ And resai'd from the grave ; 
Now shall he live: (and none cm die 
If God resolve to save.) 

S Thv praise, more constant thaii before, 
Shall fill his daily breath; 
Thv hand, that hath chastis'd him sore, 
Defdids him still from death. 

3 Open the gates of Zion now, 

l^or we shall worship there. 
The bouae where all the righteous go 
Thy mercy to declare. 

4 Among th' assemblies of thy saints 

Our thankful voice we raise ; 
There we have told thee our complaints^ 
And there we speak thy pfaise. 

PSALM CX VII L v. 22. 23. SdPart. (CM.) 

Christ the Foundation qfkis Church. 

1 r>.EHOLD the sure fonndatioo-stone 
A> Which God in Zion lays. 
To build our heavenly hopes Hpon^ 
Attd his eternal praise. 

PSALMS. 161 

8 ClMMen of Ood. to wmcn detr. 
And aaints adore the name, 
They iTHft their whole salvation here. 
Nor abail they mtSa alnme. 

3 The fooHab bniUeta, aoibe and prieM, 

Ktjiect it With dndain ; 
Yet on tliia roek the charch shall rest. 
And envy rage hi vain. 

4 What tho' the gates of heH wllhstood. 

Yet mn^t this bailding rise: 
TIs thy own work, Alnfigbty uod. 
And wonderoos hi oar eyes. 

PSALM CXVIII. V. 24-90. 4th Part. (CM.) 

Hotarma ; the LortPs Day : oTs Chrittt Re» 
turreetion and our Salvation, 

1 'T*m& is the day the Lord hath made, 
'- He calls the hours his own ; 
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad. 
And praise sumMind the throne. 

£ To^v he rose and left the dead. 
And Satan's empire fell ; 
To4lav the saints his tiiamph ipraid. 
Ana all his wonders teO. 

3 Hoaanna to th* anointed King, 

To J>avid*s holy Son : 
Help OS. O Lord ; descend and hilng 
Sanation from thy tlirone. 

4 Blest be the Lord, who comes to men 

With messages oi grace ; x 

Who comes in God his Father's name 
To save oar sinful race. 

5 Hosanpa hi the hii^est stndns 

The church on earth can raise ; 
The highest heavens in which he reigns, 
ShaH give him nobler praise. 

PSALM CXVIH. v.«-^. (S.M.) 
An Hutanna Jbr the LoreFs Day. 


*EE what a living stone 
The bnilderB did refuse; 
Yet God hath built his chunh thereon 
^te of eavioua Jews. 

2 The scriiM aad iHtry pikil 
R^ect thiae only Sen ; 

Yet «& Uhb rock stett jfion leslv 
Aa the cUef canM>i;«tf>ie. 

3 Tbe work, O Lofd, is tUne, 
And wonderoiu in ouc eyct; 

Thifi 4iiy (kcUtres it aV cUvinei 
This day did J«8iip nstt. 

4 This is ttos giorioiis daty 
Tint onr Redeemer uaAi; 

Let m r^oice. and ^ng, and pray 
Let aU the chnrcli be glad. 

5 Hosanna to tiie king 
Of David's royal blood : 

B]es» hiw, ye saints; l^e coiqm tot liiivg 
Salivation from your God. 

§ We bless thine holy word, 
Which aU tliis pace dimiays; 
Aftd offer on thine altar, torid, 
Onr aacriflce of praiy. 

PSALIf CXVni. ver. 22-^, (L. M) 
Vic fOfliS. 

1 T O! what a riorioiw cover stOM 
■^ Jk» ifyKJah httildefs did refuse; 
Bot God liath hwlt his church ' 
In spite of envy and tl^ Je^s. 

8 Great God, tiie work is Bik diwiac^ 
The joy aiwl wonder of our eyes; 
This Is the day that proves ix thli|^ 
Tlie day that saw our Saviour rise. 

3 Sinners rdelee, and aainto be glad : 
Hosanna, let his name be blest : 

A thotuand honours on his head, 
With peace and Hgfat, and glory rest! 

4 In God's owtt name b» coMies to biiag 
Salvation to owr dying race : 

iJBt ite whole church addfen their King 
M'ith heatis oC joy and aoaga of pniie. 

PSALM CXIX. First Part. (CM.) 

TfuBlesgedneM afSaintsJ^Mtmryi^iSmiien. 

Ver. 1, e, S. 

* W'SS^ "^ ^ «w|e«ru in b«wt. 
i: Whose waya 4r« right and Gie«i> 

Hut fly from «iv<tfx ««u 

PSALMS. 169 

S Blest are the men that keep fbjr word, 
iliul practlM thf catmuandi ; 
With their whole heart they seek the Lord, 
And MTve tl«e wtth thdr hBMb. 

Ver. les. 

3 Great b thefar (Mcf who lore tby bw, 

Horn Ann their soub abide! 
Nor can a bold lenptatioii dmw 
Their skady teet a«de. 

Ver. 6. 

4 Then rinll my heart have inward Joy, 

And keepnqr ftce from Bhame, 
When aU tby statales I obey, 
And hooMur aH tby name. 

Ver. 21, 118. 

5 Biit hani^ty ainRerg God wiH hate. 

The proud shall die accurst ; 
The sons of feldiood and deceit 
Are trodden to the dijst. 

Vv. 119, 153. 

6 Vile as the dross the wicked are ; 

Ami those Ibat kevie digr way« 
Shall see 4ailvalio«i thw aAur, 
Bat never tasle tby grace. 

PSALM C^IX. Second Part (CM.) 
Secret Devotion <md SpiritHol MindednMt, 

Ver. 147, 55. 

1 npQ ftoe, bafor< the dawahig Itabt, 

* My snraciouB God, I pray; 
I meditat« Ihy name by night. 
And keep uiy law by day. 
Ver. 81. 

2 My spirit fiiints to see thy grace, 

Tky PfQaMe bean ne np; 
And while salvation long delays. 
Thy wont sopports my hope. 

Ver. 164. 
S Seven times a day Ihlt iny ha^di^ 
And pay my tbswkA to thee : 
Tby ripiteons iNrovidence ^H'iff'tfi<jfc 
Repeated pcaise ^oiD m*^ 
Ver. Cfi 
4 When oiidnlght daik'ness veils the aUe«» 
I call tby woriu to mtoid ; 
My thiMilits n warm devotioQ rise» 
And iwcel aoccptauoe ftHl. 

170 PSALMS. 

PSALM CXIX. Third Part. (CM.) 

Prqftmons of Sincerity, Bepentanoef an 

Ver. 5T, 60. 

1 TTHOU art my portion, O my God ; 

'• Soon as 1 know thy way, 
My heart makes haste t'obey thy word. 
And Miff<tr8 no delay. 

Ver. 30,14. 

2 I choose the path of heavenly tmth. 

And glory in my ciiuice: 
Not all the riches of the earth 
Could make me so rqoice. 

3 The testimimies of thy grace 

I set before my eyes; 
Thence I derive my daily strength. 
And there my comfort lies. 
Ver. 59. 

4 If once I wander from thy path, 

[ think upon my ways, 
Then turn my feet to thy comnuuids. 
And trust thy pardoning grace. 
Ver. 94,114. 
6 Now I am thine, for ever thine; 
O save thy servant. Lord ; 
Thou art my shield, my himng-place ; 
My hope is in thy word. 
Ver. 112. 
6 Thou bast incliu'd this heart of mine 
rhy statutes to fhlfil : 
And thus till mortal life shall end 
WouM I perform thy wiU. 

PSALM CXIX. Fourth Part. (C. M.) 
Instruction from Scripture. 

Ver. 9. 
1 T-TOW shall the young secure their beaili, 
* * And guard their lives from sin? 
Thy word the choicest rules impartt 
lo keep the consdeuce clean. 
- ,„. Ver. 130. 

« When once it enters to the mind. 
It spreads such .light abroad. 
The meanest Boub msti-uctiou find. 
And raise their thonshts to. God. 

PSALMS. 171 

Ver. 105. 

3 *Tls like the tan, a b<«v«nly V^t, 

Tbat guides us all tlie day; 
And thro* tbe dangers of the nigbt, 
A lamp to lead our way. 
Ver. 99. 100. 

4 The men that keep tby !aw with care,' 

And meditate thv word, 
€n>w wiser than their teaefaers are, 
And better know tbe Lord. 
Ver. 104, 113. 
& Thy precepts make me truly wise ; 
1 bate the sinners road ; 
1 hate my own vain thoo^ts that rise. 
But love thy law, my God. 
Ver. 89,90,91. 

6 [The starry faeaveus thy rale obey. 

The earth maintains her place; 
And these thy servants night and day 
Tby skill and power express. 

7 But still tby law and gospel, Lord, 

Have lessons more divine : 
Not earth stands firmer than thy word, 
Nor stars so nobly shine.] 
Ver. 160, 140, 9, 116. 

8 Tby word is everlasting hruth; 

How pure is everv paige! 
That hohr book shall guide onr youth. 
And wen support our age. 

PSALM CXIX. Fifth Part. (C. M.) 
Delight in Scripture, . 

Ver. 97. 

1 r\ HOW I love tby holy law! 
^-^ Tis daily my delight; 

And thence my meditations draw 
Divine advice by night. 
Ver. 148. 

2 My waking eyes prevent tbe dqr 

To meditate thy word ; 
My soul. with longing melts away 
To bear tby gospel, Lord. 
Ver. .^, 13. 54. 

3 How doth tby word my lieart engager! 

How weU employ my tongue i 
And in my tires«ine pilgrimage 
Yields me a heavenly song. 


Ver. 1% 303. 

4 Am I a straagtr, or at home, 

TU my perpetual feast ; 
Not bonejr dn>ppiBg from t^ comli 
So mach allnrea tbe tau^. 
Ynf . 72 127. 

5 Na trtawrcs so inricb the nuind; 

Nor shall thv word be aoU 
For Ipads of stiver wefl refla'd. 
Nor heaps of choicest sold. 
Ver. 88, 49, 115. 
• When aatwe links and Hpiritt droop. 
Thy promises of grace 
M9 vtaui to sapMMl my hope. 
And there I write thy praise. 

PSALM CXIX. Sixth Part. (C. M.) 
Hoiineu and Con^fvrtfrom the Word, 

Ver. 128. 
1 T ORD, I esteem thy jadgments right, 
t-^ AAd ali thy statutes Just; 
Thence I maintain a constant flght 
With every flattering hist. 
Ver. 97. 9. 
S Thy precepts often I survey; 
I lieep xjay bw in sight. 
Thro' an ttie business of the day. 
To form my actions right. 
Ver 62. 

3 My heart in midnight siloice cries, 

*< How sweet thy comforts be!" 
My thoughts in holy wonder rise, 
And bring their thanks l» thee. . 
Ver. 162. 

4 And when my spirit drinks her flH 

At some ^iod wont of thine. 
Not mighty men that share the spoil 
Have joys oompar'd m mtaie. 

PSALM CXK. Seventh Part. (CM.; 

JmperfectioH qf Nature and Perfection qf 

_ _^ „Ver. 96. paraphrased. 
1 T vr all the heathen writers Join 
^ To form one perfect book. 
Great God. if once compared with «fc'"^ 
How meaa their wrttta^s l«ek» ^^ 

PSALMS. 173 

S Not the most perfect ralm thry ,gsvt 
CouM i^btw one mo forglTai, 
Nor lead a step beyond tfae grave ; 
Bat thine oondnct to heaven. 

3 rve seen an end of what we cam 

Perfectitn here below; 
How short tile powera or nature All» 
And can no wlber go : 

4 Yet men WooM fiun be iust with God 

By works their hands nave wroogtat; 
But thy commands, exceeding broad. 
Extend to every thoueM. 

5 In vain wt boast periectkn here, 

While sill denies oar frame. 
And sinlu onr virtoes down so tot, 

Tbe3r scarce deserve the name. 
A Our faith and love, md every gra«» 

FaH ftr bdow thy word ; 
But perfect troth and r^teooaoesa 

DweU only wiHi the Lord. 

PSALM CXiX. Eighth Part. (C. M.) 

The Word of God is the Saints Portion. 

Ver. 111. paraphrased. 
1 r ORD, I have made thy worJ my choice^ 
^-^ My lasting heritage : 
There shall my noblest powers r^oice. 
My wannest thoughts engage. 
S 1:11 read the histories of thy love. 
And keep thy kiws in sight. 
While thro' the promises I rove 
With ever.frfcfih delight. 

3 Tis a broad land of wealth iuikaown» 

Whd-e sprinp of Mb arise, 
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown. 
And bidden glory lies. 

4 The best ndlef that monmers have, * 

It makes oar tonrowB blest i 
Onr lairest hope beyond the grave. 
And oor eternal rest. 

1>SALMCXIX. MnfhPaft. (CM.) 
Desire ttf KnowUflge ; or, the Teaching of 
the Spirit wUh the Word. 
Ver. 64, 68. 18. 
1 nrn^ mercies flU tfafe earth, O Lord, 
A How good Ihy works appear ! 
Open miae eyes to read thy word. 
And see'lby wonders fliere. 

174 PSALMS. 

Ver. 13, 125. 
S My heart was fashioird by thy hand. 
My service is tUy due: 
O malie tby servant uiiderBtand 
The duties be must do. 
Ver. 19. 

3 Since I'm a stralnzer here below, 

Let not tby path be hid ; 
But mariL the road my feet should go. 
And be my constant guide. 
Ver. 26. 

4 When I coufess'd my wandering ways. 

Thou heard'st my soul complain : 
Grant me the teachings of thy grace. 
Or i shall stray again. 
Ver. .s:i, 34. 

5 If God to me bis statutes sbew. 

And heavenly troth impart. 
His work tor ever I'll pursue. 
His law shall rule my heart. 
Ver. 50, 11. 

6 This was my comfort when I bore 

Variety ot grief j 
It made me learn tby word the more. 
And ay to that relief. 
• Ver. 51. 

1 In vain the proud deride me now; 
I'll ne'er foreet thy law, 
Nor let tliat blessed gospel go. 
Whence all my hopes I draw. 
Ver 21 171. 
8 When I have learnd my fethers will, 
I'll teach the world his ways ; 
My thankful lips inspir'd with zeal 
Shall loud pronounce bis praise.] 

PSALM CXIX. Tenth Part. (C. M.) 
Pleading tht Premises. 

Ver. 38, 49. 
1 13 EHOLD thy waiting servant, Lofd, 
^ Devoted to thy fear ; 
Rememb^ and confirm thy word, 
fot all my hopes are there. 
Ver. 41, 58, lOT. 
t Hast thou jiot writ salvation doim, 
And iNTomis'd quickening grawr 
Doth not my heart address lUy throne 7 
And yet thy love debys. 

PSALMS. 175 

Vgt MH 42 

3 Mine «f«s for tby aalvation fid!; 

bear thy servant up; 

Nor M tbe scoflteg lipt prevail. 
Who dare reproach my hope. 
Ver. 49 74. 

4 Didst thou not raise my fiiith, O Lord? 

Then let thy truth appear: 
Saints shall rejoice in my reward. 
And tnist as well as fear. 

PSALM CXIX. Eleventh Part. (C. M.) 
Breathing after JUoUnesi. 

Ver. 5, 33. 

1 /^^THAT the Lord wonM guide my ways 
^' To keep bis statutes stiff! 

O that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do his wiU! 
Ver. 29. 

2 O send thy Spirit down to write 

Thv law upon my heart ! 
Nor let my tougue indulge deceit, 
' Nor act the liar's part. 
Ver. 37, 36. 

3 From vanity tnm off my eyes: 

Let no corrupt de^. 
Nor covetous desires arise 
Withm this soul of mine. 
Ver. 133. 

4 Order my footsteps by thy word, 

And make my heart sincere ; 
Let sin have no dominion, Lofd, 
But keep my conscience clear. 
Ver. 176. 

5 My sonl hath gone too far astray, 

My feet too oAen slip ; 
Yet since Fve not forgot thy way. 
Restore thy wandering sheep. 
Ver. 35. - 

6 Make me to walk m thy commands, 

'TIS a deliehtfiil road ; 
Nor let my bead, nor heart, nor hands. 
Offend agahist my God. 

PSALM exix. Twelfth Part. (CM.) 
Breathing after Comfort and Deliverance. 

Ver. 153. 
1 \SY God, consider my distress, 

■*>'■■■ Let mercy plead my cause ; 

Tho' 1 have stnn d against tby grace, 

1 can't forget thy laws. 


Vier. 9!^. il6. 
S Forbid. f«ittd the aterp r«ploMh 
Which I so jtHtiy few : 
Uphold my Itfc, vphoM njr tan^et. 
Nor let my shame appear. 
Ver. 152,135. 

3 fie ttion a snrety, Lonl, for tat. 

Nor let the prood oppress; 
Bat make thy wMtlttg servant aee 
Hie shillings of thy tsce. 

Ver. m. 

4 My eyes with expettMioi fiM, 

My heart within me cries, 
" When wiU the liOfd his tnitfa ftiMl, 
** And nake my comforts rise .'" 
Ver. iw. 

5 Look down upon my sorttms, Leidy 

And shew thy grace the same 
As thou lot ever wont t'alTord 
To those ttert love thy name. 


PSALM CXIX. TUrteentfaPait. (CM.) 
Holy Fear and Tenderness qfConscUnce» 

Vef> 10. 
^ITH my whole heart Fve sought thy i»e, 
O let me never stray 
From thy couumnds, O God of grace. 
Nor tread the sinaers' way. 
Vgf. 11, 
S Thy word IVe hid within my heart 
To kedp ray conscience c»ban. 
And be an everlasting guard 
From every rising sm. 

Ver. 63. 33, 158. 

3 Tm a eompani<in of the sainff 

Who fear and love the Lora; 
My sorrows rise, my nature tsUnts, 
wiKii men tt-ansgress thy word. 

. ^ . Ver. 161, 163. 

4 White sinners do thy gospel wrong, 

My spirit stands in awe; 
My soul abhors a lyJRg tongue, « 

Bat loves thy righteous kw. 
VfcT. JGl, ICO. 

5 My heart with sacred revereuee head 

The threateninss of thy woni: 
**?J**^^^**** *><"y treinWiur fean 
The Judgmeuti 9f the JUk2. 

PSALMS. irr 

^ ^ ^ ^ - . ^«'- i^' W4. 
6 M y God, I lofllK, I hope, I wait 

For tby salvatton stiil; 
WbUe ttqr whole bw u my ddkfat. 

And t obey tby wiU. '"*'*"'» 

PSALM CXIX. Fourteenth Put (CM.) 

Ver. 15.\81,82. 
1 /CONSIDER all my aorrows. JUitL 
^^ And ray deliverance send; 
My tofii for thy salvation Cunti; 
when win my troubles end» 
Ver. 71. 
e Yet I have fomd, 'tis kood for me 
To bear my Father's rod; 
Afllictioas make me learn thy hw 
And "five upon my God. - ' 

Ver. 50 

3 TWs is the comfort! enioy 

when new distreas begtais, 
I read tby word, I run thy way. 
And hate my former sius. 

4 Had not thy woid been my delkht 

When earthly joys were fled. 
My soul opprest with sorrow's weiriit 
Had sunn amongst the dead. 
Ver. 75. 

5 I tepw fliy jodgments, Loid, are ridiL 

Tho tbey may seem severe; 

Tbe sharpest safieriitKs I endure 

Flow from thy fiiithfal care. 

6 Before I knew thy cbasteuhic r«d 

My feet were apt to stray; 
But now f learn to keep thy word. 
Nor wander from thy way. 

PSAUfCXIX. Fiftetnth Part. (CM.) 

Bolif Resolutions, 

Ver. 93. 

^ O 2?47'i'*y.?^'"*«» «^«ry boor 
^ Might dweU upon my mfaul! 

Hience I derive a quickemng power. 

And daily peace I find. • ' . 

. / 


1178^ PSALMS. 

V«L 13. Kr. 
8 To mefitateliiy vrecepts, Lotd^ 
Shall be my sweet employ; 
My soul 4|MW ne'er forget my ^nta. 
Thy word is a)l my joy. 
Ver. 32. 

3 How would I ran in thy commaiMMi 

' If thou «y litfift <i8clmi]g« 
rrom ito am Sanaa's hatefiil ckv/u^ 
And set my feet at large! 
Ver. 13, 46. 

4 My lipe wfth courage shall declare 

Thy statutes and thy nam? :. „ . 
ru speak thy word, tno* kings sfaaH liev> 
Nor yield to sinftd shame. 
V«r. 61,69,10. 

5 Let ban£ls of persecutors rise 

To rofe me of niy rtalit, , 
Let pride and maJioe m9t( ^^ '^ 
Thy law is my deligbt* 
Ver. n$. 

6 Depart from is*, ye wicked mm. 

Whose hHDds and hearts art iH: 
I love my God, I love hie «ayi« 
And must obey his will. 

PSALM. Cxnc. WjteentKPart. (C.M.> 
Prayer for Quickening Gnut, 

Vet. 25, 37. 

1 XTY soul lies cleaving to Voi% dust: 
■1-^A Lord, »ve me life divine ; 

F<v vain desires and every lust 
Turn off these eyes of mine. 

2 I need tft» iitflHeiioe of tby gnat 

To speed me in tiqr wajr, 
Lest I shoold loiter in my nee. 
Or turn my. feet vslray. 

Ver. 107. 
3^ When sore aJOictions pc«ss v^ 4oin|| 
I need thy quickening powers ; 
lliy word that 4 have resteii «a 
Shall help my heaviest hours. 

' Ver. 156»40^ , 
4 Are not thy mercies sovensioi stiD? 
And^tteu a fiittblW tioid? 
Will thou not graut me Tvacner aed 
To ruB the lieavem^ road i ' 

V8AIMS, ]7» 

And long to He tby ^kce? 
WttlMUt eatiiteiuttK meel 

6 Hieii ab%Il ) love thy g^Moel qwM. 
And ne'er foiaet thy word. 
When I iiave felt ile cukboto; power 
To ORur aw nev tSue iord. 

PSALM CXIX. «eve«t^tli P«rt (L. ¥.) 
Couragti ^Perseverance underPcrucutiim. 

^^ Ver. 143,28. 
^ W*??' P^" ^^ anffliaii seve me, L<»i!. 
J i^ i?J^ fttPPort 18 firoin thy word: 
My 8oa» dteflo|v<9 for heaymess, 
Uphold me with thy strenctheninff grace, 
«^ u.^«'- 6i.e9,iio. ^^ 

« The proud have frwnd (hf^ir MMflbaiMi tia. 
P«y.'w»tefc n»y fett wftk «ivioH* eyeiL • 
And tempt my leiil to mates and am. 
\ et Ihy eoHUBMida I jm'w decline. 

* J^»«y *^ »«• *-«*. wiifcmrt a caon. 
They hate h» sm mti hm iJby lawaT 
Bur I wiu irjw aari fear U»y iwrie. 
Tin pnde avd m^e dk wUb Oimnt. 

PSHLRkJxIX. LastJTut. (L.M.) 
'Sanctifieel 4fflictuou. 

Xnal forc'd njy conscience to a staiui. 
Ana brought my viMkleiimg soul t« God » 

2 Foolish and vam, I went agiray 
Ere I had fett tl^ bcowj^ L«Fd, 
I left my guide, and lost my w«y • 
Bat now i Iovq and 1^ ttir wird. 

Ver, 7 ! . 

3 Tw good for me to'w^r the yoke. 
Sr P"* » ^ •<> MM »»d well; 
niB good to IMW my ftihers siroU, 
That I might learn his stotnlfii weM. 

^ J^<L *^'^ **"•* *«ttea '*aiB ito monUi < 
Ift** "fi^u"? cheedhl ntsSMis more 
'Tbm all the treaMire» uTt^ rr^*. 
Or w<«iei]i iiUb of gttidca o£4^ 

180 PSALMS. 

Ver. 73. 
ft Thy hands bare made my mortal framev 
Thy Spirit formHI my soul witbin ; 
Teach me to know thy wonderoiu name, 
Aud guard me safe from death aud sin. 

Ver. 14. 
6 Then all that love and fear the Lord 
At my salvation shall rejoice ; 
For 1 have hoped in thy word. 
And made thy grace my only choice. 

tiomplaint of quarrelsome Neighbourt, 

I nrHOU God of love, thou ever-blest 
»- Pity my suffering state : 
When wilt thou set my soul at rest 
From lips that love deceit? 
S Hard lot of mine! my days are cast 
Among the sons of strife, 
Whose uever-ceasing brawlings waste 
My golden hours of life. 

3 O might I fly to change my place. 

How would I choose to dwell 
In some wide kmesome wilderriessy 
Aiul leave these gates of hell ! 

4 Peace is the blessing that I seek,. 

How lovely are its charms? 
I am for peace ; but when I speak. 
They all declare for arras. 

5 New passions still their souls engage. 

And keep their maKce strong : 
What shall be done to curb thy rage, 
O thou devouring tongne! 

6 SbonM bumilkg arrows smite thee through, 

Strict justice would approve; 
Bat I had rather spare my foe, 
And melt his heart with love. 

Divine Protection. 

1 T TP to the hills I lift mine eves, 
^ Tb' eternal liUls beyond the skies; 
Thence all her help my soul derives : 
There my Almighty refoge lives. 

t He lives ; the everlasting God, 
That built the worU, that spread the flood : 
The heavens with ail their hosts he made. 
And the dark regions of the dead.. 


3 He foklefl our feet, be guards onr way; 
His mornins-siniles bless aH tbe day ; 
He spreads tbe evening-veU, and lu^ 
Tbe sileDt hours wUle Israel sleeps. 

4 Israel, a oame divinely blest. 
May rise secure, securely rest ; 
Tby holy guardian's wakeful eyes 
Admit no slumtier nor surprise. 

5 No son shall smite thy head by day. 
Nor the pale moon with sickly ntj 
Shan blast tby couch : no boteYul btfr 
Dart his maiiguaiit Are so far. 

^ Should earth and hell with malice bam. 
Still thou Shalt so and still return 
Safe in the Lord ; his heavenly caie 
Defends thy life nrom every snare. 

1 On thee fonl qaifits have no power; 
And in thy last departing hour ^ 

Angels, ttat trace the airy road, 
Shall hear thee homeward to thy Go4. 


Preservation by Day and A'i>W. 

1 n^O heaven I lift my waiting eyes, 

*- There all my hopes are laid : 
Tbe Lord that built the earth and skioi 
Is my perpetual aid. 

2 Their ietx shall never sKde to £01, 

Whom he des^ms to keep; 
His esff attends the softest can. 
His eyes can never sleep. 

3 He will sustain onr weakest powtn 

With bis almighty arm. 
And watch our m<i^t unguarded boon 
Against snrpriHDg harm. 

4 Israel, rejoice and rest secure, 

Tby keeper is the Lord ; 
His wakeful eyes employ his power 
Tor thine eternal guard. 

5 Nor. scorching sun, nor ^ckly moon 

Shall have his leave to smite ; 
He shields tby head from buraing wtno. 
From blasting damps at night. 

6 He guards thv soul, he keeps thy breads 

Where thickest dangers come ; 
Co and return, secure fh>m death, 
^ God commands thee hoioc. 



188 PSALM5L 

FSALlfCXXI. As tte l«»ft PsahA. 
God our Preserver. 

t TTPWAR© I lift «tee ey*», 
v> From God is aB my aW ; 
The 6od tliat bnilt the afiies. 
AuA eanb and nafiire msidc ; 

God is tbe tower 

To Miich I fly; 

His f rtce n mffk 

lu every boor. 

t My feet shall never sMe 
And fiA m fbtal snares. 
Since Ood. inv gtt»d and gioA^ 
Defends loe mmi my fears: 

Those wakefiil eyea 

That never sleep 

Shall Israel ke<9|> 

When dangers rise. 

3 No burning heats by day. 
Nor Masts «f eventi«-ah-, 
ShaH take my health ?.way» 
If God be vriA nae there: 

TboB »t my son. 
And thou my shade, 
To gaard my bead 
By night or aooft. 

4 Hast thon not fiwn thy ««i« 
To save ray sotd fkmn deatk? 
And I can trast my Lord 

To keep my mortal breath 
ru go and come, 
Nor fear to die. 
Till from on hi$;h 
Thou call me home. 

Going to Church. 

1 rrOW did my bent n^tee to hcu 
J-* My friends devaniy say, 
" Id Zion let m all appear, 
'* And keep tbe solemn day!" 

£ t love her ^ates, I love the rotd { 
The church adom'd wtth frteee 
Stands like a palace linilt for 0«d 
To shew Ilia aihtar fiMC. 



3 Up to bcr cowls with joys unknown 

The Son of DavM holda bis throne. 

And sits fn jirtenent there. 
,«'!¥<» iMttn cMrVraBes wai compMmab ' - 

And wbOe ki» awfnl voice 
Wrt»id» the rinAerB from the tuOKtB, 

We tremble mid rdoioe. 
5 P«8oe he iHtido IWb dHSed idice. 

And Jby a oontlaiit gBestt 
With htty eMb and facafcoly ^ce 

Be her atteMatat* Meat! 
B^y sonJ shall piay for Zion stiU, 

While life or breath remains : 
There my best friends, ray fciMdred dinn. 

There God my Saviour reigns. 

PSAIM CXXtl. Proper Tvne. 

Going to Omrch. 

1 IJOW nhard and Mest was I^ 
* ■■^ To hear the veople cry, 
" C^Mne, let us seek oar God today !" 
¥es, with a chcerfbl zeal. 
We haste 40 Zkw's m^ . 
, And there our vows and honoui s pay. 
S Zion, thii<^ happy place, 
AdMiiM with wMrierons trac^. 
And waOs of *eligtfa entbraoe thee tomid; 
hi thee oar tribes appear 
To pny, and praise, autd hear 
The sacred gospel^ Joyfttl sound. 
S There David's greater Son 
Has thCA his royaJ t hrone. 
He shs for ipfice and js^tifeift thftfrj * ■ 
He bids the saint foe ^ad, 
He mAe& the sinner sad. 
And bnmMe wah r^oice with ftalr. f 

4 May peace attend thy fait<v 
And joy within thee wait 

To Mess the awd of every gnesi! . 

The man that seeks Ay peace. 

And wishes thine increase, 
A thousand hteteings ^httti VeA? 

5 MV toh^e repeats K. jVolvs, 
** Peacie to tltts sacred lionse r " ' 

Pot tfiere rtiy friends Knd MiidrM d?»«n: 

And since KQr ^oiods God 

If sices thee his Mest abodei, 
My aool shall ever tove tJbee well. 

}94 PSALMS. 

Pleading with Sujfmnsuor* . 
1 r\ THOU, whose grace and justice reiiB 
v^ Enthroned above the tkies, , 
To thee our heart* wouW tell their pua. 
To thee we lift our eyes. 
S As servants watch their masters' band. 
And fear the angry stroke; 
Or maids before their mistress stand. 
And wait a peaceful look ; 

3 So for our sins we justly fed 

Thy discipline, O God ; 
Yet wait the gracions moment still. 
Till thou remove thy rod. 

4 Those that in wealth and pleasor^ live. 

Our daily groans deride. 
And thy delays of mercy give 
Fresh courage to their pnde. 

5 Our foes insult us, but oor hope 

'tn Uiy compassion lies; 
This thought shall b«ar our spirits up. 
That God wiH not despise. 

A Song for the Fifth qf Notember. 

1 OAD not the Lord, may Israel say, 
rl Had not the Lord mamtam'd our side, 
When men, to make onr lives a prey, . 
Rose like the swelling of the tide ; 

S The Awelliug tide had stopt our breath. 
So fiercely did the waters roU. 
We had been swallow'd deepa aeatn: 
Proud waters had o'erwhelm'd our souL 

3 We leap for joy, we shout and sing, 
Who just escap'd the fatal stroke ; 

So files' the bird with cbeerfiil wing, , 
When once the fowler's snare Is broke. 

4 For ever blessedlie the Lord, 
Who broke th%) 4^ler*s cursed snare. 
Who sav d us l^cm the murderiug awora, 
And made our lives and souto bis care, 

5 Oiur help is n Jehovah's name, 

Who furm'd the earth, and built tbe skies* 
He tbat upholds that wonderous frame, 
•Qfitida his own church with watckfol eyei. 

PSALMS. 185 

F9ALM CXXV. (C. M.) 

The Saintt Trial,and Safety. 

1 TTNSHAREN as the sacred biU, 
^ And finii as nioiittta)ii9 be, 
firm as a rods the sovi shall rest 
That leans, O Lord, «n. thee. 

8 N4rt waHs bor biHs eooM ginird so well 
OM Salem's happy gronnd, 
As those eternal amis of love 
That every saint nirroond. 

3 While tyrants are a smarting scomge 

To dnve them near to G^, 
Divine compassion docs allay ■' 
The fury of the rod. 

4 Deal genflv, Lord, with souls sincere, 

And lead them safely on 
To the bright gates of Paradise, 
Where Christ their Lord is gone. 

5 But if we trace those crooked ways 

That the old serpent drew. 
The wrath that drove him first to heO 
Shall smite his ftrilowers too. 

27t€ Saints Trial and Safety, 

1 T7IRM and anmov'd are they 

*r That rest their souls on God ; 
Finn as the mount where David dwel^ 
Or where the su'k abode. 

2 As mountains stood to guard 
The city's sacred ground, 

So God and his ahntghty love 
Embrace his saints around. 

3 What tho' the Father's rod 
Drop a chastising stroke. 

Yet, lest it wouud their souls too deep. 
Its fury shall be broke. 

4 Deal gently, Lord, with those ^ 
Whose faith and pious fear. 

Whose hope, and love, and every grace - 
Proclaim their hearts sincere. 

5 Nor shall the tyranfs rage 
Too long oppress the saint ; 

The God of Israel will support ' 
Bis ctaildreu, l«st they «Unt. 

1^ PSAOfflL 

e Bat if ow Bbvisb fear 

wm chotm the vqad H 4x11, 
We must expect our portion tner^ 

WJlCBV OMCKT BnHI6n fff^Cn. 

Surprising IkUveramx. 

I TI7HEN ^Mt }rtsisgfi <Mr «ftpilv« slate, 
* ^ -J«y WW «ur eoai;,«i4 grace iMHr ttette; 
The grace beyoai our hope eo gi-eM» 
That joy appear*^ « fMiMed clreaoi. 

£ The «coffer owm tiqr haml, aai p«]« 
UnwUliBg taenown to thy imbm; 
Wbue we wtfh pleasure riioat O^ praise. 
With cheerM Botea thy leve fceclsiBft. . 

S When we review am dirtnal fan, 
TwjM hard to think they'd vanish so; 
With God we left OKir KkoWing tears. 
He maJtes our joyfe like Titers flow. 

4 The man tliat in hi^ furntw^d field 
His scatter'd seed with sadness leaves. 
Will sfaont to see tlie hai^tet yWld 
A welcome load irf" joyfifl shems. 

The Joy efa rejnctrkta>ie fJbnrtrsian. 

1 WHEN God reVeard bis grtchms name, 

*' And cfaang'd m^ flseiimiil ^statB^ 
My rapture aeem'd a pkaatag 4ccam» 
Tlie grace apfteafd so ffreat^ 

2 The world beheM Wie glcirious €hahg& 

And did mf haftd oMAm ; 
My tongue brefce out hi unkaomi siraini^ 
And sung sorpilstaig grace. 

3 " Great is the wotli,'* my nelgbbotars d/^ 

And own'd the power divine; 
" Great is the work," my heart repiyU 
** And be the glory thine.** . 

4 The Lord can clear the darkest skies, 

Can ffive us day fdt night, 
l%ke (farops of sacred sorrow rise 
To rivers of delight. 

* Ml 9***« H^?* WW te sadness wtit 
*^J*" ^i?*..^"" *»rv«»t come, 
They shall cuufese their sheaves an ineiL 
And shout the Uessiiiga kame. 

PSAtMS. 1^ 

« Tbo* tttA Be batfi km te ^hM, 
It shan't deceive tbeir hope. 
The prcciotts grata can ne^er he lott» 
For 9race iiisnreB the oup. 


The Biaamg of God ontke Buthteuwtd 
VomfoTta f^IAfe. 

1 TF •tfA saceeed net. aH the coat 
•i- And miw to buiM the hoow are feat: 
If God we city will not keep. 
The wa^cMiil foax^ as well any sleep. 

£ What if you nse before the uin. 
And West and toll when day is done^ 
Careful and sparing eat your bread. 
To shdn that poverty you dread ; 

3 Tia all in vaiA. (fll Uod haih blest: ' 
He can make rich, yet give us rest; 
CbildrefL and Tridldl are UM^Mgs too» 
If God our sovereign make tbem so. 

4 Happy the tnan to whom he sends 
obeoKttt cMMreii, ftiithftil friends: 
How sweet onr daily cenrfbrts prove 
IVheii they ai« seasoaM wiA his love! 

God all in all. 

1 f F God to hnild Hie faonae deny, 
■i- The iNiiklen work in vain ; 

And towns, without his wakeful eye. 
An useless watch maintain. 

2 Bef<M'e the morning beams arise, 

Your painful work renew. 
And till the stars ascend tlie skies. 
Your tiresome toil pursue. 

3 Short be your sleep, and coarse yoar fue ; 

In vain, fill Odd has blest ; 
Bat if his smiles attend yotnr care. 
Yon shall have Ibod and rest. 

4 Nor children, relatives, nor ftieads, 

Shall reaS blessings prove, 
Nor all the earthly joys be seiHh, 
If aent without tau kwe. 

PSALM cxxvin. (c. nr. 

Family BUuing*. 
HA^PY maa, whose ami is fllN 
With zeal Mid reverend awe! 

Bis Hfw to God their honours yield. 

f- His life ad«nui the. Jaw. 



1«8 PSALMS. 

S A careftil providence shall stand 
And ever guard thy head. 
Shall on the hiixmrs of tfay hand 
ItB kindly blessings shed. 

3 [Thy wife shall be a finitAil vine ; 

Thy children round thy board. 
Each like a plant of honour shine. 
And learn to fear the Lord.] 

4 The Lori shall thy best hopes folfil 

For months and years to come ; 

The Lord, who dwells on Zion's bill, 

fihall send thee blessings home. 

5 This is the man whose happy eyes 

Shall see his house increase. 
Shall see the sinking church arise. 
Then leave. the world in peace. 


Persecutors pttniiked. 
1 T IP from my youth, may Israel say, 
^ Have 1 been nurs*d in tears ; 
My grl^ff were constant as the day. 
And tedious as the years. 

S Up fr<Hn my youth I bore the rage 
Of all the sons of strife ; 
Oft they assail'd my riper age. 
But not destroy'd my lite. 

3 Their cruel plough had torn my flesh, 

With furrows long and deep; 
Hoiu-iy they vex'd my wounds afresh, 
Nor let my sorrows sleep. 

4 The Lord grew an^ on his throne, 

And with impartial eye, 
Mea»ur'd the mischiefs they had done. 
Then let his arrows fly. 

5 How was their insolence snrpris'd, 

To )iear his thunders roll! 
And all the foes of Sion seiz^ 

With horror to the soul. 
e Thus shall the men that hate the sahiti 

Be blasted from the sky ; 
~ Their glory fedes, their courage liiints, 

And all their prctjects die. 
1 [What tho' they flourish tali and 6ir, 

They have no root beneath ; 
Their growth shall perish in despair. 

And lie despis'd in death J 

PSALMS. 189 

t ISo com tint on the honse-top studs. 
No hope of harvest gives : 
The reaper ne'er shall fill his hands. 
Nor balder fold the sheaves. 
9 It springs and withers on the place : 
No traveller bestows 
A word of blessing on the crass. 
Nor minds it as he goes.] 


Portioning Grcux. 

1 f\lJT of the deeps of long distress, 
vy Tlie borders of despair, 
1 seiit my cries to seek thy grace, 
BIy groans to move thine ear. 
S Great God. should thv severer eye. 
And tbiue impartial hand, 
Mark and revenue iniautty, 
No mortal fledi could stand. 

3 But there are pardons with my God 

For crimes of fakb degree; 
Thy iion has bought them with his biood» 
To draw us near to tliee. 

4 [I Hait for thy salvation, Lwd, 

. With strong desires i wait ; 
Hy soul, invited by thy word, 
Stands watching at mft^e.] 

5 [Ju&t as the guards that keep the night ' 

Long for toe. morning skies, 
liVatch the first beams of breaking light, 

And meet them with their eyes; 
^ So waits my soul to see thy grace, 

And more intent than they, 
Meets the first openings of thy foce, 

And finds a brighter day.] 
n Then in the Lord let Israel trust. 

Let Israel seek his face ; 
The Lord is s^xhI as well as just. 

Ana pleute<!us is his grace. 
8 There's full redemption at his throne 

i'OE sinners long ensbtv'd ; 
The great Rcdjeemer is bis Son, 

Awl Israel shall be savM.] 

Pardoning Grace 

1 tTROM deep distress and tronbied thoughts, ' 
r To thee, my God, I ralsd my cries i 
If thou severely mark our faults, 
Ko flosh can Mand before tbiue eyes. 


S Bat Ihoa famt taitt tby tlkow of gnc«» 
Free to dispense thy ptrtoiM tfiere. 
That liBBevs may appfoacb Hhy fttoe, 

■ And hope a«d lov«, m wdl as iear. 

3 As the beniglited piterims vvait. 
And long and vtub for breaking day. 
So waits my aonl tiefore tl^ gate ; 
When will my God his ftce display ? 

4 My' trust i» a^'d upon tby wrd. 
Nor shall I trust thy word io. vain : 
Let mourning soul^ address nie Lord, 
And OMd selief iroiEk aU thei» pate. 

5 Great is his love and larse his grace. 
Thro' the rederaption of n» 8oa ; 
He turns our l«et from sinfiil ways. 
And p»d«n» what otir battd» have dene. 


JfyntiHtj^ qnd Submmion, 

1 TS there iirabitioii iit my Heart ? 
^ S«ai>eh. gracioaft Ood^ Md see; 
Or do I act a haughty part? 
Lord, I appeal to thee. 

9 I charge my tbmTfitt, he Gamble stiD, 
And all Biy carriage mM; 
Coiittint, my Father, witli thy wiiV 
And quiet as a child. 
3 The fmtietit son), the lowly Q|iad« 
Shall JiOMe a Iprge rewacii : 
Let B?.ifiH in sofrow lie re^giVd, 
And trust a fiwtbful Uad. 

PSALM CXXXU. vei.5, 13-18, (L. M.) 

At the SetOement qf a efmn^; or the OrdU 

nationqf /I Minuter. 

1 IITHERE shall we go to seek and Qp4 
* *^ An habitation for our God, 
A dwelling for tb' Eternal mind. 
Amongst the sobs of fieah and blood? 

S The God of Jacob chose the biM 
Of Zion for his ancient rest : 
And Zion is his dwettrnir stfl)« 
His church is wHb his presence blest 

5,-* Here wUl I fix my gracious tbroii«, 
" And reign for ever (saith the Lord); 
!! Here shall my power and love be known, 
*' And hieasings abau attend ny wtffl. 


PSALMS. 191 

4 ** Hew will I meet the liiiffy peer, 

*' And fill their souIb with livng hrewl : 
" Sttioem thM wiHt befere my door, 
" With sweet pmvwiono ehatt be feik 

5 '* GirdedwithtraUi,aiidolotb'dwilhgrace» 
" My priests, my mbmters ifaaU shine; 

" Not Aaron is ms costly dress, 

'* Made an appearance so divine. ,^ 

6 *^ The saint!!, anaMe to contain 

" Their inward joys, Aall shoot and sing! 
** The Son of ENmd here sbatt reign, 
" And Zion trimvtpli in her king. 

7 " Jrsns shall see a nom'roas seed 

" Bom here, t' uph<d4 Us glorious name : 
*' His crown sbaJl ftonrisb on his bead, 
*' Yfkiitf aJlhw foes are doth'd with sbanW'" 

PSALM CXXXn. 4. 5, T, 8, 15-lT. (C. M.^ 
A Church atabUshed. 

•leep MMT slwiibev to bit eyet 
Good mm wenki ai«Dd, 
Till he haid found, bekw the sluea 
A 4welipg t>r the tord. 

2 The Lord in Tktn plat'd bis name. 

His ark was settled there; 
To Zion the whole nation came 
To worship thrice a year. 

3 But we have no such lengjQu to goi„ 

Nor wander fu abroad ; ' 
Where'eF thy saints assemble now. 
There is a bouse for God.] 


4 Arise, O King of Grace, acise. 

And enter to thy rest! 
Lo! tint chnrch watts with longing eyes^ 
Thus to be own.4 and blest. 

5 Enter with aH thy glorious train. 

Thy Suirit and thy word; 
All that the ark did once contain. 
Could no such grace afford. 

6 Hen, m^(btv- God I accept <Mir vowa^ 

Here let thy praise be sprend; 
BJess the pro«i«iuns «f thy boasts 
And 4H thy pnoc with bread. 

7 Here M the fkMi of David reign; 

Let God's anointed shin^; 
Justice a^Ml ttuAi bi« court mahital^f 
With tovt and powt ^viM, 

T ^' 

19« PSALMS. 

8 Here let him hold a lasting tliroBe; 

And as bis kiogdom grows^ 
Fresh honours shall adorn lus crown. 
And shame confound his foes. 


Brt^herly Love. 
what an entertaining sight. 
Are brethren that agree ; 
Brethren whose cheerful hearte unite 
In bands of piety ! 
£ When streams of love from Christ the spring 
Descend to evl-y soai. 
And heav'nly peace, with balmy wing. 
Shades and bedews the whole ; 

3 Tis Uke the oil divinely sweet 

On Aaron's revYend head; 
The trickling drops perfimi'd bis feet. 
And o'er lus garments spread. 

4 Tis pleasant as the morning dewB 

That iaU on Zion's hill, 
Where <;od his mildest gloiy shews. 
And makes his grace mstil. 


Communion qf Saints ; or, Love and Wor- 
ship in a Family. 

1 DLEST are the sons of j)eace, 

^ Whose hearts and hopes are one; 
Whose kind designs to serve and please. 
Thro' all their actions run. 

9 Blest- is the pions house 
Wliere zeal and friendship meet, 

Their songs of praise, their mingled vows. 
Make their communion sweet. 

3 Thus when on Aaron's head 
They ponr'd the rich perfume. 

The od thro' all his raiment spread. 
And pleasure till'd the room. 

4 Thus on the heavenly hills. 
The sahifs are blest above. 

Where joy like morning dew distils^ 
And all the air is love. 

The Blessings of Friendship. 

% T-T^^ pleasant 'tis to see 
^* Kindred and friends agree, 
Each iu tiieir proper station move; 
And each fulfU their part, 
With sympathising heart. 
In all the cares of life and lovel 

PSALMS. 193 

S "lis like flie oiMnent ifaed 
Ou Aaron's ncred twad, 
DlviDely rich, divinely sweet: 
The oii fhro^ all the room 
DiflTfu'd a choice peifiime, 
lUn thro' M» rolMs, and blatf his feet. 
3 tike fruitfinl showers of niu. 
That water aB the plahi, 
Descendii^ from the neighb'Einc hilto; 
Bach streams of pleasore roll 
Thro' ev*i> friendly soul, 
Where tove Mke heavenly dew ^tih, 
MqietUthfiftrst SUmea to oompl<etr Me2'un«. 

JkUly and Nightly DeeoHon, 
1 VB that obey th* imnertal King, 
^ Attend his holy phee; 
Bsiw to the dories or his power. 
And bless his wonderons giace. 
S lift up your hands by momlog fight. 
And send yoar aoab on hi|^ : 
Raise yonr adndring thongbtt by n%bt* 
Above the stacry sky. 
S The God of ZSon cheoy oot h«uc|g 
With rays of qoickening grace;. 
Hie God that spreads the heavens abroad. 
And rules the swelUng seas. 

PSALM CXXXV. Ter.l^4.14>i9--^l. 

First Part. (L.M.) 
3%e Church is GocPs House and Care. 

1 pRAtSE ye the Lord, exalt his name* 
A While in his holy courts ye wait; 
Ye sahits that to Us house helong. 
Or sUnd attendhig at his gate. 

8 Pnise ye the Lord: the Lor<riB ffMf: 
To praise his name is sweet einplo/; 
Isr^ he chose of old, and still 
His chnrch is his peoidiar joy. 

% The Lord himself shall judfe his sahits; 
Be treati his servants as his flriends ; 
And when he hears their sore complaintif 
Repents the sorrows that he scuds. 

4 Twcf ev*ry afe the Lord decfaures, 
flia name, and breaks th* oppressor's rod: 
He gives his safTeriug servants restfi 
j«d Witt tt« kB(i«u th' Ahnighty Ood- 

194 PSALMS. 

5 Bless y« tbe Ixwd, wbo taste bto l<«ve: 
People and priests exalt bis iiaiiM: : 
Amongst his saints he ever dwells; . 
His cburcb is bis Jerusakm. 

PSALM CXXXV. iH-W. Second Part. (L. M.) 
The W&ria qfCreationy Providence, ^. 

1 /-^BRAT is the Lord, exalted hisb 
^Jf Ahov* all powers, and every throne; 
Whate'er be please in earth or oea. 
Or b«aveii, 'or bell, his band bath done. 

i At his coE^nd the vapours fise, 
Tbe lightninp flash, the thunders roar;. 
He pours the rain, be brings tbe wind, 
Aiid teiu^ from bis airy store. 

3 Twas be those dreadful toKcns sent, 
O Eg>'pt! thro' thy stubborn bnd; 
ArVbtni all thy firstrbom. beasts and mea. 
Fell dead by his aveagbig hand. 

4 What mighty nations, mighty kings. 
He slew, and theb- own country gave 
To biaeii whom his band redeem'd, 

No more to be proud Pbanob'fe slave! • 
SHis power the same, tbe same his grace! 
That saves us ftmn the hosts of bell: 
And heaven he gives us to possess. 
Whence those apostate angels fell. 

Vraiat due to God, not to Idoits. 

X A WAKE, ye saints; to praise ypur King, 
•^ Your sweetest passions raise. 
Your pious pleasure, while you siug, 
Increasing with the praise. 
« Great is the Lord, and works nnkuowtt 
Are his divine employ ; , , 
But still his saints are near his tbrone, 
His treasure and bis Joy<i 

3 Heaven, earth, and sea confess bis b»id; 

He bids tbe vapours rise: 
Ltghtttiug and storm at his commaod 
Sweep thro' tbe sounding skies. 

4 Alt |K)w'r that gods or kings ba?e daimV, 
• ■ Is tbtind with bUn alone ; 

But beatben gods shaD ne'er be ituo'd 
wbere oar Jehovah's %Bowa. 

PSALMS. 195 

9 Wtich'of fbe stocks or stones they trust 
c::n give tbem showers of rain > 
in vam they worship elitterine dust. 
^ r^A^«* pray to gold h) vata. 

6 [Tneir gods liHve tongues that cannot bdk. 

Such 2M their makers gave : 
Their ftet were ne'er 4esign'd to walk. 

7 Bltiicl^re Iheir eyes, their ears are deat 

Nor liear when mortals pray ; 

Mortals that wait for their rcMef, 

Are bliijd aiid deaf as they.] 

8 O Britain, know ibe Hvhig God. 

Serve him with faith and fear; 
He makes thy churches his abode. 
And claims thine honours there. 
Cod^g Wonders of Creation, Provuience Ae 

^ G^^^^^^ ^ ^^^ **»e sov'reign Lonli 
^-^ " His mercies stilt endnre " * 

Aud be the King of kings adoTd; 
His troth is ever sore." 

2 What wonders hath his wisdom done » 

" How migfaty is his hand !" ' 

H«av'n. ear^and sea, be fram'd alone: 
" How wide is his cocwnand'" 

3 The sun supplies the day with light • 

"How bright his connsels bhlne*"' 
The moon and stars adorn the nisfat* 
" His works are all divine." 

4 [He sirack >he sons of Egypt dead : 

" How dreadAf is his rod !" 
And thence with joy his people led': 
, .," How gracious is onr God I" 

5 He deft the swelling sea in two: 
. *' His ann is great in might :" 

And gave the tnbes a passage throughl 
- ,J H* P***^*" ■"<• 8««5« unite.'* 
« But Pharaohs army there he drown'd ; 
How glonons are his ways!" 

1 Great monarchs feU beneath bis hand- 
" Victonous IS his sword ;" * 

" And fiuthful is his word.T' 
• '^, S"' il?* rations dead in sin ; 
He felt his pity move •" 
How sad a it|te the worki was bil 
Ho^'lwunffless was, his lover* 

190 PSALMS. 

9 He lent to save ns from -our 

" Hit goodness never ftUs ;" . 
From death smd bell, and ev^ foe^ 
'* And ttin U» grace prevaUa." 

10 Give thaniu 4o God Hie besveaiy Kins; 

" His mercies etUl enittre ^ 
Let the whole earth Ms praises ting; 
** His toiub is ever sure.** 

PSALM GXXXVI. A»tfael48tIlP8aiDi. 

1 p<IVE thmks to God most 
vT The vniverBal Lord; 
The soverelgB Ring of kings ; 
Aud be his gnmt ador^. 

*' His powerHld gaee 

**■ Are stUi the same ; 

*^ And let his name 

«* Have endless praise.* 

How *mighty is his hand t 
What wonders bath he done! 
He fbini*d the earth and seas. 
And spread the heavens ajtone. 

" Thy mercy. Lord, 
*' Shall still endure : 
*♦ And ever sure 
" Abides thy word." 

1 His wisdom framed the son, 
To crown the day with light : 
SThe moon and twhikUng stars 
To cheer the darksome night. 

*' His pow*r and frace 
" Are still the same; 
** And let his name 
« Have endless pndse.* 

4 [He smote the fint4wni soas. 
The flow*r of ^gypt. ^tead : 
And thence bis chosen hriMS 
Witfajoy and glory led. 

** iTiy mercy, Loid» 
''Shall stUl endure; 
" And ever sure 
'* Abides thy word.** 

5 His power and lifted rod 
Cleft the Red Sea in two. 
And for his peo|de made 
A woodcroot passage thrtlgh. 

1*SALMS. m 

' IfiB power «a4 grwe 

Are still the same; 
" And iet hi* name 
." Have endleai pnise." 

Bat cruel Pharsiob tben 
With all his host he drownTd: 
And brought his Isr^l siife 
Thro' a loos desert sruuid. 

" Thy mercy. Lord, 

"Shan stin eoduxe; 

*• And ever sure 

' Abides thy woid.* 



T The kings of Canaan fell 
Araeath his dreadftil hami: 
Wirile his own servants loot 
Posseasion of then- ladd. 
" His power and itrace 
''Are stin the same: 
" And let bis name 
" Hare endless praise.* 

,t He saw the natioftt He 
All periBbina in sla^ 
And pity'd me sad state 
The nini'd world was in. 
" Thy merey, Lord, 
** Shall still endve : 
" And ever sok 
« Abides thy wofd." 

9 He sent hTs only Son 

To save as from our woe, 
Fh>m Satan, sui, and <ipa Hi 
And ev»ry fanrttfU toe. 
*' His power and fraee 
;; Are stin the same; 
" And let bis name 
** Have encHess praise." 

10 Give thanks aloud to Ood. 
TiXJod the heavenly tOut: 
And let the spacloiis e»tb 
His works and glories siM. 

" Thy mercy. Lord. 
" fflnU still endareV 
" And ever sore 
" Abides thy wont." 

198 PSALMS. 

PSALM CXXXVI. AtNidgea. (X. M.; 

1 rilVF^ to our God immortal praise ; 

^^ Mercy and truth are all liis wa^; 

Wonders of a[race to God belong. 

Repeat his mtfcies in your song. 
t Give to the Lord of lords renown. 

The King of kings with glory crown z 

His mercies ever shall endure. 

When lords and kings are kno^n no more. 

3 He built the earth, be spread the sky, 
^d fix'd the starry lights on high; . 
W<»iders of grace to God belong. 
Repeat bis mercies iu your son^. 

4 He fills, the sun with rooming Itght, 
tie bids the moon direct ttie ui^t: 
His mercies ever shall endure. 

When sun and moon shall shine no more. 

5 The Jews he freed from Pharaoh's band. 
And brought them to the promis'd land'; 
Wonden of grace to God belong, . 
Repeat bis mercies in your song. 

• He saw tbe Gentiles dead in siu. 
And telt his pity work within : 
His mercies ever shall endure. 
When death and sin shall reign no man, 

t He sent bis Son with power to save 
From guilt, and darkness, and tbe grave: 
Wonders of grace to God belong. 
Repeat his mercies in yoor song. 

a Thro' this vain world be guides our feet* 
And leads us to bis heavenly seat: 
His mercies ever shall endure, 
When this vain world sbaH be no more, 

Sestoring and Praertirfg Grace. 

X r \if FTH all my powers of heart and toBgne 
J- ' ' I'll praise my Maker in iny suog: 
Angels shall hear tbe notes I raise, 
Approve the song, and join tbe praise. 

S Angels that make thy cburch their care 
Shall witness my devotions there, 
While holy zeal directs my eyes 
To thy fatf temple in Ihe skies] 

3 rij sing thy truth and mewy, lord, 
ril sius the wonders of thy word; 
Not all thy works and names below 
fco mucli thy power and glory show. 

*>SALMS. 199 

I To God I cry'd wlun troubles: «o«e; 
He beard me, aarl luibdu^nijr fo«8; 
He did my rising fean oootrool. 
And AtrensUi dUtiu'd flhro' all my aoal. 

IS Tbe God of hMven maiaialns bis state. * 
FrowAs <Ni tfae^ood, uid scorns the gn^it 
But from his tbnme descends to see 
. The nous of bnmble poverty. 

6 Amidst a ibonsand snares i stand, 
Chp^Id^ anid guafded by tby band ; 
Tnv words my Ihintiiig soul revive, 
Aud keep mf^ dying laith alive. 

7 Grace will complete what grace begins. 
To save from sorrows or from sins : 
Tbe wwk that wiadoro undertakes 
Etonal mercy ne'er forsakes. 

PSALM CXXXKX. First Part. (L.M.) 

The AUseeing God. 

1 T ORD.thouhastsearch'dandaeenmetbro'; 

■*--' 'f bine eye commands with piercing view 

My riamg and my reding bours. 

My heart and flesh with all their powers. 

S My thoughts, before they are my own. 
Are to my Ood dbtinctly known ; 
He knows the words I mean to speak. 
Ere from my opening lips they break. 

3 Within thy circling power I stand ; 
On every fide I ftnd tby band : 
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad, 

I am surronnded still with God. 

4 Amazing knowledge, v^t and grent? 
What tajge extent! what lofty heidu ! 
My soul with all the powers I boast 
Is in the boundless pro«pe';t 4««f . 

5 *' O may these thoughts possess niy breast 
" Where-e'er I rove, where-e'er I resti 

" Nor let' my wesriter passions dare 
'* Consent to sin, for God is there.'' 
A Could I so finlse, so faithless prove. 
To quit thy service and thy love. 
Where, Lord, coukl I thy presence shnn. 
Or from thy dreadiid gloi'y ran ? 

7 If op to taeavcn 1 take my flight, 
Ti8 there tboii dweil'st eiithrund in I^ht; 
Or dive to hell, there vengeance reigns, 
ADd Satan poans beneaUi^ thy chains. ^ 

300 PSALMS. 

8 If mmnttod on a moniing.ray 
I fly beyond tte western sea, 

Tby swifter band woa'd fint arrive. 
And Ihere anest fhy fiv^^e. 

9 Or should I Iry to sinm lliy sight 
Bomth the tpreadiiiK tbU «r night 
One gltttee or tUoe, oiie pierciiig ray, 
.Wou*d klodle dazkMtt iirta dxy. 

10 " O any these feoqghte pesiwe niy bn-ast; 
"' Where^'er I rove, iili€re-«>r I rest I 

** Nor let my weaker pasaieiia daiv 
** Consent to tm, for God it Ibere." 


11 Tbe veil of nigbt is no disgsise. 

No skreen ftoni ttqr afi^eBreUns eyes; 
Tby hand can sdse tby foes as sood 
Tbro' midnight-shades as Uazing noon. 

12 Midnight and noon in Ois agree. 
Great God. they Ye both ahhe tn tbee : 
Not death can hide what God wHl spy, 

- And hdl lies naked to bis eye. 

13 " O may these thoogbls possess my brcvst, 
" Where e'er I rove, where-c'er I rt^! 

" Nor let my weaker passiotts dare 
" Consent to sin, for Goo is there." 

PSALM CXXXIX. Sec^d Part. (X. M.; 

The zoonderftU ForTnation qfJUtm. 

1 nnWAS from thy ^aad, my God, I CHme, 
•i- A w<Mrk of such a curious frame; 
In me thy fearfiii won^^s sbkie, 
And each prcchums thy skill divine. 

5 Thine eyes did all my Umbe survey. 
Which yet in dark confusion hv; 
Thou saw'st the daily growth tbey toi^ 
Form'd by the model of thy book. 

3 By thee my growing jparts w«e osm'd, 
And what tby sovereign counsels frsm^d, 
(The breathing lungs, the beating bean) 
Was copy'd with unerring art. 

4 At last to shew my Maker's Ddne, •** 9 
God stamp'd bis image on my frame. 
And in some unknown momeDtJoja'd m 
The fiiiish'd members to the oinid. 

6 There tbe young seeds of tlioaglit begaa. 
And idl tbe passions of the nun : 
Great God, our in^t-uature pavs 
Immortal tribute to il^y praise. 

P9ALM& dO] 

6 Lord, since In my ailvancifii; age 
I've acted on Hfe^ busy sta^e, 
Tby thoughts of love to me nrmOQiit 
The power of nnmben to reeowU. 
1 1 could survey the ocean o'er. 

And count each sand that nukes the shore. 
Before my swiftest thoughts could trace 
The nomeroas woiideiv of thy grace. 
8 These oB nnr heart are stifl knfirest. 
With these I give my eyes to rest; 
And at my waking hour I find 
God aad his love poaaess my mind. 

Sincerity 'prqftutd, and Grace tried. 

1 \MY God, what inward grief I fed 
!>▼ t When impious men trawsgreas t^ wiD t 
I mourn to bear their lips proAoe, 
Take thy tremendous name in vain. 

8 Docs not my soul detest and hate 
The sons of m^Hce and deceit? 
Those that omraee tliy laws and tbee, 
I count them enemiea to oie. 

3 LMd, aearcb my soul, try every thoogbt ; 
Iho' my own heart aecnse me not 

Of walking in a feise <yc[gni8e, 
1 beg tne tiial of thine eyes. 

4 Doth secret mischief lurk within? 
Do I Indolge some nnkuown sin * 
O tmn my feet whcn-e'er I stray, 
And lead me in thy poiect way. 

PSALM CXXXIX. First Part: (CM.) 
Ood it every where, 

1 I N all my vast concerns with thee 
^ In vain my soul would try 
To shun thy presence, Lm-d, or flee 
I The notice of thine eye. 

• lliy alkurronnding sight surveys 
My rising and my rest, 
liy public walks, my private ways» 
ADd secrets of my breast. 

S Hy thoaghts lie open to the Lord 
Before they're fonn'd within ; 
And ere my lips pronoonce the word, 
He knows toe acme 1 mean. 



^02 PSALMS. 

4 o wonderom knowle^e, deep and high 

Where can a creature hide i 
Within thy drding arms 1 lie. 
Beset on every side. 

5 So let thy grace surround me still. 

And like a btdwark prove. 
To guard my soul fi'om every iU, 
fiecnr'd by soveretgn love. 


$ Lord, where shall niUty souls retire 
Forgotten and noKnown ! 
Id hell they meet thy dreadfiil fire. 
In heaven thy glorious throne. 
1 Should I suppress my vital breath, 
To 'scape the wrath divine. 
Thr voice would breidt the bars of death, 
And make the grave resign, 
t If whjg'd with beams of mordlng-tight 
I fly beyond the west. 
Thy hand, which must support my f^at, 
Would soon betray my rest. 

9 If o'er my sins I thmk to draw 

Hie curtains of the night, 
Those flaming eyes that gnaid thy law 
Won'd turn the shades to light. 

10 The beams of noon, the midnight-hour 

Are both alike to thee: 
O may I ue*er provoke that power 
Rrom which 1 cannot flee! 

PSALM CXXXIX. Second Part. (C. M.) 

Tfie 1Visdoin<ifGod intkeFormation qfMan. 

1 \irHBN I with pleashig wonder stand, 
'V And all my mune survey, . 
Lord, 'tis thy work ; I own iliy hand 
Thus built my humble clay. 
S Thy hand my heart and reins possest 
Where unborn nature grew, 
Thy wisdom all my features trac'd, 
And all my members drew. 

3 Thine eye with nicest cure sarveyHl 

The growth of every part ; 
Tilt the whole scheme tby thoughts liad bid 
Was copied by thy art. 

4 Heaven, earth, and sea, and fire, and wind 

Shew rae thy wonderons skill; 
But f review myself, and find 
Diviner wonders still. 

PSALMS. 203 

5 Thy awftd glories roaud me •hine. 
My flefth prodaims tby praise ; 
Lord, to tby worts of nature join 
Thy miracles of grace. 

FSALM CXXXIX. ver. 14, 17, 18. 

Third Part. (CM.) 
3%e Mercies qf' God innumerable. 

An Evening Psatan. 

1 T- ORD, when I count tby mercies o*er, 
J^ They strike me with surprise ; 

Not all the sands that spread the shore 
To eqnal Dumt>ers rise. 

2 My flesh with fear and wonder stands, 

The product of thy skin. 
And boarly blessings from thv hand| 
Thy thoughts of tove reveal. 

3 These on my heart by night I keep ; 

How kind, how dear to me! 

may the homr that ends my sleep 
Still find my thoughts with thee. 

PSALHCXU. Ter.2,S,4,5. (L M.) 

Wateftfulness and Brotherly Reproqf. 

A Homing or Evening Pcafan. 

MY God, accept my early vows, 
Like morning-incense in thine bous^ 
And let mv nighfly worship rise 
Sweet as the eveauig facriftce. 

f Watch o'er my lips, and guard them, iMd, 
From every rash and h««dle«8 word ; 
Nor let my feet uicline to tread 
The guilty path where sinners lead. 

3 O may the righteous, when 1 stray. 
SroUe and reprove my wandering way ! 
Their gentle words, l&e umtment shed, 
ShaU never bruise, tHit cheer my head. 

4 When I behold them prest with grief, 
111 cry to heaven for their relief; 
And by my warm petitions prove 
Huw mocb I prize their faithful love. 

God is t7te Hope qftke Helpless. 

1 'T'O God I made my sorrows known, 

& From God I sought relief; 
In i(H«i complaittts betbre his throne 
I pour'd out. all my. grief. ■ 

204 PSALMS. 

5 My soul was overwhelmed with 

My heart began to break; 
My God, who all my bnrdt.n» knowi^ 
He knows the way I take. 

3 On every side I cast miBe eye. 

And found my helpers gMir, 
While friends and strangers past ra« by 
Neglected or onknown. 

4 Tlteu did I raise a loader cry. 

And call'd thy mercy near, 
"Thou art my portion when I die, 
" Be thou my refuge here." 

5I^nl, I am broogtat exceeding knr. 
Now let thine ear atteiui 
And make my foes w1m» vex me know 
I've an Atanighty frirad. 

6 Ftom nay sad prison set me free. 

Then shaO I praise thy name. 
And holy men shall Join with mc 
Thy fcmdncsa to proclaim. 

Cbmpkdnt qfheaey Aj^ietiami, 

1 \f Y rii^iteoiiB Jndee* my gradons God, 
-^^•L Hear when I spread my bands sdmiad 
And cry for sncconr ikrom tny throne, 
O make thy truth and macy knows. 

8 Let judgment not agabist me pass-; 
BehoU thy servant pleads thy grace; 
Should Justice cail us to thy bar, ' 
No man alive is piUtiess there. 

3 Look down In pity, Lord, and sea 
The migh^ woes that burden me; 
Down to the dust my Ufe is brought. 
Like one long biuy'd iind*foifi}t. 

4 I dwell ia darknew and nnseen; 
My heart is desolate within : 

My thoughts in musing silence Itkc 
The ancient wonders of thy grace. 

5 Thence I derive a f^psc ef hope 
To bear my siiikuig spirits up ; 

I stretch my hands to God again. 
And ih'uBt like parched lands for rain. 

6 For thee I toirst, I pray, I monrn; 
Whe" will thv smiling kce reton? 
»*»"*« My joys on earth remove? 
And God for ever bide hia Umi 

PSALMS. 805 

T m Ctod, 017 Jong detay to «▼« 
^a didi (by pffiflQiier to the grave ; 
M? heart grows ftint, and dim oune eye; 
liake haMe to help before 1 die. 

8 Tbe ntfil H witneii to my tern. 
Distraite vaUie. distrewiog fears; 

m^ I bear lliy mormog-Toiee, 
How woidd my weary d powen f^|oice! 

9 In- thee I tmst, to thee I My 
And Mil my heavy soul on mni ; 
For thee sU watting all the «qr. 
And wear tbe tiresome hoars away. 

10 Break off my fetters, Lord, and show 
Wbich is the path my feel sboald go; 
If snares and foes beset the road, 

1 dee to hide me near my God. 

11 Teach me to do Oiy holy wIM, 
And lead me to thy heavenly hOI: « 
Let tbe good Spirit of thy love 
Conduct me to thy coorts above. 

IS Then shall my sool no mote oemplain, 
Tbe teowler dien sbidl rage in vain ; 
And llesb, that was my foe before/ 
ShaQ never vex my sfwit more.* 

pgALM CXUV. ver. 1, f . Fhst Part. (C. M.) 
AmtUmce 4 f'ictory in the Spiritual < 

1 T70R ever Messed be the Lord, 
r My gavioor and my shield; 
He sends his Sjpirit with bis word 
To arm me ror tbe field' 
£ When shi and hett their t^ne unite. 
He makes my sool his care- 
Instructs me to the heavenly light, 
And gnaids me thro* tbe war. 

3 A friend and helper so divme 
Doth my weak courage raise; 
He makes tbe glorious victory mme. 
And Us shall be the praise. 

FSALMCXLIV. 3,4,5,& 

Second Part. (CM.) ;; 

ThtVanity qfMan, S^Otmdesctnrion qfOod. 

\ T ORD, what is man, poor feeble taan, 
X-4 Bora of the earth at first! 
His life a shadow, light and vain, 
SOU bgating to the dnst. 


2 O what is feeble dying man 

Or any of bis race, 
That God sliould make it his concern 
To visit him with grace! 

3 That God who dartt his lightnings down« 

Who shakes the worlds above. 
And mountains tremble at his frown, 
' How wonderous is his love! 

PSALM CXUV. 12-15. ThiidPart. (L.M.) 
Grace above Bichet; or. The happy Nation. 

1 ITAPPY the city, where their sons 
aA like pillars roond a palace set. 
And daughters }>rigbt as npiish'd stones 
Give strength and l>eanty to the state. 

S Happy the country, where the sbeep. 
Cattle, and corn have large increase; 

• Where men securely work or sleep. 
Nor sons of plunder break the peace. 

3 Happy the nation thus ettdow*d; 
But more divhiely blest are those 
On whom the all sufficient God 
Himself, with all his grace bestows. 

The QrteOnesg of God, 

1 X/CY God, my Ktog, thy various praise 
^^^ Shall fill the remnant of my days ; 
Thy srace employ my humble tongue 
Till death and glory raise the song. 

S The wings of every hour shall bear 
Some thankful tribute to thine ear; 
And every setting snn shall see 
New works of duty done for thee. 

3 Thy truth and justice ru prodahn; 
Tby bounty flows, a!i endless stream; 
Thy mercy swift, thine anger slow, 
But dreadnil to the stubborn foe. 

4 Tby works with sovereign ((lory shine, 
And speak thy m^esty divme; 

Let Britafai roand her shores proclaUB 
The soimd and honour of thy name. 

5 Let distant times and nations raise 
The long succession of tby praise; 
And fulbom ages make my song 
The joy and labour of their tongue. 

6 but wno can speak thy wonderous deeds ? 
I'hy greatness all our thoughts exceeds! 
Vast and unsearchable tby ways! 

Vast and immortal be thy praise! 

PSALMS. 207 

PSALM CXLV. v€r. 1—7, 11—13. 
First Part. (CM.) 
J?ie Greatness of God. 
1 T ON6 as 1 Hve HI bless thy name, 
-»-' My King, my God of love; 
My work and joy siiall be the lame 
in the bnght world above. 

S Great is the Lord, bis power miknowB, 
And let his praise be great: 
I'll sing the honours of thy throne. 
Thy works of grace repeat. 
•9 Thy grace shall dweU upon niy tongue; 
And while my lips r^oice. 
The men fliat near my sacred soiig 
Shall jom their cheerftil voice. 

4 FWhers to sons shall teach thy name. 

And chUdren learn thy ways; 

^es to com^ thy tmth proGbmi, 

And nations soond thy praise. 

5 Thy glorious deeds of imcient date 

Shall thro' the world pe known ; 
lliine arm of power, thy hotvenly state 
With public splendor shown. 

6 The world is manas'd by thy hands, 

Thy saints are nil'd by love ; 
And thine eternal kingdom stands, 
Tho' rocks and hills remove. 

PSALM CXLY. Second Part. (CM.) 
The Goodness of God. 

1 CWEET is the memory of thy grace, 
'-' My God, my heavenly King; 

Let age to age thy ri{|hte6usness 
In sounds of glory smg. 

2 God reigns on high, but not confines 

His goodness to the skies ; 
Thro' tijfi whole earth his bomity sHia«. 
And every want supplies. 

3 With loaging eyes thy creatures wait 

On thee for daily food, 
Thv hberal band provides their meat. 
And fills tfaeh months with good. 

4 How kind are thy compassions, Lonl! 

How slow thine anger moves ! 
But soon be sends bis parduning won! 
To cheer iLe souls he loves. 


5 Creatures with all their eodlM* race ' 
Thy power and praise procnlta ; 
But saints that taste thy richer grace 
Ddight to btess thy name. 

PSAUf CXLV. 14, 17, &c. 3d Part. (C. M.) 
Mercy toSufftrer$ ; orfiodhearingPrasfer. 
1 I ET every toofue thy foodnesa spesfc, 
'^ Theii sovereign Lord of aU ; 
Thy strengthening bauds uphold the weak. 
And raise tiie poor that fiall. 
S When sorrow bows the spirit down. 
Or virtue lies distrest 
Iteneath some oroud oppressyr's frown» 
Thou giv'st the mourners i^st. 

3 The Lord supports our tottering days. 

And guides our giddy youth ; 
Hdy and jnst are all his ways. 
And all liis words are truth. 

4 He knows the pains his servants &el, ' 

He hears his children cry. 
And their best wishes to fblffi 
His grace is ever nigh. 

5 His mercy never shall remove 

From men of hettt sincere; 
He saves the souls, whose humble lore 
Is Join'd with holy fear. 

6 [His stHbbom foes his swoid shall shy. 

And pierce their hearts with pam ; 
But none that serve thr Lord shall say, 
" They sfHght his aid hi vain.'';] 

7 [My lips sbaU dwell upon hie praise» 

And spread hifr fame abroad ; 
Let all the sons of Adam raise 
The honours of thdr 6od.] 


Praiat to God for his Goodness and TnUk. 

I pRAISE ye the Lord, my heart shall join 
A In works so feasant, so divine. 
Now while the flesh is miiie abode, 
And when my soul ascends to God. 

S Praise shaU enniloy my noblest powers 
While immortality Endures: 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past 
Wtiile life and thought, and being last 

9 Why should I make a man my tmst? 
Princes must die and turn to dnst ; 
Ttieir breath departs, thefar pomp and powtr 
And thoughts all vauish in an hour. 

PSALMS. 809 

4 Nappy the man whose hopes rely 
On Israel's God: He made^ 
iUid eartli and seas with all tlieir train, 
And none shall find his promise vain. 

5 His tnith for ever standSi secure; 

Me sXfrs tW opprest, be feeds the poor: 
He sends the labouring conscience peace. 
And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

6 The tiod hatJi eyes to give the blind; 
The hotA supporb the sinking mind : 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The widow and the fatherless. 

1 He loves his saints ; he knoxrs them well, 
But turns the wicked down to hell: 
Thy God. O Zion, ever reigns; 
Praise turn in everlasting strains. 

PSALM CXLVI. As the 113ih Psalm. 
PraUe to God for kit Goodness and Truth. 

1 TIX praise my Maker with my breath; 
^ And when my voice is lost in death 

Praise diall employ my nobler powers: 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past 
While life and thought and being last. 

Or immortality endures. 
St Why should I make a man my tnistf 
Prmces must die and torn to dust; 

Vain is the help of flesh and blood; 
Their breath departs, their pomp and power 
And thoughts all vanish in an hour. 

Nor can they make (heir promise good. ■■ 
$ Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On Israers Ood: he made the sky, 

And earth and seas with all tbeirtndn; 
Hto truth for ever stands secure ; 
He saves th' opprest, be feeds the poor, 

And none shall find his promise vain. 
4 Tbe Lord hath eyes to ^ive the blind; 
The Lord supports the suikin^ ipind; 

He saids the labouring conscience peace. 
He helps tbe stranger in di8tre:'s, 
The widow and the iatfaieiless. v 

Aixl grants the prisoner £;vect release. 
He loves his saints; .he knuws them well, 
But turns the wicked dowu to hell^ 

Thy God, O Zion, ever leigns: 
Let every tongue, let K\ery age 
In this exalted work engage; 

PniBe him in everlasting strains. 

210 PSALMS. 

6 III praise bim whRe he lends me breatb. 
And when my voice is lost in death 
• Praise shall employ my nobler puwefs : 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past 
While life and thought and being last. 
Or immortaUty endures. 

PSALM CXLVn. Pint Part. (L. M.) 
jf%€ Divine Nature, Protidenee and Grace. 

1 pRAISE ye the Loitl ; tis good to raise 
'^ Our hearts and voices in his prai&c; 
His nature and his works invite 
To make this duty onr delfgb{. 

S The Lord builds up Jerusalem, 
And gathers nations tu his name: 
Hjn mercy melts the stubborn soul. 
And makes the broken spirit whole. 

3 He mm*d the stars, those heavenly flames, 
He counts thek nvoriiers. calls tlieir names : 
His wisdom vast, and knows no bounds 
A deep where all onr thoughts are drownd. 

4 (treat is onr Lord, and great bis might ; 
And att his glories infinite : 

He crowns me meek, rewards the jnst, 
And treads the wicked to the dost. 

5 Sbig to the Lord, exalt htan high, 

Who qvreads his ckiud att rouud the sky ; 
lliere he prepares tlie fruitful rain. 
Not lets the drops descend in vain. 
*^ He makes the grass the hills aduru, 
And clothes the smiling fields with corn; 
The beasts with food his bauds &up|«ly. 
And the young ravens when they cry. 

7 What is the creature's skill or force. 
The sprightly nian, the wariike horse. 
The nimble wit, the active limb i 

All are too mean deligbts for him; 

8 But ffidnls are lovely in \fa sight ; 
He views his chiMren with delisht: 

He sees their hope, he knows then: fear. 
And looks and love« his image there. 

PSALM CXLVIL Second Pact- (L.M.} 
, Summer And Wirtter. 
A Song for Great Britain. 
1 r\ BRITAIN, praise thy miglity God. 
^-^ And make his honours known abroad; 
He bid the ocean round thee flow ; 
Not bars of Inrass could guard thee so. 

PSALMS. 211 

2 TI9 cUfdrett we sttnre mA Mest; 
Tfay sDora Inve peice, Oy cities ml: 
He feeds thy sona wMb flnest ivheal. 
And adds Ins Meotog to tMr meat 

i Thf cfaaDsing leaBens be opdatat, 
Ttune caiiy and thy later rains: 
His flakes v£ straw Uke wool be sends, 
4nd tins the springug com defends. 

4 With hoary frost he strews the ground : 
His hail descends with dattering somtd : 
Where is the man so vafaUy hold. 
That dares defy his dieiM coMf 

5 He bids the southern brecaes Mow, 
Ttie ice diisohres. the waters flow: 
But he bath nobler works and ways 
To call the Britons to his pnuse. 

6 To all the isle his bws are shown, 
Bis gospel thro' the nation known : 
He hath not thns reveaTd his word 
To eveiy land : praise ye 0ie Lord. 

PSAUfCXLVlI. 7-^. iS— U. (CM.) 
The Seatom qfthc Ytar. 

1 IITITH soiq;s uid honours sounding toud 

W Address the Lord on hlgi): 
Over the heavens he spreads bx6 cloud, 
And waters veil the sky. 

2 He sends his showers of blessing down 

To cheer the plains below; 
He makes the grass the mountains crowi\, 
And cwn in vallies grow. 

5 He gives the grazing ox his meat, 

He hears the ravens ciy; 
But man, who tastes bis finest uttear,' 
Should raise bis honours high. 

4 His steady connsds change the tace 
Of the dedining year ; 
He bids the sun cut short his race. 
And wintery days appear. 

$ His hoary frost, bis fleecy snow 
Descend and clotfae. the ground ; 
The Uqnid streams forbear to flow, 
In icy fetters bound. 

6 When from his dreadful stores on high 

He pows the rattUng hail. 
The wretch that dares this God defy 
Shall find his courage 1^. 


212 PSALMS. 

7 He sends hiA word uaA meltB tbe, mow, 
Tbe fiddf m longer moimi; 
He calls the wanner -gsues to blow. 
And bidf tbe spring return. . 

t Tbe changing wind^ the flying dood 
Obey bis mighty word : 
With songs and bonoors sounding load. 
Praise ye tbe sovereign Lord. 

PSALM CXLVIII. Proper Metre. 
Praise to Codfivm all Creatmret, 

\ ^E tribes of Adam, join 

^ With heaven, and earth, snd seaa» 
And offer notes divine 
To your Creator^ praise : 
Ye holy throng 
Of angels bngbt; 
In worlds of light 
B^in the song. 

S Thon son with dazdiu rays. 
And moon that niles the night. 
Shine to your Malier^ praise, 
With stars of twiulUing light: 

His power declare, 

Ye tioods on high. 

And douds that fly 

In empty ah*. 

." The shining worlds above 
Jn gloriotts order stand, 
Or ui swift conrses move 
By his supreme command: 

He spake the word, 

And all tbeir fhune 

Prom nothing came 

To praise the Lord. 

\ He mov'd tbeir mighty wheels 
In unknown ages past. 
And each his word fulOls 
While time and nature last: 

In different ways 

His works proclaim 

His wonderoos name. 

And speak his praise. 

PSALMS. ei3 

5 Let all ttie etttk-bom race 
And monsterB of tbe deep, 
The tgb that cleave the seai^ 
Or In their bosom deep. 

From sea and shore 

Their bibnte pay. 

And «tin display 

Tlieir Maker's ptftrcr. 
e Ye vapoon. hail, and snow. 
Praise ye th' Almighty Lord, 
And stormy winds that Mow« 
To execote his word: 

When hditenint^ shine, 

Or thunders roar. 

Let earth adore 

His hand divine. 

7 Ye moontains near the Aies, 
With Mtf cedars there. 
And trees of luunhler aize^ 
That fruit in plenty bear; 

Beasts wild and tame. 

Birds, flies, and worma, 

)n various forms 

BxRit his name. 
« Ye kings, and judges, fear 
The Lord, the sovereign King; 
And while you rule us hare. 
His heavenly honours sing: 

Nor let me dream 

Of power nnd state 

Mal(e you foi||et 
. His power supreme. 

9 Viigins and youths, engage 

' To sound his praise divine. 
While infency and age 
Their feeble voices join; 

Wide as he reigns 

His name be sung 

By every tongoe 

In endless strains. 

10 Let all the nations fear 
The God tiiat rules above. 
He brings his people near, 

. And makes them ta^ his love: 
While earth and sky 
Attempt fats praise. 
His sauits shaN raise 
His honours high 

di4 PSALM6. 

rSALM CXLVUI. Paitphnsed. (L. M J 
Universal Praiie to God, 

1 T OUD haOelMiahs to the Lord, 
*^ From dbtBut worlds wbere crefttnres 

I^ heaven begin the soleom word. 
And sound it oreadfid down to hell. 

Kote, TkiaPsalmmi^benmgtothetunei^ 
the old cxiithor cxxviith Ptaimt if them 
two lines be added to every stanza, (viz J 
Kach of his works his name displays. 
But they can ne'er fulfil the praise. 
qfthe LotagMetrc, 

t The Lord! bow absolute lie reigBfl! 
Let ererr ansiel bend the hnee ; 
i»ing of bis lov« in beavady stndns. 
Ana speak how fierce Us terrors be. 

5 High 00 a throne his alwies dwell. 
An. awfiil throne of shming bliss : 
Fly thro' the worid, O son. and tell 
How dark thy beams compar'd to Ms. 

4 Awake ye tempests, and bis feme 

In BOOMS of oreadfol inraise declare ; 
And the sweet whisper of his name 
TUI every gentler breeze of ah:. 

5 Let clouds, and winds, and .waves agree 
To join their praise with blazing fire ; 
Let the firm earth and rolling sea 

In this eternal song conspire. 

f» Ye flowery pbiSB, proclaim fai» skill; 
Vallics He law before his eve: 
And let his praise from ev^ry biH 
Rise tuneAil to the neighbouring sky. 

1 Ye stubborn oaks, and state^ pines, 
Bend your high brauchea and adore: 
Pmise him, ye beasts, in diffeient stratais; 
The lamb must bleat, the Uoo roar. 

8 Birds, ye must nake his fwaise your theme. 
Nature demands a song from you : 
While the dumb fish that cat the stream 
Leap up, mid mean his praises too. 

9 Mortab, can yov refl^ain your tongue. 
When nature all 'around you rings? 

O for a shout fi-om old and young, 
from homMe-iwaiiis^ and lolly nags! 

PSALMS. 815 

10 Wide at bfs VMt domtakNi liet 
Make t^ Creatoi^ name be known ; 
Loud as hifl Ihimdcr, shoot his praise, 
Aad aoauA it k>ily as Us throne. 

11 Jehovah f lis a florloas word, 

O may it dwell on every tov^e! 

But aataito who best have known tiio Lord 

Are bound to raise the noblest sung. 

12 S|>eak of the wonders of that love 
Which Gabriel plays on every chonl: 
From an below and all above, 

Lottd Malldajahs to the Lord. 

Unwtned Prtdae. 

1 T ET evm cieatnre johi 

A^" To praise th' eternal God ; 
Ye heavenly hosts, the song bc^n, 
And sound Us name abroad. 

2 Thou sun with goUai beams. 
And moon with paler rays. 

Ye starry lights, ye twinkling ftames. 

Shine to yonr Maker*ls pn^. 
\ ^ He buUt those worlds above. 

And flx'd their wonderoos ftaoie; 
By his command they stsuid or move. 

And ever speak his name. 

4 Ye vaponrs, when ye rise. 
Or fell in jwowers, or snow. 

Ye thunders murmnring round the skii-s. 
His power and glory show. 

5 WhHl» hail, and flashing Are, 
Agree to praise the Lord, 

When ye m dreadfhl storms cousidrc 
To execute his woid. 

6 By all Jiis.woits above 
Ifis hoAoiffi be eiqirait; 

But salms, ihat taste Us saving k>vs, 
Should shig Ins praises best. 


7 Let earth and ocean know 
They owe their Maker praise ; 

Praise him, ye watery worlds bdow'. 
And monsters of the seas. 

8 FMNn mountains ujcar the sky 
Let his high praise, resound. 

From humble shruba and cedars kigb, 
And vales and fields around. 

216 PSALMS. 

9 Ye UoM of the wood. 

And ttaner beasis that graze. 
Ye live upon his daily fi^d, 
And be expects your praiae. 

10 Ye birds of lofiy wing. 
On bigh his praises bear; 

Or »it on flowery bougba, and sing 
Your Maker's glory tbere. 

11 Ye creeping ants and worms. 
His various wisdom show, 

And flies, in all your shining swarms. 
Praise bun that drest you so. 
li By all the earth-bom race 
His bonours be exprest, 
But saints that know bis heavenly grace, 
•Should learn to praise him best 


13 Monarchs of wide cooimand. 
Praise ye tli' eternal King: 

. Judges adore that sovereign hand 
Whence an your honours spring. 

14 Let vigorous youth enjrage 
To sound his praises Uigh; 

While growing babes and withering ace 
Their feeble voices try. 

15 United zeal be shown, 

His wonderous tame to raise; 
God is tlie Lord: his name ajfoae 
Deserves onr endless praise. 

16 Let nature join with art. 
And all pronotmce lilm blest; 

But saints that dwell so near t^ heart. 
Should sing his praises best. 


PraiK God, aU kit Saints; or, Thte aaintt. 
Judging the World, 

1 A LL ye that love the Lord r^oioe, 

-^ *• And let your songs be new ; 
Amidst the church with cheerfld voice 
His later wonders shew. 

* '^l''.?'!^ .*! P«>P*« ^ hU grace. 
Shall their Redeemer sing: 

^mS*'*l'^^ nations loin the praise^ 
While Zioa owns her King. ^^ 

PSALMS. 217 

S Tbe XmtA tak«8 pleasure in tbe Just, 
Whom slmien treat with scorn: 
The meeli that lie deepia'd in dust 
Ovation shall adorn. 

4 Sataits ahouid be joyful in their Kbif, 

Ev'n on a djing t)ed: 
And like the soala in j^ory dng, 
For God aba]} raise the dead. 

5 Then his hi([h praise shall All their tongnet, 

Their hands shall wield tiie sword; 
And vengeance shall attend their songs. 
The vengeance of the Lord. 

6 When Christ his judgment-seat ascends, 

And bids the world appear. 
Thrones are nrepar'd for all his fllends. 
Who humbly lovtl Irim here. 

7 Then shall they rule with iron rod. 

Nations that dar'd rebel; 
And join the sentence of their 6od, 
On tyrants doom'd to heU. 

8 Hie royal shiners boqnd in chaina. 

New trinropfas shaU afford; 
Such honour for the aafaite remain: 
Praise ye, and love the Lord. 

PSALM CL. 1, S, 6. (C. M.) 


1 TN God's own house pronounce his prais^ 
-*- His grace he there reveals; 
To heaven yonr joy and wonder raise, 
For thare his glory dwells. 

£ Let all yonr sacred passions move^ 
While yon rehearse his deeds ; 
But the ^eat work of saving iove 
Your highest praise^ exceeds. 

^ An that have motion, life, and breath, 
Prochiim your Maker Ueitt: 
Yet when my voice expires in deatl). 
My soul shall praise mm best« 



Long Metre. 

1^0 God tbe Father. God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Three in Obc, 
Be faonour. praise, and glory given, 
by all on earth, and all in heaven. 
Common Metre. 

LET God the Father and tbe Son, 
And Spirit, be ador*d, 
>Vhere there are woriis to make him baown. 
Or saints to love the Lord. 
Common Metre. 
JVJiJtre the Twiciuctudci tioo Stanzas. 
1 ^PHE God. of mercy be ador^l, 
^ Who calls our souls from death. 
Who saves by his redeeming Word, 
And new-creatins; Breath. 
S To praise the Father, and the Son, 
And Sfiirit, all divine, 
-The One in Three, and Three in One. 
Let aims and angels join. 
Short Metre. 

V^ angds round tbe throne, 
JL And saints that dwell below, 
Worship the Father, praiae^^ Son, 
And bless the Spirit too. \ 
As the llttta Psalm. 

NOW to the great and sacred Three, 
The Fiither, Son, and Spirit be 
Eternal praise and glory given. 
Thro' aU me worlds where God is toiown. 
By all the angels near the throne. 

And til the nlnts in earth aad beaveu. 
As the 148th Psahn. 

^O God the Father's throne. 
Perpetual honours raise, 
Glory to God tbe Son, 
To God the Spirit praise : 
Wtth all o«r powers. 
Eternal King. 
Thy name we sing, 
While faith adores. 









And they sung a new Song, saying, Thmi 
art worthy, S^c. for thou vMUstUain, and 
hast redeemed us, ^c. Rev. v. 9. 

SoHti easent (i. e. Christiani) cMvenlre, car- 
meuqae Cbristo quad Deo dioere. Plinaa 
in Epist. 




JILE we sing the praises of ow God In his 
Ctaurcb, wc are employed in that part of 
wonbip which of aU others is the nearest a-km 
to heaven : and it U pity that this, of all othen, 
should be performed the i^orst upon earth. 
The Gospelbrings us nearer to the heaveng 
•tate tban all the former dispensations of Qoa 
amoncBt men: and in these last days of the 
Gospel, we are brought alniost witbm sight or 
the kingdom of our Lord ; yet we are very 
much unacquainted witti the songs of the New 
Jenualem, and unpractised in the work or 
praise. To see the dull indifference, the neg- 
ugent and the thMightless air, that sits upon 
the faces of a whole assembly, while the psalm 
is on their lips, might tempt even a charitable 
observer to suspect the fervency of inward re- 
ligion ; and it is much to be feared, that the 
nnnds of most of the worshippers are absent or 
nnconcemed. Perhaps the modes of preach- 
ing, in the best churches/ still want some de- 
grees of reformation; nor are the methods of 
prayer so perfect, as to stand in need of no 
correction or miprovement: bnt of all our re- 
ligious solemnities, Psahnody is the most un- 
happily managed. That very action, which 
shoukl elevate us to the most delightful aiid di- 
Tine sensations, doth not only flatten our dev^ 
tion, but too often awaken our regret, and 
touches aD the springs of uneasiness within us. 
I have been long convinced, that on^ great 
occasion of this e^ arises from the matter and 
words to which we confine all our son^s. Some 
cl them are almost opposite to the spirit of the 
Gospel : many of them foreign to the state of 
the New Testament, and widely different from 
the present ciccomstances of christians. Hence 
it comes to pass, that when spiritual affections 
v«esctted withia ua, and our souls are raisea 


alittieabove this earth iii the begiimiiig ofc 
paahn, we are checked od a sudden in our as- 
cent toward heaven, by some expressions that 
are most Wited to the days of carnal ordinances, 
and fit onhr to l»e sung in the worldly sane 
tnaiy. Wbeu we are jost entered into an evati* 
f elic frame, by some of ttie glories of the Gos- 
pel presented m the brightest figures of Juda- 
ism, yet the vtty next hue perhaps which the 
clerk parcels out unto ttfl, hath sMoethingm It 
so exhremely Jewisb and cloudy, Aat dii1i«ui 
our s^t of God the Saviour, 'fhns, Y/y keep- 
ing too close to Davicf in the House of God. the 
vail of Muses is thrown over our hearts. Whilt 
we are Undfingmto divine love, by the medt* 
tatiotts of the lovfaig kindness or God. and the 
multitude of his tender mercies, wltjMn a few 
verses some dreadfol curse i^lnst men Is pro- 
posed to our lips : that God woold add inlqal^ 
unto their iniquity, nor let them come into fan 
righteousness, but blot them out of the book of 
thettvta«, Psal. IxU. 86, ST, S8; which is bo 
contrary to the new commandment of loving 
our enemies; and even under flie Old Testa- 
ment is best accounted for, by referring it to 
the spirit of prophetic vengeance. Smdc sen- 
tences of the PsalnuBt, that are expressive oC 
the temper of our own hearts, and the circom- 
stauces of our lives, nuiy compose our spirits 
to seriousness, andaunre us to a sweet retire* 
ment witbin ourselves; but we meet with « 
following line, which so peculiarly belongs but 
to one action or hour of the life of David or of 
Asaph, that tMreaks off our song in the midst: 
our consciences ace affiigfated, lest we should 
speak a fklshood onto God : tbvm the powers 
of our souls are shocked on a sudden, and oar 
spirits ruffled, before we have time to reflect 
that this may be suug only as a history «t an- 
cient saints ; and, perhaps, in some instances* 
that salvo Is hardly snfficient neither : besides, 
it almost always spoils the devotion, by break- 
ing the uniform thread of it : for while our ttp*^ 
and our hearts run on sweetly together, app7< 
Ing the words to our own case, there issome- 
thiiif of divine delight in it; bat at once wc 
are forced to tarn off the application abruptly, 
and our lips speak nothing but the heart of Da- 
vid, thus oor own hoortBiRU it were foitU 


llMp«iiiitortlieioiiK.aad tkeatbe litniM»y 
aad tbe wonlrip grow didl of inefe Mceseitjr. 

Many mMsten, and maoy private dvMiain, 
tav« MBS groaned inkier tbn teooBTcuience, 
and bave wubed, rather than attempted a re. 
fbrmadion : at tbdr importmate, and repeated 
reqoefia, 1 bave for some jean past, devoted 
many boon of letoure to tUs service. Far be 
it frommy tboo^ts to by aside the booli of 
psatans in pdUie worsbtp ; leir can pretend so 
great a vane for them as mysdf : it is the most 
artlVil, must devotional, and divine collection of 
poesy ; and noUiing can fie supposed more 
proper to raise a pioas soul to neaven. tlian 
some parts of tinCt book ; never was a piece of 
experuncntal divinity so nobly written, and so 
jQstly reverenced and admired : but it most b« 
acimoiwledffed still, that there are a thousand 
lines bi it whidt were not made for a chnrcb in 
OOT" days, to assame as its own : there are also 
many deficiencies of light and glory, which our 
Loni Jesus and his anosdes bave supplied in 
tbe wrlttams of the New Testament ; and with 
this advMttte I bave composed these spiritual 
Songs, wfaich are now presented to the world. 
Nor is the attempt vain-glorions, or presuming ; 
tot in respect <» dear evangelical kn<»wledge, 
the least m tbe kingdom of beaven is greater 
than ail the Jewish prophets. Matt. xi. 11. 

Now let me give a hoost account of the foi* 
lowing composures. 

Tbe greatest jpart of Aem are suited to dtc 
genetaistate or tlie Gospel, and the most com- 
mon allhirs of christians: I hope there will be 
very few found but wbat may property beiis«d 
in a rdigioos aasf mbly, and not one of tiiem 
but may well be adapted to some seasons, ei- 
ther m private, or of public worship. The 
most frequent tempers and changes or onr spi- 
rit, and coodUions of our life, are here copied, 
abdthebreathinnofoar piety expressed ac 
cording to the variety of our passtms, oar love, 
offf fear, onr hope, our desire, onr sorrow, our 
wonder, and our joy, as they are refined into 
dev<rtion, and act under the influence and con- 
duct of tbe Blessed Spirit; all conversing with 
God the Father, by the new and living way of 
access to die throne, even the persou amd the 
BMdlaiioiKof onr Lord Jesus Cnrist. To bim 


iib(h even to the Lamb that was sfadn, and noir 
fives, \ have addreased many a song ; fur tbua 
doth the holy scripture taistruct and teach us to 
worship, iQ the>wiou8 short patterns of chris- 
tian psalmody described in the Kevdations. I 
have avoided the more obscnre and controvert- 
ed points of Christianity, that we might all 
obey the direction of the word of liod, audsug 
his praises with understandintf, Psal. xlvii. 1. 
The contentious and distioguishittg words of 
sects and panics are secluded, that whole as- 
semblies misht assist at the harmony, and diA 
ferent charches jom m the same worship with- 
out offimce. 

If any expresuons occur to the reader, that 
savour of an opinion different from bis own. 
yet he may obMsrve, these are generally snch 
as are capable of an extensive sense, and ma/ 
be used with a charitable latitude. I think it 
hi most agreeable, that what is provided for 
public sinrang, should give to sincere consci- 
ences, as little disturbance as possible. How- 
ever, where any unpleasiog word is fuond, be 
that leads the worship may substitute a better^ 
for (blessed be God^ we are not conlhied to the 
words of any man in our public soli^mnities. 

The whole booii is wrilten in four sorts of 
metre, and fitted to the most common mues. 
I have seldom permitted a stop in tbe middle 
of a line, and seldom left the end of a line with- 
out one, to comport a little with the unhappy 
mixture of reading and siiwing, which cannot 
presently be reformed. The metaphors are 
generally sunk to tbe level of vulgar capacities. 
I iiave aimed at ease of niunbers and smooth- 
ness of sound, and endeavoured to make the 
sense phdn and obvious, if the verse appears 
so gentle and flowing as to incur the censure of 
feebleness, I may honestly affirm, that some- 
times it cost me labour to make it so : some of 
tbe beauties of poesy are neglected, and some 
wiHidly defiiced : I have thrown out the Unes 
that were too sonorous, and have ^ven an altaiy 
to the verse, lest a more exalted turn of thought • 
or language should darken or disturb the devo- 
tion of the weakest soids. But hence it comes 
to pass, that I have been forced to lay aside 
many hymns after they were-&iished» and ril< 
teriy exclude them from this vuliuae, because 

PREFACE; ^ti5 

«rtiie boUer flgnes of speech flat crowded 
tkeouclves Into tbe ▼one, and a more uncoB- 
lbMdwiet]rofniiiiiber,whidiI could not ea* 

These, with mmj other fivfaie and moral 
eompoaores, are now printed in a second edi- 
thm of the poems entfded. Hon Lyrics; for 
as in that book I have endeavoured to please 
and profit the politer part ofmanldnd, witboat 
offending tfa^ plainer sort of christians, so in tfaif 
it has Ijeen viy labour to promote the pioos en- 
tertainments of sonls troly serious, even of the 
meanest capacity, and at the same time (If pos* 
siUe) not to give disgust to persons of richer 
sense, and nicer education; and I hope, in the 
present volume, this end will appear to be pur- 
sned wi(h much greater happiness than hi tfa« 
first impresaioo « it, though the world assures 
me tbe former has not moch reason to com- 

Tbe whole U divided hito thriee books. 


In the first, I Inve borrowed tlie sense and 
much of the form of tbe song from some par* 
ticular portions of Scrioture, and have psura- 

fbrased moet of the doxokigies in tbe New 
estam«it that contain any thing hi them pe- 
culiarly evangelical; and many parts of the 
Old Testament also, that have a reference to 
the times of tbe Messiah. In ttiese I expect 
to tie (rften censored for a too religions obser- 
vance of the words of Scripture, whereby the 
verse is weakened and debased according to 
the Ju<i^«it of the critics : but as my whole 
de^n was to aid the devotion of chrtstians, so 
more especially in tbte part : and I am satisfied 
I shall hereby attain two ends, (viz.) assist the 
worship of all serious minds, to whom the ex- 
pressions of Scriptore are ever dear and de» 
BghtAil, and grsitiiy the taste and inclination of 
those who think nothing must be sung unto 
God, but tbe translations of bis own word. 
Yet yon wlU always find in th)s paraphrase 
dark expressions enlightened, and the Levitical 
oereoHMiles and Hebrew forms of speech 
.changed Into the worship of the Gospel, and 
axplaued in the hmguaae of our time and mh 


tion; and what would not beir snchiii tHeni- 
liAn, is omitted awl bid adde. After tUsoiia- 
net slioiild I moice to see a cood part of the 
Book of Peaima fitted for flie use of otf 
charcbes, aiid David converted into a chrli- 
liaii : but because I canoot persuade otiKisto 
^tenipt this glfurioas work, I iiave solfered my- 
•elf to be peffBoaded to bcsiii it, and bave. 
tbroogfa divine goodness, uready proceeded 
balf way through. 

The second part conrists of Hyntas, whose 
form is of mere human composure ; bat I hope 
the sense and materiab will ahvays appear di> 
vine. I miaht have brooght some text or other, 
and appHedit to the margin of every verse, if 
this method had been as useful as it was easy. 
If there be any poems m the book that are ca- 

SaMe of givink delight to peisons of a more re- 
lied taste and polite edncatioa, pertam they 
may be found in this part; bnt except they faiy 
aside the humour of criticism, and enter into a 
devoatfirame, every ode here ahready despahs 
of pleaniig. 1 confess myself to have been too 
often tempted away from the more splritnal de- 
aigiiB I proposed, tiy some gay and ilowery ex- 
pressi<Mis that gratified (he nncy ; the kMvht 
Images too often prevailed above Uie fire ofdi. 
vhie affection; and the light exceeded the 
heat : yet, I hope, in many of them the reador 
wifl find, that devotion dictated the scmg, and 
the head and hand were nothing but interpre- 
ters and secretaries to the heart : nor is the 
magnificaice or boldness of the figures compa- 
nbie to that divine licence which is found in 
the e^hteeuth and sixty-eighth Psaims, several 
chapters of Job, and other poetical parts of 
Scripture : Bhd in this respect I may hope to 
escape the reproof of those who pay a sacred 
reverence to the Holy Bible. 

I have prepared the ttiird part only for the 
celebration of the Lord's Supper, that. In imi- 
tati<m of our Blessed Saviour, we might sing an 
Hymn after we have partaken of the bread and 
wine. Here you will find some paraphrases of 
Scripture, and some other compoifitiohs. There 
are above an hundred Hymns in (he two former 
parts, that may very properly be ntcd in this 
ordinance,' and sometimes perhaps appear 
more suitable than any of these last .- bnt there 


wmfine tliem aafy to the Table of the Lont* 
ami therelore 1 b»vedi8tfa«iiiahed and set then 
b)r theaoMhres. 

If the Lnrd, who inhabits the pniaes ot Ut 
Bel, a JwBue fiige to smile npon tbb attempt tor 
mm rerarmatfon ot psumothr anM»ff th« 
cliarche8,yet I humbly hope that hisBTessetf 
bi>int will moke these composure* oseAil to 
private christians^ and if Oey nnqr bat attain 
the honour of beuie esteemed pious medita- 
tions, to assist the devout and the retired soul 
m the exercises of love, fiiith, and joy, it win 
be a valuable compensation of my labours ■ 
ray heart sh^ll rejoice at the notice of it. ani 
my God shall receive the glory. This was my 
hope and vow m the first publication ; and it it 
now mv duty to acknowledge to him with 
tliankfubiess, how useful he has made these 
compositioas already, to the comfort and edi. 
flcatloh of societies, and of private persons • 
and upon the same grounds I have a better 
prospect, and a bimer hope of much more 
service to the church, by the large improve^ 
meuteof this edition, if the Lord who dwells in 
Ziott shall favour it with his continued blessing. 

Note. In all the longer hymns, and fai some 
of the shorter, there are several stanzas inclu- 
ded in crotchets tbH8,[ ]; which stanzas may 
beleltont in singing, without disturbing the 

In the earlv copies of these Hymns there 
were several founded on passages in the 
Psaims. When the author pnbtisbed his 
Imitation of the Psalms of Davids he ex- 
tracted these from his Hymn-book, and inserted 
them in thaif proper places in that V(rfmne 
This occasioned several vacancies, as it was 
Jndged expedient to retain the original numbers 
of the remaining Hymns, in the subsequent 
edibons, for the convenieuce of those who were 
pOBsessedof the former ones. The vacancies 
referred to are in Book I. No. 4, 22, 23 31, 
« 3*. .15, 36, 37. 38, 43, 44, 46. 47. All of 
Which are in this editi«u supplied, by the in- 

92t PREFACE.' 

•crtiaM of fljuuu composed tf the «aiiie an- 
ttaor, piliUed at tbe «Ui of bis SermoM on 
various ntlffectg^ dboine and moral. It is 
preaomed this underlaking (which had often 
beoi stiKested) will be seneraHv received as a 
valuable miproveiiient. cspeolally as there was 
aa evident want of Hvmas on the move prae> 
tical sulyects of chculianity, to which the 
principal of these retate. They are distin« 
fuiahed by this mark •. 




HYMN I. (C. M.) 

A New Song to the Lamb that tvas ilain. 
, Rev. V. 6, 8, 9. 10, 12. 

1 O EHOLD tbe dories of the Umb 
-■^ Amidst bis Father's throne: 

. Prepare sew honours for his name. 
And songs befim QBlmown. . . 

2 Let elders worddp at his feet. 

The church adore aroand, 
With vials AiU of odoars sweet, 
Aud harpo of sweeter sound. 

3 Those are tbe prayen of the safaits. 

And these the hymns they raise : 
Jesus is kind to our compiaiuts, 
He loves to hear our praise. 

4 [Eternal Father, who shall look 

Into thy secret will? 
IVbo but the Son shall take that boek» 
And open evVy seal? 

5 He shaU fiilfll thy great decrees. 

The Son d«erves it well,- 
Lo, in. his band the soverei^tn kevs 
Of beav^, and death, and. hell !] 

6 Now to tbe Lamb, that once was slain. 

Be endless blessings paid; 
Salvation; glory, joy, remain 
For ever on thy head. 

7 Thon hast redeem'd onr souls with bloo^ 

Hast set the prisoners free, 
Hast made us kin^ and pri(«|B to God, 
And we shall reign with thee. 

8 The worlds of nature and of gr^ce 

Are put beneath thy pow'r: 
Then shorten these delaying days. 
And bring t^e promas'd hour. 

230 HYMNS. Book 1. 

HYMN II. (L. M.) 
7^ Ddty and Humanity qf Christ, John I. 
l,&c. Col. i. 16; Eph.-iil.9,10. 

J "PRE the blue heav'ra were stretch'd abroad, 
■Hi From everlasting was the Won!; 
With Gdd he was ; the 'Word was God, 
And most divinely be ador'd. 

£ By his own poWer were all things made; 
By him supported all things «tand ; 
He is the whole creation's head. 
And angels fly at his command. 

3 Ere sin was bom. or Sttfiir fell, 
He led the host of monnng stars; 

S*hy generation who can tett, ' 
r count the number pf thy years?) 

4 But to, be leaver those heavenly forms. 
The Word descends and dwells in clay. 
That he may hold converse with woniis. 
Dressed in Such feeMe flesh as tbey. 

> Mortals with joy beheld bis fece, 
Th' eternal Father's only^Son: 
How full of truth! bow Ailf of grace! 
When thro' his eyes tlie godhead sbone 

A Archangels leave their kigb abode. 
To ieam new mysteries here, and tell 
The loves of onr descending God, 
The glories of Immavpel. 

HYMN III. (S. M.) 

i%e NiOiottv &f Christ, Lake i. 30, &e( 

1 OEHOLD, the jirace appears, 
'-> The promise is fidfiil'd ; 
Mary the wonderous virgin bean. 
And Jesus is the ehUd. 
f rrhe Lord, the highest God, 
Calls him his only Son ; 
He bids bim rule the lands abroad. 
And gives him David^ throne. 

3 O'er Jacob Shan he" reign 

With a peculiar sway; 
The nations shaB his grace obtahi, > 
His kingdom ne'er decay.] 

4 To brii^f the ckMrlous neira, 

A heavenly ibrm appears; 
|Ie teUs the shepherds of their joys, '• 
And btiUsfaes flijsir feaia. 

Book!. HYMNS. 231 

5 '* Go, hamMe twaiitt/' said be, 

" To Davids dty By; 
** The promise infiuit, bora to-day. ' 
*' Doth in a manger lie." 

6 " With looks and betrts serene 

" uo viatt Chrirt your klBg;»» 
And alniU a flaming troop was seen: - 
Tlie shepbetds heard them ring, 

7 <' Glory lo God on bi^! 

" And heavenly peace on earth, 
" Good will to men, to angels joy, 
*• At ttie Redeemer's Mrth." 

8 [In worship so divine. 

Let saints emirioy their tongues, 
With the celestial host we join. 
And lood repeat their songs; 

9 " Glory to God on high! 

** And beavenly peace on eaitb, 
" Good-will to men, to angels Joy, 
** At oar Redeemer's birth T 

• HYMN IV. First Part (C. M.) 
J%e Nativity of Christ, Lnke U. 10, &c. 

1 « CHEPHERDS! r4>}oice, lift ap yonr eyes, 
^ " And send yoar iters away ; 
'* News firom the regions of the skies, 
*' Salvation's Imnii to-day. 

£ " Jesos the God whom angels frar 
** Comes down to dwell with yon; 
" To day he makes his entrance here. 
*' But not as monarchs do. 

3 *' No gold nor pnrple swadling bands, 

" Nor royal shining things; 
** A manger for his cradle stands, 
**And holds the King of kings. 

4 ** Go, shepherds, where the intant lies, 

** And see his bumble throne ; 
•' With tears of joy in all your eves, 
" Go, shepherds, kiss the Son.*' 

5 Thns Gabriel sang, and strait around 

The beavenly armies throng. 
They tune their harps to lofty sound. 
And thus conclude the song. 
G " Glory to God that reigns above, 
" Let peace surround the earth; 
** Mortals shall know their Maker's love< 
*' At their Redeemers birth.'* 

«3« HYMNS. Bookh 

7 Lord, snd diall aoKels bave tkcv song* 

And men no tunes to raise r 
O may we lose our nseleu tongnes 
When they foiset to pcaiae. 

8 GkH7 to God that reigii* adK>ve, 

That pitied as forionit 
We join to 8ii« our Maker's love. 
For there's a Saviour bora. 

• HYMN IV. Second Part (LM.) 

The inward Witness to ChrisAuudty. 
IJohnv. 10. 

1 /QUESTIONS and doubts be beard no more, 
W. Let Christ and joy be all our tiMme •» 
His Spirit seals his gospel sure. 

To every soul that trusts in him. 

2 Jesus tli^ witness speaks within: 
The mercy which thy words reveal 
Refines the heart from sense and sin. 
And stamps its own celestial seal. 

3 Tis God'ft faiimitable band 

That moulds and forms the heart anew : 
BlasiAemers can no more withstand. 
But bow and own thy doctrine true. 

4 The guilty wretch that trusts thy blood. 
Finds peace and pardon at the crow : 
The sinful soul, averse to God, 
Believes and loves his Maker's laws. 

5 Learning and wit may cease their strife. 
When miracles with glory shine: 

The voice that calls the dead to hie 
Must be ahnighty, and divine. 

Submission to Afflictive Providence, Job i. £1. 

1 XTAKED as from the earth we came, 
-lN And crept to life at first. 
We to the earth return agahi, . 
And muigle with our dust, 
f The dear delights we here eqjoy. 
And fondly call our own, 
Are but short favours borrow'd now. 
To be repaid anon. 
3 Tis God that lifts oar comforts high, 
or sinks them m the grave, 
.He gives, and (blessed be bis name!) 
He takes but what he gave. 

Book 1. HYMNS. S3S 

4 Peaee, aO ov anpy ptBtloas iSbm, 

Let each rebeilioaB sigb ' 
Be ailait at Ms mmt nten witl. 
And every nmnmirffie. i 

5 If iodliiir mercy erown o«r Ut«, 

Its praises shaS be qiread, 
And we'll adore the jostice toe. 
That strikes uur comforts dead. 

HYMN VI. (C. M.) 
Tritanph over Deaths Job xix. iS^-^. 

1 f^REAT God, I own thy sentence }uU, 
^^ And nature must decay; 
I yield my body to the dust, 
l\) dwell with fellow-clay. 
8 Yet fiuth mav triumph o'er the grave. 
And trample on the tombs: 
My Jesus, my Redeemer fives. 
Ify God, my Saviour comes.. 

3 The mighty conqueror shall appear 

Ifigh on a royal seat, 
And death, the last of all bis foes, 
lie vanqnish'd at Ms feet. 

4 Tlio' needy worms devour my sidn. 

And maw my wasting flesh, 
When God shall build my bones agaiiH 
He clothes them all atresb. 

5 Then shall I see thy lovely face 

With strong hnmortal eyes. 
And feast upon thy unknown grtee. 
With pleasure and surprise. 


The InvUation of the Goapel : or, Spiritual 
Food and CLothing, Isa. W. 1 , 2, &c. 

1 T ET every mortal ear attend, 
-^ And every heart rejoice, 
The trumpet of the gospel sounds 
With an mviting voice. 
t Ho! all ye hungry starvug souls. 
That feed upon the wbid. 
And vahily strive. with earthly toys 
To fill an empty nnnd; 
3 Eternal wisdom has prepar'd 
A soul-reviving feast. 
And bids your longing appetites 
The rich provi^oo taste. 

236 HYJVfNS. Book I, 

9 Tbere Rhall his sacred Spirit dwell. 
And deep engrave his law. 
And lev'TY motion of our soaJb 
To swift obedience draw. 
10 Tiius will he poor salvation down, 
. And we shall render praise ; 
We the dear people of his love. 
And he our God of grace. 

HYMN X. (S. M.) 
The Blessedness of Gospel Times: or. The 
Meoelation qf Christ to Jetcs and Gentiles, 

Isa. lU. 2, 7, 8, 9, 10. Mat. xiii. 16, 17. 
1 IIJOW beauteous are their feet 
*■ ^ Who stand on Zioa'S bUl! 
Who bring salvation on their tongues. 
And words of peace reveal! 
S How charming is their vmce! 
How sweet the tidtaigs are! 
'* Zion, behold thy Saviour king, 
" He reigns and triumphs here." 

3 How tappy are our ears. 
That hear this joyful sound, 

Which kings and prophets waited for. 
And sought, but never found ! 

4 How blessed are our eyes. 
That see this heavenly light; 

Prophets and kings desir'd it long. 
Bat dy'd without the sight! 

5 The watchmen jom their voice. 
And tunefiil notes employ; 

Jerusalem breaks forth in songs. 
And deserts learn the loy. 
C The Lord makes bare nis arm 
Thro' all the earth abroad; 
Let evYy nation now behokl 
Their Saviour and their God. 

^^ ^ ^ HYMN XI. (L. M.) 
The Humble enlightened, and Carnal Rea. 
son tmmbled: or , The Sovereignty <^ Grace, 
Luke X. 21, 22. 

1 TTHERE was an hodr when Christ reioic'd. 
„ And spoke his joy in words of praise : 

« ?*¥»■•,' *hank thee, mighty God, 

2 " i^h?n?^.¥* **'"»• «"<* heaVns, and seas : 
"tifof^li?^ wvljreign powT and love. 
**^A^^^.^ doctrme with sncce^; 
" iS^ SSS^ the babes in knowledge lewi 

^ * "^ breadths, and lafCof 

Boak 1. HYMNS. 237 

3 *• Bot all Ms giDiy ttes oonctfiril 
" From men or pradence woA of wit ; 
" The priBce of oarkaefs blinds tiieir eyes, 
** And Uieir own pride resists the Hgbt. 

4 ** Father/ lis tbas, bettnse thr wID 

** Chose and ordaitfd it sImnim be so; 
" Tis tliy delight fsbne the proud, 
*' And lay the inngtaly soomer low., 

5 ** There's none can laiow the nuher ricbt, . 
" But those who learn it from tiw Sou; 
" Nor can the Son be wril received 

* ' But wb«re the Father makes him known.** 

6 Then let oar sools adore our God, 
That deals his graces as he please ; 
Nor i^ves to mortals an accoont 
Or of his acti<His, or decrees. 

HYMN XII. (C. Bf.) 
Free Grace in reaealing Chritt, Lake x. 81. 

1 I ESUS, the man of constant grief, 
«| A monmer all bts days, 

His spirit once rejoic'd aiond. 
And mm'd his Joy to praise. 

2 " Father, 1 thank thv wonderons love, 

" That halb revealed tbv Son 
** To men nnleamed, and to babes 
" Hast made thy gospel known. 

3 " Tbe mvsleries of redeeming grace 

*' Are nidden from tbe wise, 
*■ While pride and carnal reasonings join 
" To swell and blind their eyes." 

4 Thus doth the Lord of heaven and earth 

His great decrees fulfil. 
And orders all bis works of grace 
By his own sovereign will. 

TTie Stmof God incarnate: or, Vie Tit lea 
and the Kingdom qf Christ, Isa. ix. 2,6,1. 

1 nrWE lands that long in darkness lay, 
•k Now have beheld a heavenly light; 
Nations that sat in death's cold shaBe, 
Are biew^d with beanw divinely bright. 

SThe Vngin!s promise Son is bom;. 
Behold to' expected child appear, 
Wliat shall bis names or titles be? 
WonderAil tbe Counsellor. 

^3S HYMNS. Book I. 

3 IJbis infioit is the mightt.G«i, 
Ccae to be Audded <aiid adored; 
/J'h' eternal Father. Prince of Peace. 
The S«n of David, aud bis Ux4:\ 

A The fovemment of eaitii and seas 
UpoD hiB aboultfeiB dMll be laid; 
His wide d<nniiiioB8 shall iocrease. 
And honoaiB to his name be piM. 

5 Jeaas the holy cfaUd ahall sit 
High o& his lather David's throne. 
Shall crash his foes beneath lus feet. 
And reign to ages yet miluaowa. 


TTie Triumph qf Faith : <?r. Christ's un- 
changeable Jjove, Bom. viii. 33, &c. 

1 XI/HO shall the Lord's, elect condenm? 
*^ Th God that justifies their souls, 
^d mercy, Uke a mi{;hty stream. 
O'er all their sins divinely rolls. 
S Who shall adjudge the saints to hell? 
Tis Christ that suffered in their stead; 
.And the salvation to fulfil. 
Behold him rising from the dead! 

3 He lives! he lives! and sits above. 
For ever interceding there: 

Who shall divide us from his love? 
Or, what should tempt us to despair? 

4 Shall persecution, or distress, 
Famine, or sword, or nakedness? 

'He that hath lov'd us, bears us througb^ 
And makes us more than couqnerors toe. 

5 Faith hath an overcoming power. 
It triumphs in the dying hour; 
Christ is our Hfe, our joy, our hope. 
Nor can we sink with such a prop. 

6 Not ail that men oh earth can do. 
N4)t powers on high; nor powers below 
Shall cause his mercy to remove; " ' 
Or wean our hearts from Christ, om love. 

HYMN XV. (L. M.) 

Cur ownJVeakness, andChrist ourStTtn^k, 
SCor.xiJ. T, 9, 10. 

1 T ET me but hear my Saviour say, 
A-* " Strength shall be equal to the day jT' 
Then I rejoice in deep distress, 
Leiming oil all-sufiicient grace. 

Book 1. HYMNS. S39 

t I glory in mflniilty, 
That Christ's own power may rest on me : 
Wben I am weak, ibea am I strong. 
Grace is my shieM, and Christ my song 

3 I can do aU things, or can bear 
All snlfertaigs. if my Lord be there ; 
Sweet pieasores mingle with the pains. 
While Ids left-hand my head snstahis. 

4 Bat if the Lord he once withdrawn. 
And we attempt the yn)tk alqae, 
When new temptations spring and riie« 
We find bow ^eat onr wealmess is. 

5 [So Sampson, wben his hair was lost. 
Met the Philistines to bis cost; 
Shook his vain limbs with sad sorprise. 
Made feeble fight, and lost his eyes.] 


HosanTUi to Christ, 
Matt xxi. 9. Luke xix. 36, 40. 

1 UOSANNA to the royal Son 
JA Of David's ancient line! 
His natures two, his pennm one. 

Mysterious and divine. 

2 The root of David here we fud. 

And ot&pring is the same; 
• Eternity and time are join'd 
In our Immanners name. 

3 BlesaM he that comes to wretched men 

With peaceful news from heaven! 
Hosannas of the highest arrain 
To Christ the Lord be giv'n I 

4 Let mortals ne'er refuse to hike 

Th' Hoeanna on their tonenes, 
Lest rbcks and stones sliould rise, and break 
Their sileoce into songb. 

Victory over Death, 1 Cor. Jtv. 5S, &«. 

1 f\ FOR an overcoming fiaith 
V-' To cheer my dymg hours. 

To triumfih o'er the monster death, 
And all his frightful powers! 

2 Joyful, with all the strength I have. 

My quivering lips shouM sing, 
••where is thy boasted victory grave.' 
And where the monstcTs sting? 


240 HYMNS: Book I. 

sin be imrd<m'd, I'm 
Death bath no sting beside; - 
thehiw gives sin its damning power; 
But Cbnst my ransom dy'd. 
s4 Now to the God of victory 
Immortal thaniu be paid, 
Who malies us conquerors while we die, 
Through Christ our living head. 


Biased are the Dead that die in the Lord, 
ftey. xlv. 13. 

1 T-TEAR what the voice from heaven im'o- 
-■^ ^ For all the pious d«ad, [daima 

Sweet is the savour of their names. 
And soft their sleeping b^. 
S They die in Jesos, and are blessed; 
How liind tiieir dumbers are! 
From suflferhiss and firom sins rdeas'd. 
And A:eed from eveiy snare. 
3 Far from this world of toil and strife. 
They're present with the Lord; 
The labours of their mortal Mfe 
End in a large reward. 

HYMN XIX. (C. M.) 

77ie S<mg qf Simeon : or, Death made dtmr- 
abU, Luke ii. 27, &c. 

1 T ORD, at thy temple we appear, 
-^ As happy Simeon came. 
And hope to meet our Saviour here ; 
O make our joys the same ! 
S With what divine and vast delight. 
The ^ood old man was filled. 
When fondly in his wither^ arms 
He clasped the holy child; 

3 " Now I can leave this wortd," he cry'd. 

" Behold Ihy servant di«: 
" I've seen thy great salvation, Lord,. 
"And cloee my peaceful eyes. 

4 " This is the light preuar d to shine 
"Upon the Gemiie lands, 

"Thine Israel's gJory, and their hope,. 

"lo break their slavish bands." 
[Jesus! the vision of thy fec<» . 

Haih overpowering charms! - " 

^?i^Sl*''*" ' f««J death's cold e«d»ace. 
U Chrm be la my arms. ''***'W». 

Back 1. HYMNS. 241 

6 Then while ye hear my hearrstrinEs break. 
How sweet my minutes roU! 
A mortal poleneM on my cheek. 
And glorjr in my sool.j 

HYMN XX. (C. M.) 

SpirUual Apparel, namely, Tht Robe of 

HxghteousMu, and Garmentt qfSiUmtiwK 

Isa. Ixi. 10. ^ 

^ A 'i'LAKE my heart, arise my tonaue. • 
f^ Prepare a tonefiil voice. ^^ 
In God. the life of aU my ioyi. 
Alond wiU I ri^oice. ^ 

S Tis be adum'd my naked soul. 
And made saJration mine: 
Upon a poor poUttted worm 
He makes bis paces shine. 

3 Ai^ lest tlw shMlow of a spot 

Should on my soal be found. 
He took the robe the Savioor wroiiaht. ■ 
And cast it all around. 

4 How ftf the heavody robe exceeds 

What earthly prindb wearl 
These ornaments how bright Ihcy shbc* 
How white the garments are! - 

5 The Spirit wrowfat my fiiitb and love. 

And hope, and eveiy grace : 
But Jesns spent his life, to work 
The robe of rigbteousness. 

6 Strangdy, my soul, art thoa array'd 

By the great Sacred Three! 
In sweetest harmony of praise 
Let all thy powers agree. 

HYMN XXr. (C. M.) 

~A Vision qfthz Kingdom cf Christ utnong 
Men, Rev. xxi. 1—4^ 

1 T O, what a glorious sight appears 
■*-^ To our believing eyes! 
The earth and seas are pass'd awar. 
And the old rolling skies. ^ 
£ From the tWrd heaven where God rebides/ 
That holy, happy place, 
The pew Jerdsaiem comes down 
Adom'd with shining grace. 

R ^ 


24S HYMNS. JSook I- 

3 Attending an|[eto sboat for jo^, 

And the bni^t armies sins, 
*' Mortals, behold the sacrea seat 
" Of your descending King. 

4 " The God of ^lorv down to men 

"Removes his Dless'd abode; 
" Men the dear objects of his grace, 
" And he the loviog God. 

5 " His own soft hand shall wipe tlie tears 

*• From ev'ry weeping eye, 
" And pains, and groans, and griefs, and fears 
" And death itself shall die.* 

6 How long, dear Savionr, O how long! 

Shall this bright hour delay ? 
Fly swifter rodnd, ye wheels of time. 
And bring the welcome day. 

• HYMN XXII. First Part. (L. M.) 
Christ the Eternal 14% Rom. ix. 5. 

I TE8US our Saviour and our God, 
^ Array'd in nu^esty and blopd. 
Thou art#ur life ; our souls in thee 
Possess a full feHdty. 

S All our iotmortal hopes are laid 
In thee our surety and our bead; 
Thy cross, thy cradle and thy throne 
Aire big with glories yet unknown. 

3 Let Atheists scoff and Jew;s blaspheme 
Tb' eternal life and Jesus' name^ 

A wprd of thy almighty breath 
Dooms the rebellions world to tieath. 

4 But let my soul for ever lie 
Beneath the blessinn of thine eye: 
'Tis heaven oh earin, Mis heaven above 

' ^ see thy puce and taste thy love. 

« HYMN XXII. Second Part fC. M.) ' 
Flesh and Spirit, Rom. viii. 1. , 

1 \17HAT vain dettres, and. passions vain, 

^v Attend this mortal .ch^ I 
Qft have they pierckl ray s«ul with paia. 
And drawn my heart. astray. 

2 How have I wanderd -from my God! 

And,. following sm.attd shame, 
hi this vile world of flesh. an<} ]Ai^ 
PeSl'd my nobler fiiime! 

Book 1 . HYMNS. 343 

3. For evor Ule«ed be thy grace* 
. That ftHTio'd my soul anew. 
And made it of an taeaven-bom race« 
Tby glory to porsae. 

4 My spirit holds perpetnal war. 

And wrestles and complains; 
Bat views the happy moment near 
That shall dissolve Its chahis. 

5 Cbeerfal in death I close my eyes. 

To part with ev'ry lust; 
. And chaise my flesh whene'er it lise 
To leave them in the dust. 

C My parer spirit shall not fear 
To put this body oq : 
Its tempting pow'ra no more are there. 
Its lusts and passions. gone! 

• HYMN XXm. First Part. (L. M.; 

Absent from the Body and present with the 
Lord, 2 Cor. v. 8. 

1 A 3SENT from flesh ! O blissful tboosht, 
'^^ What unknown jojv this moment bringp. 
Freed from the mischiefs sin has broiieht, 
Ftam pains and fears and all their springs. 

2 Absent from flesh f iUnstrious day. 
Surprising scene! triumphant stroke 
Tbat rends the prison of my clay. 
And I can feel my fetters broke. 

3 Absent from fle'sh ! then rise my soul 
Where feet nor wings could never climb. 
Beyond the heavens, where planets ruU 
Measuring the cares and joys of time. 

4 I go where God and glory 0hine, 
His presence makes eternal day, 

. My all that's mortal, I (resign, 

' For angels wait and point my way./ 

• HYMN XXni. Second Part. (t*. M.j 

A hopeful YotethfalHng akbrt of Heaven, 
Hark x. £1. 

rUST all the charms o€ nature then 
^ Sp hopeless to salvation prove P 
' Can hell demand, can heaven condemn 
The man whom. Jesus deigns to love? 

2 The man who sen^t the ways of tnith, 
..Paid Awnde-and neighbours all their due, 
(A modest, sober, lovely yonth) 
And tl^Hght b» wanted nothing nev. 


844 HYMNS. Book 1. 

3 But mark the change ! thus spake the Lord. 
" Come part with earth for heaT'n »o-day.'* 
The youth, astonish'd at the word. 

In silent sadness went his way. 

4 Poor Turtnes that he boasted so. 
This test unable to endure ; 

Let Christ, and grace, and gloiy go. 
To make bis hind and money sure ! 

5 Ah foolish choice of treasures here! 
Ah fatal love of tempting gold J 

Must this base world be'booBit so dear? 
Are life and heaven so dheapry sold? 
|5 In vain the charms of nature shtee, 
If this vile passion govern me: 
Transform my soul, O Ipve divine! 
And make me part witn aB for thee, 


T%e rich Sinner dying, Psahn xlix. 6, 9. 
£cgI. viji. 8. Job iji. 14, iH, 

t |N vain the wealthy mortals toil, 
J^ And heap their sinning dust in vain. 
Look down and sconi the humble poor. 
And boast their lofty hills of gain. 

f Their golden cordials cannot ease 
Their pahied hearts or aching heads. 
Nor fright nor bribe approaching denth, 
From '^itterittg roofs and downy beds. 

3 The lingering, the unwiliiug soul 
The dismal summons muM obey. 
And bid a long, a sad fiirewel 
To the pale lump of lifdees clay. 

4 Thence they art huddled to the |favr. 
Where kings Snd slav^ have eqaal thrones; 
Their* bones without distinction lie 
Amongst the.,h|eap of meaner bones. 

A Vision of the Lamb, Rev. v. 6—9. 

1 A LL mortal vanities begone, * 

-t*^ Nor tempt my eyes, nor tite my ears; 
Behold amidst th' eternal throue 
A vision of the Lamb appears. 

£ [Glory his fleecy robe adorns, 

Mark'd wiih the bloody death he bore: 
Seven are his eyes, and seven his h'j>rii«. 
To speak his wisdom uid his power« 

Book 1. HYMNS. 245 

3 Lo, he recdjves a sealed botdt 

Ftom htm that ^ts opon the tlux>ne ; 
Jesus, vv(f U>rd, prevails to Vxk 
On dark decrees, and things uuknown.] 

4 AH flie assembling saints around 

Fall northipping before the Lamb, 
And in new songs of gospel-souud 
Address their honours to his name. 

5 [The joy, the shoot, the harmony. 

Plies o'er the everlasting hiHs; 
" Wurthy art thou alone (they cry) 
'' To read the book, to loose the seatft.*! 

6 Our voices join the heavenly strain, 

And with transporting pleasure sing, 
" Worthy the Lamb that otice was siatai, 
" TO be our teacher and our king!*' 

1 His words of .prophecy reveal 
Eternal counsels, deep desisins: 
His grace and vengeance shall niUU 
The peaceful and the dreadful Ihiesr 

8 Thou|iast redeemed our souls from hell 

With thine invaluable blood; 
And wretches that did once rebel. 
Are how made fovorites of their God. 

9 Worthy fisir ever is the Lord, 

That dy'd for treasons not his own, 
By everv tongue to be ador'd. 
And dwell up<n his Fathers throne! 


Hope Of Heaven, by the Resurrection (^ 
CArirt, i Peter i. 3-^. 

1 pLESSD be the everlasting God, 
AJ Ttie Father of our Lord; 

Be his aboanding mercy prais'd, 
His nu^eatfr ador'd. 

2 When from the dead he raised his Sob^ 

And call'd him to the sky. 

He gave our sooto a lively hope 

That they should never die. 

3 What tho' uar iolfred sins require 

Our flesh to see the dust. 
Yet a» the Lord our Saviour rose. 
So all his followers most. 

4 Thov^ an inheritance divine 

Reserved against that day; 
Ite nacompted, undefil'd. 
And camiet waste away. 

246 HYMNS. Bookl. 

6 Saints by the power of God are kept, 
'Tiff tbe salvation come; 
We walk by taitb. as strangers here, 
tlU Christ shall call as home. 

HYMN XXVfl. (C. Mi) 

Assurance of Heaven ; or, a Saint prepared 

to rfie, 2 Tim. iv. 6— 6, 18. 

1 [r^EATH may dissolve niy body now,' 
i^ And bear my spirit oome; 
Why do my minutes move so slow, 
Nor my salvation come? 
8 With heavenly weapons I have fought 
The battles of the Lord, 
Biai&h'd my course, and l^eptthe fiiitb. 
And wait the sure reward] 

3 God has laid up in heaven for me 

A crown which cannot fade ; 
The righteous judge at that great day 
Shall place it on my bead. 

4 Nor hath the king of grace decreed 

This prize fbr me alone; 
But all that love, and long to see, 
Th' appearance of his S<m. 

5 JesHS, the Lord, shall guard- me safe 

From ev'ry ill design ; 
And to his heavenly kuigdom keep 
This feeble soul of mine. 

6 God is my everlasting aid, 

And hell shall rage in vain ; 
To him be highest glory paid. 
And endless praise— Amen. 

The Tritanph qf Christ over the Enemies qf 

his Omrch, Isaiah fatiii. 1, 2, 3, &c. 
1 ^II7HAT taighty man, or mighty God,' 
^^ Comes traveling in stale 
Along the Idumeon road. 
Away fi-om Boaorah's gate ? 
f The glory of his robes tMrodaim 
'Tis some victorioas king ; 
** Tis I, the just, th' Almighty One, ' 
" That your salvation biing." • 
3 " Why mighty Loni;' thy sainti. eiM|ain$ . 
" Why thine apparel's red? 
** And all tliy vesture stained Hke those 
** Who hi the wine^press tread ^" 

Sookt. HYMNS. 247 

4 " I by mywtM bave trod the lureM, 

" And crosbVI my foes akme, 
" My wrath bas struck the rebels dead, 
*' My fury stamped them down. 

5 " Tb Edom's blood tbat dyes my robes 

'* With joyful scarlet stains; 
*' The triumph that ray raiment wears, 
" 8pnmg from their bleeding vebis. ^ 

6 " l^us slnll the nations be destroy'd, 

** Tbat dare insult my saints ; 
" I have an arm t'avenge their wrongn, 
" Ah ear for their comphiints." 


The Second Part : or. The Rvin of Anti- 
chriit, ver. 4—7. 

1 « T LIFT my banner," saith the Lord, 

-■- *' Where antichrist has stood; 
** The city of my gospel-foes 
*' Shall be a field of blood. 

2 ** My-heall hu studied just revenge, ' 

" And now the day appears, 
** The day of my redeemed is cmne, 
" To wipe away their teafs. 

** Quite wenry is my patience grown, 

shall move. 

*' And bids my fury go : 
" SHift as the lightening it 
'* And be as fStel toOk 

4 " I call for helpers, but in valh : 

" Then has my gospel none? 
" WeU, mine own arm has might enongh 
" To crush my foes alone. 

5 " Skragbter and my derooring sword 

" Shall walk the streets around, 
" Biibel shall reel beneath my stroke, 
*' And stagger to tbe ground." 

6 T1^ honours, O victorious King! 

Thine own right-hand shall raise, 
While we thy awful vengeance sing. 
And our deliverer praise. 

" HYMN XXX. (L. M.) 

Prayer for Deliverance a»azpered, * 
l89. xzvi: 8—20. 

1 TN thine own ^rays, O, God of love, 
-L We wait the visits of thy grace; 
Our seals desire is to thy name, 
And the remembiauc« of tby face. 

2W HYMNS. Bonk 1. 

S My UkhhUb are MWdiiflg. Lord, for liiee. 
'Mongst the black nhadea of lonesome ni^t ; 
My earnest cries sahite tbe skiea 
Before the dawn reetwe the ligfat. 

3 Look, bow rebellious men defim 
The tender patience of my God : 
But they shall see thy lifted hand. 
And feel the scourges of thy rod. 

4 Hark ! the Eternal rends the sky, 
A mighty voice before hua goes, 
A voice of music to his friends, 
Rnt threatening tiiunder to his foes. 

5 Come, children, to your Other's arm*. 
Hide in the c^^bers of my nice. 
Till the fierce atonns be overbbwo. 
And my revenging fory cease. 

6 My sword shall boast its thousands slaiOi 
And drink the blood of haiis^ty Kings, 
While heavenly peace around my iiock 
Stretches its soft and shady wings. 

•HYMN XXXI. First Part. (CM.) 
Condeecendirtg Grace, Psahncxxxviii. 6. 

1 TITHBN the eternal bows the skies 
'" To visit earthly things, 
With scorn divine he buns his eyes 
FrcHxi towers of haughty kings. 
S He bids Us awfol chariot roU 
Far downward from the skies, 
To vtnt ^ery linmble soul 
With pleasure in his eyes. 

3 Why shoold the Lord that reigns above 

Disdain so lofty kings ! 
Say,. Lord, and why such looks of love, 
upon snch worthless things! 

4 Mortals, be dumb ; what Creature dares 

Dispute his awful will! 
Ask no account of his atfairs, 
But tremble and be still. 

5 Just like bis nature is his grace. 

Ail sovereten and all free : 
Great God, bow searchless are thy ways, 
How d^p thy judgments be! * 

•HYMNXXXL Second Part. (CM.) 
The hidden Lijeofa Ckrittian, Col. iii.3. 

^ O Sk?**^ '^z «»« Wves on Ufh, 
^ ^jMle men lie groveling hewT 

Li"^L"!? ^K^ above the sky. 
And ^th forbids Jiis foar 

Sank 1. HYMNS. 349 

2 His ceiMdeiiGe katmt bo Mcret Mtaici, 

While peaee Md Joy comWne 
To form a life whoie holy «priiip 
Are hiddai and divine. 

3 He waits id secret on his God; , 

His God in secret sees : 
liet earth be all in arms abroad. 
He dwells in heavenly Meace. 

4 His pleasures rise from things unseen, 

Beyond this world and time. 
Where neither eyes nor ears have been* 
Nor diongbts of sinners climb.' 

5 He wants no pomp nor royal throne 

To raise his figure here : 
Content and pleis'd to live unknown. 
Till Christ his life appear. 

6 He looks to heaven's eternal hill 

To meet that glorious day : 
But patient wails his Savtoor's will 
To feteh his aoal away. 

HYMN XXXn. (C. M.) 

9rengthJ>rom Heao^, hm. xl. «T«-M. 

1 • \irH£NCE do our moamful thoughts ariief 

^^ And Where's our courage fled? 
Has restless sin and raging hell 
Struck all our comforts dead .' 

2 Have we foigot th' Almighty name; 

That foim'd the earth and sea I 
And can an all-creatiog arm 
Grow weary or decay ? 

3 Treasures of everlasting might 

In our Jehovah dwell ; 
He gives the conquest to tbe weak, 
And treads their foes to heU. 

4 Mere mortal power shall fade and die. 

And youthful vigour cease ; 
But we, that wait upon the Lord, 
Shall feel our stmglh increase. 

5 The saints shall mount on eagles* winga. 

And taste the promised Miss, 
Till their unwearied feet arrive 
Where perfect pleasiure is. 


A rational Dcftnct of the Gotpa, Rom. I. 

16. 1 Cor. i. 4i7, «8: 

1 CHALL atheists dare insult the cioas 
»-' of our redeemer, God? 
8ball inlidels reproacii bis laws. 
Or tnuDirie on his blood?' 


250 HYMNS. Book\, 

S WJiat if be chooM myBterious ways 
To cleame m fvum oar laults ? 
Hay not tbe works of sovereii^ gnoe 
Transcend our feeble tbougfalB? 

3 What if his gospel bids ns n^t 

With flesh, and self, and sin; 
The prize is most divinely bright 
That we are tall'd to win. 

4 What if the foolish, and the poor 

His glorious grace partalie; 
This but conArnis his truth the more. 
For so the prophets spake. 

5 Do some that own his sacred name 

Indulge their souls in sin? 
Jesus should never bear the blame, 

His laws are pure and clean. 
$ Then let our feith grow firm and strongs 

Our lips profess bis word ; 
Nor Mush nor fear to walk among 

The men that love the Lord. 

•HYMN XXXIV. First Part. (L. M.) 
Tft< Gospel and Power qfGodto SaiUMtunif 

Rom. i. t6. 
1 "W7HAT shall tbe dying siliner do 
" That seeks rcBef for all his woe ? 
Where shall the guilty conscience find 
Ease for the torment of the mind ? 
S How shall we get our crimes forgiven 
Or form oor natures fit for heaven ; 
can souls all o'er defiled with sin. 
Make their own powers suid passions clean f 

3 In vain we search, in vain we try, . 
TiU JesoB brings his gospel nigh ; 

Tis there such power and glory dwell. 
As saves rebellious sools firom bell. 

4 This is the pillar of oar hope, 
That bears our fidntuig spUits np : 

We read the grace, we trust the word. 
And find salvation in the I^wd. 

5 Let men or angels dig tbe mines. 
Where natures goMen treasure shines; 
Brought near (be doctrine of the cross, 
All nature's gold appears but dross. 

6 Should vile bhusphemers with disdain 
Pronounce the truths <^ Jesus vain ; 
ru meet tbe scandal and the shame. 
And staig and triumph in his name. 

Book 1. HYMNS. 251 

• HYMN XXXIV. SeoMMl Put. (C. M.) 
None excluded from Hope, Rom. 1. 16. 

1 TESUS, thv bleflsings are not few, 
«l Nor is thy goflpef weak : 

Thy grace can melt the stubborn Jew, 
An^ bow tb' aspiring Greek. 

2 Wide as the reach of Satan's rage 

Doth thy salvation flow: 
Tb not confined to sex or age. 
The lo^ or the low. 

3 While grace is oflfer'd to the prince, ' 

The poor may take their share: 
Vo mortal has ». jost pretence 
To perish in despair. 

4 Be wise, ye m«i of strength and wit, 

Nor twast your naMve powers: 
Bnt to his sov'reign grace submit. 
And glory shall be yours. 

5 Come, all ye vilest sinners, come. 

He'd form your souls anew : 
His gospel and bis heart faaye room 
For rebels such as you. 

6 His doctrine is almighty love: 

There's virtue in his name 
To tarn the raven to a dove, 
The li<Hi to a lamb. 

• HYMN XXXV. First Part. (L. M.) 

Faith the Way to Acfeotum, Rom.i. 16. 
Eph. ii. 8, 9. 

1 XTOI' by ^c ^^B of innocence 

-L-^ Can Adam's sons arrive at heaven; 
New works can give us no pretence 
To have our ancient sins forgiven. 

2 Not the best deeds that we have done 
Can make a wounded conscience whole; 
Faith is the grace, and fiiith alone, 
that fli^ to Christ and saves the sool. 

3 Lord, I believe thy heavenly word. 
Fain would I have my soul renew'd; 
I moom for sin, and trust the Lord 
To have it pardon'd and subdu'd. 

4 O may thy grace its power display, 
Let guilt and deaiQt no longer reign; 
Save me in thine appointed way, 
Nor let my hnmble nith be vam» 

252 HYMNS. Book 1. 

• HYMN XXXV. Second Part (C. UJ 
Truth, Sincerity, 4c. PWI. iv. 8. 

1 T ET tbose who bear the Christiaa name 
A-« Their holy vows fiilfil: 

The saints, the fotiowers of the Lamb, 
Are inen of honour stlli. 

2 True to the solemn oaihs fbey take, 

Tho' to their hart they swear : 
Constant and just to all they q>€ak. 
For God and angels hear. 

3 Still with theur Hps their hearts agree. 

Nor tlatterhig words devise : 
Tliey know the Ood nf truth can see 
Thro* every fUse disguise. 

4 They hate th' appesmince of a lie 

In ail the shapes it wears : 
They live in truth ; and when they die. 
Eternal life is theirs. 

5 While hypocrites and liars fly 

Before the Judge's frown. 
His foitbful friends, who fear a he* 
Receive th' immortal crown. 

• HYMN XXXVI. (C. M.) 
A lovely Carriage. 

1 r\ TIS a lovely thing to see 
^^ A man of prudent heart. 

Whose thoughts, and lips, and life agree. 
To act a iisefol part. . 

2 When envy, strife, and wars begin 

In :little angry souls, 
Mark how the torn of peace come in. 
And quench the kindung coals. 

3 Their minds are humble, mild» and meelf 

Nolr let their fury rise; 
Nor passion moves their lips to speak, 
Nor nride exalts their eyes. 

4 Their irame is orudeuce mix'd with tove. 

Good works fulfil their day : 
They join the serpent with the dove. 
But cast the sting away. 

5 Such was the Saviour of mankind', 

Such pleasures he pnrsu'dj • 

His flesh and blood were aH refin'd, ' 

His soul divinely good. 
« 1x>rd, can these phints of virtue grow 

fn such a heart as mine? 
Thy erace my nature can renew. 

And make n^ soul Mke thine. 

J^ok \. HYMNS. 3o3 

• HYMN XXXVII. First Part (L.M.) 

Christ's Humiliatum, ExtUtation, and TtU 
umphy i^UI. iL 8, 9. Mark X?. 20, 24, 99*- 
Col. ii. 15. 

1. "XHE mighty frame of f^ou grace. 
-^ That brightest moaument of praise. 
That e*er the God of love deagnVl, 
Employs and fills my labouring mind. 

8 Bes^, my soid, the heavenly song, 
A burden for an angel's tongue, 
Wlim Gabriel sounds these awftd things, 
He tones and sommoos aU faia strings. 

3 Proclaim inimitable love, 
Jeaos the Lord of worlds above 
Puts off the beams of bright array. 
And veils the God in mortal clay. 

4 What Mack reproach defU'd bis name 
When with our slus he took our shame! 
He whom adoring angels blest 

la made the impious rebd's jest 

5 He that distributes crowns and thrones 
Hangs on a tree and bleeds and groans, 
The prince c^ life resigns his breath. 
The King of Glory bows to death. '• 

6 But see the wonders of his power. 
He triumphs in his dyfaig hoiir; 
And, while by Satan's rage be fdl, ' 
He' dash'd' the lifi^g \»vf9 .at^htai. ; 

1 Thus were th« hosts' ,qf,(;}i»tk£tUiKiu:d, 
And sin was dronifd iu JesuV.blQod; 
Thus he. ^ose and reigns abo^?*i, 
An4 couqtrers sitmers by hiil^e.' ; „:. 

8 M^ shall fulfil this boundless' song?/'* 
The themie surmoiuit^ an angefs tongiie.; 
How low, how vain, arc mor^I afrs, 

^ When Gabriel's nobler barp despairs. 

• HYMN XXXVU. Second Part. (C. M) 

Zeal and Fortitude. 

1 T\0 I believe what Jesos saith, 
^ And tiimk his gospel truer 
Lord, ntake me Ifoid to own my faith, . 
And practise vittue too. 

254 HYMNS. Book 1. 

3 SapprcM my sbame, sabdoe my fear. 
Arm me with heaveafy zeal. 
That I may make thy power appear. 
And works of praise fulfil. 

3 If men shall tsee my vinae abine, 

And spread my name abroad. 
Thine is the pow'r, the praise is tfaioe. 
My Saviour and my God. 

4 Thus when the saints in ^lory meet. 

Their lips proclaim thy grace : 
They cast their honours at thy feet. 
And own their borrow'd rays. 

5 Are we the soldiers of the cross? 

The foUow'rs of the Lamb? 
And shall we fear to own his cause. 
Or blush to speak hi& name ? 

6 Now must we fight if we should reiga : 

Increase our courage, ImtAI 
We'll bear the toil, endure the pain, 
Sapported by thy word. 

7 Thy saints in all this glorious war 

Shall conquer, tho' they're ^ain; 
They see the triamph iVom amr, 
And shall with Jesus reign. 

8 When that illustrioqs dfiy sbfOl rise. 

And all thy armies shme 
In robes of vict'ry l)iro' the skies. 
The «k)ry shall be thiqe. 

• HYJ4N XXXVHI. flrBtParL (C. M.) 

The way to make the conscience clefili,. 
Or heal the painfUl wound. 
S In yabi we se^ for peace with God ' 
By methods of our own: 
Jesus, there's nothing but thy blood 
Can bring us near the throne. 
3 The threatenmgiB of thy broken law 
Impress oar sonb with dread ; 
If God his sword of vengeance draw. 
It strikes our spirits dead. 
i But thine illnsnrioas sacrifice 
Hath answer'd these demands ; 
And peace and pardon from the tiAm, 
Come down by Jesos* hands. 

JSookl. HYMNS. 255 

£» Here aD the andeot tyiies a9«e» 
The altar and tbe lamb ; 
Aim! propbets tai their viaioiia we 
SalvatioQ ttaro' bis name. 
G Tit bjr Iby death we ttve, O Lor4 ; 
Tto on thy amm we reil: 
F4M' ever be thy love ador'd. 
Thy name for ever UcsL 

• HYIfN XXXVm. Second Part (J.. M.) 
The Umvenal Law qf Equity » Matt, viii .13. 

1 DLESSED Redeemer, boiv divine, 
-D How righteous is this rule of thhie, 
" To do to all men jost the same 

" As we expect or wtoh fifom tbem.* 

2 nils golden Icann short and phiin, 
Oives not tbe muid nor memory pain ; 
And every conscience most ap|»rove 
This universal faiw of love. 

3 Hoiw Uest would everv nalioa be, 
Thns ml'd by love and equity! 
All woald be friends without a foe. 
And form a paradise behnr. 

4 Jesns, foi9ve us, that we keep 
Thy sacred law of love asleep; 

No more let envy, wrath, and pride. 
But thy blest maxims be our guide. 

GocPs tender Care of his Chttrck, ■•• 

■ M<Is». VtaS.'ia, 4CC. •". - *^ 

1 VTOW 8iiai)"my.ittw«rd Jby^ arise, • j, " 
-i^^ And btiTst mto a song; "'■ -•• 
Ahnigbty love inspii^es itty hfcart, •'/ 
And pleasure! tttoes'tMy tongue. 'H 

t God on bis thirsty KMfi-yif ' 

SfUne mercy-drtkps has tliro.wn.v. : v 
And solemn oaths have bound liis love 
To sbow;er salvaiiou (down. 

3 Why do we then indnlse our fears, 

Suspldone and complunts? 
Is be a God, and.sbali bis grace 
Grow weary of bis saints? 

4 Can a kind woman e'er foiget 

The infant of her w<Mnb, 
, And 'mongst a thousand tender tbougbte 
Her suckling have, no room i 


256 HYMNS. Book 1. 

5 "* YeCnith tbe Uml, "shoald nature dmive^ 

" And mottwini raonsten prove* 
** Sioa still dwells npon tbe heart 
" Of everlastbg love. 

6 " Deep oa tbe pahns of betii my bands 

" I have engrav'd ber name; 
'' My bands shall raise her ruui'd waEla^ 
" And build her Uroken frame.'* 

HYMN XL. (L. M.) 

The Business and Blessedness of glorified 
Saints, Rev. vii. 13, &c. 

I "TI7HAT hwpy men, or angels, these, ^ 
V *^ " That an tbdr robes are spotleas wbite i 
** Whence did this glorious troop arrive 
" At tbe pure teabns of beavewy light ?** 

8 From torturing racks, and bnming fires, - 
And seas of their own blood thnr came: 
But nobler blood has wash*d- their robes. 
Flowing from Christ the dytaig Lamb. 

3 Now they approach th* Atanighty throne 
With loud Hosannas night and day. 
Sweet anthems to the neat Three One, 

« Measure their bless'd ennuty. 

"4N0 more ^baO banger pain thebr souls; 
He bids their parcbuig thirst be gone. 
And spreads the shadow of his wings. 
To skretti them frcmi tbe scorching snia. 

5 The Lamb that fUls the middle throne. 
Shall shed around his milder beams; 
Them shall they feast on his rich love. 
And drink fuU joys, fioote livbig streams. 

6 Thus shall tiwir Bajgttjr^ Miss renew 
n^bro' the vist around of endless years. 
And tbe «)ft..b?||{i jof 8ovVtti»» grace 
Heals ail their «r^(|A*. jU^d.wipes their tears. 

HYUM.kLL. <C.M.>: 

Tfie same: oar, The Martyrs glorified, 
«"» u • Rev. vii, 13,' &c. ' 

1 " XHGSE gloiidus minds, hoW bright they 

*- ** shine! 

" Whence all their wbite array? 
" How came they to the-bappy seats 
" uf everlasting day^'> 

2 From torturing paUn to endless joys 

On Sery wheels they rode, 
Aikd strangely wash'd their raiment white, 
In Jesus' dying blood. 

J^ook L HYMNS. 257 

3 Kow they approach a spotleis God, 

Aod bow before his throne ; 
Their warbliii| harm and awared songi 
Adore the Holy One. 

4 The anreil'd glories of his fitce 

AinoMHt his saints reside. 
While the rich treasore of his griioe 
Sees all their wants supply'd. 

5 Tormenting thirst shall leave their seals, 

And hanger flee as fiaut ; 
The friut of life's iaunortal tree 
Shall be thdr sweet repast. 

The Lamb shall lead Us heavenly flock 
Where Hvfaig fowitains rise, 
Aud love divine shall wipe away 
Tiie MNorows of their ^es. 

jyivine Wrath and Mercy, Nahmn i. 1. &c. 

1 • A DORE and tremble, for our God 
^^ Is " a coDsaming Are;" 
His jealous eyes his wrath inflame. 
And raise his vengeance higher. 

S Almigb^ vengeance,, how it btuns! 
How bright liis fory glows! 
Vast magazines of p^ipies vnd 8torm» 
lie treasur'd for bis foes. 

3 Those heaps of wrath by stow degrees; 

Are forc'd into a flame. 
But kindled, oh! how fierce they bla^ej 
And rend all nature's frame. 

4 At bis approach the monntains flee, ' 

And seek a watery grave; 
T)ie frighted sea ipakes haste away, 
And pfariiiks up every wave. 

5 Thro' the wide air the weighty rocks 

Are swift as hail-stones huri'd; 
l^io dares engage bis fiery rase 
^ That shaJtes ffae solid woildT 

6 Yet mighty God, thy sovereign grace 

Sits jregwt on the thicwie, 
Tlie retcige of thy chosen race 
When wrath comes rushing down. 

S58 HYMNS. Book t 

% Thy hand shaU on rebeHiow kiogB 
A fiery tempest pour, 
While we, beneath thy sheltering winf^ 
Thy jost refenge adore. 

•HYIINXLIII. First Part. (L. M.) 

Jiesus OUT Surety and Saviour , 1 Peter i. 1& 
. Gal. til. 13. Rom.iv.25. 

1 A DAM, onr Father and our bead, 
'^^ Transgressed, and justice doora'd nsdead. 
The fiery law spealis all^ despair; 
There's ne repneve nor pardon tliere. 

*' S But O nnatterable grace, 

The Sm of God takes Adam's place, 
Down to our world the Saviour flies, 
Slretdies bis arms, and bleeds and dies. 

3 Justice was pleas'd to bruise the God, 
And, pay its wrongs with heavenlv blood: 
What unknown racks and pangs be borel 
Then rose; the law could ask no more. 

4 Amazing work ! look down, ye skies. 
Wonder and gaze with all your eyes .- 
Ye heavenly thrones, stoop from above. 
And bow to this mysterious love. 

5 Lo I they adore th' incarnate Son, 
And sing the glories he hath won. 
Sing how he broke our iron chains, 
How deep he sunk, how high he re^pts, 

6 Triumph and reign, victorious Lord, 
By all the flaming hosts ador'd ; 

And say, dear conqueror, saj^ how long. 
Ere we shall rise to join their song. 

7 Send down a chariot from above. 
With fiery wheels, and pav'd with love; 
Raise us beycmd th' etberial blue. 

To sing and love as angels do. 

■•HYMNXUII. Second Part (L. M.) 
The Ohristianh Treasure^ X Cor. iii. 21, 

1 TTOW vast the treasure we possess! 
* * How rich tby bounty, king of grace! 
Thw world is ours, and worlds to come: 
liarth 18 our lodge; and heaven onr home. 

JBook 1. HYMNS. 259 

S AU tbinsstreoiin; tiie gillt of Ood : 
^ parcbaae of a tenoor's Mood; 
While the good Spirit shews us how 
To use and to Imprave them too. 

^ SJ^^*^,^^ ^^^ crown my days. 
Jbey help me, Lord, to speak thy praiie: 
If bread of soirows be mjfood. *^^ 
Those sorrows work my uisthig good. 

** i^^lM.?®* change my blest estate 
For ail the world calls good or creat • 
And while my fiiith can keep iffhold, 
I eniT not the sinner's goM. 

5 Father I wait thy daily will : 
Tlioa Shalt divide my portion still * 
Grant me on earth what seems thee best 
TIU death and heaven rewal the rest 

Chrises dying, rising, and reigning, 

Luke xxiiL 27, 29. 44-46. Matt 3KXvil, ». 5T. 
xxviii.6, &c. 

1 UE dies! the iHend of sfamers dies' 
■ * Lo Salem's daughters weep arouncL 
A solemn darimess veils the skies ^^ 
A sudden trembling shakes the groimd. 

2 Come, saints, and drop a tear or two 

?For hini who groan'd beneath yoor load: 
e shed a thoosand drops for you, 
thousand drops of richer blood. 

3 Here's love and grief beyond degree^ 
The Lord of gloiy dies for men] 
But lo! what sudden joys we see, 
Jesus the dead revives agahi I 

4 The rising God forsakes the tomb! 
The tomb in vain forbids his rise: 
Cherubic itfions guard him home 
And shout mm welcome to the skiesr 

5 Break off your fears, ye samts, and teO 
How high our great deliverer reigns : 
Smg how he spoU-d the hosto of lieJi. 
And led the monster death in chains. 

6 Say • Live for ever, wondYous king' 

Bom to redeem, and strong to nre * 
Then ask the monster, • Where's thy sting.* 
Aiid, * Where's Iby victory, boasting grave • 

S60 HYMNS. Book 1. 

• HYMN XLIV. Second Part. (C. M.> 
*rkeiruA Improvemen* of Ufk, 

1 A ND is tlil8 Ufe pvokMq^d to me) 
•^ Are days and seasoos given ? 
t> let me then prepare to be 
A fitter heir of iieaven. 
8 In vain these uMMnents shall not pass. 
These golden hours be gone : 
LMd, I accept thhic oflferd grace, 
I bow before thy throne. 

3 Now cleanse my sonl from every sin 

By my Redeemer's blood ; 
Now let my flesh and tool begin 
' The honours <tf my God. 

4 Let me no more my soul begtiile 

With sin's deceitful toys : 
Let cheerful hope increasing still 
Approach to heavenly joys. 

5 My thankfid lips shall loud proclaim 

The wonders of thy praise, 
And spread the savobr of thy name 
Where'er I spend my days. 

6 JOn earth let my example shine, 

And when I leave this state, 
May heaven receive this soul of mine 
To fcAiss supremely great. 


Tht last Judgment, Rev. xxi. 5-^. 
J: CEfi where the great inoirnate God 
^ Fills a msuestic throne, . 

While from the skies his awful voice 
Bears the last judgment down. 

% [" I am the first, and 1 the last. 
" Thro' endless years the same ; 
** I AM, is my memorial still, 
•* And my eternal name. 

3 *' Such favours as a God can give 

" My roj-al grace bestows ; 
" Ye thirsty souls, come taste the streanif 
*' Where Sfe and pleasure flows.] 

4 [" The saint that triumphs o'er his sins, 

" ril own him ('^r a 6on; 
" The whole creation shall reward 
" The conquests be has won. 

Boak 1. HYMNS. 961 

5 " Bnt bloody hands and hearts unclean, 

" And ail the lying race, 
*' The ftithless and the scoffing crew, 
*' That spnni at offers grace ; 

6 " Tbey sbaH be taken tpwa my sight, 

" Bound fut in iron chahie, 
" And headlong plung'd into the lake 

" Where fire and mrkness reigns;"] ■ 
1 O may 1 stand before the Lamb, 

When earth and seas are fled! 
And hear the judge pronounce my nam^ 

With biesungs on my bead ! 

8 May I With those for ever dwell. 
Who here were my delight. 
While sinners, banish'd down to hell, 
No more offend my s^;ht. 

* ttVMN XLVI. First Part (C. M.) 

God glorious and Sinners satxd. R<md). i. 30.. 
Chap. V. 8, 9. lPet.iii. 22. 

1 17ATHER, how wide thy glories shuie! 
-»■ How high thy Wonders rise! 
Known thro' the eartii by thousand sigiu« 
By thousand thro' the skies. 

S Those mighty orbs proclaim tliy power. 
Their motiohs speak thy skill. 
And on the wings of every boar 
We read thy patience still 

3 Bot when we view thy strange design < ' 

To save rebellious worms, 
Our souls are flll'd with awe divine 
To see what God performs. 

4 When fUmen break the Father's laws. 

The dying Son atones; 
Oh the dear mysteries of his csoss. 
The triumph of liis groans* 

5 Now the full glories of the Lamb 

Adorn the heavenly plauis; 
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel's oaiiie. 
And try theu* choicest strains. 

6 O may I bear some humble part 

In that immortal song ; 
Wonder rad joy shall tune my hearty 
And love command my tongue. 


263 HYMNS. Book 1. 

• HYMN XLVI. Second Part (L. M.; 

The PrivUeget qftheLMtig above tkeDead, 

1 A WAKE my leil, awake nqr love, 
■^^ To serve nqr Sa^^oor here beknr. 
In works which perfect ntaits above. 
And holy angelt cannot do. 

ft Awake my charity, to feed 
The hungry sonl, and dotfae the poor: 
In heaven are foond no sons of need. 
There all these duties are no more. 

3 Snbdne tbv passions. O my sonl! 
Maintahi the flght, thy work pume. 
Daily thy ristaig sins controul, 
And be thy vieiories ever new. 

# The land of triumph Ues on Mgb, 
There are no foes f encounter there: 
Lord, I wouM conquer till I die, 
And finish all tlie glorious war. 

5 Let every fljring hour confess 
I gain thy gospel fresh renown ; 
And when my life and tobonrs cease 
May I possess the promised crown! 

Death qf Kindred improoed. 

1 IvyrUST friends and kindred dr<» and die 
IVi And helpers be withdrawn.' 
While sorrow with a weeping eve 
Counts up our comforts gonef 

S Be thou our c<Miifort, mighty God 
Our helper and our friend : 
Nor leave us hi this dangerous road, 
TiU aO our trials end. 

S O may our feet pursue the way 
Our pious fathers led ! 
with love and holy leal obey 
The counsels of the(d«ad. 
4 Let us be wean'd from aU bdow, 
L«t hope our grief expel. 
White death invSiis oar souls to n 
Where onr best kindred dwall. 

Bool 1. HYMNS. 263 


The Ohrigtian Race, Isa. xl. S8, &e. 

1 A WAKE, onr sonls. away opr fears, 
'^^ Let evcfy trembling thought be gone: 
Awadie, and run the taeavenljr race, 
Aad pat a cbecrful ooonge on. 

2 Trae, lis a stndgfat and thorn/ rood, 
And mortal spirits tire and fiunt; 
But they fonet the oiii^ty God, 

That feeds tte strength of creiy saints 

3 Thee, migfaty God! whose matchless pow'r 
Is ever new, and ever young, 

And firm endures, while endless yean 
Their everiasting chcles ran. 

4 Vmm thee, the overflowing spring, 
CHir souls shall driidL a Item supply, 
While such as trust their native strength 
Shall melt away, and drop, and die. 

iS Swift as an eagle cats the air, 
We'll mount 9mH to thine abode : 
On wings of love our souls shall fly, 
VoF tire amidst the heavenly road. 

The Worfu qf Mota and theZamb, Rev.xv.S. 

1 f-TOW strong thine arm is, mighty God 
^-^ Who would not fear thy name? 
Jesos. bow sweet thy graces are! 
Who wouht not love ihe Lamb? 

5 He has done mM« than Moses did. 

Our Prophet and our Kfaig ; 
Fmm bonds of hell he freed our souls. 
And tam^ oar lips to sing. 

3 In the Red Sea, by Mcses' hand, 

Th' Egyptian host was drownYl; 
But his own Mood hides all our suis, 
And guilt no xoion is found. 

4 When thro* the desert Israel went. 

With manna they were fed; 
Our Lord invites us to Us fietb, 
And calls it living bread. 

5 Moses beheld the promis'd land, 

Yet never reachHl the place ; 
But Christ shall bring his foOowen hon»e« 
To see his Father's ikce. 

26* hVMNS. Book 1. 

6 Then shdtt our love and joy be fidl. 
And feel a warmer fbtme. 
And tweeter voices tone the song 
Of Moeea and tbe Lamb. 


The Sang ofZecharuu, and Vtt Mm^ <?/ 
John the Baptist : or. Light and 30100- 
tion 6y Jeaus Christ, Lake i. «J, &c. JohH 
i S9 39> 
1 XTOW be the God of Israel 'blessTd, 
. I>i Who makes his tmth appear. 
His mighty hand Ailfils his word. 
And all the oaths he sware. 
t Now he bedews old David's root 
With blessings from the skies; 
He makes the branch of promise grow, 
The promis'd hora arise. ^ , . 

3 [John was the prophet of the IxntI, 

To go before Ids ftce ; 
The heraki which onr Savionr-God 
Sebt to prepare bis ways. 

4 He makes the great salvatim known. 

He speaks of pardon'd sins; 
While grace divtoe, and heavenly love, 
m its own dory shines. 

5 <' Behold the lamb of God/ he cnea» 

" That takes our guilt away; 
** I saw the Sfririt o'er his head, 
«* On his baptizittK day.] - 

6 " Be every vale exalted high, 

" Sirdt ev'ry rooimiain low : 
" The proud must stoop, and humue aotlt 

" Shall his salvation know. , ^ ^ 
1 " The heathen. realms, with Isratfs mna, 

" ShaU jota in sweet accord; 
<' And all that's bom of man shau see 

" The glory of the Lord. 
8 " Bebotd the morning-fitar anse, 

" Ye that in darkness at ; 
" He nurks the path that leads to peace, 

*• AiMgoides our donbtfhl feet." 

HYMN LI. (S. M.) 

Persevering Grace, JndC 24, H, 

1 TTO God the only wise, 

-■ Oar Saviour sind onr Kifi(;, 
Let all the sahits below the skies 
Their humble praises bring. 

JBboJcl. HYMNS. 26S ] 

2 Ta hte AfaBlgfatv love. 
His comiflel, and his care, 
Preserves as safe from sin and death. 
And every bnrtftil snare. 

9 He will i^esent oar sools 
Unblemish'd and complete. 
Before the 0ory of his race. 
With joys divinely great. 

4 Then all the chosen seed 
Shall meet aromd the throne, 

Sball blcBB the conduct of his grace. 
And make his wonders known. 

5 To our Redeemer-God 
Wisdom aqd grower belongs, . 

bumortal crowns of nugesty. 
And evM'tasting sougs. 

HYMN LII. (L. M.) 
Boptum, Matt, xxviii. 19. Acts ii. 38. 

1 *'T^AS the commtosion of onr Lord, 
X « iio, teach the nations, and bapllie/' 

The nations have receiv'd the word 

Ance he ascended to the dties. 
ft He site upon th' eternal hUls, 

With grace and pardon in his hands. 

And sends his coveasmt, with the seal*. 

To Mess the distant British lands. 

3 " Repent, and be baptiz'd," he saith, 
** For the remiasion of your shis ;" 
And thos our sense assists onr fiiith, 
And shews us what his gospel means. 

4 Oar sools he washes in his blood. 
As water makes the body clean ; 

' And the good Spirit from oar God, 
Descends like poriiying rain. 

5 Thas we engage ourselves to thee. 
And seal our covenant with the Lord; 
O may the Great Eteraal Three, 
In heaven our solemn vows record 1 


3Jie Holy Scriptures, Heb. i. 1, 2. Tim. W; 
15, 16. Psalm cxlvii. 19, <0. 

1 f^OD, who in vsuious methods told 
>J His mind aod will to saints of old. 
Sent bis own Son, with troth and grace* 
To teach as in these latter days. 

866 HYMNS. Boole 1. 

S Our nttioA retds the written word. 
Tfaat book of life, that sure record: 
The brifbt inherituice of heaven, 
b by the sweet conveyance given. 

3 God's kindest tbonght* are here exprens^d* 
Able to make us wise and bleas'd; 

The doctrines are divinely true, 
fit for reproof and comfort too. 

4 Ye British ides, who read Us love 
In long epistles from above, 

(He hath not sent bis sacred won! 
To ev'ry land) Praise ye the Loid. 

Electing Grace : or,Saine*belovedin Chritt, 
Eph. 1. 3, &c.' 

1 TESUS, we bless thy Father's name; 

J Thy God and onn are both the same. 
What heavenly blessings from bis throne 
Flow down to sinners thro'diis Son! 

2 " Christ be my first elect," he said. 
Then chose our souls in Christ oar head. 
Before he gave the mountains birth. 

Or hud foundations for the earth. 

3 Thus did eternal love berin 

To raise us up from death and sbi ; 
Oar characters were then decreed, 
*' Blameless in love, a holy seed.* 

4 Predesthiated to be sons. 

Bora hy degrees, but chose at once; 

A new regenerated race^ 

To praise the gtoiy of his grace. 

5 With Christ our Lord we share our part 
In the affections of hu heart ; 

Nor shall our sooto be thence remov'd. 
Till he forgets his firstbelov'd. 


Besiekiah^s Song ; or, Sickiteu trndReeoverp, 

Isa. xxxviii. 9, &c. 
1 "lirHEN we are raised from deep ^Hsbcst 
vv Oar God deserves a wag; 
We tike the pattern of our praise 
From Heaekiah's tongue. 

Book 1. HYMNS. 267 

2 The g^es of foe devoaring gnve 

Are opcnVl wide in vain. 
U he that holds the lieys of death 
Commanda them fiut agahi. 

3 FiiBS of tbte (Mb are wont tWme 

Our minds with stevisb fears ; 
" Onr days are past, and we shall kMO 
** The lenmaot of onr years." 

4 We chatter with a swallow's voiot. 

Or like a dove we moum. 
With bitteraess tastead of joys, 
AttOcled and fbrioni. 
S' Jdiovah speaks the heaUng word. 
And no disease withstand: 
Fevers and ptagncs ototy die Lord, 
And fly at his commands. 
6 If half the strings of Hfe sbodd break. 
He can our (rune restore : 
He oasts onr sins behind his badCi 
And tliey are foond no more. 

HYMN LVI. (C. H.) 

JlieSongqf Moses and the Lamb. -or , Baby* 
ionfa^ngf Rev. xv. 3. & xvi. 19. & xvii. 6. 

1 TITE sing the glories of tby love, 
*▼ We soond thy dreadftil name; 
The Christian chnrch unites the 8(»p 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 
S Great God, how wonderons are thy woiks 
Of vengeance and of grace! 
Thoa king of saints, Atanighty Unrd, 
How jnst and trae thy ways! 

3 Who dares refiise to fear thy name. 

Or worship at thy throne i 
Thy judgments speak thine houneu 
Thro* all tibe nati<«s known. 

4 Great Babylon, ihat mles the earth. 

Drunk with the mar^rs* blood, 
•Her crimes shall speedily awake 
The fury of onr God. 

5 The cup of wralb is ready mix'd. 

And she must drink the dregs; 
Strong is the Lord, her soverdgn jodge* 
iUHl shall fiiUU the plagues. 


9<S8 HYMNS. Book 1« 


Original Sin: or, Thefirst and tecondAdtuH, 
Kom. V. 12, &c. Jobxiv. 4.. • 

1 D ACRWARD with humble shame we look 
jL^ On onr original ; 

How is oar nature dash'd and iNroiie 
In our first father's iall! 

2 To all that's g^d avene and blind, 

Bat prone to all that's ill ; 
What dreadfal darkness velta ow muidl 
How dbatinate onr will! 
t [Concelv'd in sin (O wretched slate!) 
Before we dr»w onr breath ; 
The first young pulse beghis to beat 
Iidqoity and death. 
4 How strong in oor degenerate blood 
The old corrtptlon reignSr 
And, mingling with the crooked flood* 
Wanders through all our veins ! J 
6 [Wild and unwholesome as the root 
Will ail the branches be ; 
How can we hope for living fruit 
From soch a deadly tree T 

6 What mortal power from tUngs unctean 

Can pure productions bring? 
Who can 4x>mmand a vital stream 
From an infected spring ?] 

7 Yet. mighty God, thy woqderous love 

Can make our nature clean, 
- While Christ and grace prevail above 
The tempter, death, and sin. 

8 The second Adam shall restore 

The rains of the first ; 
Hosanna to that sovereign powY, 
That new creates our dust! 


The Deoil vanquished: or, MichaeTa WoT 
•with the Dragon, Rev. xii. 7. 

1 T ET mortal tongnes attempt to dng 
JJ-'The wars of heaven, when Michael stood 
Chief general of ih' Eternal Ktaig, 
And fought the battles of our God« 

Book 1. HYMNS. 269 

2 Acaimt the dncon aid bis host 
The annies of the Lord fH-evaU : 

In vain tbey rafe. in vain they boast. 
Their covrage sinks, ttaeir weapons fhii. 

3 Down to the earth was Satan thrown, 
Down to the earth his tef^ns fSdl ; 
Then was the trump of triumph blown. 
And shook the dreMfiii deeps of hell. 

4 Now ia the boor of darkness past, 
Christ has assum'd his reignfa^ pow'r; 
Behold the great accuser cast 

Down from the skies, to rise no more. 

5 nrwas by thy Mood, iamiortal Lamb, 
Thine armies trod tlie tempter down ; 
Twas by thy word and powerftii name 
Tbey gam*d the battle aj^d renown. 

6 Rejoice, ye heavens ; let ty*ry star 
Sbme with new glories round the sky; 
Saints, while ye smg the heavmly war. 
Raise yonr deliverer's name on high. 

HYMN LIX. (L. M.) 
Babylonfallen, Rev. xviii. 20, «1. 

1 TN GabrieFs hand a mighty stone 
^ lies, a fiiir t^pe of Babylon : 

" Prophets rejoice, and all ye saints, 

" God shall avenge your long complaints.'* 

2 He said, and dreadful as he stood. 
He sank the millstone ia the flood : 
'' Thus terribly shall Habel foil, 

*' ThoB, and no more be found at all." 


Hie Virgin Mari/'s Sang : or, The p^'omised 

Mefgiah born, Luke i. 46, &c. 

1 f AUR souls shall magnify the Lord, 
^^ In God the Saviour we rejoice : 
While we repeat the viTgin*8 song. 
May the same Spirit tune onr< voice ^ 

S [The Highest saw her low estate. 
And mighty tbh^s his hand hath done: 
His over-shadowing power and grace, . 
Makes her the mother of his Son. 

3 l«t every nation call her Mess'd, 
And endless years prolong her fame; 
But God alone must bl^ adoi *<i ; 
Holy and reverend ia his name.] 


no HYMNS. Bo4>k 1. 

4 To those fhat fear and trust the Lord, 
His mercy stands for ever sure : 
Ftmb age to age bis promne lives. 
And the perfonnaace is secure. 

5 He spake to Abralm and his seed. 

*' In thee shaM aU the earth he blesB^ ^ 
The memory oi that andeot word, 
Lay kmg hi his eternal breast. 

6 Bat DOW DO more diali Israel wait. 
No more the Gentiles lie forl<Hii : 
Lo, the desire of nations comes; 
Behold the promised seed is bom ! 

Christ our High-Priett and Kmg ; arui 
Christ condng to Judgmaay Rev. 1. 5 — 1. 

1 VfOW to the Lord, that makes as kaow 
1^ The wonders of his dyug love. 
Be humble honours paid below. 
And strams of nobler praise above. 

8 'Twas he that deans'd our foulest sins. 
And wash'd us hi his richest blood ; 
'TIS he that makes ns priests and Unca, 
And brings us rebels near to God. 

3' To Jesus, our atoniiig priest. 
To Jesus, our superior king, 
Be everlasting power confessed. 
And every tongue his gloiy sing. 

4 Behold, on flying clouds he comes. 
And every eye wAU see hfan move : 
Tho' with our shis we iHerc*d him once. 
Then he displays his pardoning love. 

5 The unbelieving world stall wail. 
While we rejoice to see the day: 
Come, Lord ; nor let thy promise flul, 
Nor let thy chariots tong delay. 


Christ Jeaus the Lamb of God^ worshipped 
hyaJUthe Creation, Rev. v. 11, k.c. 

1 /^OME let us jobi our cheerful waagk 
^^ With angels roond the throne ; 
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues. 
But all their joys are one. 
f *' Worthy the Lamb that dy'd," they cry, 
"To be exalted thus:" 
** Worthy the Lamb," our lips reply, 
'* For he was slain for us * 

:Book 1. HYMNS. 271 

3 Jcsns ia wortfay to receive 

HoDoor and power divine ; 
And Ueaungs more than we can five. 
Be, Lord, for ever tbine. 

4 Let all tint dweO alMve the Ay, 

And air, and earth, and seas. 
Conspire to lift thy giories high. 
And speak thine endless iHaise. 

5 The wliole creation join in one, 

To Mess the sacred name 
Of him that sits opon the throne. 
And to adore the Lamb. 

HYMN LXilL (L. M .) 

Chrbft Humiliation and ExaUaHon, 
Rev. V. IS. 

1 ^flTVAT equal bonoor shall we bring 

vv To thee, O Lmd onr God, the Lamb, 
When all 'the notes that angels sing, 
Are f^ inferior to thy name ? 

2 Worthy is he that once was slain. 

The Prince of Peace that groan'd and dy*d. 
Worthy to rise, and live, and reign. 
At has Almighty Father's side. 

3 Powor and dMninion are his doe. 
Who 'stood condenm'd at Pilate's bar: 
WisdMU l)elongs to Jesns ton, 

Tbo' he was cbaig'd with macbiess here. 

4 AH riches are his native rijtht. 
Yet be sustained amazing loss; 
To Mm ascribe eternal might, 

Who left his weakness on the cross. 

5 Honour immortal must be paid. 
Instead of scandal and of scorn ; 
While glory shines aroond his bead. 
And a bright crown withoot a tlKMn. 

6 Blessings for ever on the Lamb, 

Who bore the curse for wretched mea: 
Let angels sonnd bis sacred name, 
And every creature say. Amen. 


Adaption, l John iii. 1. Gal. Iv. 6. 

1 OEHOLD what wonderons graee 
L> The Fatlier has bestow'd 
On sinnefB of a mwlal race. 
To call them sons of GodI 

372 HYAfNS. BoffJi 1. 

2 Tis no snrpnnng thing. 
That we sfaonhl be unknown; 

The Jewish world knew not their KioBT; 
God'B everlasting Son. 

3 Nor doth it yet appear 

How great we must be made ; 
But when we see oar Saviour here. 
We shall be like our head. 

4 A hope so much divine 
May trials well endure. 

May purae our souls from sense and sm. 
As Christ the Lord is pure. 

5 If in my Father's love 
I share a filial part. 

Send down thy Spirit like a dove. 
To rest upon my heart. 

6 We would no longer lie 

Liker slaves beneath the throne y 
My faith shall Abba Father cry. 
And thon the kindred own. 

HYMN LXV. (L. M.) 

The Kingdoms of the World become the 
Kingdoms of the Lor4: or. The Day of 
Jitdgmxmty Rev. xi. 15-ri8. 

1 r ET the seventh angd sound on high, 
■^ ^ Ut shoots be heard thro' aU the sky ; 
Kings of the earth, with glad accord 
GiVe up your kingdiMns to the lioni. 

2 Alniighly God, thy power assume, 
Who wast, and art, and art to. come: 
Jesus the Lamb, who once was sbaun. 
For ever live, for ever reign! 

3 The angry nations feet and roar. 

That they can slay the saints no lAore; 
On wings of vengeance flies our God, 
To pay the long arrears of blood. 

4 NOW must the tisiog dead appear. 
Now the decisive sentence hear; 
Now the dear martyrs of the I»rd 
Receive an infinite reward. 

Christ the King at his liible, 
Sol. Song i. 2, &:c. ' 

1 T KT hun embrace my soul, and prove 
*-^ Mine interest in his.b^venly love: 
I'he voice that teUa me, " Thou art nniie," 
Exceeds the blQsc^ <tf the Vme. 

Book 1. HVMNS. 275 

« On thee tt' aoointing SpWt came. 
™> •«*■[«»*_?>« sawur of thy name: 
That oil of jfauliitt. and of araST' 
Draws viixio aoaJs to meet thy iace. 
3 Jesus, alhue me by thy cfaanns. 
My aeul shall fly into thine arms' 

To the fidr^ambenof the King. 

* ff*^i,*2? P*«?"« tones our voice 
J^^^ % Prawes and our toys; 
Oar mcmoiy keeps this love of tfailie. 
Beyond the taste of richest wine.] 

5 Tbo' in ourwlves delbnn'd we are. 

And black as Kedar's tents appearl 

Yet when we pot thy beauties on. 

T^ as the courts of Solomon 
§ rwhUe at his taUe tUa the King. 

He loves to see ns smile and sinff- 

9™i ,?**;? f^^ "^ *><** perftmcT 
And breathe like spikenard round the room. 

7 As mynrh new bleeding from the tree 
Such is a dying ChrSt to me; ' 

a^i!^ *^ 5**? my soul his guest. 
My bosom. Lord, shall be thy rest: 

9 ^o beams of cedar, or of fir 
Can with thy cotuls on earth comparer 
And here we wait, until thy love * 
Raise ns to noMer seats above.3 


SeOdngthePatturesqfChritt, thtShepherxt, 
Sol. Song i.T. 

1 X"i}PJlS?°.™y •®"' admires above 

v^flL^^ Shepherd, let me know. 
Where doth thy sweetest pasture grow? 

* 2?^''^ *• **^® shadow of that rock 
That from the sun defends thy flock' 
^Jl^f^ 1 fe«i among ihy gbe^J; 
Among them rest, amonu them sleep. 

' SS i^Vfl ^I^"^^ appear like one 
That turns aside to patiis unknown? 
Jto constant feet wollld never rove. 
Mtm never seek another love/ 

SV4 HYMNS. J^obk 1. 

4 rriie ifootsteps of thy flodr I see ; 
Thy teweetest uastures here they be; 
A wonderoas feast thy love preparesr 
Boiivtit with tbywouiids,andKroan8,and tear*. 

5 His dearest flesh he maties my fbod, 
An^ bids me drink his richest blood; 
Here to these bills my soul will comea 
Tin my beloved lead me home.] 

HYMN LXVm. {L. M.) 
7%e Banquet of Loot, Sot. Song it l-i>. 
1 TOEHOLD the Rose of'Sfaaron here,' 
j^ The Lily wbicta the vallies bear; 
Behold the Tree of Kfe, that gives 
Refreshing fruit, and faealmg leaves. 

S Amongst the tfaoms so lilies shnie; 
Amongst wild gonrds the noble vine^ 
So in mhie eyes my Savionr proves. 
Amidst a thousand meuier loves. 

5 Beneath hto cooling stiade I sat. 
To (dtield me- from the burning heat; 
Of beavenlv fruit he spreads a feast. 
To feed mine eyes, and [rfease n^ taste. 

4 [Kindly he brought me to the place 
Where stands the banquet lof ins gtace^ 
He saw me faint, and o'er my bead 
Th» banner ^ his love he spread. 

5 With living bread, »id generons wine, . 
He cheers this sinking heart of mine; 
And opepiiig his own heart to me, 

He sbewl hiS Ihougtits iiow kjni they be.] 

6 O never let my Lord depart, 

Lie down and rest upon my heart; 
I chaige my sins not once to move. 
Nor stir, nor wake, nor grieve my love. 


Christ appearing to his Churchy and teek' 
i?tg her Company, Sol. Song ii. 8, &c. 

1 TTHE voice of my beloved sounds . 
*■ Over the rocks and risiog grounds; 

O'er hills of gailt, and seas of grie^ ' 

He leaps, he flies to my relief. 
S Now Ihro' the veil of flesh I see. 

With eyes of love he looks at irie; 

Now ill the gospel's clearest glass 

He shews the beatiti^ of his ftice. 

No mortal joy» are wortb iky $Uy, 
4 y The Jewisb wintecy state is soda 
; T£* ^-b are fl3: th?.%VSS« on, 

« SL.*"*™""^ I™/ ^ beavcDly root 

1^. we are come to taste tfae wln« • 
oar souls rgoice and wSs the vie! 
6 Ma when we bear our Jesos say, 
"Rise np my love, make baste away r 

Afid leave afl earthly loves behiacL 

the Inmtation, Sol. 8oi« ii. 14, &<;. * 

^ '^H^c*'^'*?*. R?^«emer from on fafeb 
n Sweetly invites his fovorlttt niSi : 
From caves oT daikness and SrdoX 
He gently speaks and calls us out ' 

« ?ift^ **^' i*"^ '^»"> "ofTow broke, 
iS K ^ ^.*'' '*»^t thy fear, ' 
And let thy voiee d^t mine ear 

« fSLF!^ *? ^y coontenance meet: 
"^hltV?^'***'"'** J*»3r fece despfale, 
Tis bright and comely in mine eyes •' 

4 Dear Lord, oar thankful heart receives 
The hope thine invitation gives : 
To thee our Joyfitd lips shafl raise 
The voice of prayer, and of praise.] 

*R *™ ^y love's and he is mine: 

Nor let a motion, nor a word. ' 

Nor thought arise to grieve my Lord 
6 My BOtti to pastures fiiir he leads '^ 
Amongst the hlies where te feSs- 

• iS2f\«*hi."ff!!^(^'«^">»>e8 are white 
Wash d m his blood) is hit delight. 

876 HYMNS. Book 1. 

7 'Tttt the day break, aad dadows flee, 
*rai flie sweet dawnim? li^it I see, 
Thine eyes to me-ward often turn, 
Nor let my soul in darkness moam. 

8 Be like a hart on mountains sreen, 
E^eap o'er the hiJIs of fear and sin; 
Nor guilt, nor unbeKef, divide 

My love, my Savtoar fiwn my side.] 


Chritt found in the Street, and hrou^hl C# 
the Church, Sol. Song iil. \—5. 

1 /^FTEN I seek my Lord bv mght, 
^^ Jesus, my love, my soulis delight; 
With warm desire and resdess thooght, 
I seek him oft, but find him not. 

% Then I arise, and search the street, 
aill I my Lord, my Saviour meet; 
I ask the watchmen of the ni|^t, 
*' Where did you see my soul's delight ?* 

3 Sometimes 1 find him in my way, 
IMrected by a heav«ily ray; 

I leap for toy to see ms l^ice, 

And hold him fiut in mine embcace. 

4 [I bring him to my nM>ther's home, 
ti(X does my Lord reftise to come 
To Sion's sacred chambers, where 
My soul first drew the vital air. 

5 He gives me there his bleeding heart. 
Piei]c'd for my sake with deadly smart; 
I gele my soul to him, and there 

Our loves tibeir mutual tokens share.] 

t I charge you all, ye earthly toys. 
Approach not to disturb my joys; 
Nor sm, nor hell, come near my hear^ 
Nor cause my Saviour to depart. 

HYMN LXXn. (JL. M.) 

3%e Coronation <^ Christ, and EapoutoU 
qfthe Church, SOl. Song iii. 2. 

1 TAAUGHTERS of Sion, come, behold 
A-' The crown of honour and at fnM, 
Which the glad church, with toys ottnoarBt 
Plac'd on the head of S«lomoH, 

Book 1. HVMNS. ill 

S Jesn, tboa everlaslinK KinK, 

Accept the tribote which we bring; 
Accept tte weU-deservM reiiowii» 
And wear oar praises as thy croim. 

3 Let eyerjr act of worship be 
like our espoosals, Lord, to thee; 
like tbe dear hoar when ftom abore 
We llrrt reoelT'd thy pledge of love. 

4 The cladneM of thaU happy day. 
Our fiearts wooU wish it long to stay, 
Nor let oar ftitb fcHrsake its bfM, 
Nor comfort rink, nor love grow cold. 

5 Each ftrilowing minute as it flies, 
Increase thy praise, improve our Joys, 
Till we are raised to sing thy name 
At tbe great sapper of the Lamb. 

6 O that the OMmras would roll away, 
And bring that ooioaatkNi-dayi 

The ktaig of pace shall fill the throoe, 
With alThla ntber^ gkiries on. 

HTUNtXXnr. (L.M.) 

The Church's Beauty in the EyesqfChrUi, 
Sol. Soug tv. 1, 10, 11, 7, 9, 8. 


1 IT IND is the speech of Christ oar 
^^ Afleetion sounds in ev'^ word, 
" Lo, thou art fah*. my knre,^ he cries, 
"Not the young doves have sweeter yyes.** 

8 " [Sweet are thy lips, thy irieasing voice 
" Salotes mine ear with secret joys, 
" No spice so much deti^ts the sm^, 
" Nor milk nor honey taste so iHli. " 

3 " Thon art aU iirir, my bride, to Sir, 
*' I Witt behoM no spot in thee." 
MTfaat mif^ty wonders love performs;^ 
And pats^ a comeliness on worms ! 

4 Defll'd and loathsome as we are. 

He makes as white, and csJls as Air; 
Adorns as with that heavenly dress. 
His graces and his rigtateoasoess. 

5 '* My sister and my spoose," he cries, 
" Round to my hwt by various ties. 

. " Thy powerful love my heart detains 
" In strong delight and pleasing chains.'* 

6 He calls me ftom the leopard'a den, 
from this wild worU ofbeasts and !»«■» 
To Sloa, where his gk»ries aie; 

Vot Lebanon ia half so Air. 


f78 HVMKS; Bo0k 1. 

7 Nor dens oTprey, nor flowery plaim, 
Noc etrthly joys, nor eartUy pains. 
Shall hold my feet, or force my starr 
WbflU Christ invttes my soid away. 

HYMN LXXIV. (L. Bf .) 

The Ckmrch tfte Garden qf Christ, 

Sol. Sods iv. 19*-15. ana v. i . 

'E are a garden waVd aroond. 
Chosen and made pecuHar gromd; 
A littie spot taiclosVl by grace 
Oot of the world's wide wiMcmeaa. 

f Like trees of myrrh and spice we stand 
Planted by God the Father's hand; 
And an his qvincs in Slon fl6w 
To make Hie young plantati<Mi grow. 

3 Awake, O heavoily wind, and c«id^ 
mow on this miden of perfiune : 
Spirit divine, wtcend and breathe 

A gracious gale on plants beneath. 

4 Make oiir best spices flow abroad. 
To enterttua onr Saviewr God:' 

And £utb, and love, and joy app^w, 
- And every grace be active nere. 

6 [Let my beloved come and taste 
His pleasant (hiiti at his own feast. 
" 1 come, my spouse, I come,*' he cries. 
With love and pleasure in his eyesk 

Oar Lord hito his garden comes, 

WeU pleas'd to smol onr poor perAmne^ 
And eaUs us to a feast divine, 
Sweeter than honey, milk, or. wine. 

V " Eat of the tree of life, my friends, 
** The blesshigs that nly Father sends; 
" Your taste shall aH my dainties prove, 
"And drink abundance of my love." 

B Jesus, we will fireqnent thy board, 
And sing the bounties of our Lord: 
But the rich food on which we live 
Demands more praise than toopie can give.] 


Tfu De$cHvHon qf Christ thcBdaveeU 

Sol. Song V. 9—16. 

1 nPHE wondering world enquires to know 
' timJr^y ' should love my Jesns so: 

;. 52»« we his charms." say they. "absTC 
The olyects of. a mcrtal lovf f 

Book \. HYMNS. 279 

S Yes ! mjr belotvei) to my udvt 

SUbewa a sweet mixture, rea and white: 
AJ^ bmnan beauties, all diviue. 
In my beloved meet and sbiue. 

3 Wbite is bin soo^ from blemi&b free; 
Red witb ttie bkx>d be shed for mc; 
Tbe fidrest of ten tbousand fiiirs; 

4e SOB auKmcst tea tboosaod stars. 

4 CHitt bead the finest gold excels; 
Tjiere wisdom in pertection dweUs, 
Attd glory like a crown adorus 
Tboee temples OBCe beset with tboms. 

5 ComPMriMis in his heart are found, 
J^axd \99 tlie stgnals oi his wouad : 
His sacred side no more shall bear 
The crad Bcouiie, tiie pitfCmg spear.] 

« CHis hands are ftdrer to behold 
Than diamonds set hi rings of gold ; 
Those heavenly hands that on the tree 
Were nail'd, aiul.toni, and bled ft>r me. 

1 Tho' once he bow'd his feeble knees, 
Loaded with sins apd asonie^ 
Now on tiie throne of his command 
His legs like marUe pilhurs stand.] 

8 [His eyes »-e majesty and love, 
Th^ eagle t^operd with the dove^ 
No jnore shsm tiickUng sorrows rml 
Thro' those dear windows of bis soul.j 

9 His mouth that ponxM out long complaints. 
Now smiles, and cheers his feintittg saints: 
His countenance more sraceful is 
Than Lebanon with all its trees. 

10 Ail over glorious is my Lord, 

gust be belov'd, and yet ador'd ; - 
18 worth if all the nations knew. 
Sure the whole* earth would love him too, 


Christ dweUs in Heaven, but visits on Earth . 
Sol.Songvi. 1,2, 3, 12. 

1 \17HEN strangers stand and hear me te|l 
^* W|iat beauties in my Saviour dwell; 
Where he is gone they fain would know, 
That they may seek aiul love him too. 

280 HYMNS. Book 1. 

8 My best beloved keepr bis ftraae. 
On bffls of Ught, in woiMs unknown; 
But be descends, and sbews bis fkoe 
In tbe yodng gardens of his grace. 

3 [bi vineyards planted Ivy his band. 
Where fruitful trees m order stand ; 
He feeds among the spicy beds. 
Where lilies shew theta- spotless beads. 

4 He has engross'd my warmest love. 
No earthly charms my soul can move: 
I have a mansion in bis heart. 

Nor death, nor bell, shall make ns partO 

5 [He takes my soul e'er Tin aware» 
And shews me where bis glories are; 
No chariot of Amminadib 

Tbe beavoily rapture can describe. 

9 O may my spirit dalfy riae 

On wuigs of ftith above tbe skies, 
TIU death shall make my test remote* 
To dwell for ever with my levej 


J%e Love of Christ to the Church in hf» Lan- 
guage and Provisions, Sol. Song vii. 5—13. 

1 XTOW in tbe galleries of his grace 
1^ Appears the King, and thus be says; 
" How ftir my saints are in my sight I 
** My love bow pleasant for delight!* 

S Kind is thy langa«[e, sovereign Lord, 
There's heavenly grace in every word ; 
From that dear mouth a stream divine 
Flows, sweeter than the choicest wine. 

3 Such wonderous love awakes tbe lip 
Of saints that were almost adeep. 
To speak the praises of thy name. 

And makes our cold affections flame, j 

4 These are the joys be lets ns kn«w { 
In fields and villages below; 

Gives us a relish of his love, a 

But keeps his noblest feast above. 

9 In Paradise within tbe gates * 

An higher entertataunent waits; ' 

Fruits new and old laid np in store. 
Where w« shall feed, but thiiiM no 

Book 1. HYMNS. 281 


The Strength of Christ's Loee. and the 
SotWs Jealousy of her own, Sol. Song Tiii. 
5 — ItSu. 

1 \17*10 is thif 6ir one in distresB, 
>v Tbat traTels from tiye wildemeu? 
And pren^ widi sorrows and with sins, 
On lier beloved Lord she leans. 

8 Tbis is tlie iqwose of Ciuist our God, 
Boogiit with the treasdres of his blood : 
And her request, and her complaiDt, 
Ts bat the voice of evYy saint.j 

3 " O let my name engraven stand, 

" Both on thy heart and on thv hand: 
'* Seal me upon thine arm, and wear 
" Tbat pledge of love for ever there. 

4 " Stron^r than death thy love is known, 
" WMcn floods of wrath coald never drown; 
" And hell and earth in vain combine 

" To qnench a fire so much divine. 

5 " But I am Jealoos of my heart, 

** Lest it dHNiM once from thee depart; 
** Then let thy name be well imprest, 
** An a fair ognet on my breast. 

6 " Till thou hast brought me to thy home, 
" Where fears and doubts can never come, 
" Thy countenance let me often see, 

" And often thou shalt hear firom me. 

7 " Come, my beloved, haste away, 
** Cut short the hours of thy delay i 
** Fly like a youthful hart or roe, 

** Over the hills where spicer grow.** 

A Morning JSymn^ 
Psahn xix. 5, 8. and Ixxili. 24, 25. 
1 O OD of the morning, at whose voice 
^^ The cheerful svn makes haste to rise. 
And Uke a giant doth r^oice. 
To run his journey thro' the skies. 
From the fun chambers of the east 
I The circuit <tf his race be|^, 
* And, without weariness or rest, 

Round the whole earth he fUes and shines. 
1 O like the sun may I fWfll 
- Th' appointed duties of the day, 
With ready mind and active will, 
tHarch <hi and keep my heavenly wagr. 

■2 f 


f^&3 HYMNS. Book *. 

4 [Bat I ihaU rove and lose the nce^ 
If God my «m AUI distoj^tar, 

And leave me in tlie world'a wiU naxt. 
To follow every wavd^nog star.] 

5 Lord, thy commands are clean and pure, 
Enliohteiiing our beckoded eyes^ 

Thy threatenings just, fhy promise Mire. 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 

6 Give me thy coansel for mty guide. 
And then receive me to thy bliss; 
All iny desires and hopes beside 

Are fiunt and cold, compard with lias. 


Psahn iv. 8. and Ui. 5, 6. and cxhd. S. 

i ^HUS far the Lord has led me on, 
-K^ Thus far his power prolongs my da]f*. 
And every evening shall make known 
Some fresh memorial of bis grace. 

S Much of my tune has run to waste. 
And I perhaps am near my home ; 
But he forgives my follies past. 
He gives me strength for days to com*. 

3 I lay my body down to sleep, 
Peace is the pillow for my head; 
While well-appointed angels keep 
Their watcbral stations round mv bed, 

4 In vain the sons of earth or hell 
Tell me a thousand frightful thines, 
My God in safety makes me dwcU 
Heneath the shadowy of hJb wiu^. 

5 f Faith in his name forbids my fear ; 
O may tiiy presence ne'er depart ! 
And in the morning make me hear. 
The love and kindness of tiiy heart. 

Thus when the night of death shall cmne. 
My flesh shall rest beneath the ground. 
And wait thy voice to rouse my tomb. 
With sweet salvation In the sound.] 

HYMN LXXXl. (L. M.) 

A Song for Morning or Evening, . 
Lam.Ui.S3. Isa.xlv.7. f 

1 \if Y God, how endless is thy love! a 
!▼ A Thy gifto are every evening new. 
And morning mercies from above 
Geiiily dinil like early dem 

Baok U BYMNS. 983 

2 TIhmi flpre^dVt the curtalm of the night. 
Great gmv^fea of my steeping honn ; 
Thy. sovefelpi word restores Uie iight. 
And qoidiena aH ray drowsy powers. 
3 T yMA my powers to thy coraraaQd> 
To tbee I consecrate my daj^s; 
Perpetual blessings from tfaine hand 
Demaad perpetual songs of praise. 

H¥MN LXXXn. (L. M.) 

GodfetrtibovcCreeaures; or^ Mem OOM 
anAmartal, J«b iv. 17— ei. 

1 CHAIX tJK Tile nee of ^tA and blood 
*^ Contend with their creator, God? 
Shall mortal wMtma presome to be 
Mone holy, viae, or jaet, thu he^ 

2 Beliokl, he poti his ta-oat ia none 
Of all the spirtti roand his throne; 
Their natiMes, when compar'd with bis. 
Are nelflaer holy. Just, nor wise. 

3 tat how moch meaner tUngs are they 
Who spring from dost, and dwell in clay ! 
ToQch'd by the finger of thy wrath, 

. We fiunt and vanish Kite the moth. 

4 From nigbt to day, from day to night. 
We die by thousands in thy sight; 
Vury'd in dust wIh^. nations tie 
U^ a Cwgottcn vanity. 

5 Almighty power, to thee we bow ; 
How frail are we, how giorioos thou! 
No more the sons of earth shall dare 
With an eternal God compare. 


AjgUOiotti and Death, umdar Providence, 
Job V. 6--8. 

1 vrOT twn the dost aflSiction grows, 
, J-^ Nor troubles rise by chance; 
.Yet we are horn to caret and woes ; 
V A sad inheritance ! 

t As sparks breaii out fiwn hnniing c<7ii>s. 
And sliU are upwards borne ; 
So grief Is rooted hi oar suiils. 
A»A man gwws up to mourii. 

f 84 HYMNS. Book I ^ 

3 Yet with my God I leaf e ngr cuiae, : 

And trust his promis'd grace; 
He rules m^by his wdUcnown laws 
Of love and ri^eoosness. 

4 Not aU the pahis that e'er I bore 

Shall spoil my fiitnre peace. 
For death and hell can do no more 
Than what my Father pleaae. 


Sa^oation, Righteousness, and Strength in. 
Christ, laa. xlv. 81—85. 

1 TEHOVAH speaks, let Israel bear. 
J Ut all the earth n^oice and fear. 
While God's eternal Son prochims 
His sovereign honours and his names. 

f " I am the last, and I the 'first, , 
" The Saviour God, and God the jnat; 
" There's none beside pretends to shew 
" Such jnstice and salvatioD too. 

S " [Ye that in shades of darkness dwelU 
" Just on the verge of death and heD, 
" Look up to me from distant lands, 
" light, lue, and heaven, are in my bands. 

4 " I by my holy name have swmii, 
'* Nor shaB the word in vain return ; 
" To me shall all things bend the knee, 
" And every tongue shall swear to me.3 

•^ " In me alone, shall men confeu 

' lies all their strength and righteomneH; 
' But such as dare despise mv name, 
" rn clothe them with eternal shame. 
" In me, the Lord, shall all the seed 
" Of Israel firom their sins be freed, 
" And, by their shining graces, prove 
" Tbeir faiterest in my paidoning kivs.** 



"T^HE Lord on high prodatans 
^ His Godhead Arom his throne; 
Mercy and Justice are the names 
" By which I wiU be known. 

Book 1. HYMNS. SaS 

3 " Y« &fiag aoak that ilt 
** Ib darimeM and diftress, 
« Look lirciii the boideia of the pit 
•* To my recovering f^ce.** 

% Stamen diall hear the soond ; 
Their thankftil tongoes shall own, 
<* Onr rtahteoomess aiid straigtb is found 
*' In thee, the Lord, alone.*' 
4 In diee shall Israel trust, 
And nee their gnilt fiMfiven ; 
God will pronounce the sinners Just, 
And talce the sahits to heav'n.^ 


God Hoity, Jtut^ and Suoereign, Job te. 9->10. 

1 HJOW should the sons of Adam's race 
Xx Be pure before their God? 
If be contend in righteousness. 
We fon beneath his rod. 

8 To vindicate my words and thought!^ 

ru make no more pretence; 
Not (me of all my thousand nults 
Can bear a just defence. 

3 Strong is his arm, his heart is wise; 

What vain presumers dare 
Affiinst their Makerls hand to rise. 
Or tempt th* unequal war? 

4 ptfountains, by his almighty wrath. 

From their old seats are toru ; 
He shakes the earth from south to nortiv 
And all her pillars mourn. 

9 He bids the sun forbear to rise, 

Th' obedient sun forbears; 
His hand wiUi sackcloth spreads the skie^ 

And seals up all the stars. 
' I He walks upon the stormy sea. 

Flies on the stimny wind ; 
There's none can trace his wonderoos way. 

Or his dark footsteps find.] 


Cod dwells toith the Humble and Penitent , 
Isa. IvU. 15, 16. 

A •' I ait upon my hxAy throne; 
** My name is God, I dwell on high; 
** Dwell ia my own eternity. 


386 HVUmS. Bookh 

9 ** Bat I desccBd to woildft. beloWy 
" On earth I have a maiuioii too; 
"Tbe humble spirit and contnie 
" Is an atKtde of my delight. 

9 *' The humble soul my words revive 
" I bid the mouraing sinner live, 
" Heal ail the broken hearts I flad, 
" And ease the sorrows of the miad. 

4 "[When I contend against their sin 

'' I make them know how vile the/ve bees; 
" Bqt should my wrath for ever aaioke- 
** Their sooUwoidd sink beneath my stroke." 

5 O may thy pardonhig grace be ndgfa. 
Lest we should Ikbit, despah- and die! 
Thus shall our bettef thoughts approve 
The methods of thy chastening love.] 

HYMN LXXX^ail. (L.M.) 

Xt/fe the Day qf Grace and Bop€, 
Ecdes. ix. 4, &c. 

1 T IFE is the time to serve the Lord, 
^ The tmie tinsure the great reward. 
And while the lamp holds out to bom 
The vUest sinner may return. 

5 [Life is the hour that God has given 
To 'scape from hdl, and fijr to heaven; 
The day of grace, and morub may 
Secure the blessings of the day.] 

9 The llvhig know that they must die, 

But all the dead forgotten lie; 

Their memory and their sense is gone, 

Ahke unknowing and unknown. 
4 [Their hatred and their lov^ is lost. 

Their envy bory'd m the dust; 

They have no share in all that's done 

Beneath the circuit of the sun.] 

6 Then what my thoughts design to do. 
My bands, with all your might pfinue, 
Suice HO device, nor work is found, 
Nur faith, nor hope, beneath the ground. 

There are no acts of pardon past 
In the cold grave to which we baste; 
But darkness, death, and ieog despair 
Reign in eternal silence there. 

:Book li HYMNS; «8t 

Youth and Judgment, Ecdes. xi. 9. 

1 "VTE sous of Aduo, vain and youag, 
1 laduJge your eyes, iiidaJge your toogM , 
Taste tbe delights your souTs desire. 
And j^ve a loose to all your fire : 

S Pursue Ibe pleasures yoa design, 
And cbeer youf hearts with songs and whier 
Enjoy the day of mirth ; bnt know 
Thae Is a day of judgment too. i 

» God fifom on high beholds your thoughia, , 

His tM>ok ireoorda your secret ftultsj 
The works of darkness >on have done 
Most all appear before the sun. 

4 The Tengeance to your follies doe 
Shottki strike yoor hearts with terror ttamigb : 
How will you stand before his face» 
Or answa fee his mnr'd grace? 

i Almighty God, turn off their eyet • 
From tMseriiuring vanities; 
And let the thunder of thy word 
Awafce tiieir soub to fear the Lord. 

HYMN X€. (C. M.) 
Th€same. . 


1 T O ^ young tribes of Adam 
i-^ And thro' all nature, rove, 
Fulftl the wishes of their eves. 
And taste the joys they love. 

S They give a loose to wild deshres; 
But let the sinners know 
The strict account that God requires 
Of all th«i works they do. 

S The Judge pr^ares Lie throne on high^ 
The frighted earth ami seas 
Avoid the fiuy of his eye, 
And flee before his face. 

4 How shall I bear that drcadfiiMay, 
And stand the Aery test? 

I give all mortal joys away 
To be for ever blest. 

288 HYMNS. Book I. 

HYMNXCI. (t.M.) 
AchOceto Youth: or. Old Age and peath 
in an tinconoerted Stattt Ecdes. xii. 1, 7. 

lu. ixv. ao. 

1 XTO^ "^ ^^ b^* ^ yoothfiil blood 
1^ Remember your Creater God : 
Behold, the months come baBteaiiig on. 
When you shall say. " My joys are gooe!" 

£ Behold, the aged sinner goes 
Laden with guilt and heavy woes 
Down to the FegkMis of the dead, 
Witti eudless curses on liis head. 

3 The dust returns to dust a^Eain, 
The soul, in agonies of pam 
Ascends to God, not ttere to dweO, 
But hears her doom, and sinks to hell. 

4 Eternal King, I fear thy name. 
Teach me to Imow how frail I am ; 
And when my sool must hence remove, 
Give me a mansion in thy love. 


Chritt the WUdom qf God, 
1 CHALL wisdom cry aloud, 

^ And not her speech be heard f 
The voice of God's eternal Word, 
Deserves it no remrd ? 
t " 1 was bis chief Oeligbt, 
*' His everlasting Son. 
*' Before the first of all his worlUy 
** Creation was began. 

3 " [Before the flying clouds, 
" Before the sdUdland, 

<' Before the ftdds, before the floods, 
*' I dwelt at his rigfaUiand. 

4 " When he adora'd the skies, 
'' And built them, I was there, 

" To order when the sun should risc^ 

" And marshal every star. 
K " When he poiir'd oat the se»i, 

" And spread the flowing deep, 
" I gave the flood a firm decree 

*' In its own bounds to keep.J 
9 " Upon the empty air 

"The t:arth was balanc'd weO; 

^ith joy 1 saw the mansion wberC 

"The sou of men Bboii)4 dwell. 

l^ook 1. flYMNS. 269 

t " 5*y ^ tlHMflihto at ftm 
"' Ctai tb&t salvation rau, 

** ftfl •*'l ^** *»<*»» «' Adam's dust 
•♦ W* fJMhiott'tf to a man. 

" Ye chikfren, and be wise: 

" a^^ *^ ™"» ^"ra^ k^^P* njy ways; 
"Tl» mkn that shuitt fiiem dltsr * 


Ckria, or Wisdom, obeyed or ruisted, 
Prov. viU. 34-^36. 

! K5«P*,<bUy watch before my gates, ' 
^' And at my feet for mercy waite. 
S ;; The flonl that «elca me shall <»btain 

ISS^^ Z'^^'^J^ *«»venly ga.i, ; 
Iimnorta] life is his rewaiyl, * 

Ufe, aiid the fevour of the Lord 

' "' Sii."?fi.H '"■*'?'» ^*»?» ^^ ^'^^ nie 
ijoth bis own soul an injury ■ 

seek death, and love me road to hell.* 


Juxtification by FaUh, not by War's- or 
'S!'%^f^cmta€ninM, Grocejustijiiu, ium.' 

1 XTAXK are tbe hopes the sons of men 
J On their own works have built : 
Their hearts by nature all untlean. 

And all their actions guilt. 

2 Let Jew and Gentile stop their moaths 

Wiihout a mnrofring word, 
And the whole race of Adam stand 
Guilty before^ the. Lord. 

3 in vain we ask^GiMl^ righteous law 

lojuatafy ps now, 
Since to convince and to condemn 
is all the law can do. 

4 Jesns, bow glorioiw fe tby grace t 

When in thy name we trust. 
Our tkitii. receives a ritjhteoMsnesa 
'J'hat makes the sinner Josi. 

B-^ok 1. HYMNS. 291 

Hu spvtt uakes our natures clean • 
sncli wtnes from hb gnflferinn flow. 
AX once lo cleaoie aod pardon too. 

4 JesDs beholds where Satan reigns, 
^ndtng his slaves in heavy cESa. 

The iron bondage from our necks. 

5 Poor helalew worms in thee possess 
^race, wisdom, power, and nehteousoess- 
Tboo art oar miihty ail, and w ' 
Give oqr whole selves, O Loid, to thee. 

HYIINXCVIII. C8.M.) TJieiame. 

1 HOW iMavy is the night 
«Rn Z,Jr^^ hanfst npon our eyes. 
Tin Chnst with his revivug Ikfat 

Over our souls arise! 

2 Our guilty spirits dread 

To meet the wrath of heaven. 
««t. m his righteousness arrayd 
We see oar sins foigiven. 

3 Unbohr and impure 

Are all our thoughts and ways: 

Willi sanctifying grace. 

* J**®.-P??'«'* of *>eU agree 
To how our souls in^n; 

He «€ts toe soils of boqdage free. 
And breaks tbe cwsed dain. 

* if^'.^^ a**®'* thy ways 
To bnng us near to God, 

Thy sovereign power, thy heafing grace 
And thine atotdng blood. ^^ *^^' 

HYMNXCIX. (C.lff.) 
Stones made Children of Abraham • or 
Gracenotconveyedby religious Parents*. 
Matt. Ill- 9. 

1 V^ are the hopes that rebels place 
V Upon their birth and blood, 

Descended from a pious race* 
(Their Fathers now with God.) 

2 He from the caves of earth and bell 

Can take the hardest stones, 
Aiw flU the house of Abram well 
With new-created svos. 

492 HYMNS. B^«<»* ^ 

3 Snch **«*««»«"« J<!?fJMlill '***'*^ 
Who calTd the tTortil from emptmeas. 
The iforM ©bey^ aad c»ilic. 

HYMN C. (L. M.) 

Bdieee and be ^ated, John ttt. 16—18. 

I VTOT to cbndento flic "^ns^f men 
JN Did Chrtel. the Son df God, appev i 
No weapons in to haiida arc sejii. 
No flan&g sword, nor thunder there. 

« Such was the ptty of our God. 
He lov'd the race of man 80 wdl. 
He sent his Son to bear o^Joj.* „ 
Of sins, and save onr soiilB fh>m h«U. 

S Sinners, believe toe Savloiirt word. 

4 But vengeance and damnation Ilea 
On rebSii who refiise the grace; 
Who God's eternal Son despise 
The hottest heU sWdl be their place. 

HYMN CI. (L. M.) 

Joys in Heaven for a repenting Sinner, 
LUKCXV. 7,10. 

1 TI7H0 cah describe the joys that rise 
W Thro' all the courts of paradise. 

To see a prodigal rettinij 

To see an heir of glory bom? 

t With joy the Father doth approve 
The miit of his eternal love , ^ 
The Son with joy looks down and sees 
The purchase of his agonies. 

3 The Spirit takes delight to view 
The holy soul hie fonWd anew ; 
And saints and angels iom. to ring, 
The growing empire of Iheur KUig. 

HYMN CII. (L. M.) 
The Beatitudes, Matt. v. 1ft— IS. 
1 rnLESS'D are the hamMe souls that see 
*-* Their emptmess and poverty: 
rreasures of grace to them are given, 
A)id crowns of joy laM up in beaVn.] 

Book \. )iYMN3; f93 

2 f Bl«88'd are the men of broken faeart. 
Who monra for sin wUb iavturd miart: 
The blood of Chrfat divinely flbws, 

A beadiiig balm for all tbcir woc8.3 

3 (.BleaaVl are the meek, who stand afitr 
From rage and passion, u<dse aJad war: 
God wiir secure their happy state. 

And plead their cause agiakst the greal.J 

4 TBIess'd are the so«|b tint tfaint for grace. 
Hanger and long for iiigbteonaness: 
Tbev Shan be veO snppl/d, and ftd, 
With liTing Mreams and living bread]. 

5 fBless^l are the men whose bowels iiv>ve 
And melt with sympathy and love : 
From Cbrist the Lord shall they oiybOi^ 
Like symiNrthy and love again. j 

6 CBless^ are the pure, whose hearts are dean 
From the defHing powers of sin ; 

With endless pdeasure they shaH sea 

A Ood of apotleis parity.] 
T rniess'd are the men of peaoefal life. 

Who qnench the^oals of growing strife. 

They shall be call'd the heirs of Miss. 

TJie sons of God, the ^God of ^Mace.] 
8 [Messed are the sntferers who partake 

Of paao and shame tot iemt' nke; 

Their sonis shall tiiamph In the Loixl, 

Glory and joy are their rewaid.] 

HYMN era. (CM.) 

Not ashamed of the Gospel^ 2 Tte. I. M. 

1 T*M not aabam'd ti> ow« mgr Loid, 
^ or to defeMi his caoae. 
Maintain the honour of his word. 

The glory of his eross. 

2 Jesus, my God ! I knew Us naiae^ 

His name is aU my trnst. 
Nor Will he put ny 8o«d to slWiBie. 
Nor let my hope be lost 

3 Firm as his thrMe his pmmisc maads. 

And he can w^ secure 
What I've committed to his baq)ds> 
Till the daciave hour. 

4 Then will be own n^ worthless nam* 

Before his Father** face. 
And hi the new JerusaleiB 
Appoint my tovi a pl^pe. 

S94 HYMNS. Book I. 


A State of Nature and Grace, 
iCor.vl.lO, 11. 

i XTOT the maBcloas or profene, 
i-N The wanton or the proud ; 
Nor thieves, nor slanderers, shall obtain 
The kit^dom of oar God. 
S Surprisbig grace! And such were we 
By nature and by 8in» 
Hebrs of hmnortal mtseiy. 
Unholy and unclean. 

3 But we are wash'd to Jesus' blood. 

We're pudon'd thro his name; 
And the good Spirit of our God 
Has sanctify'd our frame. 

4 O for a persevering power 

To keep thy just oommands! 
We wonU defite our hearts no more. 
No more poHute our hands. 


Heaven inmsibU and holy, 1 Cor. li. 9, 10. 
Rev. xn. 21. 

1 XTOR eye hath seen, nor ear ha» heard, 
IN Nor sense, nor reason known. 
What Joys the Fftther has prepard 
For those that love the Son. 
« But the food Spirit of the lord 
Reveals a heaven to come ; 
The beams of glory m his wori 
Allure and guide us home. 

3 Pure arc the joys above the sky. 

And all the re^n peace; 
No wanton lipe, nor envious eye, 
Can see or taste the bliss. 

4 Thfise holy gates for ever bar 

Pollution, sin, and idiame ; * 
None shall obtain admittance there 
But followers of the Lamb, 
tf He keeps the Fatherls book of Hfe, 
There all their names are fbmid; 
The hypocrite In vain shall strive 
To tread the heavenly grooad. 

Book 1. HYMNS. 295 


Dead to Sin by the Crou qf Christ, 
Rom. vi. 1, 2, 6. 

1 CHALL we SO Ml to sia 

•^ Becmw tvf grtce aboandf. 
Or cnicUy the Lonl asain. 
And open all hit wowMto ? 

» ForMd it. mighty God! 
Nor let it e'er be said. 
That we wboae itais are cmcUy^d 
Should raise them from the dead. 

3 We will be staves no more. 
Since Christ has made us free. 
Has naii'd oar tyrants to his cross. 
And bought our liberty. 

HYMNCVn. (L.M.) 

The Ball and Recovery qfMan : or^ Chritt 
and Satan at Enm^, Gen. lii. 1, ir>, 11. 
Gal.iv.4. Col.ii.15. , 

1 -pvECEIVD by subtle snares oT hell 
<L^ Adam our head, oar father feU, 
When Satan hi the serpent Ud, 
Proposed the frnit that God forbid. 

f 1>eatfa was the threatoiing : death began 
To take possessimi of the man ; 
Ma nnbom race receiv'd the wound, 
And heavy curses smote the ground. 

5 But Satan found a worse reward; 
Thus saith the vengeance of the Lord, 
** Let everiasting hatred be, 

'* Betwixt the woman's seed and thee. 

4 ** The woman's seed shall be my Son, 
" He shall destroy what thou hast doue; 
" ShaU break thy head, and only feel 
" Thy malice ragtaig at his heel." 

fl nie spake; and bid four thousand years 
Rpn on ; at length his Son appears; 
AiKels with joy descend to earth. 
And sfaig the young Redeemer's birth. 

6 Ld, by the sons of hell he dies; 

But, as he hung 'twixt earth and skies. 
He give theta- prince a Iktal blow, 
And bininph'd o*cr the powers below.] 

296 HYMNS. Booil. 

Christ untcen and heUfoed, 1 Pet l.fl. 

I XTOT ^'th onr mortal eyes 
i^i Have we bebeU Ube Lord. 
Yet we r^oice to bear his name. 
And love him in bi9 )w<»4. 
S On «arth we want the siglit 
Of our Redeemer's face. 
Yet, Lord, our inmost tboogbta 4«igot 
To dw«ll upon tby grace. 
8 And when we taste thy love. 
Our Joys divinely grow 
Unspeakable, like those above, 
And heaven begins below. 

HYMN CIX. (L**.) 
7^ Fa2ue of Christ, and hi* Righteouinat, 
■ PtU.lU.1-9. 

1 XTO more, my God, I boast no mow 
i^i Of all the duties I have done^ 
1 qnlt tiie hopes I held before 
To trust the merits Of thy Son. 

S Now for the love I bear bis wme. 
What was my gaia I count my loss. 
My former pride I call my shame. 
And nail my g^ory to bis cn>ss. 

3 Yos, and I must and will esteem 
All things but loss for Jesus' wjte: 
O may my aonl be found m nun. 
And of his rigbteousiess partake! 

4 The best obedience of my haijds 
Dares not appear before tby throne ; 
Rut fiiitb can answer tby demands, 
By pleaduig what my Lo(4 l>as ««iic. 

HYMN CX, (C. M.) 
Death and immediaUOlory, « Cor. v. l,6>-«. 

-*- Eternal, and on bKb : . 
And here my spirit waitiiiS stafidl 
nil God sbalf bid it fly. 
« Shortly this prison of my clay 
Must be dbsoVd and lall. 
Then, o my soul, with joy obey 
iJiy heavenly litherVcuU. 

Br>ok I. HYMNS. 297 

3 Tis be, by bis atanielM^ gnce 

That forms th«e w for heaven ; 
And as an earnest of the place. 
Has Us own S^ril given. 

4 We walk \ff Mth of joys lo com«» 

Faith hves up<Mi bis word: 
But wlule the body is ear home 
We're absent from the Lord. 

5 Tis pleasant to believe thy grace. 

But we had rather see ; 
We wooM be absent from the flesh. 
And present. Lord, with thee. 

HtMN CXI. (C. M.) 

Salvation by Grace^ Titus Ki. .^— T. 

1 [T ORD, we confess our numerous &ulti, 
*-^ How great our giiiU has been ! 
Foofisb and vain were all onr thooghts. 
And all onr lives were stn. 

S But O, my sool, for ever praise 
For ever love his name, 
Who tnms thy feet fl-om dangeroas wayp 
Of folly, sin, and shame.] 

3 CTis not by worlis of righteousness 

Which onr own hands have d<uie; 
Bnt we are sav'd by sovoeigu grace 
Ahoonimg thro' his Son.] 

4 TIs from the mercy of our God 

That aU our hopes begin : 
*Tis by the wider and the Idood 
Oar souls are wash'd from sin. 

5 Ti« through the pHrctiase of his deaths 

Who hung upon the tree. 
The Spirit it sent down to breathe 
On such <h7 hones as we. 

6 Raisd from the dead we live an«w; 

And Justify'd by grace, 
We shall appear tai glory too. 
And see our Father's nee. 

HTMN CXII. (C. If.) 

I%c Brazen Serpent : or, looking to Jesuf, 
Juhn ill. 14—16. 

1 CO did the Hebrew prophet t^\ie 
^ Tlie brazen serpent h|Kb» 
Tbe wounded felt immediate ease, 
The camp forbore to die. 


298 HYMNS. Book I., 

S " Look upward in the dying boor, 
" And »▼«,*' the prophet cries ; 
But Christ performs a niribler cure 
When fiiith lifts up her eyes. ^ 

8 Hkli on the cross flie Saviour tanns, 
Hi)i;h in the heavens he reigns: 
Here sfamers, try th* <rid serpent stonf 
Looii, and forget tiidr pains. 

4 Then God's own Son is lifted up, 

A dytaig world revives. 
The Jew beholds the i^ous hope, 
Tb* expinng Gentile lives. 


Mraham'M Blessing on the. QentiUs^ 

Gen.xvii.T. Rooi.xv.8. Maikx. u. 

1 T-T^^ ^® ^® promise! how diving 
^^ To Abra'm, and bis seed! 
'< in be a God to thee and thine, 
" Sapplying all their need." 

8 The words of his extensive love 
From age to age endure ; 
The angel of the covenant proves. 
And seals the blessing sure. 

5 Jesus the ancient fidth conflrms 

To onr great ftithers given : 
He takes youiig children to his anna. 
And calb them heirs of beavoi. 

4 Onr God, how fiiitbfiil are his ways! 

His love ^dures the same ; 
Nor, ftom the promise of his grace. 
Blots out the children's name. 

The same, Rom. xl. 16, 1t1 
1 OENTILES by nature, we bek»g 
^^ To the wild olive-wood ; 
<^ce took us ftom the barren hee, 
And grafts us in the good. 

5 With the same blessings grace endows 

The Gentile and the Jew; 
If pure and holy be the root. 
Such are the branches too. 
S Then let the chiMreu of the sainli 
Be dedicate to God : 
*^«»' .«»« thy Spirit on them. Lord, 
And wash them la thy Mood. 

Boak t. HYMNS. 299 

4 Thus to the parents and their wed 

SbaU thy ntvatioa come, 
j^joA niiineroiu houshohli meet at last 

IB oae eternal home. 

Canoiction qfSin by the Law, Rom. lii. 
8,9, 14, £4. 

1 f ORD, how tecure my conscience wu, 
J-' And felt no toward dread! 

I was alive withoat the hiw. 
And tbooght my mis were dead. 

2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright 

Bat since the precept came 
With a coBvindng power and tisht, 
I-flnd how vile i am. 

3 tMy guilt appeared hat small before, 

TiU teniUy I saw 
How perfect, hc4y,Jii8t. and pore. 
Was thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my sool the heavy load. 

My sins reviv'd again. 
I had provok'd a dreadflil God, 
And fdl my hopes were shun.j 

5 rm like a helpless captive sold. 

Under the power of sm ; 
I camot do the good I would. 
Nor keep my conscience clean. 

6 My Ood, I cry with every breath 

For some kind power to save, 
To break the yoke of sin and death. 
And thos redeem the slave. 


Love to God and our Neighbour, 
Matt. xxit. 3T— 40. 

1 nrHUS nlth the first, the great command, 
X " Let all thy inward powers unite 
** To tove thy Maker and thy God, 
** With utmost vigour and delight. 

i ** Then shall thy neighbour next in place. 
« Share thine affections and esteem, 
" And let thy kindness to thyself 
** Measure and rule thy k>ve to him.*' 

3 This is the sense that Moses spoke. 
This did the itfophets preach and prove; 
For vnuit of mis the bw is broke, 
And the whole law's fulfllFd by love. 


300 HYMNS. Bo^l. 

4 Hat Oh! bMr base onr paMkns are! 
How cold our chaiity uid aeal! 
Lord, flU our wato wi& heavealy fire. 
Or we shall ne'er perfenu Uiy will. 

HYHNCXVlf. a.M.) 

ElectianSovereign ond Frec^ Rom. iz. 21— 24. 

1 C D EHOLD the potter and the clay, 

*-' He fomu hia vesseb as he p)e« 
Siich is oiir God, and audi are w«. 
The sobjecta of hia higfa decreca. 

2 Doth not the workman's power extend 
0*er aH the mass, which part to ctioose 
And mould it for a noUer end. 
And which to leave for viler use? J 

3 May not the sovovign Loid on high 
Dispense his fiuronia as he uriH, 
Chuse some to life, while jotfaera die. 
And yet be juat and gcaeioos aiitt? 

4 [What if to make Us terror known. 
He lets his patieiice long endure, 
SniTerine vile rebels to go on. 
And seau tbenr own destmctioii aorei 

5 What if he meais to riiew Ma gmce, 
And his Reding love empiova 
To mark out aome of mortal race. 
And forms them fit for heavenly joya.^j 

6 Shall man repfy agauiat the Lord, 
And call hia Maker's ways aiijiisi^ 
The thunder of whose dreadful word 
Can crush a thousand worlds to dust? 

7 But, O my aoid, if txvA so bright 
Shniild dajEZle and oonfqund thy sight. 
Yet still his written will obey. 
And wait the great decisive day. 

8 Tben shall he make hia justiee known, 
And the whole worl4* before his tbroinf* 
With joy, or tenvM' shall confess. 
The glory of hia rif^eouaneaa^ 

HYMNCXVni. (S.M.) 
Mivteiiand, Christ,- or, Sim against tbeUu 
and Gospel, Jpho i. 17. Heb, ill. 3, 5, 6. 
and X. 38, 29. 

^ T^^.^'^ **y ^'(OWP «une, 

^frjfJ*f<>"iSht by Christ, a noWer u^c, 
Deseeding from ab9ve. 

SMk U HYMNSk 301 

2 AnMst the home ef God 

Tbeir differait ii><orks were done; 
Bf oees a HOHiAil 0«fvint stood. 
But Christ a lUttaM Sod. 

3 Then to Vt M« eoButtandi 
Be strict obedience paid ; 

0*er att his Father's home he stands 
The sovereign and the head. 

4 The man that durst despise 
The hiw that Moses bron^t; 

Behold! how terribly he dies 

For his prepimptnoiBi £udt. 
3 But sorer venteanee ftHs 

On that refoeilMMM race, 
Wlio hate to liear when Jesus calls. 

And dare resist his grace. 


The different Success of the Gospel, 1 Cor. I. 
23,24. 2 Cor. ii. 16. iCor.iii.6, T. 

1 /^HRIST and his eresa is ail our theme; 
^^ The mysfYies tiiat we speak 
Are scandal in the Jews esteem. 
And lolly to the Greelt. 
t Bnt souls ealightened fron above. 
With joy receive the word; 
They see what wisdom, power, and love. 
Shines in their dying Lord. 

3 The vital savour of his name 

Restores their (stinting breatli ; 
But unbelief perverts the same 
To guilt, despair., and deaili. 

4 Till God dittuse bis graces down. 

Like showers of heavenly ra-iii. 
In vain A pottos sows tbe ground, 
Aiid Paul may plant in vain. 


Faith qf Tilings unseen, Heb. xi. 1, &c. 

1 pAlTH is tbe brightest evidence 
. ^ Of things beyond eur nsht. 
Breaks thro' tlie clouds of flesh and sense, 
And dwells in heavenly liglit. 

e It sets times past in present view, 
Brings distant prospiects home, 
Of tbiMgs a (bousauQ years ago, 
or 4iK)H8and years lo come. 

302 HYMNS. Book 1 

3 By fiuth we knovr Ibe workk were mmde 

By Godls almighty Word; 
Abra'ai to imbiown coantries led. 
By ^th obeyld the Lord. 

4 He sought a city ftir and Ugh, 

Bailt by th* eternal bands; 
And Aith assnres oa, tbo* we die. 
That heavenly building stands. 


Children devoted to God, Gen. zvii. T. 10. 

Acts xvi. 14, 15, S3. 
CUrr those toho practue infimt Bqptwn.J 

I HTHUS saith the mercy of the Lord, 
•■- "III be a God to thee; 
" m Mess thy ntuneroiis race, and tiiesr 
*' Shall be a seed for me." 

5 Abra'm believ'd the promised grace. 

And fsve his sons to God ; 
Bat water seals the Uesslni now. 
That once was seal'd wiu blood. 

3 Thus Lydia sanctUVd her house. 

When she recelv d the word ; 
Thus the betle^ing Jailer gave 
His houshoid to the Lord. 

4 Thus hiter sataits, etertial king. 

Thine andoit troth embrace; 
To thee their intant-oflspring biiuf, 
And humbly claim the grace. 

HYMN CXXn. (L. M.) 

BeUepers buried mith Christ in Baptitn, 
Rom. vi. 3, 4, ^. 

1 r\o we not know that solenm word, 
^ That we are buried with the Lord, 
Baptiz'd into his death, and then 

Put otr the body of our sin? 

2 Our souls receive ifivina- breath. 
Rais'd from corraption, guilt and death ; 
So from the grave did Christ arise, 
And lives to God above the skies. 

3 No more let sin or Satan reign 
Over our mortal flesh again : 
™„variou8 lusts we serv'd before, 
Boaii have dominion now bo more. 

ntxyk 1. HYMNS. 303 

IJte Repenting Prodigal, lake xv. 13, &c. 

1. OEHOLD the wretch wboie lait and wine 
'D Had mated fate estate^ 
He begs a share amongst the swine. 
To taste the husks they eat! 
S " I die with htuKer here, {be crieij 
** I starve in foreign lands, 
" My lather's house has laree sapplirs, 
" And bonnteons are his hands. 

3 " TH go, and with a moarnfoi trnvne 

** Ftul down before his fiice, 
" Father, I've done thy justice wrong, 
•' Nor can deserve thy grace." 

4 He said, and hastened to his home. 

To seek his fotber's love; 
The fiither saw the rebel come. 
And all his bowels move. 

5 He ran, and fell upon bis neck, 

Embnc'd and kissM his stm : 
The rebd*s heart with sihtow l>rake 

For follies he had done. 
t ** Take off his clothes <^ shame and sin,'' 

(Tbe either gives command; 
" Dress him in gannents white and cleaiv 

'* With rings adorn his hand. 
1 " A day of leasting I orrlain. 

'* Let mirtii and loy abound ; 
" My taa was dead, and lives agahi. 

'* Was lost, and now is found." 

37ie First and Second Adam, Rom. v. 12, &;c. 

1 piEEP in the dust before thy throne 
^-^ Our guilt and our disgrace we own ; 
Great God, we 4>wn th' imliappy name, 
Wlience sprung our nature and our shame; 

S Adam the sinner: at his fall, 
-Death like a conqueror seized us all; 
A thousand new-bom babes are dead 
By fatal uuion to their head. 

3 But whilst our spirits flll*d with awe. 
Behold tbe terrors of tbv law, 

We sing the' honours or thy grace. 
That sent to save our ruinM race. 

4 We sin^ thine everlasting Son, 
Who join'd oar nature to his own : 
Adam the second, ft-cm the dust 
Baises tbe ruins of the first. 

304 HYMNS. Book U 

5 [By the rebellion of one man 
Thro' aH hU seed the mischief rani; 
And by one man's obedience now. 
Are aU his teed made rigbteous too. 

6 Where shi did reign. andF death abound. 
There have the sons of Adam found 
Abounding life ; there glorious grace 
Reigns thr«' the Lord our rigbteuuaiiess.] 


Ch inst^s Compasaon to the Weak and 'I Tempt . 

€d, Heb. iv. 15, 16. and v. T. Matt. xii.SO. 

1 WITH joy we meditate the grace 
* * Of our high priest aiiove ; 
His heart is made of tenderness, 
His bowds melt with love. 
t Touch'd with a sympathy wltliia 
He luiows our feeble frame ; 
He knows what sore tempta&ens mean. 
For he has felt the same. 

3 Bnt spotless, innocent and pure 

The great Redeeuer stooa, 
While hatan's fiery darts he bor^ 
And did resist to blood. 

4 He in the days of feeble flesh 

Pour'd out his 6ries and tears. 
And in his measure feds afresh 
What every member bears. 

5 [He-U never quench the smokmg flax. 

But raise it to a flame ; 
The bruised reed he never breaks. 

Nor scorns the meanest name.] 
• Then let our humble feilh address 

His taercy and his ik>wY, 
We shall obtain delivering grace 

lu the distressing hour. 

HYNfN.CXXVI. (L. M.). 

Cltarity and UncharUubtfncittt Rom. xiv. 
IT, 19. 1 Cor. X. 32. 

1 VTOT different fo<Kl, or different dress, 
-'^^ Compose the kingdom of our Lord, 
Bnt peace aud jo^ and n^hteousness. 
Faith and obedience to tus word. 

2 When weaker Christians we despise 
We do tbe gospel mighty wrong. 
For God tbe gracious and the wise 
Receives the feeble with tbe stmuf* 

•J> Jll <i -lM|W' 


:i06 HYMKS. Bdoi 1 . 


Submisafxm and Ddiverance : or, Abraham 
offering his Son, Gen. xxU. t, &c. 

1 C AINTS, H your tmwtai^ fM^«r> word 
^ Give up your comforts to tbe Locdi 
He shall restore what yoo resi^i. 
Or grant you blessings more divine. 

S So Abra*in with obediept hand 
Led forth his son at God'^ comtoand; 
The wood, the ffa-e, the knife, he t«ok, 
His arm prepared the dreadfiil strol^e. 

3 " Abra'm^ forbear," tbe angel cry*d, 

" Thy fiilth is ki^wn, thy tove is try*^ ; 

*' Thy son shall kve, and in thy seed 

** Shall the whole earth be Uesa'd indeed." 

4 Just in the last dislreBsIng hour - ' 
The Lord displays deKveraig power; 
Tbe modnt or danger is tbe place 
Where we shall see surprising grace. 


Love and Hatred, Phil. b. S. Bph. iv. 30, frc. 

1 Vrow by the bowels of my God, 
•L^^ His snarp distress, bis sore conplaiDlSy 
By bis lii«t groans, bis dying blood. 
I charge my soul to love the saints. 

£ Clamdur, and wrath, ai|d war be gone. 
Envy and spite for ever cease ; 
Let bitter words no more l>e known 
Amongst the saints, tlie aws of pence. 

3 The Spirit, like a peaoeAil dore, 

Flies from the realms of noSse and strtfe; 
Why should we vex abd f^iove his love, 
Wbu Keais our sotds to heavenly life? 

4 Tender and kind be all onr thoughts. 
Through aJl our lives let mercy nm : 
So God for^ves onr niiraerous fatdts. 
For the dear sake of Christ Us $<»!. 


The Pharisee and Pufdictut, 

Lakexviij. 10, &c. 

* B^^^'^ ¥^* iUuners disagree, 
t^ ilie pobllcan and pharisee! 
one dotb bis righteousness prodaim. 
I He oiber owns his ]|tdit and diam^^. 

Book \, HYMNS* 507 

9. This inan at humble disbniLe ttands. 

AK**/1[!^r' P^*^* with lifted hands: 
That, boWly rues near the throve. 
Aiid taJkfl of duties he has done. 

3 The Lord their difiereut lanniaffe knovA * 
And different answers h«K(!K- ' ' 

S5il!"Sf*fe***"' *jth grace he p^wns, 
wiitlst on the proud his anger fl^iis. 

4 Dear Father, let me never be 
Joiitd with the boasting Pharisee - 
1 b^ve n^ loerits of my own, * 
But plead the suiftrtngs of thy Swl 

HoUnm and Graot, TH. ii. JO^i« 

* S^/f ^? ■*»■«* "^ «t|»w«a 
^ The holy flMpel we profcJs j 

So Jet our wwks and vhlws sitae. 

lo prove Hie doctrine «U divine 

The honoors of onr Savioor God, 
When the salvation reigns wHhta. 
And grace subdues the power of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be deny'd. 
Passtou and envy, lust and pride ■ 
Whibt justice, temperance, truth and love 
Our inward piety approve. «»«we, 

4 Religion bears onr sphlts up 

S**"LrL^*P**' *■' Wessed hope. 
T**5 tW*' aPI?«»n"we of the LonI, 
And fiuth staads Icaaiag on his wsid. 

Xoee dnd Charity, i Cor. xiii. »-T, IS. 

^ L^J.. ^^^^2^ ^ *»«*» esteem, 
JH' i»>elr flith and zeal decWe, 
All their re%on is a dream. 
If love be wanting there, 
fe Loye sutfers long with patient ey» 
Nor 18 provok'd in haste; 
She leto the present injury die. 
And long forgets the past. 
3 [Malice and rage, those fires of heO. 
She quenches with hes tongue- 
Hopes, and believes, and thinks no ill. 
fho' she «adur« the wi^nig.] 

308 HYMNS. Booki. 

4 [She nor desires nor seeks to know 

The scandals of the time ; 
Nor looks with pride on tiioae bdow. 
Nor envies those that climb.J 

5 She lays her own advantage by. 

To stek her neighbour's good ; 
So God*8 own Son came down to Ae, 
And bought onr lives with blood. 

6 Love is the grace that keeps her power. 

In all the realms above : 
There fidth and hope are known no more, 
But saints for ever love. 

Religionvaintoithout Love, ICor.xui. i,2,i. 
1 LIAD I Ae tongues of Greeks and Jews, 
^^ And nobler speech tiian angels ose. 
If love be absent, I am found 
like tinkling brass, an empty sooud. 
8 Were I imnnr'd to preach and tell 
All that is done in neaven and heU, 
Or could my laith the world remove. 
Still I am nothing without love. 

3 Should I distribute all my store 
To feed the bowels of the poor. 
Or give, my body to the tlame, 
To gain a martair's glorious name, 

4 If love to God, and love to men 
Be absoit, all my bopes are vain; 
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor dery zeal. 
The wont of love can e'er fultil. . 


37^ Love of Christ shed abroad in thefftart, 
Eph. iu. 16, &c. 

1 f^OME, dearest Lord, descend and dwell 
^^ By faith and love in ev^ iM-east ; 
Then shall we know, and taste, and fed 
The joys that cannot be exiM^ess'd. 

2 Come fill our hearts with inw^urd strength, 
Make our enlarged sools possess. 

And learn the heigbth, and breadth,and length 

Of thme iwmcasnrabte grace. 
* JJo^ to the God whose power can do, 
More than oar thoughts *t wishes know, 
S* ^X^r'asting honours done 
By au the church, thro' Christ Ids Sob. 

Book 1. HYMNS. 30^ 

Sincerity tend Hypocrisy : or, FormalUu in 
Wdrthtp, John iv. 24. Rnlm czxxix. 23, 24. 
1 riOD to a spirit, Jost and wise, 
^^ He flees our inmost mind; 
Id vain to heaven we raise our cries. 
And leave onr sonls behbid. 
S Notfauig hot troth before his thn«e, 
With honour can appear ; 
The pataited hypocrites are known 
TfarooKh the disguise they wear. 
S Their Hfted e^es salute the skies, 
Tbetar bending knees the ground: 
Bat God. abhors the sacrifice 
Where not the heart Is foond. 
4 Lord, search my thoughts, and try my ways. 
And make my soul sfaictfe; 
Then shaU I stand before thy jace» 
And find acoeptance there. 

Salvation by Grace in Christ, ^Tim. i. 9, 10. 

1 "W^OW to the power of God supreme, 
->-^ Be everiasung honours given. 

He saves from hell (we bless his name) 
He calls onr wandering feet to heaven. 

2 Not for our duties or deserts, 
Bat of his own abounding grace, 
He works salvation in onr hearts. 
And feam a people for his praise. 

3 Twas bis own purpose that begui^ 
To rescne rebels doom'd to die; 
He gave ns grace in Christ bis Son 
Before be spread the starry sky. 

4 Jesus the LonI appears at tast, 

And makes his Father'A counsels known; 
Declares ^e great transactions past, 
And brings immortai blessings down. 

5 He dies; and in that dreadful night 
Did all the powers of heU destroy : 
Rising, he brought onr heaven to light. 
And took poflsesuMi of the joy. 

Saintsin the Hands of Christ, John x. 28, 29. 
1 pnRM as the earth thy gospel stands, 
*- My tord.^niy hope, my trust: 
If I am found hi Jesus* hands. 
My aool can ne'er be lost. 


310 flifMNS. Book 1. 

8 His honoM- is ennffi to «▼« 
Tbe mesmeatot bis sheep; 
AH that bis beatvoily Father gave 
His bands securely keep. 
3 Nor death, nor hell, shaB e*er removt 
His fovorites from bis breast; 
In the dear bosom of hto love, 
Th«y must for eter rest. 


Hope in the Covenant .• or^ God's Promts 
and Truth unchcmgeabU^ Heb. vi. l1->»0. 

1 rjOW oft have sin and Sntaa strwe 
I^ To rend mv aonl from tiwe, my 0*d ? 
Bat evertantiHK is Ihy lov<, 
AmI Jesus aeSs it with his Wood. 

S Tbe oath and promise of the Lord 
Join to confirm the wonderom t^oe; 
Eternal power perfofHH the word. 
And flUs all beav'n with endless praise. 

3 Amidst temptations sharp and long 
' My soul to this dear refuge flies; 

Hope is my mcbor, firm and sfronf . 
Wmle tempests blow, and billo#B nse. 

4 The Gospel bears my spta'lt np; 
A MthftA and nncfaangbig God 
Lays the foondatlon for iqy hope. 
In oaths, and promises, and blood. 


A Uxing and a dead Faith, coUectedfrom 
MoeriU 6Grijfture&. 

tIST AKBN soab! -that dream of heaven. 
And inike thefar empty honat 
Of faiwaid jogrs, and sins fiMgivdi, 
While they are davea to last! 

5 Vain are our Atncies, airy fllgM*, 

If fldth be cold luid deed. 
None bat a Kving powc» ntiites 
to Christ the uving head. 

3 Tis feith that changes all the heart; 

Tis (^ith that works by love,' 

That bids all sinful j<vs depart. ■ 

And lifts the tbou^ts above. 

4 TIs fldth that conquers earth and bell. 

By a celestial power ; 
This U th« grace that sb^ nrevail 
In the dectMve taour. 


Boo1e%, HTMKS. 311 

5 IV^ih matt obey her Fatber's will, 

As well as Iriut Ms 0tice ; 
A pardouing God is JesJous still 
For fits own boOness. 

6 When from the corse Be' sets in free, 

He makes our (lafures cTeau ; 
Nor would be send his Son to be 
The minister of Sin. 

7 His spirit purifies oiit Ihune, 

And seals oar peace witii Ood; 
Jesus, and bis talvaffon, came 
By water and by t/fOodJ 

HYMN €XU. (S. M.) 

77ie HundUatUm and Exaltation qfCftnd, 
Isa. HfL 1—5, lO^ie. 

1 WHO bas ^eHev'd tby worA, 
^ V Or tby galvatioQ known > 
Reveal fhbre artn, uStiA^tf Lord, 
And glorify thy Son. 

S The Jews esteMi'd Mni here 
Too mean fot tiieir beR«f : 
Sorrows tate eMef acqnafiif^ice were. 
And bis cofflfMMMoli, gffef. 

3 They bflPn'd tteSf eyes away, 
And treated VboH with scorn ; 

Dnt 'twas thtrtr grief npon Mm fciy. 
Their sorrows he bas borne. 

4 Twas for tiie sbibbom Jews 
And Gentiles, tbeu unknown. 

Th6 Ood of Justhre i>^eatl'd to htniak 
His best-bieloved Son. 

5 " Mt ^If ur<yion* fafs dfty^, 

" And make bfe kingdom sfatid ; 
*' My pleaMire," sl^ith the God of gntte, 
" Shall prospef hi his hand. 

6 " [His Joyfiil soul shall eee 
*' The purchase of his pain. 

*' And 1^ hts kiiowledffe jusfiry 
** The guilty sons of men.] 

7 [" Ten tbdiis^nd captive slaves 
" Beleas'd from deatli and sin, 

*' Shall quit their prisons and tlieir gravss, 
" And own his pow^r Avine.J 

8 C" He*teh shaR advance rty Son 
"To joys that e^th deny'iT; 

" Wfk* saw the follies men had done, 
" Ajid bore theAr sitts, and dyM.^ 

512 HYMNS. Baak 1. 


The same, ba. Wi. 6-9—18. 

J * T IKE sheep, we went astray, 
1^ And broke the fold of God. 
Each wandering in a different way. 
But an the downward rood, 
t How dreadftd was the boor 
When God our wanderings laid. 
And did at once his vengeance pour 
Upon the sbepheid'b head! 

3 How glorious was the grace 
yfbm Christ snstain'd the strokef 

His life and Mood the sbepberd pays 
A ransom Cmt the flock. 

4 His honour and his breath 
Were taken both away, 

Johi'd with the wicked tai fab death. 
And made as vile as they. 

5 Bnt God shall raise his head 
O'er all the sons of men, 

And make him see a nnmer oos seed 
To recompense his patai. 

6 " III give him," saith the Lord, 
•" A portion with the strong; 

" He shall possess a large reward* 
*' And hokl his honours long." 

HYMNCXUn. (CM.) ^ 

CharacUn qf the Children qf God,firom 
ievereU Scriptures. 

1 CO new-bom babes desbv the breast 
^ To feed, and grow, and thrive; 
So saints with joy the gospel taste; 
And by the gospel live. 
S [With inward gust their heart approves 
All that the Word relates; 
They love the men their Father loves. 
And hate the works he hates.] 
S [Not all the flattering baits on earth 
Can make them suves to lust; 
They cant forget their heavenly birth, 
Nor grovel hi the dust. 
4 N^ all the chains that tyrants ue, 
Shall bind their souls to vice ; 
Futh, like a conqneror. can prodnc* 
A thousand victories.] 

Book 1. HYMNS. 313 

^ £6race, like an imcomipted leed, i 

Abides and reimw withhi ; 
ImoMMtftl pnadiHet forUd 
Tbe SODS of God to sin.] I 

6 CNot tnr tbe tefron of a ibiTe 

Do mey perfonn tail will. 
Bat, witli toe noblest powers tbey have. 
His sweet commands folfll.] 

7 Tbey And access at every hoar 

To God within flie TeO! 
Hence tbey derive a qniclcenlnK power. 
And joys tliat never fail. 

8 O liappy soob! O glorioas state 

Of overflowing grace ! 
To dwell so near tbeir Father's seat, 
Aafii see his lovely fiicel 

9 Lord, I address thy heavenly dirone; 

Call me a child of thhie ; 
Send down the Spirit of thy Sob 
To form my heart divine. 

10 There shed thy choicest loves abroad. 

And make my comforts strong ; 
Then shaO I say, " My Father, God,** 
Witti am onwavering tongue. 

HYMN O^LIV. (C. M.) 

3%e WUneuimg and Sealing Spirit, 
Horn. viii. 14, 16. Eph. i. 13, 14. 

1 WHY should the chUdren of a Ui« 
^^ Go mourning all their days? 
Great Comforter! descend and bring 
S<Mne tokens of thy grace. 

^ t Dost thou not dwell ui all the sabits. 
And seal the heirs of heaven ? 
When wilt thou banish my compbints. 
And shew my sins forgiven? 

3 Assure my ccms^ience of her part 

In the Redeemer's Irfood; 
And bear thy wimess with my heart, 
That I am bora of God. 

4 Thou art the earnest of bis love» 

The pledge of joys to come; 
And thy soft wrngs, celestial dove, 
Wffl safe convqr me home. 

314 HYMNS. ^ook 1. 

Christ and Aaron, taken from Heb. vii. 
i TESUS, in tMee our ejres beboM 
J A thoafumd glories more 
Tblai the rich genu, and |»olishd goM, 
TlK sons of Aarmt wore, 
t They Arst tiitir own tmrnt-offerings broa^t. 
To purge themselves from sin ; 
Thy life was pore without a spot. 
And all thy nature clean. 
3 [Fresh blood, as constant as the day. 
Was on their altar spilt; 
But thy one offering takes away 
For ever all our guilt.] 
i [Their priesthood ran throiigh several bautis. 
For mortal was their race ; 
Thy never-changing office stands, ^ 
Eternal as thy days.] 

5 [Once in the circuit of a ye*. 

Wifb Mood, but not his own, 
Aaron withfai the veil appears. 
Before the golden throne. 

6 ut Christ, by his own powertM bkwd 

Ascends above the skies, 
And, hi the presence of our God 
Shews Ms o^n sacridce.] 

1 Jesus, the king of tforyi.'^**" 
On Slon's heavenly niffl; 
Looks Hke a himb that has been sinn. 
And wears his priesthood still. 
8 He ever lives to hitercede 
Before his Father's fece. 
Give him, ray soul, thy csftisc to pieaa. 
Nor doubt the Father's grace. 


Chayacters of Christ, borrozoedjyomtnattt- 

mate Tilings in Scripture. 

1 CIO, Worship at Immanuel's feet, 

^^ See in his fiice #hat wonders meet f 
Earth is too narrow to express 
His worth, his glory, or his grace. 

2 [The Whole creatioki ean afffovd 

Bat some faint sliadows Of my Lord; 
Nature; to make his i>eaaties known. 
Must mfaigle colours not her own.J 

Book 1. HYMNS. 315 

3 ri8 be compar'd to wiiie or tyread ? 
I>ear Lord! oar fioids would tbus be fed: 
That 0eftb, that dying blood of thiae. 

Is bread of life, is heavenly wiue.] 

4 [Is lie a tree ? The world receives 
Salvation IhHD bis healing leaves: 

That ridileous branch, that ftnltfal bough, 
l8 David's root and offs|Nlng too.] 

5 [Is he a rose? Not Sharon yleMs 
Sacb fragrancy in all her fields : 
Or if the illy ne assmne. 

The valfies Mess the rich perfome } 

6 ris he a vine ? Ifis heavenly root 
Sttpplies the toughs with life and fruit: 
O let a lastiiK union join 

My soal to Christ, the living vine.] 

7 [Is he the Iwad? fiach member lives. 
And owns the vital powen he gives ; 
Hie saints below and satats above, 
Joia'd by his Spirit and his love.} 

8 [Is be a foantain ? There I bathe, 
And heal the. plague of sin and death: 
These waters all my soul renew, 

And cleanse my spotted garments too.3 
[Is he a fire? Hell purine my dross: 
But the true gold sustains no loss: 
tike a refiner shall he sit. 
And tread the refuse with his feet. J 

10 [Is he a rock ? How firm he iMx^ves! 
The rock of ages never moves ; 

Yet the sweet streams that from him How 
Attoid us aH the desert through.] 

11 CYs be a way? He leads to God, 
The path is drawn hi fines of blood •, 
There Would I walk with hope aiud zeal, 
*riU I arrive at Sion'iB htll.] 

12 fis he a door? tH enter in; • 
BehoM the pastures Iaig6 sod green; 
A paradise divinely (iSr, 

Non^ but (be sheep have fteedom there.3 

13 [Is he designed the comer4t<Nie, 

For men to build theff heaven niroa ? 
ni make him my fbundation too. 
Nor fear the plots of b^lf below, j 

14 [Is he a temple ? I adore 

Tb' indwelling majesty and polver ; 
And still to this most holy place. 
Whene'er I pray, t iiu'ii my fUce-} 

316 HYMNS. Book 1- 

15 [Is he a star ? He breaks the mght. 
Piercing the shades with dawnmg li|bt ; 
I know his glories from a&r, 

1 know the bright, the morning star.] 

16 [Is he a son ? His beams are grace. 
His course is joy and rigbteousDess: 
Natioiis r^oice when he appears 

To chase their douds, and dry their tears. 
IT O let me climb those taigber skies. 

Where storms and darkness never rise ! 

There he displays his powers abroad. 

And shhies and reigns th' incarnate Ood.l 
18 Nor earth, nor seas, nor son. iu>r stars. 

Nor heaven, his fhll resemblarice bean; 

His beauties we can never trace. 

Till we behold him &ce to face. 


Ih€ Names and Title* qf Christ, from seve- 
ral Scrif^res. 

h 1 [''T^IS fktwn the treasures of his word 

^ ^ -■- I borrow titles for my Lord; 

Nor art, nor nature, can supply 

Sutficient forms of majesty. 

Bright image of the Father's hce, . 
Shining with undiminisbM rays; 
Th' eternal God^ eternal Son, 
^ "^ f The heir and partner of his tfarnie.] 
' 3 The King of kJngs, the Lord most higb. 

Writes hu own name upon his thigh; 
He wears a nrment dipp'd in Irtood, 
And breaks me nations with his rod. 
Where grace can nei&er melt nor move. 
The Lamb resents his injured love* 
Awakes his wrath without delay. 
And Judah^s lion tears the prey. 

But when for works of peace he conies^ 
What winnfaig titles he assumes ? 
li^t of the work!, and Life of men; 
Nor bears those characters in vahi. 

With tender pity in his heart 
He acts the Mediator's part ; 
A friend and brother he appears. 
And well falflls the names he wears. 
At loigth the Judge his throne ascends. 
Divides the rebels from Us friends. 
And saints la foil fruition prove 
His neb variety of love. 



Book 1. HYMNS. 317 

Am the cxlvliltb Paalm. The tanu. 

1 C Xirnil cheerftil Toice I sing 

'» The titles of my Lord, 
And borrow afl tbe names ^ 
Of honour flpom his word ; 

Nature and art can ne'er sapjply 

Snflteient forms of majesty. 

S in J«so» we behold 

His Fatbef 8 glorious Ace, 

Shining for ever bright. 

With mild and lovely rays : 
Tb* eternal God s eternal Son, 
Inherits and partakes the throne.] 

3 Tbe sov'reign King of kings* 
The Lord m lords most hicb. 
Writes his own name qikw 
His garment and hb th%h. 

His name is call'd the Word of God; * 
He mles the earth with iron rod. 

4 Where prcMiiises and grace 
Can neither melt nor move. 
The angry Lamb resents 
llie injuries of his love ; 

Awakes his wrath without delay, 
As Li<Mis roar, and tear the prey. 

5 But when for works of peace 
The great Redeemer comes, 
What gentle characters. 
What titles he assumes! 

Light of the world, and Ufe of men ; 
Nor wID he bear those names Ui vun. 

6 Immense compassion reigns 
In our Immanuel's heart. 
When he descends to act 

A Mediator's part. 
He is a Friend, and Brother too; 
Divinely khid. divinely true. 

7 At length the Lord the Judge 
His awful throne ascends. 
And drives the rebels fu 
From favorites and friends : 

Then siiaU the sahits completely pro?e. 
The heights and depths of all his love. 

31S HVMV& 


3%e Qfficet qf Christ, from Kveral Scrip- 


OTN all the luuoet of love an^ power 
. Ttiat ever men or aocels bore. 
AH are too mean to speak hia wofth. 
Or set Imniiuiuel's gluiry fiirui. 

£ But O what condescendiug ways 
He takes to teach liis heavenly 9«ce! 
My eyes with joy and wonder see. 
What forms of love he bears for me. 

3 [The angel of the covenant stands 
With his commission in bis bauds. 
Sent from bis Father's milder tbrone, . 
To make the great salvation known.J 

4 [Great Prdphet, let me bless thy name; 
By .ibee the JoyAil tidings came. 

Of wradi appeas'd, of sins forinv'n. 

Of bell sttbdu'd^ and peace wiih'beav'n.] 

5 fMy bright example, and my gnide, 
I would be waJiUug near thy side ; 
O let me never run astray. 
Nor follow the forbidden way \2 

I love my shepherd, he shall keep 
Illy wandering soul among his sheep : 
He feeds fata flock, he calls their n:mies. 
And in bis bosom beaia the lauibs.j 

7 [My surety oBdertakes my cause. 
Answering his Father's broken faiws; 
RehoM my soul at flreedum set. 

My surety paU fiie dreadflil debt.] 

8 fJ^aiis, my great High Priest, has dy'd, 
f seek no sacrilice beside; 

His Mood did once for all atone. 
And now it pleads before the throne.] 

9 :My advQcale ^pears on high. 
The Father lays bis thunder by ; 
Not all that earth or bell can say, 
Shan turn my FatheiTs heart away.} 

10 [My Lord, my conqueror, and my King, 
rjy soeptre and thy sword I sing:^ 
T j«5r*f t'^.^'Ctory. and I sit 
A jo>fiil subject at thy (feet.l 


Bfpoh 1. HYMNS. 319 

11 CAspire. my M«d, to gtoriow deeds. 
The captam or aalvatiuii leads : 
Marcb on, nor few to wiii ibe day, 
Ttao' death aad iiell otatruct ttie way.} 

12 rsbould death and heH.aiid powers mrimown, 
Pat all their forms of mischief on, 

1 sliall be safe ; for Clirist displays 
lialvation in more sovereigh ways.] 


As tht 14Bth Psahn. The same. 

1 1 OIN all the glorions names 
J Of wisdom, love, and power. 

That ever mortals knew. 

That angels ever bore : 
Ail are too mean to speak his worth, 
Too mean W set ray Sayioiir furth. 

2 Bat, O what gentle terms, 

What coudesceoding ways 

Doth our Redeemer ase 

To teach his heavenly grace! 
Mine eyes with ^y aiul wonder pee 
What Uflvm Of love be bears tor me. 

Array*d m mQrtal'flesh, 

le lilie as angel stiuids, 

And holds the pr^HD'ises 

And pasdons m bis hands: 
Commission'd from his Father's thron 
To mak« liis grsfCe to mortais lMtf>wu.^ 

[Great prophet of my God, 

My tongue would Mess thy name; 

By thee the joyfol news 

Of our salvatiun came; 
'flie joyful news of sins forf^ven. 
Of beli sabdu'd, and peaoe with tieavn.j 

[Be thou my counsellor. 

My pattern, and my guide; 

And through this, deaeri land 

Still keep me near thy side: 
O let my feet ne'er ran astray, 
Nor rove, nor seek the crooked way.] 

ri love my Shepherd's voice, 

His watchful eyes shall k*»t;p 

My wundering soul among 

The thousands of his sheep: 
He feeds bis flock, he caUs their names, 
His twsom bears the tender lambi>.J 


320 HYMNS. Book h 

7 [To thia dear floret's hHid 
Will I commit my caiine. 
He answers and nilfils 

His Father's broken laws: 
BeboU my sonl at freedom aet! 
Ny surety iiaid the dreadnil debt.j 

8 [JesBs my great High Priest 
Offered his blood, and dy'd; 
My guilty conscience sedu 
No sacrifice beside. 

His powerful blood did ooce atone; 
And now it pleads before the- throne, j 

9 [My advocate appears 
For my defence on high; 
The Father twws his ears. 
And lays his thunder b^. 

Not all that heB or sm can say, 
Shall torn his heart, his love awiy.j 

10 [My dear Ahnighty Lord. 
My conqueror and my kuur, 

- Thy scepftre and thy sword, 

•/wneT5ifpow'r ; behold I sit ' 
In witting bonds beneath thy feet] 

11 [Now let my soul arise, 

And tread the tempter down; 
My captafai leads me forth 
To conquest and a crown. 

A feewe saint shall win the day. 

Tho' death and hell obstruct the way.J 

12 Shoold all the hosts of death. 
And powers of bell unknown. 
Put tneir most dreadfid fonns 
Of race and mischief on ; 

I shall be safe, for Christ disptatyi 
Superior power, and gnarton grace. 

Jfte End ofttu Firtt Book. 




HYMN I. (L.U.) 
A Song inPraiseto Godfrom GrtatBritain. 

1 XTA'^UKK ^^^ >n ^^ powers «hall siiw 
r^ God the Creator and tbe King; ^ 
Nor air. nor earth, nor skies, nor seas 
Deny tiie tribute of their praise. 

2 [Begin to make his glories Jmowo, ' 
Ye seraphs that sit near his throne • 
Tune your harps hi^, and spread the soand 
To the creation^ inmost boond.] 

3 fAU mortal things of meaner frame. 
Exert yoor force and own his name ■ 
Whilst with our soub and with our voice 
We ring his honours and our joys.j 

4 [To him be sacred ail we have 
Fr4)m the young cradle to the i^rave: 
Our Up« shall his loud wonders tell. 
And every word a miracle.] 

5 CThis northern isle, our native land. 
Lies safe in the AUnighty's band: 
Our foes of victory dream in vain. 
And wear the captivating chain. 

6 He builds and guards the British throne 
And makes it gracious like his own; ' 
Makes our successive princes kind. 
And gives our dangers to the wind.} 

7 Raise monumental praises high 

To him that thunders thro' the sky. 
And with an awful nod or frown 
Sbakes an aspiring tyrant down. 
8 [POiars of lasting brass proclaim 
The triumphs of th' eternal name; 
While trembling nations read from far. 
Hie honours ot the God of war.] 

322 HYMNS. Jiook 2. 

9 Tfans let our flamms seal employ 
Our loftiest thougbts and kmdest soiqis; 
Britain pronounce with wannest joy 
Hoaanna from ten thomand tongues. 

10 Yet, mighty God» our feeble fhune 
Attempts in vain to reach thy name ; 
The strongest notes that angels rai>e. 
Faint in me wonbip and the praise. 

HYMN II. (C. M.) 

The Decah of a Sinner. 

1 Xyf Y tboi^ts on awflil sutyects roQ, 
•^^^ Damnation and the dead ; 
Mfhat horrors sei^ the gnilty soul 
' Upon a dying bed ! 
3 lineeriBg about these OMNlal shores 
She makes a kmc delay. 
Till, like a flood with rapid force 
Qeath sweeps the wretch away. 

3 Then swift and dreadiiil she descends 

Down to the fiery coast, 

Amongst aboDiinable fiends. 

Herself a frightful ghost. 

4 There endless crowds of shiners lie. 

And daikness makes their chains: 
Tortur'd with keen despair .they cry. 
Yet wait for fiercer pains. 

5 Not all their anguish and their iilood 

For Uieir oU guUt atones. 
Nor the compassion of a God 
Shall hearken to their groans. 

6 Amazing grace, that kept my breatli. 

Nor bid my soul remove. 
Till I ba^ leam'd my Saviour's death. 
And well faisor'd nis Ipve! 

HYMN ni. (C. H.) 

The Death and Burial qf a Saint. 

1^*^17 HY do we mourn departing &1«^uds? 
^' Or shake at death's alarms? 
Tis bnt the voice tliat Jesus scads 
To call them to his arms. 
S Are we not tendmg upward too 
As fest as time can move ? 
Nor would we wish the hortrs mote slow 
To keep us tmrn our love. 

Book 2. HYlfNS. 325 

3 Why iboaid we tremble to eimvey 

Tlidr bodies to the tomb i 
There the detr flesh of Jesas by, 
And left a long peiflmife. 

4 The gnves of «ll his mhils he bleM'd> 

And aoltea'd ev'rv bed ; 
Where sboidd the ayins memboB rest 

BiU with the dying bead* 
& Tbence he arose, aacending high. 

And shew'd oar feet the way : 
Up to the Lord onr flesh shall fly, 

At the great rising-day. 

# Thai let the last loiid tmnipet sound; 
And bid onr kindred rise; 
Awake, ye nathMis, onder grouid. 
Ye mintv, ascend the skin. 

HYMN IV. (L, M.) 

Sabfotion in the Cnm, 

1 UERE at thy cross, my dying Go<^ 
'^ I toy my soul beneath thy tove. 
Beneath the dropnfaigi of thy blood, 
Jesos, nor shall it e'er ronoTe. 

Not aU that tyrants think or say. 
With rape and li^tning hi their eye^ 

Nor heir shall fright my heart away, 
ShooM hey with aO ita lesions rise. 


3 Should WQilds conqtire to drive me theiice. 
Moveless and flim thb heart sboaM lie; 
Resohr'd, (for that's my last defence; 

If I most perish, there to die. 

4 Bat apeak, my Lord, and cahn my fear; 
Am I not safe beneath thy shade? 
Thy vengeance will not ame me here. 
Nor Satan dares my sool taivade. 

5 Yes, I'm aecore beneath thy Mood, 
And all my foes $hall kise their aim : 
Hosanaa to my dytaig God. 

And my best honours to his name. 

HYMN V. (L. M.) 
Longivg to praue Christ better. 

1 T ORD, when my thoughts with wonder raH 
•L^ O'er the sharp sorrows of thy soul. 
And read my Maker's broken tows 
Itepair-d and houonr'd by thy cross; 

324 HYMNS. Bo€k «. 

t When I betaoM death, bell and sin, 
Vanquish'd by that dear blood of tbine. 
And see the man that groan'd and dy'd 
Sit glorious by his Fittiicr^ sMe ; 

3 My passions rise and soar above, 
rm wing'd with feith, and fif'd with lore; 
Fain would I reach eternal tbiiin. 
And learn the notes that Gabriel siiigB. 

I But my heart foils, my tongue complaiiis. 
For want of their immortal stratus ; 
And, in such humble notes as tbese^ 
Must fiiU below thy victories. 

5 Well, the kind minute must appear 
When we shall leave these bodies here. 
These clogs of clay, and mount on high 
To join the songs above the sky. 


A Morning Song, 

1 /^NCB more, my soul, the rising day 
v/ Salutes thy waUng eyes, 

Once more, n^ voice, thv tribute pay 
To him that rules the skies. 

2 Night unto night his name repeats. 

The day renews the sound. 
Wide as die heaven on which be sits 
To turn the seasons round. 

3 Tis he supports my mortal frame. 

My tongue shall speak his praise; 
My sins wouU rouse his wrath to flame. 
And yet bis wrath delays. 

4 ron a poor worm thy power might tread. 

And I conid ne'er withstand : 
Thy justice migbt have orush^l me dead. 
But mercy held tbine band. 

5 A thousand wretched souls are fled 

Since the last setting sun, 
And yet thou lengtfa'nest oat my thread. 
And yet ray monoents run.] 

« Dear God. let all my hours be tbbie 

TK^^'H* /. «nJoy *he light. 
Then shall my sun in smiles decline. 
And briug a pleasant night. 

Book 2. HYMNS. dS5 


An Evening Song. 

1 THREAD •oT'reigD, let my evening long 
■M^ like taohr incoiae rise ; 

AMist the ofierings of my toopie 
To reach the lofty skies. 

2 Tbro' all the dangers of the day 

Thy hand was stiM my gnard. 
And still to dxive my wants away 
Thy mercy stood preparUJ 

3 Perpetual blessings from abora 

Encompass me around, 
Bnt O how few returns of love 
Hath my Creator found ! 

4 What have I done for Urn that dy'd 

To save my wretched soul ? 
How are my follies multijrfy'd» 
Fast as my minutes roll ! 

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine 

To thy dear cross 1 flee, 
And to thy grace my soul resign 
To be renew'd by thee. 

G Sprinkled afresh with pardonmg blood 
I lay me down to rest, 
Ab hi th' embraces of my God, 
Or on my Saviourls breast. 

A Symnfirr Morning and Evenings 

1 ITOSANNA, with a cheerfiil sound, 
-K^ To Godls upfaoldmg hand. 
Ten thousand snares attend ns rounds . 
And yet secure we stand. 

£ Tliat was a most amaring power 
That raisYI us with a word. 
And every day and every hour 
We lean upon the Lord. 

3 The eveouig rests our weary head. 

And angels guard the room ; 
We wake, and we admire the bed 
I'hat was not made our tomb. 

4 The lisfaig morning cant assure 
That we shall end the dav; 

For death stands ready at the door 
To seize onr lives away. 



326 HYMNS. Book 'i, 

5 Oar bmtfi is forfeited by dn 
To Godls reTcngin^ law ; 
We own thy srace, imnKMrtal kbig, 
bi evlry gasp we draw. 

4 God Is our sun, -whose daily li^t 
Onrjoy and safety Inings; 
Oar fe«Dle flesh lies safe at ni^t 
Beneath Us shady wing?. 

HYMN IX. (C. M.) 

Godly Sorrow arittngfrom the St^fftrmgt 

1 A LAS ! and did my Savioar bleed, 
-ti^ And did my SovTeign die ? 
Would he devote that sacred bead 
ForjBoch a w<Hrm as I? 

t [Thy body slain, sweet Jesos, thhie. 
And bath'd hi its own blood. 
While all expos'd to wrath divme 
The glorious sofferer stood!] 

3 Was it for crimes that I had done 

He groan'd upon the tree? 
Amasiiu; pity! grace uDlmown! 
And love beyond degree! 

4 WeU nright the sun in darkness hide. 

And shut his glories in. 
When God the mighty Maker dy'd 
For man the creatoress sin. 

5 Thns might I hide my binshtng fkcm 

While his dear cross appears. 
Dissolve my heart in tbankfuhtesa. 
And mel| my eyes to tears. 

6 Biit drops (rf* grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe ; 
Here, Lord, I give myself away, 
TIs all that I can do. 


Parting with Camed Joyt, 

1 Xjf^ aool Ibcsakes her vatai delight, 
i7^ And bids tkt worM fiuvwdl. 
Base «8 the dirt beneath my leet. 
And mischievous as hdl. 
t Bo longer wiH I ask ywir love, 
Nor 8edt yoor friendship more: 
™ happiaess that I approve 
«s not within your poirer. 

i afe. ^ HYMNS. 327 

3 Tbere^ nothing roand this spacions eairih 

That suits my large desire; 
To tMMmdiess joy and solid mirth 
My notrfer thoughts aspire. 

4 [Where ^leasnre rolls its living flood, 

From sin and dross refln'd. 
Still springing firom the throne of God« 
And fit to chea* the mind. 

6 Th* ahnlf^ty ruler of the sphere. 
The glorioas and the peat. 
Brings bis own aH-sulficieticjS there, 
To malie oar bliss complete.} 

e Had I the pinions of a dove 

I'd climb the heavenhr roiifl ; - 
There sits my Saviour dress'd in Jove, 
And there my smiling God. , 

The utme, 

X'T SEND the joys of earth fifey, 
1- Away ye teqipt«n of fho mind * 
False as the smooth deceitful sea. 
And emp^ as the wtaistUbg wbid. 

8 Yoiir streams were floa4i|ig mc alouS 
Down to the nrif of wack despair. 
And whiltit I fistai'd'to your song, 
Your streams bid ^en convey'd nac there. 

3 I^rd, 1 adore thy matchless grace. 
That warn'd me of that dark aby»i, 
That drew me from those treaiib'rous s< m, 
And Ud me seek superior bliss. 

4 Now to the sfahiiiig reafans above 

1 stretch my hands, and glance mine t) t;s , 
O for the (Mttious of a dove, 
To bear me to the upper skies 1 
i There from the bosom of my God, 
Oceans of endless pleasures roH ; 
There would I fix my la^l abode. 
And drown the «orrows w' my suul. . 

HYMN XII. (C. M.) 

Ckrutistke SubUanecofthe Levitical 

I nrHE true Messiah now appears, 
A The types vre all withdrawn^ 
&o fly the shadows and the stars 
Before the rising dawn. 

328 HYMNS. ^^V^fcSw 

S No smoking sweeto, nor bleeding iambs. 
Nor kid. nor bullock tlaln; 
Incense imd spice of costly muues 
Woukl all be iHimt in vain. 

3 Aaron mast lay bis robes away. 

His mitre and bis vest, 
Wfaen God liimaelf comes down to lie 
V Tbe offering and the priest. 

4 He took our mortal flesh, to slionr 

Tbe wonders of bis love ; 
For. us be paid bis life below. 
And prays for us above. 

5 ** Fatber,*' be cries, " forgive tlieir sins, 

" Por I myself have dyd ;" 
And tten be shows his opeii'd veins. 
And pleaite his wounded side. 

HYMN Xm. (L. M.) 

Tfte Creation y Preservation.^ Dissolution, 
ancLMestorationofthis World. 

1 C1N6 to 4be Lord that built the skies, 
>3 The Lord that rear'd this stately frame; 
Let all the nations sound his praise. 
And lands nnXnown repeat his name. 

S He form'd the seas, and formed the hills^ 
Made every drop, and every dust, 
' Nature and time, with all their whed£« 
And pushed them uito motion flrst. 

3 Now, from his high imperial throne 
He looks far down upon ^be spheres; 
He bids tbe shimng orbs roll on. 
And round he turns the hasty years. 

4 Thus shall this moving engine last 
Till all his saints are gatber'd hi, -. > 
Then for the trampefs dreadful blaat . 
To shake it ail to dust again! 

5 Yet. when the sound shall tear the skies. 
And lightning bum tbe globe below. 
Saints, you may lift your ioyful eyes. 
There's a new heaven and earth for. you. 

HYMN XIV. (S. M.) 

The Lord's Day ; or. Delight in Ordi- 

1 WELCOME sweet day of rest, 
y That saw the Lord arise; 
Welcome to this reviving breast. 
And these rejoicing eyes! 

Book 2. HYBfNS. 329 

2 Ttae KiB( himself comes near, 
AiKl fesftts bis saints ti^dav ; 

Here we may sit, and sec fami bere. 
And love, and praise, and i»ay. 

3 One day aoydst tlie place 
Where my dear God bauh been. 

Is sweeter tban ten thooaand days 
Of pleasoraMe nn. 

4 My wiiimg sou) would slay 
1u such a frame as tbis, 

And sit, and ring herself away 
To everlasting bHss. 

HYMN XV. (L.M.) 

The Enjoyment of Christ: or. Delight in 
Worship. , 

1 1?AR from my thongb(B,valn gone» 
■*■ Let my religions haiirs akme; 

Fain wonld my eyes my Savioor see, 
I wait a visit. Lord, from thee. 

2 My heart grows warm with holy fire. 
And kindles with a pure desire r 
Come, my dear Jesus, from above. 
And feed my soul with heavenly love. 

3 [The trees of life immortal staud 

In nourishing rows at thy right-band. 
And in sweet murmurs by their side, 
Fivers of bliss perpetual glide. ; 

4 Haste then, but with a smiling £ice, 
And spread the table of thy grace : 
Itrlng down a taiste of truth divine. 
And cheer my heart with sacred wine.j 

S.Ble»U Jesus, what delicious tkre! 
How 'sweet thy entertainments are! 
Never did angels taste above 
Redeeming grace, and dying love. 

6 Hail, great Unmannel, all divine ! 
Ill thee thy Father's glories shine ; 
Tbon brightest, sweetest, fairest one. 
That eyes have seen, or angels known. 

HYMNXVL (L.M.) Second Part. 

1 T ORD, what a heaven of saving grace, 
J^ Shines thro' the beauties of thy face. 
And iKhts our jpassi<ms to a flame ! 
Lord, low we love thy charming nam6! 

330 HVMNS. Boot a, 

2 What I am ny, " My God is mine,** 
When I can feel tliy glories »biiie, 

I trAtd tlie world beneath my feet. 
And aO that earth calls good or ffeat. 

3 While such a scene of sacred Jovs 
Our raptttr'd eyes and souls employs, 
Here we coold sit, and gaze away 

A long, an everlasting day. 

4 WeU, we shall qnickly pass the nigfat 
To the Mr coasts of peifect iiglit ; 
Then slnU oar ioyful senses rove 
O'er the dear opject of our love. 

5 [There shall we drinli fiiU dranghta of Miss, 
And phick pew life flram heavenly trees ; 
Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow 

A drop of heaven on worms below. 

6 Send comforts down from thy risht-band, 
While we pass thro' this barren uuid, 
And in thy temple let us see 

A glimpse of love, a gttmpse of thee, j 

GocPs EUmity. 

1 X% ISE, rise my soul, and leave the ground, 
•E^ Stretch all my thoughts abroad, 
And rouse up every tunoul sound 
To praise th* eternal God. 
Long ere the lofty skies were spread, 
Jmovah fill'd his throne; 
Or Adam form'd, or angels made, 
The Maker Kv'd alone. 

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease, 

But still maiutatai their prime; 
Eternity's his dwelling-place. 
And ever is bis time. 

4 While like a tide onr mmutes flow. 

The present and the past. 
He flUs his own immortal now. 
And sees onr ages waste. 

5 The sea and sky must perish too, 

And vast destruction c<Hne; 
The creatures, look, how oU they pow. 
And wait their fiery doom! 

C> Well, let the sea shrink all away. 
And flame melt down the skies, 
*'^?*'*' "^'A live an endless day, 
when th' oid creation dies. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 331 


The IkBnistry of Angels. 

1 TiIGH oa a hill of dazzling liebt 
•K^ The kinc of glory spreads his seat. 
And troo^ or angels stretch'd for flight 
Stand waiting roiuid his awliil feet. 

S " Go," saith the Lord. " my Gabriel, go, 
*' Salate the virgin's fniitfnl wonih ; 
** MalLe baste, ye cherubs, down below, 
" Sing and prodaim the Savionr come." 

3 Here a bright squadron leaves the skies. 
And thick armmd Elisha stands; 
Anou a beav'niy soldier flies. 

And breaks the chains from Peter's bands. 

4 Thy winged troops, O God of hoste. 
Wait on thy wandering church below ; 
Here we are saiOng to thy coasts. 
Let angels be our convoy too. 

5 Are they not all thy servants. Lord^ 
At thy command they go and come; 
With cheerAil haste obey thv word. 
And gnard thy children to their home. 


Our frail Bodies, and God our Prcgencr^'^ 

^ T ET others boast bow strong they be, 
*^ Nor death nor danger fear : 
Bnt we*ll confess, O Lord, to thee. 
What feeble things we are. 

t Vntb as the grass onr bodies /tand. 
And flourish bright and gay; 
A blasting wmd sweeps o'er the land, 
And fMes the grass away. 

3 Onr llfie contains a thousand springs. 

And dies if one be gone; 
Strange! that a harp of thonsaad strings 
Should keep in tone so long. 

4 Bat 'fls <^ God sapports oar fkame. 

The God that balit us first; 
Sarivation to th' afanightv name 
That reaf d ns from the dost. 

5 fHe spoke, and straight our hearts and brains 

In all their motions rose ; 
" Let blood," said he. "flow round the Tcinti,'* 
« And found the veins it flows. 



332 HYMNS. Bo^klSL. 

6 While we have breath to use our toiignes 
Oar Maker we'll adore; 
Hi« spirit moves ow beavfng hininjs. 
Or they would breathe oo more.] 


Backslidiftgs and Returns: oTy The Inam- 
stcmcy of OUT Love. 

1 '\X7HY is my heart so ftr ftt»n thee, 
*▼ My God, my chief delight? ' 
Why are my thoughts iio more by day 
With thee, no more by night e 

5 [Why should my foolish pasdons n>v«? 

Where can snch sweetness be 
As r have tasted in thy love. 
As I have fonnd hi thee ?3 

3 When my forgetAil soul renews 

The savonr of thy grace. 
My heart presumes 1 cannot lose 
The relish all my days. 

4 But ere one fleettaig hour is post. 

The flatterina world csnploys 
Some sensual bait to sdee my taste. 
And to pollute my joys. 

'5 [Trifles of nature or of art 
Witti fah- deceitfbd cbairaa 
Intrude into my thoughtless heart. 
And thrust thee <fom my arms.J 

6 Then I repent uid vex my soul 

That i should leave thee so; 
Where will those wild afteetioM roH, 
That let a Saviour go! 

7 [Shi*B promis'd joys sure turn'd to paiB, 

And I am drown'd m grief; 
But my dear Lord returns again. 
He flies to my rdief ; 

8 Seizing my soul with sweet snriKise, 

He draws with loving bands; 
Divine compassion in his eyes; 
And pardMi in his bands.j 

9 Wretch that I am to wander tlnia 

In chase of ^ise delight! 
Let me be fosten'd to thy cross. 
Rather than lose thy sight] 

10 Make ^te, my days, to reach the geal. 

And bring my heart to rest 
"" "»e dear centre of my soul, 
«iy God, my Saviour's breast.] 

Booh 2. HYMNS. 335 

JSL Song qfPraix to God the Redeemer. 

1 T ET the old heathens tune their soiig 
-^-^ Of great Diana and of Jove ; 

But the sweet theme that moves my tongae 
Ib mv Redeemer and his love. 

2 Behold a God descends and dies 
To save my soul from ga|Mng hell ; 
How the Mack gnlph where Satan lies 
Yawned to receive me when 1 fell ! 

3 How justice ftown^d and vengeance ^tood 
To drive me down to endless pain! 
But the great Son luropos'd his Mood, 
And heavenly wrath grew mild again. 

4 Infinite lover, pacioos Lord, 

To thee be endless honours given; 
Thy wonderoos name shall be ador'd. 
Round the wide earth, and wider beav'n. 

WUh God UterribU Majesty. 

1 qTERRIBLE God, that reign'at on bieh, 

■- How awful is thy thundering hand i 
Thy fiery- Mts bow fierce they fly! 
Nor can all earth or hell withstafcid. 

2 This the old rebel angels knew, 
And Satan fell bene^lh thy fi-own: 
Thine arrows struck the traitor tlirongh. 
And weii^ty vengeance sunk him down. 

3 This Sodom felt, and feels it stii). 

And roars beneath th* eternal load : .-' 
" With endless burnings who can dwell; 
" Or bear the fory or a God r 

4. Tremble, ye sinners, and submit. 
Throw down your arms before bis throne. 
Bend your heads low beneath his fret. 
Or his strong band shall crush yon down. 

$ And ye, bless'd saints, that love him too. 
With reverence bow before his name; 
Thus all bis heavenly servants do : 
tiod is a bright and burning flame. 

HYMNXXin. (L.M.) 
The Sight of God and Christ in Hearen, 

1. piESCEND from heaven, Immortal dove, 
^-^ Stoop down and take us on thy wing8» 
And mount and bear ns far above 
The reach of tbeac inferior things: 

534 HYMNS. Book 2. 

2 Beyond, beyond tUs lower sky. 
Up where eternal ages roD, 
HvWe sottd pleflBiires never dje. 
And flruits immortal feast the soul. 

8 O for a right, a pleasing ,8ight 
Of our almghty Father's throne! 
There sits oar Saviour crowned with lig)it» 
Clotti*d hi a body like our own. 

4 Adoring saints around him stand, • 
And thrones and powers before him nil; 
The God shines gracious thro' the man. 
And sheds sweet glories on them all. 

5 O what amaztaig Joys they feel 
WhUe to their golden harps they tang. 
And sit on every heavenly hill. 

And spread the triumphs of their king? 
C When Shan the day, dear U>rd, appear 
That I shall monnt to dwell above. 
And stand and bow amongst them HieTe, 
And view thy fece, and sing, and love! 


Vu EoU qfSin visible in the Fall qfAngds 

and Men. 
1 AirHEN the Great Builder arch'd the skies, 
" And form'd aH nature with a wort. 
The joyfnl chembs tnn'd his praiae» 
And every bendhig throne adorM. 
8 High in the midst of aO the throng, 
. Satan, a tan archangel, sat! 
Amongst the morning stars he song. 
Till sin destroy'd bis heavenly state. 

3 [Twas sin that hurPd him from his throne ; 
Grov'iing in Are the rebel lies: 

** How art thou sunk in darkness down, 
" Son of the morning, from the skies!'*] 

4 And thus our two first parents stood 
Till sin defird the happy place; 
They lost their garden and their God, 
And minYl all their nnbom race. 

lS^if!>o sprung the plague from Adam^s bower. 
And spread destruction all abroad : 
Sin, the curs'd name, that in one hour 
Spoil'd six days labour of a God.] 

f* Tremble, my soul, and mourn for grief, 
-^ That such a foe should seize thy breast; 
Fly to ihy Lord for quick relief: 
Qa\ may he slay thu treacherooa gnetit. 

BooJc 2. HYMNS. 335 

1 Xtien to thy throne, victorioiu kmg, 
T1i«n to thy throne oiir shouto shsul rise, 
Tbine evernatiiig arm we sing. 
For sin the monster bleeds and dies. 

Complaining of Spiritual SUh. 

1 IV/f Y drowsy powers, why sleep ye so? 
^▼^ Awake, my shjg|ld} souJ' 
Nothing has half thy work to do. 

Yet nothing's half so doll. 

2 'Hm Gttle ants for <Mie poor gndn 

Labour, and tuf, and strive: 
Yet we who hare a heaven fobtaiB^. 
How negligent we live ! 

& We for whose sake all nature stands^ 
And stars their courses move : 
We for whose fuard the angel banda 
Conie flying from above; 

4 We for whun God the Son came dowl^ 

And labonr'd for oar good, 
How careless to procure that crown 
He pnrchas'd with his bk>od ! 

5 Lord, shall we lie so sluggish still. 

And never act our parts! 
Come, holy dove, from tb' heavenly lufl; 
And sit and warm onr hearts. 

6 Then shaU oar active sprits move, 

Upward onr souls shall rise: 
With hands of laith and wings of love 
We'll fly and take the prize. 


God Invitfiblt. 

X T ORD, we are bfind, we mortals blind« 
A-* We can't behold thy brij^ht abode j 
O, 'tis beyond a creature-mind. 
To glance a thought halfway to God. - 

2 Infinite leagues beyond the sky 
The Great Eternal reigns alone. 
Where neither wims nor souk can fly, 
Nor angels climb the topless throne. 

3 The Lord of Glory builds his seat 
Of gems insufferably bright. 

Ana lays beneath bis sacred feel 
Substantial beams of gloomy nig^t 


336 HYMNS. Book 2. 

4 Yet, glorioas Lord, thy gradom eyes 
LotA through, and cheer us from alwve; 
Beyond our praise thy gnuidenr flies. 
Yet w adore, and yet we love. 

Praise ye him, all his Angds. Ps. cxlviii. «. 

1 /^OD! the eternal awful name 
v7 That the whole heavenly army fears, 
That shakes the wide creation's frame. 
And Satan trembles when he hears. 

8 like flames of fire bis servants are. 
And light surrounds his dwelling-place; 
But, O ye fiery flames, declare 
The brighter ipories of his face. 

3 'Tis not for such poor worms as we 
To speak so infinite a thing ; 

But your immortal eyes survey 

The beauties of your sovereign King. « 

4 Tell how he shews his smiling face. 
And dothes all heaven in bright arisy; 
Triumph and joy ran through the place, 
And songs eternal as the day. 

5 Speak (for you feel his burning love) 
What zeal it spreads thro* all your frame; 
That sacred fire dwells all above, • 

For we pn eartii have lost the name. 

6 [Sing of his power and justice too. 
That infinite right-hand of his 

That vanquish'd Satan and his crew. 
And thunder drove them down from bliss.] 

7 [What mighty storms of potson'd darts. 
Were huri'd upon the rebels there ! 
What deadly javelins nail'd their hearU 
Fast to the racks of long despair U 

S rSbout to your King, you heavenly host; 
You that beheld the sinking foo; 
Firmly ye stood when they were lost ; 
Praise the rich grace that kept you tw.} 

% Proclaim his wonders fi-om the skies. 
Let every distant nation hear ; 
And while you sound his lofty pi;;ise. 
Let humble mortals bow and tear. 

Book 9. HYMNS. S37 

Death emd Eternity, 

1 CTOOP down, my thuughts, tbat me to rise, 
^ Convene a while with deatli: 
Think how a gaapinf mortal Ues, 

And pMils away his breath. 

2 His quivering hp hancs feebly down, 

His pulses femt and f^w ; 
Jben, speechless, with a dolefnl groan 
He iHds the world adieu. 

3 Bat. O the soul that never dies! 

AJt once it leaves the day I 
Ye thoughts, pursue it where it flies. 
And track its woiiderotts way. 

4 Up to the courts where angels dwell. 

It BM>W« triumphhig there. 
Or deviC a fiuge it down to hell 
In inflira' despair. " 

5 And must my body faint and die> 

And must this soul remove ? 
O for some guardian angel uigh 
To bear it safe above f 

6 Jesus, to thy dear fiiithfhl hand 

My naked soul I trust, 
And my flesh waits for thy command 
To drop into my dust. 

Redemption by Price cmd Poxoer, 

1 1 ESUS, with all thv -saints above 
3 M V tongue would bear her irart. 
Would soimd akwd thy aaviug love. 

And sing iby bleeding heart. 

2 Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord, 

Who bought me with his blood, 
And uueuch'd his Father's flaming sword 
In his own vital flood. 

3 The Lamb that freed mv captive soul 

From Satan's heavy cnains. 
And sent the Hon down to howl 
Where hell and horror reigns. 

4 All glory to the dying Lamb, 

And never-ceasbig praise, 
While angels live to know his name, 
Mr saints to feel his grace. 

33Q HYMNS. Book 2, 


Heavenly Joy on Earth. 

1 pOME, we that love the Lord, 
^^ And let oar joys be luiown ; 
Join in a song wttfa sweet accord. 
And thus surround the throne. 

£ CThe sorrows of the mind 
Be hanish'd Iroin the place ! 
Religion never was designed 
To make our pletsores leas J 

3 Let th(Me reAise to sinff 
That never knew our God, 

But favorites of the heavenly King 
May speak their joys abroad. 

4 CThe God that niles on high, 
And thunders when be please. 

That rides upon the stormy sky. 
And manages the seas;] 

5 This awful God is ours. 
Our Father and our love. 

He shall send down his heavenly pow'n 
To carry us above. 

6 There shall we see bis face. 
And never, never sitt; 

There, from the rivers of his gnice 
Drink endless pleasures in. 

*i Yes, and before we rise 
To that immortal state. 
The thoughts of such amazing bhss 
Should constant juys create. 

8 CThe men of grace have fotuid 
Glory begun below, 

Celestia 1 fhiifs on earthly ground 
From faith and hope may grow .J 

9 [The hill of Sion yields 

A thousand sacred sweets. 
Before we reach the heavenly fields. 
Or walk the golden streets. 

10 Then let our songs abound. 
And evo-y tear be dry; 

\?.'"^U°*^''<^''*"« ♦hro Immanuel's grufftd 
To fiurer worlds uu higb.J 

Book 2. HYMNS. Z3$ 

Christ't Preatnct taakes Death eaty. 

1 ^UfHY sbould we start and fear to die ? 

^ T What timorouB worms we mortals are ! 
Death is the gate of endless joy, 
And yet we dread to enter there. 

2 The pains, the groans, and dying strife. 
Fright oar approacl^ souls away; 
Still we abriiik bacit a|»in to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

3 O, if my Lord would come and meet. 
My soul should stretch her wings in hute. 
Fly fearless thro* death's iron gate. 

Nor feel the t^rors as she pass'd. 

4 Jesus can make a dyteg bed 
Feel soft as downy pillows are, 
While on ffis breast I lean my bead. 
And breathe nty life out sweetly there. 

FraiUy and J^'oUy. 

1 UOW short and hasty is our Hfel 
I* How vast our souls atfiiirs! 
Yet senseless mortals vainly strive 
To lavish out their years. 
£ Our days run thoughtlessly along, 
Without a m<Hnent's stay; 
Just like a story or a song 
We pass our lives away. 

3 God from on high invites us home. 

But we march heedless on, 
And ever hastening to the tomb. 
Stop downwards as we run. 

4 How we deserve the. deepest hell 

That slij^t the joys above ! 
What chains of vengeance should we feel 
That break such cords of love! 

5 Draw ns. O God. with sovereign graee, 

And lift our thoughts on high. 
That we may end this mortal oce. 
And see salvation nigh. 


T?ie blessed Society in Heaven, 

I jy AISE thee, my soul, fly np and rmi 
■*^ Thro' every heavenly street, 
And say. there s nought below the sau 
That's worthy of thy feet 

340 HYMNS. J?oai 1 

£ rrboB wUI we momt on flacred wings, 
And tread th« coiirtB above; 
Nor earth, nor aU ber migbtiest thiop 
Shall tempt our meanest love.] 

3 There on a Ugh natJestiG throne 

Hi' Atankhty Father reigns. 
And sheds his gkmons goodness down 
On aU the bUMlU plains. 

4 Bright, liiie a son, the Savioor sits, 

And spreads eternal noon, 
No evenings there, nor gloomy niglits. 
To want the feeble raocn. 

5 Amidsl those ever-shining skies 

Behold the sacred dove, 
While banished sin and sorrow flks 
From all the realms oi love 

• llie gloriotts tenants of the place 

^tand bending roqnd the throne; 
And sahits and seraphs ang and praise 
The infinite llvee-One. 

7 [But O what beams of heavenly grace 
Tnnsport them all the while! 
Ten thousand smiles ftom Jesus* fiice, 
And love in every smile Q 

• Jesus, and when shall that dear day, 

That joyfnl hour appear, 
When 1 shall leave tms boose of day 
To dwell amongst them there? 



Breathing e^ter tfr Holy Spirit; or, let- 
votcy of Devotion desired. 

1 ptOME, holy Spirit, heavenly dove. 
^ With all thy onidieiring powers. 
Kindle a flame or sacred tove 
In these cold hearts of oars. 

t Look,'*how we grovel here below. 
Fond- of these trifling toyh; 
Our souls can neither fly nor go 
To reach eternal joys. 

3 In vain we tune our formal songs. 
In vain we strive to rise; 
iiQ(«annas languish on our tongues. 
And onr devotion dies. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 341 

4 Dear Lord! ami shaD we ever lie 

At th» poor dying rate? 
Onr love to Ahit, so coM to thee? 
Abd thine to u so great? 

5 Come, holy ^jAnU heavenly dove«m 

With all tt^ quickening powers, ^ 
Come, died abroad a Saviour's love. 
And thht Shan kindle oon» 

"Pridu to OcdfbrOrtation andMedemjaiom 

1 T ET them neglect thv glory, Lord, 
-■-' Who never knew thy grace, 
Bat oar load songs shall still record. 
.The wonden oi thy praise. 

£ We raise our shoots, O God, to thee. 
And send them to thy throne, 
AH glory to th' United Three, 
The Undivided One. 

3 Txras be (and we'll adwe his name) 

That form'd us lyy a word, 
*Tis he restores onr min'd frame ; 
Salv^n to the Lord! 

4 Hoeanna! let the earth and skies 

Repeat the joyful sound. 
Rocks, hilis, and vales, reflect the voice 
in one eternal round. 

ChrUe» Jhterc&sion. 

1 'XI7ELL, the Redeemer';) gone 
^^ T appear before our God, 
To sprinkle o'er the tlamlng thron*" 
With his atoning bkx)d. 

£ No flery vengeance now, 

No burning wrath comes d<mn; 
If justice call for sinners' blood. 
The Saviour shews his own. 

3 Before his Father's eye 
Our humble suit he moves. 
The Father hiys his thunder bj, . 

And looks, and soules, and lovet. ^ 

542 HYMNS. Book 2. 

4 Now may oar joyful tongnes 
Our Maker's honour anK, 

Jesus, the priest, receives our aongs. 
And bears them to the King. 

5 [We bow before his fkce. 
And sound his glories high, 

" Hosanna to the God of grace 
" That lays his thunder by.) 

< "On earth thy mercy reigns. 
"And triumphs ^lU above:'* 
But, Lord, bow wealt our mortal strains 
T^ speak immortal love! 


[How jarring and how low 
Are all the notes we sing! 
Sweet Saviour, tune our soags, anew. 
And they shall please the Kmg.J 

HYMN XXXVn. (C. M.) 


1 T IFT up your eyes to th' beav'nly seats 
A-* Where your Redeemer stays; 
Kind intercessor, there he sits, 
And loves, and pleads, and prays. 

t Twas well, my soul, he dy'd for thee, 
An4 shed his vital blood. 
Appeas'd stem justice on the tree. 
And then arose to God. 

3 Petitions now, and inise m^ rise, 

And saints their offerings bring. 
The priest with his own sacrifice 
Presents them ,to tbe King. 

4 [Let papists truM what names they please. 

Their saints and angels boast; 

We've no such advocates as these, 

Nor pray to th' heav'hiy hostJ 

5 Jesus alone shall bear my cries 

Up to his Father's throne: 
He, dearest Lord ! perfiimes my sighs, 

And sweetelis ev'iy groan. 
4 CTen thousand praises to the King, 

Hoflanna hi the highest; 
Ten thousand thanks our spirits bring 

To God and to his Christ.] 

Book 2. HYMNS. 343 

Love to Go^. 

1 TTAPPY the heart where graces reiga, 
''I Where love insph'es the breast; 
liove is the brightest of the train. 

And strengthens all the rest. . 

2 Kuo^rledfce, afau, 'tis all in vain, 

And all tai vain our fear, 
Our fttnbboni sins will fight and reign 
If love be absent there. 

3 *ri8 love ttiat malies our cheerful feet 

111 swift obedience move. 
The devito know and tremble too, 
Biit Satan cannot love. 

4 This is the grace that lives and sings 

When ftith and hope shall cease, 
Tis this shall strike our joyfnl strings 
m the sweet realms or biiss. 

5 Before we qnite finnake our clay, 

Or leave this dark abode, 
The win0B of love bear ns away 
To see oar smiling God. 


The Shortneu and Misery of Lift. 

1 /^UR days, alas! oar mortal days 
V^ Are short and wretched too ; 

" Evil and few," the patriarch says. 
And well the patriarch knew. 

2 Tis but at best a narrow bound 

That heaven allows to men. 
And pains and sins run thro' the round 
. Of threescore years and ten. 

3 Well, if ye miist be sad and few, 

Run on, my days, in haste ; 
Moments of sin, and months of woe. 
Ye cannot fly too fest. 

4 Let beaveidy love prepare my soul. 

And call her to the skies. 
Where years of long sahration roll, 
And giory never dies. 

HYBfN XL. (C. M.) 

Our Comfort in the Covenant made with 

1 r\VK God, how firm bis promise stands, 
v^ Ev'n when he hides his face! 
Re trusts in our Redeemer's bands 
His glory and his grace. 

344 HYMNS. Book 3. 

2 Then why. my soul, the^e sad compiiiBts, 

Since (%fnt and we are one? 
Thy God is fkithftil to his saints. 
Is ftithful to his Soa. 

3 Beneath his smiles my heart lias liv'd. 

And part of heaven possess'd ; 
I praise his name for grace receiv'd. 
And trust hun for the rest. 

A Sight of God mortifies tts to the World. 

1 TTTP to the fields where angels lie> 
^ And living waters gently roll. 
Fain wooid my thoos^ts leap oat and fly. 
But sin hangs heavy on my sooL 

S Thy wonderous Mood, dear dying Christ, 
Can make this load of guilt remove : 
And thou canst bear me where tboa fly'st. 
On thy kind wings, celestial dove*] 

s O might I once mount up and see 
The glories of th' eternal skies, 
What little things these woridt would be ! 
How despicable to my eyes! 

4 Had I a glance of thee, my God, 
Kingdoms and men would vanish soon. 
Vanish, as tho* I saw them not, 

As a dim candle dies at noon. 

5 Then 'they might fidit, and rage, and Ave, 
I shook! perceive the noise no more ' 
Than we can hear a shaking leaf. 
While rattling thunders round as roar< 

6 Great All in /IB, Eternal King, 
Let me bat view thy lovely race. 
And all my powers diall bow and sing 
Thine endless grandenr and thy grace, 


i ]V/fY God, what endless plearareiT dwett 
■L'^* Above at thy right-hand! 
The courts below, how amiable. 
Where all thy graces stand • 
« Th« swallow near thy temple lies, 
And chuiM a cheerAil npte; 
iiie birk mounts upward to thy sUei. 
And tones her warbling throat: 

Book 9. HYMNS. 345 

3 And we, when in thv presenoe, hatd. 

We shoot with jojrnil tragnes ; 
Or sittins roond our Father's botnl, 
We crown the feast with songs. 

4 While Jesos shines with qnickeiiingcnce. 

We smg and mount on huh; 
Bat if a frown becloud hu nee. 
We ftint, and tire, and die. 

5 CJoat as we see the lonesome dove 

Beaioan her widow'd state, 
Wanderhig she flies thro' all the poye. 
And mooms her loving mate. 

6 Jnat so oar thoughts from thing io tUng 

In restless circles rove; 
Jast BO we droop, and hang the wng. 
When Jesus hides his love.] 

ChriaVa Sufferings and CUory* 

X l^OW for a tone of loAy uraise, 
-'^^ To great Jehovah'k cqasu Son! 
Awake, my v^ce, in heavenly lavs. 
Tell the loud wonders he hath done. 

2 Sing, how he left the worlds <rf ligh^ 
And the bright robes he wore above. 
How swift and joyfid was bis flight 
On wings of everustuig love. 

S [Down to this base, this sinful earth 
He came to raise our nature high; 
He came t* atone Ahnighty wrath; 
Jeans the God was bom to die] 

4 [Hell and its Hona roafM around, 

His precious biood the monsters spilt; 
WhUe weighty sorrows uress'd him down^ 
Large as the loads of all our guilt.] 

5 Deep in the shades of gloomy death 
Th* almighty captive prboner by, 
Th' ahnighly captive left the earth. 
And rose to everiasting day. 

6 Lift np your eyes, ye sons of Hffixtt 
Up to his throne of shining grace ; 
See what immortal glories sit 
Round the sweet beauties of his foce! 

7 Amongst a thousand harps and songs, 
Jesns the God exalted reigns, ' 
His sacred name Alls all tb«ir ton^;nes. 
And echoes thro* the heavenly plaus. 

346 HYMJf S. Book 2. 

HcH: or, The Vengeance qf God. 

1 li/ITH b<Hy fear and bumble mag, 
^v The dreadful God our souls adore: 

Reverence aod awe becomes tbe tongue 
That speaks the tenors of bis power. 

2 Fur in the deep where darkness dweib, 
The land of horror and despair. 
Justice has boilt a dismal beU, 

And laid her stores of vengeance there. 
S rEternal phifpies and heavy chains. 
Tormenting neks, and fieiy coals. 
And darts t' inflict immortal pains. 
Dy'd in tbe blood of damned sonb. 

4 Tb«re Satan the first shiner lies. 
And roars, and bites his iron bands ; 
In vabi tbe rebel strives to rise, 
CrushM wUh tbe weight of both thy hands.] 

5 There- gnllty i^Msts of Adam's race 
Shriek out, and bowl beneath tby rod; 
Once they could scorn a Saviour's grace, 
But they incens'd a dreadful inA. 

6 TremMe, my soul, and kiss the Son ; 
Sinner, obey thy Saviours call ; 

Else your damnation hastens on, 
^nd bell gapes wide to wast your fiftU. 

HYMN XLV. (L. M.) 
God's Condescension to our Wbr^p. 

1 T'HY favours, Lord, surprise our sonla; 
^ Will the etenial dwell with us ? 
What canst thou And beneath the poles 
To tempt thy cfaariof downward (bus? 

i Still might he fill his stany throne. 
And please his ears with Gabriel's songs; 
But tn' heavenly M^esty comes down. 
And bows to hearken to our tongues. 

3 Great God ! what poor returns we pay 
For love so infinite as tbbiel 

Words are but air, and tongues but day, 
But thy compassion's all divine. 

God's Condescension to Human Affhirs, 

* TT'**'*L^** ^"* *to' 'cigns on high, 
^ And views tbe nations from afar, 

L^t *.!?.""'?!***•« P"»«<» fly* 

And teU bow laige his bounties are. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 347 

2 \Me that can shake tbe worlds be made. 
Or witli bis word, or with his rod. 
His goodness, how anouiziut great! 
And what a condescending God!] 

3 [God that must stoop to view tbe sliies. 
And bow to see what angels do, 
I>own to oar earth he casts his eyes. 
And t>«nds his footsteps downwards tpo.] 

4 He over-roles all mortal things. 
And manages oar mean at&drs; 
On hnmble souls flie king of kings 
Bestows his counsels and lUs cares. 

5 Our sorrows and our tears we poor 
Into tfie bosom of oar God; 

He bears as hi the moiimfnl hour. 
And helps as bear the heavy load. 

6 In vatai might lofty princes try 
Sacb condescension to perform; 
For worms were never rais'd so high 
Above their meanest fellow-worm. 

7 O could oar thankful hearts devise 
A tribnte equal to thy grace. 

To the third heaven oar sonp shonU rise. 
And teach the golden harps thy praise. 

Glory and Grace in the Perwon qf Christ. 

1 VfOW to the Lord a noble song! 

•L-^ Awake, my soul, awake, my tongne, 

HoMmna to tb' eternal name. 

And all his boundless love proclaim. 

2 See where it sMnes in Jesus' fitce. 
The brightest image of bis grace ; 
God, in the perscNi oi bis Son, 
Has all his mightiest works outduie. 

3 The sincious earth and spreadinc flood 
Proclaim the wise and powerful God; 
And thy rich glories from afiu- 
Sparkle in every rolling star. 

4 Bat in his looks a glory stands. 
The noblest labour of thine hands: 
The pleasing lustre of his eyes 
Ontsbines tbe wonders of the skies. 

5 Grace! 'tis a sweet, a charming theme; 
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus* name: 
Ye mgeu, dwell upon the sound. 

Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground! 


348 HYMNS. Book 2. 

^ O. nmy I Hve to reach the place 
Where he unveils his lovely race! 
Where all his beauties you behold. 
And ring his name to harps of goU! 

Love to the Cretttures is dangermu. 

l-TJOW vain are all thiniis here beIo«! 
•K^ How fiilse, and vet how Air! 
Each {rieasure hath its poison too. 
And every sweet a snare. 

t The brightest things below the sky 
Gi^ but a flattering light ; 
We should suspect some danger nigh . 
Where we possess delight. 

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest Ariends» 

The partners of our blood. 
How they divide our wavermg minds. 
And leave but half Ibr God ! 

4 The f<Hidnes8 of a creature^ love. 

How strong it shikes the sense? 
Thither the warm affections move. 
Nor can we call them thence. 

5 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be 

My souFs eternal rood; 
And grace command my heart away 
from all created good, 

Mosa dying in the Embraces of God. 

1 T^feATH cannot make our sonb afraid, 
*-^ If God be with ns there; 

We may walk through her darkest shade. 
And never yieM to fear. 

2 I could renounce my all below. 

If my Creator bid ; 
And run, if I were calPd to go. 
And die as Moses did. 

3 Might I but climb to Pisgah^s top. 

And view the prombM land, 
My flesh itself should long to drop, 
And pray for the command. 

4 CJasp'd In my heavenly FatherTs annt 
A JU T?P^** '<*'¥«* njy breath, 

Of if^^ fife among the channt 
Of so divme a death. 

Book 9. HYMNS. 34d 

HYMN L. (L.lf.) 
CormforU under Sorrom and Pains, 
1 l^OW let liie Loid nqr Savtonr amUe, 
JL^ And flbew my name npon bis heath, 
S uroald foctet my pains awhile. 
And in the pleasare lose the smart. 

S But O, it sirdls my sonows high 
To see my biesaed Jesus frown. 
My spirits rink, my comforts dae, 
And an the springs of life are down. 

3 Yet why, my soul, why these complaints? 
Still whue he frowns, his bowels move; 
Still 00 his heart be bears bis sahiis. 
And feels their sorrows apd his love. 

A My name is printed on his breast; 
Mis book of life contains my name; 
rd rather have it there impress d 
Tlian in the bright records of fame. 

5 When the last fire bnma all tlyngs here. 
TlKMe letters shall secnraiy stand, 

And in the Lamb% ftiir book appear. 
Writ by ih' eternal Father's hand. 

6 Now shall my mhnites smootlily run. 
Whilst here I wait m/'rather's will ; 
My risiug and my setting sun 

Roll gently op and down the hill. 

HYMN LI. (L. M.) 
God the Son equal with the Father. 

1 D RIGHT King of glory, dreadfiil God! 
*-* Our spirits bow before thy seat, 
To tbee we lift an bamble thought, 
And worship at thme awt)if feet. 

2 fTby power hath ferm'd, thy wj&dooi sways 
All natnre with a sovereign wonl ; 

And the bright, world. oC stars obeys 
The will of their superior Lord.] 

3 [Mercy and truth nntfe hi one, 
And smiling: sit at thy right hand; 
Eternal justice guards thy throhe, 

And vengeance waits thy dread oomroand.l 

4 A tbonsand srrapbs strong and bright 
Stand roond the glorious Deity ; 

Bmi who, amoui^t the sons of light, 
Pretends comparison with tbeer 

350 HYMNS. Book «. 

5 Yet there is one oi ttaman'^firaiiie, 
Jesus arra/d in fleah and blood. 
Thinks it no robbery to claim 

A faB equality with God. 

6 Their glory shtoes with equal beams; 

Their essence Is for ever one, 

Tho' they are known by chn5arenl namc^ 
The Flather God, and God the Son. 

7 Then let the name of Christ our Rinc 
With equal honours be ador'd ; 

His praise let every angel shag. 
And all the nations own tbeir Lord. 


HYMN UI. (C. M.) 
Death dreadful^ or delightfHd. 
lEATH ! 'tis a melancholy day 
_' To those that have no God, 
When the poor soul is forc'd away 
To se^ her last abode. 

2 In vain to heaven she lifts her eyn, 

Bttt guilt, a heavy chain. 
Still drags her downward from the akiea 
To darkness, fire, and pain. 

3 Awake and mourn ye heirs of heD, 

Let stubborn sinners fear. 
You must be driv'n from earth, and dwell 
A long /or eoer there. 

4 See how the pit gapes wide for yoa. 

And flashes hi your ftice. 
And thou, my soul, look downwards too. 
And sing recoveriug grace. 

5 He is a God of sovereign love 

That promised heaven to me. 
And taught my thoughts to soar above. 
Where happy spfrits be. 

6 Prepare me. Lord, for thy right-hand. 

Then come the joyful day. 
Come, death, and some ceiesUal band. 
To bear my sool away. 


Tfie Pifgrimage qf the Saints .• or. Earth 
and Ileazxn. 

1 T ORD! what a wretched land is this 
'^ That yields us uo supply! 
No cheering fruits, no wholesome h'ees. 
Nor streams of living joy! 

Bnak 1. HYMNS. 551 

2 But pricking thorhs thro' all tbe grouod. 

And mortal pouons grow. 
And all the riven that are fonnd 
iVitb dangerous waters flow. 

3 Yet the dear path to thine ahode, 

Lies thro' this horrid land; 
Ix>rd ! we would keep the heavenly road. 
And run at thy command. 

4 COnr souk shall tread the desert tfaroush 

With undiverted feet. 
And taith and flaming seal subdue 
The terrors that we meet.] 

5 CA thoflsand savage beasts of prey 

Aroand the forest roam; 
But Jndah's lion guards tbe way, 
And guides the strangers home.} 

6 CLone nights and darkness dwell below. 

With scarce a twinkling ray; 
But the bright world to which we go. 
Is evertasting day.] 

7 [By glimmering hopes and aloomy fears 

We trace the sacred road. 
Thro' dismal deeps and dangerous snares 
We make our way to God.j 

8 Oor journey is a thorny maee, 

Bnt we march upward still; 
FoiKet these troubles of the ways 
And reach at Zion's hill. 

9 [See the kind 'angels at tbe gates 

Inviting us to come! 
There Jesns the forerannar waits 
To welcome travellers home!] 

10 There on a green and flowery mount 

Our weaiy souls shall sit, 
And with transporting joys recoont 
The labours of our feet. 

11 [No vain discourse shall fill our tongue, 

N'or trifles vex our ear, 
Iitflnite grace shall fill our song. 
And God r^oice to hear.] 

12 Eternal glories to the King 

Thai brought us safely tnrousb; 
Our toiisiies shall never cea«e to sing. 
And eudJess praise renew. 

552 HYMNS. l^ooJt «. 

HYMN UV. (C. If.) 
Go^s Presence U light in Darknest. 

1 \yfY God. the spring of all my joys, 
^Vl The hfe of my delights. 

The glory of my bngbtest days. 
And contfort of my nights ! 

2 In dacfcest shades if he appear. 

My dawning is begnn; 
He is my soul^ sweet moming^tar. 
And he my rising sun. 

3 The opening heavens aroand me dune 

With beams of sacred Miss, 
Whiie Jesos shews his heart is nriiie. 
And whispers, I am hia. 

4 My soul would leave this beavy clay 

At that transporting word, 
Run up with Joy the shining way 
T embrace my dearest Lord. 

5 Fearlew of bell and ghastly death 

I'd breaii thro' every foe ; 
The wings of love and arms of Autb 
Should bear me conqnerw through. 

HYMN LV. (C. M.) 
Frail I4ft, and ntcceecting Enmity. 

1 'j^EEtre adore, eternal name, 

»- And humbly own to thee. 
How feeble is our mortal ftame! 
What dying worms are vie I 

2 [Our wasting lives grow sluMler stiU 

As months and ^s increase ; 
And every beating pulse we tell 
J^eaves but the number less. 

3 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The breath diat first it gave; 

Whate'er we do, where'er we be. 

We're travelling to the grave.] 

4 Danfrers stand thick thro' all the groani 

To push us to the tomb. 
And tierce diseases wait around 
To hurry mortals borne. 

^^H>k «. JRYMNS. 353 

£( eood Ooi! M what a slender thread 
Hans everiaafinc Man*. 
TV etenal states of afi the dead 
Upon Bfe^ feeMe strings. 

• loftiHe kqr or 'eadteas woe 
Attends on every breath, 
And yet how unroncemV we go 
Upon the brink of death! 

*y Waken, O Lord, oar drowsy sense 
To walk tUs dangerous road ; 
And if our souls are horry'd heuce 
May they be foand with God. 


The Mttery of being without Ood in this 
WcruL; or. Vain Frotperity. 

1 "VTO, 1 shan envy them no more 
i-^ Who grow profuKly great. 
Tbo' they faicrease their golden store, 
And rise to wonder«u% height. 

S They taste of all the joys that grow 
Upon this earthly clod. 
Wed, they may search the creatore thmngb, 
For they have ne'er a God. 

3 Shake off the thonahts of dying too» 

And thmk your lire your own; 
Bnt death comes hastening on to yon 
To mow yonr glory down. 

4 Yea, yon mutt bow your stately headi 

Away your spult flies, 
- And no kind angel near yonr bed 
To bear it to the skies. 

Go now, and boast of all your stores, 
And iell how bright you shine; 
Yonr heaps of glittering dostrare yonia. 
And my Redeemer's mine. 

• «k ■ 

The PUaaurca of a good CoMdenct* 

\ T (MID, how secure and blessed are they 
•■h« Who fed the joys of pardon'd shi ! 
Shoukl storms of wrath shake earth and sea^ 
Their miodi have heaven and peace within^ 

354 HYMiyS. Book a. 

S The day glidei swiftly o'er tbeir heads. 
Made up of innocMice and lovej 
And BOft and silent as the shades 
Tbeir nightly mtntttes gently move. 

3 [Quick as their thoughts t^ir joys come os. 
But Ay not half so swift away ; 

Tbeir souls are ever bright as noon, 
And calm as summer evenings be. 

4 How oft they look to th* heavenly hilb. 
Where groves of living pleasure grow ! 
And louging hopes and cheerful smiles 
Sit andisturbM upon their TurowO 

5 They scorn to seek our golden toys. 
But spend the day, and share tfae uf^ 
In noniberikig o'er the richer joys 
That heaven prepares for tbeir del^bt. 

6 While wrefbhed we. like wonns and moles, 
lie groveling in the dust below: 
Alm^ty grace renew onr sonia. 

And we U aspire to glory too. 

HYUIN LVin. (C. M.) 

TheShartnest qfldjtand t?ieGoodnessqfGod. 

1 T'BIE! what an empty vapour 'tis! 

i- And days how swift they are! 
Swift as an Indian arrow tlies. 
Or like a shooting star. 

2 [The present moments just appear. 

Then slide away in haste, 
That we can never say, •' They're here," 
But only say, " They're past.'J 

3 [Our Ufe is ever on the wing, 

And death is ever nigh; 
The moment when our lives bcgitt 
We all begin to die.] 

4 Yet. mighty God! our fleeting days 
, ' Thy lastmg favours share. 

Yet with the bomilies of thy grace 

Thou load'St the roling year 
*T\» sovereign mercy finds us food. 

And we are clutli'd with love ; 
WbHe grace stands pouitihg out the road 

That leads our souli* above. 
6 Hill goodness runs an endless round; 

All glory to the Lord? 
His mercy never knows a bound. 

And be his name ador'd! 

Book 2. HYMNS. 355 

7 Tbiw we begm the lasti))g song; 
^ Aiid wfaen we close our eyes, 
L>et the next ace thy praise prohmg, 
Till time and nature dies. 

HYMN LiX. (C. M.) 

Paradue on Earth. 

X i^LORY to God that walks the skjr, 
V And sends his liJessirigs throngh. 
That telb his saunts of joys on high. 
And gives a taste below. 

2 tOory to God that stoops tiis throne. 

That do^t and wcMrms may see't. 
And brings a glimpse of glory down 
Aroiind his sacred feet. 

3 When Christ with all his graces crown'dy 

Sheds his khid beams abroad, 
*]ls a yonng heaven on earthly ground. 
And glory in the bod.^ 

4 A trioomtng paradise of joy 

in this wild desert sprmgs; 
And every sense I strait employ 
On sweet celestial thii^. 

5 Waite lilies all aronnd appear. 

And each his glory shows; 
The rose of Sharon blossoms here, 
The foirest flower that blows. 

6 Clieerful I feast on heavenly fruit. 

And drink the pleasures down; 
Pleasures that flow bard by the foot 
Cf the eternal throne.J 

7 Bnt ah ! how soon my joys decay ! 

How soon my sins arise. 
And snatch the heavenly scene away 
From these lamenting eyes! 

8 When shall tlie time, dear Jesus, when 

The shining day appear, 
That I shall leave those clouds of sin. 
And guilt and darkness h*?re?' 

9 Up to the fields above the skies 

My hasty feet would go. 
There everlastiu^ flowers arise, 
And joys uu withering grow. 

35ft HYMNS. Book 2. 


Jhe Truth of God the Promiter, or,Tk€ 

Promises ottr Security. 

1 T>RAISE. everiartlia ^praise be paid 
X To him that eavn's foondatioii laid: 
Praise to the God whose strong decrees 
Sway the creatioa as be please. 

8 Praise to the goodness of tte Lort 
Who rules his people by his word. 
And there, as strong as his decrees. 
He sets bis Idndest prornises. 

9 rFirm are the words his prophets gi^ 
Sweet words, on which hn chMrm five; 
Each of them is the voice of God,^^^ 
Who spolie, and spread the skies abnMd. 

4 Each of them poweiftd as that won* 
That hid the new-made world n> ronnfli 
And stronger than the solid poles 

On which the wheel of nature rollsO 

5 Whence then sfeonlrt doobts and fears arise ? 
Why tridiiing sorrows drown oar eyeaf 
»lowly, alas, our miud revives 

The comfort that our Maker gives. 
« O for a strong a lading fojtb. 

To credit what th' Almighty saith! 

T embrace the message of his boo. 

And call the joys of heaven our own. 
n Then should the earih's old pUlars shake, 

juB all the wheels of natare break. 

Our steady souls shoidd fear no more 

Than solid jrocks when billows roar. 

8 Our everlasting hopes arise 
Above the ruinaWe skies. 
Where th' eternal Builder reigns. 
And his own courts his power sustams. 

HYMN LXI. (C. M.) 
A Thought qf Death and Giory. 

1 Xyf Y soul, come meditate the day, 
-IVl And think how near it stands. 
When thou must quit this house of clay. 

And fly to onkiiown lands. 

2 [And you. mine eyes, look down and view 

The hoHow ffiiping tomb; 
This gloomy pdson waits for yon, 
Whene^ the summoiis come J 

Bai^k 2. HYMNS. , 357 

3 O could we die with tbote that die. 

And pbce us In their itcad. 
Tbea wmdd our spirit* letni to fly. 
And convene with the dead: 

4 Xben shoidd we see the saints above 

in thefar own ghMioas Ibnqs, 
And wonder why oar souls shouU love 
To dwell with modal worms : 

5 tHow wesboohl scon^these clothes of desh. 

These fetters, and thii lend ! 
Ajid Ions for evening to undress. 
That we may rest with God.] 

6 IVe should ahnosl fonake onr ctay 

Before the snmmons come. 
And pray and wish our sonb away 
To their eternal home. 

HTMNLXII. (C.ll.) 

God the Thtendirer : or. The Last Judg. 
mentf and Hell. Meuieinagreatsudd&i 
Storm of Thttruier, August 20, 1697. 

1 QING to the Lord, y» heavenly hosts, 
»^ And thon, O earth, atlore; 
Let death and hell thro' ail their eeosti 
Stand trembling at his power. 
S His soondme chariot shakes the sky, 
He makes the clouds his throne, « 
There all his stores of lighmhig lie, '' 
Till vengeance danis them down. 

3 His nostril^ breathe out fieiy ttreams, 

And from his awful tongue 
A sovereign voice divides the flames. 
And thunder roars along. 

4 Think, O my soul, the dreadfiil day 

When this incensed God 
Shall rend the sky, and bum the sea. 
And Ittng his wrath abroad! 

5 What shall the wretch the sinner do? 

He once defVV the Lord; 
But he shall dread the Thunderer now. 
And sink beneath his word. 

6 Tempests of angiy Are shall roU 

To blast the rebel worm. 
And beat upon his naked soul 
In one eternal sibrm. 

358 HYMirS. Book^. 


A FunereU Thoti^ht. 

1 prARK! fimn the tombs a dolefiil sound, 
-*^ Ml ears attend the cry, 
" Ye fivitig mi^, cume view the groiuid 
' " Where yoiif mint shortly lie. 

S " Prioces, this clay imist be yunr bed, 
" In spite of all your towers; 
" The tall, the wise, the reverend head 
" Most lie as k>w as ours." 

3 Great God! is this our certain doom? 

And are we still Mcore? 
Still walking downward to onr tomb, 
And yet prepare no moref 

4 Grant us the powers <^ quickening grace 

To fit our souls to fly. 
Then, when we drop this dying Qesh* 
Well rise above the sky. 


God the Glory and the Defendt qfZion. 

1 UAPPY the church, thou sacred place, 
V^ The seat qf thy Creator's grace; 
Thine holy courts are his abode. 
Thou earthly palace of our God. 

-£ Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates 
A guard of heavenly warriors waits ; 
Nor shall thy deep foundations move, 
Fix'd on his couuseb and his love. 

S Thy foes in vain designs engage, 
A^inst his throne in vain they rage; 
Like rising waves, with angry roar. 
That dash and die upon the shore. 

4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell. 

Nor fear the wrath of Rome and hell : 
H» arms embrace this happy ground. 
Like brazen bulwarks built around. 

5 God is our shield, and God onr soa; 
Swift as the fleeting moments ran. 
On us he sheds new beams of grace. 
And we reflect his brightest pr&f. 

Book d. HYMNS* 359 


7%£ Hope* cf Heaven our Support under 
TritUs on Earth. 

^v' To maiuioiis in the skies, 
I bid ftrewell to every fear. 
And wipe my weepiofi^ eyes, 

S Should earOi against my soal etuage. 
And iieUish darts be iiurl'd, 
Then I can smile at Satan's rage. 
Ami face a frowning worid. 

S Let carea like a wiid deloee copup, 
And storms of sorrow fan : 
May I Imt safely rr<icli my home. 
My God, my heaven, niy ail : 

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul 
In seas of heavenly rest. 
And not a wave of troutrfe roll 
Across my peaceful breast. 

A Proiptct ofJJmven makes I>ca£^ eaty. 

I nrHERE is a famd of pure deliglit 
A Wh^e saints Immorial reign, 
bifinite day excludes the night, ■ 
And pleafures banish pain. 

S There eveitoting spring abides, 
And never withering flowers: 
Death, Uke a narrow sea, divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

3 [Sweet fields bevond the swelliog flood 

Stand dresa'd in living green: 
So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 
While Jordan roU'd between. 

4 Bnt timoroiia mortals 6tart and shrink, 

To cross this narrow sea, 
And luiger, shivering on tiie brink. 
And tear to launch away.J 

5 O ! could we make our doubts remove, 

Th4)«e gloomy doubts that rise. 
And see the Canaan that we love 
With unbeclouded eyes I 

360 hymns; BotA «. 

6 Could we bat dhab where Mosa stood, 

ADd view the »a»Wup o^ 
Not Jordan's stream, iwr deafh 8 coM wkm, 

Slioiild ftigbt OB flrom the sbore. 


GccTs Eternal Dominion. 

1 /^REAT God, bow bifinite art tbo«! 
vT What woriblesa wonoas are wc! 
Let the whole rice of creatures bow, 
And pay their praise to thee, 
e Thy throne eternal ages stood. 
Ere teas or stars were made ; 
Thott art the ever-llving God 
Were all the nations dead. 

S Nature and time quite nalced lie 

To thine immense survey, 

from the formation of the sky 

To the great bunung day. 

4 Eternity with ill its years. 

Stands present in my view ; . 

To thee tneres nothing old appears; 
Great God ! there's nothing new. 

5 Onr lives ttarongh various scenes are drswn. 

And vex'd with trifling cares, 
While thine eternal thought moves cii 
Thine nndistaib'd aflwrs. 

6 Great God, bow uiflnite art tbon! 

What worthless worms are we ! 
tet the whole race off creatnrea b«w, 
And pay their praise to thee. 


'The Humble WonMp qfHeaoen. 

1 17ATHEB, I long, I fiunt to see 
r The place of thme abode; 
rd leave thy earthly courts, and flea 
Up to thy seat, my God I 

8 Here I behold thy distant fiice. 
And 'tis a pleasing sight; 
But to abide in tbine embrace 
Is infinite delight. 

3 I'd mrt wifli all the Joys of seoae 
To gaze upon thy throne; 
Pleasure springs fresh for ever tbeiice, 
UnspeaKable, nokiiowii. 

St>oJk2. HYMNSL 361 

A CTlMre all the liovciiij heals aic teeot 
111 shtauDf ranks ihey move, 
^nd drink kUMMrtal ngtmt in, 
With wottdef and with love. 

5 Xhen at tbj feet with awfnl fear 

Th* xWit^g amies Ml; 
mritfa Joy they shrink to notbinc there. 
Before th* eternal AH. 

6 There 1 wooM vie with tfl the host 

In doty and in bliss: 
mrbUe " less than notMng** I conld boast. 

• And " vaui^ coafess.l" 
TThe more thy glories strike mine eyes. 

The hnmMer I riiaU He ; 
Thofl wbUe I sink, my joys daB rise 

Unmcasnrably Ugh. 

HYMN VSJX. (C. M .) 

T%e FaithfUlne9$ qfGi>d in the PromUet. 

J. DEGIN, my tongue, some heavenly theme, 
-k-i And speak some boundless tblag. 
The mighty works, or mightier name 
Of our eternal ung. 
8 Tell of his wonderoos fiuthfohiess. 
And sound his power alMroad, 
Sing the sweet promise of his grace. 
And the performhig God. 

3 Proclaim ** salvation from the Lord 

*' For wretched dying men :** 
His hand has writ the satrea word 
With an inunortd pen, 

4 EogravU as in eternal brass 

Tlie mighty promise riiincs; 
Nor can the powers of darkness rase 
Those everiasting IhiesJ 

5 CHe that can dash whole worids to deatt, 

Ahid make them when he please. 
He speaks, and thai ahuighty breath 
Fulfils his great decreei. 

6 His very word of gmee Is strong 

As that which built the skies. 
The voice that rolls the stars along 

Speaks all the promises. 
1 He said, " Let the wide beav'n be spread/' 

And heaven was stretch'd abroad: 
*' Abraham, 111 be thy God,'* he said, 

AQd he was Abraham's God. 

• iiaiahal.17. 

569 HYMNS. Book 2. 

8 0« miglrt I bear thine bcavealy taagne 
But whisper, "Tboa art mine!** 
Tbuse gentle words sboobi raise my soag 
To notes almost divine. 

How would my leaping heart rdoict 

And think my heaven secoref 
I trust the all creating voice, 
And fiiiUi desires no more.J 

HYMN LXX. (L. M.) 
GotPe Domimon over the Sea, Ps. cvii. 2S, Sec. 

1 p* OD of the seas, iby thundering voice 
^^ Maizes all the roaring waves r^aice. 
And one soft word of thy command 
Can sink them silent in the sand. 

2 If but a Moses wave thy rod, 

The sea divides and owns its God ; 
The stonny floods tbeir Maker knew. 
And let his chosen armies through. 

3 The scaly flocks amidst the sea 
To thee tbeir Lord a tribute pay : 
The meanest fisb that swims the flood 
Leaps up, and means a praise to God. 

4 [The larger monsters of the deep 
On thy commands attendance k«ep ; 
By fliy permission, sport and play. 
And cleave along their foaming way. 

5 if God bis voice of tempest rears, 
Leviatl^m lies still, and fears; 
Anon be lifts his nostrils high. 
And spouts the ocean to the sky.] 

6 How |s thy glorious power ador'd 
Amidst these watery nations, LA>rd! 
Yet the bold men that trace the seaa, 
ftold men, refuse tbeir Maker's praise. 

1 CWiat*scenes of mirtdes ibey see, 
And never tone a song to thee! 
While on the flood they safely ride! 
'I'bey curse the band that smooths the tide. 

6 Anon they phinge in watery graves,' 
And some drink death among the waves: 
Yet the surviving crew blaspheme. 
Nor own the God that rescu'd them.] 

9 O for some signal of thine band! 
Shake all the seas, Lord, shake the bqd. 
Great Judge, descend, lest men deny ■ 
That tberelB a God ihatfoles the sky. 

Sook 2. HYMNS. 363 


Praise to God from all Creatures. 

1. npHE gkiries of my Maker, God, 
^ My Joyful voice sliall biug. 
And catf the nations to adore 
Their former and their king. 
S Twas bis right hand that ahap*d onr clay, 
And wrought thia huiMii frame ; 
But from his own immedtate breath 
Oar noMer spirits came. 

3 We bring our morul powers to God, 

And worship with our tongues; 
We claim some kindred with the skies. 
And joUi th^ angelic songs. 

4 Let EroveBng beasts of every shape, 

And fowls of cv'ry wing. 
And rocks, and trees, and fires, and seas. 
Their varioas tribute bring. 

5 Ye planets, to his honour shine. 

And wheels of nature roll, 
Praise him in your unwearied course 
Axwlad the steady pole. 

6 The brightness of onr Maker's name 

The wide creation fiUa» 
And his unbounded grandeur flies 
Beyond the heavenly hills. 


The LarcPs Day : or, the Resurrection of 

1 TlLESS'D morning, whose young dawning 
i3 Beheld our rising God, [rajd 

That saw him triumph o'er the dust. 
And leave his dark abode ! 

$ In the cold prison of a tomb 
The dead, Redeemer lay, 
Till the revolving skies had brought 
The third, th' appointed day. 

3 Hell and the grave unite their forco 
To hold our God in vain. 
The sleeping conqueror arose, . 
A»d burst their feeble chain. 

564 HYMNSL Book St. 

4 To thy freat Bune, almigMy Lord, 

These sacred hours we paQr, 
And load hoeaimas shall prociaini 
The triumph of the day. 

5 £Salvation and iininortal praise 

To onr victorious King: 
Let heav«i, and earth, and rocks, and sca^ 
With gbd hoeannas ringO 

Doubts KOttercd : or, gpirUtuxlJor/ mfyntd. 

1 TTE^f CE from nqr soal,sad thoogbts be gone, 
*^' And leave me to my joys. 
My tongne shall triumph in my God, 
And make a joyfiil noise. 

8 Darkness and doubts had veiled my mtiid. 
And drown^ my head in tears. 
Till sovereign grace with shining rays 
Dispell'd my gloomy fears. , 

S O, what immortal joys I felt. 
And raptures all divhie. 
When Jesus toM me, I was his, 
And my Beloved mine ! 

4 In vain the tempter frights my sool. 
And breaks my peace In vain ; 
One gUmpse, dear Saviour, of thy fiice. 
Revives my joys agatai. 

HYMNL31XIV. (8. M) 

B/qpenUmce from a Sense of Dimne Croed- 
nea .- or, A Complaint of Ingrtttitude, 

1 TS this the Und retorn, 

'- And these the thanks we owe i 
Thus to abuse eternal love 
Whence all our blessings flow i 

2 To what a stdbborn frame 
Has sin reduc'd our mind! 

What strange rebellious wretches we. 
And God as strangely kind .' 

3 [On us he bids the sun 
Shed his reviving rays, 

For OS the skies their cirdes nm 
To lengthen oat onr days. 

4 The brutes obey theh' God, 
And bow their necks to men, 

"Hlje "iwe base, more brutiab things. 
Reject hiS ea^ ra^H-J 

Back 3. HYMNS. 365 

5 Torn, torn v, inigbtf G«d, 
And moiikl •or MNdi afreth ; 
Break. Mvercifin gnoe, these beam of stotfe. 
And give w taearis of flesh. 

6 Let oM Ingratitnde 

Provoke our weepmc evet. 
And honriy, as new nSeraes fiUI» 
Let honriy thnks arise. 


Spiritual and Eternal Joy : or^ Tht beO' 
tific Sight of Christ. 

1 17ROM thee, my God, my i<^ shall rise, 
•^ And nm eternal roonds, 
Beyond the Jimito of the skies 
And all created bounds. 

S The iMly trimnphs of my soul 
Shall death Itself ont-bniTe, 
Leave dull mortality behind. 
And fly beyond the grave. 

3 Tbo'e, where my blessed Jesus reigns 

In heaven's niimeasui'd space, 
rn spend a long eternity 
In pleasure and in praise. 

4 Millions nX years my wondering eyes 

Slndl o'er thy beauties rove. 
And endless ages, I'll adore 
The glories of thy love. 

5 Cflweet Jesus, ev'ry smile of thine 

ShaU fresh endearments bring, 
And thousand tastes of new wagJbX 
Rpom all thy graces s(Nring. 

C Haste, my beloved, fetch my soul 
Up to thy bless^ abode ; 
Fly, for my spirit longs to see. 
My Saviow and my God.] 

3%e Bjeaurrection and Ascension of Christ. 

1 O06ANNA to the prtnce of light 
n That cloth'd hiiQself in clay, 
Bnter'd the iron gates- at death. 
And tore the bars away. 


366 HYMNS. B^ok^, 

« Death is no more the kins «€ dread. 
Since our Iminanad rose; 
He took the tyrant's sting away » 
And spoilHl oar bellisb foes. 

S Sec how the conqueror mounts aWl, 
And to his Father flies. 
yntb scars of honour in his flcsb. 
And triumph in bis eyes. 

4 There our exalted Saviour reigns. 

And scatters blessings down. 
Our Jesus fills the middle seat 
Of the celestial tlirone. 

5 [Raise your devotion, mortal t<nigae8, 

To reach bis bless'd abode. 
Sweet be the accents of your songs 
To our incarnate God. 

6 Bright angels, strike your loudest string?. 

Your 8W«eetest voices raise; 
Let heaven, and all created thmgs, 
Sound our Immanuers praiae.j 


The Christian Warfare. 

1 [CTAND up my soul, shake oflT thy fears, 

•-^ And gird the gospel-armoiur on, 

March to the gate of endless joy, 

Where thy great Captain-Saviotir s gone. 

S Hell and thy snis resist thy cop"«» 
But hell and sin are vanquish d foes. 
Thy Jesus nail'd them to the cross. 
And sang the biumph when he rose.J 

3 [What tho' the prince of darkness rage. 
And waste the tury of -Ws spite. 
Eternal chains confine him down 

To fitfy deeps and endleaa night. 

4 What tho' thine inward lusts rebel, 
»Tis but a strugaling gasp for Me; 
The wea|K>ns of victorious grace 

Shall slay thy sins, and end the strue.j 

5 Then let my soul march boldly on. 
Press forward to the heavenly sale, 
There peace and joy eternal reigu. 
And glittering robes for conquerors watt. 

t There shall I wear a ttarry crown. 
And triumph in almighty grace. 
While all the armies of the skies > 
Jom lu my glorioos leader's praise. 

Ifook 2. HYMNS. 367 


Redemption by Chritt. 

'HEN the first parents of our race 
RebeU*d. and lost tbeir God, 
Aiid the infection of tbeir sin 
Had tainted all our blood, 

2 InfiDite pity toiich'd tbe heart 

Of tbe eternal 8oii, 
Descendtns tVom tbe hetvenhr coart 
He left bis Fatber's throne. 

3 Amde tbe prince of glory threw 

Hi« nHMt divnie array, 
Aiid wrapp'd his Godhead in a veil 
Of our inferior clay. 

4 His living power, and dyHig love 

Kedeem'd nuhappy men. 
And rais'd the ruins of our race 
To life and God again. 

5 To thee, dear tord, our flesh and eon! 

We joyfully resign. 
Bless'd Jesus, take us for thy own. 
For we are doubly thine. 

6 Thine honour shall for ever be 

The business of our days. 
For ever shall our thanbnil tongues 
Speak thy deserved praise. 

Praite to the Redeemer. 

1 pLUNG'O in a gulph of dark despair 
■■■ We wretched sinners lay, 
Without one ^cheerful beam of hope. 

Or spark of glimmering day. 

2 With pitying eyes, the Prince of Grace 

Beheld our helpless grief, 
He saw, and (O aniaztng love!) 
He ran to our relief. 

3 Down from the sluiung seats above 

With joyful baste he" tied. 
Entered the grave in morta) flesh. 
And dwelt amoAg the dead. 

4 He spoil'd the pow'rs of darkness thas» 

And brake our iroii chains; 
Jesus has tVeed our captive souis 
From everUstidg piMns. 

568 HYMNS. J«*«- 

i rin win tbe baffled prince of hdl 
His cnned projects tries; 
We that were doom'd his endless shtfes» 
Are ratfd above the skies.] 

6 b for this love, let rocks and hills 

Their htfting silence break. 
And all faannonious baman toi^es 
The Saviour'b praises speak. 

7 [Yes, we will praise thee, dearest LAcd, 

Oaf eooli are all on flame ; 
Hosanna ronnd tbe spnctooa earth 
To thine adored name. 

8 Angds, assist onr mighty Joya. 

Strike aU your harps oT^; 

Bat when you raise yoar hisheat notes, 
His love can ne'er he told.J 

God^sawfid Power and Goodnen. 

I r\ ! The almiAty Lord! 

V^ Huw matchless is tiU power! 
Tk-emble, O earth, bendlth his word, 
White aH the heavens ad<Mre. 

S Let proad imperious kings 
Bow low before his throne, 
Cronch to his feet, ye baughty things. 
Or he shall trend you down. 

3 Above the skies he reigns. 
And with amaiing blows 

He deals insnffeiable pains 
On bis rebellious foes. 

4 Yet, everlasting God, 

We love to apeak thy ^praise ^ 
Tl^ sceptre's equal to thy cod. 
The sceptre of thy gjrace. 

5 The arms of mighty k>ve 
Defend our SUm weU, 

And heavenly mercy walls us rovnd 
From Babylon, and bell. 

« Salvation to the king 
_That sits entfaron'd above; 
Thus we adoie the God ot* migbt. 
And bless the end of love. 


B9ok 2. HYMNS. 369 

Our Sin the Cause of Chritts Death. 

X A ND now tbe scales have left mine eyes, 
-^^ Now I begin to see : 
O, tbe curs'd deeds my sins bave doDe! 
Wbat murderous tbi^ tbey be ! 

2 Were these the traitors, dearest Lord, 

That tbjr fiibr body tore? 
Monsters, that stain'd those heavenly limbs 
With floods of purine gore? 

3 Was it fw crimes that I had done. 

My dearest Lord was slain, 
When justice seiz'd God's only Son, 
And pat his soul to pain ? 

4 Foisive. my guilt, O Prince of Peace, 

iTl wound my God ho more: 
Hence from my heart, ye sins be gone. 
For Jesus 1 adore. 

5 Fttmisb me, Lprd, with heavenly aims 

From grace's magazine. 
And I'll proclaim eternal war 
With ev'iy darling sin. 

HYMN LXXXa. (C. M.) 

Redemption and Protectionfroin Spiritual 
Enemies. . 

1 A RISE, my soul, my joyftil powers, 
'^^ And triumph in my <jod, 
Awake my voice, and loud proclaim 

His glorious grace abroad. - 

2 He rais'd me from the deeps of sin. 

The gates of gapbig bell. 
And Ax'd my standing more secm-e 
Thau twas before I fell. 

3 Tbe arms of everlasting love 

Beneath my soul he plac'd, 
And on the rock of ages set 
My slippery footsteps fast. 

4 The city of my bless'd abode 

Is wali'd around with grace. 
Salvation for a bulwark stands 
To sbidd the sacred place. 

Bb J 

dTO HYMNS. Book %, 

6 Satan may vent his sharpest spile. 
And aU bis legions roar, 
Ahnightjr mercv guards my life. 
And bounds bis raging power. 

Arise, my sou), awake, my voice. 
And tunes of pleasure sing, 
|.4Nid balielujahs sbali address 
My Saviour and my King. 


3%e Passion and Exaltation qf Christ, 

t nPHUS saitb tbe ruler of the skiea, 
•^ " Awalie, my dreadful sword; 
*' Awake my wrath, and smite die man 
** My fellow,'' saitb the Lord. 

Vengeance receiy*d the dread command. 

And armed, down she ffies; 
Jesus submits t* bis Father^ band. 
And bows bis besid and dies. 

S But O ! tbe wisdom and tbe grace 
That join with vengeance now ! 
He dies to save our guilty race. 
And yet be rises too. 

4 A person so divine was be 
Who yielded to be slain, 
Tliat be could give his soul away. 
And talce bis Kfe again. 

H Live, Morions Lord, and reign on b^. 
Let every nation sing, 
And angels sound, with endleai joy 
The Saviour and tbe Kbig. 


1 r^OME, all harmonious tongues, 
>^ Your noblest music bring, 

lis Christ the everlasting God, 
And Christ tbe roan we sing. 

Ten bow be took onr flesb. 
To take away our guilt, 

ISins the dear drops of sacred blood 
That hellish monsters spilt. 

1 CAlasI the cruel spear 
Went deep into his rfde. 

And the rich flood of purple gore 
Tbeir mnrderons weapo^is d/^.;) 

Book 9. HYMNS. 371 

4 rrhe waves of swelliiu; grief 
Did o'er lib h«aoai roll. 

And monntaiot of almkbty wratli 
Lay heavy oo bis soul.] 

5 Down to ibe shades of death 
He bow'd hia awlid head. 

Yet be arose t« live and reipi 
Whea death itself is dead. 

6 No mMfi the bloody spear. 
The cross and nails no more ; 

For hefl itself shakes at his name. 
And all the heavens adore. 

7 There the Redeemer sits 
High on the Father's throne ; 

TheFatber lays his vengeance by. 
And sniiles upon his Son. 

8 There his ftill glories shine 
With uncreated rays, 

And Mess bis saints awl angels eyes 
To everlasting days. 


Si0cien€!/ qf Pardon. 

1 \17HY does your ftce, ye bumble soalt, 
^ Those movnful colours wear f 
What doubts are these that waste your fidtht 
And nourish your desfiair i 

i What tho' your numerous sins exceed 
The stars that fill the skies. 
And aiming at tb' eternal throne, 
like pointed mountains rise > 

3 What tho' your mighty guilt beyond 

The wide creatiou swell. 
And has its curs'd foundations laid 
Low as the deeps of hell? 

4 See here an endless ocean flows 

Of never-foiling grace. 
Behold a dying Saviour's veins 
The sacred itood increase : 

5 It rises high and drowns the hills, 

T has neither shore nor bound: 
Now, if we search to find our sins. 
Our sins can ne'er be found. 

6 Awake, our hearts, adore the grace 

That buries all our fonlts, 
And pardoning blood that swells above 
Our fatties and our thoughts. 



HYMNS. Bookt. 

Freedom from Sin and Misery in Heaven, 

1 /'xVfH «ta». a*** ^^ strong titey be! 
yj And like a violent sea 
They break oar duty, Loro, to wee, 
AUfd horry us away. 
« The waves of trouble how tbey rise! 
How loud the temi)e8t8 roar! 
Bat death shall land our weary souls 
Safe on the heavenly shore. 

S There to futfll hfs sweet commands. 
Oar speedy feet shall move, 
No sin shall clog our wmged zeal. 
Or cool our burning love. 

4 There shall we sit, and sing, and teU 

The wonders of his grace. 
Till heavenly raptures fire our hearts. 
And smile in every fiice. 

5 For ever his dear sacred name 

Shall dwell upon our tongue. 
And Jesus and Salvation be 
The dose of every song. 


77ie Divine Glories above our Reaaon. 

1 TTOWwonderoosgreat,howg1orio«isbrigiit, 
■ 1 Must our Creator be. 
Who dwells amidst the dazzling light 
Of vast infinity! 

t Our soarins spirits upwards rise 
Tow'rd the celestial throne. 
Fain would we see the blessed Three, 
And the abnigbty One. 

3 Our reason stretches all its wings. 

And climbs above the skies ; 
But still how far beneath thy feet 
Our grovelliug reason lies! 

4 Cl^rd, here Ve bend our bumble sooIb, 

And awfully adore. 
For the wean pinions of our mind 
Can stretch a thought no more.] 

Sa^ 8. HYMNS. 373 

5 Thy Tories infinitely rise 

Above our labouring tongue ; 
In vain tbe highest «ehiph trief 
To Ibrm an equal song. 

6 rin bumble notes oar fidtb adores 

The great mysterious kiqg. 
While angeb sinin their nobler powen, 
And sweep th' immortal string, j 

HYMN LXXXVni. (C. M.) 


1 QALVATION! O, tbe joyful sound! 
k^ TIb ideamre to our ears; 
A sovereign balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 
S Bary*d in sorrow and In sin. 
At heirs dark door we lay» 
But we arise by grace divme 
To see a heavenly day. 

3 Salvation! let the echo fly 
Tbe spacious earth around, 
While all the annies of the sky 
Conspfa'e to raise the soiud. 

Christ^ Victory over Satan, 

1 TLJOSANNA to our canqu«rin|S king! 
■Tl The prince of darkness flies. 
His troops rush headlong down to heH, 
Like lightnbig from the skies. 

8 There, bound in chains, tbe UtMis rov. 
And fright the rescued sheep. 
But heavy bars confine their power 
And malice to the deep. 

3 Hosanna t«> our conoueruig king. 

All hail, iDcarnate love ! 
Ten thousand songs and glories wait 
To crown thy bead above. 

4 Thy victories and thy deathless fame 

Thro' the wide world shall run, . 
And everlasting ages sing 
The triumphs thoa hast won. 

374 HYMNS. Booh 2, 

, HYMN XC. (C. M.) 

Faith in Christ for Parckm and Sanctijua- 

1 TJTOW sad our state by nature is ! 
Xl Our gin how <)eep it stains ! 
And Satan binds dnr captive minds 
Fast in bis slavish chains. 
S Bat there's a voice of sovereiKn grace 
Sounds from the sacred word ; 
" Ho ! ye despairing sinners, come, 
** And tmst npon the Lord/ 

S My sold obeys th' ahnighty call. 
And runs to this rdief. 
I would believe thy jjMromiae, Lord, 
O ! help my nnbebef . 

4 (To the dear foontahi of thy blood. 

Incarnate God, I fly. 
Here let me wash my spotted soul 
From crimes of deepest dye. 

5 Stretch out thine ami, victocioas king. 

My relgninK sins suMoe, 
Drive the old drason from Us seat. 
With all his helBsh crew. 

6 A KoUty, weak, and hdpless worm. 

On thy kind arms I nul: 
Be thou my slren^h and righteooaiesB, 
My Jesus, and my all. 

The Glory qfChritt in Heaven. 

1 f\ THE delights, the heavenly joys, 
^^ The glories of the place 
Where Jesns sheds the brightest beams 
Of his overflowing grace! 

f Sweet maiesty and^wftil love 
Sit smiling on his brow, 
And all the (^ons ranks above 
At humble distance bow. 

3 fPrinces to his imperiiri name 
Bend their Mght sceptres down, 
Domtalons, thrones, nod powers, rgoicfc 
To see him wear tiie cfowD. 

JBooki. HYMNS. 375 j 

4 ArGhanffeb mhhmI U9 lofty i»nlse 

Tbro* every heavenly street, 
iUid lay their hichest bouuiin down 
SabmiMlve at nis feet. 

5 Tboie soft, those Ueoed feet of bis 

That once rude iron tore. 
High OD a throne of light they standi 
And all the sahit? actore. 
£ His head, the dear msuestic head 
That cruel thoroB did wound, 
See what immortal glories shine* 
And circle it aronud!] 
7 This is the man, th' exalted mpji 
Whom we anseen adore; 
But when oar eyes behold his face» 
Oor hearts shall love faim more. 

6 [Lord, bow our souls are all on fire 

To see tby bU^ss'd abode, 
Oar tongues rejoice in tunes of praiM 
To our incarnate God ! 
9 And while our iaith enjoys this sight, 
We long to leave our clay, 
And wish tby fiery chariots. Lord, 
To fetch oor souls away.j 


3%£ Church taoedf avtd her Enemies disap* 

Compoud the 5th qfNov. 1694. 

1 CHOUT to the Lord, and let our joys 
^ Thro' the whole nation run ; 

Ye British diies resound the noise 
Beyond the rising sun. 

2 Thee, mighty God, our souls admire, 

Thee our glad voices wagy 
And join with the celetti«r choir 
To prai8» th' eternal King. 

3 Tby power the whole creation rules, 

And on the starry skies 
Sits smiling at the weak dedgns 
Thine envious foes devise. 

4 Thy scorn derides thdr feeble rage. 

And with an awfbl flrown 
Flings vast cooflision on their plots, 
And shakes thetar Bab^ down. 

376 HYMNS. J&ooi «. 

5 [Their aecret fires in caverns lay. 

And we the sacrifice: 
But gloomy caverns strove in vain 
To 'scai^e ail searching eyes. 

6 Their dwk designs were all reveal'd. 

Their treasons all betray'd : 
Praise to the Lord that broke the snan 
Their cursed han(]s had laid.J 

7 In vain the busy sons of hell 

SHU new rebellions try. 
nieir sonls shall pine with envkHn ragt. 
And vex away and die. 

6 Almighty grace defends our land 
From their mdicious power; 
Let Britain with united soi^ 
Almighty grace adore. 

God ail, and in all. Ps. Ixxiii. 25. 

MY God, my life, my love. 
To thee, to thee I call ; 
I cannot live if thou remove. 
For thou art all in all. 

ly shining grace can cbeer 
lis dungeon where t dwell; 
'Tis paradise when thoa art here, 
If thou depart, 'tis heU.] 

3 (The smilings of thy face. 
How amiable they are t 

Tis heaveu to rest in thine embrace. 
And no where else but there.] 

4 rro thee, and thee alone, 
llie angels owe their bUss ; 

They sit around thy gracious throne. 
And dwell where Jesus is.} 

5 TNot all the harps above 
Can moke a heavenly place, 

If God his residence remove. 
Or but conceal his fkce.] 

6 Nor earth, nor all the sky . 
Can one delight affoid, 

Wo. not a drop of real joy. 
Without thy presence. Lord; 

Book 9. HYMNS. 377 

7 Tbom art tbe sea of love, 
Where all my |ilea«ares n% 

Tbe circle where my passions move, 
And centre of my soul. 

8 [To thee my spirits fly 
With infinite desire ; 

And yet how dr from tbee I lie! 
I>ear Jesus, raise me bigher.J 

Cod my only Happinets, Ps. Ixxiii. 25. 

1 A/f Y God, my portion, and my love, 
^^'^ My everlasting all, 

rve none but tbee in heaven above, 
Or on this earthly baU. 

2 [What empty thtaip are all the skies. 

And this inferior clod ! 
There's nothing here deserves my joy8« 
There's nothing like my 6od.] 

3 [In vain the bright, the bummg san. 

Scatters his feeble light ; 
Tis thy sweet b^ms create my noon 
If thott withdraw, 'tis nigbt. 

4 And whilst upon mv restless bed. 

Amongst tbe shaoes I roll, 
If my Redeemer shew his head, 
lis morning with my soul.] 

5 To thee we owe our wealth, and friends, 

And health, and safe abode ; 
Thanks to thy name for meaner things^ 
But they are not my God. 

6 How vain a toy is glittering wealth. 

If once compar'd to thee ? 
Or what's my safety, or my health. 
Or all my Mends to me? 

7 Were I possessor of the earth. 

And call'd the stars my own. 
Without thy graces and thyself 
I were a wretch undone. 

8 Let others stretch their arms like 8eais> 

. Aud grasp in all the shore. 
Grant me the visits of thy face. 
And 1 deatre no more. 

378 HVMNS. Book^ 

Look on himwhom thty pierced, 4 fnoan. 

1 TNFINITE grief! amaziiig woe! 
^ BdioM my biceding Lord : 
Hell and the Jews coiiBpir^ ids dcalli. 
And Rs'd the Roman sword. 
S O, the diaru pangs of smarting pabi 
My dear Redeemer bore. 
When knotty whips, and ragged thorns 
His sacred body tore ! 

3 But knotty whips and ragged thorns 

In vain do I accdae, 
• In vain I blame the Roman bands. 
And the mwe spiteful Jews. 

4 Twere you, my sins, my cmel sins, 

His chief toimcntors were; 
Each of my crimes became a naU* 
And unbelief the spear. 

5 Twere yon that puU'd the vengeance down 

Upon his guiltless head : 
Break, break, my heart, O, borst mine eyes, 
And let my sorrows bleed. 

6 Strike, mighty grace, my flinty soAi 

Till melting waters flow. 
And deep r.epentance drown mine eyes 
In undiflsembled woe. 


DiteinguiskingLove; or, Jngels purtished, 
ahd Man saved. 

1 pvOWN headlong ftom their native skict • 
-L^ The rebel angels fell, 
And thttnder.bolts of flaming wrath 
Pursu'd them deep to hell. 

S Down from the top of earthly bliss 
Rebellions man was hnn'd ; 
And Jesus stoop'd beneath the grave 
To reach a sfnkiflg world, 
s O love of inflnite degree! 
Uiimeasurable grace ! 
Most heaven's eternal darfing die. 
To save a traitorous race? 
4 Most angels shik for ever doiwn, 
wdn*" -5"?* J" enencbless fire, 
While God forsakes his sUnhig tbrmM 
To ruse us wretches higher? 

Book 9. HYMNS. 379 

5 O for his love let eartb and skies 
With baDeiaiahs ring.. 
And tbe Aill cnoir of hmnan tmgnes 
All halleliijalis sing. 

TAe same. 

1 T7ROM heaven the ibmlng angels fell. 
^ And wrath and darkneas chained them 

But man. vile man, forsook his bUas, 
And mercy lilts him to a crown. 

2 Amazing work of sovereign grace 

That conid distingnish rebels so ! 
Our guilty treasons cali'd aloud 
For everlasting fttters too. 

3 To thee, to thee, almighty love. 

Oar souls, ourselves, onr all we pay : 
Millions of tongues shall soiuid thy praise 
On the bright hills of heavenly day. 


Hardnas €f Heart complained qf, 

Y heart, how dreadful hard it is 
How heavy here It lies. 
Heavy and coUT within my breast 
Jast like a rock of ice! 
S Aln. like a raging tyrant, sits 
Upon this flinty throne, 
Ana every grace lies baryM deep 
Beneath this heart of stone. 

•3 How seldom do I rise to God> 
Or taste the joys above ! 
This mountain presses down my faith«- 
And ctiills my flaming love. 

4 When smiling mercy courts my soul 

With all its heavenly charms. 
This stubborn, this relentless thing. 
Would thrust it from my arms. 

5 Aninst the thunders of thy word 

Rebellious I have stood, 
My heart it shakes not at the wrath 
And terrors of a God. 

6 Dear Saviour, steep this rock of adne 

In thine own crimson sea! 
None but a bath of bk>od divine 
Can melt tbe flint away. 


390 HYMNS. Boek «. 

77ie Book of God's Decreei. 
1 T ET th« whole race of creatures lie 
■^ Abas'd before their God : 
Whatever his sovereign voice bu form'd 
He governs with a nod. 

Z [Ten tboosand ages ere t)ie skies 
Were into motion brooeht. 
All tjie long years and worlds to come 
Stood present to his thought. 

3 There's not a sparrow or a worm 

But's found in his i^ecreesj 
He raises monarchs to their throne. 
And sinks them as he please] 

4 If Ught attends the course I ran, 

'lis he provides those rays. 
And 'lis hts hand that hides my sun* 
If darkness doud my days. 

5 Yet I would not be much concern'd. 

Nor vainly long to see 
The volumes of his deep decrees, 
What months are writ for me. 

6 When he reveals the book of life* 

O may I read my name 
Amongst the chosen of his love. 
The followers of the Lamb I 

HYMN C. (L. M.) 
ThePresence qfChritt is thel^ft of my Skd. 

1 PJOW foil of angnish is the thought, 
^^ How it distracts and tears my heart, 
If God at last, my sovereign judge. 
Should frown, and bid my soul, Depart! 

S Lord, when I quit this earthly stage. 
Where shall I ttv but to thy (>reast> 
For I have sought no other home; 
For I have learn'd no other rest. 

3 I cannot live contented here, 
WitijuUt some glimpses of thy face ; 
And heaven without tliy preseiice there 
Would be a dark and tiresome place. 

4 When eartlily cares engross the day. 
And hold my thoughts aside from thee. 
The shilling hours of cheerful light 
Are long and tedious years to me. 

S4>ok 2. HYMNS. 381 

^ ^od if no evening hSAV% paid 
Between mv SaviiMir and my aoal, 
How dull aie niglit! bow sad tlie sbadet 
How moornfiilly the minotes roll! 

6 This fledi of nrine might learn as soon 
To live, yet part with all my blood; 
To breathe when vital air is gone, 
Or thrive and grow without my food. 

T rCfartst is mv light, mv life, my care. 
My blessed nope, my heavenly prize ; 
Dearer' than all my passions are. 
My limbs, my bowels, or my eyes. 

8 The strings that twine about my heart. 
Tortures and racks may tear them otf ; 
Bnt they can never, never part 

With their dear hold of Christ my love.] 

9 [My God! and can a humble child. 
That loves thee with a flame so high 
Be ever from thy f«!ce exil'd. 
Without the pity of thine eye ? 

10 Impossible !~-For thine own hands 
Have ty'd my heart so fast to thee. 
And in thy book the prumise stands, 
That where thou art, thy friends must be.] 

HYMN CI. (C. M.) 
The. WorUts ehrfe chief Temptations. 

1 WHEN in the light of faith divine 

▼V We look on things below. 
Honour, and gold, and sensual joy, 
How vain and dangerous too ! 

2 [Honour's a puff of noisy breath; 

Yet men expose their blood. 
And venture everlasting death. 
To gain that airy good. 

3 Whilst others starve the nobler mind, 

And feed on shining dust. 
They rob the serpent of his food 
T' indulge a sordid Instj 

4 The pleasures that allure our sense 

Are dangerous snares to souls ; 
There's but a drop of flattering sweet. 
And dash'd with bitter bowls. 

5 God is mine all-suflJcient goud, 

My portion and my choice; 
"^ In him my vast desires are fill'd. 
And all my powers rejoice. 

382 HYMNS. Book 2. 

6 In vain the worW acoosls my «»r, , 
And temptH my h«rt anew ; 
1 camot bay yoor bliss so ctear, 
Nuf part with beav n for yoa. 

HYMN Cn. (L. M.) 

A Happy Resurrection. 

1 XTO, TH repine at death no more^ 
IN Bat with a cbeerfui pap reagn 
To the cold dnngeon of mc grave, 
These dying' withering limbs of mme 

S Let worms devour my wasting flesh. 
And cmmbie all my bones to dust. 
My G<tA shall raise mv frame anew 
At the revival of the just. 

3 Break, sacred momiog. thro* the skiea* 
Bring that delightful, dreadfiil day. 

Cut short the hours, dear Lord, and come. 
Thy lingering wheels, how long they stay! 

4 [Our weary spirits foint to see 
The light of thy retum'uig face. 
And hear the laiifuage of those fipa 
Where God has shed his richest grace.] 

5 [Haste then upon the wings of love. 
Rouse all the pions sleeping ftay, 
That we may johi in heavenly joya. 
And sing the triumph of the day .J 

HYMN cm. (CM.) 
Chria's Commimon, John Hi. vcr. 16, IT. 
1 p«OME, happy souls, approach your God, 
y^' With new melodious songs; 
Come, render to almighty grace 
The tribute of your tongues. 

S So strange, so boondless was the love 
That pityVI dying men, 
The Famer sent his equal Sob 
To give them life again* 

3 Thy hands, dear Jesos, were not anu'd 

With a revenging rod. 
No hard commission to perform 
The vengeance of a God. 

4 But all was mercy, all was mik), 

Aud wrath forsook the throne. 
When Christ on the kind ernuid came, 
Aiid brought satvation dowQr 

J^ook 2. HYMNS. 383 

£> Here, aoaen, yon may lM«i yapr w«mMl|, 
And wipe jmir sonrows dry ; 
Itttst in tlie ouility Saviour't name. 
And yon tliaU never die. 

4D See, dearert Loid, onr willing toDlt 
Accept thine offered grace; 
We bla» tbe great JUdeemer's love. 
And give tiie Fatner praise. 

HYMN CIV. (S. M.) 
The same. 

1 O AISE yonr trinmpbant soogv 
-B^ To an immortal tone. 
Let Ibe wide earth resound the deeds 
Celefltial grace has done. • 
^ Sing how eternal love 
Its chief beloved chose, 
And bid him raise our wretched race 
Ft<Mn their ^byas of woes. 

3 His hand no thnnder bears. 
Nor terror clothes hts brow ; 

No bolts to drive onr sailty souls 
To fiercer flames below. 

4 Twas mercy fillVl the throne. 
And vi^th stood silent by. 

When Christ was sent with pardons down. 
To rebels dotxn'd to die. 

5 N<vw, sinners, dry your tears, 
Let houelcss sorrows cease; 

Bow to tbe sceptre of his love. 
And take the off«r*d peace. 

6 Lord, we obey thy call ; 
We lay an humble claim 

To tbe salvation tnou hast brought. 
And love and praise thy name. 

HYB«N CV. (C. M.) 

Bej)cntanceft4nringfrorn the Patience of 

1 A ND are we wretches yet alive ? 
-^^ And do we yet rebel? 
Tis boundless, 'tis amazing love 
That bears us up from bdi! 

i The burden of onr weighty guilt 
Would sink us down to flaunes. 
And threakenmg vengeance rolls jtbove, 
To Pf9ft^ ouf feebhi d:am«9. 


3S4 HYMNS. Book^. 

3 Almislity goodness, cries " Forbear/ 

And strait the tlwnder stajv: 
And dare wo now provoke his wrath. 
And weary out hU grace? 

4 Lord, we have Ions abiuHl thy love. 

Too long indulg'd onr sin. 
Our aching hearts e'en bleed to see 
Wliat rebels we have been. 

5 No more, ye lusts, shall ye coDunand, 

No more will we obey ; 
Stretch out, O God, thy con(|u^ing band^ 
And drive thy foes away. 

HYMN CVI, (C. M.) 
Jiepentonce at tftA Cross. 

OK my soul was form'd for woe, 
' How would I vent my sighs! 
Repentance should like rivers flow 
From both my streaming eyes. 

2 Twas for my sins my dearest Lord 

Hung on the cursed tree. 
And groan'd away a dying life 
For thee, my soul, for thee. 

3 O how I hate those lusts of mine 

That crucU> d my God, 
Those sins that i>ierc'd and naO'd bis flesh 
Fast to the fatal wood!. 

4 Yes, my Redeemer, they sball die. 

My bean has eo decreed, 
Nor wiU I spare the guilty things 
That made my Saviour bleed. 

5 Whilst with a melting broken heart 

My mordefd Lord I view, 
I'll raise revenge against my sins. 
And slay the murderers too. 


The everlcuting Absence of God intolerabU. 

1 ''pHAT xwAil day will surely come, 
-■- Tb' appoUited boar makes haste, 

Wiien I must stauid before my judge. 
And pass tbe solemn test. 

2 Tbou ioveiy chief of all my joys, 

TUou sovereign of my heart. 
How could f bear to hear thy voice 
t'ronounce tbe sound, •• Depaitr*' 

JBcok 2. HYMNS. 385 

S [The thiuder of that dismal word 
Would so torment my ear, 
Twoiiid tear my soni asander, Lord, 
Witb most tormeuting fear. J 

4 fWliat, to be banish'd for my life. 

And yet forbid to die ? 
To linger in eternal pain. 
Yet death for ever fly ?J 

5 O wretched state of deep deqiair. 

To see my God remove, 
And fix my doleful station where 
1 mnst not taste his love. 

6 Jesas, I throw my arms aroond. 

And hang upon thy breast; 
Withoat a gracious smile from thra 
My spirit cannot rest. 

1 O ! tell me that my worthless name 
Is graven on thy hands; 
Shew me some promise in thy book 
Where my salvation stands! 

8 LCive me one kind assuring word 
To sink my fears again ; 
And cheerfully my soul shall wait 
Her threescore years and ten. 3 

Access to tks Thront ofGrace by aMedia 

1 r^OME let us liA our Joyful eyes 
^-^ Up to die courts above, 
Aud smile to see oiu* F.vher there 
Upon a throne oi love. 
£ Once twas a seat of dreadftd wraths 
And shot devouring flame; 
Onr God appear'd " consumit^ flre/' 
And veugeance was his name. 

3 Rich were the drops of Jesus' blood 

That calip*;! his frowning ^ce, 
That sprinkled o*er the bunung throne, 
Aiuf tnm'd the wrath to grace. . 

4 Now we may bow before his feet. 

And Teuture near the Lord; 
No flery eherub guards his se&t. 
Nor doable flaming sword. 

i The peaceftal gates of heavenly Ulsi 
Are open'd by the Son ; . 

High let us raise our notes of praiM 
AadjreKh th' abnighty tbxoae. 

366 HYMNS. Sool 2. 

6 To fb«e tm tbonsand thanks we brm^ 
Great advocate on high ; 
And gtory to th' eternal king, 
lliat lays bis fury l^. 

HYMN CIX. (L. M.) 

The Darkness qf Rrovidence. 

1 T ORD. we adore thy vast designs, 
'^ Th' obscare abyss of providence. 
Too deep to sound witii mortal Knes» 
Too dark to view with feeble sense. 

t Now thon array'bt thine awful tace 
In angry frowns, without a smile: 
We, through the cloud believe thy grace, 
Secure of thy compassion still. 

3 Through seas and storms of deep distRSi 
We sail by faith and not by sight ; 
Faith cuides us in the wilderness. 
Through all the briars and the nigbt. 

4 Dear Father, if thy llOed rod 
Resolve to scourge us here below. 
Still we must lean upon our God, 
Tliine arnl shall bear us safely throng 

HYMN ex. (S. M.) 

Triumph over Demth, in Hope qfthe, Eesut' 

1 A ND mint this body die? 
■*^ Tills moAal frame decsly? 
And must these active limbs of mint 
Lie mouUering in the clay? 
t Corraption, earth, and worms* 
Siioll but refine this flesh, * 
Till my triumphant spirit comes 
To put it on aiteah. 

3 God my Redeemer lives. 
And often flroni the skies 

Looks down, and watches aJl my wA, 
Till he shall bid it rise. 

4 Array'd In glorioos grace- 
Shall these vile bodies shine, 

And every shape and every Ihoey 
Look heavenly and divine. 

$ These lively hopes we owe 
To Jeens' d)ing love; 
«v e would adore his grace below 
And Shi his pow» above. 


Sook 2. HYMNS. 387 

6 De«r Lord, accept the praise 
Of these our humble sonp. 
Tin tnoes of uobler aoirnd we raise 
With our immortal tongnes. 


T^htmkigixsing far Victory: or, GocCt Do. 
minion and our Ixliveretnce. 

1 '^lON rejoice, aad Jodah sing; 
^^ The Loid asMimes his throne; 
Let Britain own the heavenly king. 

And make his glories iknown. 

2 The creat, the wicked, and the ptood, 

t-rom their high seats are hurrd; 
Jehovah rides apon a cloud, 
4nd thunders through the wprkl. 

3 He reigns upon th* eternal hills. 

Distributes mortal crowns. 
Empires are flx'd beneath hig saailes^ 
A Mil totter at hb frowns. 

Navies that role the ocean wide 
Are vanquished by his breath ; 

And legions arm'd with power and ttiidt 
Descend to wateiy death. 

5 Le ttyrants make nb more pretence 
To vex our happy land : 
Jehovah's name is our defence, 
Qnr buckler is his band. 

[Long may the king, our suvereiga live^ 

To rule us by thy word ; 
And all the' hcmours he can give 
Be ofier'd to the Lord.] 

HYMNCXir. (L.M.) 
Angels ndnUHTing to Christ and SoUnti. 

1 r^REAT Qod, to what a glorious height 
vJr Hast tfaoq advanced the Lord thy Sool 
Angels, in all their robes of light, 

Are made the servants of his throne. 

9 Before his feet thine armies wait, 
Aikl swiA as flames of (Ire they mofve^ 
To manage his affairs of state, ' 

Uk worka of ttagiUiM mCL-ai tare* 

388 HYMNS. BwA 2. 

S His orders nut throniEh all their botts, 
Legions descend at bis command. 
To shield and guard the British coasts^ 
When foreign rage invades our land. 

4 Now they are sent to guide our feet 
Up to the gates of thine abode. 
Tbrough all the dangers that we meet 
In travelling the heavenly road. 


5' Lord, when I leave this mortal gronnd. 
And thou Shalt bid me rise and come. 
Send a beloved angel down 
Safe to condttct my spirit home. 

HYBfNCXm. (CM.) 

1 'T'HE majesty of Solomon! 
■■ How glorious to behold 
The servants waiting round his throne. 
The ivory and the gold! 

S But. migbty God ! thy palace shuies 
With faur superior beams : 
Thine angel guards are swul as windst 
Thy mmisters are flames. 

3 [Soon as thine only Son had made 

His entrance on this earth, 
A shining army downward fled 
To celebrate his birth. 

4 And, when oppressed with pains and fean 

' OA the cold ground he lies. 
Behold a heavenly form appears 
T' allay his agonies.] 

5 Now to the hands of Christ our king 

Are all theu- legions pvea ; 
They wait apon bis saints, and bring 
His chosen heirs to heaven. 

6 Pleasure and iHaise ran through their host 

To see a sinner turn; 
Then Satan has a captive lost, 
•And Christ a subject bom. 

7 But there's an hoar of brighter jof 

When he bis angels seuds 

ObsUnate rebels to destroy, 

AnAmth^T in his fiicadii 

Sook2. HYMNS. 339 

^ O! could I say without a doubt. 
There khall my aoul be fouod. 
Then let the great archangel ahont, 
And the last trumpet sound. 

ChriaVt Death, Victory , and Dominion. 

1 1 SING my Saviour's wonderous death ; 
■^ He conquer'd when he fell: ; 
*< Tis flnisb'd," said his dving breath, 

AJid shook the gates of hell. 

2 <* Tis flnisfa'd/' our Immauuel cries, 

The dreadful work is done; 
Hence shall his sovereign throne arise, 
His kuigdom is begun. 

3 His cross a sure foundation bid 

For 0ory and renown. 
When through the regions of the dead 
He pass'd to reach the crown. 

4 Exalted at his Father's side 

Sits our victorious Lord ; 
To heaven and heU his IuumIb divide 
The vengeance or reward. 

5 The saints, from his profritloas eye, 

Await their several crowns. 
And all the sons of darkness fly 
The terrer of his fipowm. ( 

HYMN CXV. (C. M.) 

God the Avenger qfhia Saints : or, HU 
Kingdom Supreme, 

1 ILJIGH as the heavens above the grouiid, 
*^ Reigns the Creat<M', God ; 

Wide as the whole creation's bound 
Extends his awful rod. 

2 Let princes of exalted state 

To bim ascribe their crown. 

Render their homage at his feet. 

And cast theh' glories down. 

S Know that his kingdom is supreme. 
Your lofty thoughts are vain ; 
He calls you gods, that' awftil nunCf 
Bat ye must die like men. 

390 HYMNS. Book 9, 

4 Thep let the sovereigns of tbe globe 

Not dare to vex the just; 
He puts on vengeance like a rolie. 
And treads the worms to dust. 

5 Ye judges of tbe earth* be wise. 

And think of heaven with fear; 
Tbe meanest saint that you despise 
Has an avenger tiiere. 

Mercies and Thank». 
1 TJTOW can I shik with such a prop 
•Li- As my eternal God, 
Who bears tbe earth's huge pHiarB ap, 
AJtd spreads the heavens abroad? 
£ How can 1 die while Jesus Uvea, 
Who rose and left the dead? 
Pardon and grace my soul receives 
From mme exalted bead. 
S All that I am, and all I have. 
Shall be for ever thine. 
Whatever mv duty bids me give 
My cheerful bands resign. 
4 Yet if I might make some reserve. 
And duty did not call, 
I love my God with zeal so great 
That.l should give him aH. 

Living and Dying with God present, 

1 T CANNOT l>ear thine absence. Lord, 
^ My life expires if thou depart ; 
Be tiiou, my heart, still near my God, 
And thou, my God, be near my heart. 

8 I was not bom for earth and sin. 
Nor can I live on things so vile; 
Yet I will stay my Father's time. 
And hope and wait for heaven awhile. 

3 Then, clearest Lord, in thine embracs 
Let me resign my fleeting breath. 
And with a smile npon my face 
Pass the important hour of death. 


The Priesthood of Christ, 

^ Tt^^I) has a voice to pierce the skiei» 
» ♦ R«v«iige," tbe blood of Abel cries; 
2? V® ^^^ stream when Christ was slan 
epeaks peace as loud from every vein. 

JBook 2. HYMNS. 391 

S Pardon and peace fttmi God on V^, 
Behold be lavs his veng4>anc« by, 
And rebels Ihrt •.•escrve his sw«ird, 
Recouie the fiivorites of the Laid. 
3 To JesBS let oar praises rise. 
Who save his life a sacriAce; 
Nov he appears before his God. 
Aud for our pardon pleads his iMood. 

HYMN CXIX. (C. M .) 

Th€ Hol» Scripture$. 

1 T ADEN with gnilt, and full of fean, 
-*-* I fly to thee, my Lord, 
And not a glimpse of hope appears 
But in thy written word. 

£ The volume of my Father's grace 
Does all my gneft assuage ; 
Here I behold my Saviour's face 
Almost in every page. 

3 [This is the field where bidden Uet 

The pearl of price uiikuowa, 
That merchant is divinely wise. 
Who makes the peari his own. 

4 Here consecrated water flows 

To quench my thirst of sin ; 
Here the fair tree of knowledge gn>wf» 
Nor danger dwells therein.] 

5 This is the judge that ends the strife. 

Where wit and reason fail; 
My guide to everiasting life 
Twoogh all this ^oomy vale. 

6 O may thy counsels, mighty God, 

My rovifu feet command; 
Nor I forsake the happy road 
That lends to thy right (land. 

HYMN CXX. (S. M.) 

3%e Law and Gospeljoined in Scripture, 

1 'T*HE Lord declares his will, 
*^ And keeps the world in awe; 
Amidst the smoke on Sinju's hill 
Breaks ont his fiery law. 

8 The LcHTd reveals his &ce. 
And ttuiiliug from above, 
Sends down the gospel of his graoc^ 
Th' epistles of his love. 

Sn HYMNS. Booh «, 

3 These sacred words impart 
Our Maker's jost commaods; 

The pity of his melting heart. 
And vengeance of his hands. 

4 [Hence we awake onr fear. 
We draw our comfort hence; 

The arms of grace are treasur'd here. 
And armour of defence. 

§ We Icani Christ criicify'd. 
And here behold his blood : 
All arts and knowledges beside 
Will do lis little good.] 
6 We read the heavenly word. 
We take the otler'd grace. 
Obey the statutes of the I»rd, 
And trust Iris promises. 

1 la vain shall Satan rage 
Agauist a book divine. 
Where wrath and lighbiing guard the page. 
Where beams of mercy shine. 


TTie Law and Go»pel dii^inguished. 

1 "yilE law commands, and makes rs know 
*■ wBat duties to onr God we owe \ 
But 'tis the gospel must reveal 
Where lies our strength to do bto will. 

t The law discovers gnilt and sm. 
And shews how vile onr hearts have been; 
Only the gospel can express 
Forgiving love and cleansing {<race. 

3 What curses doth the law denounce 
Against the man that fails but once! 
But in the gospel Christ appears 
Pardoning the gnilt of numerous yean. 

4 My soul, no more attempt to draw 
Thy life and comfort from the law. 
Fiy to the hope the gospel gives ; 
The man that trusts the promise lives. 

Retirement and Meditation. 

1 IVf Y God, permit me not to be 
^''^ A stranger to myself and thee; 
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove. 
ForgettU of my highest Jove. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 39S 

2 Why aboidd my paaaionfi mix irith earthy 
A lid tbus debase my heavenly birth r 
Why should 1 cleave to tlvi^s below. 
And let my God, ray Saviour go^ 

3 Call me away from flesh and sense. 
One sovereign word can draw me thence ; 
I would obey the voice divine. 

And all inferior joys resigh' 

4 Be earth with all ber scenes withdrawn. 
Let noise and vanity be gone; 

111 secret silence of the mind 

My heaven, and tiiere my God I And. 

The Benefit qf public Ordinances . 

1 A WAY from every mortal care, 

-'^ Away from earth our souls retreat; 
We leave this worthless world afiar. 
And wait and worship near thy seat 

2 l>ord, ui the temple of thy grace 
We see thy feet, and we adore; 
We gaze upon thy lovely face. 

And learn the wonders of thy power. 

3 While here onr various wants we moum. 
United groans ascend on high; 

And pra^^er bears a quick return 
Of blessings in variety. 

4 [If Satan rage and sin grow sbxmg. 
Here we receive snne cheering word; 
We gird the gospel-armour on 

To light the battles of the Lord. 

5 Or if onr spirit faints and dies, 

(Onr conscience gali'd with inward stings) 
Here doth the righteous sun arise 
With healing beams beneath bis wings.3 

6 Father! my soni would still abide 
Wiihitt thy temple, near thy side; 
But if my feet must hence depart. 
Still keep thy dwelling in my heart. 


Moses, Aaron, and Joshua. 

1 *nr!S not the law of ten commands 
-■- On holy Sinai given. 

Or sent to men by Moses* hands, i 

Can bring us safe to heaven. . m 


$94 HYMNSj Book «• 

S lis not the Mood which Aaron spilt. 
Nor smolie of sweetest smell. 
Can buy a pardon for our guilt. 
Or save our souls firom hell. 
S Aaron the priest resigns his breath 
At 6od*s immediate will; 
And m the desert yields to death 
Upon th* appointed bill. 

4 And thns, on Joidan's yonder side 

The tribes of Israel stand, ^ ^ ,^ 
While Moses bow'd bis bead and dyd 
Short of the promised land. 

5 Israel rejoice, now • Joshua leads. 

Hell bring your tribes to rest; 
So for the Saviour's name exceeds 
The luler and the priest. 


Faith and Repentance, Unbelief and Jbnpe- 

1 T IFE and immortal joys are alven 
^ To souls that mourn the sins they'vedon* 
Children of wrath made heirs of heaven 
By feith in God's eternal Son. 

e Woe to the wretch that never felt 
The inward pangs of pious gnef. 
But adds to all his crying guilt 
The stubbwn sin <^ unbelief. 

S The law condenms the rebel dead. 
Under the wrath of God he hes; ■ 
He seals the corse on his uwn head. 
And with a double vengeance diet. 

God glorified in tftc Gospel, 

1 T'HE Lord descending from above, 
^ Invites his children near. 
While power and tr^ith and boundless lovt 
Display their glories here, 
t Here, in thy gospel's wonderous fiame 
Fresh wisdom we pursue; 
A thousand angels learn thy name 
BesMNid whate'er they knew. 

• Joshua the same with Jeaaa, and agniflei* 

Book 3. HYMNS- 395 

3 Tby name Is writ in fairest line^ 

Thy wonders here we trace; 
Wisdom throuiUi all the mystery sliiiiei. 
And shines in Jesus' fiice. 

4 The law its best ohedicace owes 

To our incarnate Uod ; 
And thy reveiH;inK justice shows 
Its honours in his blood. 

5 Bat still the lastre of thy grace 

Oar warmer thoughts employs, 
Gikto the whole scene with brighter rays. 
And more exalts am joys. 


Circumcision and Baptivm. 

(Written only fur those who practise the 
Baptism of Infants.) 

1 'T*HUS did the sons <^ Abrah'm pass 
-■ Under the bloody seal of grace; 
The young disciples bore the yoke. 
Till Christ the painful bondage broke. 

% By milder ways doth Jesns prove 
His Father's covenant, and his love; 
He seals to saints his glorious grace. 
And not forbids their infant race. 

3 Their seed is sprinkled with his blood. 
Their cbi(dren set apart for God, 

His Spirit on their offspring shed. 
Like water pour'd upon the head. 

4 Let ev*rv saint with eheerfiil voice 
In this Large covenant rejoice; 
Yoong children in their early days 
Shall give the God of Ahrah'm praiw. 

Corrupt Nature from Adam. 

1 OLEjiS'D with the joys of innocenee 
-s-' Adam our Father stood. 
Till he debased his soul to sense, 
And eat th' unlawful food. 

C Now we are bom a sensual race. 
To sinful joys inclin'd ; 
Reason has lost its native place. 
And flesh enslaves the mmd. 

3 While fle^h and sense and passion rei^u. 
Sin is the sweetest good: 
We fancy music in our chains. 
And so foii^et the load. 

396 HYMNJ5. Ssol 9. 

4 Great God! renew oar roioM frame, 

Oar broken powers restore, 
binpire as with a heavenly flame. 

And flesh shall reign no more. 
$ Eternal Spirit! write thy law 

Upon our inward parts. 
And let the second Adam draw 

His image on our hearts. 

We walk by Faith, not by Sight. 

1 'TIS bv the faith of joj's to come 

<^ We walk through deserts dark ?s night; 
Till we arrive at heaven our home. 
Faith is our guide, and faith our lisrht. 

2 The want of sight she well suppliers. 
She makes the pearly gates appear; 
Far into distant worlds she pries. 
And brings eternal glories near. 

5 Cheerful we tread the desert through. 
While faith inspires a heavenly ray. 
Though lions roar, and tempests blow. 
And rocks and dangers fill the way. 

4 So Abraham by divine command 
Left his own bouse to walk with God; 
His fkith beheld the promised land. 
And flr'd his zeal along the road. 

The New Creation. 

1 A TTB!«fD, while God's exalted Son 
•^ Doth his own gtories shew : 

** Behold, I sit uuon my throne> 
" Creating all things new. 

2 "Mature and sin are pass'd away 

** And the old Adam dies; 
*' My hands a new foundation lay, 
" See the new world arise. 
9 " 1*11 be a Sun of RigbteousnesB 
"To the new heavens I make: 
" None but the new-bom heirs of graot 
" My glories shall partake." 

4 Mighty Redeemer! set me free 
From ray old state of sin; 
o, make my son) alive to thee, 
Create new powers witbui: 

Book 2 HYMNS. 397 

5 Renew mine efea, and fonn mine can. 

And mould my heart aH^; 
Give me new pasrions, joys and fcan. 
And turn tbe stone to ilesh. 

6 Far from the regions of the dead. 

From sin and earth and hell. 
In the new world that grace has mad« 
1 would for ever dwdl. 

The Excellency cftht Christian Religion. 

1 T ET everlasting glories crown 

J-* Thy head, my Savioar and my Lord ; 
Thy hands have brought s^vation down. 
And writ the blessings in thy word. 

2 rwhat if we trace the globe aroumlk. 
And search from Britain to Japan, 
Tfaere shall be no religion fonnd 
So just to God, so sa^ for man.] 

S In vain tbe trembting conscience seeks 
Some solid gronnd to rest upon ; 
Wilh long despair the spirit breaks, 
Tiil we apply to Christ alone. 

4 How well thy blessed truths agree! 
, How wise and holy thy commands! 

Thy prmnlses how thm they be ! 

How firm oar hope and comfort stands! 

5 [Not tbe feign'd fields of heathenish bliss 
Could raise such pleasures in the mhid; 
Nor does the Turkish paradise 
Pretend to joys so wefl refln'd.] 

6 Should all the forms 4hat men devise 
Assault my faith with treacherous vt, 
rd call them vanity and lies. 

And bind the gospel to my heart. 


The Offlbes qf Christ. 

1 TITE bless the prophet of tbe Lord, 
^^ That comes with truth and grace: 
Jesus, thy Spirit and tliy word 
Shall lead us in thy ways. 

S We rever n:e our High Priest above. . , 
Wiio olter'd up his biood, 
And lives to carry on his love. 
By pleading with onr God, 

398 HYMNS* Bo^k ^. 

3 We hOBonr our exalted K*n?»^ 

How sweet are his comnrnBOs! ^ 
He miards our souls from bta and am 
By his abnishty bands. 

4 Hosanna to his glorkms name, 

Who saves by dilTreHt ways;. 
His mercies lay a sovereign dann 
To our immortal pTaise. 

J%e OperatUjm qfthe Holy ^rU, 
1 INTERNAL Spirit! we coBfios, 
JC^ Aiid sing the wouders of thy wnxse. 
Thy power conveys our bleasmgs down 
From God the Father and the Son. 

8 Eniirtiten'd by thine heavenly ray. 
Our shades and darkness turn to day; 
Thine inward teachings make us know 
Our danger and onr refiige loo. 

3 Thy power and glory works within.. 
And breaks the chaiiis of reigning sra. 
Doth our imperiotts luats subdue. 
And forms our wretched hearts anew. 

4 The frottbled cMSCience knows t^ voice* 
Thy cheering words awake our joys; 
Thy words allay the stoitiw wind, 

Am calm the suiges of the mind. 

Circumeigion abolished. 

l>rHE promise was dMnely free, 
1 Extensive ™th«ljaoe; . 
«* I will the God of Abrahin be, 
" And of his nnmerous race. 

5 He sM, and, with a bloody seal 

Conflrm'd the words be *M|ei . 
Long did the sons of Abrahin red 
The sharp and painrol yoke. 

3 Till God's own Son. descending low. 

Gave Ms own flesh to bleed; 
And GeoHles taste the blessuwB now, 
From the bar* bondage freed. 

4 The God ef Aforah^ chiimfr oar praM, 

His promises endnre, 
iind Christ tht Lord in ^Mlet Wijrs 
Makes the Mivation «Hri. 

Book 3. HYMNS. 39^ 

Types and Prophecies of Chrut: 

1 OEHOLD the woman's proniia'd seed! . 
^^ Behold the great Messiah come! 
Behold the prophets all agreed 
To give him the superior room! 

S Abntb'm the saint rejoic'd of <rid 
\vben visions of the Lord be saw; 
Moses tbe man of God foretold 
This peat ftilftiler of his law. 

3 Tbe types bore witness to his name, 
Obtain*d their cliief design, and ceas'd; 
Tbe incense and the bleeding Jamb, 
Tbe ark, tbe altar, and the priest. 

4 Predictions In abundance meet 

To join their blessfaigs on bis head; 
Jesns, we worship at thy feet. 
And nations own the promis'd seed. 


Miracles at the Birth qf Christ, 

t 'T*HE King of Glory sends his Son 

-L To make bis entrance on this earthy 
■ Behold tbe midnight bright as noon. 
And heavenly hosts decure bis birth! 

% Abont tbe young Redeemer's head 
What wonders and what glories meet! 
An unknown star arose, and led 
Tbe eastern sages to his feet. 

3 Simeon and Anna both conspire 
Tbe infant-Saviour to proclaim; 
Inward they felt the sacred fire. 

And bless'd the babe, and own'd bis naaie. 

4 Let Jews and Oreeks blaspheme alem^ . 
And treat tbe holy child with scorn; 
Ow souls adore th' eternal God 

Who condescended to be bom. * 


Miracles in the Life, Deatli, and RemrreO' 
tion of Christ. 

X DEHOLD the blind their siglkt receiver 
" BeboM the dead awakeTnd live; 
The dranb speak wonders, and the lam« 
I«$ap lite tbe tatrt^ aid Meas hl» lame. 

400 HYMNS. Book «. 

« Thus doth th* eternal Spirit own 
Aud seal the mission of the Son ; 
The Father vindicates his cause 
Wliiie be hangs bleeding on the cross. 

S He dies; the heavens in moamiug stood; 
He rises, and appears a «od : 
Bebold the Lord ascending high. 
No liiore to bleed, no more to die! 

4 Hence and for ever from my heart 
I bid my doobts and fears depart; 
And to those hands my soul resign 
Which bear credentials so divme. 

Tlie Power of the Gospel. 

1 TWS 1« the word of truth and love, 
i Sent to the nations from above; 
Jehovah here resolves to shew 
What his almighty grace can do. 

5 This remedy did wisdom find 
To heal diseases of the mind: 

This sovereign baUn, whose vutnes can 
Restore the mind creature, man. 
S The gospel, bids the dead revive. 
Sinners obey the voice, and ttve : 
Dry bones are rais'd, and cloth'd atiresD, 
And hearts of stone are tom'd to flesh. 

4 [Where Satan reign'd hi shades of night 
The gospel strilies a heavenly light; 
Our fusts its wonderous power controa. 
And calms the rage of augry soula.] 

5 [Lions and beasts of savage name 
Put on the nature of the lamb ; 
While the wild world esteems it strange. 
Gaze, and admire, and hate the change.] 

6 May bat this grace my soul renew, 
Let tinners gaze and hate me too ; 
The word that saves me does engage 
A sore defence from all tiieir rage. 


The Example qf Christ. 

I Vf Y dear Redeemer and my Lord, 
■*^^ I read my duty in thy wotd, 
But bi thy life the law appears 
Brawn out in Uviog ctaaxact^n* 

took 9. KYMNSL A0| 

S Socb wM thy Iratb, and snch ftjr leal, 
Such deference to tby Father's will, 
iiacb lov«) and meekneM so dlvme, 
I woald transcribe and make them mine. 

3 Cold monntains and the midnifht av 
WUuess'd the ftervor <^ tby prayer: 
The desert thy temptations knew, 
Tby eonflict, and thy victory too. 

4 Be thou my pattern; make me bear 
More oi thy gracious image here ; 

Then God, the judge, shall owu my namv 
AmiHigst the followers of the Lamb. 

HYMN CXL. (C. M.) 
The ExampUt qf Christ and the SainU. 

1 f^ IVE rae the wtaigs of lUth to rise 
^^ Withm the veil, and see 
The samts idwve, how great their joya. 
How bright thur glories be. 

5 Once they were monmhi{; here below. 

And wet their couch with tears ; 
They wrefded hard, as we do now. 
With sins and doubts and fears. 

3 I ask them whence their victory caoM 

They, with onited breath. 
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb, 
Their triumph to his death. 

4 They mark the footsteps that he tro^* 

(His zeal hispur'd their breast.) 
And. following their incarnate God 
Possess the promised rest. 

$ Our gtorious leader claims oar prais# 
For his own pattern given. 
While the long cloud of witnesses 
Shew the same path to heaven. 


Faith assisUd by Ssrue: or. Preaching, 
Baplism, and the Lord's Supper, ■' 

* \f Y Saviour-God, my Sovereign-Prince 
^^*- Reigns far above tbe skies ; 
J)nt brings his graces down to seuM 
And helps my i^iith to rise. 

402 HYMNS. Sook 9. 

2 My eyes and ears shall bless his name, 

They read and hear his word; 
My touch and taste shall do the same 
When they receive the Lord. 

3 Baptismal water is desi^'d 

To seal his cleansing grace. 
While at his feast of bread and wine 
He gives Im saiats a place. 

4 Bnt not the waters of a flood 

Can make my flesh so clean, 
As by his Spirit and his blood 
Hell wash my soul froni sin. 

5 Not choicest meats, or noblest wines 

So mnch my heart retresb. 
As when my t^ith goes thro' the signs 
And feeds upon bis fl^h. 

6 I love the Lord that stoops so low 

To give his word a seal ; 
But the rich grace his hands bestow 
£xce^s the figures still. 


Faith in Christ our Sacrifice, 

1 VTOT all the blood of beasts 
1^ On Jewish altars slain 
Conld give the guilty conscience peacf, 
Ur wash away the stain, 

t Bnt Christ the heavenly Lamb 
Talces all our sins away ; 
A sacrifice of nobler name 
And richer blood than they. 

S My faith would lay her hand 
On that dear head of thine, ' 
While like a penitent I stand * 
And there confess my sin. 

4 My soul looks back to see 
' The burdeus thou didst bear 
When hanginM on the cursed tree, 
Aud hopes per guUt wws tbefp, 

^ Believing we rejoice 

To see the curse remove; 
We bless the Lamb wiUi cheerful v(uc«. 
Au^ Mi)f his bie^ig (ove, 

Book «. HYMNS. 405 


Flesh and Spinl. 

1 TI7HAT ditferent powe» of grace and aia 
*' Attend our mortal state? 
I hate the thoughts that work within, 
Aud do the works 1 hate. 
S Now I ctxnplam and gronii and die 
While siu and Satan reign: 
Now raise my sones of triumph high. 
For grace prevails again. 

S So darkness struggles with the light 
'Cill perfect day arise. 
Water and fire maintain the fight 
Until the weaker dies. 

4 Thos will the flesh and spirit stoive. 
Aiid vex and tireak my peace : 
Bat 1 shall qoit this mortal life. 
And sin for ever cease. 


77te Effusion qftht Spirit; or, The Succeat 
of the Gospel. 

^ When the divme disciples met: 
Whilst on their heads the Spirit came 
And sat like tongues of cloven flame/ 

S What gifts, what mkacks be gave! 
And power to kill, and power to save' 
Furnl^h'd their tongnes withwonderonswords 
Instead of shields, and spears, and swords. 

S Thus arm'd. he sent the champions forth ' 
From east to west, from south to north • 
•* Go, an* assert your Saviour's cause ' 
'* Go, spread the mystery of his crofls'." 

4 These weapons of the holy war, 
Of whatauniglify force they are 
I'o make our stubborn passions bow 
And lay the proudest rebel low ! ' 

5 Nations, the learned and the rude. 
Are by these heavenly arms subdu'd ■ 
While Satan rages at bis loss, ' 
And bates the doctrine of the cross. 

6 Great Khig of Grace! my heart subdue. 
I would be led in triumph too, 

A willing captive to my Lard, 
And fling the victories of his word. 

404 HYMNS. Booki. 

HYMNCXLV. (C.ll.> 

Sight through a (Host, and Face to Face. 

1 T LOVE the windows of thy grace 
^ Through which my Lord is seen. 
And long to meet my Saviour's face 
Without a glass between, 
t O that tlie happy hour were crane 
To change my faith to sight! 
1 shall heboid my UxA at home 
In a diviner ligbt. 
S Haste, my beloved, and remove 
These interposing days ; 
Then shall my passions all be love, 
And all my powers be praise. 


The Vamty of Creatures: or. No Rest on 

I \TAN has a soiU of vast desires. 
^^•L He burns within with rattless fires, 
Tost to and fro, his passions fly 
From vanity to vanity. 

t In vain on earth we hope to find 
Some solid good to fill the mind: 
We try new pieasiures, but we feel 
The inward thirst and torment still. 

3 So when a raging fever bums. 

We sliift from side to side by tnnis; 

And tis a poor relief we gain 

To change the place, bat keep the p^. 

4 Great God, subdue this vicious thirst, 
This love to vanity and dnst ^ 

Cure the vile fever of the mmd. 
And feed our souls with joys refln'd. 


The Creation qfthe World, Gen. I. 

1 " Xrow let a spacious world arise,' 
^ Said the Creator-Lord: 
At once tb' obedient earth and t<hiei 
Rose at hi? sovereign word. 

t [Dark was the deep; the waters lay 
Confusd, and drown'd the land: 
He call'd the light; the newborn d«r 
Atteodf QD his comuuBid. 

Book S. HYMNS. 405 

3 He bids the doudB aicend on liigh; 

The clouds aacend, and bear 
A watery treasure to tbe tkj. 
And float on suiter air. 

4 The fiquid element below 

Was KatberM by his band; 
The roliing seas together flow, 
And leave the solid land. 

5 With herbs and plants, a flowery bb1h» 

The nalied globe he crown'd, 
Ere tbere was rain to bless the earth. 
Or sun to warm the gruund. 

% Tlien he adom'd the npper skies; 
Behold, the sun appears. 
The moon and stars m order rise. 
To mark out months and years. 

7 Out of the deep th' ahnis^ty Ktag 
Did vital t>ein» frame. 
The painted foffls of every wing. 
And fish of evty name.] 

6 He gave the lion and the worm 
At once their wonderous Mrth. 
And grazing beasts of various torm 
Rose from the teeaung earth. 

Adam was 1hmi*d of equal cisgr, 
Tho' sovereign of the rest. 
Designed for nobler ends than they» 
Witli God's own image bless'd. 

10 Thus glorious in the Maker's eye 

The young creation stood ; 
He saw the building from on high. 
His word pronounced it good. 

11 Lord, while the fi-ame of nature stands, 

Thy praise shall fill my tongue; 
But the new worid of grace demands 
A more oalted song. 


God reconciled in Christ, 

DMREST of all the names above, 
My Jesus, and my God, 
Who can resist thy heavenly love, 
Or trifle with thy blood? 

406 HYMNS. Rooki. 

S Tis bjr the neritB of tby deatli 
The Father smiles again; 
Tla by thine interceding breath 
The Spirit dwells with metL, 

S TiH God in human flesh I see. 
My tbouebtB no comfort find ; 
The holy, jiist. and sacred Three 
Are terrors to my mind. 

4 Hat if Immanuers fiice appear. 
My hope, my joy be^ns ; 
His name forbids my slavish fear. 
His grace removes my sins. 
i While Jen^s on their own law rely, • 
And Greeks of wisdom boast, 
I love th' incarnate mystery. 
And there I fix my tmst. 


Honour to Magistrates .- or, Gooermnen$ 
from God. 

1 "pTERNAL Sovereign of the sky, 
*--* And Lord of all below, 
We mortals to thy majesty 
Our first obedience owe. 

£ Our souls adore thy throne supreme. 
And bless thy providence ♦ 
For magistrates of meaner name. 
Our glory and defence. 

3 [The crowns of British princes shine 

With rays above the rest. 
Where laws and liberties combine 
To make the nation bless'd.J 

4 Kingdoms on firm foundations stand. 

While virtue finds reward; 
And sinners perish from the land 
By justice and the sword. 

9 Let Caesar's due be ever paid 
To Csesar and his throne, 
But consciences and souls were made 
To be the Lord's alone. 

. HYMN CL. (C. M.) 

2^€ DeceUfulneas of Sin. 

1 CIN has a thousand treacherous arts 
•^ To practise on the mind ; 
With flettermg looks she tempts oar hearlk 
But leaves a sting behind. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 407 

52 With names of virtne she aeceives 
'Vlie SMsed and the youi% ; 
Aim) wiule tlie beediees wretch Iteiteyes, 
* She makes bis fetters strong. 

3 She i^cftds for ail tbe joys sbe brings. 

And gives a fair pretence ; 
But cheats tbe soul of heavenly thbigs, 
And chains it down to sense. 

4 So 4K1 a tree divmely fair 

Grew tbe forbidden food; 
Our m<Aber took the iMison there» 
Aiid tainted all ber Mood. 


Prophecy arid Intpiration. 

1 •'pWAS by an order from tbe Lord 

^ Tbe ancient prophets spoke bis word; 
HU Spirit did their tongues inspire, 
And warm'd their hearts with heavenly flr«. 

5 The Works and wonders which they wrought 
Conflrm'd the messages they brought; 
The prophet's pen succeeds bis breath 
To save the holy words from death. 

3 Great God, inine eyes with pleasure look 
On tbe dear volume of thy book ; 
There my Htdeemer's face i see, 

And read his name who dy'd for me. 

4 Let the fiilse raptures of the mind 
Be lost, and vanish in the wind ; 
Here I can fix my hope secure, 
Tbi» is thy word, and must endure. 

Sinai and Sion, Heb. xii. 18, tet, 

1 Xr^*^ ^ *•** terrors of fbe LonI, 
1^ The tempest, fke, and smoke; 
Not to the thunder of that word 
Which God on Smai spoke; 

t But We are come to Sion's bill, 
The city of our God. 
IVbere milder words declare his wffl. 
And spread bis lova abroad. 

3 Behold th' innumerable host 
Of angels cioth'd in light! 
Behold tbe spirits of tbe just. 
Whose faith is turn'd fo sight! 

.408 H7MNS. Book S. 

4 BehoM the bleas'd auembly there. 

Whose names are writ in heaven; 
Ami God, the judge of all, deciaret 
Their vilest sius far^Vu. 

5 The saints oii earth and all tbe dead 

Bnt one commanion make; 
All join in Christ their Uving bead. 
And of his grace partAe. 

6 In such society as this 

My weary son! wooM rest: 
The man that dwells where Jeans is. 
Mast be for ever blestfd. 

Tfte Dixtemper, FoUy, and Matbtea qfSim, 

I CIN like a venomons disease 
^ Infects our vital blood: 
The only t»lra is sovereikn grace. 
And the pby&idan, Ood. 
f Our beauty and our strength are fled. 
And we draw near to death ; 
Bu^ Christ the lx)rd recals the dead 
With his almighty breath. 
S Madness by nutiire reigns within, 
The passions Inirn and rage. 
Till God's own Son, with skili divhie 
The inward fire assuage. * 

4 [We lick the dust, we grasp the wiad. 

And solid scad despise ; 
Such is tbe folly of tbe mind 
Till Jesus makes as wise. 

5 We give our souls the wounds they tM, 

We drink the poisonous gall, 

And rush with ftlry dowu to heM; 

But heaven prevents the tiili.3 

6 [The man possess'd, amongst the UMBbt 

Cuts his own flesh, and cries: 
He foams and raves, till Jesus Gomea, 
And the foul spirit llies.] 

Self-Righteousnesa inn0icient. 

1 "* \X/HEKB are tbe moorners" sAitb tbe 
▼V Lord, - 
'* That wait and tremble at nly word, 
" That walk in darkness all the day ? 
" Come, make my name your trust and sH^. 


Book 3. HYMNS. 409 

S " No works nor duties of jom omi 
« Can for the smallest sin atone; 
" t Tbe robes that nature may provide 
" Will not your least pollations hide. 

S *' Tbe scrflest coach that natiN« knowa 
" Cud give the ccmscience no repose : 
** Look to my righteousness, and five; 
" Comfort and peace are mine to {^ve.] 

4 " Ye sons of pride, diat kindle coals 

'* With your own hands, to warm yonr soolv 
'* WaJk in tbe light of your own fire, 
'* Enjoy the sparks that ye desire: 

5 ** This is ywtt portion at my hands: 
" Hell waits you with her iron banns, 
" Ye shall lie down in stirrow there. 
** In death, in darkjieas, and despair.'* 

Christ OUT Paasover, 

1 T O the destroying angel flies 
-L'' To Pharaoh s stubiram fauid; 
The pride and flower oi Egypt diet 

By his .vindictive hand. 

2 He pass'd the tents of Jacob o'er, 

Nor ponr'd the wrath divine; 
He saw the blood on every door. 
And Mess'd the peaceftil sign. 

3 Thus th' atHKiinted Lamb must bleed 

To break th* Egyptian yoke ; 
Thus Israel is from bondage freed. 
And 'scapes th' angel's str<Ae. 

4 Lord, if my heart were sprinkled to* 

With blood so rich as thine. 
Justice no kmger woaid pnTsue 
This guilty soul of mine. 

5 Jesns our passover was slain. 

And has at once procnrM 
Freedom from Satan's heavy cKaiii^ 
And God's avenging sword. 


Presumption and Despair; or, Satan*3 vth 
rious Temptatiotu. 

1 T HATE the tempter and his charms, 
± I bate his flattering breath ; 
takes a thousauc* 
mr souk to deat 

• t Isa. xaviii^ SO^ 

The serpent takes a thousand forms 
Tb cheat onr souk to death. 

410 HYMNS. Book 3. 

S He feeds oar hopes with airy dreams, 
Or kills with slavish fear ; 
And holds us stiU in wide extremes. 
Presumption, or despair. 

5 Now he persuades, " How easy 'tis 

*• To walli the road to heaven ;*» 
Anon he swells our sins, and cries, 
" They cannot be forgiven." 

4 [He bids young sinners, " Yet forbear 

'• To think of Go<l. or death; 
" For prayer and devotion are 
" But melancholy breath." 

6 He tells the aged, " They most die, 

•* And lis too late to pray: 
" In vain for mercy now they cry, 
" For they have lost their day .J* 

6 Thus he supports bis cruel tbrobe 
By mischief and deceit. 
And drags the sous uf Adam down 
To darkness and the pit. 
1 Almighty God, cut short his power. 
Let him in darkness dwell ; 
And ihat he vex the earth no morc» 
Confine him down to hetl. 

I%e same. 

1 XTOW Satan comes with dreadAd roar, 
i-^ And threatens to destroy ; 
He worries whom he cant devour 
With a malicious joy. 

It Vc sons of God, oppose his rag«, 
Resist, and he'll be gone ; 
Thus did our dearest Lord engage 
And vanquish him ahme. 

5 Now he appears ahnost divine 

Like innocence and love, , 

But the old serpent lurks witbw 

When be assumes the dove. 

4 Fly from the false deceiver's tongue, 
Ye sons of Adam, fly; 
Our parents found the mare too stn»g. 
Nor should the childrea try. 

Boom. HYMNS. 411 


J%v Bened: or. The abnott Christian, the 
Hypocrite, and Apostate. 

1 'DROAD is the road that leads to death, 
'E' And thousiftids walk together there ; 
But -wisdfMii shews a narrower path, 
ivith here and there a traveller. 

« *' Deny thyself, and take tbjr cross,** 
Is the Redeeroer's great command ; 
Natnre must count her gold but dross 
If fibe wouM gain this heavenly land. 

3 The feaiihl soul that tires and IMnts, 
And walks the ways of God no mure. 
Is but esteem'd almost a saint. 
And DHkkes his own destmctiiHi sure. 

4 Ix>rd, let not all my hopes be vain ; 
Create my heart eutirely new; 
Which hypocrites could ne'er attain, 
Which raise apostates never knew. 


An Unconverted State.- or, Converting 

1 [OREAT King of glory and of grace, 
VJ We own, with humble shame, 
How vile is our degenerate race. 
And our first lather's name.] 

8 From Adam flows our tainted blood. 
The poison reigns within. 
Makes us averse to all that's good. 
And willing slaves to bin. 

3 [Daily we break thy holy laws. 
And then reject thy grace ; 
Engaged. in the old serpent's cause, 
Against our Maker's face.] 

, 4 We live estrang'd a&r from God, 
And love the distance weU ; 
With haste we run the daugerons road 
^ That leads to death and hell. 

S And can such rebels be restor'd I 
Such nature made divine! 
Let sinners see thy glory. Lord, 
And feel this power ot thine. 

41 « HYMNS. Bonk 8. 

6 We raise onr Father'b name on high. 
Who his own Spirit sends 
To bring retx^lnous Btransera uigh. 
And torn bis foes to mends. 

HYMN CLX. (L. M.) 
Cu.8tam in Sin. 

1 T ET the wild leopards of the wood 
^ Put off the spots that nature gives* 
Then may the wicked turn to God, 
And change their tempers and their lives. 

£ As well might Ediiopian slaves 
Wash out the darkness of their skin ; 
The dead as well -may leave their gravet 
As old transgressors cease to sin. 

3 Where vice has held its empire long. 
Twill not endure the least control ; 
None hut a power divinely strong 
Can tarn the current of the sool. 

4 Great God! I own thy power divine, , 
That works to change this heart of mine; 
I would be formed anew, and bless 

The wonders of creating grace. 


Christian Virtues: or. The DitHcultyqf 

1 CTRAIT is the way, the door is strait 
•^ That leads to joys on high ; . 
Tis but a few that find the gate, 
While crowds mistake, and die. 

5 Beloved self must be deny'd. 

The mind and will renew'd. 
Passion suppress^, and patience try^4. 
And vain dedres subdu'd. 

3 CFIesh is a dangerous foe to grace. 

Where it prevails and rules; i 

Flesh must ne htnnbied. pride abas'4* 
Lest they destroy uur souls. 

4 The love of gold be banish'd beiioe, 

(That vile idolatry) 
And every member, every sense 
In sweet subjection iie. 

i The tongue, that most unruly power. 
Requires a strong restraint; 
We must toe watchtiil every how, ! 

And pray, hut never £iiut.3 

Sooi 2. HYMNS. 41$ 

• Ijord. can a feeble, tadpless word 
FulAl a task so bard ? 
Thy grace oiust all my work perform. 
And give the free reward. 


Meditation qfHeacen ; or. The Jay of Faith, 

1 \ /f Y thoughts sormonnt these h>war skkS) 
iVl And look witbin the veil ; 
There springs of endless pkasore rise. 
The waters never ML 

C There I behold, with sweet delight. 
The blessed Three in One ; 
And strong affections fix my sight 
On God's incarnate Son. 

3 His promise stands for ever flnn. 

His grace shall ne'er depart ; 
' He binds my name npon nis arm. 
And seals it on his heart. 

4 Light are the pauis that nature bringi; 

How short oar sorrows are. 
When with eternal, future thmgs. 
The present we compve! 

B I would not be a stranger still 
To that celestial place. 
Where I for ever hope to dwell 
Near my Redeemer's face. 


Complaira of Desertion and 7hnptation», 

1 taEAR Lordt behold our sore distress; 
MJ Our sins attempt to re^n; 
Str^ch out thine arm of conquering grace. 
And let thy foes be slain. 

S [The lion with his dreadful roar 
Affrights thy feeble sheep : 
Reveal the glory of thv power, 
^ And cham him to the deep. 

: 3 Must we indulge a long dcspahr i 
Shall our petitions die f 
Our mourniugs never reach thine ear. 
Nor tears sofect thine eye ?j 
4 If thou despise a mortal groan, 
Yet hear a Saviour's bkwd ; 
An advocate so near the throne 
Pleads and prevails with God. 

414 HYMNS. Bookt. 

B He broaght the Spirit's powerful sword. 
To slay our deadly foes: 
Oar sins shall die beneath thy word. 
And hell in vain oppose. 

6 How boundless is our Father's grace, 
(n lieiii;hth, and depth/aud length! 
He made liis Son our righteonaness. 
His Spirit is our strength. 


The End of the World. 

I 1I7HY should this earth delight as so f 
'" Why should we lix our e^'es 
On these low grounds where sorrows grow. 
And every pleasure dies? 

$ While time his sharpest teeth preparer 
Our comforts to devour. 
There is a land above the stars, 
And joys above his power. 

S Nature shall be dissolved and die. 
The sun must end his race. 
The earth and sea for ever fly 
Before my Saviour's face. 

4 When will that glorious morning rise? 
When the last trumpet sound. 
And call the nations to the skies. 
From underneath the ground i 


VnfruU/tdnesSf Hgnorance, and unaancH' 
fied Afflctions. 

t T ON6 have I sat beneath the soao<i 
^ Of thy salvation. Lord, 
But still how weak my fiiith isvfound. 
And knowledge of thy word 1 

$ Oft I freqnent thy holy place, 
And bear almost in vain ; 
How small a portion of thy grace 
My memory can retain ! 

3 [My dear AimighQr and my God, 
Hqw tittle an tnon known 
3y all the fiulgments of thy rod, 
Afid blessings of thy throne!] 

Book 3. HYMNS. 4J5 

4 CHow coM and feeble is my love ! 

How negligent my fear! 
HciW low my bope of joys above! 
How few aifections tbere! 

5 Great God, tfay sovereign power impart 

To give thy word siiccesx ; 
Write tby satvatioii in my heart. 
And make me learn the grace. 

6 [Shew my forgetful feet the way 

That leads to joys on high ; 
There knowledge grows withoat decay. 
And love shall never dle.j 


The divine Perftctioru. 


J UXOW shall I praise th' eternal God, 
■Tl That mfiuite Unknown? 
Wbo can ascend his high abode. 
Or venture near bis tbroue i 

2 CTbe Sreat invisible! He dwells 

Conceafd in dazzling light: 
But his all-searcbing e:^e reveals 
Tbe secrets of the night. 

3 Those watchful eyes that never sleep 

Survey the world around ; 
Hij wisdom is a boundless deep 
Wbere all our tbooghts are drown'd.J 

4 [Speak we of strength ? His arm is strong 

To save, or to destroy ; 
InAiiite years his life prolong, 
And endless is bis joy.] 

$ He knows no shadow of a change. 
Nor alters his decrees; 
Firm as a rock bis truth remains 
To guard his promises.] 

6 [Sinners before bis presence die ; 
How holy is his name ! 
His auger and his jealousy 
Burh like devounng tlame.] 

^ Justice upon a dreadful throne 
Maiutjins the rights of G<jil ; 
IS^Iiiie mercy sends her t>an^ns down^, 
flight with a Sfivionr s XAft^ 

416 HYMNS. Sookt, 

8 Now to mf soal. immortal Ktag, 

Speak some fonKiving word ; 
' Then 'twUI be dooUe joy to sing 

The lories (rf my u>ra. 


Jh€ Divine Perfectums. 

'l r^REAT God, thy glories shall emploj 

^J My holy fear, my bumble joy ; < 

My tips in songs of honour bring 
Their tribate to th' eternal Kmg. 

t [Earth, and the stars, and worlds nnknown 
Depend precarioos on his thr<Mie ; 
All nature hangs upon his word, 
And grace and glory own their IxNnd.3 ^ 

S riUs sovereign power what morta] kaomti 
If he command who dare oppose i 
With strength he girds himself around. 
And treads the rebds to the groBBd.J 

4 [Who shall pretend to teach him sklQ, 
Or guide the counsels of his will? 

His wisdom, like a sea divine, 

Fk>w8 deep and high beyond our hue.] 

5 [His name is holy, and his eye 
Bums with immortal jealousy; 

He hated the sons of pride, and shedi 
His fiery vengeance on their heads.! 

6 [The beamings of his piercing sight 
Bring dark hypocrisy to light ; 

' Death and destrachon naked lie. 
And hell uncovered to bis eye.J 

7 [Th* eternal law before him standi 
His justice, with impartial hands 
Divides to all their one reward, 
Or by the sceptre or the sword.] 

8 [His mercy, like a boundless 8ea» 
Washes our load (rf" guilt away; 

While his own Son came down and ^'d 
T' engage hi» justice on our side.} 

9 [Each of his wonts denurnds my fiUtl^ 
My soul cau rest on ail he saith; 
His truth inviolably keeps 

The huset t promise of his Jipa. J 

Bnoh 9. HYMNS. 417 

10 Ofa. tell me. with a geiille voice 
Tbou art my Uod, and 111 rejoice ! 
FUrd with thy love, I dare piuclaiin 
Tte br!g.'it€t»t boiioui'« of liiy lutme. 


The same. 

1 TEHOVAH reism. hi« throne is high, 
.9 ttis rube» wre light and m^estv; 
His |i;lory shines with heaana w» br%ht, 
No mortal can sustain the sight. 

f His terrors keep the world in awe. 
His jostice' guards his holy law, 
His love reveals a snuUng face. 
His uvth and promise seal the grace. 

3 Thront!h all his works his Wisdom shines, 
And batfles Saian's deep designs; 

His power is sovereigii to fidtll 
The noblest counseb^f his. will. 

4 And will this glorions Lord descend 
To be my Fatuer. and my frieml r 
Then let oiy songs uiih angels join i 
Heaven is secure if God be mine. 

HYMN CLXIX. (.^. M.) 
Tht samCy as the liOth Psahn. 

1''HE Lord Jehovah reigns. 
His throne is built on high; 
The garments he assumes 
Are light and ou^ty; 
His glories shine 
With beams so bipght 
No mortal eye 
Can bear the sight. 

The thunders of his band 
Keep the wide world in awe^ 
His wrath and justice stand 
To guard bis holy law; 

And where his love 

Resolves to bless, 

Hiii troth contirms 

And seals the grace. 


41 a HYMNS. Bi>ok%. 

3 TbriHifh all bis anciait worit^ 
SncprisiDff wisdom sldiiet, 
C<pfban(M tile powen of bell. 
And breaks their cors'd deaigv: 

Strong is bit arm,' 
And shan fidfll 
His great deerecs. 
Mis adVerdgn will. 

4 And can this mighty Kii% 
Of glorv condescend ? 

AfMl wfli be write bis name, 
" Mv Father and my ftiend ?* 

I love bis name, 

I love bis wdd; 

Join all my pipwai^ 

And praise the Lord, 

pod ImMmprihensiblt'tmd 3oivereig>k» 

i r* /^AN ereatures to perfection find 
^^ Tb' eternal, uncreated mind^ 
Or can the largest stretch of though^ 
Measure and search bis tttor^ out? 

ft Tis bisb as beav'n, tis deep as hell ; 
And iniat can mortals know or teO^ 
His glory spreads beyond the sky. 
And all the shining worlds on lUgh. 

3 But man, vam man, wonld ftin be wise;, 
Born like a wild yoans cott he fli^ 
Thro' an the fbUies or his mind, 

And swells and snaffs the emp^ wind.] 

4 God is 9 Hing olf power nnknovm. 
Firm as the orders of hi^ throne; 
If he resolve, who dace oppose. 
Or ask him why, or what he does? 

5 He wounds the heart, and be makes whole.; 
He calms the tempest df the soul ; 
When he shuts op in lotfg de)H>air, 

Who can remove the heavy tflur ? 

f t He trowns, and darkness Veils the noon, 
The fitting «Hn gi^ws dim at noon; 
♦ The pillars of heaven's starry roof 
Tremble and start «t his reproof. 

♦ Job xi. 1, &c. t Job ntv. 5. 

t Jobxxvi. U,&c. 

Book 2. HYMNS. 411* 

9 He gave the vaulted heaven Its form, 
The crooked Mrpent, and the worm ; 
He breaks the biliows with bis breath. 
And smites the sobs of pride to death. 

8 These are a portkm <tf bis warn ; 
But who shall dare de8cr1t>e ma ftice> 
Who can endore bis Ught? or stand 
To hear the thandera of Us hand i 

IV End of tht Suond Book, 




HYMN I. (L. M.) * 
The LorcTs Supper Instituted, 1 Cor. xi. 2S, 

1 ^T'WAS on that dark that doleful uight 
•L When powers of earth and bell arose 
Against the Son of God's delijEht, 
And friends betray'd him to his foes; 

S Before the mournful scene began, _, ^ ^ 
He took the bread, and biess'd, and brake: 
What love thro' all his actions ran! 
What wonderous words of grace he spake ! 

3 " This is my body, broke for sin, 

" Receive and eat the living food:" 
Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine; 
" Tis the new cov'nant in my blood." 

4 [For us his flesh with nails was lorn. 
He bore the scourge, he felt the thonij 
And justice pour'd upon bis head 

Its heavy vengeance in onr stead. 

5 For ns his vital blood was spilt, 
To bay the pardon of our guilt. 
When, for btack crimes of biggest size, 
He gave his soul a sacrifice.} 

« *' Do thii" (he cry'd) "till time shaUend, 
" In memory of your dying friend ; 
" Meet at my table, and record 
** The love of your departed Lord." 

7 Jesus, thy feast we celebrate. 
We shew thy death, we suig thy nanie« 
Till thou return, and we shall eat 
The marriage-snpper of the Lamb.] 

Book 3. HYMNS. 431 

HYMN II. (8. M.) 
Communion, with Chi'ut, and with Saints, 

I Cor. X. J6. IT. 
1 1 E.SUS Invites fa» saints 

•f To meet around bi« board; 
Here pardon'd retwis sit and hold 
CoDuniinioii mtb their ix>nl. 

12 For food be gives his flceb. 
He Imis m drink bis i)lood; 
Amzmte. favour! matcbfess grace 
Of our descending God!} 

8 Tbis holy bread and wine 
Maintains our fainting breath, 
By onion witli oar living; Lord« 
And interest in his death. 

4 Oiir heavenly Father calls 
Christ and hi? members one : 

We tiie young children of his Mve, 
And he the flrgt-trani Son. 

5 We are bnt several parts 
Of the same broken bread ; 

One ijody hath its several limbi. 
But Jesns is the head. 

6 Let all onr powers be joined, 
Kis glorious name to raise; 

Plesjsare and love fill every miiM!!, 
And every voice be praise. 

HYMN III. (C. M.) 

The yew Testament in the BfoodqfChri^ : 

or, T'he New Cuvenant sealed. 

1 " "XTIE promise of my Father's love 

*^ " Shall stand for ever goodr 
He said ; and gave his sonl to death. 
And seald the grace with blood. 

2 To this dear covenant of thy word 

1 set my worthless name : 
I seald th' engagement to my Lord, 
And make my humble claim. 

^ Thy light and strength, and pardoning grace. 
And glory shall be mine; 
My life and soul, my heart and flesh. 
And all my powers are thine, 

4 I call tint legacy my own 
Which Jesus did. bequealli; 
'Fwas pnrchns'd with a dying groan. 
And ralify'd in death. 

498 HYMNS. Book^^ 

5 Sweet is tbe memory of hto name 
Who blew'd us in his will, 
MmA to bis testament of love 
Made his own hfe the seal. 


Christs dying Love: or. Our Pardon 

bought ai a dear Price. 

' 1 UrOW condescending and how kind 
n Was <sod'g eternal Son! 
Our misery reach'd his heavenly mind. 
And pity brought him down. 
S [When justice by our sins provokd- 
Drew forth its dreadfiii sword. 
He save his sotd up to the 8tn>kc 
Withoat a murmuriug word. 

5 [He sunk beneath our heavy woes, 

To raise us to his throne; 
There's ne'er a gift lib band bestowa 
Bat cost his heart a groan.] 
4 This was compassion like a God, 
That when tbe Saviour knew 
Tlie price of pardon was his biooa» 
His pity ne'er withdrew. 

Mow tho' he reigns exalted high. 

His love is still as great: 

Well he remembers Calvary, 

Nor let his saints forget. 

6 [Here we beboW his bowels roll. 

As kind as when he dy'd; 
Aid see the sorrows of his soul 
Bleed tlno' bis wounded side.j 

7 [Here we receive repeated seal* 

Of Jesus' dying love : 
HnA is the wretch that never feeli 

One soft affection move.j 
t Here let our hearts begin to melt. 

While we bis death record. 
And with our joy for pardon d ginit 

lloum that we piercd the Lord. 

Chritt the Bread qfLife, John vi. 31, 35, 39.. 

1 T ET us adore tta' eternal Word, 
■^ Tis he our sonto hath fed; 
Thou art oor living stream, O Iax4, 
■ And thou tb* inaoortal bread. 

^ook3. HYMNS. 4«3 

** [The jotavm came from low«r skies, 
But JestiB from above. 
Where the fresh sprinm of pleaaore like, 
Aiid riven (low with love. 

5 The Jews, the fathers, dy'd at last. 

Who eat that heavenly bread : 
But these proviMohs which we taste 

Can raise us from the dead.] 
4 Blessed be the Lord, that gives his flesli 

To nourish dying men : 
And often spreads his table fresh 

Lest we snonid faint again. 
9 Our .soah Shall drftw their heavenly breatli 

Wliilst Jesus- finds supplies; 
Nor shall oor graces sink to death. 

For JeStis never dies. 

6 lIMHy our mortal flesh decays, 

Biit Christ onr life shall come ; 
His unresisted power shall raisfe 
Oar bodies from the tomb.J 

HYMN VL (L. M.) 

The Memorial of onr absent Lord, J6hn kvi. 

\6. Lake axil. 19. John xiv. 3. 

1 TBSUS is gone above the skies. 
«/ Where our weak Senses relkch 1dm not; 
And carnal objects court onr eyes 
To thrust our Saviodr from our thought. 

$ He knows what wandering hearts we have» 
Apt to fonset his lovely fiice ; 
And, to retresh onr mmda. be gav« * 
These kind memorials of his grace. 

i The Lord of iife this table spread 
With ids own flesli apd dying Mood, 
We on the rich provision feed. 
And taste the wine, and bless the God. . 

4 liCt sinful sweeu be all forgot. 
And earth grow Icks in our esteem; 
Christ and his k>Ve till ^very thooght. 
And fidth and hope be flx*d on him. 

5 While he is absent from our sight, 
Tis to prepare our souls a place. 
That we may dwell ui heavenly Ugbt 
And live for ever near his <ace. 

6 [Our eyes look upwards to the hilh 
Whence our retunung Lord shall coii|« j 
To wait thy chariot's aw Ad wheels, 

Tq fetcl) oiir longteg spirits liomfrj 

424 HY^f NS. Bof»k 3. 

HYMN Vn. (L. M.) 

Crucifixion to the World by the Crosrqf 
Christ, Gal. vi. 14. 

1 \Y HEN I survey the wonderwis crvm 
^ '' On which the prince of glory dy'd. 
My richest gain I count but loss. 
And pour coutempt on all my pride. 

S Forbid it, Lord, tliat I should bonst 
Save In the de-ath of Clirisi jiay God ; 
All the vain titiugs thai cbarui me most, 
I sacntlce them to his blood. 

Z See from his head, his hands, bis feet. 
Sorrow and love flow miusled down » 
Did eer »nch love and 8«#rrow meet. 
Or thorns cuui|M)«e so rich a crown! 

4 [His dviug crimson like a rohe, 
Spreads oer bis body ou the tree ; 
Tlien am I dead to all the globe, 
And all the globe is dead to nie.J 

5 Were the whole realm of nature mine. 
That were a iiresent tar too small; 
Love so amazittg, so divine. 
Demands my soul, my lite, my all. 

The 'JYce of Life'. 

1 rr^OME, let us join a joyful bine, 

V^ To onr exalted Lord. 
Ye saints on high around bis throne. 
And wc aroiuid his board. 

2 While once upon this lower ground 

Weary and faint ye stood, 
What dear refreshment here ye found 
i-Yom this immortal food I 

3 The tree of life that near Use throne 

In heaven's high garden grows, 
taden wiih grace, bends gently down 
Its evwT' £UHhn§ boughs. 

4 [Hovering amongst the leaves there stands 

The sweet celestial dove ; 
And Jesus on the branches bangs 
ITie banner of bis love.J 

5 [Tis a_.yoitng heaven of strange dettslit 

While in hin shade we sit; 
His fruit it pleasing to the sight, 
Aud to the taste as sweet. 

Bnoh 3. HYMNS. 495 

€t Kew life is spread thro' dyinf hearts. 
And cheer^ Ihe (1roo[iiiig miiKl ; 
Vieoor ?nd joy the juice imparts 
Without a sting lM.'!M>id J 

7 Now let the flaniint; weapon staud, ^ , 

And piard a»i Edtn's tfoes : • 

There's ne'er a plant in all that land,- 
That bears biicb fruit as tliese. 

8 Infinite grace onr souls adore, 

Whose woHderous hand has mude 
This Jivin? branch of sovereign power 
To raise and heal the dead. 

.,f HYMN K. (S. M.) 

Bftc Spirit, the iVatrr, and the Blood, 
> J John V. fr. 

1 [r ET sll our tongues be one 

'^ ^ To i^raiee our God on high. 
Who ft'om bis bosom sent his ik>B 
To fetch us stnuigers nigb. 

2 Nor let eor voitv s erase 
To sinii the St^ioiir'n name ; 

Jesus, tb ambassador of peace, 
How cheerfaliy he came! 

3 It cost him cries and tears 
.To brinR ns near to God ; 

Great was our debt, and lie appears 
To make the payment good.j 

4 [My Saviour's pierced side 
Poa«-'d out a double flood ; 

By water we are purify'd. 
And pardoQ'd by the blood. 

5 Infinite was our guilt. 
But be our priest atones; 

On the cold ground bis life was spilt, 
And oft'er'd with his groans. 

6 Look up ray s- ul to him 
Whose death was thy desert. 

And humbly vit^w the living; stream 
Flow from his tn-eaking heart. 

7 There, on the cursed tree, 
In dying paugs be lies, 

FnUils bib Father's ercat decrees. 
And all our %vants supplies. 

8 T1)U6 the Uedecmer came. 
By wator and by blood : 

And wlieti the Spirit speaks the same. 
We feel his witness good. 

426 HYMNS. Book 3. 

9 While tbe Eternal three 
Rear their record above, 

Here I believe he dy'd for me. 
And seal my Saviour's love. 

10 VLociI. cleanse my soul from tin. 

Nor. let thy grace depart; . 

Oreat comforter! abide withm, 

And witnefiS to my beart.J 

HYMNX. (L. M.) 

Christ crucified ; the Wisdom and Power of 

1 XTATURE with open volimie staB<te 
-tN To spread her Maker's praiae abroaili 
And every labour of bis pnnds 
Shews sometUug worthy of a Ood: 

e But in the grace that resciiU mau 
His hri^test form of i^ory shnia; 
Here on the cross, 'tis fiurcst diawn 
In precious blood and ctimmn lines. 

^ [Here Ms whole name appears complete; 
Nor wit can gacss, nor reason prove 
Which of tbe letters beet is wnt. 
The power, the wisdom, or the wve.j 

4 Here I behold his himoet heart 

Where grace aud vengeance strangely joio, 
Pierchig bis Son with sharpest suwrt 
To malie tbe purcbas'd pleasores mine. 

5 O the sweet woodere of that cross 
Where God the Savionr lov'd and dyio! 
Her noblwt Kfe my »?*"<**«*•_ 
From his dear wounds and ueedmg 

6 I would for ever speak his niuiie 
in sounds to mortai ears unknown. 
With angels join to praise the Lamb, 
Aud worship at bis Father's throne. 

Pardon brought to our SenKi, 

I r ORD, how divbie thy comlbrts are! 
^-^ How heavenly is the place 
Where Jesus spreads the sacred feast 
Of his redeeming grace! 
t There the rich bounties of oar Godi 
And sweetest glories shine; 
There Jesus says, that " I am bii, 
** And my beloved's min*." 

Book 3. HYMNS. 4** 

3 •* Here" (tays the kind redeenilnc Lord, 

And shews his wounded aide) 
•* See here the spring of aU your jay*, 
" That open'd when I died." 

4 rue smiles, and cheers my moomfiil hearty 

And tells of all*his pain : 
•• All this." says he, " I bore tor thee," 
And then he smiles again.] 

5 What shall we pay oar heavenly Ung 

For grace so vast as this ? 
He brings our pardon to our eyes. 
And seals it with a kiss. 

6 C^ ^^^ amazing loves as these 

Be sounded all abroad ; 
8ach iUvoufB are beyond degrees. 
And worthy of a God ] 
1 (To him that washed us hi his bloo4 
Be everlastbig praise. 
Salvation, honour, glory, powef, 
£temal a»>hi8 days ] 

17te Gospel Feast. Luke xiv. ver. 1&, &c. 

1 [TTOW rich are thy provisifHis, Lord! 
n Thy table torulsh'd firom above! 
The fruits of life o erspread the board, 
The cup overflows with heavenly love. 

S Thine ancient family the Jews 
Were first invited to the feast; 
We humbly take what they refuse. 
And Gentiles thy salvation taste. 

3 We are the poor, the blind, the tame. 
And help was fkr, and^death was nigh 
But at tne gospel-call we came. 

And every want receiv'd supply. 

4 From the highway that leads to hell, 
From paths of darkuess and despair, 
Lord, we are come with thee to dweH, 
Glad to enjoy thy jNresence here.] 

5 [What shall we pay th' eternal Son 
That left the heaven of his abode, 

And to this wretched earth came down. 
To briog us wanderers back to God! 
fi It cost hun death to save our lives. 
To buy our sonb it cost his own ; 
And all the unknown joys he gives 
Were bought with agonies unkno^ta. 

426 HYMNS. Book 5. 

1 Onr eveiiastiBK love is due 
To him that ransoin'd sinners lost; 
And pity'd rebels vihieix h« kiie\v 
The vast expence his love wooW cost.;] 

HYMNXm-. (C. BT.) 
Divine Jjote. making a feast, mnd calling if 

the Guest*. Luke xiv. 17, 22, 23. 
1 UOW sweet and awfnl is the place 
I » With Chri*t witlibi the dours, 
While everlasting love displays 
The choicest of her stores! 

« Here every bowel of our God 
With BoR compassioD rolls ; 
Here peace and pardon' bought with blood, 
lii tbrtd for dying sonis. 

3 [While all our hearts and all our songs 

Jidn to admire ihie fea»i. 
Each of us cry with thankful tongues, 
•• Li>rd, wljy UTis I a gnest? 

4 •* Why was 1 made to hear thy voice, 

" And enter while Uierea room : 
•* When thousands make a wretched cboice, 
•• And ra'ther starve than come^''] 

5 Twas the same love that spread die fetst; 

That swertW forc*d us in; 
Else we had itiU reOis'd to taste. 
And pcfishd in our sin. 

C [Pity the nations. O om Gctd, 
Constrain the esrrh to come ; 
Send thy victorious word abroad. 
And briuK the Atransers liome. 
7 We long to see thy churches ftall, 
That all the chosen race 
May with one voice and heart and 80iu» 
Sing thy redeeming grace.] 


lite Song of Simeon, Luke ii. 28. or A, Sight 

of ChrUt makes Death easy, 
i loJOVf bsive oTir hearts embrac'd oar God, 
i-^ We would foi^et all earthly cbarais. 
And wish to die, .as Simeon would 
With his young Saviour iu bis arms. 
t Our lips sliould learn that jovful song. 
Were but our hearts prepared like his, 
Our sonfs still willing fo be gone. 
And, at th> word, depart in peace. 

Bf^hQ. HYMNS. 42D 

3 i\exe we have seen thy ikce, O Lord, 
And view'd salvation with oar eyes, 
Tasted and felt the Jiving word, 
Xtie bread descendiiii; from the skies. 

4 Ttaoa hast iirepar'd this dyhig Lauib, 
Hast set his t)lood before our t^ce. 
To teach the terrors of thy name, 
And shew the wonders of thy grace. 

5 He is our light; our morning-star 
Shall shine on nations yet unknowu 
Tbe glory of thine Israel here. 
And joy of spirits near the throne. 

Our Lord Jesus at his own Table. 

1 ['T^IIE memory 6f our dying Lord 

^ Awukes a thankful tongue ; 
How rich he spread his roval board. 
And bleiis'd tlie food, and sung. 

2 Happy the men tbat eat this bread. 

Rut double blcss'd was he 
That geutiy lK)w'd his loving head, 
Andleau'd it, Ix>rd. on thee. 

3 By foith the same delic^hls wc taste 

As that great favourite did. 
And sit and lean on Jesus* breast. 
And take tbe heavenly bread. l 

4 Down from the palace of the skies 

Hither the king descends. ^ 

*'Come, my beloved, eat (he cries) 
" And drink salvation, friends. 

5 [" My flesh is ftsod and phyuc too, 

" A balm for ail your pains: 
** And the red streams id pardon flow 
. " from these my pierced vdus."j 

6 Hosanna to his bounteous love. 

For such a feast below ! 
And yet he feeds his saints above 
With nobler blessings too. 

7 [Coma tbe dear day, the glorious hour 

I'hat brings our souls to rest ! 
Then we shall need these types no more. 
But dwell at th' heav'uly feast.J 

HYMN XVI. fC. M.) 

The Agonies ofChrUt. 

1 VTOW let our pains be all forgot, 
■*-' Our heart no more repine, 
Our silfferings are not worth a tboiightx 
When, Lord, coinpar'd with thine. 

450 HYMNS. ^oak 3. 

t In Utehr HigareB here we see 
The ueeoiDg prince of love ; 
Bach of OB hope, he dyid for me. 
And then oar ffieb remove. 

3 [Onr humble iUth here takes her liie 
While sittinc round hto board; 
And hack to Calvary she flies 
To view her groaning Lord. 

i His sont what agmdes it felt 
When his own God withdrew! 
And the larne load of all ovr goUt 
Lay heavy on nim too. 

i But the divinity within 
Supported him tio bear : 
Dying he conouer^ hdl and sin. 
And made hu trlomph there, j 

f Grace, wisdom, justice, ioin'd and wrooi^ 
The wonders of that day : 
No mortal tongne. nor mortal tlioimbt» 
Can eqoal thanks repay. 
T Our hynus should sound like thoae abov^ 
Could we onr voices raise; 
Yet, Lord, our hearts shall all be love, 
And all our lives be praise. 


Incomparable Food : or^ Tht FleA and 
Blood of Christ. 

1 ['IIIT'E smg th' amaang deeds 
^^ That grace divine performs ; 
Th* eternal God comes down and blcedi 
To nourish dying worms, 
.f This soul-reviv-iag wine. 

Dear Saviour, tis thy Mood ; 
We thank that sacred flesh of thine 
For this immortal food ] 
S The bfuiqaet that we eat 
Is made of heavenly things. 
Earth hath no dahities half so sweet 
As our Redeemer brings. 
i In vaiii had Adam sought 
And search'd his garden roond. 
For Kiere was no such blessed firot 
In all the happy groyind. 
5 Th* angelic host above 
Can never taste this food; 
They feast upon their Maker*8 love, 
But not a Saviour's blood. 

Book 3. HYMNS. 431 

6 On 09 the Almighty Lonl 
Bestows thii matcbiew grace. 
And meets us with some cheering word. 
With pleasure in his foce. 

9 Cooie all ye drooping saints, 
And banqnet with the king, 
This wine will drown your sad coiiiplalats» 
And tune your voice to sing. 

• Salvation to the name 
Of our adored Christ: 
Thro* the wide earth bi9 grace procUdm. 
His glory in the highest. 


I TBSU8, we bow before thy feet, 
«i Thy table is divinely stor'd: 
Thy sacred flesh oar soob have eat, 
Tls living bread; we thank thee, Lord! 

t And here we drink oar Saviour's blood ; 
We thank thee. Lord, 'tis generous wtaie; 
Mbigled with love, the fountain flow'd 
VwfifD that dear bleeding heart of thine. 

3 Ou earth is no snch sweetness found, 
For the Lamb's flesh is heavenly food ; 
In vain we search the ^lobe around 
For bread so flue, or wine so good. 

4 Carnal provisions can at best 

But cheer the heart or warm the head. 
But the rich cordial that we taste, 
Gives life eternal to the dead. 

5 Joy to the master of the feast. 
His name our souls for ever bless : 
To God the Kbig and God the priest, 
A loud hosanm round the place. 

• HYMN XIX. (L. M.) 

Glory in the Cross : or, Not cuhamed of 
Christ crucified, 

X A T thy command, our dearest Lord, 
*^ Here we attoid thy dying feast ; 
Thy blood, like wine, adorns thy board. 
And thine own flesh feeds every guest. 

f Oor &lth adMVS thy bleeding love. 
' And trusts for fife in one that dy'd ; 

We hope for heavenly crowns above 

]|fkoB a Redeemer cnwifyU 

43« HVMNS. Book 3. 

3 Let tbe vain world pronounce it sbame. 
And fling \biir scandais on tby caow : 
We eouie to boast our Saviaiir*8 nsaat. 
And make cur triuuiphs iii bis irroes. 

4 Witta joy we tell tlie scoflln^ ase* 
He that wus dead bas left bis tomb^ 
He h*€8 sibove Ibeir atmost rage. 
And we are waiting till be c<Hue. 

HYMN XX. (C. M.; 

The Provisions for the Table of our Lord .- 
or. The Tree oflAje, and River of La/te. 

1 I ORD, we adore tby boouteous baud, 
1 > And Hint£ the b< lemn feast 
Wbere sweet celestial (kdiitied stand 
For every wUiiuft guest. 
• [Tbe tree of life adorns the board 
With ricb immurt-ak thiit, 
Abd ne'er an angry ibuuiug sword 
To guard the pabsage to'i. 

3 Tbe cup staude crown*d with livln; juice , 

The lountain liows above. 
And runs tlown streaming, for oar use 
lu-rivulet» uf Utve.] 

4 Tiie fuo«rs prepared by lieawniy art, 

Tlie pleasures well refiii'd. 
They apr<«ri new life thro* every heart. 
And cheer the druopiug mind. 

5 Shout and proclaim the Saviour's luve, 

Ye saints that taste bis wine, 
Joui with your khidrcd saints above, 
In loud fiosaunas joui. 

6 A thousand glories to the God 

That gives such joy as this ; 
Hosanna! let it sound abroad. 
And reach where Jesus is. 


The Triumphant Feast for Chrinfs Vidory 
over 'Sin, and Death, and JJeU. 

1 [f^OME, let us lift our voices high, 

V Hiffh as our joys arise. 
Aud join tbe songs above tbe sky, 
Wbere pleasure never dies. 

2 Jesus, tbe God that foiKbt and bled, 

And conquered when be fell. 
That rose, ai^d. at bis chariot wheeb 
Dns«'d all tbe powers of beU.j 

Boole 3. HYMNS. 433 

9 i:<'«a<n, the God, invites ns her* 
To this trinmpfaal fea«t. 
And bruigs imiuorUil hiessingt dowii 
For eacii redeemed sueist.j 

4 Tbe Lofd \ how glorious in hii Ihce I 

How kind bis uniies appear! 
And o what meltiiiK woida be sart 
To every hambte ear! 

5 " For yon, tbe chiJdren of my love. 

*• It was for yoo I dy d. 
** S*J*'!?.»n? *»»<*», bfhold my feet. 
And looli into my side. 

llie tokens of my pains, 

" ^^ * **">* ^^"^ to free your souk 
" From misery and chabis. 

7 C" Justice unsheath'd it's firy swonL 
Inanite pangs for yon I bore, 
** And most tonnenthig smart. 

« "Stood dreadful in my way, 
•' To rescue those dear lives of yowa, 
I gave my own away. 
9 ' But while I Mad. and groaned, and dyd 
.. ;;'j:«n*d Satan's throne. ' "•"•"'^•' 
High on my cross I bung, and spy*d 
•* Tbe mudster tumbling down. 
** " Now vou must trhimpb at my feasL 
And taate my flesh and blood; 

For 'tis mimoriaj food." 

11 Victorious G*id! what can we pay 

For favours so divuie? 
We would devote our hearts away 
To be for ever thine.] 

12 WePve^e. Lord, onr highest pndse. 

The tnbute of our tongues ; 
But themes so infinite as ihese 
£xcead our noblest songs. 

^ HYMN XXII. (I..M.) 
The Compassion of a dying Chrisi. 

^ O*^^ .?""** •»'>"> ** *<*»«"e the E4mib: 
T • £.**"! ^ *^W« Mps «wld m9Vf 
In strams immorlal as his name. 
Aod loelttaig as his dyfaig ipvf>j 


4>* HYMWS. , Hook^ 

2 Was ever cqiral pity found? 

The pniic« of heaven resits his brextb, 
And p^Mirs his life out on the gronnd, 
To mtisoin piilty worms from (ieath. 

3 rKe>>cl8. wc broke our Maker's law^; 
He 'from the threateniags sets as ^ee. 
Bore the l«H vt-ns^enoce on his cross, 
Aim! iraild llie ctWMH to the tree.l 

4 [The \a\v proclaims im> terror ucw. 
And biuai's thtmder roars no more; 
Frum ail hi» wouuds new blessings flow, 
A »ea of joy without a bhore. 

i Here we have washd our deepest stains. 
And heard our woniids with beaveuiy uioud : 
Mess'd fofintain ! sptiiigiii«; from the veins 
Of Jesus, oar incarnate God.] 

6 In Tain our nuatal voices strive 
To 8pc»k compassion so divine ; 
Had we a thousand lives to give, 
A thousand lives bboiUd ail be thine. 

HYMN XXI H. (C. M.) 

CTffct and Ghiry by the Death: of ChrvA, 

1 [Cl'ITINU aromid onr Father's board, 
•-^ We raise ocir tuneful breath; 
Our f.iith beholds her dying Lord, 
And dooms oiir sins to death.] 
« We see the Wo<k! of Jeeiis she<l, 
Wlience ail our pardbns rise . 
The sinner views th' atonement made. 
And loves the sacrifice. 

3 Thy cruel thorns, thy shameful cross, 

Prociure as heavenly cro^vns ; 
Onr highest sain s})rings from thy loss, 
Onr healing from thy wonods. 

4 O *ti8 impossible that we 

Wlio d^Yi'll in feeb'e clay. 
Shoffid eqna) !<nft'erii:<!8 bear for thee, 
Or etjual thanks rt-pay. 


Pardon and ^rengthfrom Christ. 
I T7ATHER, we wait to feel thy grace, 
*■ 'to see. thy glorias shine ; 
The Lord will his own table bless. 
Arid inake the feast divine. 
2 We t^ijjch. we taste ilie heavenly bread, 
-^.Wb drink the sacred cup ; 
^^l;p ojittvifrd forms onr sense is fed,. 
Our 8ot»J8 rejoice in hope. 

Rook 3. HYMNS. 435 

3 We shall appear berore tlie tlironc 

*Of our fursiivins: tied, 
Dresa'd in the ZMrni«>nt9 of his Son, 
Aud Bprtnkltd with bis blood. 

4 We shaSl he stronjr to run the race, 

And climb the npiier sky; 
Christ will provide oor souls with grace. 
He botMrht a large 6up|ily. 

5 [Let lis induce a cheerful fnune. " 

For joy becomes a feast; r . 
We love the mentory of his name 
More than the wine we taste.] 

HYMN XXV. (C. M.) 

Divine Glories and Graces. 

1 T J OW are tby glories here display'd. 

* ■ Tireat Gimj, how bright they ?hjne. 
While at tby W4M-d we breali Uie biead, 
Aud puur the tiovting wine! 

2 Here tby reYens:in<» Justice stands, 

Atid pieads its dreadful cause; 
Here savins mercy spieads her liandi 
Like Jesus on the cross. 

3 Tby saints attend with every grace 

UM ibia great sacrifice; 
And love appears with cheerful face, 
And 6iith with fixed eyes. 

4 Oar hope in waiting poatitre sits. 

To heavii directs ber sizht ; 
Here every *vamier pas.«iun nit^ts. 
And wanner powers unite. 

5 Zeal and revenge perform their part. 

And rising sin destroy -, 
Repentance cuiBe» witb aching heart. 
Yet not forbids the joy. 

6 Dear Saviour, change our Aiith to sight. 

Let sin for ever d.e ; 
Then shall our souls be all delight. 
And every tear be dry. 

1 cannot pen*Tt9de myself to pat a fuj! period 
to these Divine Hymns, till I have adtheMMi a 
special song of glory to God the Father, the 
Sun, aud the. Holy Spirit. 'Ijhuugb the Latin 
name of it, Gloria Patri, he retained in out 
nation frotvi the Roman Church ; and though 
there may be aomi; excesaeaol' sHpeatitiiout 

436 HYMNS. Book 3- 

hMMur Miid to the words of it, which may hate 

ThriSmTvet 1 bejG/c it still to be one .rt the 
niSESfSmichristian worship. Thcsuhwi 
SfU ta lEdoJttine of the Trinity, which is itol 
SlcuHar f lory of the divine nature, thai m 
fSdSLSSrist has so clearly revealed unto 
Lord J«^.i^^7 " g«,ry lo true Cbristianiiy. 
Sl^SlisprJ^^Wchi^ one of the most 
IlmSStJaii Salted parts of Christian wor- . 
JSSn taVe sSdedaiiTa few llosamus. or 
jSi?ipti«S^«lvSionto Christ, in the »id. 
manner, and for the same end. 

HYMN XXVI. First (L. M.) 

1 T>i ESS'D be the Father and bis love, 
^ B-ro whose celestial source we owe 


A wedSw stream of vital blo.«l. 
Par5Si^«d Itte for dying souls- 
n We give thee, sacred Spirit, praise. 
Who in our hearts «i »»n and woe 

aS into boundless glory tlow. 
4 Thus God tlie TMher. God the Son, 
IVid God the Spirit we adore, 
Thi sS^oV life and love unknown. 
Without a bottom or a shore. 


HYMM XXVn. First (CM.) 

GLORY to God the Father'6 name. 
Who from our sinful race, 
ChoM out bis favourites to procbin 

The honours of his grace. 
Glory to God the Son be paul, 

Who dweft in humble clay. 
And to redeem us from the dead. 
Gave hi» own Uf* away. 

Book 3. HYMNS. 437 

S Glory to (iod the Spirit give. 
From whose almighty power 
Our Mills their heavenly birth derire. 
And bless the happy hour. 
4 Glory to God (hat reigns above, 
Th' eternal Three and One. 
Who by the wonders of his love 
Has made his nature known. 

HYMN XXVni. First (S. H.) 

1 T ET God the Father live 
*-^ For ever on our tongncs; 
Sinners from his first love derive 
The ground of all their songs. 

8 Ye saints employ your breath 
In hononr to the Son, 
Who bought your souls from hell and death 
By offering np his own. 

3 Give to the Spirit praise 
Of an immortal strain. 

Whose light and power and grace conveys 
Salvation down to men. 

4 While God the comforter 
Keveats onr paidon'd sin, 

O may the Mood and water bear 
The same recwd within. 

$ To the great One and Three 
That seal this grace in heaven. 
The Father. Sou. and Spirit, be 
Eternal glory giv'n. 

HYMN XXIX. Second (L. H.) 

1 /:2.L0RY to God the Trtnlty, 
^^ Whose name has mysteries unknown ; 
In ess^ce One, in person Three; 
A social nature, yet alone. 

£ When all onr noblest powers are ji^'d, 
The liononrB of thy name to raise ; 
Thy glories over-match our mind. 
And angels fiUnt beneath the praise. 

HYMN XXX. Second (CM.) 

1 T^HE God of mercy be ador*d. 
*■ Who calls onr souls from death, 
Who «<ves by his redeeming Word^ 
And new-creating Breath. 

438 HYMN'S. Book 3. 

t To praise the Fitthcr, and the Son. 
And Spirit, ail ^iviit<^. 
Tiie Oiif* ill Tilled, uud Three in Oue, 
Let Sctiuts £ud angels joiu. 

HYMN XXXI. Second (S. M.) 

1 T ET God the Maker's name 
*-^ Have honour, love itt»d f(f-«r. 
To God the Saviour ^^y ihe tame. 
And God the Cointorier. 
t Father of lighti* alM»ve, 
Thy luercy we adore. 
The Son of thy eternal love, 
And Spirit of thy power. 

HYMN XX.XII. Third (L. M.) 

TH) God the Fatlier. God tlie Smi. 
^ And God the SpMt. Three in One, 
Be honour, praise, and <;iory given 
By all ou earth, and all lu beaveu. 


Or thus : 

ALL clory to thy wonderoiis name, 
FaUK'f of mercv, Go<l of luve; 
Thus we exalt the Lord the Lamb, 
And thus we praise the heavenly Dove. 

HYMN XXXIV. Third (C. M.) 

l^OW let the Father and the Son. 
J'^ And Spirit be adord, 
Wher^ there are works to make him known, 
Or saints to love the Lord. 


Or thus : 

HONOUR to thee, Ahnighty Tbrc«, 
And everlasthig One ; 
AHglory to the Father be. 
The «pirtt, and the Son. 

HYMNXXXVL T%in|. (s. M.) 
VE angels round the throne, 
w«ii,*"Jl"^*i'^» ^''at dwell below, 
M'i!."'* '*«"'er. love the Son, 
And bless the Spirit- too. 

JSook 3. HYMNS. 43§ 


Or thus: 

r^ !VE to the Father |>raise, 
^' Give glory to the S<>h, 
Ami to the Spirit of Uh ttrace. 
Be equal huuuar done. 


A Song of Praise to thr Blotted Trinity. 
•J7i€ Firgtas the imh Pmlin. 

J T GIVE immort^il praise 
A To God the Father's love, 
For all my comforts here, 
AJid Ix^tter hopes above: 

He sent bis own 

Eternal Son 

To die for sins 

That man had done. 

2 To Gcd the Son belongs 
Jmniortal glory t!»o. 

Who bought us with his blood 
From everlasting woe : 

And now he lives, , 

And now hf n-igns, 

AwA sees the frnlt 

Of a!) his pain.s. 

3 To God the Spirit's name 
Immortal worship g:ive. 
Whose new-crealing power 
Makes the dead sinner live: 

HJs work crmpleles 
The creai deeir'n, " 
And fil's the soul 
Witli joy divuie. 

4 Alm'iihiy God, to Thee, 
Be endless honours done. 
The nndivided Three, 
And the mysterious one : 

Where re;tson tails 
With all her powers. 
There faith prevails, 
And love adores. 

TAc Secwui as the l^h Psalm, 

1 '^ro Him that chose us first 
* Before the world began. 
To Him that Im)Cc the cul-se. 
To save rebellious man, 

440 HYMNS. Sook a. 

To Him tbat fonn*d 

Oar beans anew, 

b endkes praite 

Apd glory dae. 
7 Tlie Father's lo\'e ihall mm 
Thro* onr immortal songs. 
We bring to God (be 8o» 
Hosannas on our tongues ; 

Our lips address 

Tbe Sitirit's name 

With equal praise. 

And zeal the same. 
3 Let every saint above. 

And angel round the throne. 
For ever bless and love 
The sacred Three in One : 

Thus heaven shall raise 

His bonMirs high, 

When earth and time 

Grow old and die. 

Th4 Third as the l^Sth Pudm. 

nro God the Father^ throne 
i- Perpetual hononrs raises 
Glory to God the Son, 
To God the Sfrfrit praise: 

And while onr lips 

Their tribute bring, 

Our foith -adores 

The name we sing. 


Orthui : 
T*© our etenial God, 
■^ The Father, and the Son, 
And 8i^rit ail divine. 
Three inVsteries In One, 
Salvation, power, 
And praise be given 
'By all on earth, 
And all in heaven. 

HYMN XLU. (L. M.) 

Tht Ebtanna; OTt SttlvatUm tucribtd to 

I UOSANNA to king Davids Son, 
'^ *■ Who reigns on a sopotor tliroae ; 
We bless the prince of heavenly birth 
Who brings salvation down to earth. 

Book^. . HYMNS. 441 

Let every nation, every age. 
In this deitgbtAil work ent^aee: 
Old men und bat>e» in Sion sing 
The growing glories of ber King. 


1 T lOSANNA to the Prince of jcrace. 
i 1 SiMi behold thy King ; 
Procbum the Son oif DavidV race, 
And teach the Inbes to sins, 
e HosaniiH to th' Incarnate word, 
Who from the F^tlier came ; . 
Ascribe salvation to the Lord, 
With blessings <ni his name. 


1 TJOSANNA to the Son 
1-s Of David and of God, 
Who broujUit the news of pianlon doivn, 
And bought it with bis btottd. 
9 To Christ the anointed King 
Be endless blessings glvra. 
Let the whole earth his gtory sing, 
Wbo made our peace with heaven. 


As the imth PsaUn. 

1 TJ OSANNA to the King 

■■ Of David's ancient Wood; 
Behold he comes to briu^ 
Forgivinz grace from God : 

Let old and young 

Attend his way, 

Aqd at bis feet 

Their honours lay. 

9 GWy to God on high. 
Salvation to the Lamb; 
Let earth, and sea, and sky, 
His wonderous love proclaim^ 

Upon his bead 

Shall honours rest, 

And every a^e 

Prononace him blest. 




A8»ceo«toa wf Christ, % 92, 365. ' 

Ashamed, not of Chriit, nor liM jospci, 254, »J> 

Assiatance, in «pirimal warfare, 19e> 805, 369— 

asainstsin and satan, ?49. 
AMurance of heaven, 246~-of tlie lore of Cbrut, 238, 

Atheism, pnctical. Id. bl. 
Atonement of CbriM,»4, 402, 433. 
Attributes, divine. 416,416, 417. 
Authority, civil, from God, 105. 
Avenger, God ao, of his samts, 389* 

BABES, new boim, in religion, 312. 

nabylun, see antichrist. 

Backstiders, in distress, 36— pardoned, 110, 189^ 
restored, 76. 

Backiilidincs. and returns, 333. 

Banquet of divine love, 274. 427. 

Baptism, 2fi5— and circumcision, 305-»chndren de- 
TOted to Cod by, 298, J02— preaching, and tlie 
I»rd's supper, 401— believers buried with Christ 
in, 302 

Beatific vision, 360, 365, 404. 

Beatitudes, 2^2. 

fielievlns to saivation, 292. 

Believer, described, 312— death and burial of a, 324. 

Beauty, of Chri>t, 63, 278— of his righteousness, 
62, 211 — of Uie church,64, 277— of gospel preach- 
ers, 236. 

Birtli, does not convey grace, 291— new, 290— of 
Christ, 135, 230, 231,i)7, 26y- miracles at his, 3i»9. 

Blasphemy, complained of, 16. 

Bteksed, the, described, 1, 3, 44, 292— the dead in 
the Lord, 240. ^ ^ 

Blessedness, only in Cod and Christ, '244, 376, 377— 
of lieaven, 256, 372— of gospel times, 23e. 

Blessing, of God, on business, 187. 

Blessings, of providence, 210— of a family. 187, 19? 
— of a nation, 206— of tlie spring, 89— of the gos- 
pel, 266, %8. 

Blood, of Christ, cleansing, 77, 96, 235, 294, 374— 
the seal of the New Test. 421— and flesh, our food, 
430, 431— Spirit, and water,425— andof Abel, SJO. 

Boasting, excluded, 290, 2i6— in Christ, 424, 431. 

Book, of God's decrees, 360— of life, 349— of nature 
and of scriplare, 20, ±f, 170. 

Bread, of life, 422. 

Britain, prayer for, 91— praise to God from, 321, 

375. , 

Brotherly, love, 192— reproof, 303. 
Business, of life, blessed, 187. 

CJilSAR, the dues of, -106. 

Call, the gospel, ;>33— accepted, 427, 

Can .1 an, Israel led to, 131— lost^ through unbelief} 

133v-and heaven, 148. 
care, divine, over the saints, 47. 
tares, and woes, man born XOtiM, 



clothing, spiritual, 233, 241. 

comfort, from tiie coveotnt made with Cbrljit, 343 
— ^rom the gotpel, atn— holinett and pardon, 44 
- under aorrowi of body and mind, 34!^, 3>5t«— 
froni the dirine presence, 399— from the dirinc 
promises and laiihfulnea, aW— from ancient pro> 
Tide nces, 107.904. 

communion, of Hints, IW, 19^~or Christ with hlf 
church, 873, 37-1, 421— between saints in heaven 
and on earth, 407— with Clirist. desired, 32^. 

Companir of saints, the best, 20. 

Compassion, of God. 145, 907, 9061, 909— of Christ, 
to the afflicted and tempted, 304— of a dyioa Sa- 
viour. 422, 433. ' 

condemnation, by the law, 289— none to belierer^ 

Condescension, of God, to our affairs, 916, 346— to 
our worship, 346. 

complaint, a genenil,t40— in sickness, 8— heavy af- 
flictions, in mind and body, 904. 

Confession, of our povertr, 90— of sin, repentance, 
and pardon, 43, 44, 55, 75, 78, 71, 189. 

Confidence, in God, 25, 23b— under trials and alOic* 
tions, ^Si. 

conqueror, Christ a, 23$, 373^ 369, 432. 

Conquerors, believer^ 205, 239. 

Conscience, the pleawres of t good, 353 a teod«r. 

Consuncy in the gospel, 254, 2£S. 
Contentment, christian, 248, 25»-cherisbed, 190. 
Converse with tioA, 84, H5, 89. 
CooTersion, the author and nature of, 290, 411— ef- 
fected by divine power. 156, 157— tlie difficulty 

of, 412— the wonder ot friends and foes, 186— 

earnestly desired, 395— the joy of heaven, 29>>- 

praise for, 411. 
CoRTiction of sin, by the law, 389, 299— by the crou 

of Christ, 369, :nH. 
Coronal ion of Christ, 276. 
Corrupted nature, trora Adam, 77, 268, 395, 41 1. 
Corruption, general, of manners, 16. 
Counsel, and support, from God, 22, 170, 172— to 

young persons, 49. 
Courage, Christian, excited, 254, 26^~ander trials, 

359— in duly and sufferings. 238— in death, 22, 98. 

348— under persecution, 17i^, 238| 3'23. 
Covenant, made with Abraham, Has, 3ed, 3^f^-with 

Clirist, 119— children in Uie, :£)8— unchangeable, 

151— lu promises, 335— sealed, 421— hope in the, 

under temptation, JIO. 
Covetousness, 244, 361. 
Creation, oi the world, 401— the new, 290, 396— 

called to praise Uod, 363— and preservation, 3tf 

— «nd providence, 45, 46. 
Creatures, their vanity. 45, 47, 83, 206, 209, 404— love 

to the, dangerous, 348— God far above, 'iSi^— prais. 

ing God. 215, 36i. 
Croas, of Christ, our glory, 43l— benefit of the, 434, 

—salvation by the, 323— repentaote at the, ^i. 
Crown of righteousness, 246* 


l>oTninion, God's etemiil, »*>— over the sea, 36e. 
r>ominion, man's, the creatures, 10. 
Doubts, and fears, ceiuured, 24l>,264,a66— 9Uppres«« 

ed,.5, 42. 
r>runkenness and glattony, 15S. 
I>utifs, reHgioits, lOT— to Ood and man, 255, 2PP— » 

help in, desired, 281— aiid delights of heaven, 372. 
EARNEST, ot UieSpiiit,'i^, 31 J. 
Earthly-mindednejs fatnentcd, 393. 
Egypt, pUguei of, 149. 
Election, sovereitn and free, 3C0--in Christ, 260— 

excludes boa*ting, 250. 
End, o( ihe world, 3a8, 414— of the righteous and the 

wicked, 1,2,54. 
Enemies, disappointed, 375— national, dismayed, 26 

— prayed for, 50— triumphed oyer, by Christ, 21^ 

audby Christians, 2J4— salration from spiritual* 

Enmity, of the carnal mind, 26&— between Christ 

and sa'an, 9Qb. 
Knry, and unbelief, cured, 53. 
Equity, the law of, 255— and wisdom of Proyl- 

d«nce, 13. 
Espousals, the church's, to Christ, 276. 

Evidence, of sincerity, 25, 201— Internal, of the 

fiospel 232. 
Exaltation, of Christ, to his kingdom, 4, 31, 33, 94, 

py, 156, 157. 
E.Namination, of our state, 39. 
txaniple, 01 Christ, 155— of saints, 400, 401. 

FAITH, a Hying and a dead, 310— ard assaninre,293 
— ^and prayer of the persecuted, 50— in the blood 
ol Christ, 44. 76, 77— assisted by •(ense, 401— de- 
tlred, 336— In Christ, oursacri^Ce, 402— for par- 
don and sanctlfication, 374 — and love, liie joy ot', 
413— and sight, 404— and obedience, 301, 310— 
and repentance, 394— and salvation, 251, 2t/i— in 
divine grace and power, 83, 18^^— in tbinss not 
seen, 301, 39G-walI(ing by, 396— without works, 
dead, 310. 

Faithfulness, of God, 120, 149— to his promises, 969,> 
310— of a ChristiaD, 252. 

Fall, ofangelsand men, 334— of Babylon, 267, 269 
and recovery ofman, 2i*5, 367. 

Falsehood, bidsplicmv, oppress on, *c. 16, 80. 

tamily, blessinps, ItfT— government, 140— love and 
worship, 192. 

Father, God our, 272, 417. 

Fear, godly, 176— and reverence in worship, 120, 

Fears and doubts, suppressed, 5, 364. 

Fe^JSt, the. gospel, 427— of love, •/74, 428— its prori- 

•ion!!, 432— Its triumphs, 432. 
^eivencv, devotional, desired, 353, 340— excited,^. 

2ii2— wMt of, lamented, 336.. 


few, MTCd, 411,412. 

rUnvry, and deceit complained oC 1^. . _ . . 

F1(^, and spirit, 242, 403-and blood of Chnst. 

430, 431. 
rollv, and madness of sin, 408.' 
Food, spiritual, 333, 3t^K-<Ctari8t our, 430, 431. 
KooU, made wise, 990. 
Forbearance, of Cod, 383. 
f orgetfutness, complained of, 414. ^ 
Forgiveness, plentiful with God, 169, 190— prayed 

for, 55,75. See Pardon. 
Formality, In worship, thnetteped,7I«'73~exposed 

and deprecated, 309. 
Forms, mere, vain, "i^ 390. 
Foretaste, hearenly, 355— desired. 3B9. 
Fortitude, chrutian, 253— excited, 992, 3G6. 
Foundation, Christ, the soul's trae, 166 
Fountain, Christ's blood, a cleanaing* 235* 315, 

Frailty, human, 121, 123,'^03~and foliy* 339. 
Freedom, from sin and misery In heaven, 372. 
Ffieeness, of tiie gospel. 233. 
t retfulness the cure or, 53. 
Friend, and Father, Cod, 417, 418. 
Friendship, its blessings, 1^ 
Fruits, of tlie Spirit, 400--of holiness and grace, 

X7— of laiU), 3i&-of Christ's death, 33— of the 

gospel, 400. 
Fulness, of riirist,230-«f the Gospel, 233. 
Funeral, psalms, 56, 122, 123— bynos, 339, 350, 358. 

See Death, Burial. 

GARDEN, the church, Qod's, 129— Christ's, 27B. 

CarmeniB, of satvalioo. -Hi, 24i . 

Gentiles, Abraham's blessing on the, S9B. 399— 
Christ revealed to the, 236, 237. 264, 427. 

Glory, of God, infinite, 372— and grace in the per- 
son of Ctirist, 230, 231^ 334, 394— in his cross and 
sufferings, 426^ 434— ot Christ, in heaven, 374— in 
oar salvation, 95. 

Clorfficatloa, and condescension of Christ, 11,63, 
253. ^^ 

Glory, and grace, promised, 115, 136. 

Ci*ryi*g, in the cross. 2^, 421, 431. 

GluttoD, And drunkard, 109, 152. 

God. all in all, 197, 376, 377— all sering, l-ip,201— 
all sufficient, 21. 45, 47, 51— his belnti, attributes, 
and providence, 51, 97,210— his attributes,415,4l6, 
417— the avenger ot his pi^ople, 389— his care of 
saints, 9, 47^u( liis cJiurcn, •255-Creator and 
Redeemer,>341~defence and salvation, 5,63^62, 
163— eternal, holy and sovereign, 12i^ternal, 
ami man mortal, I2'3, 124, 1 42— his faithfulness, 
190, 148, 156— far above creaturer^, at&Hilorified, 
by Christ, 394, <26— and sinners saved, 95, 261 
--his goodness and mercy, 93, 143, 144, 145,2/7, 
•W, 209 -and greatness, 92, 206, 207, 2lO-«nd 
governlna povert 90-4he heart-searching, 199 
"sSl'' 2i?y J.*^*P* «"•* *^^P> 2(»-lnooo«preljeii- 
^*c, 37S; 4ia-tJ^e judge, H ®,l»i^Wad- 



talouST* the soul's, of Iut own love to Cbrist, 8B1. 

»Un, ine baptift, his messige, 2«i. 

>shua, Aaron, and Ma^C:., 3:^. 

>y, in Christ, tuough uuseeo, 2^6— earthly, aQ4 
deceitful, parted wit!i, 326, 327— of faiUi, 413. 
heavenly, upon earth/33s, 3'i5 — spiritual, restor- 
ed, 36 1 — in Christ's presence, eternal, 3G5— •f 
conversion, 186 — in heaven, on a sinner's con Ycr- 
sion, 2J-2. 

u'lfimeat, day of, 7!,'JJ, 26', 272— certain, 3^4^ 
Clirist conaing to, 270— -ind liell, 351— and mercy 
13— 4ltgnity of the rigiueoj?, at the, 216. 

fust, the, described, 1 ■, j{. 

lustice, 252— of God, 26.3— an 1 mercy, 257— of Pro- 
vidence, 13-rtrutb, toward men, 20. 

lusiLfication, compleic, 236— free 44, 183— by 
f Aitb. not by works, 289, 296 -and sanctification, 
241, 374. 

KING, our, the care of hearcQ, 31— a good, coifr* 

trasted with at>r4ni, 105. 
Kingdom, of Christ, 31, 137-^amonginen» 241, 3T2 

— of God, supreoie, 369— eternal, 3jO— of our 

Ood, what composed of, 30i. 
Knowledge, desired, 28, 173— and faith, 293— of 

Christcrucififd, ita excell^'ncy, 391 — given lo true 

seekers, Q^j—'mvins, from Cod, 2J6, 337— vain, 

without love, 343. 

LAMB, slain, oraise to the, 229, 244, 270-cOnqaor« 
the roaring lion, 337 — takes away sin, 402-->his 
book of life, 3(9, 380. 
Law, of God, or love, 299— its equity, 255— con- 
vinces of sin^299— condemus, but cannot save, as& 
3J3, 394— delight in the, 1, 2, 171— and gospel, di«. 
tingttisbed, 39^oined, 391— sins against the, 
Liberality, to the poor, 54, 59— rewarded, 59, 158, 

15d, 16a 
Liberty, spiritual, asserted, 295— of coascience,406. 
Life, of man, de-cribed, 3 1:^— frail, succeeded by 
eternity, 352— wonderfully preserved, 32^ 331— 
abort and miserable, and God good, 343, 354— the 
day ofgrace.aad hops,2a6— ofaGhrisli8n,hidden, 
248— and riches, tlieir raoity, 67— short and fee- 
ble, 122, 123, 2U5. 
Light, Clirist the, of Jews and Gentiks, 240, 264— 
and salvation, by Christ, 284, 290, 291. 3^4. 385, 
'Ji^, 396— in darkness, by God's presence, 35t< 
—given to the blind, 3J6, 237. 
Living^ their privileges above tiie dead, 262. 
Long-suffering, divine, 364, 383. 
LOBgiox, after God, and his house, 60, 84, 85, 85— for 
coraiort, 115, 3cl&— for heaven, 126, 333— for holi- 
ness, 175— for the beatific vision, 365, 404. 
Iord>s-day, 86, 86, 1S8, 167— morning, r, 27, 28, 84, 

Lord's-supper, 420, to 435— instituted, 42<>-and 
iMiptiaio, 491— gracM exerciaed at the. 433— pri>- 


vision at llic,4X, 43^— tlie Insiitutor at the, ?!t- 

a triumphant least, 43*2, guests at the, admiriBf, 

Lore, of God. in sending hit Son^ 292, 38<Z, 9B3- 

bc;tert1ianlire. ft5,86— 'listinsuishing, 236, 23', 

37&— unchangeable, 122, 238, 2S5. 
Love, of Christ, to dinners, oO— to tl»e church, 3S) 

—in dying, 433 its strength, 281— ihed abroad in 

the heart, 308— iU banquet. 214, 4-27. 
Lofr,to God, and our neighbour. 2&«&— inconstant, 

332— pleasant and powerful, 343. 
Jjovc, to Christ, strong, 380— to the unseen Saviour, 

Love, brotherly, 192— to enemies, 155— and wor- 
sliip, in a faTnitr, 193— to the creature, dan- 
gerous, 348— and charity, 307— and hatred, 306 
— «iperior to linowtedge, Taitb, and hope, 34J 
— ffciigion vain without, 308. 

Ijixury, punished, i09— pardoned, ibi, 

Lying, hated, 140, S5?. 

MADNESS, orsfn, 4(]6. 

Magistrates, their authority Trom God, 105— adriee 

to, 3, 4, 5— honour due to, 406— qualifications and 

duties of, id9— warned, 81, 113. 
Man, his wonderrul formation. 200 his dominion 

over tlie crealores, 10— his fall and recovery, '^"^ 

niortal, and Christ eternal. 142— 4)i9 ranitv, m 

mortal, 56, Vli. 124, .i05, 283— his frailty,' and 

folly, 339 iared. and angeh punished, 37t^ 37^. 
Mariners, psalms for, 1 53, 154. 
Marriage, the nivsiical, (>4. 
Martyrs, glorified, 2'Xi. 
Mary, song of the V irgin, 2tJ9. 
Master, oi a famrly, 140. 

Mediator, access by a, to the throne of grace, 3R5. 
Meditation, and reiiremeiil, ^^2— on tlie word, 171, 

172— on heaven, 4l3. 
Meclcness, 304— learned of Christ, 305. 
Melancholy, reproved, *4> - and hope, |06. 
Mercies, national, 3.M, 337— Apiriiual and tempo* 

ral, 9^, 143, I44— innuciK-nible, vHiS— everlasting, 

l^b— and judgments, 13- goodness, and truth, 51, 

119, 143.1208,209. 
Mercy, of God, the cause of salvation, 297. 
Merits, of Christ, 405— human, disclaimed, 20. 
Messiah, Jesus the true, >27. 
Michael's war with tiie dragon, 268* 
Mind, carnal, 968. 

Ministers, commission of, 305— ordained, I!)0, 
Ministry, ot'angeis, 33<, 3H7, 38b— of liie gospel, 

welcome, 2J6. " 
Miracles, at the birth of Christ, and in hit iik, 

dvatli, and resurrection, JbV— in lite wilderBtSt, 

Misery, and shorlnen of life, 345— Of being without 

O'Kl in the worM,;3r-3—ot sinners, I, 2— and sin, 

banished irom iieiivt'i), ..74 
**.M"i!?/* ujeeijiigs, t»j, IV, itX), 15'5» lyi, 165, 


If 4>rniag« hTBiiM for the, €^ aSl— «r crening, 98^ 

32^-HDf a lAra't day, 7. 
Mortalitr, oi' mm, 56» 67, 19r-the effect of sin, i«5 

—and nope, 1 i2'-&nd Cod's cteraity, 123, IIM— 

ADd Christ's eternity, 142 
Mortification, to the world, by the cross of Christ, 

4M— by a sif ht of God, 344>-to «io, by the cross, 

Moaes, Aaron» and Joshua, 383— and Christ, 9fi),S0O. 
M'lurniog, for sin, 76. 
Mjrsieritik, revealed, 336, 237. 

NAMES» aad titles, of Christ, 23r7, 314. 316, 317, 319» 

Marions, blest and punished, 134— happy, where 

Cod dwells. 45— deliTerancc of, 105, 106, 184. 
Nativity, Chrht'ii. see birth. 
Nature, book or, and scripture, 38, 29, ITS— and 

1;race, '268, 294— corrupt, from Adam, 385— of 
alien nan, sinful, 16f i6^the wArks of, to be 
dissolved, 3», 414. 
Itegligeoce, complained of, in rrlliion, 339. 
Vew, birth, 290— creation, 3j6— creature, descri- 
bed, :i 19— covenant-premises, S3&— Kagland, a 
IMalro for, 151. 
November, the fiftli of, 163, 184, 375. 

OBBDIENCE, to Christ, 30O— flowing from love, 343, 
aso— better tlian sacrifice, '70— sincere, 35, 49. 50^ 
201— the highest ivisdom, 1.V7. 

Offices, of Christ. 318, 3l9, 397. 

Old age, flourishing In religion, 12^— unconverted, 
298— reflection and hope of, 97. 

Olive-tree, wild and good, 296. 

Omnipotence, 285— our strength, a4»-.«ad grace, 

Omnipresence, 199, 201. 
Omniscience, 19i^, 201, 415, 416. 
Opvession, punished, I4, 16. 
Ordinances, delight in, 303, 329. 
Original sin, 268, 295. 

PAIN, comfort under, 349, 431. 

Paradise, on earth, 338, 353, 355. 

Pardon, bought at a dear pncc, 422— for the great* 
est suis, 371— broufh' to our senses, 420— and 
sanctitication, 374— lioliness andcomfort, 6— and 
peacc^ through Curtst,390— of backslidings, 110— 

« and direction, 37 — prayed for, 7ii— and conies ■ 
slon, 4j, 44— plentiful with God, 1U9, 371— and 
strength, from Christ, 290, 291, 434. 

Passion^ evii, lamented, 242. 

Passover, Cbri«t our, 409. 

Pastures, spiritual, 34, 35>-of Christ, desiird, 273. 

Patience, under afflictions, 57— under dark provi- 
dences, 36&-in mental dailincss, 106, 189— un- 
der the world's frowm, 53— of God, 364, 383. 

Pattrrn, Christ the Cnristian's, 400, 401. 

Peace, of conjcience, 35>-«nd holiness, 4$^nitli 
■Ko, desired, lao. 


fiarnal, mind, 269— J!>y«> parted with, 326, 3f»- 
reason, humbled, d36> '237* 

tausc, oar, left with Cod, 283. 

Ceremonies, without religioD, ▼ain, 304. 

Cltange, a religious, bjr the gospel, 400. 

aiaracters, and titles of Christ, 314. 315. 31^ 317, 
3IH, 319, 320— of true Christians, 312. 

Charity, and love, 306, 307— and uncharitableoess, 
304— to the poor, 54, 59— blessings attending, 136^ 
159. 160. 

Chastisement, see afflictions. 

Children, in tlic covenant, 298— deTOted to God, in 
baptism, 302, 395— instructed, 49, lOS— praising 
God, i»— made blessings, 187. 

Christ and Aaron, 314— the second Adam, 12. 303 
«— his all-«ifficiency. 21— his ascension, 36, 65, 
92, 156,1OT— the beloved, described, 2:7B— his cha- 
racters, 314— Ills church's foundation, 166— 4its 
coming, tlie signs of, 17— his commtsiiion, 592, 
388, 389— his condescension and glorification^ 
It— the covenant made witli, 119— his death, 
and resorrection, 22, 31, 33, 94— his eXrniry, h2 
—exalted to hfs kingdom, 3, 11, 31, 99. 100, 156. 
1 57--our example, 155— faith in bisbIo<>d,77--God 
and man,230— his gloryand grace, 347— his gloryin 
heaven, 374— .our houe, 6, 16. 77— his human and 
divine nature, 230, 237, ^^39, 349— his incarnation, 
kingdom, and judgment. It, 131, 13&— the Kin^ 
and the church his spouse, 62, 64-~iiis kingdom 
among the Gentiles, 99, 109— his love to his ene- 
mies, 50, 155— his majesty, 177— his medialorial 
reign, 121, 156, 157— liis names and titles, 237, 
316,319^— his obedience and death, 95— his offices, 
397— his personal glories and government, 63— the 
power and wisdom of God,426— his resurrection od 
the Lord's da7,i67, 168— his sacrifice, 58— sent by 
the Father, 382, 3e3-our strength and righteous- 
ness, 98, ^290-^ls laflTeriogs for our aalvaiioo, 
93-hiszeal, 96. 

Christian, life, 248i 390— almost, 411— character of 
a true, 312— qualifications of a, 19, 36— religion, 
its excellence, 397— virtues, 252, 412— the weak, 
not to be despised, 304. 

Christianity, the inward witness to, 232. 

Church, beauty of the, 64, 66. 67, 182, 183, 2T7— the 
birth-place of saints, 1 18— DUilt on Jesus Christ, 
I6t>—Delight and safety in it, 39, 106— her 
espousals to Christ, 2fT6-9ett]ement ot, |90— 
God fights for her, 30, 65— his presence there, 
114, 115, 118, 190— his garden, 129— a gardea en- 
closed, 378- going to, lii2, 183— Its happiness 358 
—the house of God, 193— its increase, 91— 
praying, in distress and persecution, 61, 113— re- 
stored byprayer, 117, 141, 162— its safety in trou- 
ble, 6t, bSi, 255, 358-8afety and honenr of a na- 
tion,66— thespouseofciinst,64— in the wilder. 
ness- 111, ^1— its worship, and order, «7. 
Church-members. 19, 36. 

Sll^??*^'"?" abolished, 398. 
Colonies, planted, 154. 


clothing, spiritual. 233, 241. 

Comfort, from tue covenant made with Chrin, 343 
—from the gospel. 397— holiness and pardon, 44 
- under sorrows of body and mind. 34i^, 3i5t»— 
from the divine presence, 353— from the divine 
promises and faiihfulDess, 3Sri-^rora ancient pro> 
vidences, 107.904. 

Communion, or saints, IW, 192— of Christ with his 
church, iH. n-i, 4'21— ^tween saints in heaven 
and on earth, 407— with Christ, desired, 'JfO. 

Company of saints, the best, 20. 

Compassion, of God, 146, 907, 906^ 909^-of Christ, 
to the afflicted and tempted, 304— of a dying Sa- 
viour. 422, 433. 

Condemnation, by the law, 3B9— none to believera. 

Condescension, of God, to our aflain, 918, 346— to 
our worship, 34& 

Complaint, a general,140— in siclcness, 9— heavy af- 
flictions, in mind aiid body, 904. 

confession, of our poverty, 30— of sin. repentance. 
and pardon, 43, 44, 55, i5, Tfi, 7T, 189. 

Confidence, in God, 25, 23(»--4iader trials and aillic* 
tions, 383. 

Conqueror, Christ a, 233, 973, 389, 432. 

Conquerors, believen^ 205, 239. 

Conscience, the pleasures of t good, 358 >* tender. 

ConsUncy in the gospel, 254. 263. 

Contentment, christian, 948, 358— cherished, 190. 

Converse with God, 84, 85, 89. 

Conversion, the author and nature of, 290, 411— ef- 
fected by divine power, 156, 157— the difficulty 
of, 412— the wonder of friends and foes, 186— 
earnestly desired, 395— the joy of heaven, Q9i-^ 
praise for, 411. 

Conviction of sin, by the law, 2ft», 299— by the cross 

Coronation of Christ, 276. 

Corrupted nature, irom Adam, 77, 968, 395, 411. 

Corruption, general, of manners, 16. 

Counsel, and support, from God, 22, 170, 172— to 
young persons, 49. 

Courage, Christian, excited, 254, 1263— under trials, 
36i»— in duty and sufferings, 238— in death, 22, S8, 
348— under persecution, 17:^, 238', 3'23. 

Covenant, made with Abraham, 2i^8, 3e«, 398— with 
Christ, 119— children in Uie, £)8— unchangeable, 
151— its promises, 235— seated, 421— hope in the, 
under temptation, ;il0. 

Covetousness, 244, 3H1. 

Creation, o( the worid, 401— the new, 290, 396— 
called to praise Ood, 363— and prrservation, 328 
— «nd providence, 45, 46. 

Creatures, their vanity. 45, 47, 83» 206, 909, 404— love 
to the, dangerous, 348— Cod far above, '413— pni»» 
iog Cod, 215, 363. 

Cross, of Christ our glory, 431— benefit of the, 434, 
—salvation by the, 333— repentant at the, jMi. 

Crow* of rifhieoutness,3l6» 

•rucifixJon, to the worTd^434— of Christ, afrcsb,S5» 
Cane, removed by Christ, 402. 
Custom, insitit 4!2. 

DARKI^ESS, of providence, 386. _ .w- 

D*y, ofliumiliation, 88--orihaoksgiTJnf, 25,387- 

of judgment, 71,73, 272. . . 

Dead, in the lx>r:t, bJessed, 2iO->to sin, by Chrut, 
2£i>— raised by the gospel, 400. 

Death of Christ, TOluninry, 370— ciuaed by at, 
36&-and his suff(*nng9, 32, 95— and his pmutkc- 
lioH, 22, 94— grace and glory by it, 434- 

l)e«th. of own, under Providence, 283— of a sinner 
244,322— of an aged sinner, 28S— of saints and 
sinners, 63— 3nd glory anticipated, 23, «— of 
kindrtd, 262— sting of, gone, 239— deliTcraoce 
fcora, 42— desirable, 240, 3S6-dreadful or de- 
liglitf'Tl. 360— overcome by faith, 23^^— triumphed 
over, 233, 382, 366— preparation for, 216— courage 
in, 21, 34, 35— tlie eHecl of sin, 125— made easy, 
by a View of Christ, 339, 4'28r-and of heaven, 
3-19, 359— and eternity, 233, 337— and immediate 
glory, ifcK}— and the resurrection, 68, 123, 3B^ 

Deceit and flattery, 16. , , .. . 

Deceitfulnew, of sin, 406— of worldly joys, 327, 

Decreet^ disinc, 380. ; „, . ^ „_, ^^, ^ 

Dedication, of the soul, to CUnst, 367, 421— of our- 
selves, to God, 390. " « ■ . 

Defence, God our, 190, 181, 182— from sin aodsataq, 
5— and salvation, in God, *i, 8J, 368. 

Deity, of Jesus Clirist, 2J0, 237, 239, 288, 319. 

nelay, of conversion, 339. . . 

DeliKhi, in God, 84, 101,114, 115, 116, 3t4— in the 
word of God, 171, 173— in ordinances, 115, ia2, 
183,328,329. ^, ^^ , 

Deliverance, national, 375— reasonable, 30:— by 

f raver, 4ft— from despair, 24— from de^pdisinns, 
", ISG-from death, 42, 166— persecution, 78— 
•hipwreck, J53-«lander, 42— temptation, 24-^ 
tiimalt, 165. 
Denial. Of self, 411, 412. 
Departure, from God, lamented, 33-?. 
Deportment, a lovely and useful, 252. 
l>epravity, of human nature, 268, J95, 411, 412— of 

manners, 14, 16. 
Desertion, ri — and temptation, laroented, 413— and 
.i»ope, 60. 

DesuiAtions, safety in» 64. 
Despair, and deliverance from, 24. 
Devices, satan's, 409, 4i0. 
Devil, vanquished, 268, 373. See Satan. 
Devotion, daily, 19, is*3, 209— fervent, desired, 3» 

— 'ccnn, lG9-^ick-bed, 9, 57. 
Dihgcnce, Christian, 260, i4f52. " 
direction, and defence^ pr8y«d for, d— andpardoo, 

JJlrM*'^' ^^ dlFtempf r, the aoul's, 408. 
oisumce irom God, bewailed. 411. 
«»«tre«», tod dtfsei lion, 38, 


Dominion, God's eternal, afif^— over the sea, 368. 
Dominion, man's, over tlic crc atures, 10. 
Doubts, and fears, censured, 249,234, 366— 3uppres€* 

ed, 5, 42. 
Drunlicnness and glottony, 152, 
Duties, religioti<^, lOl— to f;od and man, 255, 2PP— . 

help in, desired, i281-aiid delights of heaven, 372. 
EARNEST, ot tlie Spii it, ii/i, 31.i. 
Earthly-mindedneas lamented, 393. 
^fyp(> plASues of, 149. 
Eleciion, sovereian and free, 3C0— in Christ, 260— 

excludes boasting, 250. 
End, of ibe world, 3a8, 414— of the righteous and the 

wicked, 1,2,54. 
Enemies, disappointed, 3^5— national, dismayed, 26 

—prayed for, 50— triumplied orer, by Christ, SVS 

and by Christians, 2:i4— salvation from spiritual, 

Enmity, of the carnal mind, 268— between Christ 

and sa^an, 2^5. 
Ebtv, and unbelief, cured, 53. 
Equity, the law of, 255— and wisdom of Provi- 
dence, 13. 
Espousals, the church's, to Christ, 2r76. 
Eternity, of God. 3a)-of his dominion, 360— aod 

death, 38"— succeed ing this life, 352. 
Evening, hymns, 7, 282, 325— or morning, 303, 282, 

Evidence, of sincerity, 25, 201— internal, of the 

gospel, 232. 
Exaltation, of Christ, to his kingdom, 4, 31, 33, 94, 

91*, 156, 157. 
E.vnmination, of our state, 39. 
txamplc, 01 Christ, 155— of saints, 400, 401. 

FAITH, a living and a dead, 310— ard assurance, 093 
—and prayer of the persecuted, 50— in the blood 
of Chnsi, 44, "6, 77— asslMed br sense, 401— de- 
sired, 3j6— tn Christ, our sacrlfi^Ce, 402— for par- 
don and sanctlfication, 374— and love, liie joy of, 
4 13— and sight, 404— and obedience, 301, 310— 
• and repentance, 394— and salvation, 251, 2f^>2— in 
divine grace and power, 83, 18y— in things not 
seen, 301, 396--walking by, 396— without works, 
dead, 310. 

Faithfulness, of God, 120, 149— to his promises, 369,* 
310— of a Christian, 252. 

Fail, of angels and men, 334— of Babylon, 267, 369 
and recovery of man, 2^6, »>7. 

Falsehood, bijsphcmv, oppress on, Ac. 16, 80. 

l-amiiy. blessings, I«7— government, 140— love and 
wovsnip, 192. 

Failier, God our, 272, 417. 

Fear, godly, 176— and reverence in worship, ISO, 

Fears and doubts, suppressed, 5, 364. 

Feasl» llift gospel, 427— of love, -^74, 428— its prOTi- 
»ion5, }3'2 — Its triumphs, 432. 

teivencv, devotional, desired, 253, 340— cxciled^^ 
2(i2— w&at of, lamented, 336.. 


FeWfttved, 4ll»4l3. 

Flattery, and deceit complained oT l€. 

Flesh, and spirit, 242, 403— and blood of Christ, 

Follv, and madness of 810,408.' 
Food, spiritual, 233, did^-Cbrist our, 430, 431. 
Kools, made wise, tSO. 
Foiiiearance, of God, 363. 
Forgetfulnesa, complained of, 414. ^ 
Forgiveness, plentiful with God, 189, ISO—prayed 

for, 55. 15. See Pardon. 
Formality, in worship. tbi»iteped,71, 73— exposed 

and deprecated, 309. 
Forms, mere, vain, iS, 790. 
Foretaste, heavenly, 35S-desii«d. 329. 
Fortitude, christian, 2S3-<-xcited, 960, 365, 
Foundation, Christ, the soul's true, 166 
Fountain, Christ's blood, a cleansing, S36, 315, 

Frailty, human, 121, l^,''a)3~and folly, 339. 
Freedom, from sin and misery in heaven, 373> 
Freeness, of tlie gospeL 233. 
1-retfulness, the cure or, 53. 
Friend, and Father, C;od, 41*7, 418. 
Friendship, its blessings, 1^ 
fcruits, of tbe Spirit, 400— ofbolineBS and grace, 

307— of la«Uj, 3i0-of Chriaf s death, 33-of the 

gospel, 400, 
Fulness, of Christ, 230-oftIie Gospel, 233. 
Funeral, psalms, 56. 122, ]23-byaii», 3», 356,358. 

Set Death, Burial. 

GARDBV, the Church, Cod's, 129-Chri8t'5, 2W. 

Garments, of salvation, a\, 24t . 

Gentiles, Abraham's blessing on tbe, 298. 398— 
Christ ^revealed to the, 336, 237. 264, 427. 

Clory, of Cod, Infinite, 379-and grace in the per- 
son of Christ, 330, 231. 334, 394— in his cross and 
soflerings, 426, 434-K>t Christ, In heaven, 374-in 
our salvation, 95. 

Glorification, an4 condescension of Christ, 11,63, 
253. V 

Glory, and grace, promised, 115, 136. 

Glorying, in the cross, 296, 424, 431. 

Gi^ttQo, and drunkard, 109, 152. 

Cod. all in ail, 187, 376, STT-all seeing, l'J9,201- 
all sufficient, 21, 45, 47, 51— his belnn, atlrlbatcs, 
a.Td prowdeiice, 51, 87.210— his attrlbotes,415,416. 

i'7l2!''^*TS"8^''*»l^*'»» people, 389-hi» care of 

saints, 9, 4'7^u( his eJturcn, i55-Creator and 

Redcemer.-wi-^efence and salvation, 5,6162, 

4b>-eternal, holy and sovereign, 12^*-eteraal. 

?S^ ?Jl".'2?'V' 'P' •«*, '4S-bis faithfulness* 

K- f-i.'^'.'^'*'L?*»o** creatures, m-^lorified, 

Zlu^"*^'^^' -fiK-and sinner* 'saved; 95, »{ 

-,i»" Soodness and mercy, 93. 143, 144, 145, a/7, 

Ho^'*.^^'::*"** ««'*atneM, 92, 206, 207, 210-and 

^r i«?- PfS^i'"' «h5he heartUearehing, l» 




1 1 


ous/y the soul'«» of iii-r own love to Chrlat, 8B1. 

1, tbe baptist, his message, 2tfi. 

ua, Aaron, and Mo^^, ^^3. 

, in Christ, titough uiise^D, 296—earthIy, anl 

•ceitful, p^.ried with, 326, 327— of faiUi, 413, 

lavenly, upon earth, 33:!, 3'x>--S))iritaal, restor- 

l, J64 — in Christ's picssnce, eternal, 365— 9( 

inversion, 18&— in iicaveu, on a sinner's coiiTer- 

on, 2J-2. 

gmeat, day of, 71, 7J, 26', 272— certain, 384— 

iirist coining to, 270— 4nd hell, 357 — and mercj 

i— dignity of the ria'Dieojj, at the, 216. 

:, the, dcscribei, I , jl. ' 

ticc, 253— of God, 2«.>— ani mercy, 5J57— of pnj- 

idence, 13-^truth, toward men, 30. 

Liticalion. compieiv, 2J8— free, 44, 18?— by 

lith, not by works, 289, ffl6-and sanctilication. 

H, 374. 

9C, our. the care of heaven, 31— • good, co»< 

pasted with at>r-ini, 10.'i. 

igrlom, of Christ, 31, lJ7-~«moog men, S41, TH 

-of Cod, supreme, 3>~^9— eternal, 330— of our 

A>d, what composed of, 30i. 

owledge, desired, 23, 173— and faith, 293— of 

ihristcrucitird, ita excelkncy, 391— given to true 

eekers, 2*»— saving, from God, ZX, 337— vain, 

fitUoiit love, 313. 

MB, slain, oraise to the, 229, 244, 270-cOnqaori 

he roaring lion, 337— takes away sin, 40:(>^a 

took ofiife, 319, 380. 

V, of God, or love, 299— its equity, 25&— con- 

Inces of sin,*299— con'lemiis, but cannot save, 289 

.'3, 391— delight In the, 1, 2, 171— and g»spel, di«- 

inguiaiied, 3i^2— joined, 391— sini against the. 


terality, to the poor, 54, 59— rewarded, 59, 158, 


lerty, spiritual, asserted, 295— of conscience,406. 

e, of man, de cribed, 3:3— frail, succeeded by 

lernity, 352— wonderfully preserved, 3e2i, 33i— 

hort and miserable, and God good, 343, 354— the 

[ay of grace.and bopc,28&— of a christian,hidden, 

48— and riches, their vanity, 67— short and fee- 

•le, 122, 123»aii5. 

lilt, Christ the, of Jewt and Gentilf«, 310, 264— 

nd salvation, by Christ, 2S4, 294, 291. 'dUl. 385, 

L>5, 396— in darkness, by God's presence, 35i 

-given to the blind, 3J6, 237. 

log, their privileges above lite dead, 262. 

ng-sulTerlug, divine, 364, 383. 

aging, after God, and his house, 60, 81,85,89— for 

:ora(ort, 175,329— for heaven, 12t>, 333— forholi- 

less, 175— for the beatific vision, 365, 404. 

rd'»-day, 86, 86, 188, 167— morning, I, 27, 58, 8t, 

t2y, jw. 

rd'i-supper, 420, to 435— instituted, 42'?— ind 
wpUam, 4«i>.fracM exercised at the, 4J:»— pro- 



vision at the,4X, 439— the Insiitutor at tfie, 2S- 
a triuoipliant feast, 432, guests at the, admirini, 


Love, of God. in sendinfihfS Son, 292,392,383- 
beitrr than life. 85,8^-'liitineuisiiin8, 236,23*:, 
37»-aiichangcable, 12j,338,«S5. 

Love, ofClimt, tu sinners, f)0— to the church, 399 
—in dying, 433 its strength, 281— (4>ed abroad lo 
the heart, 308— its banquet, 214, 4-27. 

Love, to God, and our neiglibour, 299— incoDStant, 
332— pleasant and powerful, 343. 

liove, to Christ, strung, 380— to the unseen Saviour, 

Love, brotherly, 192— to enemies, 155— «iid wor- 
ship, in a family, I9!i— to the creature, dan- 
gerous, 34tf— and charity, 307— and hatred, 306 
—superior to 1tno« ledge, faith, and hope, 34J 
— feligion vain without, 308. 

Ijixury. punished, I09— pardoned, 152> 

Lying, hated, 140, 253. 

MA|>NE9S, ofsin, 408. 

Magistrates, their authority from Cod, 105— advice 
to, 3, 4, 6— honour doe to, 4('6-*-qualiAcation8 and 
duties of, id9-^K'8rned, 81, 113. 

Mao, his wonderful formation, jnO his dominion 
over the creatures, 10— liis fall and recovery, *»S 
mortal, and Christ eternal, I4S— Itis vanitv, a« 
roorul, 56, Vli. 124, ^Oj, 283— his frailty,' and 
folly, SOB saTed, and angeh punched, 37t^ 37%*. 

Mariners, psalms for, l53. 15t. 

Marriage, tlie nivstical, (>4. 

Martyrs, glorified, Z'iG. 

Mary, song of tiie Virgin, 2tJ9> 

Master, oi a family, 140. 

Mediator, access oy a, to the throne of grace, 3S5. 

Meditation, and retirement, .i^^2— on the word, 171, 
172— on heaven, 4i3. 

Meekness, 304— learned of Christ, 305. 

Melancholy, reproved, >0 - and hope. i06. 

Mercies, national, 3.M, 337— spiritual and tempo. 
ral, Si, 143, 144— innaiiicrahle, 'jtiS—vveriasting, 
!»()— and judgments, U- goodness, and truth, 51 > 
119, 143.208,209. 

Mercy, of God, the cause of salvation^ 297. 

Merits, of Clirist, 403— human, disclaim«.d, 90. 

Messiah, Jesus the true, 3OT. 

Michael's war with the dragon, aSB* 

Mind, carnal, 9BH. 

Ministers, coraniission of . 305— ordained, 190. 

Ministry, ofangeJs, 331, 387, atty-uf Uie fospeli 

nelcome, 236. - 
Miracles, at the birth of Christ, and in his life, 

dvatli, and resarrection, JbV— in the wilderntK, 

M»>«ry, and shortnciw of life, 343-of being witboat 
l"Kl in the worrd,a'-3— of sinners, 1, 3— and ««, 
nanishi-a jrom heiof n, ..7* 
Ji iS''^ "Jtfeiings, t>J, !•», 100, 15-3, 151, 166, 


mlttg. hymtM for the, 6, 981— or ereniug, as^ 

25->or a Lord's day, 7. 

rUlitr* ot' man, 56, 67, 196— the effect of sin, i95 

•and nope, 1 ^3— and Cod's eternity, 1-^, 194— 

nd Christ's eternity, 149 

rtification, to the world, by the cross of Christ, 

24— by a sif ht of Cod, 344— to sin, by the cross, 


ses, Aaron» and Joshua, 39&-Hind Chnst, 963,300. 

urning, for stn, 76. 

steric9> re? ealed, 936, 237. 

M£S, aad titles, ofClirlst, 937, 314, 316,317, 319, 


cions, blest and punished, 154— happy, where 

^od dwells. 45— deliverance of, 105, 106, 184. 

tivity, Chrht's, see birth. 


avivj, ^nrurs. seeoino. 
lure, book of, and scripture, 98, 29, I79— and 
trace, 'j6B, '2bM — corrupt, from Adam, 395— of 
fallen nan, sinful, 18, 98fr— the works of, to be 
dissolved, 3:8, 414. 

rgligeace, complained of, in religion, 319. 
rw, birth, 990— creation, 3j6— creature, descri- 
bed, 3t»— corenant-promises, 935— Kngland, a 
psalm for, 15-1. 
avember, the fifth of, 163, 184, 7*5. 

BEDIENCE, to Christ, 300— flowing from love, 343, 

390— better than sacriiice, TO— sincere, 35, 49, 50^ 

201— the highest wisdom, 1.V7. 

fiices, of Christ, 318, 319, 397. 

Id age, flourishing in religion, 12&~unconrerted, 

298— reflection and hope of, 97. 

live-tree, wild and good, 298. 

mnipotcoce, S85-H>ur strength, 94»-^ad gCKe, 


mnipresence, 199, 201. 

mniscience, 19!^, 9UI, 415, 416. 

tppression, punished, i4, 16. 

>rdt nances, delight in, 398, 399. 


•AIN. comfort under. 3-19, 431. 

'aradise. on earth, 338, 353, 355. 

'ardon, bought at a dear price, 422— for the great- 
est sviis, 371— bi'Oiifrh' to our senses, 496— and 
sanctilication, 374— lioUness and comfort, 6— and 
peacv, through curist, 390— of backslid! ng«, HO— 
and direction, 37— prajred for, 75— and contes - 
sion, 4^, 44— plentiful with God, 189, 3r7l— aod 
strengtli, from Christ, 9M), 9»1, 434. 

Passioaii, eril, lamented, 34i^ 

PastuTvi', Christ our, *(h. 

Pastures, spiritual, 34, 35— of Christ, desirrd, 273. 

Patience, under afllictions, 57— under dark provi- 
dences, 386— in mental darkness, 106, 189— un- 
der the world' .^ frowns, 53-of God, 364, 383. 

rattern, Cliriit the Cnristian's. 40O, 401. 

Peace, of confiGieace,35;>~and iioiiness« 49^witlt 
men, desired, 180. 


tuPB.T;i^ 391-of Christ's rigbteonsiww, **'r^*^ 
. hoUi««, lBhe««n» 294, 3Tft-of luippme», 256, 

peVfcctlons, of God. 156, 4l6-di»liiyed la the gM- 

I'eneciited taints, praying and pleading, ill, IH 
'^ I?he r pr?y?r7and l^aith, 50-God their aveng«^ 
Fwwcullon, cditige and peRe«era»cc under, IT* 

—deliverance from, 18. 

Persecutors, punished, 9, i8"^*'*i^ *f"y?,'Tr 
complained of. 50, ni--<ielivcrar.ccfrwn, 1^14. 

l^raereranee. of the saints, 185, 2*0, 363, 3i«— 
uSr persecution, and trials, iTi^o glory, cer- 

tain, 246, 246, 309. • 

Pharisee, and publican, 306. 
Piiysician, Chnst our, QSn, 408. 
Piety , insiruc t ions i n , 48. 

Pilgrimage, Christians, m^ «««,jwi 

Piiy, to the a«icted, Sd-Wesscd and rewarded. 

PleadiDg,'without repininf, .i'J-the promises, 174 
— anderoersecution. Ill, "J. 

PleiSres.rSl^igioo, 3J8. 35^« « ?T\ *?^ 
•cTence,a&3-dangerot sensual, 381— sintuJ, for- 
saken, 326, 3-irj. ^ ^ . ^ o-it 
pollution, removed, and oriented, a». 
Poor, charity to them, 54, 59. wrL-ftf 
Portion, the best, 6-God our only, 3T6, 3T7-or 
saintsand sinners,S3, 53, 

Poitcr, and the ciay, 300- 

Poverty, of spirit, 2y2, ^»-«5««?^Acr^.»^ -« 

Power, ot God, 2a6-and goodness, ^;^r*«l "^ 

jcstyof Cod,93, la), 2»>, »rt:-and wisdoin, «« 

^JSmd grace of Christ, 33^*-of tlv. SP'"t> ,f»- 

of faith, SJ8, 3ia-of grace and sin, 40j-oi the 

PowlSAl, vanquished by Christ, 31 J, 432. 

Practical, atheism, 18,51,52— religion, 64, 310- 
tcndency of the go8pel,30/. 

Praise, to God, 118, 20ci, •^"0"rrO"r ^reatoM^ •' JJJ' 
—for creation, and providence, -ib, ub-crta- 
lioS^ Jnd redimpUon, m^^x\yv^9^^foT,. 
si»,:¥S-^minent deliverances, 4«-^tjiveran^^ 
f^m death, 43, 166^ri»at*deWraocrt, !«-- 
Bcneral, for the^ gOspel,. I3ri-for he^ h, nv 
stored, 41, 164— for hcanog prayer, 90, 141- 
nBd pHblicpra>er, 86— for protection, grace, and 
truth, 81-«for providence and grace, 51, «f, 
210 211 

Prai4, lo'the Kedeemer, 62, 63, *»,2W, 271^4, 
ai3, 345— for redeeming grace, 367, 3W, 383- 
fui- tempt^ions overcome. 34— impertect op 
effrOi, 323, 340— from angels, 336-froHi chil- 
dren, la— from all saints, 216, SirMrom all ns- 

.'.1 • jpVl^vit^r^ 


KeconoiUation, in Christ, 38% 3g3, 405. 

Bedenlption, by Ctirtst, 29cr, 291, a^s— by price, 
422 -Hind |^<?^f 337— imd protectioD,d69^pnLie 
for, 'Jfft, 38: f 3k3. 

KestneratioM,. Mb, 396- its tiature and aatlior. 250. 

Sri!£ion,U)^ Chri^^tian, its excellence, 397 — duties 
oC 307, 4iiJ— !»lea-;uPM oC, 338, aVJ, 3S6— vain 
withoiu \ofi', :«»— flourishing, in old age, 129. 

nenoTation, desired, 295, 1 6. 

K^Dentancf, cooCcgsion and pardon, 43, 44 — and 
faitii in tlic blood o.' Chrisl, 76— of the prodical, 
3C«J— 4t the cross of Christ, 3f26, 384 — ui*es joy 
111 IieaTen, '29'i—t: fleeted by divine gooduess, jS4j 

llrproac I), Removed, 42. - • 

Rk- proof, beneficial '203. 

lic^igtMUon, to ufflfctions, 67, I84-^o the wHl oT 

Cod, 190— to berraving providences, 3M, a(x2. 
Resolutions, holy, 177. 
Ke»t, none on eaiCth, 4(M— promised by Christ, JQ& 

— connilcte in heaven, 37i 
Restoration, from backsliding, 3S— rrotat sorrows 

and sins, 198— by prayer, in, 164— of Sion, 141. 
Ke>urrectton, of CJirijt, 22, j63--and his ascension, 

3, 4, 3ti5— H ground of faith, 3i^9— gives hope of 

heaven, '}43— of tlie body .23, 223, 382— and death, 

b»— hope of the, 21, J8b— of a saiot, ajid death ' 

of a sinner, 6:). 
Rest, true, not on earth, 4T)f. 
Retiretrent, and meditatio)i,392. 
Revelation, divine, ii7-H;iceHency of the Cims- 

tian, 3B'. 
Revenge, asainst our sins, 234. 
Reverence, due to God, 333— in divine worship, 

120, 138. 
Revivals, reliaious, prayed for, 63, S9, 117. 
Revolution, the EnjJlish, lOi. 
Riches, the Chri^ian's, 2M— earthly, compared 

with grace, 20tJ— their vanity, CI, €3, 353. 
Righteous, temper, and r ha racier of the, 'JS^, 312 

—their companv, 'iO, 150. 176— ttatir happy end, 

^0— and the wicked, distinguisi.ed. 2, 54. 
Righteousness, Chr.sts, ISJfr— our robe, 241— and 

strength, in Christ, 98, 284, 2:^, 291-iaterniiI 

desires, 175— our own, insufficient, 40fc^re- 

nounced, '>J6, 297. 
Ruin, of Babylon, 247, 267. 
Rulers, good, described, 139— from God, M6-ad-. 

vised, 3, 4, 5-^wanied, 11 J. 

safety. In God, 83-in the covenant, 310— of sjints, 
'" 'he iiand ot Christ, 310— in heaven, 3TJ— 
of believers, 3e9-at the foot of the cross, ati- 
?/''»« ci'urch, 234, i58— in dangers, 126-an(ldt- 
JJtbt, 10 the church, 3!>-in aailoual desolations, 




9iMien, delayiag, wsrned, 133. 

Sloth, spiritual, lamented, 335, 310. 

Soldier, the Christian. 36&--psalm9 for a. 96, 82. 

Sobs, of Cod, their cnantcter and privileges, 312- 

Sorrow, irodly, for lin, S^J^-comfort under, 341, 

'3S9*-ror the pious dead, restrained, 3S2. 
Q,oul, Talae of the, 3;n— of a sinner, on a deilth-bed, 

S'id^-of a saint, beautitiilly arrayed, 34 (. 
Sovereignty, of God, 285, 41",413— of grace, 216,331. 
Spirit, water, and blood, 425— -given at Chrisfs as- 
cension, 93— miniCHlous gifts of the, 403— his 
olSces and operations, 336— liis witnessing and 
sealing, 313— ))is worl(, powerful and gracious, 
%«, 411,— fl (tending the word, 205— the earnest of 
haaven, 296-^is teaching, and influence desired, 
76, n3, 278, 340. 
Spiritual-mindedness, 169- 
Spouse, of Christ, the church, 64— her beanty, 3T7 

— lier request, 2Sl. 
Spring, 89. 

Storm, and tbunder, 40— improved, 357. 
Strait-gate, 411,412. 
. Strength, everlasting, in God, 234, 249, 26^-from 
Christ, 98— for the weak, 2iS— and riRhteoas- 
ness, in Jesus, 284, 290, 2:*l— of divine grace, 198. 
Submission, and deliverance, 306 — to afflictions, 57 
—to dark providences, 385— and hurailily, isl- 
and pleading, 1k4— encouraged and rewarded, 
306 — to Christ, recommended, 3, 4, 5. 
Succeas, of the gospel, 28, 156, 157, i37. 
Kufterings, of Ciirist, great, 345, 430— and death of 

Christ, 33— and kingdom of Christ, 33. 
Sufficiency, of pardon, 311— of grace, 233. 
Summer, anl winter, 210. 

Support, and counsel, from Cod, 2i— and comfort, 
in God, 131, 1T7— for the afflicted, and tempted. 
238— un'ler trials, 78, S19, 358— in prospect of 
deatli, 230. 
Supremacy, divine, 389. 
Surety, Christ our, and sacrifice, 59. 
Sympathy, Chriiit's, to the weaK and tempted, 394, 
349, 422. 

TEACHING, by the Spirit and the word, 173. 

Temjitations, of the world, conqucrd by faith, 381 
—in sickness, ovt-rcorae, 9— of the devil. 1^ 
40». 410— and dcser'ions, lameoted, 413— hope 
under sharp and long, :>ia— strength and support 
under, 5, 24, 78. 2>H. 

Tempted, Christ's compassion to the, 304. 

Tempter, satan the, 18. 

l^stamcnt, or covenant, tlie New, sealed. 421. 

Thanks, public, for private, mercies, 164, 166. 

Thanksgiirinff,for viclorv, ;187. 

Throne, of grace, accessible by Christ. 385— free to 
sinners. 189. ' 

4-.-™I!'*?*» *"<• "form. 40— improved, 367. 

d^ei^ed'"!®?^'"'" **""******* '^' **"*• ^ "" 
Tongue, government of the, 56. 


raTela^ofthe laneniet, 151, 161— ofspiritoal^)- 
gritns, 36(X 

reasune, of a Christian, 238. 

ree. of life, 4«, 

rial, of our hearts, 39,201. 

rials, support, uodcr, 2J8,S49, 359~grace shimng 

in, nS»--removed by prayer, 47, 152. 

rinity, 3ll, 436. 437, 439. 

riumph, Christ's, over enemlra, a46--of faith, 23» 

— orer death, 233, 386. 

ru'»t, in the I^rd, under afflictions, 283— in the 

creatures, vain, 83, a(<8. 209. 

ruth, and sincerity^, v252. 

umQlt, deliverance from, 165; 

ypes, of Cl»r;si, 321— and prophecies, 399. 

NBt^LIEF, and lm)>etiitenre, 394— danger of, 300 
— punlslicd, 133— and envy, cured, 53. 
nchan>!e.iblci.ess, of God, and his covenant, 128 
— ot promises, 235, 361— of tnilh, 120, 316* 
nconveried, state, 411. 

nion, of Christ and saints, 421— of faJJh and 
worKS, 3M)-of saints, on earth and in bcareit, 
4)7— of friends and kindred, 192— among bre- 
thren, aid SiMntS, 192. 
nity, the divine. One in Three, 437, 439, 440. 

AN'ITY, of man as mortal, 56, 123, 124, 305,283 
— i.f life and riclKs, 61— of vouth, 287, ostne- 
world, 313— of self-righteousness, 296, 408. 
ail, Ictoking within the, 40i, 413. 
engpance, and compassion o! God, 93— in hell, 346. 
ktory, national, expected, 30— ovt-r sin and hell, 
'2 )5 — over t.'niptations, 9, 21— over teraporat e- 
i<emif3, S5— thanksgiving for national, 387— of 
Christ, over eneraie*!, 246, 26S— ove.satan, 373— 
over dealii and hell, 432— and dominion, 3d9— of 
points through Christ, 401— in the spiritual war- 
fare, 205— over deatli and the grave, 23'i, 239. 
'neyard, GoJ's, wasted, 111. 
irtiies, Ciiristian, 252, 2i>2, 412. 
ision, of the Lamb, 2t4. 
ows, paid in the church, 164. 

;^Al ilNG, for par'lon and direction, 37— for an- 
swer to prayer, UT-^for Rrace and salvation, 189. 

V liking, by faith, 296, 386. 

k'andenng, from God, 312— and returning, 332. 

var, prayer in time of, 30— disappointments in, 
82— victory in, 2fr-spiritual, 24, 2u5. 

Vartare, the christian, 253, 366. 

varnings, of God, to his ueople, 112— to youfh, 
287, 2d8>-to magistrates, 81, 113. 

Vashing, of justification anti sanctification, 235, 294 
— (roin sin, 2^7— spiritual, desired, 374, 

Vatchlulness, overtlie tongtic, 56— and brotherlr 
reproof, 203. 

Vater, the spirit, and the blood, 425. 

ff»\, to salvation, laith the, 351, 292— to hetveD. 
strait, 412-ihe broad and narrow, 411. 


rSed. by Christ, 30l-«afc m his hands, 3tt9— 

^sSSScceAed^rcilm, £M,-thuoder and 

li|htBing, 40. 
^rtliSi' d!ff«SJ*e between the. and the righteoa., 
w!5iJiis:a?;JrMl;k>ifailhgaiding tlm,»8k 

5 lU/depfaTed, 288^ renewed, 156. ,« ,ci 
ind and storm, succeeded by, a calm 153, IM. 
Winter, and summer, 210. 21 U ^^^ ^ 

Wisdom, God's vast and unbounded, *}.^^J'J* 
works 151— and couity of Vrovidcnce, I J — carnal. 
KUbled S" 23?, 2i-and f^ce ojjLhe gspcj. 
d04-K>r God, Christ IS the, a«, 4as-Clirist our, 
a»»0, ygi—lnvttirtions of, 288, . 
Wiloe»8TaieSplrif8,3l3-the inward, to CknstU- 

WwA; Christ the,, made liesh. 230-^cce« of the, 

desired, 4l4-read with delight, 173. 
Worli, of creation, 404-ot creation and proTi- 

dence. 45, 4ar-?race, redempuoii, andsalTatioii. 

4b, 46, 157, 1^, 1%, 198-of tlie Spirit, powerful 

ftnd^eflicacious, 39B. 411. ^ ^ . .- ^» .«.s»« 
Vprks, good, profit men, not God,20-not saring, 


Iworld, creation of the, 404-its preserration, dis- 
wlulion, and restoration, »W-end of the. 4I4-- 
Us tempatloos, 381— ansatkSlying, JQb, J27, J7>- 
crucifixion to tlie, by the cross of Christ, 424- 
by tl»e sight of God, 344. ' • ^ ,«, 

Worldly-mlndedness, a prayer against 404. 

Worship, daily., 7^, 1S»..!»»7'" » ^^IV^VL^^efi' 
lie, longed for, 60.86, U4, 115. \b, ^^T^V'^.: 
ciaV 3t«-delightful, 115, U6. 32jl. ^fr^^'* 
comieVccBiion to our, 3«"and order of the go*- 
i?|. 67-a place of, iiX», 19 1- absence. from, tiO 
-revercnual,lJO, l38-»ain. witliout siacerity, 
309— ot heaven, humble, J»j»>. 

Worth, of Christ's righteousness, Og*?— of Uie sool. 

Wrath, and mercy, 13, 2i7-an(^ vengeance, 34G. 
YOKli, of Christ, easy, 305. , _ . . ^^.i^.* 

Youth, its vaniiy, :i57,-exhoited to lemerobff 
tbeir Civator, 288— reminded ol judgmeat, Jin, 
a hopelul, falling short ol heaven, 243. 

iCEAL, Christian, the extent of it, 330-and pru- 
dence, 56— and forcitudv. 253— in lue Ctiristiin 
race, 26i— against sin, 384— want ot, lamented, 
335— excited, 5J62, 
SBecoarJali, Song of, 264. . ^. ^ 

■^lon, and Sinai, 407!— its beauty, and worriiip, ©>- 
a citiijen of, described, 19, 20— safety o(, 358- 
tiie residence of Cod, 1«K>— Uic joy of the Mints, 


Note— The Number referato the Page. 









1, 14, n 



• , 4 

15. 18 V. 2—5 
17. .7 
17. 7, 10 
17. in \. 6,1 
2*2. 6—14 
2,'. 18 
50. -20, 21 

40 1 
58. U3 



Chap. Vene 
23. 19 
Si. 33 

























T. 10 

.t>, 2" V. 3 
3 V. 8 

8 V. 4 

6 v.i3,il, 18 109,148 
16 18 41»7 

18-30 3yi 

i, &c. 314 

53, -24 190 


2, 8 402 

12 191, iy2 

8 T. 2 314 

51 V. 5 75 

6, II, 15*, n, U4 314 


35, 36 191 

1,4, 10 lOu 

6-y,3i 33 no 

11 V. 10 314 

T. 17, l« 148 

38 V. J 3^3 

31 llH 











2S^», 30 
49, 50 


T. 5 393 


▼.5 112 
V. 5 393 
T. 5,6 112 

263, 348, 359 




7, *0. 


12 ▼. 6 




4 V. 5 







Chap. Verse Page 

8. 27 Mi 346 

8. 2:^,30 V. 11 3U 

10. 8,15 18 3Si 













33, 24 



11 196, -96, 198 


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9. 10, 12 H8 

9. 11, 15 l(n, 109 


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9, 12 41 
9, 19 

11. 7-9 

11. •?— »a 

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I9i 25—27 
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25. 5. T. 6 

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37. 23 

38. 7 

I'salm Verse Pane 

73. 24, io 9S1, 318 

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77. 7—9 4»3 

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85. 10 r.2 3 349, 4J3 
Sa. 14 V. 7 415 

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107. 33-29 368 

110. 3 411 

111. 9 V.3 269 
116, 12 

_,_,118. 24 

Itaiiy. 5,24 ▼. 6 

V,JA iJ9. 25 


230 334 
41. 1^21,31 T.S '363 

♦W. "ii*? '39. 1^—16 


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4. 8 

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9. 17 

17. 14 
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T. 4 

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147. 19,20 






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12. 1, 7, 14 287, 288 


1. 2-r5, 12, 13, 17 273 
7 273 

1,3 V. 5 314, ^55 
1— 4,6,7, *C. 274 



3'?6| 2. 14, 16, n 

3271 3. 16 

3541 3. l-nS 

3il\ 3. 2 

a>4| 4. 1,7—11 

f!t' 15, 11^ 19 r, 4 £5ll 4.. 1^ 14, U 




bap. Veise Tak 

it rA 

i. 9—12, 14-lG 318 

>. 10—16 r«18 3i4 

;. 1-3, 13 37v' 

;. d, 6, 9, 12, 13 280 

J. n-1, 13, i4 281 

i. 6 f.9 413 
















25 V.9 
20 T. 5 


2,6,7 ^ 
12 V.3 



12 V. S 



9, arc. 

n T.6 







9 V. 4 

10 v.9 


10, II 







166, 314 

349, sea 





28J, iti;"' 


. -JOH 


1—5,10-1-2 311,312 

1 230 

V. 4 :.3 

«33, 235 




1,2,6,8, 11 





a. 6 

8. 21,22 

9. 23,24 
A. 33 






Chap. Verse Page 

14. 22 V. 5 IM 

23. 6 98, ;»& 

36. 2, 4, *c. 407 


1. 13 237 
X 23 











8 V. ;^ 4 277 
63 405 

30,31 414 

25, *c. 235,379 

4^10 r. 5 297,400 


21 105 

44 a 4 

l<i, 16 ▼. 4 312 

3 1,35 416,417 















50, 119 





r. 3, 4,5339,392 


V. 8, 9 151, 154 



Ij— 17 



12 236, 358 

21—25 69, 70- 

y, 10 82 


2. 2 152, 15* 
•i 3 00 

3. 4 V. U 42,314 


2. 7 

2. 10 

5. 2 

6. 6—8 
7^ 7 

7. 18,19 







tp. Verse 



ip. Verse 





6 T. 11 


7, 10 





1 1— '-'4 



1,5 T. 6 





14 ». 7 


2-2 T. 5 





I Y. 3 



4 T.4 3(S 



353, 4tl 


S 7.6 


10 14 




28 v. 3,4 ft/01 


34 370 

10 T. 4 





3«, 10 





28 V.4 



20,27 T.5 


li), 20 

420, 4i:3 


28 V. 10 


:«», u 










27,23,44—46 25" \ 







1— 11 


34 r. 5 

327, 491 







23— 3t? 


. 26 








39 ▼. 3, 4 
^2 ^.4 


. 1, 3, 14 



12 T.3 


. 9 r. 5 

316, 317 




. U 



32 T. 7 


. \6 T. 1 



4 r.b 


. 17 



33 y.3 


. 29-38,36 





.47 V. 3 

43, 41 




.17 ▼. 2 



46 T.3 


• 0""tJ 





. 14—16 





. lb 




i. 16 





. 16-18 

2-2, •fti 




. 33 

3 1 




w 34 f . 5 

•. 36 



. 14 T. 4 



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1. 24 


293, 400, 4J1 

.. 25 



38 V. 3, 4 


<. 36 T.2 





1. 39 V. 2 



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5 T.2 


i. 32, 3a,«H-^ 1. 130,431 


10-18 ».4,5 


w. 4 










7. IS v. 6 

' 58 




■». 56 V.2 



ii^ . 


). 7, 9, ID T. 12 314, .82 


19, 20 W. 6, 7 


J. 17, 14 y< 4 



UO, 21 


). ■2i,2i» 





J. 32 



ti '' 8 


i. 15 





i. li T.5 



8.9 ^ 


}. ASS 



12—14 266 


4. '^3 



II h 




J. 33,24 m 

1. 34 251 

1. 96-31 2y0,24i> 

1. 30 2S»,2i»t 

fi. 7 T.3 mi 

«. 9, to fflf 

3. 6, 7 ' 301 

S. 11 T.13 314 

a. 21 258 

5. '' . ^ 

6. 3 ▼.*-8 2tf 
€. 10-11 2Bi 
^. 3V 354 

S. 37 41S 

lOu 4 T. 10 314 

10. 16,17 .421 

10. 31 V. 6 313 

10. 34. 304 

11. 1 V. 4 400,40] 
11. 23-36 4**, 431 
U, 1-C 308 
13. 2—7, 13 307 
13. 10, U 404 

15. 3 432 

16. 55—57 23y 


1- 12 353 

a. 11 409\ 

Chap. Verse PUf 

2. 16 » 

4. 17,18 ig 

t: if l§ii§:S 

?: 14,15 ^-3« 

y. 15 3ff7, 385 

10. 17 ^ 

11. « 2* 

11. 14 T.3 410 

12. 7, 9, 10 338, 412 


Cliap. verse Pife 

2. 30T. 6 316, 317,4* 

3. 10,11,22 383 
3. IS, 14 3361, 4SJ 

3. 36 T. 1 3M 

4. 4 39S 
4. 5,6 T.9, 10 31i 

4. 6 271 

5. 3-6 3W 
5. 14 ▼. 3 H^ 
5. 17 403 

5. 22,23 <» 

6. 7, 8 406 
6. 14 297, M3, 424, 431 


1. 3—6 

1. 7 

1. 13,11 

1. n-qo 

2. 1,5 ». 2 
2. 8, tf 

2. 12 

2. 13 

2. 20 T.13 

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3. 16-21 

4. 8 

4. 15 T.7 

4. 17—19 

4. 30-38 

5. 23 T.7 




5. 25 

5. 27 

6. 16 T.3 


1. 23 356 

3. 3 30f> 

2. 6-9 230,353,350 
a. 7,8 367 
2. b,)f SiQ 


tap. Verte Page 

. 9—1 1 374 

. 1—9 296 

. 8 253,253 


• »-*13 39B 
. 14 434 
. 16 23(J 

• 80 390 

9 ▼. 14 314 

. 12 302 

• 14,15 295,373 
. 15 SS53, 295 

• 3 248, 3Bn 
. 4 386 
. 5 412 
. 16 171 

. 13—17 382 

■ 16 r. 8 3»)8 

. 10 432 


11 394 

13 ^ T. 3, 4 428 

1-3 ^ 406 

5 316,318,38.5 

15 lyo 

16 230, 405 
16 r. 2 413 


9,10 309 

13 293, 3M 

1 T. 4 434 

5 411 

15, 16 265 

16, 17 407 

6-8, 18 246 

7,8 366 

Chap. Verse Pare 

3.* 3, 5, 6 aS 

3. 7—11 133 

3. 13 406 

i' ^ ^'* 

4. 7 , las 

4. 15, 16 cQA 

?• ,1 3fi4 

5. 12,14 414 

6. 11.12 401 

6. n— 19 310 

7. 1,3,21,23-85 156 
7. 22 . v. 7 318 
7. 23-!n 3U 
7. 25 T. 2 397 
9. 7, 12, 24, 35 314 
9. II, Ac. V. 8 318 
9. 11,26 492 
9 ^6 58,59 
9. 37 352 

10. 1 • 398 

10. 1-12 327 

10. 4—9 58,59 

10. 12 V. 8 318 

10. 19, 29 385 

10. 28,29 300 

U. 1,3,8,10 301 

12. 1,4 401 
"2. a 997, 30j» 

1^ 15 1.6 13 

12. 18-33 407 

12. 24 3SU 

12. 29 207 
13 7, 8 142 

13. 10, 15 T. 6 167 




13 T.6 



1*3 265 

-3 r.2 316 

5 T. 4 349 

6 135 

7 ^^ 387,388 
10-13 142 

14 331, 387, 388 
5-9 II, 12 
9 389 

10 T. U 318 



17 T 5 
36 T. S 



4. 14 




1. 3—5 245 

1. 7 r. 9 314 

1. 8 296,403 

1. 11 369 

1. 18,19 258,422 

2. 2 313 

2. 4,6 166 

3. 21 T. 5 dfS 
2. 21, 2i 400 

2. 21 53, 59 

3. 18 ^369 
3. 23 261 
5. 8 410 



chap. Verse 

1. 19 
. 3. 5—15 

3. 7-14 



1 joim. 

i. 7 
s. 1 

T 9 

20, -.'7 T. 4 
1 3 





5^ 4; 5 


6. 10 


.38 i 



icliiip. Verse PMC 

5. 6-9 244 

5. 6,8—12 2^^ 

5. 11—15 2T0 

5. 1*2 271 

6. 2 T. 10 318 
6. 14—17 V. 4, 5 257 

6. 15, Irtv.4 316,317,357 

7. 9, 15 V. 3 435 



i. 13—17 
7. Iti, 17 

11. 15 
le 11 

12. 7 12 
12. 12 
14. 10. 11 

14. 13 
45. 3 

15. 3,4 
I', ly 

'^^ 19. 13 


I 5—7 270, 433 

1. 10 16" 

2. - 7 4i4 
S. 36,27 216 
«. «8 T. 5 428 

3. 21 Y.j6— 6 2I6|'^2. 2,14 

4. 4,10,11 360|22. 16 T. 4, 15 

5, 5r,-U r. 4 316,91822. ao 

19. 16 

20. 15 

21. 1-4 

21. 5—8 

22. 1,2,14 
>3» 2 






T. 10 318. 




?. 3 317 

T, 3 316, 3n 

V. 4, 5 

T. 4 











c. Whittingham, Printer, DeaD Street.